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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  June 17, 2019 7:00am-7:58am PDT

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remorse this morning. he paid diagram for whom he thought was worth about 177,000 bucks. what he really purchased was a strip of land but needs -- between the duplex. making things really complicated his land goes through the garage is of both homes. all roles are open this morning after a shooting inside of a tunnel. we are live in the east bay tell you what happened. and the go ship warehouse trial continues today in oakland. one of the two men is expected to be on the stand today. find out what witnesses are saying. it is the start of a brand- new work week.
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sarah is in for us today, let's check the weather. >> i am thinking about this time last week. gets >> i was up to tahoe, you are in a better place to me. >> everyone else was dealing with those triple digits. starting out this monday morning with clouds and fog. it is a cool start to the day. we will see some clearing shortly. the coast will remain cool. this afternoon a little warm up, we are expecting to see temperatures 5-10 degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. the key piece will come tomorrow. that is really one the high pressure continues to go. take a look at the radar, you can see how widespread the marine layer and the wind bar
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is. the visibility is not too bad, but definitely some clouds and fog. right now cooler temperatures, 57 degrees in oakland, the degrees in hayward. san francisco at 54 degrees this monday morning. concorde is at 60 degrees. we are going to warm up 5-10 degrees warmer a pair to what we saw yesterday. 82 degrees in san jose and oakland will be at 73. i'm not so sure what you think about that, what do you think about the roadways? i do think the traffic is going to be mildly happy. it is a little better in some areas. we are beginning to see some of the june effect. 26 minutes to the macarthur
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maze. slightly better than normal. when you get to the babe rage you have to wait to make it on to the bridge unless you are using the car pulled lanes. 7:03 am, let's go back to the desk. the tunnel in the east bay is completely open again right now after it was shut down because of the shooting. we are live near the tunnel. a shooting that one driver injured inside of that. >> reporter: that person was shot in the head and taken to the hospital. meanwhsearching for the shooter they say they believe this was an travel through. it happened last night just before 8:00. there was a shooting.
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investigators say someone opened fire, hitting a driver at the head. there was also a passenger unhurt. chb had to shut down the tunnel to investigate. westbound lanes between morocco and the tunnel are close and eventually that traffic was brought through the third tunnel. the victim was taken to the hospital. the roadway was finally reopened. we do not have any details on what the shooter may look like, chp says the car they were in may have been white. we do not know the make or model. traffic is moving, the tunnels are all open this morning. this morning. oakland police are investigating three overnight shooting the left to people injured. the first happened just before midnight. when officers arrived they found someone with a bullet wound to their ankle. minutes later there was a second shooting. no reported injuries there.
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just before 2 am someone was shot in the neck in the area of fairfax. that victim is expected to be okay. as of right now police do not have a suspect description. one person was killed and five people recovering after back-to-back crashes on highway 101 just after 2:00 sunday morning. the driver was going the wrong way on the freeway. that driver crashed into an oncoming car. about a half hour later with chp still on the medium there was a second crash on the southbound side of 101. chb believe the passenger of one of those cars got out and was hit looking at this one. >> the driver of the nissan was
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arrested on before reopening the two men in trial will get a chance to testify today. earlier witnesses testified they felt that harris was frustrated. they are charged with 36 counts of manslaughter. the judge has told attorneys to be ready to start calling witnesses tomorrow afternoon. tran1is in court every day the trial is in session requesting updates. you can also go to where you can read a daily blog of the trial. the man accused of killing a young woman last july is due back in court today. the judge has scheduled another hearing on the mental competency of the man charged with stabbing a woman to death.
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three experts have given mental examinations, but disagree if she is fit to stand trial. opening statements are expected to begin today in a wrongful death lawsuit against the san jose police department. the family of a man is suing the city, claiming the 18-year- old was shot by officers while he was covering a mental health emergency. the family called 911 when he fired a gun and injured himself nearly 3 years ago.. officers say he was carrying a gun when it they arrive. police say they were forced to shoot when he pointed the gun. an investigation is underway into the death of a student at stamford.
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police say there is no ongoing safety threat to the community. this is the fourth death of a student since last february. santa rosa police looking for a young man who robbed a gas station around 11 pm last night. it was the shell station, the clerk telling police the suspect pulled out a silver handgun, demanding money. the person handed over the cash at the shooter was last seen running behind a nearby store. anyone who might have information are urged to get give police a call. video shows a little boy a gravely wounded by gunfire proves he is making strides in his recovery. [ clip playing ]'s >> are you happy to be home? >> the four-year-old is now back home after a deadly shooting. at one point he was on life
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support and doctors did not know if he will make it. doctor say he is getting stronger every day. he still cannot walk. his grandfather says his right side is not as strong as his left, but they remain confident. the doctors say he found a loaded gun under a pillow, his mother's were from was connected -- arrested in connection with the shooting. celebrations rang out in several bay area locations. ♪ [ music ] ic ] ♪ >> at berkeley hundreds of people checked out the arts, clothing, and jewelry boots set up along the alcatraz corridor. there was also plenty of food. juneteeth commemorates the day when slavery ended and the
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ending of enslaved african americans in the confederacy. >> it is us getting out here in celebrating our heritage and our culture, and just coming together as a community and having fun. it is not just for african- americans, it's for everybody. >> there were other celebrations in the city yesterday. the official holiday is today. members of the police department are hitting the streets this morning. we will show you what is happening. a housing process that will create 150 new apartments, but the project is now under fire. why city officials have already filed two lawsuits.
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their aircraft the customers. boeing is apologizing for the two deadly crashes involving the 737 max jets. >> safety is pertinent, the people who work in our factories, all of us in every corner of this business, safety is simply the top priority and everything we do. >> boeing's executive say the company is working around the clock to safely get the aircraft's back in service. the ceo would not speculate as to when that might happen. southwest that american airlines have cleared the 737 max on the schedule through the start of september. boeing's main rival, airbus, is helping to secure more sales in the a-321.
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the president of china will make a state visit to north korea later this week, this according to chinese state media. he will meet with kim jong-un during a visit thursday and friday. the trip will be the first by a chinese leader in 14 years. uc berkeley facing two lawsuits to stop the development of campus housing for its faculty. the school wants to replace a parking garage with housing, but neighbor say they are not taking into account the increase of trash, noise, and increase in local city services. the city says the school has exceeded the number of students it said it would enroll, already enrolling 25% more than it set for the maximum by next year. the city wants a new environmental impact report before any development is started. san special olympics orch run. we are live in union square where the torch run will start . good morning, the torch run is going to kick off heresquare
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morning. there will be city officials, the mayor, the police chief, this is an annual tradition. we know that more than 3000 law enforcement members are participating. this is an annual event all about raising money for special olympics. the proceeds will directly benefit more than 23,000 children and adults with physical and intellectual disabilities. the money helps to provide free sports training and health resources. just a few days ago we spoke with sf pd about this event. >> we have been doing this for probably about 20 years, running the flame of hope. it just gives us an amazing amount of joy.
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we know by running we are contributing to the cause. >> you heard the sergeant calling that torch the flame of hope. that will be carried today on a rafter around the city. a cable car will follow the officers and any runners in case they need a break. there are law enforcement agencies that have been caring the torch. it will ultimately end up at uc davis. that will kick o special olympics of northern california summer games. everything happening here this morning, starting in about one hour. san francisco police are inviting the public to come out and attend. i just want to mention this is the 21st year that sfpd has been doing this work.
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since then they have raised more than $2 million for the organization. today is the busiest day in the women's world cup. therefore matches on the monday schedule. it was more reasonable scores. the women's national team dominated over chile. team usa has now punched his ticket and they will take on a very good sweden team thursday.two of today's four matches can be watch right here on ktvu tran15 2. the pregame show begins at 8:00. ost to the nation france. the host nation can stay alive, but they need a win over france. france can advance if they get
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a win today. tran1is your home for all things world cup until early july. whenever we bring you world cup action we will still have mornings on 2. if you are near a computer you can also check us out on our website, let's get you out the door, are you starting that summer pattern eats into the bay area? >> as mentioned we are seeing a little bit of a pattern change. it is beginning to get a little better. this is not like a sunday morning. sometimes you can't really tell, other times you definitely can. 880 is moving along pretty well. 680 has thickened up a little bit. and highway number four is low, but things are getting better
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quickly. 880 southbound is slow and then you look at the silicon valley commute, it looks all right on 85, 280, and 101. there is some slowing through downtown san jose. it is 7:19 am, covering for steve this morning is sarah. we saw some clouds and fog across some areas of the bay. inland we are going to warm up and clear out. a slight warming pattern is what we are heading into. a.m. clouds is what we are starting with. although the coast will be cooler and we will still deal with a little drizzle and of course clouds. forecast at highs today in the middle 60s to upper 80s. some areas may reach 90 degrees, but not anytime soon. we still have a few hours until we get to those highs. 57 degrees right now in oakland. san francisco sitting comfortably at 55 degrees. ees.
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a cool start to the day, you may see some of those clouds and fog. depending on where you are you will experience that. take a look at your 24-hour temperature change. you can kind of see the difference, we are warming up already. this time yesterday was for degrees cooler in oakland. you can kind of see the temperature change and the heat up that we are experiencing. high pressure is strengthening and will continue to strengthen into tomorrow. that is really where we are going to see the warm up. right now we are feeling a little bit of a breeze. really not too bad. 13 miles per hour sustained wind speeds in san jose. i want to put this all in perspective. this time last week the highs that we were dealing with her much different.
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you can see exactly how hot it got on tuesday. now the difference one week can make. you can see the conquerors high expected to be 88 degrees. santa rosa at 82, san francisco the high of 67 degrees. definitely going to be warmer than what we saw yesterday, but not as warm as last week. that warming trend will really continue into tomorrow. you can take a look at these temperatures. we will reach the upper 80s inland tomorrow. by the middle of the week we are dropping down across the region. by your weekend temperatures and then will be low 80s, around the bay will be in the 70s and around the coast in the 60s. as many families and children are getting ready for summer vacation there is a new problem with the measles outbreak, how summer camps are planning to join the fight. the dominican republic is a
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popular tourist destination, many high-profile crimes have many rethinking trips.
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the dominican republic tourism industry is facing challenges. the state department says at least seven americans have died in the dominican republic since last summer. the shooting of david ortiz also raise security concerns. the dominican republic's tourism office says it is not thing the hit so far.
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some travel agencies says clients are reconsidering plans. >> i have a group considering changing. they have a 50th birthday celebration in punto, in december. >> many of the americans who have died at passed away in similar and opaque circumstances. the fbi and cdc says they are investigating. mexican authorities have increased immigration enforcement in southern mexico. the mexican government says 1000 agents have been deployed. they have been checking ids, take a migrants on buses, and over the weekend they intercepted four trucks carrying nearly 800 people. the deployment, says mexico is facing heightened pressure to reduce a surge of central america migrants coming through mexico.
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the number of confirmed cases of the measles have hit the highest levels we have seen in 27 years and that could affect summer plans for some families. there have been hundreds of cases in new york, now summer camps are requiring measles vaccinations for all campers. many of the camps are where children from orthodox jewish communities spend the summer. in the past many families claimed religious exemptions. >> it is apparent right to choose or refuse vaccine for their own children based on faith. >> i understand freedom of religion, we respect it. i have heard the anti- vaccination theories, but i believe both are overwhelmed by public health risk. >> the governor has made it tougher for students to avoid being vaccinated. he signed a bill that ends religious exemptions. the new york times reports 36,000 students and resort -- in new york had exemptions last year.
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>> happy monday, everyone. rise and shine. >> sarah is here to help us keep track of the weather. we will see steve late tonight in our evening newscast. >> i am filling in for steve today and tomorrow and happy to be with you guys. you are right about the warm- up, we are definitely warming up a bit today. this morning we are starting out with cooler temperatures. we can take a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can see some clearing. icy blue skies peering out between all of the clouds in the fog. this time yesterday we were taking the shot and looked much different. the fog was swallowing the bridge. it is nice to see a peeking out this morning. let's talk about exactly how
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widespread the fog in the clouds are. it stretches in this morning, but it will clear out. we will see some drizzly conditions along the coast. for the most part we are going to be warming up. right now it is comfortable outside. 57 degrees right now in oakland and walnut creek, 55 degrees currently in san jose. it is a nice start to the conquered and fairfield reaching about 88 degrees. san jose looking at reaching about 82 degrees. much different than this time last week. last monday we were dealing with 90s and triple digit temperatures, nothing like that today. in the foreseeable future we will cool down and we will see unseasonable temperatures by
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the weekend, but for now it is not too bad. a nice start to the day. it is a little slow, we are seeing some traffic that is better than it normally is. we are seeing just a little lighter than usual traffic. you are still going to be waiting for 20 minutes, but if it were a day in february it will be more like 30-35. 880 has not become slow, usually this happens later in the 7:00 hour. 680 we have had a couple minor issues, is san jose on the right, northbound 280 is moving along very nicely. we are following breaking news from new york city where we just learned gloria vanderbilt has died.
7:33 am
her son, anderson cooper just made the announcement. she was born into the wealthy vanderbilt family and was part of a very public custody battle with her mother and her aunt. later as an adult she became known for creating the first designer blue jeans and lending her name to other items. she was married four times and was 95 years old. here in the space one of two men on trial for the go ship warehouse trial will get a chance to testify in court today. >> max harris to take the witness stand later today. >> reporter: prosecutors have argued that max harris was the creative director and that he and derick almena are to blame for the 36 people killed in a deadly fire one half years ago. the trial started back in april and two and half months later harris could be taking the stand in his own defense.he and
7:34 am
derick almena each phase 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 36 killed in the fire. the night of the fire there was a party going on at the illegally converted warehouse. when the fire broke out the victims did not have any time or any way to escape. attorneys of our you that the fire was set deliberately by some unknown arsonist and therefore their clients are not to blame. investigators never found any evidence that the fire was arson. leading up to today his attorneys have called character witnesses, tenant, friends and acquaintances that all testified he was an honest and trustworthy person. because of the high interest in the case the judge and other officials are planning on setting up an overflow room to accommodate the spectators interested in watching this trial. this trial. a big announcement is expected from one of oakland's
7:35 am
largest employers. kaiser permanente plans to hold a news conference later today to announce what it is calling a major product. hundreds of full-service workers in san francisco international airport have overwhelmingly approved a strike. 99.8% of the workers who provide meals to united, american, and delta airlines voted to strike. they say they earned an average of $36,000 per year and that medical care costs range from 2400-9600 of $36,000 per year and that medical care costs range from 2400-$9600 per year and more than half say they cannot afford that. the workers union have not announced when the strike might begin. as the president is launching his reelection campaign for 2020 tomorrow he is facing some rather tough poll numbers, including some that were leaked by his own campaign to show him trailing many of the democratic
7:36 am
candidates and a number of key states. >> they were fake polls released by someone. it is ridiculous. we are winning and every single state. >> despite the president's denials a senior official confirmed three of the teams five posters were fired for leaking the numbers. it is another example of some of the reporting we have seen over time about the trump administration, folks who work from him hide bad news from him because he responds badly. >> those leaked numbers come from surveys dating back to march. a new poll also shows many of speeding the president are in several states. >> at least one candidate is responding, here is what bernie sanders had to say. >> polls go up and pose cool down, but the other part of the pole if i heard you correctly is that i am needing help
7:37 am
barely consistent with all of the polling that i have seen. >> a recent poll also measured the president's approval rating and found 53% say they disapprove, 45% approve. the numbers are a bit better on the economy with 57% say they feel optimistic and 37% saying they feel pessimistic. a new law will go into effect on july 1 in california banning hunters using an ammunition with land. the concern is animal shot by hunters and then eaten by birds like be california condor or the bald eagles can be harmed. hunters who violate the ban can be fined up to 500 bucks for a first offense and also risk losing hunting privileges. the supreme court could still an issue some of the biggest decisions of the year, the justices have yet to issue rulings and 24 cases in the
7:38 am
courts current term that and then about two weeks. earlier in the month ruth bader ginsburg suggested swift decisions could be announced for the end of this term. one highly anticipated ruling will determine if the 2020 census can include a question about citizenship. over the weekend o.j. simpson made it public debut on social media, launched a twitter account and said that his followers would get to read about his thoughts and opinions. he said he had a little getting even to do. [ clip playing ] 's >> hey, twitter world. this is yours truly. coming soon you will get to read all of my thoughts and opinions on just about everything. there are a lot of states -- fakes out there. this should be a lot of fun, i have a little getting even to do. >> as of this morning he has well over 600,000 followers.
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coming up, target was hit with register problems nationwide two days in a row. why store officials say sunday's issue was not the same as saturday's big problem. a documentary is out today marking four years since a deadly shooting inside a south carolina church. the message it is trying to deliver and the role steph curry played.
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a woman says and lyft driver in oakland went on a rant while she was a passenger, terrifying her. jamie thompson was on a
7:42 am
business trip when she took a lyft ride back to her hotel she says she thinks a back she was caring featured a rainbow flag and that may have been what triggered the driver. she pulled out her cell phone and recorded some of it.[ clip playing ] >> my driver went on a tirade >> thompson says she contacted lyft and they refunded her ride, gave her a $10 credit, but she believes the company needs to do better training. search crews are looking for the pallet of a plane. cal fire set the single engine plane hit power lines before diving into a lake yesterday. witnesses say they saw the plane go into the water.
7:43 am
>> we were going to eat on that side, everything no >> search crews say the plane was about 70 feet underwater making it difficult to recover. several agencies are working together to find the plane. this month mas since the stonewall riots in new york city. the two day standoff with the catalyst for the rights movement. activist from that era say the progress since has been astonishing. homosexuality is no longer considered a mental disorder and marriage is legal across the country. they say the next big hurdle is federal legislation and that will provide attention from discrimination. four years ago today a white man walked into a bible study class at an historic african-american churches south carolina. near the end of the meeting he shot and killed nine members of the church. today the director, viola
7:44 am
davis, and steph curry are releasing and will be entitled emmanuelle. it tells the story of the victims family and their reaction when they saw the killer in court just 40 in hours later.[ clip playing ]>> a man that he -- an act that he presumed would enact deepen divisions. oh, but god works in mysterious ways. he could have never anticipated the way the families of the father would respond when they saw him in court in the midst of unspeakable grief with words of forgiveness. he couldn't imagine that. [ cheers ] >> curry said he wanted to help because the film shows compelling and authentic faith. emmanuel has limited showings
7:45 am
around the bay area. it is a monday in the summer season is here. that means you can probably take a little break. >> some are and others are not. let's start off with a look at the commute. northbound 280 traffic is looking pretty good. there have been no major issues. the south bay commute is slow. i wouldn't say it is light, but if you commute every day, especially if you are used to the spring and winter patterns it is just a little better. you can see 580 had an earlier crash. traffic is going to be uncharacteristically slow. you may want to stay on 880 northbound. you can see traffic is movingbr
7:46 am
you can see traffic is backed up for a 10-15 minute wait. good morning, i just saw on your live camera some fog and clouds still in san francisco and oakland. that is kind of the story we have been talking about all morning. we are expecting a warm-up later tonight and into tomorrow. it is going to be a nice and warm and comfortable day. right now current temperatures in oakland about 58 degrees. 58 degrees in san kefr said, we warm up just a bit.
7:47 am
and little breezy outside. here is a look at your futurecast. you can see not much in the way of cloud cover by early afternoon. our inland areas will warm up today. we are going to be reaching middle to upper 80s throughout much of the region. the coast will remain cool because we still have that marine influence. definitely a cool one along the coast. middle to upper 80s for most of the inland region. around the bay will be middle 70s. around the calls middle to upper 60s. it kind of takes us into tomorrow because we have that
7:48 am
high pressure building. it is moving out of the way just a little bit. and then things cool down into thursday and friday. and then our weekend is looking a little cooler. >> i agree with you. it is 7:48 am. having a higher degree maybe draining your bank account. coming up next, we will explain why well-educated people spend a lot more on bulls than the average high school dropout. and a call for change after last week's crash into that new york high-rise. what chuck schumer wants onboard every helicopter. er.
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in today's dollars and cents, celebes auction house is going private. shareholders will get $57 per share. the stock closed at $35 per share on friday. when the opening bell rang this morning grab hub gained nearly 4% in stock after it announced it was start country. right now taking a live look at the big board, the dow jones up about a quarter of a percent.
7:52 am
the nasdaq up about the same percentage wise to 78.56. the s&p 500 also up, getting closer to 2900 there. the us and its democratic leaders calling on the fda to impose a new requirement on helicopters. senator chuck schumer's call to have flight recorders and helicopters comes one week after the crash on the top of a new york city office tower. the pilot was killed, no one else was hurt. the ntsb is investigating and says it's job is made more difficult because there is no way to tell that anything unusual was happening. the faa has resisted requests from years by the ntsb to require black boxes on helicopters. target stores are back in business after a lot of computer problems over the weekend. target experience some big problems starting saturday afternoon. the global system, and transactions at all stores
7:53 am
lasted a few hours. many shoppers abandon cards and left. yesterday some stores were unable to process payments for about 90 minutes. target says that was a issue with the payment vendor, adding that no payment information was compromised at any time. what a burger could be headed for a future beyond taxes in the south. the texas company announced they were selling a majority of their stake. they say they are exploring ways to expand to new audiences while staying true to its brand. the chain has more than 800 locations intense dates. texans have mixed reactions. >> i don't like it, i wanted to stay here in texas. >> it is a texas staple. you don't want to sell out to the midwest. >> i think everyone should have a whataburger. >> the company has not yet given details on possible
7:54 am
expansion plans. the company says it has no plans to stray from its core identity. it does have competitions with shake shack and five guys expanding across the country. that is a look at your dollars and cents. the president is blasting the new york times for publishing a story about the united states ramping up efforts to hack into russia's power grid. they say it is all part of an attempt to combat russia's interference in the united states. the president that the report is not true. the time to standing by the story. the secretary of state was asked about the story during an appearance yesterday on fox news sunday. >> i've seen the story. i don't have anything to say, i don't talk about intelligence. the president has been crystal- clear, we are going to do everything we can to prevent any country from interfering in
7:55 am
any election in the united states. . >> sources told them it is possible the president had not been briefed. the report also said officials are examining how russia may launch its own cyber attack on power grids right here in the us. moviegoers may experience franchise fatigue as a result of the weekends box office reveal pretty unimpressive numbers. s. [ clip playing ] >> men in black international open in first place with 28 1/2 million dollars in sales, about half of what each of the three previous movies took in. the newest installment features tessa thompson and chris hemsworth.
7:56 am
some other franchise reboots also struggle. the secret life of pets 2 was second, aladdin took third. we will see how toy story 4 does when it is released at the end of the week. gary woodland is the 2019 u.s. open champion after winning the tournament. a lot of buzz around tyler -- tiger although he failed out of the game. brooks koepka challen woodland going into sunday. however, he could not make that and here is a winnerwoodland nailed it on a way to a 13 underpar in his first major victory. >> i never let myself get ahead today. i kept telling myself it is never over. when the last part when in it
7:57 am
all came out. >> and that was it right there on 18. winning on father's day with a big deal for woodland. he has a two-year-old son and his wife is pregnant with twin girls, due sometime in august. coming up next we are getting ready to switch over to tran1plus so we can bring you coverage of the women's world cup. the pregame show is coming up next here on ktvu.
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