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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  June 17, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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max here is takes the stand and talks about problems with the electrical system. we preview the upcoming democratic debate. from ktvu fox 2 news , this is the four. he is one of the industry's critics, when it comes to how privacies handle. the apple ceo is calling for accountability from tech firms. welcome to the four. is >> there are those that believe , that he left out a key part of that speech, that apple needs to take responsibility too. >> reporter: some say that this points to a new area for silicon valley where tech executives are admitting to for some of these problems and calling for change. >> reporter: admits the you
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pomp and circumstances, came a warning from apple ceo cook. from data breaches, privacy violations and hate speech. >> you cannot dodge responsibility for the chaos. taken responsibility means having the courage to think things through. >> reporter: as he addressed the 5000 graduates at stanford stadium, he says this is a moment for innovators to reflect. he did not name any companies, but, he did mention a stanford dropout, that does mention -- does phase fraud charges. is >> i think he was going after google, primarily.
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what bothered me a little bit about cooking is how sanctimonious he is, because apple itself is now not without flaws. >> reporter: he says the sector creates high-tech tools and devices that can have both positive and negative impacts on users. is >> it is wonderful. but it has other consequences. privacy, security. i think that cook is acknowledging these. >> reporter: we restarted facebook, google and twitter, twitter was the only one to reply. they said that they had no comments. we have some democrats running for the president. we will see how that goes as we get into the 2020 season. a big $900 million announcement today from kaiser permanente. this is the project that will change the downtown skyline. >> reporter: oakland is already
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the headquarters of kaiser permanente. once a bill their new headquarters, near 22nd and western, the kaiser on
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macarthur, will not be impacted by this.
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in oakland, ktvu fox 2 news. in oakland now, three separate shootings, this kept oakland police busy overnight. there are no reported injuries in that case. and then a person was shot in the neck on fairfax avenue. the victim is expected to be okay. today max here is took the witness stand in the ghost ship warehouse fire. harris testified that about 922 -- nine to 12 people were living there. he was allowed to live there rent free, in order
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to do maintenance there. he said that they hired and unlicensed electrician to do work there. >> this was also owned by the same family. it was completely jerryrigged. it was illegally done. if the prosecution wants to examine what that is what caused the fire, the owners of that electrician shop should be in the witness he. >> we will have a live update coming up at five. this got turned into crime scene last night. somebody shot into a moving car. the bullet striking the driver and passenger. right now, authorities are tried by the person who pulled the trigger. we have the latest. are shb officer that i spoke to said that two people were injured. the driver was shot in the head. this all happened last night just before 8 pm in the tunnel,
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on the fire the right as you go west. 70 opened fire from inside of a moving vehicle and hit the driver in the head. the seeds be shut down the tunnel for two and half hours to investigate. some westbound lanes between moraga and the title were close, traffic was diverted. both victims were treated, one of them had to be taken to the hospital. a finally reopen by 10:45 pm. investigators do not know a motive. they do believe that this was and isolated incident. they don't have a suspect description. they say that the shooter may have been in a white vehicle. ktvu fox 2 news. the family of a 14-year-old boy is now flying back to ethiopia today. he went to the beach with friends last week, to escape the heat. his friends say that he did not know how to swim. he went deep in the water there,
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but apparently there was a steep drop off and the water quickly became 2-d. they found his body about an hour later. his funeral was held yesterday. his family told us that he will be laid to rest at a monastery where his brother is a priest. we go down to dallas, where the fbi says that a man was shot to death outside of a federal courthouse downtown. a witness took this video of the gun man who is identified. investigators say that he was carrying a high powered rifle when he exchanged gunfire with federal authorities. he was shot to death in the exchange. fortunately, nobody else was hurt. >> he was discharged from the army in 2017. we are working with our partners at the department of defense to examine his records and identify associates. is >> the federal building was
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evacuated, because they feared a bomb in the suspect's car. they did not find anything in the car. the motive for the shooting is still under investigation. plane maker boeing apologized for the 737-max crashes. how this is the first step to regain the public's trust. the pain of driving becomes unbearable, more and more people turn to transit. well the fog burned off much further today and the temperatures went up. we will see if that theme is going to continue or if the fog will come roaring back in. alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos of people playing video games in the morning. is that everything? i can see who's online.
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the richmond ferry service launched, we told you all about it. it has been all expectations and projections. >> we are live from the ferry out there on the bay, with more on the demand. tom? >> reporter: the richmond ferry is and unqualified success. a runaway success. and of course, what is important about that is it replaces the 19-year-old failed attempt. it seems by now, we have finally gotten to the transit tipping point. >> we are seeing a point where people are deciding they're not going to driving my. >> reporter: this is and unqualified success. >> it has been our estimate. we are under just under 700 passengers per day. the last couple of months it has been closer to 750 people.
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we have had nearly 1000 riders in the first year. we are about where we expected to be in about a year. >> reporter: says 2017, it has five new fairies. this makes this lead total 14 vessels. this is providing and additional 2000 seats. three more fairies are under construction coming online in the next 6 to 8 months. more and more people have done the math on the real numbers of riding versus driving. >> it is worth it for them, they save time and money by switching to transit. >> reporter: they are adding to the two new gates recently built here. a temporary dock will be set up in san francisco's new chase arena, to be followed by a permanent mission bay terminal to support all of the job growth there. and additional alameda terminal is coming online next year.
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treasure island, redwood city are also being studied. even a hovercraft is being considered for service to and from san jose, necessary for the south bay shallow waters. >> it seems like the secret is out, finally. >> reporter: she says during rush-hour, they are full. >> we are working to expand the number of trips that we could run. we are also looking at acquiring another vessel. we need that in order to keep up with demand. >> reporter: since they peaked in the 1930s, the air of fairies has come back to the bay. is >> about 10 years ago you might have been able to make it in five minutes or so now the ferrys going to be it that every time. >> reporter: on july 1, on the golden gate bridge the vehicle fares are going up. more reason to take alternative transit. what is important about all of that is simply that transit time has come and it appears that the ferrys are going to be
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a bigger, bigger parts of our mix of alternative transportation. we really have no choice, it is that credit these days. reporting live ktvu fox 2 news. >> see the roads are so clocked. thank you so much. people who own electric cars have more options when it comes to charging. officials have a new network of chargers stretching from monterey to through the bay area to lake tahoe. there 57 fast chargers. a smart phone app will allow users, this is at the sprouts grocery store at pinole. >> there over 100 and whole foods, and 100 at walgreens. also including sprouts, luckys, it is really is where people will be. >> organizers say 35 minute charging session will get most electric car drivers about 90 miles.
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today tri-delta transit launched. they have a new flexible, dynamic on-demand shuttle service. it will operate in neighborhoods near them antioch part station and the pittsburgh bart station. they use a smart phone app for writers to schedule, customize their trips. >> it is on-demand transit. you can request on-demand, they will take it apart or to local shopping and dining areas. is >> the shuttles went into operation today, a cause $2.00. boeing executives have acknowledged about the cockpit warning. the company ceo apologized to the families of the victims. boeing says that more added protections are being added.
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even though there is still no word on when those planes will fly again. >> boeing's chief executive issued another apology to families monday, after two deadly crashes. >> we are very sorry. the loss of lives, as a result of the tragic accidents of both e peeling -- ethiopian 602 and lion air 610. >> boeing reiterated the company is committed to safety. >> safety is sacred in this company. our people who work in the factories, the engineers that design our airplanes, to all of us in every corner of this business, safety is simply the top priority. >> investigations are underway to review any stall software that appears to have pushed the noses of both aircraft down. boeing's entire fleet of the 737-max has been grounded globally for months.
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the company deals with the fallout. >> the entire company is fully engaged and dedicated to doing whatever is needed to have safety and regain the trust of the flying public, flight attendants and pilots around the world. >> boeing stresses that they're working hard to learn what went wrong. they did not say when the planes will fly again. the federal aviation administration is signaling its is prepared to start flight trials as early as this week. in on an london, foxnews. here is a live look outside. look at that. fog over san francisco. more on current conditions. >> don't worry, it is actually 4:00 in the afternoon.
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nice to have you here. >> great to be here. >> temperatures cooled off for the weekend, they jumped at mainly inland. there was already fog in the city, 65 degrees. but they are now somewhere near 90 degrees. the fog retreated sooner. we had thunderstorms up in the sierra. look at some of the temperatures out towards brentwood, 90. tracy, 94. concord, 89. oakland, 70. san francisco, 65. half moon bay, 59. we are running between number five to 20 degrees warmer. a kind of leveled off a little bit. hundreds down there on the desert. 50s and 60s on the coast. there is a steady breeze. also a south, southwest breeze.
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what is happening is the flow of high pressure is building in. you could see that activity over this year that will calm down at night and pick up again tomorrow. even though it is the service, we have not sure breeze. it is in the u.p.'s after spare, where we have the onshore push. so we get a warm up today. warm up tomorrow. mostly clear tonight. the lows will be in the 60s for the inland areas. patchy fog will burn off much sooner tomorrow. temperatures are want to jump up. the fog will be far less tomorrow. look for the interior, 90s for many. it is not going to last. tomorrow will be the warmest day. still pretty warm on wednesday. then it all cools down. it looks like it is then back to near normal. is >> all right steve, thank you so much. they're coming to san francisco in the midst of the
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pride months. 300 teachers, professors and grad students are taking part in the three-day conference. they will hold discussion, regarding activism, and the history of sexual identity in mexico and peru. >> we have teachers here, they are writing about history from the 15th century all the way to very recent. >> there is also a very special session for high school teachers on teaching lgbt history. gavin newsom tweeted this formula of the pride of flight. for the first time in our
4:22 pm
history it has been raised to the state capital. newsom was a longtime supporter of lgbt rights, as you know. he issued marriage license, years before it was legalized statewide. before -- be sure to watch our ktvu -- special. it air sunday, june 23 at 9:30 pm. followed by the 10:00 news. be sure to tune in. they say goodbye to and icon. we look back to the life of gloria vanderbilt. a life that was more than about fashion. auditions continue on so you think you can dance at 9 pm. stick around for the 9 pm news. and the 11 pm news, right here
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vein fashion designer and socialite gloria vanderbilt has died. she was diagnosed earlier this month with stomach cancer. we have a look at her long life in the spotlight. >> reporter: gloria vanderbilt has died in new york for her friends and family were by her side. a statement from her son anderson cooper reads in part gloria vanderbilt was and extraordinary woman who loved life and lived it on her own terms. she was born in 1924, her father died when she was a baby, putting her at the center of a very public custody battle between her mother and and aunt. this lended her them moniker of poor little rich girl during the great depression. >> he would get into these violent rages. for really no reason at all. i got very, very scared of him.
4:26 pm
>> reporter: she then married the conductor, she was 21, he was 63. >> i don't believe in chronological age. >> reporter: she started getting into our, she held her first exhibit at age 24. stage acting soon followed. but her real passion, came out in fashion and designing. vanderbilt was behind a successful line of ready-to- wear women wear, she would go into sell millions of genes, it as long as the vanderbilt perfume. but tragedy struck in 1988, when her son killed up sell. in a 2011 interview she told her other son anderson, how close he came to be doing the same. >> there was a moment when i thought i was going to jump after him. but then i thought of you and it stopped me from doing that. >> reporter: she had been battling advanced stomach cancer, she was 95 years old. in new york, lauren green, foxnews.
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still to come how see how the president's stance on immigration is having any impact on the border at mexico. the democratic lineups are now set. will be a preview of tonight's event, coming up. we will talk about their range of strategies, next.
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later this month, 20 democratic candidates will take the debate stage in the request for the presidential democratic nomination.
4:30 pm
this is an important next phase in the presidential campaign. where the candidates will try to distinguish themselves from the pack. so, will they attacked a rival or were they choose to be cordial? we talk to a political science professor at sonoma state. this will be the first opportunity for a direct showdown between all of these democratic candidates, try to take on donald trump. what do you believe will be a winning strategy? >> of your somebody like vice president joe biden, you're going to try to maintain your lead. are going to try to be cautious. you're going to try to be presidential. if you're one of the challenging candidates, you're going to try to cut her. especially if you are on the lower end. so you're going to want to look for that moment, to really cut through and get at that moment on the debate stage. this is a little bit more
4:31 pm
difficult for the lower tier candidates. if you're also a candidate on the left, like bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, you're looking as well to come out of that debate to really be considered as a top-tier candidate. >> do you think that this will be going after somebody that is sharon that states, by going after and opponent? >> that is the difficulty. if you goes after somebody like joe biden, he has run two poor national campaigns. you are really running the risk. the person you're going to after, the person that you're going to go after is the person that is announcing they're going after reelection, that is donald trump. there also going to be talking about the border. by after that, he's going to go after democrats over and over again on those issues. this is where democrats want to grab that moment and go after the president and provide
4:32 pm
contrast. joe biden is going to try to appear residential and go above the fray. >> there has been some controversy about the crowded field of candidates at was split into these two nights. i want to focus on the second night. four of the six pulling candidates all landed on the second night. what do you expect here? we're talking about joe biden and bernie sanders, in particular. >> you look at the debate roles. if you look at the primary roles. somebody like joe biden that does that name bracket nation can roll through to for several states. but bernie sanders has a legion of followers. if you look at some of the polling data, what we see is that bernie sanders, though supporters do not support anybody else. they're not looking at in alternative. to a certain degree they're looking at elizabeth warren, but they really tied in. voters are looking at this. when we see so many like kamala harris, or pete buttigieg, to really cut through here, they
4:33 pm
can do this on the second night, they can serve as in alternative, if you will to joe biden. >> i was going to ask in particular about pete buttigieg. he has's mantra of the next generation. standing next to joe biden and bernie sanders, seems like a perfect opportunity for him to emphasize the theme that he has been touting. >> that is a very good point. we look at democrats how they have been successful, forward- looking, freshfaced, somebody new to the scene. jimmy carter did this back in 1976. certainly brock obama did this. so this gives somebody like pete buttigieg a fantastic opportunity to go through. this is one to watch very closely. >> some people are disappointed that we are not going to see a sanders versus warren. >> kamala harris is going to
4:34 pm
position herself as that new democrat and new face. and certainly elizabeth warren has had some omens the last couple of weeks where she has laid out a plan for just about everything. but the question is, is there going to be in alternative on the left? if they slice and dice the left, what will happen is 70 like joe biden? >> a lot of expectations. two big nights coming up. thank you so much, i appreciate it. >> thank you. president trump's efforts to deter the surge of central american migrants seems to have and mixed impact. >> reporter: president trump's new immigration deal with mexico starting to have and impact. some 6000 mexican soldiers are now deployed on the border.
4:35 pm
there are some larger caravans including trucks carrying some 800 migrants, stopped over the weekend. at the same time, the flow of migrants back into mexico and has increase. thousands are now waiting in shelters and detention centers for their chance to declare asylum in the u.s. >> reporter: it is not just for people coming in the central america anymore. we know that the numbers will increase. >> reporter: in some areas the mexican military has not been affected. there is still has been a steady flow of migrants crossing the border on a steady basis. >> reporter: 50 over there, 20 over there. >> reporter: mexico has been scrambling to reduce the migrant flow in order to reduce tariffs that were threatened by president trump. on capitol hill lawmakers say that they want to address the issue, but republicans claim that they are not getting help from across the aisle.
4:36 pm
>> >> reporter: the usn nesco have a great, the deal is not -- the president agrees, -- a treatment for ptsd is gaining popularity. the doctor who pioneered the treatment. ahead of up and move them out. is started warm up today. we will see if that warming will continue to tuesday. y. are in operatic tenor who is playing a prince. he stops by ktvu , to talk about his role. ktvu has highlights from the ntv movie. ...6, 7, 8 ♪ ♪
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are veterans that suffer from ptsd are finding new hope in an injection. this takes about 15 minutes to administer. it leads to dramatic improvements. the doctor that pioneered the procedure back in 2007, he has been a strong advocate. we are joined now by the doctor to learn more about the effectiveness. so dr., tell us a little bit
4:40 pm
more about the injection. >> thank you for having me on, by the way. so essentially, it is and anesthetic procedure that i have been doing for a long time. about 15 years ago i figured out that this would help ptsd. it is essentially, it is in the neck on the right side. use x-ray guidance to place the needle. is >> dr., i'm curious, why in the neck? >> because, if i may, i would like to see what ptsd. this is a biological phenomena. when somebody has severe trauma , the nerve fibers increase, norepinephrine, fight or flight.
4:41 pm
this is why this has to be in the neck. what it does, it affects the amygdala, this controls fear. >> the doctor, what kinds of results are you seeing? our patients reacting? >> we have been very fortunate. i have been doing this, like i said, for a while. currently our success rate is 90 to 92%. the great thing about this, when you do the procedure, and about five or 10 minutes the patient immediately feels better. one man we traded -- treated, he told me four years later
4:42 pm
after one procedure he is doing great. he is working. >> that is wonderful, this is obviously great success story. what you say to your critics out there? >> which particular critics? >> there are some that are not quite sure that this does offer the sort of hope for ptsd, those who suffer from ptsd, as you claim that they do. >> first of all, this has been replicated. the results have spoken for themselves. nobody's going to be 100%, of course. i think the main problem,
4:43 pm
people cannot believe that it cannot be -- that it can be that simple. this has been done, they say, who are you to come up with something? it happens to be a unique circumstance that i was investigating. >> we appreciate you coming on. it is offering a lot of hope to those who suffer from ptsd. thank you so much, dr., appreciate your time. all right, let's bring in steve for a look at your forecast. there is that fog. >> indeed. it although it burned off much sooner today. inland temperatures jumped up. a week ago we are sitting the 90s and 100s. the ghost in the bayer
4:44 pm
stillness 60s. -- the coast is still in the 60s. let's go to 97. kelsey bill, 91. cloverdale, 89. tiburon, 59. sacramento, 93. here are the temperatures at 4:00. except for livermore which is 86 degrees, they are a little bit below. san francisco is off by two. this is a big difference compared to last week when everybody was way above. the patchy fog is there, but this, upper 80s, jumping up compared to where we were
4:45 pm
yesterday. yet 57 for moderate. so the water is still cold, not as cold as it was. there is an on tour breeze. big time thunderstorms erupting over blue canyon. reports of [ yelling ]. -- hail. some of that moisture, going back towards contra costa county. this will give us a little bit of a northerly breeze. patchy fog, sunny for the rest of tonight into tomorrow. the coldest temperature was saturday.
4:46 pm
the warmest temperature will be on tuesday. after that it looks like we will level off. were not expecting any record heat. mostly fog by morning. tomorrow we will get a little jump. if you're out in the valley, mid-90s to upper 90s. for around here, 60s, 70s, 80s and some low 90s. wednesday, the fog starts to come back. a big time cooling on thursday. leveling off on friday. as we go into the weekend it looks nice, very normal for this time of year. >> thank you so much. another great will has washed ashore, this time in oregon. this is the fourth beached gray mail will found in oregon. according to the national oceanic and atmospheric organization, a recent necropsy , shows that it was on the skinny side, she was only about one-year-old. the crowd of people came to see the well.
4:47 pm
>> it is a really rare chance to get this close to something like this. even if it is, not what you would expect from a the world experience. >> what turned up in this necropsy, is much like what has shown in others, malnutrition, likely contributed to the death. it appears that some did not put on of enough weight last year and they are now dying as they make their way back to the arctic. the pentagon announced that the u.s. will send and additional 1000 troops to the mideast. this is in response to the hostile behavior by i run. this comes as i run that they will break the stockpile limit that they did agree to. >> reporter: in 10 days, they say that this will be in the
4:48 pm
past. i run blaming european powers from failing to confront the trump administration after the withdrawal. >> they are and are able to exert their own pressure. the europeans have indicated that they are unable to safeguard the administration -- the agreement. >> reporter: is >> we support working with iran . >> reporter: in addition to the stockpile limit, they have indicated they are ready to enrich uranium, up to 20%. american lawmakers are divided on a response. most republicans are standing behind the president. while democrats claim that the limits would not have been
4:49 pm
broken if the u.s. had supported the deal. >> the sanctions are really hurting. the president made the right decision and backing out of the nuclear deal because it was not much of a deal. >> >> reporter: they have set a july 7 deadline for them to come up with better terms. ktvu fox 2 news . for some kids it means going to summer camp. and one-state, they are requiring all campers to be vaccinated to prevent the spread of measles. the latest on the debate, coming up. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet.
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teslas ceo, elon musk, he says that he has the lead on his twitter account. he got into trouble with the securities and exchange commission back in august for tweets about taking the company private. saying that he had secured money to do so, with no evidence to back that up. musk and tesla settled with the sec. san francisco police officers took to the street, all for a good cause. there taking part of the special olympics northern california torch run. it began in union square. more than 3000 officers from around the country are participating, to raise money
4:53 pm
for the special olympics. the ran through san francisco took the flame by several landmarks there in the city. this is the 21st year that the department has partnered with the special olympics of northern california. >> i think that most of our officers that participated, get a good part from being part of it. it is rewarding to be part of it. this year we have runner here. it is just the rewards of doing something to help out these athletes from the special olympics. >> the torch will ultimately end up at the uc davis campus, to kickoff the 2019 special olympics northern california southern games. which begins this friday. the number of measles cases continues to grow across the nation. right now there are 1044 cases confirmed in 28 different states. this is the largest number of cases since 1992. the hardest hit area, continues to be new york with schools out
4:54 pm
of session now and many parents getting ready to send their children to summer camp, officials are putting more measures in place to stop the spread of measles. >> reporter: with measles cases at their highest in 27 years, the fight against the disease is moving from the classroom to the campground. summer camps and one of the most impacted areas, now are requiring measles vaccinations to prevent the spread of the disease. both day and overnight camps in several counties north of new york city, require vaccinations or proof of vaccination that are mandatory for every camper and staff member. the camps in this part of state tend to fill up from kids up from orthodox jewish communities. >> it is a parent's right to choose or refuse vaccines for their own children. >> reporter: this comes at the same time that the governor
4:55 pm
signed legislation, eliminating the religious exemption, which previously allowed children to go to school without vaccinations if their parents objected on religious grounds. >> we all respect to freedom of religion. i have heard the anti- vaccination theory. but, i believe that both are overwhelmed by the public health risk. >> in 2019, more than 1000 cases of the measles have been confirmed in 28 states. the new york, fox news. here's a quick look at the level of measles cases here in california. according to the california department of health, there 52 confirmed cases. four of those are in san mateo county. four, santa clara. one in san francisco. one in alameda county. this is something really nice to celebrate father's day. a new picture of the royal baby.
4:56 pm
the photo was shown with a glimpse of his face and his father hand. this post already has more than 2 million likes on instagram. ktvu news at 5:00 is coming up next. people all over the bay area are being priced out of the housing markets. the bay area fire crews say that they have more manpower and the machinery at the ready than never before. as we go into wildfire season. ♪ a little bird told me you have the fastest internet and now the best mobile network too? yeah and get them together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. wow, that's great. oh, and this looks great. are these words for sale? no. go, go, go, go, go. now the fastest, most reliable internet can help you save on your wireless bill. that's simple, easy, awesome. taxi!
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ktvu fox2 news a 5:00 starts now. we start with this: max harris one of the two people on trial the ghost ship warehouse fire case takes the witness stand for the first time today. i'm andre senior. frank somerville is off tonight . >> i'm julie haener. today marked a major milestone in the ghost ship trial in oakland. one of the two men charged in the case, max harris took the stand in his own defense. >> ktvu crime reporter, henry lee joined us from court today. >> andre and julie, the courtroom was packed today as max had his first chance to address the jury directly.
5:00 pm
he was relaxed, spoke conversationally and often looked straight at jurors trying to convince him he is not liable for the death of 36 people. >> reporter: max harris took the stand in his own defense, telling is that of his side of the story, why he should not be convicted for his part in the warehoe fire. ghter douglas >> hehas been in custody two years waiting to tell his story, waiting to connect with the jury, waiting to tell the truth. >> reporter: on the day of the fire, harris was greeting people at the door for a music event after he saw flames and started screaming fire. i was screaming, "use the lights on your phones." he said he began living at the warehouse in 2014, two years before the fire but after derick almena signed the lease. he said he used the title several tiwh


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