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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 17, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> we are excited mr. harris is on the stand. he has been in custody for two years, out -- waiting to tell his story, connect with the jury, to tell >> reporter: on the day of the fire, harris was greeting people at the door for a music event. after he saw flames, he said, i started screaming, fire. i was screaming, "use the lights on your phone. >> -- >> reporter: harris says he began working at the warehouse two years before the deadly fire. he says the title of creative director came as sort of a wimp. he says he used it several times while communicating with building landlords but it was not an official role . >> it was organic. he was not in charge. he was not somebody with authority there. that seems to be going very well today. >> throughout his testimony, harris sought to downplay any
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leadership role at the warehouse, saying it was more of a communal effort were everybody work together to tackle issues. harris testified it was the buildings landlords who hired an unlicensed contractor to install electricity in a nearby mechanic shop the same landlords on. that business provided power to the warehouse . >> it was completely jury rigged and illegally done and if the prosecution wants to advance the theory that is what caused the fire than the owners in the and the electrician should be in the defendants see. >> reporter: curtis briggs says there is no risk putting his client on the stand . >> we think the jury will be were very receptive. >> reporter: max harris testified today he told oakland police during one of the visits that no one lived at the warehouse. he said he wasn't sure the officer's intentions and did not want him or his friends to become homeless. he will be back on the stand tomorrow. >> what about derick almena? he is expected to testify. when is that expected to happen and what about property owners? >> the d.a. will cross-examine max harris
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later, possibly as early tomorrow and ellman will take the stand next week. as far as landlords go, the family, earlier, we saw that they asserted their right against self-incrimination so the defense says they have all but given up trying to get them to testify in the criminal trial. they might very well show up at the civil trial. >> a concord man who prosecutors say was plotting a mass shooting in a synagogue has pleaded not guilty to felony charges. the contra costa the county says the man was an illegal sympathizer and built an illegal assault rifle he planned to use in the attack. copper police say they were arrested parker after a tip of him posting comments about a planned mass shooting in an online chat room. he is charged with making terminal threats, possession of an illegal assault weapon and owning an illegal assault rifle. policing they were called
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to international boulevard and 101st avenue with 3 people have been stabbed. officer spotted the suspect and took him into custody. 3 victims are all reportedly all in stable condition. a search is underway for a gunman who shot a driver of a car inside the caldecott tunnel last night just before 8:00 in the westbound lanes of highway 24. the chp says the gunmen fired from one car into the other car in the fourth floor of the tunnel. authorities say the victim was shot in the head. doctors say it is not considered a life-threatening injury. a passenger in the car was grazed by a bullet. investigators say they are now looking at video from traffic cameras as they work to try to find the a suspected burglar is under arrest in palo alto. police say 23-year-old abraham martinez was arrested on saturday pick a woman lives on oregon avenue call police just after 6 am after she heard her front door opening and saw her car keys were missing. officer saw the suspect walking
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along oregon expressway a short time later and recover the stolen car keys. a church in hayward is taking action to find homes for people in need. the pastor's mission is to improve his community and the lives of its most volatile residents. >> reporter: a year-long project to refurbish dilapidated apartments in hayward has nearly reached the halfway point. the impetus, inspiration from across the street in the form of church senior pastor, jerry maxwell . >> we believe the church is not only just for the sanctuary and people who attend here. we have a responsibility for the whole community . >> increasingly, all communities are seeing the price of housing move out ents, residents moving out of the area so when haywood partnered eden housing to determine what had been an eyesore into
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apartments. >> they are thinking it is a moral crisis and saw that as a faith-based entity, we should be doing more about this so they are looking at their land which is often the last real resource in the housing in the bay area especially. glad tidings started redeveloping and purchasing properties in the late 90s so it is nothing new nothing new for the church but is a new trend for houses of worship. houses of worship turning to development of real estate . >> we have been getting applications from churches interested in building supportive housing on their properties . in discussions about using land to help homeless or low income residents . >> san jose is interested in solving the homeless crisis and we encourage anyone who can contribute to the solution to
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come up with a creative idea. it is the goal of the general plan to end homelessness in san jose. >> back in hayward, the immediate goal is to get 63 residents in danger of moving or becoming homeless into refurbished units by next summer . >> providing housing for people is critical and we are using the power we have in terms of real estate that we own to be able to assist in that. >> in hayward, jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. we go now to oakland were kaiser permanente unveiled plans today to build a new office building that will become the tallest building in the city. ktvu allie rasmus explains the building will house causes national and regional headquarters. >> 1, blastoff . >> it is scheduled to be complete in the year 2023. a 28 story high-rise at 21st between broadway and telegraph in downtown oakland will become kaiser's new headquarters . >> we have enjoyed a wonderful, wonderful partnership with oakland, california. it is our home. it has been our home.
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for almost a 75 years we have been in existence. at the end of the day, we can think of no better place to stay then oakland, california . >> it will cost kaiser about $900 million to build and kaiser says, because they will be consolidating from 7 administrative buildings in oakland to just 1, they will be able to save money . >> we projected we will save annually about $60 million a year. that will go back to our members. >> a city-owned property, garage and parking lot used by patrons at the paramount theater is at the site of the future headquarters right now. oakland mayor, called this a big win for the city. she says years ago they were in danger of losing kaiser's hospital now they have committed to growth and decades to come. the mayor did not offer tax incentives and kaiser purchased the land at market .
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>> they are proud of the tax benefits that will come from the project and it is not just any kind of corporate headquarters. it is not just another office building. there is going to be amazing community space. health education, clinics. it really is going to be a community asset. >> the kaiser hospital on broadway and macarthur will be impacted by this. it will stay right where it is but the ministry of offices, 7 buildings across town, will be consolidated at the new headquarters at 21st and telegraph. in oakland, allie rasmus, ktvu fox2 news. the carmella harris campaign reportedly owes the city of oakland more than $100,000 for security. the senator kicked off her campaign in oakland back in january. the center for public integrity says the city spent more than 123 thousand dollars the event. the city says the money is due next week. her campaign is working to, "square away any costs. a move to a new fox poll
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joe biden ahead of any of the democratic candidates. bernie sanders comes in second at 13%, senator elizabeth warren at 9%, south bend mayor, people to judge and senator, harris each took a back percent support. primary voters say they're looking for americans to provide steady leadership with high ethical standards. people are lined up outside the amway center in orlando, florida where president trump is set to officially kick off his 2020 reelection campaign tomorrow evening. video screens are expected to be set up outside the venue to accommodate the overfull overflow crowd. one woman said this would be the third trump relish he has attended in florida . >> i hope he reviews progress he has made in straight of the republicans battling his initiatives along with the democrats. i hope you lists his a congressman's. >> ahead of 3
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posters after data leaked showed the president trailing job violent biden in crucial swing states including florida, wisconsin and pennsylvania. >> coming up, criticism of the tech industry from one of its own. on ktvu news at 630, what apple ceo, tim cook said industry leaders need to do. >> first of all, firefighters get ready for the busy fire season. last week, the coast, the bay and everyone warmed up. the inland areas popped into the upper 80s and 90s. will it happen again tomorrow? we will take a look. sacramento flies the pride flag over the state capital for the first time ever. with the governor had to say about it. you heard steve talking about how warm it is. this is your monday evening commute. things are moving slowly along
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if you sell plumes of smoke in the hills of san mateo county today, it was not a wildfire but part of a training session. >> tran wants rob roth explains preparations are in full swing and crews will be ready when fire season heats up with more equipment and new firefighting strategies. >> reporter: it was a fire that was under control before it
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started here in this dry grass near crystal springs reservoir in san mateo county about 50 cal fire firefighters holding the first hands-on wildfire training. preparation for what will be coming. >> for rookie firefighter, laughlin, this is his first hands-on training . >> i learned a lot of great things, different techniques when firing out come up's called tying corners, boxing and doing circles. also, learned about topography and the weather and how that plays a big factor into driving the fire . >> going through radio procedures, tools, equipment and working order and more than anything, just mentally preparing for the fact that, oh, this is it. it is game time again in california . >> even twenty-year firefighting veterans say training is vital . >> you have to knock the dust off every year. it is a great opportunity for us to get out here and remind
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ourselves of the conditions that we have. >> jerod kruse fought a car fire last year, the biggest in his career with more than 24 hours at a stretch . >> you only have your adrenaline to keep you awake because long as there is work to be done, it keeps you awake and you don't realize until 20 or 30 hours have gone by . >> cal fire says new strategies and equipment as it faces the summer fire season including vegetation management . >> we have new helicopters that have the ability to fly at night. we have a large air tanker program coming online which is a c-130 aircraft which is something we have never had before. we are kind of attacking this problem from all angles. >> reporter: cal fire says the aircraft is now more than 20 minutes from any acreage in california and what else is new? the meaning of a red flag warning . >> we are seeing now is an understanding and respect for when a red flag warning is issued. it doesn't mean, hey, things
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are good for potential fire conditions. it means when a fire starts it will be catastrophic . >> cal fire has noticed the public has pitched in to prevent wildfires and they say they hope it pays off as we get into the heart of fire season. in san mateo county, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. on a weekend, where temperatures are fog bank and front and center, saturday was the coolest day, sunday was cool and today, inland areas jumped up, upper 80s and 90s and it will be toasty out there for some tomorrow, not for all. this is lower, 98, it could be about 101 or 102 tomorrow. mendocino county, lake county or the valley, heat advisory starts at 9 am tomorrow. it won't last long. will probably just be a day but reading, 104, sacramento is 98, not bad and 90s towards fresno and bakersfield.
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monterey, a lovely 62. these are the forecast highs for tomorrow. it will be wind driven but san francisco only expected to jump up about 2. concord hit 90 day, 92 tomorrow, san jose, 81, mainly an inland event, not the coast. fog is there, much less in the covered we saw. it will burn off much sooner, 90s and 80s through the interior, 50s and 60s coast and the bay. huge differences on a lot of these temperatures. thunderstorms erupting over the sierra. some moisture is collapsing. the wind out of the upper atmosphere coming out of the north, northeast will take the moisture and blow it back towards us. most of it will stay south and may click contra costa or santa clara county. high pressure is building in and that will give substance so it will put its foot right down on tomorrow. patchy fog, mostly clear, lows are warmer, inland, 60s and 50s coast and bay but expect the font to burn off sooner.
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inland times will jump off sooner. tuesday looks like the warmest day, cooler weather takes us into thursday and it looks like back to normal as we go into the weekend. thank you so much, steve pickett a strong earthquake hit southwestern china, killing at least two people. it measured 6.9 and was centered in sichuan province. a 5.2 aftershock in the same area. the government news area report some area homes are damaged and crews have been sent to the area. san francisco state is hosting a first of its kind conference. the queer history conference . discussions will range from bay area queer activism to east asia in the 1960s and sexual identity in mexico and peru. >> we have speakers here from all around the world. they are talking about queer history and all contents continents. we have historians covering
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europe, africa, asia and the united states, writing about history from the 15th century all the way to the very recent past. >> reporter: there was a special session for high school teachers on teaching lgbtq history. pride is visible at the state capital. the pride flag was raised over the dome in sacramento for the first time today. governor newsom's office says this comes as the federal government has banned u.s. embassies from flying pride flags this year. the rainbow flag will fly over the capital through july one. be sure to watch our ktvu special, a history of pride, sunday night as you look back at the milestone moments for the lgbtq community in the bay area. again, it is this sunday, june 23 at 9:30 pm followed by the 10:00 news. after the break, new details about the deadly southern california synagogue shooting in april. who inspired the suspected gunman and what else he told
6:20 pm
investigators. also have, it has been 4 years since the deadly shooting at a black church in charleston, south carolina. and operatic tenor who is playing a prince. brandon giovanna mitch stopped by ktvu to talk about his role in the san francisco production. >> reporter: plus, fashion, film and television. we have highlights from the ntv music and television awards.
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new details tonight on the deadly synagogue shooting in southern california that happened back in april. a search warrant says the alleged gunman, auntie ernest told investigators he adopted his hatred of judaism 18 months before the attack. he said he was inspired by adolf hitler and the suspected gunman in the new zealand mosque shooting. he is accused of fatally shooting one woman and injuring 3 others at a synagogue during a passover service. he pleaded not guilty to a 113 count federal indictment and faces murder and attempted murder charges. a south carolina church were 9 people were shot and killed 4 years ago today held a special tribute during sunday's service. it was a packed house at charleston emanuel church as worshipers remembered those who were gunned down by 21-year-old dylan ruth. the self acclaimed white supremacist was convicted of murder numerous hey change and murder charges and is awaiting
6:24 pm
federal execution. meantime, golden state warriors steph curry is behind a new documentary that explores life after the shooting. it tells a story about the victims and survivors. perry and actress, viola davis are executive producers of the film. it opens nationwide for a limited run today and wednesday. a couple from phoenix has filed a $10 million claim for alleged civil rights abuses after they were held at gunpoint outside a dollar store. police video of the incident was released on friday. it shows officers with guns drawn, yelling profanities at a couple with their young children, even though the family said it was complying with orders. the store called police after seeing their 4-year-old walk out of the store with doll. my daughter was terrified to this day.the middle of the night crying. >> reporter: parents say they had no idea the 4-year-old even have the doll and investigation
6:25 pm
is underway. phoenix as mayor, kate gallego calls the actions of officers involved, inappropriate and unprofessional. >> interview -- ktvu fox2 news news at 6:00 with what some are calling issues in the silicon valley. >> the tough job talk from apple ceo tim cook. the san jose sharks are making noise in the off-season. later in sports, the big names star they have re-signed to a long-term deal. mark tells us about that. the growing demand for bay area commuter ferries. the increase in popularity. >> reporter: a little bird told me you
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to our top stories, defendant max harris took the witness stand in his defense today in the ghost ship fire child. he downplayed any leadership role at the artists collective.
6:29 pm
he said the landlord hired an unlikely contractor to install electricity in a neighboring building that they own to provide power to the warehouse. a hayward church has partnered with eden housing to refurbish apartment units that can be used as shelter. it is a trend that seems to be catching on. in hayward, the immediate goal is to have 63 people by next summer. >> reporter: today, today, kaiser plans to build a new high-rise in downtown and when done, will be the tallest high-rise in the city. it will be home to kaiser's national and regional headquarters. it is scheduled to be completed in 2023. you're watching ktvu fox2 news at 6:30 pm. one of the biggest names in silicon valley is calling for tech companies to take more responsibility for their actions. >> apple ceo, tim cook delivered the message during the amendment address at stanford university. interviews maureen naylor has more on why companies should be
6:30 pm
held more accountable. >> reporter: a mix of pop and working conditions at stanford's ceremony sunday. >> good morning, class of 2019. >> reporter: amy warning from apple ceo, tim cook about current challenges in the high- tech industry, from data breaches to privacy violations to hate speech. >> if you build a chaos factory, you cannot dodge responsibility for the chaos. taking responsibility means having the courage to think things through. >> reporter: as address the five dozen graduates of stanford stadium, he applauded silicon valley's his two history of innovation but says this is a moment to reflect. apple stock leader did not name any company but referred to the blood testing startup, there knows who stanford dropout faces fraud charges. >> too many think good intentions excuse harmful outcomes. >> reporter: analyst, larry says
6:31 pm
he is correct in his criticism but wishes the apple leader took some responsibility as well . >> what bothered me a little bit about that is how sanctimonious he is because apple it self is not without flaws. >> reporter: still, he applauds cook addressing problems in his own industry, saying the sector creates high-tech tools and devices that can have positive and negative impacts on users . >> it is wonderful but it has other consequences, loneliness, isolation, privacy, security. there are implications that i think cook is acknowledging these. >> reporter: we reached out to facebook, google and twitter to see if they had any comment. 20 was the only to reply and says they had no comment. elon musk says he deleted his twitter account 10 months after his use of the social media site landed in in trouble with the sec. he ran into problems with regulators for a tweet about taking the company private. he and tesla each paid $20 million to settle.
6:32 pm
he has not tweeted anything since but at last check, his twitter account was still active. stocks ended this monday slightly higher. the dog and 22 points, nasdaq up 48 and the s&p up 2. investigators double as investors were focused on dealmaking including pfizer's purchase of a cancer drug maker. officials cut the ribbon today on a network of charters stretching from monterey to the bay area and lake tahoe. the network includes 57 chargers, a smart phone app that allows users to read reserve a time to charge up. >> at the grocery store, we have over 100 fast charges at whole foods, walmart, and we do business with companies that don't including sprouts and lucky's it is where people will be. >> organizes say a 35 minute charging session at a high- speed charging station will give
6:33 pm
most electric card drivers about 90 miles of range. a ferry service that launched 5 months ago has beaten all expectations. dawn baker reports now, more and more commuters are opting to tape take the new richmond ferry service and it is only expecting to grow in popularity . >> we are seeing a point where people are deciding they are not going to drive anymore. >> reporter: the new richmond ferry is an unqualified success . >> we far exceeded our estimate, up to just under 700 passengers per day since large. the last couple months it has been closer to 750. we've had a couple of days with nearly 1000 riders in the first year. >> reporter: ahead of productions, how far? >> we are expected at about your 6 of our ridership projection. >> reporter: since 2017, they have added 5 new ferries, making the fleet total 14 vessels, an additional 2000 seats. 3 more ferries are in
6:34 pm
construction, coming online in the next 6 a months and more and more people have done the math on the real numbers of writing this is driving . >> that is a big one for them. they save time and money switching to transit. >> reporter: another new ferry dock will come online at the ferry boating early next year, adding to the two new gates recently built here. a temporary dock will be set up at san francisco's new chase arena to be followed by a permanent mission bay terminal to support all of the job growth there. a new, additional alameda ferry terminal is coming online next year. berkeley, treasure island and redwood city are also being studied. even a hovercraft is being considered for service to and from san jose, necessary to provide the south pays shallow waters . >> it seems like the secret is out, finally. >> reporter: spokeswoman, ms. clements says it's ferries are now full up. milk we are expanding the number of trips we can run and
6:35 pm
looking at acquiring another vessel because we need that in order to keep up with demands. >> reporter: since the 1930s, the era of ferries have come back to the bay. >> five or 10 years ago, you could make it from downtown san francisco to moran in 45 minutes or so. now, the ferry is going to beat you every time. >> reporter: on july 1, golden gate bridge tolls go up. $25 million of that will be used to improve ferry and bus transit. tom vacar, ktvu fox2 news . the commute from san jose to sacramento on the capital corridor train got a bit faster. a new timetable that started today resumed reduces travel time by about 5 minutes made possible by a project to improve rail lines between phoenicia and san jose to make travel more efficient. capital corder updated timetables twice a year. the death toll of american tourists in the dominican republic continues to rise for what we are learning about the latest person to be found dead at a resort.
6:36 pm
also had, remembering the woman known as the genes queen or the poor little rich girl. the life of gloria vanderbilt and the legacy she leaves behind.
6:37 pm
6:38 pm
errors, socialite and fashion designer, gloria vanderbilt has passed away at the age of 95. the word came down from her son, cnn anchor, anderson cooper. >> he says his mother was surrounded by family and friends when she died.
6:39 pm
>> reporter: gloria vanderbilt has died in new , her fans and friendly them as friends and family by her side. a statement reads "gloria vanderbilt was an extraordinary woman who loved life and living on her own terms. gloria borger laura morgan vanderbilt was born in 1974. the last 24. her father died when she was a baby, putting her at the center of a custody battle between her mother and aunt. it landed her the moniker of poor little rich girl. at 17, she weighed a hollywood agent, the first of >> reporter: marriages . >> he would get into these violent rages for no reason at all. i got very, very scared of him. >> reporter: she then married conductor, leopold stokowski. she was 21, he was 63. >> i don't believe in chronological age. >> she started getting into art
6:40 pm
and held her first exhibit at age 24. stage acting soon followed but her real passion came out in fashion and designing. vanderbilt was behind a successful line of ready-to- wear garments and would go on to sell millions of genes along with the vanderbilt perfume, baring her signatures one local. tragedy stuck in 1988 when her son carter killed himself by jumping from an apartment balcony. in a 2011 interview, she told her other son, anderson, how close she came to doing the same . >> there was a moment when i thought i would jump over after him but then i thought of you and it stopped me from doing that. >> reporter: loria vanderbilt had been battling advanced stomach cancer. she was 95. in new york, lauren green, fox 2 news. another american tourist has died in the dominican republican. the 53-year-old is now the eighth american to die in the dominican republic over
6:41 pm
the past year. the hotel says cox died from a heart attack but some dispute that saying he does not believe she died of natural causes. earlier this month, the tourism minister described the number of american deaths as isolated incidents. the u.s. military plans to send an additional 1000 troops to the middle east in the wake of "hostile behavior" these is in addition to the 1500 troops being sent next month. i would jump on those temperatures inland. there were 90s over by the coast, 50s and 60s, what about tomorrow? we will take a look coming up. 5 heather holmes joins us now in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus.
6:42 pm
cal fire launches new television ads. the message to homeowners and governor newsom as the fire season ramps up. open mayor, libby schaaf, the items she is sending to toronto's mayor after the heartbreaking loss in the nba finals. those stories and more coming up on ktvu plus. playing on mr. oracle, the new addition. and a live look out side now, as we listen to the temptations. >> ♪ wherever he laid his hat was his home. ♪ all he left was a loan. male papa was a rolling stone. ♪ wherever he laid his hat was his home. ♪ all he left was a loan. ♪
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this portion of ktvu news sponsored by mountain mike's pizza, pizza the way it ought to be. san francisco police officers hit the street today for the special olympics northern california torch run. they started this morning from union square on a nine point six mile run. the officers carried that, the flame of hope, past several san francisco landmarks and plenty of spectators they can march 21 year the department has partnered with special olympics of northern california on the event. most of our officers that participate in this get a good feeling from being a part of it. it is rewarding. as you see, we have runners here that are ready to go . >> i'm not running this year but our runners are ready to go. it is the reward of doing something to help out these athletes in the special olympics. the torch will ultimately end up at the uc davis campus to kick off the 2019 special olympics northern california
6:46 pm
summer games which begin this friday. time to check the forecast now. look is with us tonight, steve is in for bill and you are staying up late with us . >> very late but andre, you should know, my very first day here. >> she did a double take when she came in saying, what are you doing here? >> i'm back up. >> temperatures today went from here to there and that means 50s to 90s. this is one of those warm-ups were, last week, everyone including the city and the coast jumped up. we went from 59, pacifica, half moon bay, 78 in morgan hill, santa rosa, 80, fairfield, 89, antioch, 92 and buchanan, 90 degrees. the reason, there is an officer is offshore and northerly component that burned off the fog sermon today. thunderstorms erupt over the sierra and will collapse tonight. the high level winds are
6:47 pm
driving these back, staying east and south but if it does show up, you will know word come from. tomorrow this looks like an inland event as far as the warm-up goes. it is all wind driven but santa rosa forecast high 82, san jose, 83. concord, in the city, 65 to 70. northwest winds at sfo, northwest, livermore, north at mountain view and northwest at san jose so at the surface, it has turned northwest. in the upper atmosphere, it is turning northeast. that is allowing inland temperatures to take a jump. you could find 90s to the interior still, 50s and 60s and 70s anywhere near the water. tomorrow looks like an event where inland temperatures will warm up quickly. fair for the blessed fairfield and livermore are +11 compared to 24 hours ago. hayward is up 9 compared to yesterday at this time. one quick little warm up here for today and for tomorrow as well. sierra, dealing with big-time
6:48 pm
thunderstorms. there has been huge hail events in the mountains in this year for the last couple of days. be careful. there have been lots of severe weather up there. the fog will be back tomorrow but not nearly the coverage we have seen and i think it will burn off sooner. the high is going to collapse as the system moves to the north, starting on wednesday to thursday so the warm up will really just before 2 days, today and tomorrow so patchy fog and tomorrow who see it burn off sooner. we are coolest on saturday, to look tuesday will be the warmest. mostly clear, some fog by morning but i don't think it will last long. close inland will be warmer tonight for sure and they will warm up fast tonight, patchy fog with 50s, coast and bay. heat advisory starts at 9 am tomorrow. there will be low 100s there but over by the coast, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s inland. we start to cool off wednesday and a big drop thursday big it looks windy on thursday but for the weekend, temperatures back
6:49 pm
to normal and nice. >> looking good. thank you. a new tribute to oracle arena was released state. the carnegie -- curry oracle meter has a decimeter that tells you how loud the crowd gets. people die -- by shoes will not be able to get them. limited peers of the new shoes will be available in select cities in japan, china and north america beginning on friday . >> check out the height tech piece we have on the show. the san jose sharks are making noise in the off season. the big-name star they have re- signed to a long-term deal. sports director, mark tamayo tells us about that. we will be back for the 10:00 news and 11:00 news right here on ktvu.
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marcus here was sports. the sharks off-season but they are making huge move news today with a big deal . >> shark fans, in case you're wondering in the off-season about the quest for the stanley cup to finally come to san
6:53 pm
jose, they have player, when he is healthy. erik karlsson will be back and get this, it is 8 years, $92 million. that is the highest paid defensemen in the national hockey league. a dynamic player when he is healthy, a great passer, good defense but was injured much of the year pick he had a couple of key plays for the sharks in the postseason, at two time noris trophy winner which means he is the best defensemen in the league and here is his comment upon the news today. >> i want to thank everybody from the fans to the staff to this entire organization, especially my teammates. for the year that i've been here so far, and you are a big part in my ultimate decision to be a part of the sort the sharks family for a very long time. >> $5,000,200 i might be more animated than that.
6:54 pm
maybe he needs a better writing director. the giants are starting a four- game series with the first- place dodgers but look out for san francisco. they won >> reporter: out of the last 5. the asian action this evening as well but a big day, kind of off the field for them as they have announced the signing of their toft douglas top draft pick, a shortstop out of davidson. he is a guy who plays good defense and offense and he is rated the number 23 prospect in the country. i love the way the -- he loves the way the a's organization does things . >> it is all about those opportunities. i'm about getting opportunities and making the most of them. it is huge to have an organization, to be a part of an organization like this that does that is a good feeling because i put my work in, put my head down and i know i will get those opportunities. meanwhile, there is nothing like your first parade as a city but womack, in toronto,
6:55 pm
1.5 million estimated show up. however, there was some bad news along the way. 4 people were shot. i'm happy to report, wounded but no fatalities. look at this crowd, out to crown their champions officially in public. what a day it was for the canadians up there, north of the border unfortunate about the shootings but we, in the north, celebrated. look at marcus, i don't think i've seen this done. that is a whole bottle of wine. >> a bottle of wine? >> that is a whole bottle of wine. not just a beer . >> he likes his wine . >> yeah. >> a little celebration? >> i don't know what that would do to you but that is a big bottle of wine . >> meanwhile, you know about kawhi leonard, the great star but he is a free agent and kyle lowry started a huge tent the blessed chat. they want him to re-sign and return to toronto.
6:56 pm
>> 5 more years. 5 more years! 5 more years! >> that was pretty cool, 5.5 million cheering, 5 more years. they took out this full-page ad congratulating the toronto raptors. that is a class organization. meanwhile, the women's world cup continues on the whole country, france, doing it up right. they are undefeated and what a game for them today against nigeria, into the 76th minute, wendy renard will had a have a chance at a penalty kick. remember, it is scoreless and her kick is no good but however, the 18-year-old goalie, jamabo now does he is called for a penalty. look at it closely. she apparently came over the line by the goalie. before the kick was made, i feel bad for her, just 18 years
6:57 pm
old and renard gets another crack at it and there is the game-winner, 1-0, france moves into the round of 16. over the weekend, father's day, in case you missed it, look at the so toddler here in cincinnati. his name is nolan. he does not want to throw out the first pitch works do you know why? he wants to do it right. he asked to go out to the mound. he is a gamer, you can tell the way he is wearing his hat. he does a nice job but he was not having any of moving it up close. in case you missed it, the giants pulled one out saturday. this is mike yastrzemski, looking much his grandpa in left field. giants went on to win. like i mentioned, they won >> reporter: out of 5. >> thank you. our news continues at 7:00 over on ktvu plus. thanks for joining us. >> good night. alright boys, time for bed.
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