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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 17, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto. a bay area man is arrested for threatening a mass shooting at a synagogue he is out on bail. the individual was making threats jewish co prompts a tip to police say a search of the man's home turned up an illegal assault rifle along with memorabilia and literature. he is charged with making criminal threats. new information tonight from amberly.
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she is live in concorde with what we have learned about the case.>> reporter: police tell me the suspect did not specify which synagogue he intended to target. that it does not appear he was part of a larger group. the suspect did plead not guilty to three felony counts.>> ross anthony parker accused of threatening to carry out a mass shooting at a synagogue in target responding police officers. he suspected of posting comments in an online chat room that was traced to his home in this quiet concorde neighborhood. this neighbors that she was working at a neighborhood polling place when he and his father came into vote last year. she said she was disturbed by news the 23-year-old is charged with threatening a mass shootingganesmemorabilia and literature. >> he could have let loose
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anywhere there is an elementary school. down the hill. >> reporter: police say he played a video game online where another gamer reported his threats to the fbi. which in turn notified concorde police. he was making references he was going to commit an act similar to that which had been in san diego synagogue shooting.>> reporter: he also referenced the mosque shooting in new zealand where many people were killed. he faces three felony counts. making criminal threats unlawful manufacture of an assault weapon and possession of an assault weapon. his bail was set at this day a with all the threats and all the violence that take every th seriously. >> reporter: he is scheduled to be in court june 25 for a preliminary hearing. police say the case is a
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reminder if you see or hear something suspicious report it to law enforcement. police credit the gamer for contacting fbi. live tonight in concorde. thank you. we go to the ghost ship trial. one of the two men accused of manslaughter took the stand today to testify in his defense. max harris the creative director of the collective told the court about the night of the fire in his role at the warehouse. henry lee was there and reports from the courthouse.>> reporter: max here is to stand in his own defense telling his side of the story. why he should not be convicted of involuntary manslaughter for the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire. we are excited mr. harris is on the stand today. he has been in custody for two years waiting to tell his story. waiting to connect with the jury. waiting to tell the truth.>> reporter: on the day of the fire harris was greeting people at the door for a music event. after he saw flames he said i started screaming fire. i was screaming use the lights
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on your phones. he said he began living at the warehouse in 2014. two years before the deadly fire but after codefendant derek almena signed a lease for the building. here is that the title of creative director came as a well. use the title several times while communicating with the building landlords but it wasn't an official role. it was organic he wasn't someone who was in charge. he wasn't someone with authority. that seems to be going well today.>> reporter: harris sought to downplay any leadership role at the warehouse. saying it was more of a communal effort where everyone worked together to tackle issues. harris testified it was the buildings landlords hired an unlicensed contractor to install electricity in a nearby mechanics up the same landlords own. the business provided power to the warehouse. >> it was illegally done. if the prosecution wants the theory that is what caused the fire. the owner should be in the
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dependency. >> reporter: an attorney for max here is that there is no risk putting his client on the stand. is a wonderful young man. he is an honest young man. he is up there to tell the truth. >> reporter: max here is will answer more questions on tuesday. afterwards the da will then cross-examine him. when max harris takes the stand again we will be there. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the trial. you will find henry's blog from the courtroom the pentagon said the u.s. plans to send an additional 1000 troops to the middle east and response to hostile behavior by iranian forces. the u.s. blames iran for attacks on two oil tankers in the strait of last week. tension spiked further after iran said it expects to exceed the iranian stockpile limit set by the loop clear deal with world powers. that deal is still in place
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despite the u.s.widrawal from the agreement last year. which led to punishing new sanctions on iran. we don't want war. we have done what we can to deter this. the iranian should understand we will continue to take actions. to deter them from engaging in this behavior. the initiation is grappling with whether it should push european leaders to demand iran stay in compliance with the obama era restrictions even though the trump administration rejected them. tonight about two dozen people are camped out at the orlando florida. president trump is set to officially kick off his 20/20 reelection campaign tomorrow. ahead of the launch the republican incumbent cut ties with three campaign posters. because data leak showing the president trails joe biden and crucial swing states like florida wisconsin and pennsylvania. a poll gives biden an early lead in the race for the democratic nomination. biden drew 33 32% in the poll. bernie sanders comes in second at 13%. senator warren 9%. south bend mayor pete would
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judge, harris each took a percent support. they are looking for someone who will unite americans provide steady leadership and has high ethical standards. california voters neurally support governor newsom's moratorium on executions. the berkeley poll found 52% support the move while 48% oppose it. the governor said his executive order will stand as long as he is governor. however 61% of those polls said they oppose abolishing the death penalty altogether. new details about kaiser permanente plans to build the tallest building in oakland. kaiser unveiled the vision for that high-rise today. the building is set to go up downtown between broadway and telegraph. 21st and 22nd it will house kaiser's national and regional headquarters. ktvu jana is live in oakland with how this will benefit the city as well as kaiser.>> reporter: the mayor said it is
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a good move to sell the land and 21st and broadway to kaiser. and keep them here. kaiser said they will save money with the move. residents can expect to see all these old empty buildings taken down and then replaced with a new high-rise.>> reporter: oakland skyline will be changing with plans for a new high-rise the hearts of the city. on monday kaiser permanente ceo tyson unveiled every condition of their new $900 million headquarters that will become oakland's tallest building. we have enjoyed a wonderful wonderful partnership at the end of the day we can think of no better place to stay. >> reporter: the 28 story building will be built just north of the paramount theater. anon broadway. that currently has three older buildings a former burger restaurant building as well as a two-story l-shaped public parking garage.
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the mayor said the land was purchased from the city of oakland at market rate with no tax incentive. it is not just any kind of corporate headquarters. it is not just another office building. there will be amazing community space. health education. clinics. >> reporter: the new headquarters drive since it will house the 7200 employees currently work at 77 britt sites. seven separate sites. a lot of things are leaving oakland. it is nice they are rebuilding here. >> reporter: the new building could be a boost for local businesses in the uptown neighborhood.>> it in the neighborhood. that is a matter of opinion whether it is good or bad. six years ago this was desolate. empty car dealerships. for 15 or 20 years. over the last six years this has become a bustling thriving area to be in. >> reporter: some people hope kaiser and oakland will work on
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transportation and bike lanes the ease traffic. oakland is home to kaiser. it is not a new business coming in. we will be concerned about congestion. >> reporter: other say the loss of parking could be painful for downtown workers and patrons of the theater rely on the city lot. and even drive up prices at other lots nearby. they're going to tear down the parking structure is not going to be pretty around here.>> reporter: kaiser said there will be public parking at the new building when it is finished in 2023. kaiser said it will save money with the move. in fact i projected we will save annually about $60 million a year. that will go back to our members.>> reporter: kaiser said the developer worked with tenants to find better or comparable space to relocate to. the city said the new building is expected to generate $15 million a year.
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rainbow flags in san jose neighborhood met with opposition. after someone replaces them with christian flags. coming up who community members suspect is behind it. after a big cooldown on the weekend temperatures jumped up today. mainly aniline. will that continue tomorrow or with the coast get on board with the answer coming up. a memorial created in vacaville after a man is shot and killed on interstate 80. at 10:30 pm a live report with new information about the victim.
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frustration and disappointed from the lgbtq community in san jose. someon pride flags in the willow glen neighborhood and replace them with christian flags. live in san jose with how the incident is sparking heated debate.>> reporter: typically orange flags are here across lincoln avenue to help people safely cross the street. in honor of pride month people can also carry pride flags rainbow flags to show support for the lgbtq community. everyone wants them here.
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honor of pride month you can wave the rainbow flag is across lincoln avenue. holly added them to her crosswalk flag on june 1. a charming gesture to show solidarity and inclusiveness for the lgbtq community. she said the next day the flags were gone. i think it is a couple different reasons. people are not so supportive of the lgbtq community. i think some kids like them. they think they are pretty. >> reporter: how camera captured someone walking off with one. a sign posted the flags are not free. someone did last week caught many other people in willow glen by surprise. i saw a couple christian flags and some of the canisters. lgbtq flags were removed. i'm not against any group. you don't have to take everything else away.>> i'm frustrated. it is just another nail in the coffin.>> reporter: gabrielle
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lgbtq plus community center. she said it sends the wrong message.>> if they want to have a christian flag as well that but don't replace it. because that is a clear message that you don't want us they are.>> reporter: she believes not all christians in willow glen feel the same way. resident agreed. the golden rule we all want to be treated with love and kindness and respect. if your religion is telling you to tell people otherwise i would say you need to find a new religion.>> reporter: if we can customerothers suspect the known evangelists in town might be the culprit. he believes neither the christian nor the pride flags up along. ve to do with crossing the street? >> they might have to just get rid of the flags altogether. if people are going to get that
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ridiculous. there has been an outpouring of support with many community members adding more pride flags some of them want to hold a community watch and take turns looking after the flags. san jose police have arrested two people in connection with an armed robbery at a gas station near minetta san jose international airport. 20-year-old leonard hall robbed a cashier and customer at the 76 station on north first street. then it's up to to shoot another customer who tried to intervene. police say 21-year-old kevin was waiting for him in a car nearby. they were booked on multiple counts of armed robbery assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder. san francisco it could be the next city to allow alcohol deliveries by amazon. the giant filed a licensing request to allow it to deliver beer wine and hard liquor in the city.
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if approved they plan to start making alcohol deliveries in a matter of months. amazon already delivers alcohol to customers in seattle los angeles chicago houston and washington dc. stocks ended this monday slightly higher than the down jones gained 22 points. nasdaq up 48. s&p at two points. investors were focused on dealmaking today including pfizer's purchase of drugmaker. bio pharma. target is working to prevent more problems at its cash registers at the computer glitches over the weekend left many customers waiting in long lines. some stores even close down for hours. target said there was no data breach during the outages. on saturday and sunday the company said it is working to make sure the problems do not c weekend. for today on the coast it was not that bad. 60s inland. 70s. far enough inland 80s and 90s. the fog is still there. the coverage will be less than what we had as of the east and
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bay from collapsing thunderstorms. they will fire up again in the afternoon. the fall apart at night. they lose their heat and energy source. that will continue. there is a delta wind up the 30 miles per hour. that doesn't stop or collapse. there is not going to be much warming. i think it will. high-pressure is nosing and for one more day. this is mainly going to be in inland event. 5060s and 70s currently since today. 50s and 90s on the high. there is a northerly breeze in the upper atmosphere.that is st a quick warm-up. this is mainly going to be for mendocino county easton solano contra costa down to santa clara. there is not enough shore breez with us in the morning. that will prevent the fog from being here. lowe's tonight 50s 60s for some. your highs tomorrow if you're near the coast 60s 70s 80s and some 90s inland.t to ease up a we start to see the fog coming back. another cool down thursday. when the on friday. rather nice on the weekend.
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when the on friday. humpback whale the spent the past couple weeks swimming in the waters near the old alameda airbase is now disappeared. the whale was first bought it last month and at the uss hornet quickly became an attraction for spectators. she apparently decided to move on. over the weekend a whale was spotted along the san francisco waterfront. now she seems to be gone. experts say the whale was underweight and lacked a scene. humpbacks typically are completing their migration from mexico to alaska at this time of year. she might have returned to the golden gate to resume the journey. hopefully she is okay. a bay area commute option seeing faster growth than expected. how the success of a new ferry route is doing the appetite for more. gunfire the raptors victory parade. it since the crowd scrambling. we're the slowskys.
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or reschedule an appointment, even on nights and weekends. today's xfinity service. simple. easy. awesome. i'd rather not. toronto raptors nba championship victory parade today was marred by a shooting. the video shows people in the crowd running. when the gunfire started.
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toronto police say 4 people were shot and none of the injuries were life-threatening. 2 people are in custody. more than 1 million fans attended the celebration. this is their first championship parade the blue jays won the world series in 1993. in northern california preparations for fire season are ramping up. we found crews training on a controlled burn. rob reports cal fire set they will be ready with more equipment and new strategies.>> reporter: the fire under control even before it started here in these dry grasses near crystal springs reservoir in san mateo county. about 50 cal fire firefighters held their first hands on wildfire training this year. preparation for what might be coming. for rookie firefighter this is his first hands on training. i learned a lot of great things. things called tying corners. boxing and doing circles. i also learned about
10:24 pm
how that plays a factor into driving a fire. going to the regular procedures. making sure everything is in working order. more than anything mentally preparing for the fact that this is it. it is gametime again in california.>> reporter: even better and say training is vital. got to knock the dust off every year. this is a great opportunity for us to get out here and to remind ourselves of the conditions we have.>> reporter: captain jarrett fought th the biggest of his career with more than 24 hours on the front line in a stretch. you rely on adrs there is work to be done keeps you awake. you don't realize until 20 or 30 hours have gone it has new and equipment as it faces the summer fire season including vegetation management.>> we
10:25 pm
have new helicopters coming into service that have the ability to fly in and out. we have a large air tanker graham coming online which is to see c-130 aircraft which is something we never have before.>> reporter: and aircraft is no more than 20 minutes from any acre in california. it noticed the public's started pitching in to help prevent wildfires and they say they hope it pays off as we get into the hearts of fire fire season. still ahead a call to hold accountable. having the courage to think things through. >> how apple ceo is calling out tech companies for shirking responsibility. the giants might be saving their best baseball for the dodgers. we will have the highlights from a close one in la. a man is shot dead driving on the freeway and solano county. his friends are grieving
10:26 pm
remembering him as a popular wrapper. while chp puts out an appeal for clues.
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new information about a freeway shooting the claimed the life of the driver on interstate 80 over the weekend. it happened saturday
10:29 pm
505 split near orange drive. deborah joins us now knew the scene where people have been bringing candles and flowers tonight.>> reporter: friends say robert edwards was in his early 30s. married. he grew up here in vacaville. but lived in sacramento and that is where he was headed. when someone sprayed his truck with bullets. robert edwards had a following as a local wrapper. making music as it cholo and this song was his best no. playing it now at this roadside memorial. steps from where died saturday evening.>> most of these appear to be targeted gang-related shootings.>> reporter: the call came in as a collision. the 505 split eastbound on i 80. in fact it was something worse. the male adults had appeared to have suffered at least one gunshot wound.
10:30 pm
upon further investigation chp officers discovered multiple bullet holes on the side of a pickup.>> reporter: his friends believe someone opened fire on him and he managed to take the exit but collapsed outside his truck. ever since people have been coming to the scene to leave notes and light candles. describing edwards is a good man worked in the trucking business. and father to a 10-year-old daughter.>> i just know him through my cousins. he was a really good person. i'm just here to pay respect and let everyone know know he is not here. he was respected.>> reporter: it is aggressively working the case. a shooting in broad daylight. with this intersection full of businesses. the public needs to feel safe and reassured that we will bring all resources to bear.>> reporter: edwards friends came to the exit the night it happened. watching with the freeway closed and the truck in the ditch. they have been back every night since morning home.
10:31 pm
as a highway patrol ask any witnesses to come forward. we cannot think the public enough for their help providing information. even if it seems small at the time. anything out of the ordinary or they may have heard.>> reporter: freeway shootings at high speeds are notoriously difficult to solve. a system of cameras is going in around the bay area to try to curb them. at this point chp doesn't have a description of a suspect or a vehicle. to share with us. the highway patrol is searching for a gunman who opened fire on a cart and the caldecott tunnel. it happened before eight on westbound 24. officers say bullets fired from one car hit the driver of another car and graze a passenger. both were treated for nonlife threatening injuries. the shooter got away. sonoma county the chp is
10:32 pm
searching for a man they say crashed head-on into a pickup truck and then fled the scene leaving behind his injured children and their mother. the accident happened sunday evening on highway 116 w. of matzoh real. the driver has been i vinified by the chp is monty. invest get a say the 36-year- old was heading west on the highway when he crossed the yellow line to get around stopped traffic. authorities say the three children and their mother were taken to the hospital by ambulance. with moderate to minor injuries. the richman the san francisco ferry is surpassing expectations reaching ridership goals six years early. plans are now underway to bring even more ferry to the bay. >> reporter: the new richmond ferry unqualified success. are up to just under 700 passengers per day since launch. the last couple months750. we had a couple days where we had nearly 1000 riders in the
10:33 pm
first year.>> reporter: how ahead of projections? we are where we expected to be at your six.>> reporter: 2017 the ferry added five new ones making its fleet total 14 vessels. that is providing an additional 2000 seats. three more berries are in construction coming online in the next 6 to 8 months. more and more people have done the math on the real numbers of writing versus driving. >> they save time and money by switching to transit.>> reporter: another new ferry dock will come online early next year. adding to the 2 new gates recently built here. a temporary dock will be set up as ephesus goes new chase arena to be followed by a permanent mission bay terminal to support all the job growth there. a new additional alameda ferry terminal is coming online next year. berkeley treasure island and redwood city are also being studied. even a hovercraft is being
10:34 pm
considered for service to and from san jose necessary shallow waters. the secret is out finally.>> reporter: a spokeswoman said during rush hour it seven ferries are full op. we are working to expand the number of trips we can run. we are also looking into acquiring another vessel. we need that to keep up with the band.>> reporter: since the peak in the 30s the era of fairies has come back to the bay. >> 10 years ago you might have been able to make it from downtown san francisco into moran. in 45 minutes or so. now the fairy is going to be you every time. >> reporter: july 1 golden gate bridge tolls go up once again. $25 million of that will be used to improve both the bus and ferry service. tri-delta transit today rolled out what is described as a new on-demand shuttle service.
10:35 pm
will operate in neighborhoods near the antioch station and the pittsburgh baypoint station. they are calling it try my ride. he uses a smart phone app for writers to schedule customize curb to curb trips. the shuttles cost is two dollars a ride. president trump promises mass immigration arrest after the break his warning about a sweep as early as next week. last week it was all heat for everybody. today was mainly inland. we will see if that continues tomorrow. if there's going to be a change in the forecast coming up. a new fee coming to a phone bill statewide. what it is supposed to pay for.
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president trump is once again threatened to remove undocumented immigrants from the u.s. and massive range. the presidents we did next week ice will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the u.s. ice officials told the washington post they were not aware the president planned to tweet about any possible enforcement efforts. the 22-year-old man who was killed in a shootout outside the federal courthouse in dallas this morning has been identified. a witness to the video of the gunman who they say is brian isaac clyde.
10:39 pm
invest get a say he was wearing a mask. he was caring a high-powered rifle and several 30 round magazines when he exchanged gunfire with officials. clyde was killed in the exchange. fortunately no one else was hurt. officials say clyde had just graduated from community college after a stent in the army. status only voted to raise phone fees to pay for upgrades to the 911 system. each phone bill is inspected to go up $.84 a month. the fee would apply to land lines and cell phones. some lawmakers argue the money from the state budget surplus to pay for the improvements to 911. supporters say the system needs. already approved the bill. it now heads to the governor. discover announced it is eliminating fees of any kind for is roughly 1 million customers. the bank said it would no longer charge for info sufficient funds excessive risk the drawls falling below balances and stop payment
10:40 pm
request of any of this checking savings and money market and cb accounts. the move will save the average customer about $100 a year. mastercard will allow transgender and non-binary customers to use their chosen names on credit and debit cards. the company is working with the spanking partners to allow customers to use the name they want without requiring a legal name change. lgbtq groups are applauding it saying other businesses should follow suit. p display at the capitol today. the pride flag was raised over the dome in sacramento for the first time. the governor's office comes as has banned u.s. embassies from flying. pride flag this year. the rainbow flag will fly over the capital through july 1. be sure to watch our ktvu special a history of pride sunday night. we look back at the milestone moments for the lgbtq community in the bay area. an air sunday, june 23 9:30 pm followed by the 10 pm news. fashion icon socialite
10:41 pm
gloria vanderbilt has died. she was known for her fashion design specifically her popular jeans. in the 1970s and 80s. she also worked as a painter. photographer writes writer and actor. she was married 4w123 divorces. she had been battling advanced ohmic cancer. she passed away surrounded by family and friends according to her son cnn news anchor anderson cooper. gloria vanderbilt was 95 years old. after the break in the study looks at legal marijuana dispensaries and whether teenagers are likely to use pot. from data breaches to privacy policies. how one ceo is calling on his tech competitors for shirking responsibility. he is back with this week's forecast and whether we will see a warm up.
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use pot and their peers. the study also said living near pot dispensaries leads to more positive views abdrug. researchers say storefront signs make a difference in shaping positive perceptions about marijuana.
10:45 pm
justin lawmakers could regulate advertising in an effort to curb marijuana use. silicon valley because names is calling for tech companies to take more responsibilities for their actions. apple ceo tim cook delivered that message to commencement address to stanford.>> reporter: amidst the pomp and wacky conditions at the commencement ceremony sunday. came a warning from apple ceo tim cook about current challenges in the high-tech industry. from data breaches and privacy violations to hate speech. if you build a chaos factory you cannot dodge responsibility for the chaos. taking responsibility means having the courage to think things through.>> reporter: as he addressed the 5000 graduates at stanford stadium he applauded silicon valley history of invasion. but that this is a moment for him innovators to reflect. the top leader did not name any company but did refer to the
10:46 pm
defunct blood testing -- whose founder a stanford dropout faces fraud charges. >> too many seem to think good intentions excuse the way harmful outcomes. think he was going after facebook and google.>> reporter: cook is correct in his criticism but wishes the apple leader took responsibility as well. what bothers me is how sanctimonious he is. apple itself is not without flaws.>> reporter: he applauds cook for addressing problems in his own industry. saying the sector creates high- tech tools and devices that can have positive and negative impacts on users.>> it has other consequences. isolation. privacy security. there are implications. i think cook is acknowledging these. >> reporter: reached out to facebook google and twitter to see if they had any comments. twitter was the only to reply. is that they had no comment. wide variety of heights
10:47 pm
which is today. from upper 50s to low 90s. middle 90s in lake county. tomorrow there will be warmer weather for some. not for all. the big news continues to be looking ahead to next week. morgan hill said yesterday the age of 14 days shouldering at the end of june. not sure i'm buying the rain. it does look unseasonably cool from the 23rd to the 27th. all the way out to the end of the month. the entire west coast is painted below normal temperatures. by the climate prediction center. to see that at the end of june is very rare. highs today 50s to 90. temperature shot up. colson bay was a gradual warm- up after a cool weekend. thunderstorms in this era. they have fallen apart. they will pick up tomorrow. hey learners up there. some and butte canyon. some of that is where we have a very robust fresh delta when continues out to travis.
10:48 pm
there is more of a northwest breeze for others. that northwest breeze shook again tonight tomorrow. which will limit the fog. we have had a huge coverage on the fog last couple mornings. not be the case tomorrow. livermore at 72 degrees. that is 16 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. that deserves. temperatures running from 5 to 9 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time san jose is +9. some patchy low clouds there. we won't see it make a big push like the last couple mornings. it will burn off sooner as high- pressure noses in for another 24 hours. the system is going to drop down starting wednesday into thursday. that is going to start turning things around again. lowe's tonight 60s through the interior. could be low 50s if we get some calm conditions to the north bay. a lot of middle 50s. won't take long to warm up for those away from the coast. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week for many. 60s and 70s. and lynn low to middle 90s. santa clara valley won't be as
10:49 pm
one. santa cruz 71. 80s on the peninsula. the heat advisory for lake county tomorrow starts at 9 am. they will be in the system comi thursday. that will really pick up the wind. we will be caught in between that. i expect cooler conditions taking us into friday. we will love it level it all. a nice weekend. san francisco police officers hit the streets today for the special olympics northern california torch run. they started this morning from union square 9.6 mile run. plenty of spectators. this marks the 21st year the department has parted with the special olympics for the event. the torch will ultimately end up as the uc davis campus. that is where the 2019 special olympics northern california
10:50 pm
summer games are set to begin this friday. coming up in sports the giants might have been saving their best baseball the dodgers. the highlights from a close one in la. houses of worship helping create housing. see how bay area churches are increasingly trying to take action to help mitigate the bay area housing crisis.
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in san francisco in the middle of pride month. the inauguralhistory conference is underway at the state university. 300 teachers professors and grad students are taking part. panel discussions cover topics from the area activism to east asia in the 1960s. in the history of sexual identity in mexico and peru. we have talking about history in all continents . we have historians covering europe asia africa australia and definitely the u.s. they are writing about history from the 15th century all the way to the very recent past. there is a special session for high school teachers on teaching lgbtq history. basketball is like last week. let's talk baseball. we have some great news for both the giants the a's as well. something coincidental. identical scores.
10:54 pm
we will start because it is giants and dodgers. the giants can't see first place witha space telescope. when they play the dodgers may be all of baseball. they get it together. they have done it again. giants fans. second inning brian brandon crawford deep right almost left the yard. he will settle for a two run double. the giants quickly out to a 2-0 lead in the bottom half of that ending max muncy did not have an ocean to hit it into. 17th of the year. it came out who was mostly good. his first big-league when. he gets defensive help from crawford and pablo sandoval. he went six innings. gave up only three hits. and one run. will smith coming out of the
10:55 pm
bullpen to nail down his 19th save in as many tries. the a's and the east bay. you've got the baltimore orioles in town. worst team in all of baseball. already they are 30 games under 500. back in my day it was mr. ed the talking horse. nowadays at the coliseum you've got the texting horse. the guy stayed like that the whole game. matt olson in the first inning. rewards the horse with a shot down the right-field line. that will go for an rbi double. marcus simeon continues. the third the a's are down 1-0. little shots a third to get the out of the plate. the baltimore catcher shows you why this team is 30 games out. he throws the ball away. one run in. matt chapman trying to score. he is out. the replay indicates that
10:56 pm
missed him. they get the safe call. that is a big one. it turned out to be the game decided. 3-2. his 16th say. if you thought that maybe the san jose sharks were not serious about chasing the holy grail of hockey think again. they go out and spend big money on eric carlson. one of the best defensemen in the league. eight years and $92 million. making him the highest-paid in the league. he is dynamic when he is healthy. he had injury problems this year. came through some clutch play in the playoffs. but injured most of the year. to time noris trophy winner. excited to be back in san jose. the toronto raptors. they are the kings of all basketball. they had a parade. it was eventful. we will discuss the positives. 1.5 million people estimated to have taken to the streets.
10:57 pm
in toronto. they are the champions. you have to give it to them. it is leonard the whole gang. the mvp. that is a full bottle of wine. not sure i've ever seen anybody do that. he is seven feet. maybe it doesn't have the same effect. they are the champs. the warriors of the outgoing champs. top-of-the-line as far as class. he took out this at congratulating the toronto raptors entire franchise. on their championship. that is so cool. tastefully done. world cup women soccer. the host nation is doing it up. france is 3-0. winning by the skin of the teeth today. scoreless in the 76 minute. a penalty ki she a 0-0 game on the line. when not get it.
10:58 pm
but the 18-year-old goalie is yellow carded. she left the box too soon. cross that line. it is another chance at it. she makes good. it was the only goal of the game. now france 1-0 winners moving on to the round of 16. a lot going on in the world of sports of the weekend. in case you missed it father's day and all of that. we had a toddler in cincinnati throwing out the first pitch. he doesn't want to do it. he said if you're going to do this do it right. i want to be taken to the mound and thrown from there. like a little gamer. pretty good pitch. this is back at the a's game. it is a couple in the stance of dominating the foul balls. she is hiding her head. the ball lands in her lap. look what i got.
10:59 pm
shortly after watch this. another foul ball. this time. hubby reaches out. minor-league baseball that is a jug. a jug of mayonnaise. >> he ate the whole thing. that is the sporting life for right now. it is 11 pm and time for re news. we can think of no better place to stay. >> kaiser unveils plans for its
11:00 pm
new headquarters in oakland. the high-rise that would change tuskegee skyline. the city skyline. kaiser permanente said its new drive since it will be 28 stories high making it the tallest building in oakland. frank has the night off. kaiser's new high-rises expect to have more square footage this ephesus goes a huge salesforce tower. the session is expected to start next year on the property downtown on 21st street. between telegraph and broadway. jana is live in oakland with the kaiser plan and reaction from the company.>> reporter: their buildings into and broadw on to their members. oakland's mayor sa


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