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place to stay. >> kaiser unveils plans for its new headquarters in oakland. the high-rise that would change tuskegee skyline. the city skyline. kaiser permanente said its new drive since it will be 28 stories high making it the tallest building in oakland. frank has the night off. kaiser's new high-rises expect to have more square footage this ephesus goes a huge salesforce tower. the session is expected to start next year on the property downtown on 21st street. between telegraph and broadway. jana is live in oakland with the kaiser plan and reaction from the company.>> reporter: their buildings into and broadw on to their members. oakland's mayor said she is glad they are going to stay in
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oakland. some residents are concerned about congestion and parking. oakland skyline will be changing with plans for a new high rise in the heart of the city. on monday kaiser permanente ceo tyson unveiled a rendition of their new $900 million headquarters that will become oakland's tallest building. we have enjoyed a wonderful partnership with oakland california. and at the end of the day we can think of no better place to stay.>> reporter: the 28 story office building will be built north of the paramount theater. an entire city block on broadway. that currently has three older buildings a former burger restaurant building as well as a two-story l-shaped public parking garage. the mayor said the land was fro oakland at market rate. with no tax incentive. >> it is not just any kind of corporate headquarters. it is not just another office building.
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there is going to be amazing community space. health education. clinics. both the new headquarters will house the 7200 employees who currently work at seven separate sites in the area. i'm glad we are staying in oakland. a lot of things are leaving oakland. it is nice they are rebuilding here. >> reporter: the new building could be a boost for local businesses in the uptown neighborhood. tics years ago this was desolate. empty car dealerships. this is now become a bustling thriving area to be in.>> reporter: others say the loss of parking could be painful and even drive up prices at other lots nearby. if they're going to tear down the is not pretty around here.>> reporter: we asked kaiser and they said there will be public parking fi the year 2023. meantime oakland's mayor said the city will benefit with $15
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million a year in tax revenue. another reason the skyline is changing. the presidential campaign of, harris reportedly owes the city of oakland a big security bill. senator kicked off her campaign in oakland in january. the senator public integrity set the city spent $122,000 to police the event. the reports that the money is due next week. harrison spokesperson set the campaign is working to square away any cost. police and mountain view say they arrested this man for exposing himself to a woman outfit you run on stevens creek trail. 38-year-old eric him and heiser. they want to know if there have been any other incidents information to give them a call. an update to the shooting on interstate 80 that claimed the life of a 33-year- old driver over the weekend. the victim has been identified as this man. robert edwards known to many as
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big cholo. he was on his way home to sacramento when someone sprayed his truck with bullets. early saturday evening the 505 split. arriving officers found edwards dead at the same. his wife told us he did not have any trouble with anyone and was dedicated to his rap career and his new trucking business. he was focused on his music. he was focused on his business. everything in the past is the past. you can't move forward if you keep looking behind. that man kept looking forward. he would set goals and he would crush those goals. >> reporter: the chp is asking witnesses to come forwar at this point investigators don't have a description of a suspect or a vehicle. orde man arrested and charged with threatening a mass shooting at a synagogue is free on bail. amber has more on the 23-year- old suspect who police say was in possession of it illegal assault rifle and memorabilia. >> reporter: ross anthony is
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accused of threatening to carry out a mass shooting at a synagogue and target police officers. he suspected of posting comments in an online chat room that was traced to his home in this quiet concorde neighborhood. i know him. >> reporter: this neighbor said she was working at a neighborhood polling place when he and his father came into vote last year. she says she was disturbed by news the 23-year-old is charged with threatening a mass shooting. the police confiscated items from his home including a semi automatic rifle along with high- capacity magazinesmaribel you and literature.>> could have let looseanywhere there is a elementary school. down the hill.>> reporter: police say he played a video game online where another gamer reported his threats to the fbi. which in turn notified concorde police.>> he was making references he was going to commit an act similar to that which happened in san diego's synagogue shooting.>> reporter:
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police say he also referenced the mosques shooting in new zealand where many people were killed. he faces three felony counts. making unlawful manufacture of an assault weapon. and possession of an assault weapon. his bail was set at $125,000. he bailed out of jail saturday. this day and age with all the threats and violence that we see. we have to take every threat seriously.>> reporter: he is scheduled to be in court june 25 for a preliminary hearing. police say this case is a reminder that if you see or hear something suspicious and report it to law enforcement. please credit the gamer for contacting fbi. another disturbing case. new details about the motive behind the deadly attack on a synagogue in san diego county. a search warrant said john ernest tolby adolf hitler
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and the new ceiling marks shooting. one woman was killed and two wounded in the shooting. officers found the helmet with a camera on it in his car. apparently so he could stream the attack. he could face the death penalty if convicted. tensions grow in the persian gulf. i ran said in the next 10 days it will surpass the iranian stockpile limit set by the nuclear deal with european nations. u.s. withdrew from the agreement last year and put in place new sanctions. foreign minister say they are working to keep the deal alive. the pentagon said it is sending 1000 additional troops to the region. following attacks on 2 oil tankers last week. none of the ghost two men b for the here is creative direct of the collective sought to the warehous saying it was more of a communal effort where everybody
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> it was organic that he ssues. wasn't someone who was in charge. he wasn't someone with any authority. that seems to be going well today.>> harris testified that it was the buildings landlords hired an unlicensed contractor to install electricity in the mechanic shop next door which provided power to the warehouse. he is back on the stand tomorrow. rainbow pride flag is lying over the capital tonight for the first time. the flag was raised at the request of governor newsom. he previously has been hung over balconies inside and outside the building. the governor said by flying the pride flag of the state capital we send a clear message. california is welcoming and inclusive to all. the lgbtq community in san jose is speaking out after someone removed rainbow pride flags from a busy street crossing the willow glen neighborhood. and replace them with christian flags. live in san jose after talking with people about the incident.
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>> reporter: strong reaction from the lgbtq community of disappointment and frustration. over this incident. one community member we spoke to believe neither the pride flag nor the christian flag longs here. in downtown willow glen in honor of pride month people can wave the rainbow flag is the cross lincoln avenue. holly added them to her crosswalk flag on june 1. a charming gesture to show solidarity and inclusiveness for the lgbtq community. she said the next day the flags were gone.>> i think it is a couple different reasons. i think people are not so supportive of the lgbtq community. i think some kids like them.>> reporter: our camera captures someone walking off with one. a sign was posted explaining the flags are not free. what someone did last week called bar and other people in willow glen by surprise. i saw a couple christian flags.
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and some of the canisters. in the lgbtq flags were removed. i'm not against any group. i'm frustrated. it is just another nail in the coffin.>> reporter: gabrielle with the lgbtq plus community center. she said it sends the wrong message. if they want to have a christian flag as well that is great. but don't replace it. because that is a clear message that you don't want us they are.>> reporter: she believes not all christians in willow glen feel the same way. one resident agrees.>> we all want to be ealove kindness an if your religion is telling you to tell people otherwise i would say you need to find a new religion.>> reporter: a customer and others suspect the
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known evangelist in town were made with the culprits. he believes neither the christian nor the pride flag belong. what does sexuality have to do with crossing the street? >> reporter: there has been an outpouring of community support with community members adding more pride flags in light of the incident. some of them want to hold a community watch to look after the flags. coming up a warning for drivers about bears. why experts are signing sounding the alarm about the number of bears getting hit by cars. houses of worship getting into the ch are helping to tackle the housing shortage. have a cool weekend for all inland temperatures took a jump up. 1012 degrees. will they tomorrow? will have the answer coming up.
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church in hayward is
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lending a hand to ease the housing crisis.>> the goal is to create homes for dozens of people in need in the community.>> reporter: a year- long project to refurbish dilapidated apartments in hayward has nearly reached a halfway point. the impetus inspiration from across the street. in the form of church senior pastor jerry. we believe the church is not only just for the sanctuary and for people who attend here. we have a responsibility for the whole community. >> reporter: all communities are seeing the price of housing move out of reach for the masses. the result is a wave of homeless residents or residents moving out of the area. in hayward glad tidings church in christ. and with eden housing. to turn would have been an eyesore into apartments. they are thinking it is a moral crisis. we should be doing more for this.
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they are looking at their lan which is often the last real resource of the new housing development in the bay area. >> reporter: glad tidings started redeveloping and purchasing properties in the late 90s. this is nothing new for the church. it is a new trend for other houses of worship. from the north bay to the east bay the south bay and as far south as san diego. houses of worship turning to development of real estate. we have been getting applications from churches interested in building supportive housing on the properties.>> reporter: at least two homeless or low income residents. san jose is interested in solving the homeless crisis. we encourage anyone who can contribute to the solution to come up with creative ideas. it is the goal to end homelessness in san jose. >> reporter: in hayward the
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immediate goal is to get 63 residents in danger of moving are becoming homeless and to refurbish units by next summer. providing housing for people is critical. we are using what power that we have in terms of the real estate that we own to be able to assist in that. if you happen to see plumes of smoke in the hills you will be relieved to know it wasn't a wildfire. it was a firefighter training session the crystal springs reservoir in san mateo. it's crews will be ready for northern california's upcoming's fire season. it said it has new firefighting strategies and equipment putting a new air tanker and new helicopters to fly at night. sacramento residents will soon be seeing tv ads asking them to better protect their homes against wildfires. new commercials are being paid for by the union that represents estate firefighters. they claimed the state hasn't hired enough firefighters in this latest budget. they are asking property owners
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to do their part to reduce the risk. you want them to take some time to clear their property to help us out so we are not out there for long hours at a time. the union might start airing more aggressive at attacking the governor's budget if firefighting staffing levels do not increase. the budget calls for 131 new firefighter positions. 13 additional engines. new air tankers helicopters and dozers. edwards said that is not enough. lake tahoe 4 beers have been killed by cars in the past few months. the chp took a call just today about a bear hit by a vehicle along interstate 80 near the donner lake in a change. is survived and ran off because it was gone when officers got there. another caller reported hitting a beer on the west shore. officials in the sierra say these collisions are not uncommon. some years it spikes up to the point where there is 50 or
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60. some years more normal would be may be 25. wildlife experts want to remind drivers to be aware they are in the wilderness area. anytime they are in the tahoe basin and they want you to use caution and be on the lookout when behind the wheel. temperatures on the weekends settled in below normal for everybody. today inland areas decided to warm up. the hit upper 80s and 90s. concorde 90. fairfield 89. livermore 87. san jose 81. santa rosa 80. san francisco and oakland 66 and 70. those are close to normal. inland temperatures went above. tomorrow we bump it up. santa rosa up to san francisco did go 70. there will be parts of the city the still stay in the upper 60s. concorde 92. san jose to 83. high pressure is building and for another day tomorrow. it will max out and start to
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back off wednesday. thunderstorms firing up over the sierra. a lot of hail as we talked about. they decrease and lose their energy source and looked at night. they will pick up tomorrow afternoon. there is a northwest breeze or northerly breeze. which will really limit the fog tomorrow. will burn off sooner. the coverage will not be as extensive as we saw over the weekend. it did burn off some of this morning. the upper atmosphere we are starting to get the northeast breeze. that is going to make for toasty conditions well inland small. livermore 68 degrees. that is 12 degrees warmer than at this time yesterday. san jose +9. concorde +6. +2 napa airport. +3 santa rosa. low clouds and fog continue over by the coast and bay. anything inland will get chewed up rapidly tomorrow. temperatures away from the coast will shoot up. it is not going to stick and stay. it will start to get knocked out of here by system that would drop straight down. we bottomed out on saturday.
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patchy fog is sunny today. more sunshine and warmer temperatures inland tomorrow. tuesday the warmest day. low clouds and clear inland. we are looking for patchy fog. 60s inland. 50s near the coast and bay. lowe's tonight in the 50s and also 60s. tomorrow we warm it up. away from the cold to near 90. near the coast 60s and 70s. after tomorrow it looks like there will be a heat advisory for lake county. then after that will start to cool it down. thursday leveling off friday. into a beautiful weekend. some developing news. from union city. an explosion at a home left to adults injured. it happened after 8 pm. at a home on elizabeth way. a spokesperson with alameda county fires that the cause of the explosion is under investigation. one person was taken to the hospital. treated and released. the other was transported to a burn center in santa clara county. the giants might be saving
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their best baseball for the dodgers. the highlights from a close one in la. mourning the loss of fashion designer gloria vanderbilt. she died today at the age of 95. she is remembered by many for putting the curves into women's jeans and making them fashionable. she was the great great granddaughter of cornelius vanderbilt. and the mother of cnn news anchor anderson cooper. we will be right back. everyone's got to listen to mom.
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giants and a's. good victories for both of them. in the same score. giants are playing the best team in the league. the a's are playing the words. who will take a victory no matter how it comes. giants save their best when they get together with the dodgers. the old rivalry alive and kicking. the gentleman with the hat thinks he is at candlestick. it is warmer in la. giants playing some ball early. for a crawfordalmost had two run double. the giants get out to an early lead. make the dodgers play catch-up. their offense stymied by bd.
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in brandon crawford pablo sandoval with a nice play. tyler beatty his first big- league victory. six ending and gave up three hits and one run. will smith his 19th save in 19 tries. you have to love that guy. only nowadays the texting version. matt olson down the right-field line. marcus simeon jogs and with the first run of the ballgame. now they are trailing 2-1. this is a weird play. olson again. check swing to third. the catcher right there is going to show you why baltimore 30 games under 500. he threw the ball away. and then go-ahead run. he is first called out. upon further review as they say the replay will indicate he got his foot under the tag. 3-2. over the orioles.
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san jose sharks are serious about bringing the cup to san jose. they go out and spend some huge money to make sure this guy comes back. one season so far. with the sharks. he was injury prone. they cough up eight years worth of $92 million to get eric carlson back in teal. a lot of injuries as i say. when he is on the ice and feeling good he is a difference maker. for the san jose sharks. they are showing they are dedicated to bringing a winner here. case you missed it over the weekend we have some stuff going on. back to the a's game. i love this. the husband and wife who gets foul balls. the woman is tucking her head and it lands right in her lap. a little later on follow the bouncing ball into the hands i assume of hubby.
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husband and wife. this was a great play right here. a nice catch by ryan. look at the fan out there trying to take it away from him. padres beat the brewers. in case you missed it. this was not a good slide. painful to look at. however his pain is taken away by the fact michigan a won in the college baseball world series. shake it off buddy. over father's day this is the annual father's day bellyflop. that is a good way to spend father's day. especially if it was hot out there. all worth checking out. that is the sporting life. thank you. good night.
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