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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  June 18, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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city. >> president trump launched his re-election campaign. what to expect from his kickoff rally. >> there is mornings on. >> good morning tlau for joining us here on mornings on 2. i'm pam cook. we want to go right to v. >> yeah, that accident is in the clearing stages. what we do want to show you is the super commute. here's a look at the south bay. that crash you were mentioning, that happened around 2:00 this morning. northbound 101 on fair oaks at the off ramp there. we're working to get more detailed information about it. a big rig and a car on the southbound. that should be still something to keep an eye out for.
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880 in oakland past the coliseum things look good here. it is 4:00. less cloud cover really. our marine layer. this afternoon is really when you're going to see that peak heat today. many areas across the bay. tomorrow we'll see a slight cool-down. temperatures right now warmer than this time yesterday. 62 degrees in concord. 61 degrees in walnut creek. san jose is at 58 degrees and san francisco is at 56 degrees this morning warming up just a t today. we do have a heat advisory
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some areas. we'll see that in my exstended forecast coming up. we want to go back to some developing stories we're following for you thunderstorm. all lanes of 6 atd 0 in san jose -- 680 in san jose. that car was found against the median in the car pool lane. the lanes were shut down for about four hours as chp officers investigated the scene and looked for evidence. police have not released information about the scene. and we'll have a live report coming up at 5:00. a search is under way for a suspect involved in a high-sfeed chase when officers responded to a burglary call in hayward. now we're told that two men were spotted walking out of the back
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of a business and shot at officers before leaving the area. officers chased the suspects through hayward and san leandro with the chase eventually ending in oakland. there is an active scene right now near 106th and bancroft in oakland. we'll have updates on that situation throughout the morning. the body of a man was discovered close to reed's roost road. skyline boulevard is closed to all traffic right now. a spokes person could not tell us how long the investigation would last or when the road would re-open. we will update you as soon as we get new information. president trump kicks off his re-election campaign today with a rally in orlando, florida. doug luzader joins us from press
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democratic challengers will be spending a lot of time in florida the next few months. . >> as a real estate developer, the president knows it's all about location and the choice of florida tonight for the campaign launch was no accident. >> they have waited through the night, through the heat, and through the rain. >> we flew from boston. we live in cape cod. >> why'd you come all the way down here for this? >> because we're trumpsters. >> as he delivers his campaign kickoff address tonight. on twitter he wrote large screens and food trucks will be there for those that can't get into the 25,000 capacity arena. it will be a very exciting evening. >> florida's obviously an important swing state. with this being his home state. >> florida is a very important
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part of the trump 2020 strategy. for democrats too it is in the cross hairs and a number of democratic hopefuls appeared in washington yesterday talking about new end roads in southern states. >> winning georgia, north carolina, south carolina believe it or not and i believe we can win texas and florida if you look at the polling data now. it's a marathon. it's a long way off. >> it is a marathon but with tonight's campaign loss the race for 2020 enters a new phase. doug luzader fox news. >> and we're going to have a live report from orlando coming up at 5:00 as well. here in the bay area there are watch parties and rallies. the national poll gives joe biden a substantial early lead
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in the race for the democratic nomination. biden drew 32% support in the poll. senator bernie sanders comes in 2nd. senator elizabeth warren pulls in 9%. and senator pamela harris took in 8%. people are recovering after a blast inside a home in union city. at a home on elizabeth way. 5 people were inside that house when the explosion happened. one man has serious burns and is being treated at the skrashg santa clara county burn. >> we thought that it was a car that crashed into a house or another car or something and we came outside and somebody came
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running out of the house yelling it's bad it's bad call 911. >> now that woman said the shaking felt like an earthquake. investigators now say there were two large canisters of butane inside the house that may have been exposed to a pilot light or some other type of flame that caused the blast. and inspectors will be at the house later today to decide if it should be condemned. defendant max harris will answer more questions in his ghost ship wlous trial today. ktvu's henry lee was when the self-pro claimed creative director told the court about the night of the fire. >> max harris took the stand telling his side of the story and why he shouldn't be convicted of. >> we're excited mr. harris is on the stand today. he's been in custody for two
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years waiting to tell his story, waiting to connect with the jury, waiting to tell the truth. >> on the day of the fire harris was greeting people at the door for a music event. after he saw flames he said i started screaming fire. i was screaming use the lights on your phones. he began leading at the warehouse in twenty-thousand one hundred forty-two years before the deadly fire but after the co-defendant signed the lease for the building. he said he used that title several times while communicating with the building landlords but it wasn't an official role. >> he wasn't somebody with any authority there. and that seems to be going very well today. >> throu his testimonyng it wasn a communal effort. it was the building's landlords who hired an unlicensed contractor to install electricity. that business provided power to
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the warehouse. >> it's completely jerry rigged. and the owners in that electrician should be the defendants. >> attorneys for max harris says there's no risk putting his client on the stand. >> he's up there to tell the truth and we think the jury will be very receptive of that. >> when max harris takes the stand, we will be there inside the courtroom for continuing coverage of the ghost ship warehouse trial. you will also find henry's blog from the courtroom online at rainbow flags that had been added to the safety flags at a busy san jose section have been removed. the owner thought it would be fun to add them to the orange flags pedestrians use.
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she says the rainbow flags disappeared just one day later. >> i saw there was a couple christian flags and some of the canisters and the lgbtq flags were removed. i'm not against any group you don't have to take everything else away. >> now if they want to have a christian flag as well. but don't replace it because that is the clear message that you don't want us there. >> some community members think the rein bow flags were removed by an evangelist who is well-known in the neighborhood. now people have added several more flags to then canister. pride is on display at the state capital this morning. the pride flag was raised over the dome new mexico sacramento
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for the first time. the rainbow flag will fly over the capital through july 1st. now be sure to watch our ktvu special a history of pride for the lgbtq community here in the bay area. that airsda followed by our 10:00 news. kaiser unveiling plans for new headquarters in oakland. coming up we're going to show you the towering high-rise that will change the city skyline and the 9 figure price tag. >> and president trump promises mass immigration arrests. after the break, his warning about a sweep as early z next week. >> and your bay area traffic looking good at this hour. we're going to have a check on the south bay coming up. >> and warmer temperatures across the bay area. you are waking to less cloud cover inland and gusty winds in the north bay. i'll explain coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. tonight the concord city council plans to talk about some new recommendations for future rent control and policies. they want to extend property
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owner notice requirements for rent increases and require property owners to require leases of at least one year. requiring relocation assistance for tenants. that meeting starts at 6:00 tonight at city hall. we're getting a closer look at kaiser's new building in oakland. it's expected to start next year on the property located downtown on 21st street between telegraph and broadway. it's expectede more square footage than san francisco sales floor tower. the health care giant is already oakland's largest employer. >> we have enjoyed a wonderful partnership with oakland, california. it is our home. it has been our home for almost the 75 years in which we have been in existence and at the end of the day we can think of no
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better place to stay than oakland, california. >> now it will cost kaiser about (90) 000-0000 to build that building but -- $900 million to build that building. set to be complete by 2023. a new on-demand shuttle service. it will operate in neighborhoods in the pittsburgh bart station. they're calling it try my ride. it's a customized app. san francisco could be the next city to allow alcohol delivers by amazon. allowing it to deliver beer, wine, and hard liquor in the city. if approved amazon plans to start making alcohol delivers next month. and washington d.c.
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>> well a new study says young adults who live near marijuana dispensaries are more likely to use pot than their peers. also living near pot dispensaries leads to more positive views about the drug. store front signs seem to make a difference in shaping positive perceptions about marijuana. if you are in the san jose area there was a problem overnight. lanes are open on 680, how does it look down there? >> this happened around midnight last night. that's when the freeway was completely closed in that area. we're going to take a quick check of the super commute. all that looks good and you can see the south bay maps look clear. there was a person earlier who i'm not sure if it's a fatal crash or if there was a shooting on the freeway but it's northbound it's been cleared and
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all lanes are open. here's 280 in san jose. you can see traffic moving without problems here. and 24 in lafayette getting a little bit busier. and time now is 4:18 and sarah is in for steve and it looks like it's going to be a nice day out there. and we're waking up to not as many clouds inland. we'll start with some headlines here. inland we're expecting to get anywhere from the upper 80s to low 90sng with some gustynorth r hills of the north bay. now our layer has compressed slightly since yesterday which is really causing this slight warm up and you can see with these temperatures right now warmer than what we were experiencing
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yesterday. 55 degrees to start off in oakland. 58 degrees in san jose. nap pa 56 degrees and san francisco is as well. so this is the 24-hour temperature change you can see some spots are warmer right now than this time yesterday there is a heat advisory we do need to talk about just for some areas. expect the high in clear lake to be 90 degrees and same with vacaville about 95 degrees. starting at 9:00 this morning that's really when we're going to be seeing that heat advisory. really across the region we are seeing highs in the low 90s. walnut creek 89 degrees. and danville is the high expected today. berkley 73 and oakland 75 degrees today. san jose could get to 83 degrees.
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cuppertino 86 degrees. it will be cool there. daily city will warm up to 70 degrees. palo alto warming up to 90 degrees. the warmest day of the week is today. then things will kind of cool off just a little bit tomorrow and we'll see a deeper cooling trend on thursday. so you can take a look at your extended forecast. weekend is shaping to be a nice one and there is a possibility the start of next week will be cool as well but for today we're dealing with those warm temperatures, pam. 4:20 is the time. we'd like to remind you to down lod our ktvu weather app. -- download our ktvu is a free . well a bay area commute option that's seeing faster growth than expected, coming up we're going to show you what's
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planned. >> and jay-z stepping in to help an arizona family after a recent encounter with police.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we could see more ferry services coming to the bay after that
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ferries makingdule. its fleet total 14 vessels . that's an additional 2000 seats. three more ferries are in construction coming online in the next 6 to 8 months and more and more people have done the math on the real numbers of riding versus driving. >> they save time and money. >> another new ferry dock will come online here at the ferry building early next year. a temporary dock will be set up at san francisco's new chase arena to be followed by a permanent mission bay terminal to support all the job growth there. >> 5, 10 years ago you might have been able to make it from downtown san francisco into marin 45 minutes now the ferry is going to beat you every time. >> golden gate bridge tolls go d
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ferry service. ktvu fox 2 news. the east bay park officials. a 31-year-old died on june 8th. on june 11th, '23-year-old sean spikes jr. drowned in the lake after falling from a boat. they also advise park guests don't drink alcohol if you plan to swim or boat and only swim in areas with a life guard on duty. well the humpback whale that's spent the last couple of weeks in the water may have found its way back into the pacific ocean. the whale was first spotted late last month and quickly became an attraction for spectators. but she apparently decided to move on the experts say the whale was underwait. they typically complete their migration from mexico to ska this time of the year.
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she may have returned to the golden gate a warning for drivers. bears are out looking for food and it is mating season. however, there have been several reports of collisions with drivers so be careful. cars have killed at least four bears in the tahoe area this season. whield life officials say collisions are not uncommon. >> some years it spikes up to its point where there's 50 or 60. some years more normal would be maybe 25. >> now if you see one bear cross the road it's a good idea to stop, slow down, watch for more. because cubs could be following their mother. right now it is 4:26. a bay area man was arrested for threatening a mass shooting at a synagogue. now he's out on bail. we're going to show you how police caught up with that suspect. >> and san francisco could
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become the first city to do it. the new vaping regulations being considered today. >> bay area traffic looks good overall. we're going to check in on super commute coming from the north bay. traffic moving at the limit as you make your way over to the peninsula. >> and we're warming up, and we'll see more sunshine today. what you can expect to start your day coming up. many people living with diabetes monitor their blood glucose every day. which means they have to stop. and stick their fingers. repeatedly. today, life-changing technology from abbott makes it possible to track glucose levels. without drawing a drop of blood, again and again. the most personal technology, is technology with the power to change your life. life. to the fullest.
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from 11alive news ktvu fox 2 news. >> i'm pam cook in for steve this morning and will it trend continue this morning. >> yeah, it's going to be pretty mild. some spots may get to the 90s.
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this heating trend is only going to last for today. and we're going to take back down tomorrow into thursday. but for now it is going to be a warm day and it's already warming up just a bit this morning. we're going to start off taking a look at your weather headlines. we are seeing some gusty winds in the higher hills of the north bay. but overall it's really going to be a warmer day. along the coast we will see some cloud cover. for the most part and maybe some cooler temperatures as well. but the afternoon is really when we're going to be seeing that peak heat of the day and it's going to warm up just about 3 to 5 degrees more than what we saw yesterday. it will be a warm one today especially for our inland cities. tomorrow it will be cooler. we are exp


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