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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 18, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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president trump makes a bid for four more years. officially kicking off his reelection campaign tonight. >> we begin our campaign with the best record. the best results. the best agenda. and the only positive vision for our country's future. >> a reelection rally tonight in the swing state of florida. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> the president touted his
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achievements saying the administration and his accomplishments achieved deals despite being under siege. he said he restored a government of, for, and by the people. >> jana has more as he tries to build support. >> the president spoke for more than an hour in his first 2020 campaign speech. he refashioned his campaign slogan to "keep america great" and had several pointed comments aimed at california. president trump kicked off his reelection campaign in orlando tuesday with the same song from his 2016 and with thousands of supporters sporting signs and red hats bearing the same slogan. president trump called his presidency a turning point in history. >> it's a movement made up of
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hardworking patriots who love their country, love their flag, love their children, and who believe that a nation must care for its own citizens first. >> reporter: campaigning in 2020 will be different. as president, be running on a record. >> our economy is the envy of the world. perhaps the greatest economy we have had in the history of our country. >> reporter: the record shows the economy, in fact, has grown by 2.9 and 3.2% under the trump white house. about the same pace as under president obama in 2015. >> almost 160 million people are working. that's more than ever before. >> reporter: the pre record on . though the higher number reflects population growth. the president did receive big applause on immigration policy and the southern border wall. >> i changed the design. it's stronger.
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bigger. better. and cheaper. >> reporter: president trump said he has been a victim, calling the mueller investigation a democratic attack. >> we went through the greatest witch hunt in political history. >> reporter: he promised the crowd he'd remain a protector of conservative values on abortion and court appointments against a democratic party he called socialist. >> democrats in california even voted to give free healthcare to illegal aliens instead of helping homeless democrats in democrat dk-run cities. when i get behind my desk in the beautiful oval office, i think about only one thing. how the american people are going to win, win, win today. >> reporter: whether president trump can win reelection is uncertain. >> normally incumbents do have at least a little bit of an advantage in presidentia>> repop does not have a clear edge. >> i think in this case given how polarizing the president's
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been and given his consistently relatively low a it looks much >> president trump does face a challenger in the republican primary. former massachusetts governor bill weld is a moderate republican who ran as a libertarian four years ago. he called president trump's behavior appalling and was reportedly in washington dc tonight at a private fundraiser. >> next week we have the democrats who are gonna be debating each other. we'll see how things pan out. in the east bay, a group of trump supporters gathered to watch the rally in hercules. a number of republican volunteers who worked for the 20 campaign in 2016, most of them from hercules and pinole area. they acknowledge the bay area is not a republican stronghold but they say volunteers can have an impact. >> it's difficult in california. but not impossible. and we know more and more and more people in
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california who are supporting him as well. so we're looking forward to a fun campaign like we had in 2016. and it'll be way more organized and way more fun. more fun. >> supporters say they are confident president trump will win reelection in 2020. patrick shanahan withdrew his name from consideration as security secretary. he said it was cause his family to relive tragic events domestic violences ex-wife. ex-wife. the defense secretary post is one of confirmed by congress. the list includes an acting dea administrator, an acting epa administrator, an acting interior secretary and acting
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chief of staff. acting united nations ambassador post also has not been filled. firefighters made quick work of a fire late this afternoon. it was reported around 4:30 on sutter street. flames and smoke coming from a group of large trees on that property. the fire started in the backyard there. they say the home sustained minor in san francisco a fire at food truck complex put up a plume of dark smoke. firefighters say a shed caught fire along with astroturf that helped produce the thick smoke. crews managed to get the flames under control in just a few minutes. an extension cord started that fire. the board of supervisors in san francisco voted unanimously today to ban the sa e-cigarettes. that measure is ment meant to prevent young people from vaping, but small business owners say they're the ones who will take the hit.
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>> reporter: puff and stuff on castro street in san francisco is mao mostly stuff instead of puff. you'll find just a small section of vaping products and a wall of cigarettes. >> we lost about 25% of our business. >> reporter: they only make about a dollar on a pack of cigarette with the tax imposed per pack. cigaretties alone can't pay the $6,600 a month lease for the space. >> i already called my landlordg of two ordinances that would ban the sale and manufacture of e-cigarettes in san francisco passed unanimously tuesday, but not without serious concern among the board of supervisor iy have to be sitting down to talk
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about how the impact. >> i am concerned about the impacts of the legislation on small businesses, especially our corner stores, markets and liquor stores. many owned by immigrants and people of color. >> reporter: the supervisor who sponsored the vaping ban says tax exemptions could be coming to small businesses relief. >> we're introducing legislation to work on alternative revenue sources and help them be successful. >> reporter: he is confident these ordinances will pass at next tuesday's final vote.
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>> they're only beginning to understand the possible ris e-cigarettes. medical researchers believe vaping could harm the lungs. there are concerns that e-cigarettes could result in damage to blood vessels. members of the san francisco school board met tonight to consider the fate of a controversial mural at washington high school. >> reporter: more than 100 people packed into the meeting at the district's office. speakers from both sides were passionate. this mural inside the main entrance of washington high school in san francisco has been here for more than eight decades. it depicts the life of jorning washington. some are offended by the image was black saves at washington's mt. vernon home. >>
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>> reporter: on tuesday night, a school board meeting gathered public opinion. native americans object to the panel showing white settlers stepping over the body of an american indian. >> why do we have to explain the pain caused by the visual sense what we see in that building that is supposed to know an institution for learning? >> reporter: those who want to preserve the murm say it was drawn by artist victor arnitoven, not to glorify slavery or the killing of native americans but to illustrate history. >> the mural tells in part story of the conflict and colonization of the united states, including the genocide of native americans. it reminds us that this nation was born in blood and gore. >> we should be teaching about the mural and what it means. notorious r as a half native american indian i see no problem
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with the mural. it depicts what happened. >> it's not in the museum. it's in the entire school. >> reporter: the school board will consider three options in deciding the fate of the mural. covering it up with curtains, covering it with panels, or painting over it. >> we do want to respect its age and comply with all of the regulations associated with it. it will just take some time. >> reporter: the cost to cover or paint over the mural ranges from $375,000 to $825,000. each option requires an environmental impact report along with the cost of labor and materials. and materials.
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a plan to help the homeless tonight met with opposition in fremont. details on the city's first ever navigation center. and where it could be built. >> temperatures are extended at the coast to the 50s. 90s inland. we'll tell you how that matches up for tomorrow. >> coming up, how wildlife officials explain a bobcat's behavior on a hiking trail. >> i definitely swatted it, and it was trying to bite me. alright boys, time for bed.
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well, look what i found. take control of your wifi with xfinity xfi. let's roll! now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. >> the settlement calls for nine north bay counties to receive $415 million. $270 million will go to the town of paradise which includes $37 million going to
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the paradise recreation and parks district. it provides $250 million for county where paradise is located. strong opposition in fremontonight. plans for a new navigation center to help the hundred millions. to help the homeless -- it's one of several sites up for consider. >> reporter: both churches volunteered their properties. the other sites are on city-owned land. city officials like the niles church for its proximity to public transit and the church's willingness to combat this growing problem. >> discovery church is willing. >> reporter: a message to city leaders in fremont. >> we do not want this as the location. and the only people who want this as the location is
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the ones who have the department's interest. >> reporter: residents stood up with signs in solidarity against a proposed navigation center. >> choose a location near support services such as wellness centers, tri-city health, and job training. not a location tucked away in a residential area. >> this particular location is a very bad loca a resident started too close to schools and are worried about the wetting process. city officials say a center is necessary. a 40% rise in homelessness in alameda county in two years. >> our numbers have gone up 21% since 2017. we have at least 608
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homeless people in our community. >> reporter: the navigation center moltded after one in berkeley. double-wide portables to house 25 men and women and their pets with stock provisions. half a mile near food service, a bus stop, and bus service to bart. and easy access to utilities. >> i think people are fearful. i think they're concerned for their safety and their families. >> reporter: associate pastor from niles discovery church understands neighbors' concerns but also understands homelessness is not going away. >> i also feel like we need to do also come from a place of compassion rather than fear.
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>> reporter: the costs are roughly $2 million. and the city was awarded funding. part of that needies to be used by 2020. the council is now providing their feedback. no vote tonight. they are expected to approve criteria. and city officials will go back to the city council next month with a final list locations. from the south bay the chp is investigating a possible freeway shooting in san jose. the highway patrol says a driver reported shots fired on southbound 680 near king street around 8:30 tonight. the car pulled over with a blown-out window. and one passenger suffered minor injuries from broken glass. authorities are also investigating a deadly shooting on 680. it happened overnight in the northbound lanes of
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millepedeace. the 30-year-old had been shot several times. at this point authorities are not release information about a motive or suspect. the san mateo county coroner has identified the body of a man found on the side of highway 35 as abdul nashar of pacifica. the chp spotted the body last night. investigators determined the man was a victim of a homicide based on his injury. they have declined to reveal the exact nature of the crime. the sheriff's department is asking anyone with information to come forward. joseph vallejo has agreed to serve as vallejo's police chief. police chief.
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>> a pretty typical day today. temperatures warmed up just a little bit. we saw numbers generally a degree or two warmer in some places. a degree or two cooler in others. and these are the highs. fairfield 90. these numbers up in and the southcentral valley. we saw the triple digits. with that sea breeze, really keeping things cool. we're seeing that again tonight. tomorrowines up a lot like today did. and look at the push of this fog. it's over 1,800 feet of the inversion. way up into the sacramento area. the delta breeze, is what they would call that. that sets us up for the day tomorrow a heck of a lot like what we experienced today. a lot of fog tomorrow morning when you wake
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up. burns off. temperatures go right back to where they were today. the first graphic, lots of 70s around the bay, mid and upper 80s with low 90s inland. that's tomorrow. at's tomorrow. facebook under fire again. why the company who plans to go into cripso currency segetting scrutiny from a california democrat. >> and the comp news on new legislation. legislation. we're the slowskys. we like drip coffee, layovers- -and waiting on hold. what we don't like is relying on fancy technology for help.
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facebook is getting ready to launch its own digital currency similar to bitcoin. the virtual money, called libra, will be accepted around the world by uber, paypal, visa, and spotify. facebook is already facing scrutiny. the head of the house financial services committee, maxine water, says she wants facebook to suspend its plans until congress can study is more closely. today we spoke with ben ty, president and managing partner at ways financial. he says facebook has the power to change the e-commerce market.eyn users.
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and if they were just to each participate with $10, that's $22 billion of economy right there. >> facebook said "we look forward to responding to lawmakers' questions as this process moves forward." libra is expected to launch next year. stock surged today after president trump said he would meet with the chinese president to discuss the long-running trade dispute. boeing says it has a new order for its troubled 737 max jets. the company announced the parent air show and inteirlines group signed a letter of intent for 200 boeing 737 aircraft. this is the first sale of the aircraft since the crash in march. the planes were grounded during an
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investigation into software. governor newsom has tightened the rules on vaccine exemptions for students in california. it does not require public health officials to approve every vaccine request for paraphernalia was school-aged children. it gives those officials more oversight of doctors and schools with high numbers of xeflgzs. one father says he doesn't want the government to have a hand in any vaccine decision. >> this legislation would potentially cause otto to only be exempt from one vaccination and sendhim would have to get them all. >> it needs to pass both house of the legislature before it moves to the governor's desk. a bobcat, too close for comfort. what cause today to approach tigers even take some nibbles out of them, and why rescuers say the young cat isn't
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to blame. >> a lopsided win for the oakland a's tonight. 6 runs. >> max harris back on the stand. and an admission in court today that he lied.
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day 2 on the witness stand for defendant, max harris, on the ghost ship trial. >> reporter: prosecutoroffry james wasted no time getting defendant, max harris, admit to the jury that he had lied to police by saying no one lived at the ghost ship. after haggling over the difference before a lie and an admission, harris admitted that was not the truth. he initially testified that the first time the landlords complained to him about not paying the electricity bill was a little more than a month before the fire at the illegally converted warehouse that killed 36 people. the dea showed harris e-mails from the landlord stating that in 2015. harris conceded the point saying "now that my memory is refresh, i would agree with that. thank you". >> i think he's been very well
10:31 pm
trained into lying and what to say and what not to say. >> reporter: she was among many family member was victims who shook their heads as harris spoke. >> if i'm having power outages in my house, i have a problem. so he knew those problems were there. >> you'd think he was handing him a gun with bloodiy fingerprints on. it >> reporter: but his attorney wasn't impressed with the examination, saying the prosecutor was trying to trip up harris over semantics and minor inconsistencies. >> okay, wow. he shows an e-mail from a year before where the word electricity is used by ev.a. so max's response was okay. you got me. >> reporter: the defense objected numerous times to the da's tone, saying the prosecutor was being argument tiv. harris's attorney says he has no regrets putting his client on the stand. >> the d.a. is trying to rattle him. they're very good, autrey
10:32 pm
is a very good cross-examiner. he know what is he's doing. so we're just trying to tell max stay calm, be yourself, answer truthfully. you have nothing to hide. >> reporter: max will be back on the stand wednesday for a second day of cross-examination. almena is expected to take the stand next week. the u.s. supreme court has cleared the way for the federal government to prosecute the man acquitted of killing kate steinly. a jury acquitted her of murder and involuntary murder in 2017. but he faces federal gun charges. on monday the supreme court ruled criminal custodies may be prosecuted for the same crimes in federal and state court. this double jeopardy ruling means his long-delayed federal trial can finally get underway. marin county. now a bobcat is in quarantine after approaching people and biting them on a hiking trail on
10:33 pm
several occasions. >> reporter: wild care treats some 4,000 animal every year and releases most of them to nature. this cat, we're told, was more hungry than aggressive. >> i was clapping, and i was screaming really loudly. >> reporter: alicia mora was walking in the fairfax hills and saw a small bobcat on the trail. cute, she thought. until it charged, growling. >> it suddenly started trying to bite my leg. and i just made a lot of loud noises and i clapped at it, and i kicked it a little. >> reporter: it finally retreated and mora ran all the way back. alerting a ranger. >> this is one of the most pathetic cats i've ever seen. >> reporter: rabid, not likely.
10:34 pm
but definitely starving. the young female came in emace katded, covered in emaciated, covered in fleas and ticks and very ill. >> what might be perceived as an attack was actual total desperation on the part of this cat. >> reporter: wednesday the bobcat lunged and bit a hiker on the heel. a few days before it, bit and scratched a woman's ankle. >> startling. shocking. you don't expect to actually have physical contact with a wild animal. it looked surprised. and i was a little upset the cat did that. >> a light goes of >> reporter: many of the animals brought to wild care have problems stemming from contact with humans and food. bob cas heave their mothers to go on their own within a year. only half will survive. struggling to establish territory and find
10:35 pm
prey. this one probably wasn't going to make it. if someone fed her, it doesn't do her any favors. >> any time a wild animal gets the idea that humans are friends or a source of food, that is a wild animal that is going to be in trouble or already be in trouble. >> reporter: and the other takeaway, let rescuers know at the first sign of distress or odd behavior from an animal. don't wait until its desperation. >> and you realize it's a wild animal that could definitely bite you and hurt you. >> it was really scary. >> reporter: the bobcat is in quarantine, getting food and fluids. her condition is guarded. mill valley saw something similar a few years ago. a starving bobcat there figured out there were snacks in the back of baby strollers and started jumping into them. it too was caught, rehabbed, and later released.
10:36 pm
google's billion dollar commitment to building housing. and why money may not be the only hurdle in solving the bay area's housing shortage. >> we are checking in on the forecast. >> a big change in burning man. why attendees may face drug-screenings.
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33,000 pound was cocaine was seized at the port of philadelphia today. authorities are calling it one of the biggest drug busts in american history. the drugs have an estimated street value of $1 billion. the cocaine had been loaded onto a large ship off the coast of south america. two crew members were arrested and face federal charges. drug screening may be coming to the next burning manifest val in nevada. an environmental report for the event's next ten-year permit recommends hiring a private security firm to check attendees heading to black rock desert. critics say those screens could be unconstitutional. federal authorities may provide more details on the plan closer to the event which happens at the end of august. 4th of july holiday is around the corner. and firefighters are prepping for illegal fireworks. the controlled burn was set today at
10:40 pm
the military ocean terminal designed to train firefighters for what could happen if illegal fireworks were to start a grass fire. all fireworks are illegal in contra costa coyne. and firefighters say the threat of fire is high this year. >> with the extra rain we had in the spring, and given the ladder fuels and the underbrush, additional moisture. i think we should anticipate that we're gonna have these higher this year than last year. >> homeowners have until june 30th to cut weeds and grasses to reduce fire risk. the public park at the heart of san francisco's north beach neighborhood is closed for the next six months. the city shut down washington square park yesterday so public works crews can begin work on the park's aging irrigation system. the system uses more than thee million gallons of water a year. and it often causes the grass to be muddy and damp. the plan is to fix the system and krael a more appealing grass lawn.
10:41 pm
transit leaders approved a $35 million project designed to make major safety improvements in the south market area. the folsom howard project will fund the makeover along howard and folsom streets. passengers who use cash to ride buses and light rail trains believe paying more in just a few weeks. starting july 1st, the cost of a ride for muni passengers using cash will rise by $0.25. riders using a single pass can pay just $2.first for a single ride. a tech giant stepping forward to help cure the affordable housing crisis. some say their plan is long overdue.
10:42 pm
>> and the complete forecast. we'll show us when the fog will lift. a little bird told me you
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have the fastest internet and now the best mobile network too? yeah and get them together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. wow, that's great. oh, and this looks great. are these words for sale? no. go, go, go, go, go. now the fastest, most reliable internet can help you save on your wireless bill. that's simple, easy, awesome. taxi! should i have stopped her? save hundreds of dollars a year when you get internet and mobile together. plus ask how to get $250 back when you switch to xfinity mobile. a beloveca francisco's missn district is closing its doors, saying the cost of doing
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business in the city is too high. mission pie says its operating costs have increased substantially in the last five years, even as it got busier. the restaurant's owners say they pay higher than average wages and benefits but they're having trouble finding employees who can afford to live in the city. >> the thing i'll miss the most is the direct interactions with our customers and our community which is really what mission pie is about. as well as those within our internal community of the folks who work here. >> mission pie plans to hold its 13th annual pie contest in august before closing september 1st. google has pledged $1 billion to ease the chronic shortage of affordable housing in the bay area. google says teammates to be a good neighbor.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: google's search to make a sizeable impact in the housing shortage led to a blog post. "our responsibility to-starts at home. we're announcing an additional $1 billion investment in housing across the bay area. our goal is to help communities to succeed over the long-term. ." >> seeing google's commitment again to affordable housing. >> reporter: the mayor hailed the plans as an add-on to an agreement that calls for 24% of the housing in the google village to be deemed adorable housing. the new plan calls for $750 million of google commercial land rezoned for the construction of 15,000 unit was housing across all income levels. additionally, $2 first million will be fund in build another 5,000 of units of affordable housing throughout the bay area.
10:47 pm
>> today is a bigin for those leaders and workers and community members who have been doing the hard work of organizing. >> reporter: the google plan is long on promises but short on specifics. where will the new housing go? how will the company work with local mrig, some of whom are again growth? those other kind was questions that have some experts worried. >> all we have so far is basically a press release. >> reporter: kelly schneider is a professor in the san jose state department of urban and regional planning. >> the last thing that we still need is political will. so cities like cupertino and palo alto are famous for not allowing any housing. >> reporter: city councilsville to come on board before there's any building. community and will council. >> reporter: now that one tech giant has stepped forward, politicians and stakeholders are hopings others will follow and put money in places where there are only small sign was change.
10:48 pm
looking into the temperatures. these other highs from today. they bear looking at again. i think that's where tomorrow's numbers go. fog out there, already in the livermore valley. the inversion deep. over almost 2,000 feet deep in places. spilling all the way into the dealta. we're seeing it in concord. strong winds pushing it up into the delta, past discovery bay. and the greens representing the sea breeze. that wind, that moist air. that fog. and look how far inland it irfield, 61 degrees right now. and that's about 2 degrees cooler than last night because of the push of cool area. 5 degrees cooler than last night in livermore. so big push last night. big push again tonight. temperatures tomorrow very much like what we had today wonderful that dayed, you're looking at the forecast highs tomorrow.
10:49 pm
and you can see that temperature footprint with the microclimates, coast, bay and inland. plus a few more thrown in. standard late spring, early summer microclimate pattern. be a little cooler as we head into thursday. then it warms right back up. and the thursday cool-down is subtle too. so what's going on this week? that's what's going on this whole week, basically. fog in the morning, and this kind of temperature footprint. low 90s in most spots. fog and cloud, san jose, mountain view. a little bit of fog, low cloud. burns off quick. san francisco 62 degrees at lunch. mid-60s at the end of the day in mostly sunny. a good-looking day tomorrow. and an interesting forecast high. a whole bunch the microclimates. mid-60s, saus richmond. and over the hill, east to castro valley, and you come up 10, 11 degrees. that's how it goes. that's how tomorrow will be.
10:50 pm
87 in morgan hill. 87 in gilroy. and temperatures on the coast remain cool because of the fog. and we're getting used to it. this whole week is how this goes. absolutely cool on thursday. we're splitting hairs. coming up, the a's hit six home runs while taking on the worst team in the league. >> two freeway shootings to tell you about tonight. both in the south bay. the latest on what we know so far.
10:51 pm
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unlike yesterday, it's completely flip-flopped. the other way. 3-2 win last night. here's the mix for the oakland a's tonight. they're a good hitting team. they're playing, by far, the worst team in baseball. what do you get? a whole lot of home runs. and you have a juiced-up ball. it was bring your cintarsame nigh going in the
10:54 pm
3rd inning. it is ramon lariano, three-run jack, his 11th of the year. then a ten-run six. three-run shot of his own there. his 16th. it's 11-2. piscotty again with two on, the three-run homer. and the route to say the least. organization pitchers have now given up 623 home runs since 2017. meanwhile, after the giants kinda squeezed by the dodgers last night, 3-2, by the skin of their teeth. it's like l.a. got together and said enough of that nonsense. they bulldozed the
10:55 pm
giants tonight, no-brain little kid, being raised by dad, apparently. it all happens for rookie, sean anderson, in the 1st inning. his second pitch is deposited into the bleachers in left by jacque pedersen. you give kersaw plenty of room there against the giants. justin turner whacks it down the line. brandon crawford a little offline. he's in and it's 2-0.nty for kershaw the way he was rolling. but a 6-run 7th. hernandez off gott. a grand slammer. kershaw, seven innings, gave up only three no runs, 9-0 final. very lopsided. only four hits for the giants all night. for elaborate celebration after that grand slam. 21 years in the national
10:56 pm
hockey league, not enough. apparently. for joe thornton. he's gonna turn 40 come july. but somewhat of a surprise. looks like he's returning for his 22nd season. last year, well, he was shaking hands with the st. louis blues. figuring that's the end. but a reporter caught up with him today at the nhl awards ceremonies going on in las vegas. and you tell me. sounds like he's coming back with a smile. >> are you gonna play next year? >> yeah, and longer. >> have you talked to the sharks about that? >> we'll talk and sit down. i'll sit down with them and figure my body feels great. and it's gonna be the first time in a long time i don't have to rehab. >> he's feeling good right now. he says he could play five more year fist he stays healthy. we'll see.
10:57 pm
you can really make a case the women's world cup, every bit if not more entertaining than the men's. two soccer power and soccer-crazy countries get together. italy against brazil. onto the pitch they come. and onto the 40th minute they will go. a nil-nil game. great chance for italy right here. it's barbara, denied by brazianit's . 74th minute, brazilians' penalty kick, marta would score more goals, than any player in world cup history. 17th of her world cup group r career. and there it is. 1-0 win, brazil.
10:58 pm
check this out. the return of star, giancarlo stanton, 0 for 4 at the mate. this was a nice play. into the seats he goes to it away from a fan. almost a backhanded grab by the fan. in minnesota, jackie bradley jr. will rob jorge polanco, climbing the wall. jbj with a beautiful grab there for the red sox. in st. louis, we got a great play to show you down the right field line. look out for the tarp down there cooper, garrett cooper, sacrifice live and limb to make that grab. pretty good play right there. meanwhile in the a's clubhouse, you want to know what sean minaya is a baseball player
10:59 pm
and not a basketball player? keep watching him. i don't know who the other guy is. they cannot. put the ball in. that little bafblet. basket. >> not a bad job either. >> doing all right in baseball. all worth checking out for a tuesday night. that's the sporting life. it is 11:00. time for more news. two more freeway shootings in the south bay on the heels of a deadly shooting overnight. the highway patrol is confirming two freeway shootings in the south bay tonight. >> one of the shootings injured a child weech begin with that developing news. >> the highway patrol says a driver reported shots fired from another vehicle on southbound 680 near king street 11:30 tonight, shattering the car's left rear window.
11:00 pm
exiting through the right front window. and a 12-year-old girl suffered minor injuries from broken glass. the chp has a vehicle description. right now it is not sharing that information so far. >> the second shooting happened on southbound 17 at the transition to northbound 85. a driver heard a thud during an encounter with another car. the driver returned home and noticed a bullet in the back of his car. >> chp officers found matthew wield behind the wheel of a gray toot camera in toyota camera. >> what can you tell us about tonight's shooting in san jose?


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