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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 18, 2019 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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another vehicle on southbound 680 near king street 11:30 tonight, shattering the car's left rear window. exiting through the right front window. and a 12-year-old girl suffered minor injuries from broken glass. the chp has a vehicle description. right now it is not sharing that information so far. >> the second shooting happened on southbound 17 at the transition to northbound 85. a driver heard a thud during an encounter with another car. the driver returned home and noticed a bullet in the back of his car. >> chp officers found matthew wield behind the wheel of a gray toot camera in toyota camera. >> what can you tell us about tonight's shooting in san jose?
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>> we are confirming that we're investigating this incident now as a freeway shooting. as you said, the information that we have came from the reporting party. the victim in this case they were travelling southbound on 680. and a shot came from outside of that vehicle. headed through the left rear window and came out the right front window. we don't currently have a suspect vehicle information. there have been conflicting reports about a possible suspect vehicle. but nothing that we've been able to confirm as those are conflicting reports. we're asking the public with any information anybody who may have been in the area, seen some information healthcare can help nus determining that suspect vehicle to contact the chp office. >> what can you tell us about the shooting and the second shooting tonight? this is the third in the last couple of nights.
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>> yeah, so we are confirming that the one that happened on 680, we're investigating that currently as a shooting. the second one that you referenced, that is still very preliminary information as is the one on 680. we don't have very many details other than what has been provided on the second one. so that information is still progressing. as we get additional information we're try to put that information out as well. >> addition to the two shootings tonight and the sunday night, and also on saturday night killed on i-80 in solano county. where is your advice with the series of shootings we've seen on bay area highways? >> the incidents that happened outside of the san jose area are
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-- they did happen over the weekend. i don't have information on what happened with those. the question obviously comes up of whether or not the general public should be concerned. at this time we don't have any information to suggest that this is -- something that will be trending or anything other than several isolated incidents that we're now working to try to determine whether or not the suspects in these incidents can be located. and as we get that information and continue the investigation, we'll put that information out. but we don't have information right now suggests that the general should be concerned or at an elevated level of risk while driving on the freeways. >> all right, officer ross lee with the chp. thank you so much for providing your insight into
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the two most recent shootings on highways in the bay area. now to san francisco. and the unanimous vote today at the board of supervisors to ban sales of e-cigarettes. it's meant to prevent young people from vaping. but smallses say they will take, small businesses say they will take a hit. the ban is the first of its kind in the country. >> reporter: puff and stuff on castro street in san francisco is now mostly stuff instead of puff. you'll find just a small section of vaping products and a value of cigarettes. the large inventory of trifrngets and souvenirs has kept them afloat since the flavored tobacco ban was instituted in january. >> we lost about 25% to 30% of our business. >> reporter: they only make about a dollar on a pack cigarettes alone't pay the $6,600 a month lease for the space.
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>> most likely, it will close all the businesses. i already called my landlord, i have to close my business. >> reporter: the first reading of two ordinances passed unanimously. not without serious concern among the board of supervisors for small businesses. >> i think that we definitely have to be sitting down to talk about how the impacts. because i don't want to see one mom and pop store close. >> i am concerned about the impacts of the legislation on small businesses. especially our corner stores, markets and liquor stores. many owned by immigrants and people of color. >> we are actually introducing a resolution pretty soon that so n work on alternative revenue sources and help them be successful. >> reporter: he is confident these ordinances will pass at next tuesday's final vote.
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if it does, it'll go to the mayor's desk. from there it could go into effect within six to seven months. a fire in san francisco sent a huge plume of black smoke into the air this afternoon. fire crews responded just before 4:00 to 4th street and mission bay south boulevard. a shed caught fire along with the astroturf at the site. they say the fire was started by an extension cord. to fremont where people spoke out tonight for a new navigation center to help the homeless. most of t near niles discovery church on niles boulevard. d. >> reporter: both offered their
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properties, and city staff is looking at city-owned property. as you mentioned, tonight residents voiced their concerns. residents who live by the niles discovery church. the most paramount concern is safety. >> we do not want this as the location. and the only people who want this as the location is ones who have the least interest. >> reporter: some residents held signs and stoodip in solidarity against a proposed navigation center on a property owned and adjacent to niles discovery church. >> choose a location near support serves. not a location tucked away in a particular loca very bad location. >> reporter: he started a petition more than 3,000 people have signed. among the concern, traffic on a busy intersection. near a railroad crossing. they say it's too close to schools and are worried about the vetting process.
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city officials say a center is necessary. a 40% rise in homelessness in alameda county in two years. >> our numbers have gone up 21% since 2017. we now have at least 608 homelessness people in our community. >> reporter: navigation center modeled after one in berkeley. double-wide portables to house 45 men and women and their pets up to six months with 24/7 staff supervision. criterias include half a mile near food services, a bus stop, and bus service to bart. and easy access to utilities. fremont residents who share part of the east bay "yes find solutions and not sgruft say we don't want it here, we don't want it anywhere. >> reporter: the pastor understands neighbors' concerns but she also understands homelessness is not going away.
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>> i also feel like we need to operate from a place of compassion rather than fear. >> reporter: the meeting adjourned, the city council did not make does decisions on the site. but they did direct city staff to take into account the community's concern when it comes to proximity to schools and school children. andre, city scompleersd staff will come back with a list of, leaders and staff will come back with a list of for them to look at next so much. an attorney for the alameda county sheriff's deputy involved in a dust-up with the president of toronto raptors says the deputy sufferedion and on medical leave. 20-year veteran of the sheriff's office is considering a lawsuit now. the altercation took place when the raptors president tried to join his team on the court to celebrate their nba championship
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at oracle arena last week. the attorney for the deputy says he is pleased the oakland police department is part of the investigation. >> we need to let the oakland larment do their investigation. for the simple reason that we don't need saying the investigation was tainted by premature statements by anyone. >> the sheriff's office says the deputy tried to stop him from going onto the court because he was not displayin credentials. president trump formally launched his reelection campaign tonight with a rally in florida. the president touted his achievement despite being under siege. j >> president trump spoke for more than an hour tonight. the crowd was energized.
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he rolled out his new slogan, keep america great. president trump kicked off his reelection campaign in orlando tuesday. he called his election victory and presidency a turning point in history. bearing the same 2016 slogan. president trump called his election and presidency a turning point in history. >> hardworking patriots who believe that a nation must care for its own citizens first. >> reporter: campaigning in 2020 will be different. as president be running on a record. >> our economy is the env of the world. perhaps the greatest economy wived in the history of our country. >> reporter: the record shows the economy in fact has grown by 2.9% and 3.2% under the trump white house. that is about the same pace as under president obama in 2015. the president also touted his record on jobs.
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though the higher number reflects population growth. the president did receive big applause on immigration policy and the southern border wall. >> i changed the design. it's stronger. bigger. better. and cheaper. >> reporter: president trump said he has been a victim, calling the mueller investigation a democratic attack. he promised the crowd he'd remain a protector of conservative values on abortion and court appointments against a democratic party he called socialist. >> democrats in california, even voted to give free healthcare to illegal aliens. >> normally incumbents do have at least a little bit ofvantagel elections. >> reporter: president trump does not have a clear edge. >> in this case given how polarizing the president's been and his consistently relatively low approval rating, it looks much more like a toss-up. >> reporter: the president mocked democratic candidates. >> one of the things that democrats will be thinking is
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which candidate is going to be the most, best able to withstand that kind of attack. >> president trump first though does face a republican primary challenger. former massachusetts governor, bill weld, who is a moderate and former libertarian party member, was reportedly in washington dc tonight at a private fundraiser. >> president trump may be facin some early headwinds in florida. according to a new poll, joe biden leads president trump 50% to 41%. senator bernie sanders is ahead by six points. a bobcat attacking hiker
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captured and now in quarantine tonight. >> and a four-year-old boy who shot himself in the include back home. >> there's a lot of fog out there tomorrow. it's gonna be pretty nice but we do have some changes.
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this four-year-old boy from oakland is back home recovering after he accidentally shot himself in the head. family members say he's doing remarkably well. rob visited the boy and his mother today. she now calls him her miracle baby. >> it went through here, it came out here. >> reporter: lavon-jackson is home with his mother. a miracle that navon is well on his way to recoveri to his h less than three months ago. >> i love you too. >> reporter: last month they were visiting her now
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ex-boyfriend in oakland. navon was in a bedroom while everyone else was watching tv in the livermore. in the living room. then there was a gunshot. >> we started looking out window thinking it was outside. >> reporter: she ran into the bedroom. >> it looked like he was asleep. he was breathing. >> reporter: navon found a loaded gun under a pillow that belonged to her ex-boyfriend and shot himself in the head. price told her to apply pressure on the wound. >> the only thing i could of, this type of situation, you can't panic. this is my baby. my baby goes off of my emotions. he panics, he can die. i couldn't have that. >> reporter: at first price said doctors told her navon wasn't going to to survive.
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but 2.5 months later, he is doing well and hang think out with his >> his attitude, everything is still the same. >> reporter: not quite everything. doctors had to temporarily remove part of his skull to relieve pressure. that's why he wears a helmet. he isn't walk bug he's not paralyzed. >> it's the brain so he has to restart. he has to do everything from scratch again. so it's gonna take some time. but there ain't nothing but time. >> reporter: wilson faces three felony cha abuse and being an exfelon with a gun. he pleaded not guilty and awaiting trial. navon and his mother are looking ahead, you'ro do. go to school and be normal. nd be normal.
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a bobcat is in quarantine tonight after approaching people and trying to bite them on a marin county hiking trail. it happened in fairfax on several occasions. the humane society says the cat was finally captured this weekend in the canyon open space preserve. a county park. the young female was emaciated, covered in fleas and ticks and very ill. it is believed the cat was more hungry than aggressive. >> what may have been perceived as an attack by some people was actually total desperation on the part of this cat. >> the cat is suspected to be a year old or younger. it is not suspected of carrying rabies. >> tracking that fog which has pushed well inland already.
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after that, it goes away for most of us. temperatures warm to where they were today. temperatures tomorrow, just like the numbers we had today. and that's sort of the theme for this week. the marine lay serpretty deep. getting over the east bay, the coastal belt obviously. then the east bay hills. it's over 1,800 feet deep. we're seeing that depth. and that'll continue to keep us in this pattern which is pretty cool. you can see this sticking out. that's kind of interesting. the dancing image up there underneath the screen. the city is under there. that's the fog. peaks there is the fog forecast and temperature footprint forecast for tomorrow. and that's how it goes all week, pretty much. it's gonna be microclimate back in gear. cool on the coast, mild around the
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into the central valley. tomorrow morning you wake up with the clouds, pretty much everybody does. and it clears off and you end up sunny, mostly sunny. and forecast high pressure. tomorrow, wednesday, thursday will be a degree or two cooler. but we're splitting hairs. this pattern all week will run flat. and that means temperatures on the mild side and a complete departure from where we were last week at this time. much more palatable, if you will. five-day forecast coming your way. a lopsided win for the oakland a's tonight. they hit six home runs while taking on the worst team in the league. alright boys, time for bed.
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the a's were on a hitting frenzy today. >> yeah, how long have i been telling you guys? the ball is juiced up. every night, double-digit scores, home runs flying out of the ball yard. they think fan absolutely love it. but it's skewing the statistics. the a's will take that tonight. how about 16 runs? six runs.
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and it was sintar night. i don't really know if it was official. but it was home run night. same frame two, men on again. this time it's s pe-scotty with a three-run tater. grossman and pender yards. 16-2 final. orioles pitchers out there. they have given up 623 home runs since 2017. dodgers stadium. >> the youngster for the giants,
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sean peterson on the mound -- sean anderson gives up the honor. that was gonna be plenty for clayton kershaw. just to make sure, hernandez off trevor gott in a 6-run 7th for the dodgers. it's a 9-0 bum dozing of the giants. 21 years in the nhl, when is enough is enough? not only is he coming back next year, he think he's can py he's healthy. a little offseason surgery to recover from. joe thornton is back. a player at notre dame. now she coaches basketball. and i think she has a pretty good idea what she's
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talking about. judging by this. check this out. >> under still be playing. >> i love it. her name is allison bustamante. she once played at notre dame. now she coaches. i like how right before it started, she goes are you rolling? >> that was good. yankees great giancarlo stanton back from a season-long injury. not known for his outstanding fielding but that is a very nice leg. that's the sporting life. a's win, giants don't. >> thank you. thank you for joining us tonight. goodnight.
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