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so one day up. that was mainly inland yesterday by far. not the coast and bay they were in the 60s and 70s. but there's a system moving in to the north and that's all it takes to get that fog machine rolling on if you were in the 90s or 100s yesterday we are looking for cooler conditions today and it will be more so by tomorrow. the fog bank which never went away yesterday it burned off sooner. it was shallower and that's going to give a cooler pattern for some away from the coast. by the coast, i mean yesterday you talk about 67 today will be a little cooler as well. 50s, some as well as the low cloud deck is holding up temperatures. low to mid 50s on the san mateo coast and san mateo itself is 57 degrees. not really cold on these lows. gusting to 31 out of travis and a southeast breeze towards san jose versus northwest yesterday. northwest is warmer, southeast is cooler when it comes up from
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gilroy san martin and morgan hill. high pressure kicked in for a couple of days but the offshore breeze never made it to the coast. 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s. sal's here. 4:31 solano county time. it looks like my map may have moved over. right here and traffic is moving well from fairfield to vallejo with no major issues as you drive through. we do have traffic that's moving along okay as you drive into the area. i do want to mention the traffic has been moving along well but sometimes we do have some things that pop up.ll let you know mort that on highway 24 heading up to the tunnel, traffic is moving okay so far. 4:31 let's go back to the desk. thank you sal. we have some breaking news in the investigation of the
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malaysia airlines that crashed over in the eastern ukraine nearly 5 years ago. 3 russians and one ewe you crane crain yan. shot out of the sky over territory held by pro-russian spretist in the eastern ukraine. a potential suspect is in custody this morning after a second homicide in woodside late last night. police say the killing is likely related to a homicide in the same area two nights ago. skyline boulevard is now shut down as the investigation is under way. we are still waiting for police
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to release details on the victim and the suspect. the chp is investigating two more bay area freeway shootings. that brings the total to 5 sincs happened on 680 near the king street exit in san jose. the other' shooting happened at the junction of highway 85 and highway 17 in los gatos. so far the chp has not released any information about possible suspected. well today president trump is attending a campaign fundraising event in miami after lunching his re-election campaign in orlando. ktvu's doug luzader joins us in washington d.c. as a new poll shows several democratic candidates beating the president in florida. doug. >> good morning, well the president is banking on florida to make his re-election happen. facing a sea of red hats and for a second termpresidento
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of the united states. [ cheering and applause ] . >> thank you. >> this was a signature trump event. thousands inside this orlando arena and more outside. but all of th right on the edgeg that even this morning the campaign seemed to acknowledge. >> look, it's no secret to both democrats and republicans whoever takes florida has a very good chance of taking the white house. >> coming out on the winning side 9 out of the last 10 times. this recent florida poll could be problematic for the president. mirroring some of the am top democrats. >> listening to trump made me feel very much that he is a man living in a parallel universe. >> and so, you know, great, he started his election. some of us have been in the campaign for awhile now and i look forward to meeting him on
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the debate stage. >> the the meantime trying out a new slogan. >> you ready? keep america great. [ cheering and applause ] . >> the campaign seems to be sticking with the old slogan at least on the website of make america great again. back to you guys. >> thank you, doug. patrick shanahan has removed his name as u.s. defense secretary. in a statement boeing said the confirmation process that forces children to relive a traumatic chapter in our family's life and re-open wounds we have worked years to heal. now the incident reportedly involved domestic abuse by his wife and then teenage son. mark esper will take over as a t
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posts that have not been confirmed by congress. dea administrate, epa administrate, interior secretary. and chief of staff. secretary of state mike pompeo says they expanded military presence in the middle east does not mean president trump wants to go to war with iran. >> we are there to detour aggression. president trump does not want war. >> the u.s. blames iran for recent attacks on oil tankers in the persian gulf. the president told time magazine he might take military action to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon but down played the tanker attacks saying so far they have been very minor. democrats accuse the administration of having an unclear policy for the region. >> the policy in iran has been
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erratic and opaque. nobody knows what their plans are and why they're doing what. >> the trump administration has released photos it says shows iranian sailors removing an exploded mine from one of the oil tankers. iran has denied responsibility for the attacks. the san francisco school board is consider how it should cover a controversial mural. now the mural has been inside the main entrance of the school for more than 80 years. it depicts the life of george washington but some are offended by the images of black slaves picking cotton and white settlers stepping over the body of indians. saying it doesn't glorify slavery it simply illustrates history. >> we should be teaching about the mural and what it means.
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i as a past native american indian see no problem with the mural. >> it is a racist mural. my history should not be racist but it is. i came from slaves. >> now the school board will now consider three options in deciding the fate of the mural. covering it up with curtains. covering it with acoustic panels or painting over it. the board is scheduled to make a decision on tuesday. in fremont some community members are speaking out against plans on a new navigation center for the homeless. a proposed location nearat's ont volunteered their properties for the project. other possible locations include city-owned land and the irvington presbyterian church. some spoke out they're concerned about the vetting process and say the nile site is too close
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to schools. there are some supporters for the plan of a petition already has more than 300,000 signatures. >> i think it's a very bad location. >> choose a location near vax centers. not a location that's tucked away in a residential area. >> city officials say a navigation center is necessary as homeless numbers in fremont have gone up 21% since 2017. the center would include double wide portables for 45 men and women and their pets for up to 6 months with 24/7 staff supervision. city officials plan to bring back a final listeview on july 9th with the hopes of breaking ground next year. we now know who will be vallejo's police chief at least for awhile. fairfield's former police chief is coming out of retirement on a
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temporary basis. joseph alljo. vallejo's current chief is retiring at the end of this month. allijo retired in 2017 after a 33-year career in law enforcement. the state senate has approved a controversial bill that could change police officers' use of force in california. the bill allows officers to legally use force if it's necessary to prevent death or serious harm to themselves or others. right now the standard allows deadly force of officers have a quote reasonable fear they're in danger. the bill now heads to the full senate. if it passes there it would still need the governor's signature to become law. festival goers of the next burning man may have to undergo drug screenings. the event's next 10-year permit recommends hiring a private
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security firm to check attendees heading to black rock desert. federal authorities may provide more details on the plan closer to the event which happens at the end of august. it's now 4:41. a 4-year-old oakland boy who accidentally shot himself in the head is now back home and up next, we have more on his remarkable recovery after spending 3 months in the hospital. >> and playing with a great white, we're going to show you the jaw-dropping video of a new jersey fisherman baiting the massive shark to come in for a closer look. >> right now, we do have a nice-looking highway 24 on the way to the tunnel. looks pretty good. no major issues on the way. >> well no major issues with our fog bank it's a little more on the stronger side compared to yesterday. inland tempe
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welcome back to mornings on 2. caught on camera, a once-in-a-life thyme moment for crews off the coast of new jersey. a massive great white shark surfaced right next to their 31' boat and stole their bait. it lasted just a couple of minutes but that great white shark is estimated to be 16' to 18' long. the boat's captain posted videos and photos of the rare
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experience saying in part "best day ever." well a bob cat remains kwarn teened. authorities say it happened in fair fax on several occasions. the cat was finally captured saturday in the canyon open space preserve. the young female was covered in fleas and ticks very weak and very ill. they believe the bob cat was actually more hungry than aggressive. >> what might have been perceived as an attack was total desperation on the part of this cat. >> the 20-pound cat is suspected to be a year old or younger. it's under a 10-day quarantine and will be released back into the this morning after he accidentally in the head. family members say he's doing remarkably well. the mother calls him her miracle baby. >> it went through here and came
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out here. >> 4-year-old navon jackson went to the hospital and is now home with his mother. now on the road to recovery from a gunshot wound to his head less than 3 months ago. >> i love you too. >> i love you too. >> last march navon and his mother were visiting her now ex-boyfriend in oakland. navon was in a bedroom while everyone else was watching tv in the living room. then there was a gunshot. >> we were looking out the windows thinking it was outside and that's when we realized navon was nowhere to be around. droom.on's mother the he found a loaded gun under the pillow that belonged to her ex-boyfriend. >> i didn't know it was in the house. >> police called 911 who told her to apply pressure on the wound until the ambulance came. >> i asked him why did you do this and he grabbed my arm and
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tried to lift his body. the only thing i could think of is to remain calm. in those type of situations you can't panic. anything could happen. if i panic he panics where he can die. i couldn't have that. >> at first price said doctors told her navon wasn't going to be able to survive. >> come back here. >> but two and a half months later navon is doing well. >> his attitude, his mouth, everything is still the same. >> not quite everything. doctors had to temporarily remove part of navon's skull to relieve pressure. he also isn't walking but price says he's not paralyzed. >> all his limbs work. it's a brain injury so he has to restart. he has to do everything from scratch again. so it's going to take some time but i ain't got nothing but time. >> as for terrance wilson he faces three felony charges
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including child abuse and being an ex-felon with a gun. he pleaded not guilty and is awaiting trial. navon and his mother say he will start preschool in the fall. >> you're still going to do everything you're supposed to do. you're normal. ain't nothing wrong with you. >> ktvu fox 2 news. >> incredible story. 4:48 let's check in with sal for a look at the commute. >> san mateo bridge looks like something that may be affecting traffic so we're going to look at that in just a moment. we're also looking at the ma approach here. that traffic is looking good with no major issues. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza it looks good and there have been no major problems here getting across into san francisco as we take a look at interstate 880 as
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traffic is moving along relatively well driving over to the commute here. i'll see if i can bring in the san mateo bridge. i'll just kind of click on it and see what happens. westbound 92 west of the toll plaza there's supposedly a crash in this area. we're going to keep an eye on it and also looking at the commute eastbound that looks fine. 4:49 let's bring steve in. >> thank you sal. >> you're welcome. >> we'll get right to it. 60s to 100s. there was a huge spread on the high temps yesterday, they'll come down. there's still some 90s up in ukiah also clear lake up to vacaville. most locations inland which were in the 90s yesterday will come . a northwest breeze kicked in yesterday late. concord, livermore, fairfield also kicking back towards 80s. fog kicked in yesterday it
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burned off sooner. it started to regroup by about 5:00, 6:00. and it was pouring over the city. so the on shore breeze has kicked in and in fact out towards travis there's already gusts of 30 miles per hour. livermore 58 degrees. 56 by the water. temps have come up. so the city's citying at 57. the san francisco buoy is at 58. 57 santa cruz to 55 gilroy and 57 bookends. upper 50s saratoga at low 60s. and a southeast breeze in the santa clara valley. west linn at lirmore not much but it's a little puff of westerly breeze. it was 58 and now it's down to 56 and the low made it to 56 now it's 57 in the city. 57, 58 monterey. they were at 55 yesterday.
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61 for ukiah. which is only one degree warmer than truckee. fog will be slow to burn off today and inland temps will cool off. there's a system dropping down. it's hard to see it's coming in from the pacific northwest that we'll call flatten the ridge. it's going to dig in towards the nevada area. initially it will cool us down. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s today. big cooldown will be tomorrow. that looks to be the coolest day until next week and temperatures tomorrow will be mainly in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. even inland temps. but then by friday, when summer officially starts at 8:54 a.m. we'll get a warm up and then an offshore breeze. we'll get a quick warm up on saturday and levels off on sunday. 4:51 is the time. an altercation between and an n.
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coming up the alameda county sheriff's deputy says that confrontation has effected his work.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. an alame da county sheriff's deputy is on medical leave after an altercation withent of the to raptors. now an attorney says the deputy suffered a concussion and a serious jaw injury and is
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considering filing a lawsuit against masi ugiri. ugiri tried to join his team on the court but he was not wearing the proper on-court credentials. >> we need to let the oakland police department do their investigation for the simple reason that we don't need anybody saying the investigation was tainted by premature statements, by anyone. >> now investigators questioned witnesses and the sheriff's office hoping to file a report to prosecutors this week. they are also reviewing video from the deputy's body camera, arena surveillance cameras and nearby cellphones. well today, authorities in the dominican republic will release their findings into the shooting of the retired red sox
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star david ortiz. so far 10 people have been arrested. there is speculation that ortiz somehow angered a drug lord or some other organized crime figure. boston just upgraded his condition to good. the san jose sharks captain joe thorough says -- thornton says he wants to play another year with the sharks. he said he plans to meet the team, management, and quote "figure something out for next year." a one year deal. if the sharks and thorton reach a deal this would be thorton's 20th season with the sharks. last night the bats came to life against the o's.
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beau taylor. a 3-run shot in the 4th. then in the 6th the flood gates opened up. robby grossman with a 2-run homer. chris davis one-upped him with a 3-run blast. and the a's rocked the orioles 16-2. today's game starts at 12:37. the giants played the dodgers last night. it was a challenge for bats to get started. he went 7 innings striking out six giants on the other side of the ball. giants allowed 14 hits including a grand slam and home run in the 7th. game 3 of the 4 game series is tonight at 7:10 in l.a. coming up in our 5:00 hour... homicide investigation is under way on skyline boulevard this morning after one homicide already this week. we are on the scene again with what we are learning about a second body found.
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>> and pg&e is paying up. where america's largest utility is sending $1 billion in settlement money after several years of devastating wild fires.
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good morning. san mateo county deputies are on
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the scene of a second homicide in woodside just one day after a man's body was found near skyline boulevard. we're on the scene with a new investigation. >> 5 area freeway shootings in the past 4 days. the latest victim hurt, a 12-year-old girl. what chp is telling ktvu about the latest shooting. >> i stand before you to officially launch my campaign for a second term as president of the united states. >> president trump officially back on the campaign trail and this time with a new slogan. what to expect today as democratic rivals gain momentum in an important swing state. >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on


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