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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 20, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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a rookie police officer killed in line of duty. we are hearing from those who watch her grow up here in the bay area.
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>> officer o'sullivan lived in martinez and was just 26 years old. years old. >> jana katziama has details on what happened. >> officer o'sullivan fulfilled her dream when she graduated from the academy in november and got her badge. >> reporter: hearts were also hurting with the killing of officer tara, on sulran, a rookie who lost her life. >> an incredible person who paid
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the ultimate sacrifice for all last night. at 5:31 pm, officers went to a home in the 200 lock of redwood avenue to stand watch as a woman from an earlier domestic violence call gathered belongings from the house. episode o'sullivan there was with her training officer. police say the suspect, ramos, opened fire. o'sullivan was hit and fell to the ground in the yard. police say the suspect continued to fire as officers tried to evacuate the neighborhood. >> i see gun smoke. so he's shooting at somebody t somebody >> reporter: for nearly 45 excruciating minutes, o'sullivan lay on the ground as nello officers exchanged gunfire and tried to rescue her. police brought in a s.w.a.t. team and an armored vehicle. by 7:00 pm, they managed to take her to the hospital but she died from her
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injuries. court records show several cases involving ramos, including domestic violence charges in 1998, 2008, 2007, and the battery charge last november. >> my heart goes out to her family. she put her life on line for us. >> reporter: the peaceful protecting her community. remembered as those who knew and loved her. >> she was a hero. she's a role model to so many people. 92 and i'm honored to have known her. and i know thatve on in this co. >> reporter: officers have been put on administrative leave.
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>> people who knew the young woman are stunned. woman are stunned. >> reporter: this is o'sullivan in a recruitment video for the scholars program of sacramento state university in 2017. her dream was unfolding when she'd been hired by the administrative division. the college put out a statement saying "we are heartbroken. ." mrafrs are wearing a black ribbon of mourning over their badges. neighbors are devastated that the girl who was so friendly
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could have her life end so quickly. >> very proud of her. >> a wonderful family. and it's a big loss to them. >> outgoing, bubbly, always in a good mood. happy-go-lucky. whatever she wanted to do, she went for it. >> reporter: she joined the martinez police explorers club. police issued this statement. "she'll always be r >> those traits followed her to want to do this job. graduating from sacramento state she's gonna be truly missed. >> reporter: o'sullivan just told them recently everything was going great for her.
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and this had been the happiest time of her life. >> a memorial fund has been established in honor of officer o'sullivan. donations can be made online to the california association of highway patrol credit union. our coverage continues where we will follow the investigation. notorious ion. notorious new developments tonight in the rising tensions in the persian gulf. we're learning president trump approved limited strikes against iranian radar, missile batteries in retaliation for the shootdown of a u.s. drone early this morning. that operation was called off.
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>> reporter: this video shows the moments the drone was hit. teheran is stepping up its claim that the u.s. was inside territorial waters. the air defense system of the revolutionary guard says they shot down an unmanned u.s. aircraft that was violating their national security boundaries. the pen gone released its own map, showing the outside the waters, including when it was shot down. >> i have a feeling it was a mistake made by somebody who that shouldn't have been doing
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what they should. >> reporter: the president, joint chief of staff and cia director. >> we have an unchecked adversary. we must act in a way that does deescalate and does not escalate the situation and the tensions there. >> the president may not intend to go to war here, but we're worried that he and the administration may bumble into a war. >> reporter: the federal aviation administration have put out a notice, banning airmen from flying over the persian gulf and the gulf of oman.
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>> i think in certain ways, he was reluctant. at the same time he got some real hawks on board. they have been really pushing for a more aggressive stance. congress is divided. and i think the united states. the united states. >> that comes with a $130 million price tag. it has the wing span larger than a 737. military says the global hawk is one of its most sophisticated unmanned aircraft. unmanned aircraft.
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stocks made solid gains on wall street. major indexes were up, possibly due to rate cuts from the federal reserve. the s&p reached that record high, 2954. high, 2954. shares of the work messaging platform closed at $26. the tech launched in 2014 and has about ten million active users. another bay area company had an initial public option today. ic option today.
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they want one of their neighbors to remove a large swastika from his front yard. so far that homeowner refuses. uses. >> reporter: he didn't stay hong and he done have much, didn't stay long and didn't have much to stay. he and landscaping have been in the lyme light for a few weeks and the swastika remains. attracting attention. this is what it looks like underneath. a symbol that protest protestors to the town center. >> white nationalism is very much on the rise right now. he's proved that he felt emboldened
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to put that in his front yard across from a jewish family. >> reporter: johnson denies nazi sympathy. and says the concrete display is a tibetan symbol or just a way to kill weeds in his yard. now with community members demand he tear it out, johnson stopped by the protest that was nonxhilths about his fans. >> no comment. >> reporter: johnson has said he's being harassed. his harshest neighborhood critics plan to come to his house with a bulldozer. >> get outta my face. >> reporter: he remains di90. >> their business. they come up in front of my house, that's my business. >> reporter: johnson is a retired welder who was raised in the house he still lives in.
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>> he's not a nazi. >> reporter: those who know him the longest have faced him about the swastika. >> he likes it. for some reason, he likes that symbol. >> but not what it represents. >> no. >> i don't know care what it reps to him. what it represents to most in the community is genocide and bigotry is hatred. >> reporter: they have offered to help johnson take the swastika out. they'll keep pushing back publicly. >> you come together and raise your voice about something, you feel less awful. >> obviously the symbol is on his private propey.enough pressn
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that community, will the city step in in some fashion? >> reporter: this is an unincorporated area. so it's not like there's a city council. they are in contact with the county. checking to see if there's some sort of public nuisance type ordinance. that's still developing. but they hope to avoid any kind of legal battle. a public transit flight on the way.
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the government has awarded bart a $1.2 billion -- blap >> we'll be getting $300 million upfront today, so to speak, to begin our engineering for this project. >> in the future the temand for travel is gonna be such that we can't meet it. >> the project is expected curry
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by 40%. pg&e is seeking $11 million. that comes in a regulatory filing. ng. >> the bonuses will be based on performance. >> checking in on the temperatures from today. we've got numbers that were cooler than yesterday by a few degrees. yesterday was cooler than the day before that. now we go the other way. temperatures start to ramp up the other way. we're gonna warm up. the high from today. 81 in fairfield tomorrow turns into an 87 or 88. antioch the same thing. 5 or 7 degrees. most areas, about 5 degrees.
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warmer day. high pressure settling in. fog having trouble stake itself at the coast. that's a north wind. pushing the fog away from the coast. there will be some patchy fog out there for the most part, we're gonna see it move away. partly cloudy skies. warmer on saturday way high fire danger in the north valley around redding. there's a red flag warning that will go into effect. t. he was killed 14 years ago this week, and the case is still unsolved. a family's plea for withins to step forward. >> and rewriting california's vaccine laws. the legislation to be voted on.
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lawmakers advanced a bill today that would make it more difficult for theres in california to provide students vaccine exemptions. the assembly health committee passed bill 276 after a long and contentious
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hearing. legislation say it is in interests of public health. others say the bill would endanger the lives of their children. >> my son went into an flaktic shock after his vaccine. >> he has to choose between his education and his life. >> the bill heads to the associations committee and then the full assembly. it would require final approval by the governor and will senate. authorities in san mateo county are trying to determine a motive for two deadly stabbings this week. investigators say t the killings took place just 24 hours apart
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at the same remote location. deputies say they arrested the man who tried to drive away from that scene. >> both homicides happened within close proximity of each other and both died from multiple stab wounds. investigators are actively looking into a connection. connection. >> neighbors say he had been dealing with mental health issue issues. family members went to the scene. dozens of dogs quarantined. animal serves trying to contain a highly contagious virus. >> and the warriors select a shooting guard from michigan. rd from michigan. >> up next, a young man gunned down in a case that is still
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the victim's parents feel that someone may have seen this. stan lee is in san leandro after speaking to the parents and investigators. >> reporter: the sheriff's department tells me it has one person of interest and that they need help building a case. tonight the victim's parents tell me they want answers and justice. >> he was our right hand man. he rode with me everywhere i went. >> reporter: this week is particularly painful for the winstons. their son was shot and killed 14 years ago. >> one minut then he was instantly removed from the planet. >> reporter: named after his father, a close relationship from the start as he grew up in east oakland. father and son worked together in the janitorial buses to a
10:31 pm
young girl. abruptly on june 18th, 2005, junior was killed outside a sports bar in unincorporated san leandro. >> it's not something you want to wake up to every day. >> reporter: his son was celebrating a friend's return from iraq at a sports bar. >> i remember it well because i was one of the investigators on his case. >> reporter: he recalls vividly responding to the scene. junior got into an altercation with another man and that man followed him out of the bar and shot him in head. >> this was a very brazen killing in a public place in front of a lot of people. no one had the courage to step forward because they feared retaliation. >> reporter: now the family hopes the passage of time will encourage witnesses to come forward and help ease their pain. >> it's a journey you just want to go to go on.
10:32 pm
>> reporter: she was three when she lost her father. she's now 17. >> no matter how long, i'm not gonna give up. >> the winstons have moved out of the bay area. they will not rest until they get justice for their son. >> amber lee, thank you er lee, thank you two san francisco peace officers will not see chargesr l last year who was firing a gun inside a barbershop full of people. that confrontation happened at a barbershop on geneva avenue. a 21-year-old
10:33 pm
opened fire, causing them to return fire. five people were wounded in that shootout, including a san francisco police officer who was shot in the leg. the ghost ship trial. an oakland fire lieutenant testified today as the defense. >> reporter: oakland fire lieutenant, salvador garcia, showed up in full uniform to testify as a defense witness for max harris. he says he was off-duty in regular clothes when he and his wife attended a christmas pot luck party at the ghost ship warehouse in 2014. the party was thrown for staff at her school. he testified hengs like
10:34 pm
sprinklers and said h feel unsafe in the warehouse. that shows that max harris, a youngster at an art school with no training or experience in firefighting wouldn't have known or appreciated any type of danger. >> reporter: in a rare moment, david gregory who lost his daughter in the fire said he agrees with the defense that garcia and other oakland firefighters who have taken a stand are covering up for the city. >> that fireman lied on the stand to protect the city and the fire department today. he should be ashamed of himself. >> reporter: also on the stand was the teja who said for years the family ignored her complaints about a blocked fire xit and power outages, 13 a day. >> dealing with the family, dealing with electrical issue, fire hazard, being yelled at by the family, being harassed. >> reporter: family members
10:35 pm
aren't testifying because they've asserted their right against self-incrimination. >> having enough courage to show up and testify themselves, this shows what type of people they were. what type of people they were renting for example >> reporter: former tenant olivia and joe rodriguez testified they saw fires inside the foeft ship after they responded to an arson fire outside the building. another man said he saw firefighters dancing on the second floor. the stairs reading upstairs for "rinky" and he wouldn't even call them stairs. a virus at a bay area animal shelter. >> looking f weekend. we've got some weather i think you're gonna like. warming up in time for saturday and sunday.
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it's not a matter of it being a pharmacy. it's also the need of a people in the neighborhood. and the impact will be irreversible. >> we reached out to walgreens for comment but have not heard back. the animal services shelter has been quarantined following an outbreak. five dogs at that shelter have the sickness and others have been isolated to prevent the flu from spreading. dog flu is most dangerous for puppy, older talks, and canines who are already sick. deaths are
10:40 pm
rare. common symptoms include sneezing, nasal discharge and frequent coughing. >> it is a highly contagious illness. we are worried about it getting out in community. members of the public, if you haven't vaccinated your dog, it's not a bad idea to do so. it decreases the setting. eases the setting. >> oakland animal serves need people to foster quarantined dogs at their homes over the next month. the shelter is asking the public to not bring dogs to the facility. the site contains a number of historic buildings near the golden gate bridge. the proposal did not include the cost of relocating the park police from
10:41 pm
their current offices. s. hundreds of bay area soccer fans gathered along san francisco's embarcadero today to cheer on team usa in the world cup. >> mark will be up later on in this show and have more on today's game. game. coming up next, sobering words from san jose's police chief following the shooting death of a young officer. >> this not just fun and games. this is a harsh reality for this profession. >> his message to new recruits as officers mourn a fallen colleague. >> a look outside near the oakland estware today. are today. we're the slowskys.
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ashley smith is live at san jose police headquarters. the chief had a sobering message today for new recruits.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: san jose police are flying flags at half-staff today. no one personally in the department new officer o'sullivan but they didn't have to. hearing about the news of an officer killed in the line of duty never gets easier. recruit lined up for the>> something onf every police officer in the state today. it's not just fun and games. it's a harsh reality for this profession. >> reporter: 125 miles north in sacramento, police officer o'sullivan was helping a woman following a domestic dispute when a man inside the home shot and killed her. she just graduated from the academy in december.
10:46 pm
six months prior, just five months into the job. 22-year-old officer natally corona was killed in davis during a traffic stop. >> reporter: born and raised in south africa, officer lindenberg graduated from the academy around the same time o'sullivan graduated in sacramento. the 28-year-old responds to similar domestic calls. the >> in this line of work. >> reporter: officer diana greer came from florida. she says more female officers are entering the profession. >> she became the victim of the ultimate sacrifice. she decided to protect a family and she was taken.
10:47 pm
>> we have to have officers going out on the street again today. >> reporter: this is video of garcia's pep talk to recruits. he says even in tragedy they have a job to do, and he hopes to make o'sullivan proud. >> today we'll go out there again to take guns off the streets, criminals off the streets, and put smiles on our community members' faces. why? because that's what we do. >> reporter: a sizeable contingent of officers from san jose police will likely go to the funeral since sacramento is not too far away. . in santa clara coyne, asians make up 38% of the population.
10:48 pm
followed by white, 31%, and hispanic people, 25%. black people and other ethnic groups made up 4%. in alameda county, asians made up 41.1% of the population. population. >> tomorrow, friday. then the weekend. this system right in here i'm kinda watching. this system in the great basin is moving off. and that was the system that brought us the cooler weather the last two days. including today. now that system is gone. or leaving quickly. and you can kinda see it spreading out into the
10:49 pm
mid-side of the country. the low leaves and the high builds we're seeing the winds speed up the fog a little bit at the coast. the north valley for winds. patchy fog in daley city right now. fog tomorrow morning. shouldn't be as much. shouldn't be as hearty. trnl you're looking at sunshine, probably by 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. maybe befor that.rday is not a d patch was fog. you'll see a little bit of sun out there. temperatures francisco will peak around 70 degrees. kind of downtown. south of market, you might just with 73. mostly sunny skies.
10:50 pm
nice-looking bay area friday. start the weekend early because the weather is gonna be nice. this is tomorrow. 80s, regular 90s. mostly about upper 80s in the hotspots tomorrow. look at this yellow, 70s right to coast. not a bad plan tomorrow. 60s at the coast in san francisco. patchy fog. winds will be blowing offshore there. you get a pretty good clearinghe tomorr. warmer on saturday and sunday's not bad either. temperatures, pretty nice. saturday is the peak temperature heat day on the weekend. >> thank you. how about swimming in a pool where lady gaga and hollywood's golden age celebrities dipped
10:51 pm
their toes? the foundation at hurst castle is offering the iconic pool. members can take a swim in the neptune pool or the indoor roman pool. coming up in sports tonight, the warriors select a student guard from michigan with their first round pick in the nba draft. mark will introduce us to jordan poole next. a warning about large package from marin county was intercepted all the way in kentucky. alright boys, time for bed.
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10:55 pm
6'5", 20 years old. one draft expert said he's got a natural feel for the game. creative, got a swagger. can be selfish at times which isn't necessarily a bad thing because you gotta create your own shots in the nba. he's ready to go with the youngster. youngster. >> the warriors are an amazing team. and they're one of those teams that can be able to shoo the three-ball. finding a way to come in, make an knack, and beingaible to learn from the guys is something i'm definitely excited for. the 39, he a project, power forward, could play with santa cruz last year. the first to go with eric pascal out of villanova. and with the 50th pick, a little ivy leaguer coming on. a forward.
10:56 pm
meantime, you will knew who the no. 1 pick was gonna be. no surprise there at all. commissioner making the announcement. to the surprise of nobody. pelicans are relative because they have that young man. he will ride in as the white knight. appropriately dressed. zion williamson followed in the draft. the first three. ja morant out of murray state. guard picked by the grizzlies. no surprises there. and zion's testimony out of duke. go to the new york knicks. there you go. do ina the fall. a miracle.5 finish in the baseball bay area squads tonight. the a's pull theirs off. the giants, tomorrow. to the coliseum tonight. a ho-hum game for the ball boy. he is charged with an error.
10:57 pm
the nonchalant grab. scoreless into 5th inning. profar for the a's hits one high and gone. his tenth of the year. a one-0 lead which didn't last long. montes, gave it up there to tommy pham, and in the 9th inning, tampa scoring three. they go up one. matt chapman, ticket to ride. that is the walk-off. you see how excited the a's are. heading into the 9th, trailing 4-1. they leave 5 had 4 winners. chapman, hi17th home run. and there's that hot streak we've been waiting for. seven of nine. max munns will get it out of the ocean. rehatch with madison bumgarner. everybody anticipating it. nobody in the restroom at this point.
10:58 pm
and munsie hits a bomb with an rbi shot to right. and the dodgers are off and running. and for matt bum, eventually knocked out, went from bad to worse. a 4-run for the dodgers. but the giants valiantly fight back. mike yastrzemski with a shot gone to help close the gap. giants score times. big hit. verdoingo plays around with it out there. by the time he comes up with it, two runs are in. but the giants just fall shy, 9-8. that is a game we could talk about for about 15 minutes. meantime, how can you lose when you don't even give up a goal?
10:59 pm
just three minutes in, off a corner kick megan ruppino. it's a low-liner. lindsey horan will wind up doing big business with it. and you see the replay. and it's one-nil. an the 50th minute, still the same score. heath toward the net. quick little score, 2-nil. usa tops their fwrup at 3 and 0. they haven't given up a goal. they are moving of they will take on spain on monday. team u.s. athe champs, the favorites. we'll have everything later on. he was that kinda person that i want to protect me and to protect my family. >> remembering a hero gone too soon. sacramento police and many others are honoring officer tara o'sullivan. tara o'sullivan.
11:00 pm
>> she was a 26-year-old only out of the police academy for six months. >> o'sullivan was born and raised here in the bay area. she worked as a sacramento police officer. loved ones call her passionate and hardworking. jana katziama has what we've learned about the domestic violence call that led to her death and the latest on the suspect. >> the suspect was booked into jail about 6:00 this morning. he


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