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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 21, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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fear tonight among bay area immigrant families. reports of immigration sweep set for sunday to arrest and deport undocumented families. if you are fearing for your safety and your family's safety on when your life here can suddenly change. the roundup is expected to target 2000
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people with deportation orders in 10 major metro areas including the san francisco bay area. good evening everyone. on monday of this week trump warranted the raids were coming and pledged to deport millions of americans. amber joins us with reaction from local leaders and immigrant families. >> reporter: there is a lot of fear. the acting director said there is no direction for the agency. the plants action is a continuation of existing policy. the bay area sanctuary cities including oakland are pushing back. latino culture is probably displayed in oakland's fruitvale neighborhood. that pride is now clouded in apprehension over news immigration and customs enforcement is set to conduct sweeps and deport undocumented families. alayna is a lp of her daughter who translated. both did not want to show their faces. said depressed scared.
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>> reporter: the mother of four works as a janitor. three of her children were born in the u.s. so they are citizens. she fears she will be separated from them. she is anxious about pending ice actions. the>> she's going to stay at home. she's not going to go out. being afraid of being deported. you are fearing for your safety and your family safety. on when your life here can suddenly change. >> reporter: she was undocumented until about three years ago. when she was granted a u visa because she was the victim of a crime. she has family members who are undocumented.>> you have to be careful o i want to assure the members of my community to not panic. >> reporter: oakland mayor libby schaaf is advising immigrants to know their rights.
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isis acting director's that the upcoming operation is expected to target about 2000 people in 10 regions. who have already received deportation orders. no one is instilling fear in anyone. this is about the rule of law and maintaining integrity of the system. >> reporter: the mayor said oakland police will not be aiding with ice operations. the police department is aware of our policies that prohibit them from supporting in any way. >> reporter: immigration attorney say they are on standby with hotlines for people to call. and plans to respond as needed. everyone has due process rights. most people are here to work hard and contribute to the economy. and just to create a better life for their family.>> reporter: one family members are arrested they will likely be moved to detention centers until they are able to obtain the necessary travel documents. when there are children involved to a u.s. the distance appearance will be fitted with an ankle bracelet and be allowed to stay with that child
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temporarily. officials say no one wants a situation where a child is left alone. many activists are saying know your rights going into this weekend. advocates say up to 250 migrant children are facing dire conditions in u.s. customs and border protection facilities in texas. doctors lawyers and advocates interview children who have been detained in clint texas near el paso for weeks. they say virtually all the unaccompanied children they sought were sick. children were filthy barely cold and did not have access to soap in the bathrooms. we are seeing sick children. we see dirty children. we see hungry children. the attorney say they see children as young as eight years old at the care for infants.
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they inspected the facility under a legal agreement that covers detention conditions for migrant children. the head of customs and border protection said emergency funding is needed for the health and well-being of migrants crossing the border. trump said he called off military strikes on iran because the casualties will be disproportionate. to the shootdown of an unmanned u.s. drone. is that sanctions meant to bring iran to the negotiating table are having an impact. live in washington with more on the last minute decision.>> reporter: fox news has learned from 2 senior trump ministration officials they are maintaining the military option at all times including through the weekend. the president said he called off the military strike after learning 150 iranians would have died.>> they shut down an unmanned drone plane whatever you want to call it. here we are sitting with 150 dead people. i did not like it. i did not think
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>> reporter: u.s. defense officials tell fox news b-52 bombers had not taken off before the president canceled. there were air force and navy fighter jets flying and ready to strike in addition to warships with tomahawk cruise missiles. this retaliation strike is on the shelf. i don't believe it will happen. given the decision he made and why he made that decision.>> reporter: if u.s. personnel have been killed his response would be much different. that almost happened. i ran now says it could also shut down a reconnaissance plane with 35 people on board. if these attacks continue there needs to be a military response. that doesn't mean invading iran. >> reporter: democrats are adamant about congressional approval for military force. speaker pelosi stressed de- escalation. these increased tensions with iran come at a key time for the pentagon. acting secretary defense patrick shanahan step down friday.
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he will be replaced by army secretary mark esper on monday. friday evening donald trump officially nominated esper to become the next secretary of defense. that will require senate approval. 4 people were shot in a drive-by shooting in richmond this evening. it was reported at around 6:30 pm on the 14th street near pennsylvania avenue. the bullets were fired from a vehicle that was moving at the time toward people on the street. all victim suffered non-life- threatening injuries. it is unknown how many people were in the vehicle where the shots originated. police have not provided a description of the vehicle or said if there have been arrest. law enforcement officers and members of the public paid respects today to the young sacramento police officer killed in the line of duty. there was a procession as the body of officer o'sullivan was taken from the coroner's office in sacramento area funeral home.
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officers lined parts of their routes and where they are to meet the procession when it reached a elk grove for your home. o'sullivan was shot and killed on a domestic violence call in north sacramento wednesday. such a young life. doing so much good. cared about her community. to have her loss this way is heartbreaking. details about o'sullivan's funeral service have not been announced. there will be a vigil for officer o'sullivan as sacramento state sunday at 8 pm. she graduated from the school law enforcement candidate scholars program. service will be held at the outdoor theater adjacent to the library. the suspect in the case ramos was charged with murder today. the 45-year-old will make his first court appearance monday. the sacramento district attorney filed murder charges along with this special circumstances. which brings potential of the death penalty. to use the baseball umpire who has worked with children
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throughout the bay area has been arrested on child pornography charges. morgan hill police say graham was part of a nationwide social media group for uploading child pornography. he was a baseball umpire for high school kids in santa cruz. he worked in san francisco at the edgewood center for children and families as a nighttime supervisor. the man police say stab two people in san mateo and the very same spot 24 hours apart is out of the hospital and in jail. both victims died. henry tells us the suspect was charged with two counts of murder is a special circumstance that could bring the death penalty.>> reporter: malique is charged with capital murder for allegedly killing two men near the same spot along skyline boulevard in san mateo county. invest get a say they know who was responsible but they don't know why this happened.>> so far we have not found a connection between these three men. it might just be random killer for the motive of killing. >> reporter: the district attorney charged him with two
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counts of murder and a special circumstance of allegedly committing more than one murder. he said his mental status could come into play. we know through talking with people who knew him he was certainly strange and had issues. truly to know the depth of the mental health issues that is going to be one of the focuses of his attorneys when he gets an attorney. in my office. >> reporter: on tuesday sheriff deputy found the body of along highway 35. after the suspect apparently requested a ride. i learned the suspects fled the scene. only to return to the same spot 24 hours later as detectives were combing the area for evidence. detectives heard screams for help from the second victim. a tow truck driver. he soon died at the scene. 40 say the suspect drove a bmw tour detectives prompting them to open fire. the suspect crashed and was arrested. earlier the evening after other companies told him they had no trucks available. he called
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requesting a tow truck. saying that his car had broken down. up there. he was very nice. very polite. he sounded normal. the company ended up sending. we did not know that john was going up there. he was offered the call he was available. otherwise we would have sent someone else. could've been anybody. literally it could have been anybody.>> reporter: enriquez gonzales work with the victim and said his colleague by yelling for help in alerting deputies might have prevented other killings. he stopped this. he was the one to stop it. >> reporter: he is being held without bail. he is due in court monday for arraignment. billions of dollars to help pg&e handle wildfires. they might be responsible for. the plan the governor unveiled today. first day of summer and right on cue a warming trend got underway. a look at what you can expect
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for the weekend ahead coming up. sewage spills toxic weather played a east bay lake. a park official tells us if it is safe for swimmers. we are following breaking news out of san leandro. a commercial building is engulfed in flames. the roof has collapsed. we have a crew on the scene preparing for a live report coming up. i've been waiting my whole life for this. ♪ you ready? are you? ♪ woo. ♪
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the government announced a plan that would help pg&e deal with future wildfire liabilities. he proposed a multibillion- dollar wildfire fund to help california utilities cover claims while also helping shield ratepayers in the companies themselves. pg&e would not have access to the financing into the company resolves claims from the 2017 and 2018 wildfire seasons. and emerges from bankruptcy. the companies must agree to some concessions. including tying executive pay to safety performance. utilities would also have to form a safety committee. make billions of dollars in safety upgrades and comply with wildfire mitigation plans. the governor said he hopes to present the plan to lawmakers and make a deal by mid-july. doesn't the protesters
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gathered outside of pg&e san francisco omt. the names of wildfire victims were read aloud. pg&e shareholders into the building. the protesters also brought large signs detailing the financial impact of pg&e fires. blasting the company for its bankruptcy filing. pg&e is a criminal corporation time and again. they have caused harm to the people of california. they keep getting bailed out. >> it is a huge insult to injury. we really need to hold them accountable. for the deaths that they caused and the destruction as well. we should not have to foot the bill for them. pg&e did not allow cameras inside the meeting and refused our request for an interview. the shoes represent each of the lives taken at the campfire last year. the company said it sent inspectors to high-risk fire areas and preparing more the 1000 issues found on
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transmission lines and distribution poles. a popular lake and oakland reopened to swimming just in time for the first day of summer. lake temescal was close because of a sewage spill. the latest problem that his fourth a series of closures.>> reporter: summers splashing is just starting. at lake lake temescal . we are super excited.>> reporter: this open hotspot is open for swimming. a place she has been coming for decades. this is the best public swimming place in the area. in my book. it is beautiful. >> reporter: in recent years it has been closed. troubles caused by algae stormwater runoff and sewage spills. in april vandalism calls a broken pipe to spew more than 22,000 gallons. records show if load for five days from thorndale drive down to the lake. should people be worried about going into the water? absolutely not. we have a rigorous testing program.
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take our public safety and health seriously. >> reporter: the east bay regional park district said it close the lake immediately. open posted signs warning of the sewage spill. it is an ongoing problem that has plagued the lake because of the city's aging and structure. do you actually know how many thousands of gallons of sewage into the lake? >> do not. it is estimated by the city of oakland. >> reporter: last year we found oakland allowed 250,000 gallons of sewage to overflow onto streets and into waterways. the epa even find the city a quarter million dollars letting the toxic water flow into the bay. still it hasn't stopped some from venturing into lake temescal . >> they love being in the water. it makes it useful to me to pack up the car and drive down here and have a place that feel
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safe where they can come and swim and have fun.>> reporter: earlier this month high levels of e. coli forced the lake to close. for four days. the reason for the high levels is not known. i shower thoroughly afterwards. i have had a rash or 2.>> reporter: the park district test the water twice a week. instead it is now safe. we have done a lot. this is a beautiful lake. this is a gem. i don't want to do it a disservice by telling people they should not swim here. they absolutely should.>> reporter: making regulars like mr. ahern refreshed. and in his mind worth the risk. okay. it is an okay day. an okay day in the water.
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breaking news we told you about earlier in the newscast. a massive fire at a commercial building right now and san leandro. firefighters are battling the blaze. the fire has led to a roots collapse and east fourteenth street and george away. we have live pictures we want to show you in a moment. that is the video you see some of those flames. and also we know deborah is on the scene. she will have a live report coming up shortly. we want to show you live pictures. i think we have deborah coming up now. can you hear us? >> reporter: i can. we just got done talking to fire chief and got details about the fire. you can see this three alarm fire is very active. they have contained it to the building of origin. that is the good news. it has not spread beyond. but it is still an active firefight. they are taking a defensive posture. you can see on the aerial they are spraying the water from above. here at the street level.
10:20 pm
because it is too dangerous to be in the building. this call came in just before 8:30 pm. it came in as a 911 call. there was no explosion that we are aware of. when they arrived it was fully engulfed. starting in the attic of this building where there is in a post race the shop. because of the upholstery shop having so much material machinery fabric. a heavy fire load is how he describes it. it was immediately fully engulfed in a very difficult fire them to fight. as soon as the roof became unstable they had to pull out just for their safety. the portions of the roof were already falling. that is why crews came out. took this defensive posture. that is how they are keeping it right now. there are no injuries at this point. there are no evacuations. we are in the downtown area. only about a half-mile from city hall. it is a busy area. during the daytime certainly. but less so at night with many
10:21 pm
been businesses close. that is the scene here. the chief said he expects they will be out here for many more hours. because there is still active fire. take a look up here. active fire on the roof. a lot of very hot materials. still burning. fortunately no wind is out here tonight. that would add a whole other layer of damage of danger. it is calm and relatively cool. he doesn't seem too concerned about is spreading through downtown. this building certainly with the upholstery store would appear to be a total loss. this is 20 george away. on international boulevard. 14th and george away. the roof collapse. we will continue to keep telling the story and have an update later on. as we get into the weekend we are going to see a heightened
10:22 pm
fire danger. we don't have any advisors in place here in through the first weekend of take a look and you can still see the golden gate bridge. not a lot of fog. only a few patches along the coastline. livermore 68 degrees which is 10 degrees warmer right now than 24 hours ago. most felt the warm up today. who else is a lot warmer at this time? concorde up by 10. sent karlos of by 5. happens half moon bay little bit cooler. we do have this north flow in place that will continue to drive temperatures up for tomorrow. and going to continue to dry us out just a bit more. 57 to start your morning tomorrow in oakland. 56 san francisco. low 60s for the inner east bay areas like antioch. the for for you. the afternoon high for tomorrow coming up another 5 to 10 degrees.
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the details on the afternoon highs what you can expect for the rest of the weekend and a cooling trend and the extended forecast coming up. celebrating silicon's valleys best and brightest. we take it to tonight's entrepreneur of the year awards. you will hear what candidates say about silicon valley's changing landscape. a giant outfielder had a record-setting night in his team debut against the diamondbacks tonight. we will have the highlights of this historic game later on. a report of the silicon valley transportation authority. why is being called the most expensive and least efficient transit agency in the country. i, i think i'm as ready as i can be.
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scathing new report the last thing valley transportation authority is the most expensive and least efficient and the entire country. the 61 page documents that the vta is too big and too political to make financial decisions. the vta board is in need of a structural change to better protect taxpayers. teresa o'neill was appointed the board chairwoman. she is also a councilwoman for the city of santa clara. there are too many directors. they should not have conflicts of interest as being city councilmembers or supervisors. their primary responsibility is to represent those cities in the county. we have a unique model. of a governing board of transit agency. we should really look at what other transit agencies around the country are doing.
10:27 pm
the report comes as vta braces for a possible strike by drivers. and train operators. the governor has appointed bart's first inspector general. harriet richardson. the position is meant to provide more oversight of the transit agency's finances and hold bart officials accountable for safety and cleanliness. richardson has decades of experience and government oversight with several bay area agencies. at the orinda station we asked writers with a think of an inspector general. i think it is a terrific idea. i think a lot of people won't ride the bart because of some things going on including. i take bart on a daily basis. i think that will be a great idea for someone to focus more on the concerns and make it better and safer. richardson will apstpointme bart is beginning a $3.5 billion upgrade of his transit system. a unique housing solution
10:28 pm
aimed at helping people who live out of arby's. people live in a safe secure regulated environment. it is so much better than when they are living in an unregulated one. how the city is making sure the parking lot is safe for those living there and the neighborhood around it. a black-tie banquet brings northern california businesses to silicon valley for the entrepreneur of the year award. we will tell you what they say about what it takes to succeed during business in 2019.
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a big gallop celebration in silicon valley honoring one is a topper jump in error of the year awards. live from the fairmont hotel in san jose. the post awards reception is underway. it is a party down here in silicon valley. i talked with some of the winners tonight about what it is like to do business here. whether the bay area still a magnet for entrepreneurs. some of the challenges. turning out and tuxedos and evening gowns them in northern california surprised brightest business mine met for the on interpreter of the year award. lis from. were chosen from hundreds of nominees.
10:32 pm
our finalists they are really passionate about a bigger purpose. impacting their communities. >> reporter: hi and tequila it is about making a difference in some of mexico's smallest towns. less than 1500 people. we are the main employer in town. a combination of responsibility. >> reporter: some say cities and other parts of the nation have been, growing tech hubs. silicon valley in the bay area are so critical for many to find top talent. one finalist ceo wearing a three d-printed ties that he moved his 3-d printing start up here from north carolina. to be in silicon valley must be what it was like to be in florence during the renaissance. bringing data and technology and new thinking the industries that have been run more or less the same way for decades or centuries.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: finalist rheubin founded on medical and apt to connect customers and care providers. we have people who say to themselves i think that is a great idea. even though it has never been done before. it is challenging. i would like to join that. this environment and the bay area is special. >> reporter: these entrepreneurs say they recognize it can come with cost. higher housing costs and tech inequality. some say they're looking for how to use their products to help. help to get more efficient on homebuilding. understanding where pockets of economic benefit and not our. >> reporter: former google executive heidi set for those who want to breakthrough in business taking risks as part of the job. take the plunge. you are never going to regret trying. because the worst that can happen is you learn a lot. and it doesn't work out. that is not a bad thing. >> reporter: a celebration of
10:34 pm
courage judged on innovation financial performance and customer impact. people working to make a difference. tonight there were 10 winners. those finalist who once beat will go on to compete in a national competition. you can see the party is still going on. many entrepreneurs say it was just wonderful to be recognized. they are joining some finalists howard schultz of starbucks. speaking of the jobs in silicon valley figures show the bay area created more than half of the new jobs in the state last month. the employment development department that the state added 19,400 jobs in may. the bay area accounted for 10,300 of those. i merrily in san francisco and the south bay. the statewide unemployment rate to down to 4.2% from 4.3% in
10:35 pm
april. stocks decline on wall street but still ended with a third week of gains. dow jones was off by 34 points. the nasdaq losing 19 points. the s&p was down three points. ager indices are up more than 7% this month. investors were insured by indications the fed is prepared to lower interest rates. toys "r" us could be making a comeback in time for the christmas shopping season. they closed more than 700 stores last year after filing for bankruptcy in 2017. a group of lenders who own the rights to the name are setoen a in time for the holiday season. stores will reportedly be about one third of the size of the old toys "r" us stores. the city of oakland has launched a pilot program to deal with the hundreds of rv parking overnight on city streets. the city has begun moving rvs into a designated parking lot near the colosseum that has security and sanitation.>>
10:36 pm
reporter: here in the shadow of the oakland coliseum a half- dozen rvs now sit in the city owned parking lot with round- the-clock security running water a porta potty and counseling services. i've been here about a week. it is a pretty good deal. >> reporter: rick martin is one of the rb dwellers who moved in a few days ago. he had been on 85th avenue a few blocks away. he said it isn't safe there. i have to go to work sometimes. she is at home by herself. these guys are breaking in cars. all kinds of stuff.>> reporter: moving here is much better. safety and security. it is free. about the oakland mayor unveiled the new initiative today called arby's safe parking. we are excited to be doing something. to alleviate the impact on the residence of east oakland. as well as to improve the safety security and hygiene for
10:37 pm
our neighbors who due to this housing crisis are forced to live in these rvs. the plan is to expand the community to 30 rvs and perhaps as many as 50. only rvs that have been camped on 85th and east avenue will be invited to move into the lot which should alleviate problems for the neighborhood. one man who works near the lots and who asked us not to show his face wonders if the city is just fixing a problem in one area by creating a new one in another place. there will always be a percentage of population involved in drugs. my concern is that as it gets populated those activities will spill over into the surrounding area. when people live in a safe secure regulated environment. it is so much better than when they are living in a unregulated one. >> reporter: oakland has hundreds of rvs parked on the streets. officials say if all goes well they expect to open two more rv parking lots at the end of
10:38 pm
summer. a part in the south bay is trying to improve its image. the changes made and why some say they might be sending the wrong message. a jump in temperatures this afternoon. as we get into the weekend. the warming trend continues. what you what you can expect coming up. a woman accuses the president of sexual assault. how he is responding to the allegations. continued to watch for the breaking news out of san leandro. firefighters are battling a building fire on george away. at east fourteenth street. these ally pictures we are looking at at the firefight. so far no reports of injuries. we will have a live update coming up on the 11 pm news. we're the slowskys.
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president trump is denying more allegations of sexual assault wrought by a well-known advice column is. e. jean carroll road in new york magazine in 1995 the president her in a dressing room at a bergdorf's department store. she will and advice column for years. she said she told two friends about the assault but t of fear the president today denied carol's allegations saying i've never met this person in my life. she is trying to sell a new
10:42 pm
book that you indicate her motivation. it should be sold in the fiction section. the president's claim about never having met carol appears to be untrue. a photo accompanying the article in new york magazine shows trump alongside engaged in a conversation with carol. at least 15 women have come forward to accuse the president of sexual assault. the president has denied all the allegations. missouri's only abortion clinic will continue to perform abortions for now. in spite of her refusal for officials to renew the license. a judge a temporary injunction and place along the planned parenthood in st. louis to continue performing abortions. while he decides whether the state can stop the clinic from performing the procedure. it is not clear when the judge will make a final decision. planned parenthood said the fight is far from over. planned parenthood's doors remain open. today is a victory for women to be able to access the kind of medical care that they and their health professionals need and deserve. missouri's governor signed
10:43 pm
a law making abortions after eight weeks illegal in may. before many women become aware they are pregnant. a person who has an abortion after eight weeks could be charged with a felony. thousands of protesters took to the streets of hong kong for the third time this week. they were speaking out against a controversial extradition bill. they will send some criminal suspects to mainland china for prosecution. the law has sparked fears of political prosecutions and unfair trials. today protesters blocked the entrance to hong kong's police headquarters to demand the release of dozens who were arrested in last week's riots. officials say they expect more protest in the coming days. yoga concert and movies are coming to. that might sound like good news. some say it is not as far as they are concerned. why advocates say isn't a bad message to the homeless who lived there. a pleasant weekend is on the way. rosemary will have to complete bay area forecast coming up.
10:44 pm
♪ you ready? are you? ♪ woo. ♪
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a series of events is planned at san jose st. james park this summer. geared toward families and people who work downtown. as it gets worries about the message being sent to homeless people who sleep in the park.>> reporter: this weekend the homeless in st. james park in san jose will make way for this.
10:47 pm
dog yoga. otherwise known as. i've never heard of that. that is something crazy. >> reporter: will play host to a series of activities. but concerts movies and wrestling. san jose officials say it is a way to get office workers and families to come out to a park they avoid. >> very homeless heavy. they don't tend to bother anybody that i have noticed. but it is not a place you want to hang out when something bigger wasn't happening.>> reporter: events have worked well for san jose. music in the park started in 1989 and helped energize. officials want that the st. james park. redevelopment plans have been in the works here for several years.>> it is downtown. we want to make sure it is safe is what >> reporter: officials stress everyone is welcome. but homeless advocates fear they send a message to the homeless nonetheless. just
10:48 pm
like they want all of san jose. they keep raising the rent and they just keep raising the bar. for the people that have the money and have the ability to stay here. >> reporter: he has been told by park officials to steer clear of the summer celebrations. the homeless go somewhere else before this event starts. sometimes the homeless are upset. they will sit there. eventually they get up and walk all. >> reporter: he said he likes to stay.>> i stay here on the bench. i just watch. >> reporter: dog yoga is every second and fourth sunday. there are wine and craft nights and some lunch time activities during the week. the events is st. james park run through august 29. temperatures this afternoon ranging from the upper 60s at the coast to upper 80s inland. continuing to climb into the first weekend of summer.
10:49 pm
a look at the afternoon highs today. 5 to 10 biggest 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. 56 in san francisco. 72 oakland. 85 for concorde. the afternoon 79 over areas of san jose. getting into the evening hours still hard to find the fog. we had low pressure move through earlier in the week. it brought temperatures down. we had clouds overhead. that has moved to the east. high-pressure will take over for the coming weekend. that northerly flow that is already set up is helping to chew away the fog and drive the temperatures it is also drying us out just a bit. the national weather service in sacramento issued a red flag warning for parts of the valley that will go through part of the weekend. for us no advisories. we will be warmer and dryer. you can see that upper-level flow in there. we have just a localized seabreeze that will help keep temperatures comfortable.
10:50 pm
the high-pressure and control is going to compress the marine layer. push it all the way down. tomorrow morning likely to wake up with areas of fog. it may be just along the coastline. just inside the bay. it is not going to be far inland. take a look at the future's model. we get into the overnight hours. you don't see a whole lot. a little bit tomorrow morning. trying to form around monterey. will have patchy fog around the bay area. it is not going to be much. we will be mostly sunny for the afternoon and into the evening. with the stormtrack to the north. it was a look at the forecast lowe's for tomorrow morning. about sunrise we bought him out 56 san francisco. 57 oakland. upper 50s concorde. low 60s antioch. into the afternoon 75 s. salida. upper 80s in the bottle. low 90s santa rosa. for the east bay low 80s. low 90s walnut creek. into the south bay in nice one san jose upper 80s expected. upper 80s saratoga. 77 santa cruz.
10:51 pm
sepsis go tomorrow 73. both 70s pacifica. 5 to ghs. tahoe is going to be gorgeous 70 degrees tomorrow. 77 sunday. the extended forecast here at home holding steady on sunday. coming up in sports the giants outfielder had a record- setting night in his team debut against the diamondbacks. mark will have the highlights at this historic game next. we are continuing to follow the large fire at a commercial building in san leandro. these ally pictures of the firefight happening right now. a live report from the scene coming up live at 11 pm. alright boys, time for bed.
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sports director is joining us now. not really a great day for that a's. a better one for the giants. let's get the bad news out the way. for the a's this space frankie montas suspended for performance enhancing drugs. he said he bought it over the counter. major league baseball disagrees. and 80 game suspension. basically the end of his the ball game. moments. provided by bring your dog to
10:55 pm
the ballgame promotion. that is always a nice site. the a's never get unleashed. the rays lead and led from the get go. brandon with a shot to deep center. the ball gets away on the relay. it is a 1-0 lead for the tampa rays. keep the dogs coming. they were the best highlights. except for this. ramon with a launch of his 12th home run. matt olson went deep. 3-2 the a's trail. down for-2 the a's in the bottom of the six. with a gap her. it looks like chris davis will be able to wheel it around. and beat the throw. he does not. he is a goner at the plate. that is as good as it would get. except. with your best friend. there is the final 5-3. the a's never do it over on tampa. the giants know the old
10:56 pm
saying you never get a second chance to get make a first impression. talk about this guy. dickerson. remember that. how about remember this. your first scoop of h open wide enough. second ending in arizona. kevin pilar rocks one about 420. deep and gone a two run shot. is ninth. here is dickerson in the third. bases loaded. that is about 450 feet. a grand slam in his a debut. the third guy ever to do that. barry bonds and brandon crawford the only others in the giants franchise history. here is the more rbis. shot to right. two more runs they will score. a big night for kevin pilar. the night belongs to the sky. 29-year-old dickerson. had a single. the homer you saw. in this triple to left-center.
10:57 pm
six rbis. most for a giant in his debut ever. arizona. it is all about pool time for them. this guy dickerson is the 10th leftfielder the giants have used this year. he helps get them over. the good old boys on the nascar circuit going for moonshine. so white wine for the. in sonoma this weekend. a little twist for this year's event. the last 21 years they have used a shorter track. this time a little longer. they had a carousel which puts a couple plunges on the course from turned four down through five and six. hamlin a veteran driver. loves the road race. it is like being able to go out in the city and run from the cops. you go as fast as you can left and right. only opportunity to be able to.
10:58 pm
you just go and trto go as fast as you can. it sounds like he has run a little moonshine in his day. great day for cow as they add a new basketball coach for the women's program. she just has to look of a winner. sharman smith replacing lindsay gottlieb who moved on to the nba as an assistant with the cleveland cavaliers. smith is a former player. former assistant in the program. she is no dummy. she has 2 engineering degrees. from stanford. welcome the new coach who could probably figure out some nice strategy. friday night the video time to check this out. one of the all-time greats he will be in the hall of fame someday. albert pool holes goes back to st. louis where he had some of his best days. he is welcome by the cardinal fans. the best baseball fans in the league. check it out.
10:59 pm
that is a classy welcome from the fans in st. louis. haven't been there since 2011. it's a hug from molina. great day all along. look at this. big-league. he is already got the bad slip going. tell me he hasn't seen that. on tv. they don't count as role models. that tells you they are watching. that is all worth checking out. that is the sporting life. it is time for more news. next at 11 pm. we are at three alarms which is 15 engines trucks a re fensive mode. commercial building in san leandro goes up in flames. firefighters are working to control the flames. firefighters doing their
11:00 pm
best to keep the fire from spreading. thank you for joining us at 11. the building in question houses a furniture store along with other businesses. the blazes reported at about 8:30 pm at the building on east fourteenth street. and george away. we get the latest developments from deborah. she is live at the scene with an update.>> reporter: we are to and a half hours in to a very aggressive firefight. take a look. a 60-year-old business in san leandro. appears to be a total loss. what is burning for the most part is an upholstery georgia a east fourteenth street. the heart of downtown san leandro. neighbors identify it is not up no word on how the business caught fire.


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