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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  June 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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jumped over the fence to escape from her husband who was chasing her. police say the gunman was found in the side yard of the house after he killed 4 people including family members and himself. san jose police wrapped up the crime scene monday afternoon in what has been called one of the worst killings in the city's history. investigators say around 8:40 sunday night, a gunman shot >> reporter: people and himself at a home on habbitts court and south san jose . >> i took gunshots and took my child and my wife into the master bedroom and hid. >> reporter: one man was in his backyard and heard a argument before 5 to 6 shots rang out next-door. he says his neighbor jumped the fence into his yard because she was being chased by her husband . >> the wife jump the fence and ran into my house. then she locked the door in my kids room while we were in the master bedroom. then i ran outside and closed all the doors. then i saw him asking or
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looking for his wife. >> reporter: police say the gunman's wife, daughter and niece were able to escape and reported the suspect had a handgun to shoot several people inside. police used a haircut to rescue a man and woman from the home who had been shot at least once each. they later died at the hospital. using flash bangs, police eventually entered the home around 1:00 monday morning and say they found two women relatives of the gunman, dead and say the gunman was found dead in the side yard . >> i've been here 27 years. i don't remember an incident like this where people were mortared. and it just is sad overall that we have something like this happen. it is terrible. >> reporter: police say they are investigating the quadruple murder suicide as a domestic dispute. they added there was no documented history of domestic violence from the gunman. and they still don't jose tonight, maureen, thank you.
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prosecutors in san jose county think a double homicide suspect lured his victims to a remote area before stabbing them to death. today, a judge postponed the arraignment for molly to suki and denied him bail. he is charged with murdering a cabdriver and a tow truck driver. they were both killed along the same stretch of skyline boulevard on consecutive nights last week. the family of nasher was in the courtroom today looking for some answers. >> -- you know, his wife, she is crying all the time. she is bad. his daughter is waiting for dad, my brother, -- the family says nasher told
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his >> reporter:-year-old daughter he would be but right back with ice cream before heading out to pick up the suspect in his cab. they say the little girl is still waiting for him to come home. san francisco police are looking for a driver accused of slamming into another car, killing a grandmother on her way home from babysitting and a lyft driver who picked her up. the hit and run happened just after 1 am yesterday on 3rd street at paul avenue in the bay view district. crime reporter, henry lee has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: a devastating scene in san francisco's bayview , a lyft driver and passenger killed by a hit and run driver. >> it is really an unfortunate situation that we have people who are deceased because of this accident. >> reporter: the crash happened at third and paul at about 1:15 early sunday morning . >> a mercedes was speeding down 3rd street and failed to stop at a traffic light and struck another vehicle, a toyota that was in the intersection. >> reporter: behind the wheel of the toyota was a lyft driver, the driver and passenger died. and because was babysitting for
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a family friend. her husband was supposed to pick her up at overslept and she took a lyft instead. her husband later woke up and tried to find her. he learned his wife had been killed in the crash. her family is heartbroken. >> it is something that -- -- is going to change my life. >> reporter: whoever was driving the mercedes left two injured passengers inside. >> two of the passengers in the mercedes were transferred to the hospital with non-life- threatening conditions. >> reporter: the lyft driver's family is also in morning. in a statement, lyft said, we are deeply setting saddened by this tragic accident and resulting loss of therapists enforcement in any investigation. " police are asking anyone with the identity of the driver
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to come forward. in san francisco, henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. new at six clock, the task force has been formed in san francisco with a mission to fix muni. mayor london breed says the team has been tasked with identifying problems and making recommendations. andre senior is at city hall tonight with more. >> reporter: we are at the corner of mcallister and vanness where you will see no buses double a shortage of muni buses. one of the issues with muni is that the -- is not renewing the contract in august and the mayor has made a major move in an effort to get muni on track. with the cars and bicycles and scooters the get people around, public transit has remained a constant. the other constant about muni, on this day, it was larry woods backup plan because his car was not working .
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>> i took the muni today. >> reporter: even with occasional rides, the problems are in evidence such as when the bus or train is supposed to arrive. >> change the timing. it is supposed to come here in minute that was 8 minutes. that it will go down to 7 and up to 9 minutes. >> reporter: while timing is not the only issue faced over the us. one example in april was video showing a woman being dragged after her hand was caught in the door of a muni train. while steps were made to fix the issue, mayor london breed announced monday the formation of a group to look into problems with muni and outline a plan to fix them. >> every week, every day we hear from constituents having horrible experiences on muni. >> reporter: supervisor rafael mendel and is part of the team that will develop the roadmap to make muni more reliable. something they say that has eluded the agency . >> why have we, over the entire really not been able to deliver the kind of transit that san franciscans expect?her member, roger marenco, president of the union
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representing some 2000 muni train and bus drivers criticizes san francisco for not doing enough to safeguard workers who are often witnessing criminal behavior. >> it is a start and nowhere near the finish line. nowhere near the end but it is a start and in terms of getting to what the date was with the highrollers of the city and other cities to talk about how to fix the problems. >> reporter: ed harrington, former city controller and general manager of the public utilities commission are will be part of the group. the former head of transit systems in atlanta and boston's will also be part of the group at the group is expected to have their assessment completed and the report completed and delivered in about 7 months from now in january. frank? >> andre senior in a city tonight. thank you. hundreds of bark passengers had to evacuate a stopped train today when they walked through a dark tunnel but the streets of oakland until they reached the 12th street station.
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rob roth tonight on what prompted the evacuation. >> reporter: it happened about 10:00 monday morning. this cell phone video taken by a passenger shows the scene inside a parked car. the train was bound for richmond when it became disabled between the lake merritt and 12 street stations in downtown, oakland. >> people will direct you to the next station. >> reporter: when bart could not immediately fix the problem after an hour, it decided to take the unusual step of having all 421 passengers on board walked to the next station. typically, bart would send a rescue train. >> because it was a short distance to walk from the train to the platform, we decided to minimize the amount of time that the riders had already spent stuck there to minimize that, we decided to have them
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walk. >> reporter: passengers walked on a path through the dark tunnel a few hundred feet to the next station . >> this is narrow and you could fall pretty far. >> reporter: a team of bark employees escorted passengers. >> sorry for the inconvenience. >> reporter: one passenger had a bicycle on board . >> they said leave your bike and i said no, i can't leave my bike. >> reporter: it took less than five minutes to complete the walk to the platform. bart says everyone made it safely. >> nobody panicked. it was out of vesely a panic situation but everybody maintained themselves. >> reporter: bart told the train off line, the train was part of the new fleet of the future which has had problems in the past. >> absolutely not, the trains are popular, writers tell us how much they likeri went wrong with the disabled strain but did not want to see anymore writers become walkers. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. illing a rookie police officer in sacramento made his first court appearance today. the two words he said during
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the hearing and how he said douglas tried to hurt himself it is jail cell. also tonight, the white house delayed plans for immigration roundups but the clock is ticking. what needs to happen now? cooler weather across the bay area this afternoon. it is a trend that will continue getting into the bay area tuesday. i will break it down for you coming up. a search in utah for a college student from california. the new details we're learning today about who she was with when she was last seen. taking a live look right now to the monday evening commute, you can see the northbound commute is a little slow. ktvuewwill be right back.
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san jose's police chief tried to reassure members of a spanish-speaking church that his officers will not take part in federal immigration rates. a photo was treated to sacred heart church on sunday. he and his officers hosted a bark you a barbecue for the church. that church was a came 1 day after president trump postponed plans for a mass deportation roundup. >> reporter: now congress is on the now the congress is on the clock to come up with a plan. house speaker, nancy pelosi says she will not be bullied into a an agreement the compromises on basic human rights. >> reporter: president trump putting planned deportations of millions on hold. it is a two week pause for
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congressional democrats to come up with an immigration compromise, prompted by a personal plea from house speaker, nancy pelosi but she took a more combative tone on monday saying she will not compromise when it comes to what she calls human rights. >> and the two week period, the president mentioned his upset that we remove all doubt that you cannot be breaking up families. you cannot be ignoring the rights of immigrants. >> reporter: the speaker is in favor of a $4.5 billion bill providing humanitarian aid to the border area but the senate has a different version. it is not clear if that will be enough for the president who has insisted on comprehensive reform, not just additional funding. >> reporter: why aren't they going to go all the way? they know that these walls are broken. they know they have to come to the table and do the full job, not half a job. >> reporter: the two sides are trying to reach a consensus as conditions deteriorate for thousands of detained migrants.
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>> we are clearly living miserably. they come with no clothing, sick, each one living through something difficult. >> reporter: health and human services charged with housing the minors is denying their facilities are inhumane or illegal. >> we put them in shelters while we work very quickly to try to place them with sponsors in the united states. >> reporter: that clock is ticking, congress is set to leave for its fourth of july recess on thursday meaning it needs to get hammered out this week. on capitol hill, mike emanuel, fox 2 news. president trump also announced new sanctions against iran, calling the measures >> reporter: days after the president says he called off strikes against iran in retaliation for the downing of a u.s. surveillance drone. iran claims the treasury secretary steve mnuchin defended the presidents decision to levy more sanctions. he says they are part of the administrations maximum pressure campaign on iran. bay
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cooler day. the fog returned last night and the onshore breeze came along with it. as a result, we are 5 to 10 degrees cooler than we were yesterday. outside the door this hour, a mix of sun and clouds, we have fog and low clouds against the coastline, a gorgeous view of san francisco, low to mid 60s, 76 over areas of santa rosa, upper 60s in oakland and livermore. at this hour, 80 degrees in san jose, a warm 79. here is the 24-hour temperature change. you can see we are down by 11 degrees and livermore. it was a nice warm day, not quite as hot over the weekend. done by tenant hayward, 5 half moon bay, 5 areas of oakland picktemperatures trend downward eventually fell below average
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for this time of year. here's a look at all the cloud cover. again we are looking at a mix of mid-and high-level clouds. things will thin out a little bit in the evening hours but the low cloud fog cover will continue and in the coming days is actually going to deepen and move up eventually a little further inland and it has to do with the system that will continue to work its way toward the coastline and eventually move across the state of oregon. in the meanwhile, for us, the onshore breeze is in place, fairfield reporting 70 miles per hour, northwest breeze in oakland at 16. tomorrow, mid 50 san francisco, 54 in hayward, low 60s in antioch and temperatures continuing to cool. details on the numbers on the trend coming up in a little bit. rosemary, thank you. the onset of hot summer weather also increases the fire danger in homeless encampment. authorities say the exact number of fires is tough to track but with thousands of people living in camps, the risk is real. ktvu's tom baker has the report. >> reporter: the for roofing businesses inventory and a storage lot holding plastic piping was caused in a homeless
6:18 pm
encampment outside the businesses parameters. with fire season longer, hotter , dryer and often wind your, firefighters have great reason to be concerned. >> a lot of our fires, i don't know the exact number but a lot have ended ups darting in and around homeless encampment. >> reporter: by the bay area counsel scott there is slightly more than 28,200 bay area homeless people. 67% of them about 19,000 have no temporary shelters subsidized or transitional housing. that helps experts understand why so many homeless encampment have sprung up here, there and >> this highlights a particular problem for us this time year w >> reporter: but fire related numbers are actually hard to come died. cal fire doesn't specifically track homeless encampment
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fires. many fire department's don't specifically track them at all. some department such as san jose have been tracking such fires for the better part of the year. from new year's day until june 24 last year, san jose fire counted 54 homeless related fires, compared to 51 during the same timeframe this year. >> now, is that because there hasn't been a change in the frequency of fires? is it because we have more rain this year so the fires earlier on in the year did not get going? we would have to do a day by day analysis to figure that out and that has not been done. >> reporter: this is new record- keeping being refined. example, the los angeles fire department reports last year it fought an average of 165 homeless encampment fires a month. 100 double is 211 more such fires than the year before. some of the increases due to better data collection and firefighters don't have the time to go out there and proactively police encampments. >> we do it reactively, not proactively, in the fired, but
6:20 pm
when we do go out, to a homeless encampment, if they have a fire burning, we attempts to educate them on not only is it unsafe but it is illegal. >> reporter: without this kind of information, it is difficult to find innovative solutions. ktvu -- tom baker, ktvu fox2 news. dmv offices across the state are scheduled to close for half a day let next month. after the break we will hear about the special training employees will get during the closure. a historic data close for years has become a source of blight. coming up, the plans underway for a second act. when you are up, we are on. >> reporter: a some former cia chief of developed while working as spies in moscow. >> if it happens on your commute, i'm on a. san mateo bridge pretty robust. tomorrow, wake up wake up with mornings on 2.
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life. to the fullest. in just about 30 minutes, the livermore city council is scheduled to consider a ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products and vaping would also require all tobacco sales be at least 1000 feet away from schools and youth organizations. the goal is to try to discourage teenagers from vaping. tomorrow, the san francisco board of supervisors will cast a final vote to prohibit the sale of e-cigarettes. the band would also prohibit
6:24 pm
manufacturing e-cigarettes within the city. the ban would be lifted, though, or could be lifted pending an fda assessment of the health risks of vaping. the san francisco startup, juul has chris synthesized the proposal, saying regular cigarettes would be the primary option. adobe officially broke ground on its office tower in downtown san jose this morning. it will be large enough 4000 employed employees and is being touted as the new san jose skyline. the north tower would be's connected to the existing 3 building campus in downtown san jose and is part of adobe's expansion plans in san jose that first began in the mid- 1990s. we have had a great relationship with the city. all of these years and we hope to have a great relationship and will have a great relationship in all the years to come. thank you, san jose. >> construction of the new
6:25 pm
tower is expected to be completed sometime in 2022. >> reporter: new at 6:00, dmv's across california will close for half a day last double is next month so employees can be retrained to process real id applications. more than 5000 dmv employees are expected to take part in the training on july 24, 183 dmv field offices, commercial drive test centers and industry business centers will be closed that day until 1:00 p.m. officials say the training is needed because real id applications are more complex and take more time to process. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm is next with the first court appearance for the man accused of killing a rookie police officer and sacrosanct sacramento. what he said to the judge during today's arraignment and why he appeared in court with a large bandage on his four head. also, team usa has their toughest test yet in the knockout round. the world cup, -- modern-day slavery in silicon valley.
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not to our top stories, police say a man fatally shot 4 people at a home in south san jose last night before killing himself. 3 man and a woman were killed at the home on habbitts court. the gun was found dead in a side yard. police say it is one of the deadliest crimes in san jose's history. they characterized it as a domestic dispute and say the investigation is ongoing. 400 bart passengers had to evacuate a train in oakland today and walk along a dark tunnel until they reached the 12th street station. bart employees helped escort passengers. they walked hundreds of feet to the station. a bart spokesperson says they decided to evacuate instead of sending a red alert to --
6:30 pm
rescue train because it was a short distance to the station. >> reporter: san francisco mayor, london green announced a task force to fix muni. is tasked with making recommendations. the task force is expected to issue a report by january. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm. the man accused of shooting and killing sarah sacramento police officer, tara o'sullivan went before a judge today. adel sambrando ramos appeared in court after injuring himself inside his jail cell. >> reporter: walking into the courtroom with a bandage on himself, 45-year-old adel sambrando ramos appeared in court hours after authorities say he smashed his head in his own self vicki said only two words, answering the judge. >> reporter: defender, diane howard who rimless's case. he faces >> reporter: counts of murder. -- >> there is an ongoing investigation.
6:31 pm
it is going to take a long time to process the crime scene. my guess is the charging document may have additional counts as time goes on. >> at just assistant chief deputy, rob norgaard spoke with reporters after the arraignment. last year, he prosecuted a similar case, successfully convicting lewis burik amount is to the deathpenalty. it is unclear if ray most will face the death penalty himself. >> we have an internal policy that dictates the procedure by which we seek the death penalty which includes input from his counso choose and that decision will be made down the road a ways. he did add there was little officers could have done to save sullivan's life. >> reporter: there was nothing to >> there was nothing that could have been done to save her life. the natures were such that it
6:32 pm
could have been in an emergency room and she would not have been savable so i find it disheartening that people are criticizing police response time to evacuate her. that has no merit whatsoever. >> reporter: ramos is expected back in court on july 22. he has yet to enter a plea. into double it in sacramento, bill johnson. ktvu fox2 news. to oakland where police have arrested the father of a 7- year-old boy who was shot in the hand over the weekend. the father was arrested on suspicion of felony child endangerment. the boy lives in an rv that is part of a homeless camp at union point park. he was playing outside with another child yesterday morning when he was shot. >> i saw him ride his bike to here. he seems like a good kid. it is kind of messed up but things happen. >> reporter: the boy was treated at a hospital and released. police say the shooting was an accident. >> reporter: a man convicted of using forced labor and imprisoning workers at a san jose construction site is set
6:33 pm
to be sentenced tomorrow. ktvu's jesse gary tells us today one of the victims sat down with city councilmembers and retold his story of abuse. in halting, emotion filled spanish, 31-year- old javier tirado says moving from mexico to california for work turned into being held captive. >> when i work for job cores i would stress i was intimidated and i was accosted constantly. >> reporter: he and several other workers were forced to live in shipping containers working at the silvery towers jobsite in downtown san jose. the rescue team at the hands of the fbi during a raid in 2017 . >> their injuries were so bad there was a mobile medical unit that was brought there as well. >> reporter: torres was the on- side subcontractor who was charged and convicted of imprisoning workers and failing to pay them what they are owed. >> we hope to share this way because it has to be told to remind people that the kind of work we do, the kind of changes we want to effect in our
6:34 pm
society still have to be worked towards. modern-day slavery still exists. >> reporter: san jose city councilmembers say part of the problem was that there was no longer requiring private construction subsidized by the city to paper billing wages pick a new ordinance upper vote tuesday would change that . >> decisions like the one we are going to make tomorrow is really going to impact this. >> reporter: a new ordinance is essentially another piece of paper and there is a plenty of that. inside the city's office of equity assurance. >> more paperwork. >> reporter: manager chris hickey says his team of 8 specialists spend hours just filing instead of personally checking . >> they have stacks and stacks of paper for all the contracts we put out of your . >> it is crazy to keep track of all that . >> it is. >> reporter: the oec is launching a computerized system next month that will make paperwork obsolete, giving specialists more time for on- site inspections.
6:35 pm
the san jose city council votes on prevailing wage pay is scheduled for tuesday and torres will be sentenced on tuesday for abusing the most vulnerable workers. in san jose studio, jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. coming up, friends and family search for a california woman who has not been heard from from for a week. investigators are trying to find the person she was last seen with after a lyft driver dropped her off at a park. defectives have spoken with the lyft driver. we learned that mckenzie was met at the park by an individual with a vehicle. this racquet doesn't care who holds it.
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a desperate search is underway in utah for a california woman who has been missing now for a week. 23-year-old mackenzie lueck has not been heard from since last monday when she texted her family that her flight arrived in salt lake city where she attends school. >> now, fox news reports police are trying to track down the young man she was seen meeting up with. >> reporte the disappearance of a university student who took a ride from lyft last week. mackenzie lueck -- adley rutschman -- mackenzie lueck reported missing . >> she arrived at the park at 2:59 am. defectives detective has spoken with the lyft driver and where learning that she was met at
6:39 pm
the park by an individual with a vehicle. the lyft driver left her at the park with the person and stated that mackenzie lueck did not appear to be in any type of distress. we have not yet confirmed the make and model of the car or a description of the person. >> reporter: rachel palmer and ashley five both graduated from the university of utah this year. now they are looking for their sorority sister . >> we don't know if this is in the state of utah. she could be anywhere. >> reporter: she went missing after a return flight home to california from a friend's wedding . >> at this time, there is no evidence any harm has come to her but because of the circumstances of the case, we want to make sure she is all right. >> reporter: family and friends are asking anyone with information about her disappearance to come forward. in los angeles, fox news. clouds overhead, onshore
6:40 pm
breeze and temperatures fell off this afternoon. i will have a look at current conditions and what you can expect the rest of the week coming up. interviews heather holmes is in the newsroom to look at some of the stories we are looking at for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. new statistics from san francisco, the number of overdoses blamed on the powerful drug fentanyl and how it compares to years pass. also actress halle berry, the extreme effort one man took to claim that her home was his. those stories and more coming up live on the 7 over on ktvu plus. first time here at 6:00, how a iconic movie theater may get new life as an aquatic center. taking a live look outside as we the van else. they'll be dancing ♪ dancing in the street ♪ when it comes te sugar in your family's diet,
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a san francisco movie theater that has sit vacant after closing 15 years ago is now set to undergo a transformation. >> ktvu's christian captain tells us the alexandria theater is set to reopen as a huge swimming complex . >> after closing it store, the alexandria theater on geary boulevard in san francisco's richmond district is a crumbling shadow of its former self. the historic theater closed its doors in 2004. now, the owners are preparing to reopen the theater as a 40,000 square foot complex but instead of movies, swimming will be the entertainment of choice. plans call for two pools, a learning center, and offices on the third floor . >> i'm very happy with that. very happy. >> reporter: david eller,
6:44 pm
president of the geary boulevard merchants association two blocks away from the theater says four years, the building has crumbled. >> we had people breaking into the place, homeless people living inside. they trashed it. we always had like a fire there one time. >> >> reporter: he says were there one of the most iconic buildings in the neighborhood would reopen is welcome news . >> to see that finally happening is a blessing for the neighborhood. >> reporter: supervisor, sandra fuhrer has 18th and gary activated with the new project is welcome news . >> i think this is good, quite frankly, it has been vacant since 2004. i think the people of richmond district are ready for something to be prepared. >> reporter: in the neighborhood, some welcome the prospect of the new aquatic center . >> we need something like that
6:45 pm
in the neighborhood. we don't have anything? >> others say they want more details on the project before jumping in with both feet. >> i want to know who benefits. i want to know whether the public benefits. i want to know what developers expectations are. >> the architect says preserving the fagade and maintaining an interiors is the top priority as well as making sure the public has access to the new pool and learning facilities. the public will be able to apply for membership and people will be able to reserve and use public places inside. the project is set to 20 and th to have the doors open at 2022. in san francisco, christian captain, ktvu fox 2 news. driving across the golden gate bridge will get more expensive starting one week from today. bridge tolls will go up by $.35 beginning july 1 and that is just the start. toll hikes of that same amount will occur every year for the next 5 years. the golden gate bridge district approved the increase a few months ago.
6:46 pm
the district says the higher tolls will fund transit products and better control of a multimillion dollar budget deficit. >> it was raining at the golden gate bridge earlier. might i was thinking that. >> it was that quick little flurry. >> yeah. >> nobody noticed it. it was just on the ground. we had a cool down come our way. >> i saw that . >> file return, the onshore breeze is back in this is just the beginning. temperatures will cool down the next couple of days. hopefully you had a chance to get out and enjoy the beautiful summer-like weather for the first weekend of summer. if you didn't like the heat, we are now beginning to see that change. here's a look at the numbers from yesterday into today, you can see santa rosa hit 83 this afternoon. yesterday was 87. concord, a warm day for us-92 but yesterday was 96. oakland dropped off a few degrees, san jose did the same, from 89 degrees to 84 this afternoon.
6:47 pm
temperatures again continuing to fall in the coming days. storm tracker 2, not tracking any rain but we do have the fog along the coastline pick inside the bay, mid and high-level clouds pushing ahead providing us with a pretty sky out there and probably going to bring us a pretty sunset as well. the winds are onshore for feel field, 70 miles per hour, concord reporting 12, over the north bay, 17 in napa, southwest breeze in novato, 12 miles per hour or show. temperatures anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees cooler today. areas over o with the system the wednesday of timeframe. for us, it will continue to close down. it will be the marine layer that will bring us the widespread cloud cover as we get into the wednesday thursday timeframe. high pressure that has been in control will continue to weekend as well. further ahead, we will continue to see this through thursday and thing start to flip around once again, getting closer to the weekend. tomorrow morning, 55 degrees san francisco, 55 in napa, and antioch, -- for the afternoon,
6:48 pm
upper 60s for sausalito, low 80s for petaluma, 83 santa rosa, santa rosa well into the 90s over the weekend on saturday and had around 95. upper 80s in brentwood where we were in the upper 90s over the weekend pick 84 for danville. 73 in oakland. far south bay, 81, san jose. along the peninsula, afternoon tomorrow, 72, san bruno, 66 in san francisco, mid 60s for pacifica under partly to mostly cloudy skies. extend forecast, the cooling trend continuing wednesday, thursday and as we get into the final business day of the week, we are looking at temperatures beginning to warm back up. then we hold steady. low to mid 60s at the coast, low 70s around the bay and low 80s and lengths a really enjoyable, a little warm this past weekend and i will cool it down. >> -- a little bit of rain that nobody noticed . >> all right, >> you have to be able to laugh . >> thank you . >> you got a .
6:49 pm
>> san francisco's pride parade is this weekend. the weather looks great. tomorrow, the board of supervisors is expected to approve the formation of a cultural district in the castro, the official designation provides grants and other assistance to preserve the unique history of the neighborhood. it would be the sixth cultural district neighborhood and services go. the theme resistance, events include the installa of the pink triangle on top of twin peaks and culminate on sunday with the city's 49th pride parade. governor gavin newsom is expected to participate, making him the first california governor to march in the pride parade. team usa has the toughest test yet. next in sports, today's match and the knockout round. the penalty kick cake made the difference. start off your week with fox, the most dominant team ever tries to beat 'shazam!' at 8:00. then auditions continue on, so
6:50 pm
you can think you can dance at 9:00 followed by the 10:00 news and 11:00 news right here on ktvu. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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marcus your response.
6:53 pm
a bit of a challenge for team usa but the penalty kick made the difference . >> it really did and the thing about team usa, they are the defending champs. >> right. >> they are a favorite again and of not even been scored on so far. that kind of gives you a feeling of maybe overconfidence and i think they got a little carried away and barely made it by the skin of their teeth. they do beat spain to continue on in the quarterfinals and plenty of support in france for both squads and, yes, team spain gave them all they wanted. in fact, after a disputed penalty in the seventh minute, usa penalty kick and it is megan rippy now making good and it is team usa but then you are thinking maybe this is it but after gaining 639 minutes without allowing a goal, spain will finally call score, usa goalie, alyssa nair, big mistake, did not clear it nicely and jennifer herm also makes them pay for it.
6:54 pm
1-1 until the 76th minute, again a disputed penalty, repeating now again nails the conversion on the penalty kick and 2-1 is the way it ends up. they will play met -- a match with france on friday. a lot of people think that might be the real final so we will see how team usa does than. all right, seeing them on paper douglas paper, doing interviews give his is nice but it will be great to see the warriors draft pick on the hardwood. we get close to that today. there showing off their warrior jerseys, get a look at these kids up close and personal. villanova, eric pascal, 6'9", a physical guy, very impressive, he was the second pick they made and it is going to be interesting to see how he pans out. alan smiley teach from serbia will spend the year, no doubt in santa cruz and then there is jordan poole, he does not shy away from a shot.
6:55 pm
he is the pool for the splash brothers. eventually w she says it is all about the culture he is joining . >> of course, talent is going to take you a long way on the court but having chemistry on and off the court was so many great guys and making sure everybody has the opportunity to come into an organization like this and have chemistry is amazing . >> i've always been the underdog, somebody that had to prove themselves so, it is nothing new to me. i feel like i have proved myself every time. i will take my chances . >> i have a feeling about that guy. he is an overachiever, hard worker and known for his physicality. we will see. meantime, a veteran on the warriors, andre iguodala showed up today on nbc4 what they call the power lunch and if you believe andre who was one of the senior citizens, pretty good chance the warriors will hear some good news soon regarding the free agent. >> i think they will both be back with the golden state
6:56 pm
warriors. we keep in contact. regardless of any that, if they decide to leave, they will still be my brothers and i will keep in contact with them as much as possible and i wish the best for both of them and they come back full strength. >> your crushing the next fans . >> nobody here, sorry. >> nobody? >> nobody is going to the next. in fact the new york franchise asked that in della be fined because of the remark. busy weekend, in case you missed it, there is lots of stuff to see. probably the best catch so far in major league baseball. it is baltimore's anthony send tender in right field. that when you take into account, it is an absolutely sensational play. in case you missed it, this is girls high school basketball in michigan. now, those referees, who says they are not heroes.
6:57 pm
it is not often that referees are applauded but this ball stuck behind the backboard was not going to escape them. >> wow. >> not all superheroes were capes. from midfield, in malaysia, a free kick by harold, pretty good marksmanship from that distance. malaysia won that mashed match, mariano rivera, hall of famer had all of 4 at-bats in his major-league career, old-timers game yesterday, he hit his first ever homerun. he was circling the bases. that is all in case you missed it over the weekend . >> good stuff. >> thanks for joining us. good night. watch beat 'shazam!' and, so you think you can dance tonight on fox 2.
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