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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  June 26, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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the first debate of the 2020 campaign, ten democrats on the stage in miami. each trying to seize the opportunity and stand out from the pack. >> we need to have a president that will fight to protect -- >> there is no one in our government at any level who has the right to tell any american who they should be allowed to love marry. our problems in the
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country. >> my proposal is to put a price on carbon, give back to the american people. >> african american women make $0.65 for every dollar a white man makes. >> russia trying to undermine our democracy. >> the worst thing is knowing that your child might be worried about what could happen at school. >> we can do the universal background checks, we can ban the weapons of war. >> the biggest threat to the security of the united states is donald trump. >> a sample in tonight from the first group of democrats to debate. ten more will face off tomorrow night. i'm frank somerville replace donald trump but that doesn't mean they agreed on a wide range of issues tonight, from immigration to iran and more.
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>> reporter: we just came from the spin room where candidates spend a couple of hours after the debate trying to explain why they felt they won or why they felt they were maybe not treated quite as fairly as some of the other candidates. for instance, former maryland congressman, john delaney, who got just over 6.5 minutes of speaking time felt that maybe he should have been given more of an opportunity to speak for himself. and governor inslee who got the least amount of time of any of the candidates said he was disappointed climate change doesn't make more ofue. but they're gonna be doing this again tomorrow with ten more candidates. ten white house hopefuls sharing the stage for democratic debate no. 1 of the 2020 election. >> you need a license to drive a car. under need a license to buy and own a firearm. >> reporter: immigration is already one of the election's
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key topics. ignited further by this photo of a migrant father and young daughter who drowned trying to cross the rio grande into the united states. >> watching that image of oscar and his daughter is heartbreaking. it go back to the way we used to treat this, when somebody comes across the border, not to criminalize desperation. >> reporter: domestic issues took a backseat to questions about foreign policy and teches with iran. >> this president is literally, every single day, ten minutes away from going to war. one tweet away from going to war. and i don't think we need to conduct foreign policy in a bathrobe at 5:00 am. >> reporter: some of the other candidates who have been flying below the radar this season took full advantage of their turn in the spotlight. >> we should give everyone in this healthcare as a basic human right for free.
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but we should also give them the option to buy private insurance. insurance. >> reporter: tomorrow night is round 2. and that will feature two of the most no candidates. former vice president joe biden and senator bernie sanders. but there will also be some lesser candidates. self-help author mayor 19 williamson, and colorado senator michael bennett. >> thank you. the candidates did demonstrate their differenc times. when asked about healthcare, only two said they supported to end private health insurance. >> who here would abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan? >> i spent a big chunk of my life studying why family goes broke. and one of the no. 1 reasons is the cost of healthcare. medical bills. and that's not just for people who don't have insurance. it's for people who have insurance.
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>> i'm simply concerned about taking half of america off of their health insurance in four years which is exactly what this bill says. >> getting to guarantee high-quality, universal healthcare as quickly and assuredly as possible has to be our goal. but if you're a member of a union that northbounded for a healthcare plan that you like because it works for you, you're able to keep it. >> if you look at other countries in the world who have universal healthcare, every one of them has form of a role of private insurance. >> i think we should be the party to teach what's working and fixes what's broken. >> climate change was another focus of the debate tonight. washington governor, jay inslee, is making that issue his top priority. >> our towns are burning, our fuels are flooding. this is a climate crisis. an emergency.
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and it is our last chance in an administration to do something about it. >> if i'm elected president, the first thing i would do -- >> thank you. >> is sign an executive order recommitting us to the paris climate accord. >> we can talk with climate, we can talk about guns, all these issues that we all care about. we have a perception problem with the democratic party. we are not connecting to the working class people in the very state that i represent in ohio, in the industrial midwest. >> our team coverage picks up now with reaction. amber lee is in san francisco where democrats gathered to watch the debate. >> reporter: frank tell me they're watching the debate with an open mind. some have a clear favorite but still say they're undecided. dozens of people, largely democrats, with some independence filled the
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former office. an advocacy group to watch night1 of the debate. >> i haven't made up my mind. i appreciate the details, the number and details of the proposals. >> i think the economy isn't working well for average people today. sxipg they need to understand all the different ways the system isn't working for people. >> reporter: hands down, senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts is the clear frontrunner for this crowd. a choice shown on a tale board put up by the event organizers. >> she had strongest policy positions. but i'm liking what several of candidates are saying. >> reporter: julian castro and former congressman beto o'rourke of texas impressed. both answered some questions partly in spanish.
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>> they both went after each other in a real honest debate. i think they both did a very good job. i would see beto o'rourke as standing >> i like a few of them, including warren. but i think i really like beto. especially his closing speech. he talked about climate change and about violence. >> reporter: people say the debate helped familiarize them with the ten candidates and they will vote on the issues and not on who has the best chance to defeat president donald trump. >> as much as i think that we need good policy. >> reporter: some saw cory booker in a different light and are considering him. almost everyone tells me it's just too early to decide who gets their vote. >> i like andrew yang. i think he has some very excellent
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plans. pete buttigieg is very inspirational. i think bernie sanders as well. >> reporter: these voters say tonight's debate was informative and gave them a better understanding of the candidates. they plan to watch the debate tomorrow night. >> we had ten candidates on the stage. did any candidate in particular stand out to you? >> i think i kinda classify them five and five. i thought elizabeth warren did a very good job tonight. very passionate. i thought john delaney did a pretty good job tonight. mayor de blasio. some others hung back a little too much. but that's the nature of this format. ten people, two hours, everybody trying to get their lip in.
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>> we're not get anything headlines. >> it's not a debate. it's just a forum where a debate breaks out every so often. >> president trump regularly tout the strong economy. the democrats said tonight it's not working for everyone. >> this economy really working for? it's doing great for the center and center slight at the top. it's doing great for giant drug companies. it's not doing great for people trying to get a prescription filled. >> yes, we're supposed to be for 70% tax rate on the wealthy. yes, we're supposed to be for free college, free public college for our young people. we are supposed to break up big corporations when they're not serving our democracy. >> when it comes to the state of the economy, who do you think really resonated the most with voters? >> first i think there's going to be an argument over whether the economy is doing well for
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all people. the democrats in total are saying, no, it does well for the big companies, big pharma and that sorta thing. president trump says opposite. that unemployment rates are very low. if you look at that panel tonight, again i think warren scored some points on the economy. she had a passion tonight that stood out. which i think most pundits thought she would given that the field is not, i hate to say it, as strong as it will be tomorrow night, where you have bernie sanders and biden on the right. >> yeah. >> but what i was really moved by tonight, in the sense of the historical piece of it is how far the democratic party has moved to the thinking of bernie sanders over time. they've become very progressive. the things that bernie sanders has been talking about for years you now heard quite a bit of discussion about tonight. universal healthcare. free
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education. lots of other things. but tonight it sounded a lot like bernie sanders. >> we'll leave it there. >> absolutely. >> thank you. the trump-pence campaign released a statement tonight touting their record. it reads in part "this debate was the best argument for president trump's reelection. the democrats proposed a radical government takeover of american society that would demolish the american dream." >> tomorrow night here's a look at the next ten candidates who will take the stage. michael bennett, joe biden, pete buttigieg, kristen gillibrand, kamala harris, erick swalwell, mayor 19 williamson and andrew yang. we'll have analysis for you at 10:00.
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sort of a catch 22. 22. >> pg&e offered a briefing tonight on power shutoffs and wildfire danger. tonight's road show in napa, a community that heb scarred by wildfires. >> a cloudy, cooler breeze around the bay area this afternoon. and the trend is expected to continue. i'll show you what you can expect for tomorrow and rest of the week coming up. >> and workers remember the victims in the workplace shooting at the ford dealership in morgan hill.
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new information about the two supervisors killed at a ford dealership in the south bay. today police identified the gunman and the two super vires he killed before shooting himself. >> reporter: coworkers of the slain victims have been coming by, processing how they'll be able to go to work tomorrow. police are calling it a spontaneous act of violence that claimed the lives of two fathers. one of them being
10:16 pm
called a hero. his actions giving people time to escape. outside the ford store in morgan hill, shane marquez places a bouquet of flowers in honor of his two coworkers gunned down in a workplace confrontation he calls surreal. >> heartbreaking, you know? very personable, very nice, outgoing. >> reporter: the victims identified as 38-year-old xavier soto. the parts manager with the ford store since 2012. a father of two, engaged. and 59-year-old brian wright, a father of two son, recruited to store last year, known as a mentor. >> our hearts are grieving but y 60-year-old steven who worked at the parts store shot and killed
10:17 pm
them after being given news he was being let go. he learn of his termination at 4:15 tuesday afternoon he want went to his car and returned 20 minutes later. he met with the two supervisors and shot soto point blank with a.38-caliber resolver. brian fought with him and shot twice. >> brian's actions here are heroic. and those actions allowed people to flee, precious seconds they needed to flee after hearing the first shot. >> reporter: when police arrive, they heard a gunshot, that shot was him taking his life in the parking lot. they later recovered a second handgun. >> they found no evidence of preplanning or motive or anything else. it appears it was a spontaneous action on behalf the suspect which unfortunately resulted in the loss of two men. >> reporter: police searched the san jose home and seized all firearms registere
10:18 pm
>> we don't know what people are battling on theed in. it's hard to say what could have been done to prevent any of this. >> reporter: other than workplace frustration, other employees saw no sign he would snap. >> it's gonna take sometime for all of us to recover. >> reporter: we're hearing community christian church in morgan hill will be a candlelight vigil for the victims. a gofundme has raised nearly $20,000. to alameda county sheriff's department is investigating the discovery of two bodies. deputies say a man is a woman were found dead inside a detached guest house behind a
10:19 pm
home on forest avenue. deputies are investigating the two deaths as a possible murder/sued. >> reporter: deputies were called to this home on forest avenue in castro valley after family members said they hadn't heard from a man who lives there. deputies came across the victims in a detached guest house behind the home. >> they saw two people down on the ground inside there. they immediately could tell that the persons were deceased and had been deceased for several days. >> reporter: both victims were in their 40s and died from gunshot wounds. >> it is a male and female. we just can't confirm if it is the husband and wife at this point. >> reporter: detectives are leaning toward this as a murder/sued as opposed to a double homicide but need to investigate further to be sure. the victims may have been dead for severals but no one reported gunfire at the time. >> this was not in. we know that gunshots were fired in that small guest house. they were not heard, but during our
10:20 pm
canvas, we did speak with some people that said they maybe did hear some gunshots around sunday. but they were not sure. >> reporter: assumingit the couple in question, they leave behind adult children. investigators don't believe there is a public threat here at this time. police in san mateo are investigating another suspected murder/suicide. officers assigned to a welfare check found the bodies of an elderly couple inside a home on young street near highway 101 this morning. they're not looking for any suspects and say this case does not pose a threat to the public. >> our cooling trend continuedo 15 degrees of drop-off for our inland areas. and we're gonnahold onto this bs begin to turn around. outside our doors right now at this
10:21 pm
hour, partly cloudy skies, tchy fog. upper 50s, low 60s around the region. again we have temperatures unseasonably mild. and we are still cooler at this hour than where we were 24 hours ago. down by six degrees in napa, two in livermore. the onshore breeze is with us. fairfield has calmed down some. it was gusting really strong earlier tonight. fairfield now at 13. oakland reporting 20. gonna hold the onshore breeze. the partly cloudy skies. perhaps a little bit of drizzle to get going tomorrow once again. 48 degrees in santa rosea. it's gonna be a chilly start for you there. a lot of 50s around the bay. upper 50s into antioch. into the around, the low clouds and fog holding an coastline. partly to mostly cloudy for the rest of us. but take a look at how mild that is. that color coating shows 60s and 70s around the bay area. these numbers, plus what you can expect in the extended forecast coming up. in our next h latest from trial. why defense attorneys say today was one of the best days for their clients
10:22 pm
so far. >> a winner emerges from the college world series. >> a first in three minutes. five sheriffs deputies all with cancer. an update on tests for the county building they think is to blame.
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workers for wayfare walked off the job to protest the company's decision to sell furniture to a migrant detention center. it triggered a broader backlash against the company with some customers calling for a boycott. they won't back out of the $200,000 contract but they will donate $100,000 to the red cross. border security bills are going back and forth on capitol hill with the clock ticking to find a compromise. president trump was optimistic as he left for the g20 summit in japan today that lawmakers will reach a deal in time. the house and senate have passed two different bills that provide about $4.5 billion in humanitarian aid. speaker pelosi has indicated she wants a bill with stauffer restrictions. the trump administration has argued that asking people if
10:26 pm
they're citizens is needed to collect data to enforce the voting rights act. critic says the question is discriminator. >> the deputies we talked to think that the aging building is the common denominator. and they're convinced that something inside that building has caused their cancer. the union representing the deputies is pleading with the county for additional radiation tests. >> either make sure that the facilities are safe so we can ensure the membership of that. or if they're not safe, get them out of there. and take steps to fix it so that it is.
10:27 pm
>> literally everybody went home and checked themselves after the second and third guy got it. and everybody is on kinda high alert now. >> 2 investigates reports that the county has never commented on the building or the cancer cases sxiet repeated attempts for a response. united in pride. an influx of people is underway in san francisco. >> a new state law also addressed problems at the racetrack following the deaths of 30 racehorses at santa anita since december. >> coming soon to a town near you, pg&e with fire prevention workshops. why power shutdowns may become more frequent and widespread. read. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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cal fire says a downed pg&e
10:31 pm
power line sparked a wildfire in eastern monterey county today. that fire burned more than 2,500 acres east of king city. there were no injuries or damage to any building. pg&e confirms it had a power line in that area. the company is trying to determine what cause today to fall. this all comes as pg&e is on a publicity blitz about wildfire safety. >> the utility hosted an open house in napa to talk about preventative power shutdowns and other steps they're taking after the catastrophic fires over the last few years. >> reporter: we're in the silverado neighborhood where some of the houses destroyed by th fire are still untouched. for some people at pg&e workshops, the sdafrlt seem very distant. >> where does the power come from, that's all that matters. >> reporter: pipers are learning their neighborhood isn't high fire risk. but
10:32 pm
transmission lines to them could be. so pg&e might still shut their power off. >> just trying to keep the freezers alive and save as much food and stuff as we can. >> reporter: more than 100 people brought similar questions to their hotel meeting room in napa. with so many fires linked to power lines and untrimmed vegetation, pg&e is bankrupt and reorganizing and kills power preemptively when conditions warrant. >> political move to cover pg&e's liability. >> reporter: this rate payer came to the session with a statement against the shutdowns. >> california is not a third world country. we're all paying for reliable power. >> we understand that this is definitely an inconvenience, more inconvenience, a g off the power. and we want people to take steps now to be prepared. >> it's very scary.
10:33 pm
and i want to make sure they understand what our risks are. should we get a generator, what should we do? >> reporter: many people also have concerns about the fire prevention tree trimming. with contractors coming from out of state, there are communica snags. >> they are really arborous, and they don't know whether they're call killing the tree. they have been they have been on my property and they've left everything. >> when the tree gets cut, the tree belongs to the property owner. >> reporter: this county supervisor is hearing plenty of complaints and conveying them to the utility. >> it's a new, different thing for all of us to have pg&e be so energetic. >> reporter: everyone is aware all this effort, upgrading trimming, turning off power comes too late for those whose lives were devastated by the atlas fire and others as pg&e reaches out. it is also watched more critically than ever.
10:34 pm
>> there was a $10 billion bonus given to the executives. and that rang a little hollow. >> reporter: one promise, one from pg&e, no shutdowns without plenty of notice to cities and counties so they can get prepared locally. tomorrow night, the utility roadshow hosted santa rosa which of course was hit harder by fires two years ago. a brush fire outside of livermore this afternoon sent up large columns of smoke that were visible from miles away. that fire started shortly before 3:00 this afternoon on mines road. alameda county fire crews battled the flames from the air and the ground. the fire burned about 17 acres. no homes or buildings were damaged. crews in stanislaus county gained ground today on a large grass fire burning near patterson. the fire has grown to more than 2,200 acres sentence
10:35 pm
it started last night. it is now 50% contained. it is burning in grass land west of i-5 and not threatening any homes. here is a look at the map the rock fire is burning west of patterson. drivers can reportedly see the flames from nearby i-5. several more defense witnesses took the stand in the ghost ship warehouse trial in oakland ahead of a long holiday break. >> today was one of the best days of the trial for the defense. >> that's how the defense attorney summarized testimony on behalf of his client, derick almena. daniel keenan testified today. he said that he helped his own daughter move out of ghost ship warehouse in 2013, and he said that he never noticed any hazards inside the building. >> he's a fire person. he knows what the law is. he knows whether or not a fire code
10:36 pm
violation occurred. and in essence, he said it was okay. >> the ghost ship trial will resume on july 8th after the 4th of july holiday. >> governor newsom signed a bill today giving the california racing board more authority. it allows the board to suspend racing at a track if the health of a horse or jock sein jeopardy. the track owner would have the final say. the changes come after the death of 30 horses at the southern california santa anita racetrack during the winter season, which ended this past sunday. madonna has a new music video with a message. >> her new song taking on gun control. >> our unseasonably mild pattern is going to continue into the bay area for thursday. >> more trouble for boeing 737
10:37 pm
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when you can't get to the mountain... that's cool. ...we bring the mountain to you. let's go hike over there. i'm out. i'm out. me too. guys! crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. another software issue that could further delay the return of boeing's troubled 737 max jets. the flaw was revealed during a series of simulator
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flights to test new software. the software can also push the plane's nose down automatically. boeing said the faa identified an additional requirement for software changes following two deadly crashes. in both cases, the plane's flight control software pushed the nose down based on faulty readings from a sensor. the faa says it will lift its grounding of the plane only when it deems the 737 max jet series safe. on wall street, stocks failed to hold onto early gains. the dow fell 11, the nasdaq was up 25. and the s&p 500 was town 4. 4. today's verdict exonerates the famous chef and his two restaurants involved in the suit. vanessa scott allenas a server but was fired after requesting a transfer to the
10:41 pm
french laundry. her lawyers argued she was let go because she was pregnant. the company said it was due to her performance. mance. a new development in a hit and run crash that killed two people in oakland more than two months ago. police say u.s. marshals have arrested this man. he had been wanted for a crash that killed a six-year-old boy and his mother. the charges include vehicular manslaughter and felony hit and run. police say allen was driving a car that hit alma vasquez and angel garcia while they were crossing 26th avenue on april 13th. the boy's 20-year-old uncle was also critically injured. the mercedes that'llen was driving at the time of the crash was later found abandoned. retesting of an area of the former hunter's point naval ship yard in san francisco is moving forward. the epa has approved
10:42 pm
soil sampling to begin in the coming weeks. tetratech is accused of falsifying test records. the navy will be retesting the site to make sure all radioactive material has been removed. pride week here in san francisco. why many people say it's important to celebrate pride more than ever. >> and bay area's natural air conditioning on display today in downtown oakland. this is not a bed. it's a revolution in sleep. the sleep number 360 smart bed is on sale now during our lowest prices of the season.
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madonna is taking a stand against gun violence. she released the video of her latest single, god control. rol. >> it shows a gunman storming a fight club and opening fire. madonna took to twitter to urge fans to volunteer, stand up and donate. pride festives are starting to ramp up ahead of the big parade on sunday. paul chambers is in the castro tonight where the boutiques, bars and restaurants all expecting a big weekend. >> reporter: that is so true. a lot of people familiar with the
10:46 pm
big things that happen on the weekend. the parade and the parties. but san francisco pride week is already in full effect. people are coming from out of town to take part in the festivities. san francisco pride week, time to celebrate. >> pride means just knowing who you are, owning who you are, not being ashamed. just being you. >> we know that this is gonna be a huge turnout just because san francisco is known for being authentic in who you are as a human. >> reporter: the shelves are fully stocked with things people need to show their pride. the most popular item, the flag. >> we try to have it if we can get it. >> reporter: many in the lgbtq community say this time of year, the rainbow flag is most meaningful. a welcomed symbol that stands out above the rest as the colors line up side by side, which some say represents
10:47 pm
a needed place of unity in this political climate. >> it's a time to come together, whether it be race, gender, orientation. >> we have to stand up as a community and say we are here and we are happy and well-adjusted people. and the forces that are against us have no place in this country. >> reporter: the castro is where many are coming to have a good time. including members of harvey milk's democratic club who want to take part in the festivities and also honor their lgbtq history. >> we want people to enjoyed pride and celebrate. but also remember what got us here. all of the query uprising and prot>> reporter: if you're comio celebrate pride this weekend. >> paul chambers in the castro
10:48 pm
tonight. our latest people podcast is out today. it features donna persona talking about the hardships she's faced and the progress she's seen in san francisco over the decades. search for bay area people in your podcast player. >> nice mild weather in store for pride festivities this weekend. in the meanwhile, we are with a big cool-down underway. temperatures dropped off again today. tomorrow looking very similar before we do begin a rebound on friday. take a look at some of these numbers from this afternoon. 60s around the bay. which, okay, we get that in late june. but our inland commune, low 70s in santa rosa for our south bay. 73 san jose. for the inner east bay. 72 this afternoon in livermore. that is atypical. temperatures are way below average in many areas today. more cloud cover than we have seen despite the
10:49 pm
cool-down that actually started back on monday. today is going to be one of the coolest days. as we get into thursday, slight changes expected. some of us may be just a tad warmer, a tad cooler. and then we begin to see a warmup getting into friday that will last through the weekend. not going to be as hot as that last weekend though. here's a look at the futurecast, cloudy skies to start tomorrow morning, along the coastline, inside the bay. as we get into the afternoon, mid and high-level clouds expected. here's a look at lunchtime. low clouds at the coast. and then into the afternoon and evening hours, more cloud cover. so partly sunny, partly cloudy for your thursday. and temperatures again expected to be similar to where we were today. really picked up late this afternoon. gusting quite strong through areas like fairfield. and that again helping to bring those numbers down. temperatures right now upper 50s, low 60s around the region. as we get into the
10:50 pm
overnight hours, 40s for some of our north bay locations. it's gonna be a chilly start, santa rosa for you there. 50s around the bay. low 50s for livermore. 57 antioch. and into the afternoon, numbers similar to where we were. 73 for santa rosa tomorrow. 63 in sausalito. for the east bay, upper 60s for the east bay shore. mid-70s in walnut creek. 78 expect forward brent wood. san jose 73. 75 saratoga. along the peninsula for the afternoon, mild. 71 in redwood city. 62 in the city of san francisco. upper 50s, hoe 60s expected along the coastline. partly to mostly cloudy conditions. that's the extended forecast. if you like it warmer, that is what is on tap for the weekend. as we get into saturday and sunday, into the low to mid-80s for the inland communities. 70s around the bay, and mid-60s for coastline. >> great on sunday. look at that. beautiful weather. >> yeah, just great. after the nice hot weather we had, the cool-down was actually really nice. thank you.
10:51 pm
>> you're welcome. a winner emerges from the college world series. tonight's decisive game 3. it is the second title for the winning school in six years on the 11:0s of mourners gather in sacramento a week after officer tara o'sullivan was shot and killed in the line of duty. how loved ones remembered her tonight. show me the crown.
10:52 pm
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>> mark is here with sports now. a's on a mini-roll. >> yeah, sweeping a two-game series. they'll take it. they've got a little bit of a hockey hangover going on in st. louis. bringing the cup to st. louis for the first time ever. and that's the baseball up to. and for now, they're happy with the hockey stuff, but a little frustrated. there it is frank on display for all the fans to see. they care about baseball there. but it'she first pitch. and throwing a lot of good pitches, for the a's. gave up only four hits. no runs for bob melvin and
10:55 pm
company. in the 7th, it's matt chapman. his 19ing of the year. solo shot, 2-0. and like julie informed us, it's a two-game sweep of the cardinals. we're headed for anaheim. this is at oracle in san francisco. every picture tells a story. that's the giants' season in a nutshell right there. although hope in this kid, alex dickerson. a 29-year-old kid. rbi shot to left. goes for two bases and a two-0 lead off samardzija. one chak off the bat of david dahl. dahl had five rbi for the rockies. four on that swing. the grand slammer. 4-2 lead. giants pulled within a run thanks to the panda. but nobody on-base at the time. and great
10:56 pm
lauren angle. great launch angle. there you go. the university of michigan, that's a football school. vanderbilt known for their baseball stuff, and academics of course. they meet in the college baseball world series. and vanderbilt, the baseball school, gets the biggest bite out of them. winner take all third game to decide it. vandy with the win. steven scott, huge. two-run single out of the shadows there. increases their lead to 4-1. and a harmful fly-ball. the college hijinks. the pandemonium for vanderbilt university. their second national title in the last six years. should he go or that is the question that will not be answered for at least several more days. kd in new york continuing the early rehab stages for the ruptured achilles.
10:57 pm
you see him on a little scooter there with his brother in new york which spurred on more rumors. he's in new york. what's he doing there. in sports, usually it comes down to money. warrior fans should hope so. if they want him back, he would stand to make quite a bit more money if he signs with the warriors. today declining his $31.5 million player option with the warriors champion means he won't sit around rehabbing with the warriors paying him $31 million. sunday, 3:00 our time is when it all begins in earnest on the free agent market. meanwhile a little intermission from the women's world cup. let the men take over for just a little bit. it's the gold cup activity. and that's kansas city. matt mahomes, quarterback for the chiefs, along with travis kelsey, their tight end. nil-nil. a 66th minute bicycle kick. the only goal of the game.
10:58 pm
>> oh, my gosh. >> usa dominating possession. that's just incredible. joey altador. all smiles down in san jose. why not? the quakes are unbeaten in their last five games. one-nil in the 75th minute. bucko, his second goal of the night. in the second half, helped survive the two-nil victory over the divine mow of dc. longtime giants fans, you're gonna remember this. it was an incredible catch in 1970 against the reds on a saturday afternoon. bobby s and and willie
10:59 pm
mays, jarrod dyson and tim lecastro go deep. that's close to exactly what happened with bobby and willie. and the dodgers. on the short end tonight. dc united, orlando city. wayne rooney. >> wow. >> you talk about a goalie who was ready to panic right there. he came out too far. and that was the only goal of the game. >> i remember that chain-link fence at candlestick so well. >> it was a great childhood memory. >> the exact same thing. >> bobby tolland hit it against the reds on a saturday afternoon. there you go. that's the sporting life. time for more news.
11:00 pm
elizabeth warren has had some good moments. so far i think it's been a good substantive debate. >> voters react after the first presidential debate. idential debate. >> tone candidates faced off tonight, and it is just the beginning. more will debate tomorrow morning. hello again, everyone. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. they sounded off on a number of issues including immigration, healthcare, impeachment, and climate change. >> reporter: good evening. it's interesting to watch how the candidates on a crowded stage of ten try to get the most amount of speaking time possible and then get the most out of the time they do get. senator booker, congressman o'rourke and ascertain warren got


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