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to do. >> i love it, mentally, physically and emotionally. she says this will be her second time liming count milliman charro, she was 85 years old climbing count mount kilimanjaro. pushing for more transparency in law enforcement, we sit down with the bay area lawmaker who is changing when police body camera will be released. not something you see every day, ice covering the ground in mexico during the summer. the massive hail storm that swept through guadalajara. it was a packed weekend in the city by the bay with all the pride festivities. the giants were also in town. this is a live picture out at san francisco we can see the fog on top of the salesforce tower.
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we are now getting people really does celebrate the fourth of july which is this coming thursday, i know the best thing about the fourth for me is going down to our local firehouse and have a big pancake breakfast and the children love it. >> barbecues throughout the bay area. >> parades. >> it's a week for it. and traffic was a little bit lighter. that may because people are extending the holiday. >> speaking people enjoying the holiday, sal is off to after a nine-month closure, the salesforce transit center is back open but there is no transit service yet. what the public and do and what they can go see today. >> reporter: most people are coming upstairs to salesforce park, it's five and have acres and includes a rooftop garden. these are native plants to
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chile and behind us you can also see the bus bridge, that remains close, there were no buses coming into the center today, that will happen a little later on this summer. i did get a chance to speak with some folks this morning and ask them how they felt about the doors being back open and if they had any concerns about the structure.>> i'm glad they're taking care of it, safety comes first so i think that's really important. >> i am happy to be in here, it's beautiful and i love the park. it's great living in the city where we have a public as opposed to just the private sector. >> reporter: here's what people should know, the public is allowed on the first floor which is the grand hall lobby, there are art installations and ambassadors on site, the second floor is off-limits, that is the bus deck. this morning we saw workers busy doing maintenance and making some last-minute checks and repairs before bus service returns. the third floor is a rooftop garden that is open. local bus service will be back
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sometime early this month but those other bus lines are expected to return a little later on this summer. the entire salesforce transit center was shut down only weeks after the grand opening when cracks were found in two steel support beams over fremont street. since then, repairs have been made, the source of the damage was identified and there was an independent review done of the entire facility. they did say it is safe and good to be back open but again you have to wait a little bit longer for that bus service to return. today is july 1 and many new laws are going into effect today. the price of gas will increase by more than five cents a gallon. the increase is part of a 2070 law that raises more than $5 billion a year for road improvements in public transportation projects. back in november voters shot down a proposition to repeal
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that law. proponents of the law say the money is needed for repairs though critics argue the increase is too much for some families.>> what you going to have is a car repair bill versus the tax gas tax bill. car repair bills are way more expensive. >> it's high enough but what are you going to do? >> the increased tax revenue is divided up between local and state governments, overall, californians will be paying more than $.47 per gallon in gas taxes. replaces the average price for a gallon of gas is $2.72. california has a high statewide average at 376, the highest average in the state is in san luis obispo where it is four dollars a gallon for new this morning, under state law goes into effect today requiring the release of police body camera footage within 45 days of a critical incident. this morning we are joined by the author of that law. thank you for joining us. let's talk about the timeline this law lays up >> the timeline is once you
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make a request for public information for body camera footage of a critical incident such as use of force or police shooting, they have 45 days to release the information or they can ask for 30 day delay. it has to be under investigation. if the investigation is over it needs to be released. >> so if the place department says the release of this video would substantially interfere with the investigation they can hold it back until when? >> they can keep asking for 30 day delays but they have to keep asking for that 30 day delay and they have to keep telling you the specific reason . before as it was currently her yesterday they could say no we don't want to release the footage and just remember, the body cameras are paid for by the taxpayers. the body camera video storage is paid for by the taxpayer.>> let's talk about some of the costs because there has been some pushback from police to permits across the state saying
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the enormous cost of catalog cataloging and taking care of this whole new chunk of information will burden especially smaller police departments, many of which are here in the bay area. >> that's what they've been saying but they have to do that anays. the question is what can they release and what do they have to redact? with my colleagues bill, senator skinner which is around police records, they have been charging fairly significant fees to redact that information. with this body camera footage, we will see also if they take a similar tact to charge very large fees to redact video footage. the video footage was paid for by taxpayers in the body cameras were paid for by taxpayers and the whole point of body cameras was to have more transparency between communities and law enforcement agencies to really build trust but the problem is you can't build that trust if they don't see the footage. >> you think the fees are fair? >> at this point, they haven't
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started charging the fees because the bill goes into effect today. >> looking back at the fees charged for other information? >> it looks fairly high. >> too high? >> potentially because i have to justify it. now what they are saying, because fees are all about you have to be able to say what is actually the work required. >> i had three guys working on this for two days and that's what's going to cost $2200. >> you can't just pick a number. there's an article it's almost as high as $25 a minute which seems a little bit high. >> can an ordinary citizen make a request, who has the power? >> anybody can make the request. that's why we put it in the public records act because it's really there for the public to access civic records. to get city records accounting records and state rep words. >> why do you think police department are resistant to implement in body cameras or sharing the footage? >> i think there's a lot of police department who feel under siege by the public. policing is a very hard job,
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there are times we have to make these very challenging split- second decisions and there are consequences so i think there's a lot of fear that if they release the footage they will be judged pretty harshly. i actually think the opposite, where this footage is released, many of them will be exonerated, i think 99 times out of 100 police are going to do their job and do it well and his body camera footage is going to demonstrate that. >> so often you see by standards of bystanders releasing their own cell phone video. what would you say to that dynamic? >> i think that's kind of unfortunate because the body camera footage is really the state or the local city record of choice, that's what the taxpayers have paid for so it's important to get that footage out. obviously citizens release that information right away and put it on youtube or facebook so it's hard to compete with that at the same time it's important for cities to be much more proactive to get that video footage out as soon as
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possible. >> starting today. thanks for joining us. santa fe mayor is expressing his concern over the 2020 census. he spoke at the u.s. mayors conference in honolulu this weekend saying major u.s. cities like san jose always face the threat of another count. >> the undercount also matters if you care about principle and i know that each one of you care about the fundamental principle behind the constitutional mandate in the census. >> that is that everyone in our community counts. >> president trump says he will attempt to delay the 2020 census following last week's from court ruling. that would give groups who oppose adding the question another chance to block it. the mayor will discuss the 2020 census along with several other topics when he joins us live
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from hawaii, coming up on ktvu news at noon. protesters in hong kong have taken over the legislative building. others reportedly stood on the desks of lawmakers and tore down torches of legislative leaders. please have appeared to have retreated to avoid a confrontation. kevin durant is leaving the bay area and signing with the brooklyn nets. he made the announcement yesterday on social media. the superstar confirmed he ascends intends to sign a deal with the nets on july 6. some fans say next season could be a long one. >> it will be a tough year next year, we know clay is hurt and we know kevin is gone. the whole thing about mooney leaving as well, it will be difficult to see what happens.
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>> with kevin durant leaving the warriors are working on a tray deal with the nets that would bring d'angelo russell and a couple other players to the bay area. it is expected he will sign a four-year, $117 million contract with the warriors. golden state will not get anything back in this trade and they will give up a protected first round pick to make the deal happen. it looks like klay thompson will stay with the warriors. his reportedly agreed to sign a five-year maximum contract with $190 million. he is expected to miss most if
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not all of next season. a lot of changes of the season. >> we will see what happens. it's a little bit cooler than normal here as we know but take a look at what is happening halfway across the country. what is causing a freak hailstorm in the summer months. and northern california business remembering a fallen officer, how they are preserving tara o'sullivan's memory in permanent ink. that's unfair. phenomenal! that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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the tattoo shop is honoring fallen officer tara o'sullivan lynn's memory. the owner works for the fire department and these holding a fundraiser at his shop to raise money for the o'sullivan memorial fund. >> having been a former army guy, i wanted to create a place
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for active duty military and veterans on law enforcement officers to have a place where they could call home and enjoy the environment in addition to getting tattoo work done. when you are in a profession where you can you lose your life in the service of others you tend to get closer with the people that you are around because you rely on them so that you can go home to your family. the tattoos that we are doing in memory and to honor tar o'sullivan, we are donating a minimum of 10 percent of the proceeds that we taking on the gross scale to her memorial fund. >> this is our wall for the fallen and it's a sad wall, but it is a place where we can remember all of the soldiers and first responders who put their lives first. this is tar o'sullivan, most of you have seen her face on the news or social media, a very special woman. >> i have family that is law- enforcement and friends that are law-enforcement so that is the cause near and dear to my heart. >> i saw the procession and i saw the streets lined, the
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people in the overpasses and i'm getting goosebumps just talking about it and i've seen just an outpouring from people and as tragic as it is, in a way it has brought people together and it sheds light on the situation. >> people died two deaths, the first is when you die in the physical form in the second is the last time you name is spoken. >> we feel like it doesn't need to be a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or just something awful happening in life for us to come together as a community. >> the owner of that shop says he has received so much positive feedback, he is plenty to continue this fundraiser through the entire month of july. over the weekend, hundreds of people attended a fundraiser for the family of officer o'sullivan, the owners of the dreaming dawn brewery in elk grove held their first cars and canines car show to raise money for the tar o'sullivan memorial fund. o'sullivan who grew up in the
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bay area was killed last month while responding to a domestic violence call and organizes a classic car owners from across northern california were eager to help her family. >> when we planned this, we were hoping for 25 cars and right now we are at 125 cars. it is overwhelming and i am so grateful to the community for coming out. it just means so much to us and to her family. >> this fundraiser was originally organized to been a fight the oak grove police k-9 association with the association asked that all donations go to officer o'sullivan's family. san francisco celebrated its 49th annual pride parade over the weekend. someone hundred thousand people lined the streets to watch. this year's theme was generations of resistance. people we talked with along the parade route said it felt like a huge party celebrating gender and sexual diversity. one woman told us the pride parade should serve as a reminder that the fight for
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lgbtq rights continues.>> i had one family member asked me, what's the end goal? what are you guys trying to achieve? a day where nobody has to come out, nobody has to say mom, dad, i'm , do you still love me? >> some people in the crowd said they've been going to the parade for years, others say they've never seen anything like it. there was one minor delay in the parade after 10 protesters linked arms and lay down in market street in the middle of the street on the parade route for nearly an hour. they said they were upset that police were present and said they didn't like what they called greedy corporate sponsorship. officers took two people into custody and the parade resumed. some of california's top politicians are calling for more efforts to protect the rights of lgbtq people. governor newsom, house speaker nancy pellucid and senator, harris were among those at this
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weekend's pride festival. senator harris walked in yesterday's parade before speaking at the main stage. she spoke about her past record on rights including when she refused to defend proposition eight at the supreme court when she was california's attorney general. >> as you know, 15 years ago, there was an a lot of democrats on board with it, but we said no, civil unions, not good enough, we are going to perform marriages and that's what we did here in 2004.>> more than 100,000 people were expected at yesterday's event. this is where police are advancing towards the legislature in hong kong to clear protesters who have occupied the building. it is nighttime and we see a number of police wearing the riot gear with helmets prepared. we see a sign, i can't read really anything more than just smoke but this is the culmination of a movement that has been ongoing and we see they appeared to be finding sort of a tense moment here as police and protesters are now coming together carried >> i believe that sign was a
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warning about teargas smoke. >> we will monitor the breaking news and bringing more throughout the night. coming up next, a rpse meeting between president trump and the leader of north korea, their plans to re-launch nuclear talks. you might want to think twice before diving into the public will. what is lurking beneath the surface in a new report from the cdc.
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we are monitoring a developing story in arizona. people who work in downtown phoenix are being told not to come to work this morning because of an underground fire. the fire is now affecting power service in downtown phoenix. facebook says it's forming a task force to guard against the possibility of election interference in the 2020 election. the coo will serve as the task
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force chair. the election team will be established by the end of this year. the task force was formed as a response to civil rights groups who said facebook wasn't doing enough to prevent voter intimidation and suppression. is in trump's back at the white house after the g 20 summit. prisoner drum became the first sitting u.s. president to set foot on north korean soil. it started as a casual suggestion to get together while president trump was in the neighborhood. a tweet offering to meet up with kim jong un at the dmz. hours later, president drum became the first sitting commander-in-chief to walk into north korea. the president says the two leaders agreed to more nuclear negotiations. >> we are going to have teams that will meet over the next few weeks and they will start the process and we will see what happens. this is the third face-to- face meeting between the two
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leaders. previous negotiations aimed at convincing the north to abandon nuclear weapons and its ballistic missile program have failed to make significant progress. >> we want to see if we can do a comprehensive good deal. nobody knows how things turn out. >> reporter: democratic residential candidates criticize this latest effort. >> i have no problem with him sitting down with kim jong un in north korea or anyplace else, but i don't want it simply to be a photo opportunity. >> i'm not quite sure why this president is so bent on elevating the profile of a dictator like kim jong un when kim jong un has not lived up to his promise from the first summit. it's been a failure so far. >> reporter: will north korea's weapons program remain mostly intact, kim jong un has adhere to his commitments to suspend ballistic missile launches and nuclear weapons tests. will president drum is the first sitting u.s. president to travel to north korea, others
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have gone after leaving office. former presidents ronald reagan, jimmy carter and bill clinton all travel to north korea. carter actually went three times after leaving office. his first trip was a 1994 to convince the regime to allow inspections and nuclear sites. in 2002, president george w. bush visited the dmz after he labeled north korea part of an axis of evil. >> they have a piece museum there and the axes that were used to slaughter two u.s. soldiers in the piece museum. no wonder i think they are evil. >> after president comes visit with kim jong un in north korea, both countries have reportedly agreed to set up teams to resume stalled nuclear talks. now to our health check, the cdc is issuing a warning about a fecal parasite that is on the rise this summer, especially in swimming pools. health officials say the parasite called crypto can cause diarrhea and other intestinal issues that can last for as long as three weeks. in pools, the parasite can be spread by swallowing contaminated water.
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the cdc says most of the cases happen in public pools and that pregnant women and children are hit the hardest if infected. officials are advising people to stay out of water if they might be sick and to remind everyone about the dangers of drinking pool water. health officials in san diego county say the fair there is still safe after young child died and three others became sick after visiting the county fair last month. the child who died after contracting e. coli was just two years old. he was hospitalized after visiting the county fair two weeks ago and died monday after complications stemming from the bacteria. the three other children who got sick did not have to be hospitalized. investigate or say all four cases are linked to contact with animals. >> unfortunately when you do have livestock or animals, there is a potential inherent risk. animals do relieve themselves, e. coli is in the feces, small children unfortunately can step in it and walk in it and unfortunately they don't always wash their hands. i'm not suggesting this is the case here, but that is a possibility.>> the pharrell
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will remain open but has suspended in the activities that might have people coming into contact with animals. next, the price to cost cross one of the bay area's iconic bridges. it's a. how much more it will cost you to cross the golden gate. looking for clues into a private plane crash that killed everyone on board in texas. what federal investigators are now saying.
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♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea summer sale. wooooooo! save up to 50% off select items in store only june 26th to july 7th. ikea. crazy weather comes to mexico in the middle of summer. this is a look at guadalajara covered in three feet of ice after a massive hailstorm for the mexican army has been brought in to help her some of the roads. no one was injured but there is a lot of damage as you can imagine to vehicles and homes in the area. experts say it was a perfect storm of atmospheric and topographical ingredients i created this freak storm in the city that sits 5000 feet above
9:30 am
sea level. >> i know we are cooler than normal here, but that is 100 percent atypical. let's talk about what's happening here. we are concerned about fog and fireworks and that whole mess on thursday. >> there's some question on if what happened is water came down in low-lying areas and drained in an area which would make it higher than it really was. it doesn't mean it didn't happen, but there's some question on if maybe a lot of that water flooded into their, because i've seen a picture shot and there are some areas that are dry not far away. >> interesting.>> there's a lot of hail no matter how you look at it. fog is an issue for the fireworks going forward, but first we have alvin, alvin made her constraint briefly and then fell apart.
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the atlantic has been really, nothing yet, but the pacific now we had alvin and barbara. this is kind of been the pattern here for a long time. he dropped these lows in the hangout. nothing we haven't seen in summer and spring and now even into, going way back to winter as well. the patterns kind of repeat themselves and that's what we are seeing even though it's the end of june and july. a little change here, force cast highs on the left and what's normal is on the right and they are all below average. only oakland is close. livermore at 80 so it's nice this time year. a few high clouds filter in, everything is at the base of that low and that low is spinning right off the oregon coast continuing to funnel in some of that cloud cover and keeping a breeze going and keeping the onshore breeze going. water temperatures today drop back down again, so they are cold, near average to a little
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below on the water temperatures for july 1. 50s and 60s, but we are running 1 to 5 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago and there were still in onshore delta breeze. with all that in place, with the low it's hard pressed to warm-up much so we are going to stay in this pattern. 60s 70s and 80s on your temperatures here, white pleasant for us here in the first couple days of july and i think it takes us out to the fourth. it does look a little bit warmer friday and saturday inland, but still we can't get above average.>> sounds good to me. for more of today's top stories let's check in with dave clark. >> nba superstar kevin durant, everybody is still talking about him, he is creating his new life as a former golden state warrior. he plans to sign a max contract with the brooklyn nets ending his brief but remarkable career with the warriors. he was mvp of the nba finals
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twice with the warriors and help them win back to back nba championships. he is expected to officially sign with the brooklyn nets this coming weekend. among today's new state laws, now that it's july is one that requires law enforcement to release body camera video within 45 days of what's called a critical incident. that includes whenever a police officer causes death or critical injuries in an officer involved shooting. body camera laws among several new state laws taking effect today. san francisco salesforce transit center partially reopened this morning. the public rooftop park and a few other facilities reopened a couple of hours ago, however bus service will not be back until later this summer. the $2.2 billion building closed nine months ago after cracks were found in some steel beams. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. california's gas tax lodges
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went into effect today meaning we are all going to pay 5.6 cents more per gallon when we go to fill up. that 5.6 cents overtime really does add up. >> reporter: it really does, we've talked to a couple people out here who say even for five dollars extra a month is still too much, so the price here per gallon for regular at the shell in walnut creek is three dollars and $.63. the manager here did tell me that she is in talks with the refinery to see when the tax will actually go into effect here but this 5.6 cents increase means drivers will pay about 4 to 5 dollars more a month for gas. it's all in an effort to fund road maintenance and public transportation projects. the gas tax law is said to raise $5 billion each year for that work. there was a republican effort to repeal the law in 2018 but voters shut it down. according to aaa, california has the highest average gas price in the entire country at
9:35 am
$3.75 a gallon for regular. the national average is $2.71. we talked to one customer here at the shell station who says she supports fixing our road but it's still a financial burden.>> it's a little high. i mean i understand we have the gas tax for the highway and the roads, that i'm okay with but it just keeps climbing. things here are already so unlivable as far as prices go. >> reporter: the cheapest place you can find gases in imperial county in southern california, you can find gas there for $3.58 per gallon, the most expensive place is alpine county where you can get a gallon of regular gas for $5.09 per gallon.
9:36 am
the first state budget signed by governor newsom takes effect today. most of the budgets provisions going to place today while other new services will be funded until january. the states to the $14 billion budget includes more spending. it also includes a 21 and have billion dollars surplus for the governor will hold a news conference today to talk about the budgets provisions. a new state law goes into effect today that requires a background check for people who want to buy ammunition in california. it will cost buyers a one dollar processing fee each time they buy bullets or shotgun shells.
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officials say he was last seen at the national park.
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this morning the search continues for a bay area man reported missing at grand canyon national park.
9:44 am
officials say 66-year-old peter schwab has been missing now since friday. he had been on a river trip on the colorado river and was last seen on a small beach downriver from the lower national canyon. he said he was going to hike to the narrows but has not been seen or heard from since. a southern california hiker who survived a week on his own in the san gabriel mountains is back at home and in good condition. 73-year-old eugene was hiking up the out dollars and foot summit when he became separated from his group. he told his rescuer to drink water from a stream and stayed warm during the cold nights by staying close to rocks that had been heated by the sun during the day. search and rescue teams from across our state including some from marin county were involved in the weeklong successful church search for joe per an important holiday warning is going out to drivers across the country. new traffic study show that the fourth of july is now the deadliest holiday of the year. the national safety council reports that have been roughly 500 holiday traffic deaths on
9:45 am
america's highways during the past 10 years. research shows the traffic deaths are directly tied to the growing number of drunk drivers out there on the road. a new report says you may be at risk as being hacked while staying at a hotel. according to bloomberg, hackers are targeting hotels and getting access to guest laptops or cell phones their unprotected wi-fi systems. the report says major chains like marriott, hilton, and hyatt have been hit. apparently a lot of people were exported by the prospect of sleeping in a taco bell themed hotel room. reservations for the hotel in palm springs sold out just two minutes after opening. those who booked will get to take in wall-to-wall and floor to ceiling taco bell artwork and wake up to a special taco bell breakfast delivered to the door. plus float in the pool on a giant raft. >> i wonder how much stuff gets stolen from that taco bell hotel? stuff that you're not supposed to take like the hot sauce packet pillow. that's not yours to take home.
9:46 am
>> that reminds me of college. soft tacos pain. >> i think about the taco bell pacifica. >> from tacos let's talk coffee. it is mug monday and now is your chance to win a ktvu fox2 news mug. just go to and click on the contest tab at the top of the page. >> interest accepted from now until 1 pm. these are the mugs we are talking about, they do double duty. ktvu fox2 on one side. if you are the winner, take a picture of your mug and send it to us and we will put it on the air for you toy story 4 is at the top of the box office for second week in a row. the animated movie added almost $58 million to its take of the weekend. the horse equal annabelle comes
9:47 am
home took second place at the box office bringing in $20 million on its opening weekend. the beatles inspired romantic comedy yesterday came in third and rounding out top earnings were aladdin and the secret life of pets 2. the cast of stranger things returned to netflix just-in- time for fans to watch over the weekend. the third season of the hit netflix series returns on july 4. >> it looks intense. coming up, the synchronized swimmers getting ready to compete on the world stage. what they're doing to prepare for the olympics per plus a deal for fans of disney, the discount for bringing a friend to either of
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long after the moments have passed. stocks have rallied throughout the morning after the u.s. and china agreed to resume tech talks. the dow jones is doing well up by almost 100 points and the nasdaq however is up by almost a full percentage point. the s&p is up by more than one half of one percent. undocumented immigrants across the country are waiting to hear
9:51 am
what the president will decide when it comes to his recent call for mass deportations. democrats in congress have one more week to work out an asylum deal before immigration rates could begin. the oakland mayor has spoken out against the president's stance on immigration and deportation. she joined us in studio and i asked her about these most recent threats. >> i do think people should take it seriously. i don't want people to panic. i don't want these acts of terrorism to paralyze our good family. >> your calling with the president is doing is an act of terrorism? >> i believe that what he is doing is terrorizing our families but have members within their families that are undocumented, that have been trying to seek asylum but have been stymied by the lack of representation and our clunky legal system and court system and so i believe police people need to know their rights and know their responsibilities but also know that in oakland, ca, we have a legal defense system that does provide help, so i
9:52 am
encourage everyone to go to central and read about your rights and be prepared. >> you can visit to watch our full interview. that is all waiting for you now at for san francisco giants ceo larry baer is scheduled to work returned to work tomorrow after being suspended for three months. the giants did announce that he will not have the same level of power when he gets back to work. many of his ceo duties will be divided up among other team executives. he apologized for the incident that led to his suspension and the team says he participated in a counseling program for the annual synchronized swimming junior olympics continues this week in buffalo, new york. the stars of the show are from right here in the bay area.>>
9:53 am
the synchronization is amazing. >> reporter: it is a sport we pay attention to about every four years when it is olympic time. it's also a sport that's been the subject of any number of parities and also very serious business. >> if you are in it you are all in. some of the kids you see training here today are only 11 years old and they train six days a week. right now we don't have school so they're doing about seven or eight hour days and when they go to school they still come every day after school for about three or four hours. >> reporter: kim knows all about what it's like to be a world-class synchronized swimmer. she was a member at the 2008 olympics in beijing. she now coaches the walnut creek aqua nuts, the defending junior olympic national champions in two age groups, 12 and under's and 13 to 15-year-olds. chances are, those are two of the best teams you've never heard about. >> it is a quirky sport but most sports are. the makeup and the costumes and all that don't really help but
9:54 am
they really add that little bit of glamour and can be the finishing touch. >> reporter: before they get to those finishing touches, there was a whole lot of hard work to be done. >> i think a lot of people think it's really easy which is good that they think that because the ultimate goal is when you see it in the water you wanted to look really easy and you want people to think, oh that was super simple and they're not dying but the truth is, we are really dying and it's a lot of cardio underwater there's so much going on. i don't think people realize synchronized swimmers get kicked and hit by the teammate so much and when you come up you have to have this beautiful face and act like you're not dying at all and you are perfectly fine when in reality you might not actually be. some people think it's like old ladies in flower caps, but it's so much more than that and it's so much dedication and hard work put into the sport. it's really hard. it's really hard. >> reporter: as hard as it is, this group along with the rival aqua maids have made up the
9:55 am
majority of the u.s. olympic team since synchronized swimming was first included in the games in 1984. initially the u.s. dominated the sport but ever since 2000, the russians have won gold in every olympics, both duet and team competitions. if the u.s. can turn things around in the years ahead, it will in all likelihood be because of some of these young faces out to defend their u.s. championships this week. the u.s. women's world cup team is preparing for tomorrow's semifinal match against england. the u.s. is the favorite to win but the u.s. have played the english have played tough. u.s. forward alex morgan says the u.s. team has been flexible and reacted to whatever strategies and maneuvers the other teams have handed them.>> i think that in general our
9:56 am
team has been able to adapt to and i've been given different roles in the team and on the attacking side and all i would like to do is be able to execute that and i think that i have. >> you can see all the action and tomorrow's semifinal match between the u.s. and england, the match starts at noon right here on ktvu fox2 and you can also attend a free watch party at sue bierman park . the party also starts at noon. >> mike and i get to host that party on sunday. let's talk about what's happening at disneyland, it's making a little bit easier if you have annual passes to share the fun with a friend. from now, passholders can buy a one-day park upper ticket for
9:57 am
$99 for up to three of their friends. those tickets usually cost between $150-$200. the pass holder must going to the park with a friend, they do not have to stay together the entire day. disney world in florida is offering at similar deal but with slightly different prices. >> i would love to go with you guys, thanks for the invitation. >> i will hear all about your trip to disney. >> thank you for joining us. mike and i will be here for more news at noon.
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