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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  July 3, 2019 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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a san bruno mall is open after shots were fired inside yesterday. what we are learning about the investigation and the search for the attackers. a motorcyclist killed when he was doing -- what he was doing moments before he was hit. today is expected to be one of the worst days to travel, what time to avoid hitting the road all together next at noon. the mall if san bruno is open this afternoon. less than 24 hours after an argument between two groups led to gunfire near the food court. two teenagers part of that nibble argument were shot and police say the people that fired the guns have not been found. one of the victims collapsed in front of this jewelry repair shot. i spoke with the owner, he credits soldiers from the army recruitment center with saving
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that victim's life. >> i was standing behind here. suddenly we heard a lot of shots, shots were going pop, pop, pop, pop. i thought it's probably 30 seconds, my thought my god, when is it going to stop. >> arc stein is the owner of time works. it was right outside of his store where a teenager trying to run from two gunmen collapsed. a sergeant provided first aid. >> he is leaning on the floor, waving his arms. he is like i'm shot. i don't want to die. that hit me. i was telling me you are not going to die. >> reporter: two teenagers were shot and are still hospitalized. today, employees went back to work, shoppers were back in the stores. we saw police walking through the mall checking this with merchants. hundreds were evacuated after the shooting.
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some ditched belongings inside. those items are stored at the san bruno police department. feel nervous but it's business as usual and hopefully the security and the police that are here will make more of a presence. >> i'm still worried but still vigilant. another day for me. i'm not too worried about it. southbound lanes of 880 are open following a deadly crash. the crash was reported before 6:30 today. south of tenson road. the deadly accident happened after a motorcyclist began splitting lane on that busy highway. >> that's when he collided in to the rear of a pickup truck. the collision caused him to be ejected from his motorcycle. he was almost immediately struck by a vehicle, possibly two vehicles. he ended up succumbing to injuries he suffered from being struck by the vehicles.
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>> the crash caused big delays on southbound 880 for 2 and a half hours this morning. chp re-opened the lanes before 9:00 a.m. san francisco police are look for a dog that is accused of biting a little boy in an un provoked attack. a 3-year-old boy was entering a grocery store with his guardian two weeks ago when an un attended dog lunged at the little boy and bit him in the hand. he is getting rabies shots. the dog is described a as light colored pug-type with black spots. a new report warns detention facilities for migrants in southern texas face serious overcrowding and require immediate attention. the blame game going on in washington. >> reporter: the situation at the southern border appears to be declining, a new report out
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from the homeland security inspector general's officer shows immigration detention facilities here in texas are severely overcrowded leading to a dangerous and unsanitary condition including lack of food and water. one senior manager calling the situation a ticking time bomb. democrats blaming president trump for focusing on immigration enforcement and not helping migrant families. >> when you use that type of dehumanizing language, it leads to dehumanizing behavior. >> the growing crisis the s the fault of congressional democrats says the white house and congress needs to act on immigration reform. mitch mc connell says that's not likely to happen any time soon. >> we have passed a $5 billion supplemental appropriation to try to help take care of the people who are massive on the border. >> reporter: a growing number
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of migrants on the mexican side of the border are giving up on their asylum claims and heading to they home countries saying they don't think they will get the chance to start a new life in america. >> they don't realize we come from far away to work in the united states. >> the acting dhs secretary is scheduled to testify before congress later this month about conditions i'm side those migrant holding centers. the u.s. citizenship in immigration services macked this independence day week the holiday ceremony on the tech of the u.s.s. hornet. the agency celebrated the 4th of july and birth of our country with a ceremony welcoming dozens of u.s.
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citizens, 76 immigrants found 36 countries were sworn if on board the ship docked there in alameda. a top commander was among those that con garage lateed the u.s. citizens congratulated the u.s. citizens in the bay area. >> i had an opportunity to share to the same day last year. i can't think of a better way to be celebrating our nation's independence and welcoming new citizens. my fellow americans congratulations. >> the u.s. citizenship and immigration services is holding similar ceremonies across the country all this week. there are conflicting reports today about whether the trump administration is giving up the fight to add a question about citizenship to the next year's census. president trump tweeted the reports about the comes department dropping the quest to put the citizenship question on theceps us is incorrect, following reports from his administration that the u.s. census by started printing 2020 census forms without that
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controversial citizenship question. dade lavigne said time has run out for the president to continue pushing for that question to be included. >> not only do you have the time problem which is we have the constitution to deal with, it's as clear as can be and has to happen next year and a statute which says the official day is april 1, a billion and a half peases of paperer to print before then and get distributed. there is an enormous time crunch. >> the u.s. supreme court blocked the citizenship question from being included on the sense us and sent the issue to the lower courts. get away day, thousands of californians hitting the road for the long holiday weekend. here is a live look from our emeryville camera, out at interstate 80. traffic volume already up for this time of the afternoon. a record breaking number of americans will be traveling for the 4th of july. nearly 49 million people are planning to get away.
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the safety administration says it is expecting 12 million people to take to the skies today through the 7th with sunday being that peak travel day. motorists are expected to dig deeper in to their pockets to pay at the gas pump while traveling over the weekend. >> gas prices across the country are starting to go up in time for july 4th. motorists taking to the road are greeted by higher prices in almost every state. >> 3 and a half million travelers will use trains, buses or cruise ships. aaa has a breakdown of the worst times and days to travel across the u.s., san francisco, experts say today,ing is 30 to 2:30, the worst time to hit the road. travelers could see 2 and a half times the usual amount of traffic on the highways. if off friend or family member flying in to or out of san francisco international, be aware, the airport one of the five busiest airports in the country with the largest amount of activity expected today. chp will start the end
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forcement period tonight. officers will welcome for drivers speeding under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving without their seat belt or on their phones. 18 people were killed in crabs on california roads during lastier's 4th of july maximum enforcement period. they made 389 dui arrests in the same period. one of the main highways under watch will be interstate 80 san francisco to the nevada state line. the enforcement starts at 6:00 tonight through midnight on sunday. providing shelter to the homeless in oak land. the 5th and largest cabin the community unveiled by mayor libby schaaf. who will team u.s.a. play in the world cup finals. a live watch party that's underway in san francisco for a game between sweden and the netherlands. the bay area forecast and whether or not you will see the fireworks pass any clouds in san francisco.
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team u.s.a. will play in the world cup finals sundays morning. u.s. advanced by beating england 2-1, goals came from players -- the match former calgary, alex morgan headed home the winner. u.s. in the third straight women's world cup final.
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>> for me it's just so great. i saw all my teammates being so emotional after the game. knowing how much it means to each of us and doing it together. >> men goal keeper had the save of the match stopping this penalty kick near the end of the game. u.s. wins again 2-1. sweeden and the nether lands are playing this they match. >> pam cook and dave clark are live in san francisco hosting a big watch party underway. >> reporter: hey, you guys. >> reporter: it's getting exciting out here. nether lands versus sweden. >> reporter: martin is from the nether lands. this beautiful lady elizabeth is from sweden >> reporter: what do you have majored on this? >> nether lands is going to wins she is thinking the other
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way around. >> i'm here to support the nether lands and make them feel happy and enjoy the game. sweden will win in the end. >> reporter: dinner on the line? >> yes. thank you for that. >> swedish meatballs tonight. >> reporter: go enjoy the game. >> reporter: thank you. >> reporter: thank you, again, for hosting this. it's exiting to have everybody start to show up. why do you guys do this? >> we are thrilled to activate our parks and recreation spaces. this a best way to do it, bring out women's would cup soccer and have groups of people enjoying the park. residents and visitors. from around the world, such beautiful parks. it's important to be able to activate them and have people come out and use them.
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ktvu is a sponsor as well as jump and uber, boston propertys is a sponsor as well and a number of foundations that really do activate soccer and the city and beyond. it about youth sports and being a part of that excitement. we are thrilled to have these and a list of others. >> reporter: this is where this starts. excitement starts when you are a kid when you start playing the sport. for women, little girls to watch these amazing athletes. it's really inspiring. >> we are thrilled this sunday we are going to be able to have the final match, 8:00 a.m., city hall. it's going to be civic center alive with hopefully thousands of people cheering on u.s.a. versuses we don't know yet. it is going to be a really fun party. >> reporter: happy today, weather wise, sunny, a nice
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breeze, perfect day. >> let's thank the mayor. >> thank you. >> everybody else, yes. thank you everybody for being a part. >> reporter: thank you, joel. there is room for you. there is space on the grass. we are meeting all kind of friends. like joel said, people from all over the world. you can't miss any of the actions gigantic screen, menty of grass to sit back and enjoy and it's all free. come out, innages enjoy women's world cup soccer. >> reporter: the finals is always a huge turnout. it's super fun to be out here watching the excitement and
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proms to be an exciting game. >> who ever wins plays in the final against the u.s.a. we are glad you are joining us. i'm always glad to be with pam. it's a good time to be here in san francisco. >> looks like a great time. >> thank you very much. on sunday morning there is a huge watch party at civic center plaza. you and i will be mcing that event. >> that match starts at 8:00. get there bright and early. let's talk about weather. tomorrow, people are conditioned about fog. >> seems like every year we are talk about the fog for the 4th of july. could be a factor this to thursday evening. today, lots of sunshine across a good portion of the bay area. temperatures after patchy fog this morning, starting to warm up a bit. here is cloud cover looking towards san francisco. it's completely clear, the fog wants to correct me. a few patches near the
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coastline. most areas, mostly sunny skies. 60s and 70s to the 80s this afternoon. shaping up to be a nice wednesday across most bay area neighborhoods. in the satellite, coming in closer, there is that fog bank hanging out near the coastline from half-moon bay and points south. still patches over san francisco, portions of san francisco in to the coast right now. current numbers showing you 60s and 70s, san francisco checking in 60s. santa rosa 77. fairfield number, 80 degrees. the big view in the pacific, we are watching the area of low pressure here, it's been anchored heres not moving much at all. no triple digits, not much in the way of 90s. 60s, 70s, 80s. we will warm up the numbers tomorrow and in to the weekend. tomorrow for the 4th of julys it should be a little bit warmer in a few spots. see the breakdown for the coast, mainly in the 60s. around the bays closer to the
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bay in the 70s and see a bunch of 80s, the warm end of the temperature range for your thursday july 4th. here is the forecast model this afternoons we could have patchy fog, san tran, the clouds increase, this is tomorrow morning, clearing near the coastline. as we advance this to thursday, this forecast model want to pub in low cloud between 8 and 9:00. the fog possibly could be a factor for the fireworks displays in san francisco. you can see all of the little yellow dots represent the fireworks displays here the the bay area. this is a few oh choose from. patchy fog, mostly clear skies inland and san francisco, the big fireworks show, we have to add, the possibility of patchy fog, it's the game time decision. we will see what the fog does by 5:30 tomorrow evening. highs today, under mostly sunny skies, patchy overcast near the coastline, in the 60s for
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pacifica, 70s around the bay. warmest locations, nice day, nice day for a hike or bike ride. temperatures in the low to mid- 80s. san jose 79. gilroy 83. half-moon bay 61 degrees. a look ahead the five-day forecast, a little bit warmer and that warming trend will continue in to friday. by saturday, warmest locations inland around 90 degrees towards the weekend. tomorrow the big fog forecast we will watch it closely towards thursday evening. >> still to comings a nuclear deal deadline. what the president of iran is going to do if the president doesn't come up with a nuclear agreement by sunday.
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tensions between the united states and iran are increasing after iran's president announced his country's intent to violate the nuclear agreement. >> reporter: as of july 7, we will take the next step. if you want to express regret, do it now. >> reporter: aurone's intention to begin uranium enrichment. this announcement comes amid a deteriorating situation with the u.s. after iran's military shot down an american drone less than two weeks ago, speaking in tehran, it is up to the u.s. and allies, to cut the tension.
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our advice to europe and the united states is to go back to logic and negotiating table to understanding to respecting the law and resolutions of the u.n. security council. under those conditions, all of us can abide by the nuclear deal. >> reporter: iran denies it's trying to produce a nuclear weapon. president trump tweeted iran was violating $150 billion plus cash nuclear deal with the united states and others who paid nothing before i became president and they have now breeched their stockpile limit not good. >> europe is holding the fire and caught between a rook and a hard place. they told iran, do not violate the deal that we said we would uphold with you now, iran is violating that. >> republican senators want more pressure, they written the white house a letter call for more sanctions on iran. the 4th of july celebration in washington dc will include a
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parade, fireworks and a speech by president trump and protesters. the event titled a salute to america. tanks are parked near the national mall. the president will speak at the lincoln memorial. critics of president trump say he is trying to hijack what has been traditionally a nonpartisan event. >> the president is not going to get political. he is going to celebrate the greatest country, the greatest idea in the history of the world. that's the united states of america. >> protesters have applied for and received a permit to fly a trump balloon on a section of the national mall near the washington monument. americans are expected to spend roughly $1 billion just on beer. the 4th of july is the top drinking holiday this the country but the spending does not stop there. americans will dish out an additional $6.7 billion on hot
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dogs and hamburgers, that according to the national retail federation. the amount spent on beer and food is down from last year's numbers but the average cost to celebrate america's birthday adds up to $73 a person. the oak land you will see electric scooters on the streets. oakland approved pemitts to force companies -- lime and lyft are on the list along with byrd and clever. oak land requires companys to distribute scooters throughout the city and provide safety information for renters. focusing on fire safety. how police and firefighters plan to keep you safe over this weekend and how they are cracking down on illegal fire works here in the bay area. we continue to follow the latest developments out of san bruno, shots were fired inside a -- mall what the mood was like today.
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police are still search for the two people who opened fire inside a busy shopping mall. this morning in an update, that two tamers were shot during this incident. it happened 4:00 yesterday afternoon at the shopping mall on el camino next to the san
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bruno parts station testimony gunfire runted during an argument between two groups near the food court. the mall was closed for the rest of the day but re-opened at 10:00 this morning. >> i feel nervous. it is business as usual. hopefully the security and the police that are here will make more of a presence. >> still worried but still vigilant. another day for me. i'm not too worried about it. >> the two tamers shot are still in the hospital. henry lee is following up on the new developments and will have more today on the 4. southbound lanes of 880 hayward are open following a deadly crash. it was reported before 6:30 this morning in the southbound direction. the chp says the cyclist was splitting lanes on the busy highway. the rider was ejected from the motorcycle and hit by one other vehicle. the motorcyclist was pronounced
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dead at the scene. oak land mayor is holding a news conference and hosting a media tour of the latest efforts to find housing for people who are homeless. cristina rendon is live to bring us the story. >> reporter: good afternoon to you. this is a really big deal for the city of oakland, the first time they partnered with the city of emeryville and cal tran. look at the cabins here, on tour now. the mayor is inside one of them showing them off. we got a peek inside earlier. this are two cots in each cabin. this is a very big deal. it's one of the largest sites so far. this is on the oak land emeryville border, the cabins will provide shelter to 76 people who have been living underneath interstate 580. we understand this is made possible by not only the cities but as well as corporate
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foundations like target and the oak land chamber of commerce that donated funds and supplies to make the cabins a reality. >> this is the city of oak land's 5th cabin community we are opening today. this innovative way of resolving our most unhealthy and vexing encampments is continuing to show tremendous success as well as inspire collaboration and partnerships. >> reporter: this is the first collaboration between cities of oak land emeryville and caltran. in addition to the cabins will will be wrap around services provided. we have seen porta potties, hands washing stations and also going to be a mobile shower unit that will be here for the residents so they can have a place to shower. a much needed shower. this is a temporary site. we understand this is for
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transitional housing. they will stay here for a couple of weeks or months. they will hopefully get placed in to permanent housing and when you look at the other four camp sites they have done, the mayor says they have a 67% success rate in getting people off of the streets in to the transitional housing units and in to a form of permanent housing. the people living in the cabins or on the streets if they choose not to go this to a cabin, they will have to find another place to live. cristina rendon, ktvu. a suspected gang member in los angeles has been charged with killing the son of oakland city council member. 23 year old hernandez is due this court in connection with the murder and attempted robbery of 21 year old victor, the sop of the council member was a student at usc back in march victor was shot while he was out with friend and killed a mile from the usc campus. a drive accused of hitting
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and killing a pedestrian at san francisco international airport faces multiple charges. he hit three people at the pick up curb in the arrivals area. the expedition was pull away from the curb and people were loading luggage at the time they were hit. the crash appeared to be a terrible accident. the city of san jose will consider appealing a civil jury decision that found that police used excessive force when a shot and killed a man experiencing a suicidal breakdown. the jury is recommending awarding the family $2.6 million. it was three years ago when the 18 year old shot himself and survived. two police officers say they shot him because they forward for thinker safety and the public safety after he refused to drop his gun. da's office cheered the officers criminally but in the civil trial, a neighbor
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testified he never saw nunes point a gun at the officers. the president of the police union says the jury let they sympathies for a grieving family overrule the facts of this case. the san jose city attorneys office says the officers are experienced and acted in a mapper cop sis tent with the use of force policy. the marine mammal center is evaluating a sea lion discovered by police. the photos were tweeted outpy the police department a couple of hours ago. officers say the sea lion appeared to be ill. the sea lion appeared to be born last year. police in pittsburgh are looking for an arsonist. it happened 1:30 yesterday morning on schooner way. the video shows the man walking around the front of the house
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before he drives away in a silver or gold colored car. the mother lives across the street. >> my mom sees the whole thing and runs over and pounds on the door. my alarm is going off. that alone saved our lives. >> joe ortiz and his son tried to put out the flames until the firefighters arrived. the front door of the house was damaged. the family says the suspect had a bottle in his happened and left the bottle at the scene and hoping what the man left behind will lead police to him. pg&e has begun flights. they are using fire spotters and 7 planes from late afternoon until dusk. patrols begin june 1st. spotters detected a total of 209 fires last year and notified fire agencies. police and firefighters around the bay area are
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preparing for a busy 4th tomorrow, maureen naylor reports where authorities are stepping up patrols to crack down on the illegal fireworks. >> reporter: theth of july holiday brings fun and tradition but for public safety agencies it can bring more work. >> typically this road experiences influx of victims especially on the 4th of july. >> reporter: we went on a ride along with the deputy who says the views of the valley are luring from sierra road but warns with no parking, visitors will be turned away or cited. the sheriff's office is one agency staffing up for the 4th of july holiday. >> the sheriff's office has additional resources that they allocated to specific areas where we have seen firework activity illegal fireworks. >> reporter: morgan hill, call fire is also preparing for independence day. >> we will be at peak staffing over this week in to the weekend to make sure all
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resources are available. >> reporter: firefighters say the late rainfall and moderate weather help red deuce some of the fire danger. the chief says crews respond to structure fires and traumatic injury calls and have their own law enforcement officers going out to crack down on people setting off illegal fire worse. >> the random area check is done by police officers. we have call fire law enforcement officers that will be out doing those patrols and that enforcement. >> reporter: the san jose fire department says the number of illegal fireworks reports are up this year with 48 verified reports since june 1st and expect that number to go up more as people use the reporting tool. maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. preparations are underwear for big fireworks show in san francisco as many as 200,000 people are expected to head to fisherman's wharf. people are being encouraged to take public transportation to avoid all the traffic jams.
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the celebration gets underway at 2:00 in the afternoon. the fireworks won't happen until about 9:30. drivers are warned that there will be several roadways closed in the area. san francisco authorities reminding people not to go to treasure island to watch the fireworks. the treasure island development authority says parking and viewing areas are very limited. several construction projects are underway on the island and some roads and parking areas are gossip just not accessible. in danville, every year people stake out spots along the parade route, the night before. people can place chairs and other items on the sidewalks stating at 6:00 tonight. if you put them out before 6:00s they can be removed by the city. this attracts 4000 spectators every year. we have a full list of events happening across the bay area, go to a group of dogs is headed from the east bay up to oregon
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in hopes of finding new homes. the 6 dogs were held at thepy knoll and martinez animal shelters but the facility were running out of space. the dogs boarded a mane and flew to app animal rescue center the oo. some dogs drawing interest for adoptions there. >> they have been sitting at the shelter for over a month. we picked the dogs that were some reason, they are not getting adopted. there are many great dogs in the shelter that sit a long time. >> in an attempt to ease overcrowding, contracounty animal services is offering free adoptions through saturday. july 4th and 5th are the busiest days because pets are frightened and runaway from homes and get lost. a tamer is this need of a bone marrow transplant. how a baseball team is stepping up to help out. weather now, towards san
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tran bay. mostly sunny skies and this picture and a warming trend toward the weekend. we will have a look at the 4th of july forecast coming up.
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los angeles angels are this the middle of the series against the texas rangers in arlington this week testimony rangers held a moment of silence to remember and honor angels pitcher tyler skaggs. the 27-year-old left-hander was found dead in his hotel room this dallas monday. no word on how he died. investigators said there were no signs of foul play or suicide and angels beat the rangers in the emotional game last night. in the bay area, we spoke with a former teammate of skaggs who is playing for the twins. minnesota is in town taking on oaklands. >> it's super sad. i feel for all the guys in anaheim. i can't even imagine being on the team right now.
12:45 pm
it's just tough. >> the coroner's office in texas is expected to begin the autopsy as early as today but the medical examiner says it could take weeks to determine the cause of death. just days ago the a's faced skaggs and the ape jells witnessing tyler's kind hat, competitive mind set and personality firsthand. please joins the twins and athletic organization to honor the life of tyler skaggs. >> that was at the colosseum last night. the a's paying tribute to skaggs prior to the start with the twins. skaggs started against the oakland a's this past saturday afternoon. a teenager is in need of a bone marrow transplant and a local baseball team is trying
12:46 pm
to help. san rafael pacifics are stepping up to the plate. >> reporter: playing video games, typical for any 15 year old helping with dinner, too. danny rose doesn't take any of these moments for granted, he is in remission. >> i have blood cancer, leukemia. >> reporter: six months of tests and treatments after the aches and fever he thought was flu turned out to be not just leukemia but resistants to chemotherapy. >> the odds i get this specific cancer outside of the most popular. >> reporter: a sophomore at catholic high school. he missed spring semester, too sick and too suspectable to infection. >> friends have been extreme help. it helps to have someone to talk to. >> reporter: his neighborhood show him support and this saturday that team expands.
12:47 pm
as the san rafael pacific honored him at their game and set up a booth where fans can enroll in a national registry for bone marrow donors. a simple swab of the cheek. >> a lot of prayers and support are needed. daniel is a fighter. can't wait to meet him and help him through this. >> players plan to be first in line. >> you have the opportunity to help someone, you should, especially with something this rare. it's hard to find. >> reporter: danny with cousin bey, a college player will throw out first pitch. a leukemia a curve ball but the focus is finding a match to save danny's life. >> he is in remission, they want to push as fast as possible to a new bone marrow. >> my cancer cells don't start producing again, because we have this window. >> reporter: danny manage as positive attitude, more concerned about his mom's well being than his own. >> you know, you really do take
12:48 pm
it day by day, you pray for strength to get through that day, hope the next day is better. each day ends and you are still here. >> reporter: fighting to regain his health, danny is grateful for so much support. >> i never knew how much people cared. blessing and a curse in a way. >> reporter: debora villalon, ktvu, fox 2 news. nice to see the pacifics stepping up to the plate. let's check in on weather and a look outside with mark. sunshine across the bay area. the live camera, beautiful looking out above san francisco for your wednesday afternoon. it is shaping up to be a nice day, patchy fog hanging out near the coast. it could be regrouping, reend developing tonight. now there is that fog pattern closer to half-moon bay, pacifica, clear skies inland,
12:49 pm
we have warming temperatures inland but lots of 70s and a few spots around 80 degrees towards fairfield. santa rosa, 77. mountain view, 75 degrees. this area of low pressure keeping our temperatures in check. no major heat in the forecast at all. we are talking about 60s, 70s, 80s, no major changes, minor changes this week. the only one will be little bit of a warming trend that begins tomorrow in to the weekend. saturday, one of the warmest days of the week, upper 80s to 90 inland. lake tahoe, a popular destination for the holiday period for the 4th of july. tomorrow mostly sunny skies, temperatures 75 degrees and beyond, tomorrow, for friday, lots of sunshine, warming will continue in to saturday. low 80s south lake tahoe, sunday, cooler with the few extra clouds as we head towards the back half of the weekend. the forecast model later on today, this evening, it butches up the chowd cover, the low clouds and fog, this is tomorrow morning, 8:00, clouds
12:50 pm
will clear back to near the coastline. we are watching the fireworks tropical storm fog that could impact the fireworks. this forecast model want to pub in low clouds and fog but not every forecast model is right on. we will see if this verifies tomorrow evening. maybe we could have partly cloudy skies, the fog moves in after the fireworks show but a very close call. something that bares watching, that would factor in to your fireworks festivities plans for tomorrow at least if san francisco. temperatures this afternoon, santa aresa, 83, concord 83. oak land 70. pacifica 62. more neighborhoods, san jose 79. gilroy forecasted high of 83 degrees. warmer for your 4th of july, the clouds and the morning clearing back to near the coastline. the beaches not warming up too much and that minor warming trend will continue as we head towards the weekend. at noons health problem parents wouldn't expect a child to suffer from, neely 10% of children have sleep apnea.
12:51 pm
the signs parents need to watch out for next.
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google's self-driving car company, carrying passengers and self driving cars. detail on the pilot prom at 4:00 and how it will affect the race to be the fully autonomous company on the road. imagine what life is like when your child is fighting sleep apnea. loyd has a girl's story about the struggles and the treatment. >> reporter: 2 year old eve is as cute as they come. her young journey in life hit early bumps. >> he was angry and really angry all the time. >> reporter: because she was always tired. in depth medical tests revealed something scary. born with pediatric sleep apnea. >> i didn't think people were born with sleep apnea.
12:54 pm
>> reporter: this is what i sounded like before treatment when she was asleep. >> she would wake up gasping almost, choking. it would be from a dead sleep to screaming. she was having 81 episodes when she stopped breathing. >> reporter: there are signs parents can look for. >> the first thin is snoring. behavioral issues, concentration issues. difficulty with staying awake during the day or staying asleep at night. >> reporter: mom says it kept the family on edge. >> i woke up at night all the time watching her. >> reporter: summary removed her adenoids but it didn't help. family brought him to dr. lewis at johns hopkins. >> she needed a member. >> reporter: a member with a
12:55 pm
mask. things began to ton around. >> she sleeps 11 house and wakes up happy. it's been completely like life changing for her because she just wasn't rested her whole life pretty much. >> reporter: chip can be unfairly labeld with a learning disability or lack of emotional growth and can read to hyper tension and cardiac issues. >> imagine a child not getting good quality sleep, they won't be able to do well at school or interact well with peers. that can change their whole lives. >> reporter: early intervention brought positive change, now happy and thriving little girl. doctors say chair thompson under went successful knee summery. he is expected to be sidelined for five to seven months and tore his left acl in game 6 of the finals. we all cringed when that happened. the team beliefs he will make a
12:56 pm
complete come back and agreed to a 5-year, $190 million max deal. thompson releasing a pair of shoes this weekend take a look at thesech the kt4s high lite his pregame ritual of reading the newspaper at his locker. 200 pair are being made, available sunday morning at the oak lander's store if oak land on broadway starting at 11:00. norwood no word yet on pricing. opening day for the fair. the theme this year, over the moon. in honor of the golden anniversary of the lunar landing. space exploration artifacts. today there will be a street painting area for children as well as fireworks, not just tonight but ever night of the fair. >> i grew up going to the fair. imagine this is your hometown
12:57 pm
fair. >> i went there a couple of times. rides were like $0.50. don't even remember. thank you for joining us. see you tomorrow and also at 4:00. start the car! start the car! the ikea summer sale. wooooooo! save up to 50% off select items in store only june 26th to july 7th. ikea.
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dr. oz: fast food pizza. we are investigating the quality of this comfort food. >> there something else we are doing that is making it worse. dr. oz: revealing some surprising ingredients. aus, the dish on oz, brand-new series with everyday recipes. this wing, game day foods. >> which way would you rather have? dr. oz: coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: are you ready for season 10? >> gas! -- yeah ! >> i love you, dr. oz.


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