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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  July 4, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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away as long beach and las vegas. there are no immediate reports of death or serious injury but officials in thedozens of emergency calls. >> reporter: surveillance footage from this restaurant in ridgecrest shows the force of the quake had the building shook, items off shelves and employees running for cover. the quake shift bottles off the shelves of this liquor store reportedly causing thousands in damage. one person took videos of their swimming pool with water sloshing out of it during the quake . >> i was not sure what to make of it. we have an apartment above the garage and i thought they were moving stuff upstairs but when a kept going, it felt like an earthquake and i thought about my wife and my grandmother inside the house. -- >> reporter: in ridgecrest, emergency responders responded to a house fire linked to the quake. there were also evacuations at ridgecrest regional hospital. the mayor of ridgecrest says
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they are in the process of product -- processing the there have been aftershocks including 3 that registered about 4.5 magnitude . >> there will be another one. not make it less likely. there is about a 1 in 20 chance that this location will have an even bigger earthquake within the next few days and we have not yet seen the biggest earthquake of the season. it is certainly area will be shaken a lot today and some of those aftershocks will probably exceed magnitude 5 which means they will become damaging. >> reporter: today's quake was a bit weaker than the northridge quake in 1994 which registered a 6.6 and killed dozens of people and cost billions of dollars in damage. the difference is that quake was centered in a populated area well today's quake was centered in a remote area far from any major city.
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>> many people in los angeles were asking why the city's new early warning system did not go off. officials explained a smart phone app is designed to warn of moderate shaking and today's shaking was considered week. on this independence day, hundreds of thousands of people are heading to downtown san francisco tonight to watch the fireworks show. not only downtown san francisco but also crissey field and fisherman's wharf. katie hughes christien kafton is in the city where the party is underway . >> we are in small full swing here. you can here i'm playing,, "oh what a night." everyone is ready to celebrate america's birthday. 12 hours before the fireworks were sent to start, the perez been had informed -- came in from brentwood. >> it is a great show.
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music, food, people, good times. i mean, like i said, who could ask for anything better for the fourth? >> reporter: crews spent yesterday and today preparing the barge where the fireworks will be launched. out of your perez says this family has been coming to the spot for years and even one foggy, he says it is a great show. >> if we don't see the fireworks, we are good with that because we enjoyed our day. >> reporter: across town at golden gate park, crowds turned out for a free concert playing patriotic favorites by the golden gate brand band. the free concert has been a fourth of july tradition since 1882 . >> it means something special. after all, it is our birthday and these are birthday songs for america. >> reporter: concert power, jf almond was just for the occasion and wears the same jacket that he wears on the other american tradition, election day. >> i don't double as i go down
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there and work and it is good. >> reporter: today's show was about taking pride in those things that make america the land of liberty. >> we have our freedom, our rights and it is important to be independent. >> reporter: around town, around. 39, san francisco and the bay, everyone is keeping their eyes on the sky hoping that carl doesn't ruin everyone's view of the big fireworks shows around the bay. you can see there is a little bit of fog, maybe cloud cover. hoping it all burns off later on and the concert goes on until 6 pm. the fireworks are set to start at 9 pm -- 9:30 p.m. in san francisco, fog or not. for now, live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox2 news. >> our meteorologist , mark tamayo -- it looks like carl was coming into town? >> it is really an unbelievable
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sight when you see the fireworks but we talked with this gentleman, octavia perez. even when the fog is here, clouds light up and you can still hear them and it is a great time in san francisco when we celebrate america's birthday with hundreds of thousands of your best friends. >> i couldn't agree more. christien kafton at pier 39 tonight. the big celebration in san francisco is just one of the many independence day parties here in the bay area. >> -- ♪ >> thousands of people lined the streets of alameda today for the city's annual fourth of july parade. popular hometown celebrations included floats, marching bands, horses, dance troops, bands, lesser cars and more. one little girl from oakland said she liked everything about the parade, almost . >> i like every part about it because they are all really good. >> --?
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-- >> she doesn't like the horses. >> i don't like the horses. >> all. >> she is cute. >> this parade ranks as one of the largest and longest in the entire country. the route is 3.3 miles. put your walking shoes on. let's bring in meteorologist, mark tamayo in tonight for chief meteorologist, bill martin. we saw the fog and christians chart and we see behind you the fog as well. how bad you think it will be tonight? >> we could have colorful clouds for the fireworks show. one of these days, there will be a forecaster who says it is completely clear but it is not tonight . >> we haven't had one in a while. >> but things could always change. it is last minute; a gametime
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decision i guess but you can see once again, the father showed up on the coast. the satellites are picking up on the pattern as well. the coastal fog from half moon bay to pacifica, as you look here, this is expected to increase in coverage over the next 3 to 4 hours. current numbers, it is warm to hot, clear toward antioch and fairfield. temperatures in the 80s. santa rosa, 83, san jose, 74, san francisco, cooler spot, 56 degrees. here's a closer look at the fog which has been increasing in coverage over the past hour or so. we will watch this closely to see what happens. just guesstimating the height of the cloud layer could be just under 1000 feet so that kind of elevation in the cloud layer is what we are seeing this evening. here's the forecast model, 6 pm. look what hasn't happens between six and eight and 9:00. it tries to bump up the cloud cover's. the rest of the bay area, a good portion of it still mostly clear skies. clouds will continue to thicken late tonight and early tomorrow morning. all of these little yellow dots
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represent the fireworks displays. it is not to san francisco. you can see the south bay and inland in the north bay. you can see the forecast, clear inland as we fly towards one of the biggest fireworks shows. we do have to bring in some patchy fog, temperatures right around 58 degrees. bundle up. temperatures cooling rapidly as we head into the evening hours. as far as the forecast, for tomorrow, a bump in the numbers. we will have the forecast coming up in a little bit. >> mark, thank you. the highway patrol was out in full force over the long holiday weekend. officers are on the lookout for drunk drivers and other dangerous behavior on the roads. the chp also teamed up with the nevada highway patrol on the so- called i-80 challenge, aiming to reduce speeding along i-80 from san francisco to the nevada state line. this maximum enforcement period will continue right on through the weekend. it ends at midnight sunday.
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fire officials are encouraging residents to leave fireworks to the professionals. still, many people buy and use fireworks legally and illegally to celebrate the fourth of july. k to be used tom vacar drove to 4 counties, 3 of which are close to contra costa county which is off limits to all fireworks. tom has this report. >> i'm going to get a backpack. >> reporter: in dublin, alameda county where so-called fireworks are still legal, there are 11 stands that sell only to the area. >> we depend on fundraising to support school events throughout the school year. it supports our general education students and our special education students as well and we are able of profits checked to make sure they are of legal age to sell and make sure we give out different flyers and pamphlets as well as safe films here where you can light fireworks. the stand is
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he can to make things safe, going only to designated places that dublin has set aside for lighting fireworks . >> this is the third year we have done it. we go to shannon park and they have a dumpster with water and we use the cardboard to help protect when related up and make sure everybody stays away and we have been safe the last several years. >> reporter: one problem, dublin is close to fireworks free contra costa county. just east of contra costa, people flock to buy fireworks for the holiday period, as they do in solano county to the north. so the contra costa county sheriff issued this statement. the sale, possession or use of fireworks of all types and sizes including -- fireworks, are banned in the county. deputy sheriffs and officers on patrol will confiscate all fireworks. offenders could also face up to $500 in fines. >> reporter: and note this,
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nowhere in california are illegal fireworks allowed. that includes bombs, firecrackers and flying missiles. if you get caught with these, it is a great big fine and in some cases, it could mean jail. >> reporter: even where it is legal, you are responsible for any damage or injuries. >> we keep the hose handy and cut a bucket of water handy so when we do on, we dump it in the broader bucket of water and make sure the fire goes out. president trump's salute to america is well underway in washington. the president promising to show us the show of a lifetime. we will take you to washington, dc at 5:30. but first -- cracking down on illegal fireworks in san jose. coming up, why residents say more needs to be done. also ahead, a deadly crash in dublin. what we are learning about the
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two people killed and the questions that still remain in the investigation.
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firefighters in san jose are keeping a close walk on a burned hillside where at least two fires broke out early this afternoon, threatening homes. the fires were reported along highway 87 near interstate 280. cal fire says it had engines and a helicopter assisting the san jose fire department in containing the flames which burned 1 structure near a communications hill. the santa clara fire department also assisted. no injuries worry were reported. a man in hayward has died after being hit by a union pacific train about 8:00 this
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morning on homewood ave. right now it is not clear why the man was on the tracks. union pacific road is still investigating. no one on the train was hurt. police in dublin are investigating the cause of an early-morning crash that killed two people and in just the past half hour, the victims were identified as 35-year-old matthew mcnerney and 29-year- old ethan sellers. kate abuse leigh martinez with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police say it was a single vehicle crash and both the driver and sole passenger were killed. the victims were both men and bay area residents. the accident was on fallon road which curves around from where we are on anton way. the crash happened at 1:40 3 am. it appears that the vehicle was traveling south on fallon road when it struck the light pole on the center median. the driver and passenger were killed. the alameda county corner than arrive before five a.m.. officers also had a roadblock at fallon and gleason.
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police say they are investigating what led up to the deadly crash. in dublin, leigh martinez, ktvu fox2 news. a driver in milpitas has been arrested on suspicion of dui after crashing into a powerful. it happened just after 1:30 this morning on calaveras road near vista ridge road. police say the driver and -- and ramona ellis remained at the scene it was not hurt but the crash caused a power outage in the area. it took eugenie crews several hours to make repairs. anyone with information about the crash is asked to call police. many people in san jose are bracing for night of fireworks. not the sanctioned community events but the sounds of illegal fireworks being shot of on their street . >> they say the city's online reporting tool is not doing enough to stop the problem and they are frustrated. kate abuse ann rubin is live in downtown san jose with this  story. and? >> reporter: the issue is getting the kind of proof that results in a citation.
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residents say it is easy to see the fireworks going off but much harder to snap a picture of the perpetrators in action. >> reporter: this is how suzanne maroney celebrates the fourth of july, preparing for the wizened bang of nearby fireworks . >> this is one day a year, i water everything, sprayed on the roof of the house. >> reporter: she guards the house and her husband, a feeder a vietnam veteran with ptsd, takes the pets out of town but she is frustrated that san jose has not done more to stop illegal fireworks. >> it is illegal. the city has not done what they were supposed to do. they keep making promises. now they have made it so we have to witness it and documented which is impossible. it is dangerous. >> reporter: three years ago, the city launched an online reporting tool but hundreds of residents reports translate into only a handful of city citations. san jose firefighters say it is too soon to know whether it is working as a deterrent . >> you have lots of spot fires, house fires.
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>> reporter: there are staging crews near known hotspots for fireworks activity and preparing for a busy night to come. >> we have a lot of staffing to ensure that we provide a higher level coverage throughout the city. we are also using the online reporting tool ourselves. >> reporter: there have been over 130 reports last month, up from last year. downtown resident, jeff levine has reported many. >> we are prisoners of our own house because of what's going on around us and i want to make sure the house doesn't burn down. >> reporter: he says he's hopeful this year will be different and that there will be more citations issues. until then. >> we are basically on guard tonight. >> reporter: one thing residents did say, they have noticed fewer fireworks in the weeks leading up to the fourth. the online reporting >> ann rubin live for us tonight. thank you. let's check the forecast.
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the fourth of july forecast. meteorologist, bill martin is off. let's go to mark tamayo now. five near the coast and portions of the bay and it looks like it will continue to spill into the bay. i'm showing you the national picture here where you can see 70s, 80s and 90s across portions of the country. most areas are at 90 and dallas right now, lots of 70s and 80s. look what happens as we move to the north. 85 degrees at anchorage right now. they are having a heat wave and portions of alaska that could be record-setting heat for them today. that is an interesting pattern setting up. for right now, the fog is hugging the coastline and you can see back into san francisco bay and that x is expected to increase in coverage over the next few hours. current numbers, 83, livermore, santa rosa, 83, sent francisco, 65 and san jose, 74. here's the camera we have been watching all day long. unfortunately, i wish we could clear the fog out completely but it showed up here so it
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will be a factor for the fireworks shows in san francisco. there is a possibility or rather , the likelihood. is not just the san francisco show. we have a lot to choose from. we are expecting mostly clear skies for a good portion of the bay area. the exception is near the coast and portions of the bay. the skies are capping temperatures over the past few days. it begins to become weaker so as a result, temperatures will warm things up. warmed up a little today, 60s, 70s, and 80s for friday and saturday and a few spots will approach the lower 90s for tomorrow. here's the forecast model showing you cloud cover near the coast. clouds will appear back to the coastline and about a 30 degree temperature range from 60 for the beaches, warmest locations inland in the upper 80s to write around 90 degrees. a few spots could approach the lower 90s toward fairfield and brentwood. santa rosa, 87. san francisco, 66 degrees. pacifica, 62.
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a few more neighborhoods with 90s or upper 80s for livermore and pleasanton. san jose, 81 and san mateo, 73 degrees. a quiet week weatherize. temperatures have not moved much at all. the biggest change that sets up for tomorrow and saturday, a bit of a warm-up meeting temperatures inland, closer to 90 degrees. sunday we definitely go things off a sharp drop in the numbers coming down a good 5 to 10 degrees pick it looks like we will stabilize readings into monday and tuesday but at least we are not talking but excessive heat in the forecast. it is a typical late night, early morning low clouds and fog. national headlines, an 800 pound hammer stolen 10 months ago and today, it was returned to its display. coming up, the ceremony and the unveiling.
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san bruno police are still searching for the two shooters are responsible for this week's fred and gun battle inside this mall. police released video from this gunfire from a mall camera. at first you see a group of young people running and one of the people pulls out a gun and fires at somebody behind him. you can see the victim go down after being shot. the gunfire quickly caused total chaos and panic. the two teenage boys wounded in the shooting are still in serious condition. the theft of a giant hammer that was stolen and the north bay to headlines and left a lot of people wondering what happened to it. our crime reporter, henry lee says the healdsburg hammer came back today with some holiday
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fanfare. >> reporter: hammer time in healdsburg. hoopla over a humongous hammer. >> it is part of our culture and our town and i love being part of healdsburg. >> reporter: this fourth of july, healdsburg heart was pounding over the return of a large piece of art. >> how they get away with it, i have no idea . >> you may recall this hammer was initially on display outside a community center but somehow, someone stole it in october. artist doug humphrey has no idea why . >> it doesn't make any sense. >> then, the 300 pound steel hammerhead showed up. the handle was never found. >> reporter: literally, the vandals took the handle. >> reporter: so humphreys decided to make a new handle out of redwood. the new hammer was unveiled at the fourth of july festivities. we caught up with the dj,
5:26 pm
devil. >> everybody has a different opinion about it. some people thought it was great and other people thought it was a joke but at the end of the day, it got people talking . >> the guy took the time to make that in healdsburg and somebody stole it and he replaced it really quick. that was really nice. >> reporter: he is happy people can appreciate art again for arts sake . >> the ramification of public art, the way it affects people, i think, is a positive thing. it is a plus in society. to see beauty or if you think it is beautiful. >> reporter: police have not nailed down the tool who stole the hammer. >> we are glad that we got it back like we did pick it would have been nice to have the handle as well but we are glad we got it back and it has been returned to the artist and is on display for the public to enjoy. >> reporter: the 800 pound hammer will returns with spot outside the community center.
5:27 pm
it now comes with a tracking device and there are surveillance cameras. the hammer is here to stay. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. coming up next, coverage continues of the southern california earthquake. more on the damage and a live update as to how the shake alert system did during the quick. plus -- >> reporter: there is rain in washington, dc but people are lining up for the special independence day celebration, a salute to america. i'm ray bogan with a look at the special event coming up.
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we continue to follow developing news in southern california where is 6.4 magnitude earthquake just after 10:30 am. it was centered in the surrealist valley, a wrote
5:31 pm
remote area of kern county about 100 miles north of los angeles . >> as far as damage, there are no official figures yet. the city of ridgecrest is still assessing the damage it and people are posting videos on social media. the quick shot bottles off this shelf at a liquor store, reportedly causing $1000 in damage. one person took this footage of a swimming pool with water sloshing around as the quake hit. the corrected slosh the water around. the shaking lasted, about 30 seconds according to witnesses. >> reporter: i have an apartment above the garage and i thought they were moving stuff upstairs but when it kept going, i realized it was an earthquake and i immediately thought about my wife and grandmother inside the house there. >> in ridgecrest, a city of just 29,000 people, at least one of the emergency calls responded to was a house fire that is believed to have been linked to the earthquake. e main quake hit at ts of 10:33, dozens of aftershocks have been reported including of
5:32 pm
robert michael degroot, a spokes person for the usgs shake alert person is hereby skype. robert, did the shake system work as it was supposed to today? >> the system did exactly what it should have done. it is a great validation of our progress. >> in you explain why residents in los angeles did not get the warning? a lot of people are confused as to thinking everyone would get the shake alert when there is an earthquake but a lot of people in los angeles did not. >> that is a really good question. the way the shake alert l.a. works is the system is allowed to release a shake alert and magnitude 5 but the important thing people need to know is only the areas that would receive damaging shaking would actually get the shake alert so no one in los angeles county with the predicted shaking from the earthquake would have received damaging shaking so actually the shake alert l.a. has performed exactly as it
5:33 pm
should have. nobody got alerted because no one in los angeles county was predicted to get the severe shaking. >> how much of a warning do you get and can that morning actually, in a real sense, make a difference? >> absolutely. you can get seconds 2/10 of seconds of warning from a shake alert and currently, the only way you know and eartua happening is things are shaking and you take protective actions such as drop, cover and hold on. that only takes a few seconds. one thing we really want to explain to folks is that there are a whole bunch of automated actions that we want systems to take like slowing down trains such as bart and ellie metro. basically, systems can act within a fraction of a second so every second is valuable . >> robert, this is a basic
5:34 pm
question. how does it alert you? is it on your mobile phone? how do you get dealer? >> reporter: currently, alerts are being sent from computer to computer for these automated actions i just mentioned for trains and opening fire house doors and those sorts of things but the shake alert l.a. comes through a notification much like you would get from twitter on your cell phone. >> so, robert, with the shake alert, is this throughout california or is this still just in parts of california? >> so the shake alert l.a. app is only alerting people in los angeles county. and we are moving toward doing more alerting across the state of california but currently the city of l.a. has chosen just to use the test region of l.a. county . >> how long before my come to san francisco, san diego, sacramento and places like that? >> there are a lot of great development happening so we are looking at toward the end of 2019 or 2021 more of california will get shake alert.
5:35 pm
there is a lot of great testing going on across the state. >> thank you for your time today. we appreciate . >> thank you. in the east bay, danville celebrated the fourth of july with its annual parade down harts avenue. >> ♪ >> roughly 40,000 people came out to show their patriotism and pride on america's 243rd birthday. there are some things that become family traditions and for many people, the fourth of july parade in danville is one of them. the event is so highly anticipated that a lot of people take out their spots on the sidewalk the night before. >> i started coming 4 years ago with my kids, pushing baby buggies. now i'm coming with my kids and their kids and my children are seeing the friends they grew up with. everybody comes back with their children and parents and it is a great tradition. >> it is a great tradition. the mayor of danville says the parade seems to be growing in popularity every year and shows no signs of slowing down next year. in the nation's capital, the fourth of july celebration
5:36 pm
is taking a controversial turn. >> this year in addition to traditional music and fireworks, president trump is adding a show of military might in what he is calling a salute to america. ray bogan has the latest in washington. ray? >> reporter: mike and julie, you are right, -- there are lots of controversies surrounding this for instance, whether it turned into a campaign rally. right now, we were able to rock 'n roll to the o'jays when they started the show off with love train and then atlanta came out to pay respect to aretha franklin. it is rocking and rolling right now. we are waiting half an hour for fireworks over the lincoln memorial. the annual independence day parade made its way through the nation's capital. people lining the room road to
5:37 pm
cheer on the red, white and blue floats, dancers and musicians but before the traditional fireworks and evening concert, it is president trump salute to america. he has been boasting over the first of its kind event focusing heavily on u.s. armed forces. tanks, military units, drill teams, blue angels followers flyovers and a speech from the commander in chief himself . >> america's fearless resolve has inspired heroes who define our national character. it has liberated continents, split the atom and brought tyrants and empires to their needs. >> reporter: the celebration coming under fire from critics who question the abundance of military power as well as the price tag . >> he's having a parade for himself, putting tanks out there for himself and he really cares about the men and women serving our nation, he would invest in higher pay, bet >> reporter: the white house has not specified the cost but
5:38 pm
the national park service reportedly diverted $2.5 million for the event. >> -- >> reporter: in addition to th which was a large part of the salute to america event, president trump also paid tribute to some of the leaders who have made some of the big advances in america possible, for instance, the civil rights leader here who had organized some sittings at restaurants to help african-americans get equal rights and a doctor who made big strides in helping survival rates for children with leukemia. back to you, julie. >> everything is still going on there as we can hear in the background. ray bogan in washington tonight. ray, thank you. the immigration battle remains in the spotlight, even on the fourth of july. up next, the escorting crashes at the southern border crisis at the southern border and the presidents respond.
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crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source. caught on camera. a father convicted of killing his 3 month old sinemet instant retribution at the boys of the the hands of the boys uncle. he had just been sentenced to 19 years in prison for killing his son. the boys uncle punched him twice, right in the face. deputies immediately rushed to pull the two men apart and it
5:42 pm
did not take long for the man who punched him to face the same judge. he was given 179 days in jail for contempt and now faces misdemeanor battery charges from the state. the immigration debate continues following a reports of incoming inhumane conditions at the detention center at the southern california border. there is still no consensus on a solution. >> reporter: the immigration debate remains in the spotlight on this fourth of july. president trump responding to criticism from democratic lawmakers, angry about rapidly deteriorating conditions at migrant holding facilities. he tweeted in part, "if illegal immigrants are unhappy with the conditions in the quickly built or refitted to detention centers, just tell them not to come. all problem solve. " democrats claim the response shows the president is out of touch with the reality on the ground. >> we are not a nation in which little babies are torn from the
5:43 pm
arms of their mother's. >> reporter: but the white house and border patrol officials are pushing back, blaming lawmakers for a lack of resources and failing to act on immigration reform. >> one of the alarms we have been continually sounding is the oversaturation of our facilities by virtue of a broken immigration system. >> reporter: the presidents immigration crackdown was dealt another blow on wednesday. a federal appeals court uphold adding upholding a ruling barring the creation of a wall. now, mexican officials say they are starting to see results . >> there has been a reduction in migration flows by this national forest and it has been recognized by other fo governments. >> reporter: acting dhs secretary, kevin macklin is scheduled to testify later this month before congress about those conditions in those holding facilities. in los angeles, anita vogel, ktvu fox2 news more controversy over a
5:44 pm
fourth of july shoe. nike decides to pull this sneaker after former 49ers player, colin kaepernick says it is offensive. others are weighing in. joey chestnut takes first place. how many hot tubs he had to eat eat to keep his title on coney island today. nice weather for the fourth of july across most of the bay area but fog is showing up that could impact fireworks. we will take a closer look at the forecast and warming temperatures after the break.
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more followed over nike's decision to pull a shoe that they had planned to release for the fourth of july holiday. the shoe has a betsy ross flag on the back which former 49ers chord, colin kaepernick called offensive. foxes gary baumgarten explains how lawmakers are weighing in. >> reporter: new fallout from the nike controversy. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is urging nike to reverse its decision to stop production of its independence famed betsy ross flag shoes . >> i hope nike either releases the shoes or some other shoemaker picks up the flag, puts it on a pair of shoes and starts selling it. i will make the first order.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: nike designed a red white and blue shoe with the revolutionary war era flag with 13 stars with plans to release the designer shoes for the fourth of july. now, the shoes are at the center of a million-dollar controversy. former quarterback and activist, colin kaepernick says he was offended by the flag, that it was a throwback from a time when slavery was legal in this country. arizona governor, doug ducey lasted nike for the decision, yanking funding from a proposed nike plant, withdrawing a $1 million grant, saying the money is purely discretionary. nike released a statement nike made the decision to halt distribution of the air max one quick strike fourth of july based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend and detract from the nation's patriotic holiday." nike did not indicate whether it will move forward with building it's center in goodyear, arizona or move the
5:49 pm
location to a different city. some conservatives and republicans are calling for a boycott and accusing nike of being "anti-american. gary baumgarten, fox news. our chief neurologist, bill martin is often a. mark is filling in and boy, the fog is coming in big time tonight. of all the nights, we don't want it on the fourth of july. >> typically it seems like we're forecasting fourth of july fireworks, for 15 or 16 years and most years, the fog does play somewhat of a roll. in fact, here it is pushing back into the picture for this afternoon and into the evening hours. probably about an hour ago, we have mostly clear skies on the camera view but it is not the case as we head into thursday evening. as far as temperatures today,
5:50 pm
fairly warm. santa rosa, 84, upper 80s to around 90 toward fairfield. san jose, 78, san francisco maxed out at 65 degrees. here is the satellite image showing the clouds hugging the coastline. we have the onshore breeze that will transport the clouds back into the bay, already happening for this evening. current numbers, you deftly want to bundle up coast side where the fog is. temperatures in the mid-50s. santa rosa, 83 degrees right now. mountain view, 73 and san jose checking in at 74. here is the live camera look. you should be able to see the golden gate bridge. this is the golden gate right now. drivers are driving through a fog blank fog bank and you can see the flags moving which shows you the onshore wind typical of this time of year. all those yellow dots represent fireworks shows in places like san jose, south bay, the inland spots and in the north bay.
5:51 pm
we are looking okay there but san francisco had patchy fog that has worked its way back into the picture. overnight lows starting tomorrow morning will be in the 50s, low to mid 50s. we will have some here in san francisco, low clouds. 54 degrees, a son/club mix by 12:00 and by 3:00 the 4:00, partly sunny skies with temperatures approaching the 60s. this guy has been to capping our temperatures all week long. temperatures in the 60s, 70s and 80s. this begins to become weaker for tomorrow so as a result, we will warm up numbers by a few degrees for friday and into saturday. still, 60s, 70s and 80s and instead of upper 80s, we could have some low 90s inland for tomorrow. here we are tomorrow morning, 15 dollars 50 to 58 degrees, clouds coast side and around the bay. as we put this in motion, a cause are back to near the coastline. temperatures, the 30 degree temperature range from the near 60s coast side and warmest locations inland, fairly hot in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees for your friday afternoon. santa rosa, 87 degrees. conference tomorrow, around 90. san francisco, 66.
5:52 pm
a few more neighborhoods coming up, san jose, 81, gilmore, 88, santa cruz, 70 degrees. here is a look ahead at the 5 day forecast. temperatures not changing too much into saturday. the two warmest days of the week will be friday and saturday and it looks like a sharp drop-off in the numbers on sunday and still some low clouds and fog at least for the morning hours into early next week. unfortunately, right around the bay, we could have some colorful clouds to watch . >> the one good thing is it brings down the fire danger . >> it is always a little scary when you have extreme heat and red flag warnings so that is not the case . >> that's a polite way of saying we won't be able to see the fireworks. make it will still be a grand event. >> absolutely. san jose made it. joey chestnut is once again top- down. >> the champion of the world! joey chestnut! >> oh, gosh. he looks miserable. might look at him go. he won the nathan's hot dog eating contest on coney island
5:53 pm
by eating 71 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes. the contest is a fourth of july tradition and this is chestnuts 12 time winning. last year he had a record 74 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes big even though he won this year, he is still this morning he came shy of beating his own record. >> i always love to get a new record. i like to get everybody out here. they want a new record and they are out here in the heat. hopefully, next year i will come back and try again. i will figure out a way to do it. >> miki sudo one the women's contest for the sixth year in a row after eating 31 hot dogs. celebrations. up next, how one east bay city is giving people with so-called safe and sane fireworks, a safe, sane and legal place to like them off. here's your buick sir.
5:54 pm
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disease to live action version of the little mermaid officially has their lead actress. the low role of aerial is going to rb singer, halle berry. she is black and was chosen after a long search process and according to the film's director, rob marshall, she has everything it takes to play the famous character. his newest version will feature several of the same songs as the 1989 animated film. the original composer of the animated film is also coming back to write some new material. the production is set to begin next year. it was not just humans celebrating the fourth today. the lemurs at the san francisco zoo took time out of their busy day to eat and play with their treats. like many fourth of july events, they had watermelon and they all really seemed to
5:57 pm
enjoy. we did a little research and it looks like lemurs really like their fruit. they eat bananas, pineapples, guava, papaya's and of course, watermelon. even though most cities in the bay area have banned fireworks, one east baytown not only allows them but also provides safe places to set them up. interviews rob roth went to dublin and found families get an early start on their fourth of july celebrations. >> there we go. >> reporter: this family came from pleasanton where fireworks are prohibited, to this parking lot in dublin where this is perfectly legal. >> with the risk of fire in california, it is nice to have a couple places to come . >> while this may be a far cry from the fireworks spectacles in san francisco, these poppers and sparklers are more than enough to keep these two and 3- year-old boy is perfectly have to. >> they have a blast. it is family day. now work. >> reporter: this is one of the three free public parking lots the city opened all day long to give people with so-called safe
5:58 pm
and sane fireworks a safe, sane and legal place to set them up. dublin is only one of a handful of bay area cities that allows do-it-yourselfers to set off fireworks and dublin actually provides places to do it. people enjoy the opportunity. >> it is great because they are trying to give you a safe, controlled environment to do it, right? and a parking lot to where there is not many flammables, as long as you do it controlled activity, they have a dumpster full of water so when you are done, be responsible, pick them up and dispose of them in the water . >> it is great way to keep it very contained and it is a good community field. >> reporter: while some people were setting off fireworks, many more were buying them at roadside stands. this one helps to raise more than $20,000 with proceeds going to dublin little league and youth soccer. >> we have a lot yesterday and will sell everything today. >> reporter: but the concern is people setting off fireworks in the dry hills. >> --
5:59 pm
>> reporter: police are still on the lookout for people who have illegal fireworks and the fired but will have extra crews out tonight just in case. in dublin, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. this is ktvu fox2 news it 6:00. american flags, parades and parties. people across the bay area and the country celebrating the birth of our nation and tonight, as the focus turns toward fireworks, some say not enough is being done to crack down on unsanctioned displays. >> it is illegal. the city has not done what they were supposed to do and they keep making promises. >> in many neighborhoods, people are bracing for a night of fireworks but not the community sanctioned events, rather, the illegal rockets. >> i'm frank somerville . >> i'm julie haener. the city is dealing with the situation by urging residents to use an on line reporting tool but some residents say it is not enough.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: this is how suzanne celebrates this fourth of july, preparing for the wiz and paying off nearby fireworks. >> it is one day of your i water everything, sprayed on the roof of the house. >> reporter: she guards the house. her husband, a vietnam veteran with ptsd, takes the pets out of town but she is frustrated that san jose has not done more to stop illegal fireworks. >> it is illegal. the city has not done what they were supposed to do. and they keep making promises. now they have made it so we have to witnesses and documented which is impossible. it is dangerous. >> reporter: three years ago, the city launched an online reporting tool but hundreds of residents reports translated into only a handful of city citations. san jose firefighters say it is too soon to know whether it is working as a deterrent. >> we have lots of spot fires, house fires. >> reporter: they are staging crews near known hotspots for fireworks activity and
6:01 pm
preparing for a busy night. >> reporter: we have a lot of


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