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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  July 4, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call another insurance company, hey would say "oh we can't beat usaa" we're the webber family. we're the tenney's we're the hayles, and we're usaa members for life. ♪ get your usaa auto insurance quote today. a dazzling display of's fireworks as san francisco and the bay area marked 4 july.>> i know it is foggy here. we are here to celebrate this with each other. the god bless america. >> tonight's fog did not chase people away. thousands gathered in san francisco to watch the
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fireworks. good evening everyone. the show above san francisco northern waterfront is the bay area's largest and annual tradition. amber is fair. tonight show did not disappoint. >> reporter: it did not. fog or no fog it was still beautiful. it ended just a few minutes ago. people are leaving right now. when he arrived here hours early just to get a prime viewing spot to see this annual event.>> they are beautiful. anyway they come. >> >> it doesn't bother us. it is amazing. >> the ones that are lower to the ground are really nice. you can see the different
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colors. the red white and blue one was cool. in general they are doing as best they can. >> i was hoping for better weather. it is neat the people are roughing the coldness. they came to san francisco to celebrate the fourth. because this holiday means love of country freedom and gratitude. a time for reflection. it is america's birthday. i'm an american. i think it is neat to have good pride for your country. and celebrate it. it is people. it is openness and acceptance. community. >> reporter: the circle of family and friends includes a fifth grade teacher who is also a father of five children. this holiday a teachable moment. we go back from the founding of our country. the liberties that we have. and our founding fathers fought for us to be able to live and act as we see fit.
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>> reporter: there was live entertainment as a prelude to the fireworks show. a celebration joined by people visiting from other countries. including a group of friends from ireland and the u.s. work visits. they said america has culture and a relaxed vibe that is unique. >> everything is bigger in america. that is what they say. it lives up to expectations. >> absolutely gorgeous. when the fog is too low and you cannot see the fireworks you have all the ships. the peer. backlit by the pier 39 fireworks.>> reporter: the fireworks show lasted 25 minutes. many new the fog is always a consideration in the city. but say it is still a celebration worth attending. happy fourth everyone. always such a great show. amber thank you. and oakland there are so
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many illegal fireworks going off tonight you would think it was a city sanctioned show. this was the scene an hour ago. fireworks are exploding everywhere across the entire city. we should point out here that all fireworks are illegal in oakland. all of the fireworks you are watching here are illegal fireworks. it is not among the bay area cities oakland is were so- called safe insane fireworks a soul. if there is any good news there are no reports of major problems tied to all of these illegal fireworks. san jose they are on edge. because of the fire danger posed by illegal fireworks. deborah is in alviso with the rockets were flying. even before dark. it looks like they are still going off now. >> reporter: it is still going on. we are on robin street which is north san jose.
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you can pick a half-dozen streets around here and find this very same scene. it's too looks a lot like professional show. for a few hours now we have seen the block parties grow. the barbecues and music. part of the tradition here is these commercial grade fireworks. risking citations or worse. not even atm and the fireworks were shooting skyward on the streets in alviso. 8 pm. san jose has tried to curb this in recent years with outreach and enforcement. neighborhoods across the city are being rattled. residents organize demanding please take fireworks seriously.>> the good old boy network is fun. it is just a bunch of guys having a good time. this is what we have always done. why was she >> reporter: her house against fire this critic complains she and other residents are told they must document violations.>> expect us to go out with someone is setting off the
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fireworks. when the police are afraid to intervene. they won everyday citizens to take a picture. how are you going to chase them down? >> reporter: this councilman setting up a festival heard fireworks in the hills. organizing the show tonight over the lake he said is an alternative that makes a difference.>> illegal fireworks have subsided substantially. a little carrot and stick. everyone was to enjoy 4 july. everyone likes fireworks. let's go see the free fireworks displays around the city. >> reporter: online reports tallied more than 100 incidents in recent weeks. the resident who recorded these said he cannot attend a sanctioned show. he is afraid to leave. we are prisoners of our own house because of everything going on around us. i want to make sure the house doesn't burn down.>> reporter: they have engines and hotspots. on this their busiest and riskiest night of the year.>>
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the weather was starting to heat up. the hills are getting dry. just a small little spark can cause a catastrophic wildfire. like the likes we have seen last year and through paradise.>> reporter: it has been a steady show for the last hour. it shows no signs of letting up in alviso. neighbors watching tell me this has been going on in this five block area for as long as anyone can remember. every fourth of july. we have not seen police or fire personnel out here tonight. i would imagine because they are stretched thin. san jose and downtown has a lot of fireworks going off. i don't think people are calling from this neighborhood to complain. and to bring first responders out here. the neighborhood seems unified. they welcomed us. they tell me they look forward to it. they are not likely to call. or go online and make a report
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on this. i get that as firefighters and the police are busy tonight. we did hear that one city council members say it is hard to chase people in the light one firework and then run away. but you have been there. this is been going on for the last hour. it is not that difficult to see. i'm not quite sure i understand why people would have to complain. what is going on there is illegal. yet you have not seen any firefighters and you have not seen any police? >> reporter: i can't say they are not anywhere in alviso. we are on one street. you can see this happening in the distance as well. they might be elsewhere. i do know last year the scene was like this. there were police here. they watched. they did not intervene. he felt the crowds were too big and it would become an unmanageable situation. if they tried to shut it down. >> i can understand that. everyone wants to see fireworks. at the same time the law is the
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law. now to san leandro where police seized more than 2000 pounds of illegal fireworks this week. officers say they were investigating two suspicious men at the store quest storage facility on tuesday. the men were unloading boxes from a storage locker and loading them into a van. the boxes contain the fireworks including aerial fireworks capable of shooting 125 feet into the air. police say they released the men pending investigation. my fighters in san jose got the upper hand on multiple fires running on a hillside threatening several homes this afternoon. the fires were reported just before 3 pm near communications hill. overlooking highway 87 in san jose. the flames burned 35 acres of grass and destroyed the garage of one home. cal fire said it had engines in a helicopter assisting the san jose fire department and containing the fire. the santa clara county fire
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department also assisted in the firefight. several residents told us at one point the fire was burning dangerously close to homes. the whole back heal where all the leaves are. they are still on fire over here. >> that man's home was spared. all of the fires were under control by 6 pm. crew said they planned to stay on scene checking for any flareups. the hollow fire which broke out yesterday at carnegie state park in san joaquin county is now 90% contained. that fire was first reported yesterday around 3:30 pm. it charged more than 280 acres. crews will again remain on the lines tonight checking for hotspots and watching for flareups. the fire was contained to the carnegie state vehicular recreational area just southwest of tracy. san francisco police say a suspect in an assault at a muni station was killed when he ran onto highway 280.
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it happened shortly after 5 pm near the geneva avenue exit. invest get a say the suspect was running away from police when he ran onto the northbound lanes. that is when he was hit by a car and killed. the incident forced the closure of all northbound lanes of the 280 for 90 minutes. dublin police are investigating in early morning crash that killed two people. officers responded to the intersection of fallon and anselm way 1:45 pm. the victims both men died in the car they were in slammed into a light pole in the center divide. the alameda county coroner identified the two men is 35- year-old matthew mchenry of dublin and 29-year-old ethan sellers of walnut creek. investigators have not said whether drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. chp is out on this fourth of july for the peak of the holiday maximum enforcement period. officers are on the lookout for drunk driving and other dangerous behavior on california roads. the chp is also teaming up with the nevada highway patrol for
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the i 80 challenge. they are cracking down on speeders along interstate 80 from san francisco to the nevada state line. the maximum enforcement period ends at midnight on sunday. a powerful earthquake shakes southern california. the damage assessment tonight and the state of emergency that is now in effect. we have been tracking the fog pushing into the bay this evening. what that means for your friday forecast coming up. president trump salute to america. the elaborate display of military might amid a severe storm. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching.
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a six point for ma rattled sout california today. the ere are no reports of death or serious injuries. emergency responders are still assessing the extent of the damage in the small southern california city of ridgecrest. it hit after 10:30 am and was centered in the valley. a remote area of kern county
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100 miles north of los angeles. the u.s. geological survey said the quake happened along to seismic faults. the well-known san andreas fault was not one of them. the governor has declared a state of emergency in kern county to ensure those affected by the quake to the aid and resources they need. the shaking could be felt as far away as las vegas long beach and even parts of the south bay. >> surveillance bullets from this restaurant ridgecrest shows the force of the quake. as the building shook items fell off the shelves. and employees ran for cover. the quake shook bottles off the shelves in this damage. it also left a huge crack in this road the small town of trenton. and ridgecrest town of just 29,000 people residents braced for the worst. janet and jerry are now dealing
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with a huge mess inside their house. they say the shaking lasted about 30 seconth off et.>> cannot get off the floor. i wasn't sure if i can stay on my hands and knees. it was never ending. i tried to get off the couch. and i couldn't. he was starting for the door. it knocked him down. it was just unbelievable. >> reporter: two house fires were reported and ridgecrest after the earthquake. although it wasn't clear exactly what sparked the flames. ridgecrest regional hospital patients were evacuated as a precaution. ultimately about 20 patients were transferred to other facilities so engineers could inspect broken pipes at the hospital. the shaking also cut power to several i started feeling swaying. i felt getting dizzy or something. l. but then all of a sudden all the lights turned off.
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>> reporter: the shaking was less severe 100 miles south in los angeles. one person took this footage of the swimming pool was water sloshing around. seismologists say we have been in a quiet period in terms of earthquakes in california.>> this type of earthquake is much more normal. on the long run we expect earthquakes of this size. it is not even 6 1/2. the long-term average is probably once every five or 10 years. >> reporter: thursday's quake was a bit weaker than the northridge quake in 1994. which led 6.6. killed dozens of people and cost billions of dollars in damage. the difference is quake was centered in the populated area. while this quake was centered in a remote area far from any major city. we get live coverage now from a reporter and ridgecrest for us tonight. inside the damage liquor store we showed you a couple
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minutes ago. what is the situation tonight? >> reporter: good evening. a loety because the aftershocks out here have been relentless. at least 4 to 5 of them the past 2 to 3 hours. enough to make our trucks bounce around. this is the biggest earthquake here in southern california since 1999. in the past 20 years. take a look at this liquor store. one of the stores hit hardest all day long. they have done a good job of cleaning up. as we are about to show you this place was a disaster when the earthquake hit. it's pull up the video. the surveillance video we obtain from the store a few hours ago. showing the moment the earthquake hit at around 10:30 am. you will see all these bottles of liquor wine and beer start tumbling off the shelves. any of them are class. there were mountains of glass all over the place when we first came in here. all that liquor pulls on the ground. you can see the cashier and one of the frames.
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he goes taking off running out of the frame telling us he was terrified when he felt the shaking. it is something he had never felt before in his life. let's post more video showing the damage on the ground at the quake was over. this place was in serious trouble. he lost a lot of inventory. a lot of damage on the ground. the people here are extremely kind. the local stores did not have power over not open for business. they have been handing out water and drinks to those who need it. the big concern this evening are the aftershocks. there been several of them. the biggest in the last couple hours was a three-point line. enough to get things shaking again. that is what people have been coming up to us about and asking us about. how many more aftershocks can we expect and how big they are going to be. it is incredible to see other video o fire. people's tvs knocking down. when you are making your way around ridgecrest today what
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are some of the other things you found as far as in terms of damage from people with homeowners and other stores in the area? >> reporter: one of the biggest things is when we were getting into town there were several gas stations that were not open at all. you could not go inside or get gasoline. for people who are looking to fill up the tank or get supplies that could be stressful. we were able to find some further down the road. it was another crazy video we just got 20 minutes ago before we did our newscast. there was a school play going on with little kids. they were singing and dancing and having a good time. the video shows when the earthquake hit the camera start shaking you here the kids screaming in terror. it is sad to listen to. you can hear terror and the parents voices. as for damage a lot of trailer homes off their foundations. a lot of cracks in the road. one house did catch on fire. nothing major or life- threatening. many people in los angeles
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were asking why the city's new early warning system did not send out an alert. tonight we took the questions of the head of the california earthquake authority. did not trigger in la today because of the way the parameters was set. while the earthquake was strong where it happen the intensity was moderate by the time it reached la. la rode out the mobile app earlier this year. officials explained it operates on something called the modified intensity scale. the app is designed to send out a warning when the shaking reaches a four on the scale. today shaking was eight 2 or 3. our coverage you will find more video from southern california. look for the story on the front page. just a quick touch on the aftershocks sequence. it is three-point to. at 10:10 pm. take a look in this area.
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all these yellow dots represent earthquakes. greater three-point zero or greater. you see the tallies up to 332 quakes since the main shock earlier this morning. back here in the bay area highs today on the warm side. 80s and 90s. fairfield 90 degrees. santa rosa 84. san francisco 65. san jose upper 70s. fog is back. if you're watching the fireworks show in san francisco to see the fog bank approaching. we have the clouds over san francisco extending across the bay. i'll to oakland and san leandro. current numbers most areas right now in the 50s still 60s altura concorde. walnut creek 64. san jose checking and 60. a live camera at the golden gate bridge fog was back earlier this evening. right now low clouds and fog for tonight. that will paint a foggy picture tomorrow morning near the coast and portions of the bay. partly cloudy skies inland. in san francisco low clouds.
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eventually skies partly sunny into the afternoon hours. most areas tomorrow little bit warmer than today. we'll talk about the forecast highs coming up. a family-friendly place to set off fireworks. in our next half hour the bay area city that invited people to sanctioned area for fourth of july fun. a handful of democratic presidential candidates are spending their fourth of july here in the hawkeye state. details next. are we tnot yet.? at crystal geyser we put our mountain source on our bottle... that's cool. ...because we bottle at our mountain source. crystal geyser alpine spring water. always bottled at the mountain source.
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many other democratic presidential candidates spent the holiday in iowa a state that traditionally plays an important role in the race for the white house. right now the candidates are mostly focus on the next democratic debate. to be held later this month. peter ducey reports from des moines. >> reporter: some candidates pretend not to pay attention to polls. not joe biden. joe biden said he doesn't plan to do anything differently to prepare for the next debate even though criticism from kamala harris about his civil rights record caught him off- balance. came out of nowhere. it didn't seem to be something consistent with anything i had been accused up before.>> reporter: harris was in iowa puzzled by the former vp's complaint that she asked about his comments about being civil with segregationists which was front page news.>> that was the subject of conversation for days. if he and his team were not
10:27 pm
prepared for the topic i don't know what to say about that.>> reporter: a part of the senator's pitch is a pledge to prosecute the case against president trump. we have a president living in the white house.>> reporter: familiar pete buttigieg is trying to take the opposite approach.>> the less we talk about this president the more likely we are to won. the pope in the wake of a deadly police involved shooting. he is still positioned to be the democratic primary candidate with the most money raised in the last quarter. for all its flaws the american presidential campaign process remains the best way that we have to address the most pressing national issues.>> reporter: is money flows to me are pete crowell chauffeur bernie sanders. as big a draw as any democrat. focuses efforts on iowa population 1500. i come from one of the most rural places of america. people appreciate elected officials getting out to the
10:28 pm
communities.>> reporter: the socialist senator doesn't seem to focus on a recent run of poorer polls. they are not all bad. for now senders and everyone else are still chasing biden.>> i'm the guy everyone is talking about.>> reporter: at all that talk has been positive. the former vp said he is not going to do anything differently. he does wish democrats would start focusing more on issues today instead of things from 10 or 20 or 30 years ago. which is surprising to hear because decades of experience are why a lot of them democrats like joe biden. a giant hammer back where it belongs. the ceremony today to replace a large piece of public art that was stolen from hillsboro. there were fireworks every different time during the second round of wimbledon. the flareup that happened during the rafael match.
10:29 pm
coming up later in sports. president salute to america went on despite severe weather. the lincoln memorial with a look at the event coming up. one call 811 before you dig.ings you can do is to make sure you calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely.
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leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. saluted the military this fourth of july.
10:32 pm
president trump gave an address on the steps of the lincoln memorial focusing on the armed forces. ray bogan reports from washington. >> reporter: despite concerns the president was politicized a neutral holiday he mainly focused his speech on the military and american innovation. a salute to america. president trump elaborate fourth of july celebration was delayed because of severe weather. the event still went forward. a massive show of military might with armored tanks jets and the blue angels. the u.s. military was the major theme of the commander in chief speech. july 4 we pay special tribute to the military service members who lay down their lives for our nation.>> reporter: he also gave credit to some of the countries most notable figures. harriet tubman amelia earhart.>>
10:33 pm
reporter: referencing the american spirit collective achievements i space exploration and technological advancement. up mountains and across minefields. it has liberated consonants. split the atom and brought tyrants and empires to their knees. >> reporter: he did encourage young people to enlist and defend the usa. now is your chance to join our military and make a truly great statement in life. and you should do it.>> reporter: independence day celebration and our nations capital ended with a traditional free concert and fireworks. vice president mike pence welcomed america's newest citizens this fourth of july. the men and women gathered before me today who just raised their right hand have now joined the ranks of the freest and most prosperous nation in
10:34 pm
the history of the world. the vice president spoke at a naturalization ceremony at the national archives in washington dc this morning. 44 people were sworn in during the ceremony. the vice presidents at the new citizens come from 24 different countries and represent all walks of life. in the east bay danville celebrate the fourth of july with the annual parade. about 40,000 people came out to show their patriotism and pride in america's 243rd birthday. there are some things that become family traditions. for many people the fourth of july parade in danville is one of them. the event is so highly anticipated many people stake out their spots on the sidewalk the night before. i started coming here 40 years ago with my kids pushing the baby buggy. i'm coming with my kids and their kids. my children are seeing the friends they grew up with. everybody is coming back with their children and parents. it is a great tradition.
10:35 pm
the mayor of danville said the parade seems to be growing in popularity every year. and shows no signs of slowing down next year. most cities in the bay area headband fireworks there is one town in the east bay the not only allows them to provide safe places where people can set them all. we went to dublin found family celebrated the fourth of july with fireworks.>> reporter: this family came from pleasanton were fireworks are prohibited to this parking lot in dublin where this is perfectly legal. with the risk of fire especially in california. it is nice to have places to come. >> reporter: this might be a far cry from the spectacles of san francisco these poppers and sparklers are more than enough to keep these two and three- year-old boys perfectly happy. they have a blast. it is family day. no work.>> reporter: 103 public parking lots dublin open all day long to get people with so-
10:36 pm
called safe and sane fireworks a safe insane illegal place to set them all. dublin is only one of a handful of bay area cities that allows do-it-yourselfers to set off fireworks. and dublin actually provides places to do it. people enjoyed the opportunity. it is great. they are trying to give you a save controlled environment to do it. in a parking lot to where there is not many flammables for as long as you do it controlled activity. they have a dumpster full of water. when you are done be responsible them up and dispose of them in the water. a great way to keep it contained. it is a good community feel. >> reporter: some people were setting off fireworks. many more were buying them at roadside stands. this one hopes to raise more than $20,000 with the proceeds going to dublin the leak and youth soccer. the concern is people setting off fireworks in these dry hills.
10:37 pm
while these fireworks might be perfectly legal. police are on the lookout for those who have illegal fireworks and the fire department said it will have extra crews out tonight just in case. many skiers and snowboarders from the bay area and elsewhere spent the fourth of july on the slopes of lake tahoe. the heavy snow this winter. still coated in snow. there were big crowds holiday crowds at the ski resorts in lake tahoe today. enjoying this rare snow in early july. many holiday skiers zipped down the slopes wearing shirt t- shirts and some people in bikini tops. coming up finding global warming. the studies assess planting trees is the most effective way. and how many trees it would take to make a difference. we are tracking the fog pushing back into the bay for tonight. also a warming trend heading our way. we'll talk about your forecast coming up. an update on an
10:38 pm
australian student released from captivity in north korea. how his release was brokered.
10:39 pm
10:40 pm
a student from australia who vanish in north korea a week ago was released from custody today. he made a brief stop at the airport in beijing china after
10:41 pm
leaving north korea. he told reporters he is in good shape. the 29-year-old was among a small group of international students studying in the north korean capital. when he vanished nine days ago. australia's prime minister said his release came with the help of swedish diplomats. it demonstrates the value of behind the scenes work of officials in resolving complex and sensitive cases. in close partnership with other governments. he was a westerner who embraced life in north korea. in fact he would share his favorable views on north korea with frequent posts on social media. one of the most popular humor magazines of the 20th century will soon disappear from the newsstand. mad magazine will and its regular print additions in october after nearly 70 years. matt redefined american satire in the 1950s. and became a huge hit with baby boomers. it had a peak of more than 2 million subscribers in the 70s.
10:42 pm
matt is the latest magazines and printing regular monthly issues due to declining sales. netflix is set to eliminate smoking themes across all of their original shows. aimed at younger viewers. the announcement comes on the heels of a new report by the anti-smoking group truth initiative. it found depictions of cigarettes and e-cigarettes more than tripled in the past year on several of the most popular programs among 15 to 24- year-olds. researchers reportedly found tobacco use scenes were most prevalent on netflix adding that season to of stranger things was the biggest offender. scists in sweden say the most effective way to fight global warming is to plant a lot of trees. 1 trillion trees to be precise. the swiss researchers say the trees could suck up nearly 830 billion tons of heat trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. they say there is enough land to make room for those 1
10:43 pm
trillion trees. even with the world existing cities and farmlands. coming up a homecoming for a giant hammer. take you to the celebration for the return of this huge piece of art. mark is back with a complete bay area forecast. he will show us how the rest of the long holiday weekend plays out. t.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
the giant hammer that was stolen in the north bay drew headlines and left many people wondering what happened to it. crime reporter tells us the healdsburg hammer came back today with some holiday fanfare.>> reporter: hammer time in healdsburg. hoopla over a humongous hammer. is part of our culture. >> reporter: on this fourth of july healdsburg heart was pounding of the return of the 21 foot long piece of art. glad to see it bad. how they ever got away with it i have no idea.>> reporter: was initially on display outside a community center. someone somehow stole it in october. the artist has no idea why. doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: the 300 pounds deal hammerhead showed up. the hammer was never found.
10:47 pm
>> the vandals took the handle.>> reporter: decided to make a new handle from redwood and reattached it. the new hammer was unveiled at the city's fourth of july festivities. we caught up with the healdsburg fair. dj gavel. >> everybody has a different opinion about it. some people thought it was great. other people said it was a joke. at the end of the day it got people talking. the guy took the time to make that. somebody stole it. and he replaced it k. that was really nice.>> reporter: he is happy people will be able to appreciate art for art's sake. the ramifications of public art. the way it affects people. i think is a positive. it is a pleasant society. to see some beauty. if you think it is beautiful.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: police haven't nailed down the tool who stole the hammer. it would've been nice if we had the handle as well. we are happy we got that back. at least it has returned to the arches. it is on display for the public to enjoy. >> reporter: the hammer will return to the spot outside the community center. it comes with a tracking device. there is a surveillance camera nearby. healdsburg is hammering it home. the hammer is here to stay. temperatures have been warming up over the past day or so. the fog has been somewhat of a factor pushing back into the bay this evening. impacting the fireworks festivities. this is what is happening. a shallow marine layer. you notice it is not being stretched out. it is compressed. a layer of warm air compressing the marine layer. lopez abilities
10:49 pm
could be a factor first thing tomorrow morning. the big picture on the satellite. the clouds heading a good portion the southern half of california's coastline. most of the rain activity out of the area. he was a closer look at the satellite. here's a closer look at the fog near the coast. this big patch pushing back into the bay from san francisco to san leandro. and hayward for tonight. current numbers we still have 50s. we have some 60s. but he warm torah concorde. 59. livermore safety five. liver mountain view 62. san francisco temperatures in the 50s. a live camera as you can see we have scattered locales. making a comeback for tonight. overnight lows will be starting out tomorrow morning and the 50s. this area of low pressure has been capping our temperatures the past few days. it is beginning to lose its grip. temperatures will continue to warm things back up into friday and saturday. little bit of a warming trend. 60s 70s and 80s. a few spots inland low 90s as we head towards saturday. he was the plan tomorrow
10:50 pm
morning. clouds coast side of the bay. temperatures in the 50s. into the afternoon hours the clouds will clear back to near the coastline. 30 degree range and temperatures from near 60 coast side 70s and 80s and warms locations and lend tomorrow. getting on the hot side antioch and brentwood. 90 to 91. san francisco 66. santa rosa upper 80s and 87. san jose 81. gilroy forecast high of 88. little bit of a bump in the numbers. that will take us into the weekend r saturday. a few spots 92. around the bay middle 70s. the beaches in the 60s. on sunday we cooled things off. cooling things off of the second half of the weekend. you notice temperatures low clouds and fog in the morning clearing back. we are not talking about major heat in the bay area. no triple digits. low 90s peaking friday and saturday. we will take that at this time
10:51 pm
of the year. coming up in sports rafael not having a jolly time in england today. the second round at wimbledon. the flare up that occurred during his match coming up next. illegal fireworks going off tonight all over the bay area. we are live for the trouble spots and by enforcement is sparse.
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talking some baseball. the a's doing well right now. they are playing well. it is a holiday tradition. there was no baseball in 1776. our finding fathers would have enjoyed a good sporting matinee. the a's pension for july 4 heroics. eight straight independence day victory. hosting the twins today. matt chapman playing in his first all-star game. that is a good looking jersey. 1-0 twins 4th inning. the new guy with a base not. scores chris davis. ties the game at one. herman his first career for hit game in the fifth former giant. off the middle. make it 2-1 minnesota.
10:55 pm
couple rbi. item 5. marcus simeon. straightaway center. not playable. his 12th ties the game at 2. 3- 2. simeon again. fourth career grand slam. blows it open. tied a career-high with five rbi. the a's winning it by the score of 7-2. no giants baseball scheduled on july 4. how weird is that. first time in this happened since 1941. call it a mandatory union break. the giants played 20 straight games. mum allowed in the collective bargaining agreement. they will get back to work tomorrow against the cardinals. raise and yankees. holiday paratroopers. endorse. write down from the roof. 10th ending. extra 3-3. dj the all-star.
10:56 pm
and the yankees take a 5-3 lead. two batters later. gary sanchez. talk about launching. 461 feet. three run shot. his 24th. yankees get five in the 10th ending. winning 8-4. the williams sisters were teenage stars. nowadays they need to be wary of teenage stars. earlier this week venus lost a 15-year-old. today serena had to fend off someone half her age. second-round action against 18- year-old qualifier. serena lost the first set. won the second set. aces and set number three. 2-2. williams serving for the match. it looked easier than it was. she advances and megan is please. rafael all kinds of drama
10:57 pm
in this match. he has a big serve. makes it even funnier when he does something like this. little underhand. did not see that coming. fans alike whatever works. third set tied in 4. comes to net and bowman. he takes aim. rafael quick reaction. after the match no remorse whatsoever.>> it is all fun and jokes until someone loses a wing. matchpoint near court. ends it. 6-3. is on to round three. u.s. women's soccer team has plenty to celebrate. they prepare to defend their title from four years ago. today another workout getting
10:58 pm
ready for the netherlands on sunday. one of the major storylines this week has been megan's hamstring. the kept her out of the semi final over england. replacement was pretty good in that game. it's going to first u.s. goal. do we have a brewing controversy? >> i might get the boot now. she did such a good job. it is feeling really good. i had a good session this morning. the extra rest day and not having to travel. it keeps getting better every day. i expect to be ready for the final. john adams and thomasthird presidents both died on the same day july 4, 1826. not so fun for them. still interesting. check this out plays cubs and pirates. jordan little too close to yes. the cubs manager not please. he is not upset with the picture. but the umpire. he is upset with the other
10:59 pm
manager. look at madden. 65 years old going at it. guys had to be restrained by players. that is not a happy guy on july 4. indians and royal space this baseball play of the day. frankie. that is just great. another look. flat out extension with the club. jason a second. indians wanting. a party with the guy who does this. he goes all steph curry. with the full flip. nothing but net. how about that. coming up next at 11. it not a professional show you're looking at. illegal fireworks that are going up across the bay area. they are pretty to look at. a potentially dangerous way to celebrate the holiday. on this fourth of july the
11:00 pm
fireworks have been going on for hours in oakland. and across the bay area. police and fire departments are having a tough time keeping up with the hundreds of illegal fireworks going off tonight all over the bay area. while some are enjoying the show other residents say they are fed up. a lot of coverage tonight. deborah is in the lb's old neighborhood of san jose. the last time we came to you and hour ago there were so many fireworks going off. it looks like it is quieter now.>> reporter: it has calmed down in the last hour. this neighborhood seems to be t sidewalks out here tonight. fir streets for the last couple hours. closer to downtown san jose there is more concern. especially about fire.


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