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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 8, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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sorts of problems instead. new details from ktvu's andre senior and why the mayor, andre, says the decision should not be left solely in pg&e's hands. >> frank and julie, should a publicly traded utility be allowed to cut power to hundreds of thousands of people to reduce its liability in a wildfire? that is the at the center of the argument by the mayor who wants pg&e to have more oversight before making those decisions. >> everyone has been scrambling to get ready. no one has had the opportunity to ask the larger question which is, is it the right way to be making decisions like this. >> reporter: san jose mayor, sam accardo criticized the move that allows pg&e to cut power to hundreds of thousands of people during extreme weather conditions when it's a could spark a catastrophic wildfire. the issue for the mayor and his staff is that the decision is made solely by pg&e. >> proactively, it is a new territory. >> reporter: investigations found the equipment by the utility cost dozens of fires in
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thecampfire that claimed 85 lives and destroyed roughly 15,000 homes. while the utility has a threshold that must be reached before cutting power, the mayor contends there needs to be oversight on weather pg&e pulls the plug because of what could happen in a city as large as san jose. the mayor says problems include traffic lights going out, people losing air conditioning in summer heat and cell phones unable to dial 9-1-1 one power is cut to cell phone towers . >> we are very worried about these things in san jose, the many safety risks that a large regional outage would cause. but i do believe that this, if we don't fix this problem, it could be an existential threat to californians. >> reporter: at the same time, the mayor was speaking about his concerns, lawmakers were debating a bill that would set up a $21 million fund to help
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pg&e and its counterparts in southern california deal with liabilities from wildfires . >> represents the best protection of -- and holding pg&e accountable that has been put on the table. >> reporter: mark tony, executive director of the utility reform network is in sacramento and says the utilities themselves are responsible for putting up half the money in the fund, the other half for my monthly tax already charged on utility bills . >> this bill is only the beginning of the solution to figuring out how to pay for wildfires in a way that doesn't make the ratepayer bill skyrocket. >> late this evening, in advance through the committee by a 92 vote. as for the mayor, he is calling for an oversight of pgd and control of the blackouts. he says he is ready to pursue legislation. testimony in the ghost ship trial has resumed after a break for the holiday and it took a
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dramatic turn late today when the second defendant, derick almena took the stand . >> ktvu's handling henry lee was in the courtroom late this afternoon when derick almena broke down in tears . >> the court was crushed when he took the stand pick he wiped his eyes and said he mourned the loss of 36 beautiful people. the ghost ship master 10 a, derick almena wept after taking the stand in his own defense. he said he has been in solitary confinement for two years. i'm just so sad, he said. asked by his attorney, tony sarah, if he had remorse, l mena said there are no words. asked if he had any contrition, almena said, i feel death, the loss of life forever. beautiful, beautiful people. almena said he always believed the warehouse was safe and was totally safe. otherwise, he said he would not stay there with his family. his attorney said his client connected with the journey . >> i thought he started
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beautiful. because everyone expects him to be arrogant and self-centered and the contemplative pause before he answered and the emotion that he manifested and the fact that he shows in his demeanor and his answers he does have contrition. >> reporter: all of this is with his own attorney. it is not clear how he will do under cross-examination by the d.a. >> when you put on a claim, it is kind of like having a baby that you don't know, you know, what's going to happen. you don't always know, you know, what the cross- examination is going to the. >> reporter: also on the stand was darrell ha, acontractor who lived at the ghost ship pick he said he heard bottles breaking and an argument breaking out in the warehouse before the fire and said he saw 7 people running away. >> we say these are the people who started the arson and the
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same people who were at the taco stand bragging about it. >> reporter: on cross- examination, leche acknowledged he is a convicted felon. the d.a. also insinuated leche never previously told investigators about the possible arson angle. he also testified firefighters had trouble battling the blaze when they arrived . >> he said the fire department came in the backyard, did not have enough host to get it into the building and then they did try to go to the second floor in the front and their letter got hooked on the wires and they could not reach it. >> almena will be back on the stand tomorrow and once his attorney is done with his questions, almena will be cross- examined by the d.a . >> that is when things get tough. what will be the prosecution's strategy? >> so feyar they are saying oak
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police and firefighters in pg&e, the landlords are to blame. the focus of these two das will be to put the blame squarely on these two men on trial. mchenry, i know the victims families have been in court watching every day. what was some of the reaction when they listened to today's testimony? >> some of them were shaking their heads. they are reserving comment until after the cross- examination by the d.a. but a lot of questions today, julie, were a lot of introductory material, how did you find your art, and they are trying to paint a picture of him as 100% artist, someone who was just trying to get his art collection together and the tragedy happen so a very unique question for the jury, is almena legally responsible >> henry, thank you. east bay congress, eric swalwell is ending his campaign for president after just 3 months. swalwell had made a passionate argument for gun control at the last debate. ktvu's rob roth tells us that swalwell could not gain traction in the polls among the crowded field of democrats. >> today ends our presidential campaign. >> reporter: it was perhaps the
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longshot of longshots for east bay congressman, eric swalwell to win the democratic presidential nomination. but greeting his supporters in his home congressional district in dublin monday, swalwell announced his run for the white house is over . >> if there was a viable chance, i would not be standing here today. you know, i would, from day one, was running to win. so, no regrets. i'm excited about what we have done. >> reporter: swalwell was pulling at 1% or less or was in danger of missing the cut off for the next presidential debate. it is a crowded field and you have people who have had, you know, high name recognition. >> reporter: u.s. senator and presidential candidate, kamala harris tweeted, "eric swalwell, you are a great fighter for the people of california. we are a stronger nation because of your work to protect our children in our communities
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from gun violence . >> first of all let me say how proud i am of eric swalwell. eric swalwell is the future. >> reporter: swalwell's campaign as a gun safety candidate , seeking to ban and by back assault records. professor james taylor says that was not enough . >> he was not faring well in the polls, did not have the money.'s campaign has not reported in over two months, he did not have much name recognition from the outset and so i think he just had a number of factors that were going against him. >> reporter: in perhaps his most publicized line in the debate last month, so swalwell seemed to ask joe biden to step aside and let younger candidates have their time . >> joe biden was right when he said it was time to pass the torch 32 years ago. >> reporter: swalwell says he has no regrets about running for president . >> i'm proud of the issues reroute on and the team we had behind us . i wish i could have doeporter: the interesting the last swalwell did not say whether he would run for douglas
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he plans to run for his house seat and 2020. former vice president joe biden tweeted today, "eric swalwell ran a passionate campaign and i commend him to bring attention to the urgent need for gun safety reform in america. >> reporter: >> in his news conference, he welcome the latest candidate to get into the race, bay area activist, tom stier. several media activists are announcing he will announce his tennessee this week. he is one of the democratic party's top donors and is an outspoken advocate for impeaching president trump. swalwell also said he wished stier well but said it is rough out there. according to the recent polls, biden has 26 percent support followed by harris at 15%, bernie sanders at 14%, elizabeth warren with 13% and people to judge pete judge has 5%. today, nancy pelosi kicked
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off what she is calling the election week of action. the house is already passing legislation to provide funding for updating voting machines and to enact new security measures but senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell has called the changes are necessary. >> we have recognized that that is happening, our president richard refused to do so pick he just said if they offered help again he would accepted, giving a green light. that is totally unacceptable. >> it was the russians last time to benefit mr. trump. it could be the chinese to benefit a democrat. the whole point is every american citizen should have their vote counted as cast. >> south bay congresswoman lofgren who sponsored the bill
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says time is of the essence because of the upcoming 2020 election. coming up, a closer look at the damage from last week's big earthquake in southern california as families there try to pick up the pieces. >> very stressful and scary after something like that especially when you don't have a home to go back to. also ahead, a billionaire financier with ties to the rich and famous arrested over the weekend and accused of federal six trafficking involving dozens of underaged girls. a cool one today. it is going to warm up but very slowly this week. i will have the details on the rest of the week. also the woman appointed by governor newsom to oversee bart sits down with ktvu . what she says about the new position and how riders will be able to have input. and a live look at the monday evening commute on the eastshore freeway. you can see traffic moving very slowly in the commute direction there on i-80. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. we will be right back.
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we are getting a look at the power of that strong 7.1 magnitude earthquake that hit the mohave desert on friday. these before and after satellite pictures from planet labs show the changes in the region. the company tweeted the pictures and you can see there on the right a distinct crack visible in the earth. we have also seen images of cracked roads and damaged homes . >> the area is still being hit with hundreds of aftershocks. the town of trona has no water service but the powers back on
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tonight. they are about 25 miles east northeast of ridgecrest for the two? struck last week. >> there haven't been many reports of structural damage from the ridgecrest earthquake but not everyone was so lucky like this family that lived in turner -- trona. you can see the entire house shifted backward here. the front wall is lopsided and there is a gap the front door. the front door itself even moved back. on the side of the house, this is where the washer and dryer room are. the machines also shifted from the wall because of the powerful earthquake. a family of 6 lived inside this house. a mom, dad and their 4 and boys. they were inside the house when the latest earthquake hit and ran outside to safety. here on the driver, you can see the cracks from the actual earthquake. a family of 6 that
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lives here with 4 and boys, this is their driveway where they played basketball. now you can see it is a mess. they told us about their journey moving forward . >> we were actually hearing the doorframe creaking with the aftershocks after the first big one. creaking and breaking. it was pretty scary. my kids were scared. the baby was crying. we all ran and stayed by the door and then my husband was like, take the kids and go outside and right after we all get outside, the ground started shaking and it was hard to stand up. that is all from the second one. we haven't cleaned up anything for my gas had we shut off after the first 6.4. earthquake. >> so this is your kitchen . >> it was my kitchen, yeah . >> this is my living room. i think that is the broken tv. this is my oldest son's room and this is -- after the earthquake. very stressful and scary after something like that especially when you don't have a home to go back two. this is our bedroom. our closet doors came off the tracks. everything on our closet fell .
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>> this is all leaning because of the earthquake. it was standing straight up. there are a bunch of gaps under my house now. >> that is pretty bad . >> moving, whatever we can do whatever we can salvage from the house. we are taking everything as it comes and we are still okay so that is what matters . >> in trona, marlene martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. as with every big quake, officials say this is a good time to take stock of safety at your own home. >> the hayward fault, for example, scientists say is overdue. we experienced recently in ridgecrest, is a learning experience for all of us. call it a teachable moment. there are no areas in california without earthquake risk in the bay area that it risk is high and people need to be paying attention to the need to get ready and get ready sooner compared to later. >> officials say many bay area
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homes built before 1980 need retrofitting to wristband significant shaking. >> in the bay area, if you step up into a house that means you have a raised foundation. with a raised foundation, built before 1980, it is likely that the house was not bolted to the foundation nor was the inside of that raised foundation, what we call a cripple wall, retrofitted. >> despite these warnings, only about 10% of californians have earthquake insurance. for more on the southern california earthquakes, and earthquake preparedness, head to our website, you can also find an interactive map to track the faults in your area. just look on the home page. to add to that, we always think, we don't want to worry about earthquakes, this is one of the biggest earthquakes in the history of the united states have not occurred in california. kansas at have had a nose. their plates don't move as regularly as hours. their plates move about an inch
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a year. but anyway, what i'm getting at here is that in the middle of the country, they have really high risk of major earthquakes as well. they just don't have them as frequently. it is not just our concern. it is really everybody's concerned. with that said, we have a few scattered showers that will show up in the northwest and i pointed out because if i were to look at the map i would say, there is march, maybe a march weather pattern, not july and this big low pressure right here, not supposed to be there this time of year. with that there, we continue tomorrow with a pattern similar which is kind of mild to cool. temperatures today, a couple of 79's but really the most part, mid 60s to mid 70s. fault already pushing across the airport into the inland bay valley. it will be in your neighborhood tomorrow morning and we start off tomorrow a lot like today. quicker burn off tomorrow, we will yield numbers a degree or
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two warmer. today's high was in the 60s and 70s and tomorrow we might see low 80s, 81 and 82 in concord and antioch. the hotspots are not that hot. the warming trend is coming. when i come back, we will detail that for you. billionaire hedge fund manager jeffrey epstein has been indicted on sex trafficking charges. the 66-year-old wasn't arrested over the weekend and pleaded in court today not guilty. he is accused of sexually abusing young girls that is homes in florida and new york between 2002 and 2005. authorities say the girls were recruited by epstein's employees or by fellow victims and that they were paid hundreds of dollars. some of them were allegedly as young as 14 years old. >> children who presided epstein massages well nude or partially nude. children who were asked to engage in direct and indirect sex acts for money. children who were all of these things at the hands of a man more than or nearly 3 times the rates.
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>> epstein is already a registered sex offender after pleading guilty in 2008 to soliciting money for prostitution. he also used to run in some pretty elite circles. his friends include president trump, former president clinton and britain's prince andrew. if convicted, he could face up to 45 years in prison. >> coming up, after the break, a deadly shooting in seven cisco's mission district and now we are learning the person killed was just 15 years old. >> also a selfie during the running of the bulls in pamplona spain nearly cost a bay area attorney's life. we will hear from him about being gored in the neck. it has been almost 2 years since the tubbs fire tore through the north bay. fox 2 explores lessons learned and the lingering health hazards on firefighters and don't forget, mornings on 2. the nine is going to be live in south san francisco this friday for our next zip trip. watches on 2 or come join us for the fun in person .
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>> tomorrow, wake up with mornings on 2.
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we have new details tonight on a deadly shooting in san francisco. the victim has been identified now is 15-year-oldand capp streets in the mission district. police say when they arrived on scene, they saw a driver speeding away. they attempted to chase the car but the driver got away. police say it appears that this was a targeted shooting pick anyone with information is asked to call police. in san bruno, police are
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searching for 18-year-old deandre gantz, believed to be one of two shooters at a mall last tuesday. this comes as officers arrested two other teenagers who are 15 and 16 in connection with the case. investigators say the 16- year-old is the other shooter. the two juveniles are now booked at san mateo county youth services center on suspicion of attempted murder and conspiracy. the two victims, also teenagers, are expected to be okay. a bay area man who went to take a selfie at the running of the bulls is recovering in a spanish hospital today. this after miraculously surviving being gored in the neck. 46-year-old attorney, jaime of the course ahead of the bulls during the event in pamplona spain. at the end of the row, he says he went to take a video of the bullfighting plaza. he said he and others thought the herd had passed by. >> but that wasn't the case. there was a struggle and i turn and it was like a truck or car
6:26 pm
just hit me on the side of the head -- i saw blood and felt my neck opened up and i was stunned. >> reporter: a good samaritan rushed him to get medical help. alvarez, who works for the santa clara county public defender's office, suffered a broken cheekbone. he says doctors told him it was beyond miraculous that the bulls horns did not hit a major artery. >> ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm is up next with bartz new inspector general. we will hear about her views on the newly created position and her approach to get riders involved. >> also, the warriors make another move, training back center damian jones. we will tell you what they got in return later in sports. >> an organization that helps people get back on their feet and teach people new skills. we will introduce you to the
6:27 pm
program called farming hope.
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now to our top stories, ghost ship warehouse defendant, derick almena took the witness stand for the first time in the manslaughter trial becky was asked if he had any remorse and he said, there are no words. amanda testified he always believed the warehouse was safe, otherwise he would not have stayed there with his family. >> san jose mayor sam accardo is speaking out against pgas plans to cut power during extreme weather conditions. the issue for mayor locarno is the decision on where and when to cut power is solely up to pg&e. he wants local government to have a say as well. state investigators found that pg&e's equipment cost more than a dozen fires including the deadly campfire in butte county. today, east bay congressman, eric swalwell announced he is dropping out of the race for the democratic nomination for president.
6:31 pm
swallow focused his campaign on gun control but failed to break through the polls or with fundraising. swalwell says he will now focus his reelection campaign for the house. >> you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 pm. view things come in for as much criticism as part . >> our tom vacar sat down with the newly important part expect her inspector general, a story will see only on ktvu. >> >> reporter: long opposed in inspector general but now embraces it even though harriet richardson will not report to bart management . >> i will report on a day-to- day basis to the board but i also have a requirement to provide reports to the state legislature and the governor's office on at least an annual basis. >> reporter: she has the full support . >> it is important to have the support of those you're going to be reporting to. it helps you know that they have your back and you are going to have their back with the types of things you are looking at. >> reporter: her oversight authority is all-encompassing.
6:32 pm
nothing is off the table. >> i'm coming in from the outside. so i have no obligation, previous obligation to anyone in bart. i will be completely independent and the way that position was selected was to ensure that independence. >> reporter: all departments including the bart police are within ms. richardson's oversight . >> yes and i have audited police functions in the past. it is like its own city in that it has typical functions you would see in the city, procurement, hr, police, maintenance functions. >> reporter: she has held high oversight positions in atlanta, washington state, san francisco, berkeley and palo alto . >> i've actually done federal, state and local and this will be different in that it is a regional government that covers several counties and so it is kind of the last step in
6:33 pm
covering every level of government that it could be in. >> reporter: inspector general knows there will be skepticism about her. >> a lot of times when you go into a department, they will kind of say to you, well, what do you know about what we do? how can you come in and tell us what to do? but we do rely on their expertise to explain to us what they do and how they do it and we look more toward best practices to see if this is the best way they should be doing it. >> reporter: she will also consult the customers . >> sometimes it means asking the riders what they like about bart, what bothers you, what things you think would make you stop writing bart so there is a variety of ways you can approach a. >> reporter: how will riders and taxpayers know what she is doing? >> i would expect that we will put our reports on the website and they will be public information. >> she says as the inspector general, she will set up an internal hotline to allow employees to report fraud, abuse and ways. tom vacar, ktvu fox2 news? officials say their finding far fewer discarded needles on bart trains and bart stations in san francisco. according to the chronicle, bart workers picked up about 4200 needles at the civic center in and powell stations
6:34 pm
last year but so far this year, they have found fewer than 600. bart points to more police patrols and the closure of a hallway at the civic center station where people would shoot up as two of the reasons why the numbers made maybe down. a bay area nonprofit is working to provide a second chance to the down and out. ktvu's paul chambers tells about the farming hope program that uses food to help those in need be needed. >> it willã >> reporter: the kitchen inside manny's san francisco looks like any other restaurant. >> something new. and this is a. >> reporter: we train folks that used to be homele o incarcerated so they can get management truck jobs and food service. >> reporter: farming hope is a nonprofit program giving these many hand and not a handout. teaching, connery's skills in
6:35 pm
the kitchen and a garden. over a 3 month course, people were 26 hours a week learning everything there is to know about farm to table cooking. >> more than handing you out but giving you a skill, if you work in a kitchen, you can take that with you wherever you are. >> i like getting my hands dirty right there with putting seasoning, planting, harvesting. then bringing them in the kitchen. >> reporter: farming help was able to successfully expand last year when it opened up a restaurant right here at manny's in separate cisco. so far this, 11 people have taken the program and successfully completed it with all of them getting a job . >> we work with grocery stores, tech companies and restaurants to train people who need work want to contribute. >> reporter: farming hope says he wants to empower and employ people out of poverty by rebuilding trust and a commitment to those underserved, overlooked but not forgotten. by giving their apprentices dignity with their jobs and a chance for a better future. >> it helps in a variety of
6:36 pm
ways. the group works with us to find affordable housing and allowing us to work. that helps. >> reporter: in this way, they are able to keep their program afloat, by people coming to manny's and enjoying their food. coming up, an alternative to be locked up in prison. the pilot program that allows items to directly confront their offenders. plus team usa returns home after soccer storm megan rapinoe uses her global platform to wish her brother a happy birthday. you struggle for yours with be sent prison but it appears now he is on the road to recovery.
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team usa flew home today after winning the world cup for the second consecutive time. they received a hero's welcome but as they did, we have learned more about megan rapinoe's older brother, brian. >> happy birthday, brian. i love you so much. >> megan douglas megan rapinoe. my apologies. she has openly talked about her older brothers drug addiction which started when he was just 12 years old when they grew up in redding. brian ruffino has spent most of his adult life in and out of california prisons including years of solitary confinement at pelican bay. he has now been clean for 18 months and is currently in rehab. he probably watched his sister
6:40 pm
take her team to victory from a rehab facility in san diego and told espn that aldo although she is younger, megan is his hero. california prosecutors are launching a new program and up aimed at reducing the states prison population. mike lori tells is not everyone agrees with the $5 million pilot program that provides alternatives to being locked up. >> i've been incarcerated now over a third of my life. >> reporter: from inside the walls of san quentin state prison today, eric abercrombie is serving time for attempted second-degree murder . >> i know wholeheartedly that if i had the opportunity to participate in a program like this, i would have bettered myself in my community. >> reporter: he is talking about something called restorative justice. instead of sending criminals to prison, they could go through counseling and avoid life behind bars by meeting with the victim and coming up with the plan to make amends for the damage. san joaquin district attorney, tori saw the says the program will help empower crime victims
6:41 pm
. >> they don't want to face the criminal who hurt them. how will this program help them? >> they don't have to choose this opportunity. it is up to them. that is where the power comes. we put the power in the hands of the victim to decide which pathway they want to take. >> reporter: salazar will champion a pilot program with $5 million under california's new budget and has support from crime victims like joyce to lost her daughter to a drunk driver . >> a program like this would not bring your daughter back . >> now but maybe it will save someone else's life. when they get out, you don't want them to reoffend. you want them on the right track. i don't want another mother to go through what i go through. i got a life sentence. >> reporter: there are critics including mark class whose daughter was kidnapped and killed in 1993 . >> that traumatizes the victim and then gives that individual an opportunity to, what, manipulate, further manipulate the emotions of the victim?
6:42 pm
>> reporter: the criminal justice advocate, calls it the wrong approach for california . >> is like a a for criminals. you admit you are bad. the bad news is a lot of these people are scammers and will lie to get into the program and avoid jail time. >> reporter: california's prison sentence once against under the once again under the spotlight. we're tracking a bit of a warm up and the weather center. it is not going to get really hot but it has to get warmer. i will see you back here. katie hughes heather holmes is in the wsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. lawmakers could soon see president trump 's tax returns. the new legislatures signed there could force president trump to release them.
6:43 pm
a stand on social media bullying. the changes being made to create a safe place for young users. those stories and a lot more coming up live on the 7:00 news over at ktvu plus. first, after the break, flooding in and around the nation's capital. the summer storm that released several inches of rain . taking a live look outside on this monday night, beautiful out there as we look to the sky. >> ♪ we got to live together there is the yellow one that won't accept the black one ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ mornings with ktvu means more power to you. make the power to know before you get up goan . >> the power to conquer your commute . >> interstate 680 is a mess in
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walnut creek . >> dress for success . >> rain is on the way and will start picking up in the north bay . >> the power to seize the day. >> welcome back to morning sun two. >> more power . >> more powers . >> mornings on 2. only on ktvu fox 2. this portion of ktvu news sponsored by mountain mike's pizza. piece of the way it ought to be. the santa clara police are investigating a deadly car accident that happened at the intersection of cabrillo avenue
6:46 pm
and fordham drive at abt 1:30 am. a 25-year-old woman died in the crash. a 29-year-old man is a reported in critical condition at the hospital. police say a honda was traveling at a high rate of speed when it crashed into some parked cars. both the man and woman were ejected from the car. police say does not clear who was driving. no one else was hurt. police are still looking at weather drugs or alcohol may have played a role in the crash. a major storm in the washington dc area washed out roads and led to flooding at the white house. in the span of two hours, about 4.5 inches of rain fell near arlington virginia and more than 3 inches of rain at reagan national airport. the storm wreaked havoc on the morning commute greeting dangerous conditions on the roads. many drivers who try to make it through the standing water found themselves stranded and had to be rescued. >> i think i used some sort of inferences to know how deep it is but it is always a risk . >> the storm sent water pouring
6:47 pm
into this virginia metro station. streets in dc looks like rivers. at the white house, the rain flooded the basement where the press has its workspace located. prenup crews were called into drain puddles of standing water in the underground area near the west wing. that's bringing our chief mineralogist, bill martin. did you see the picture of the water pouring into the metro station? >> oh, my gosh, right? max so much water so quickly . >> you think about those metros, even in san francisco, when enough rain comes and it will drain into those lowest points. i think it might've been washington, d.c. a few years ago, we had some serious mentor flooding. with that said, forecast highs tomorrow will be a little warmer than today. these were the highs from today, not that impressive. certainly, for july, 79 in fairfield, 79 in antioch. those other hotspots. highs tomorrow, antioch and fairfield and low 80s but it is still going to be below average temperatures with fog along the coast and slower than average burn off for parts of the bay area.
6:48 pm
it was really slow today. it won't be that slow tomorrow. that dropped all the rain. this area was the issue for washington, we are seeing some severe weather and potential severe weather from -- in the northern plains, north dakota, south dakota, all the way south towards kansas and you have this system out here which is going to bring rain to the pacific northwest and really, we are all connected so what i mean by that is what happens there kind of, what happens here impacts what is happening there especially if you go from west to east. with the system here, as it moves in, it will keep us on the cool side and barrel off into the northern plains and create problems for us in a couple of days or data half. look at the low clouds and fog. in far inland it is. it is already 40 to 50 miles inland toward the livermore valley. it is making its beeline. in fairfax and around the petaluma area and a casio, another cool day tomorrow but quicker burn off.
6:49 pm
there is hamilton in the distance, blue sky, good air quality. that the upshot to the pattern. i got a nice email from a guy who said i love this cool weather and i'll be honest, i do, too that you get this kind of air quality. it is not pinched down really narrow so the air mixes and the fire danger is not ridiculous. it is not good because it is summer but it is not horrible and that is really important, especially around the fourth of july. there is the forecast for tomorrow, little warmer than today. settle changes, tomorrow and wednesday but by thursday and friday, it warms up. these are not massive changes but it will warm and be a little more than subtle. it will be a settle plustalking by thursday, it goes from tomorrow, 83 in the hotspots, 85, these are the hot spots like antioch and then we get, by the weekend, back into the low 90s but no heat wave, just a little warmer.
6:50 pm
>> bill, thank you. the warriors make another move, trading back a center, damon jones. jason appelbaum will tell us what they got in return a little later in sports. kick your week off with fox park the fun begins at 10:00 as teams race against the clock and try to beat should them. beat 'shazam!'. that is followed by you think you can dance dance, fall by the 10:00 and 11:00 news right here on ktvu. there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. watch beat 'shazam!' and so you think you can dance tonight on ktvu. you might remember new flavours, or a view that defies all expectations. , long after the moments have passed.
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the power of 2 continues to work for you. here's were to watch ktvu plus on your tv . >> mark is off tonight, jason easier and another trade with the warriors. the roster looks so different . >> yes, you could say that. they are going to have 8 new faces from last year's team so you are right. it is looking so different
6:54 pm
after today's latest move in 3 years apparently long enough for the warriors to decide former first round pick damian jones is not part of the future. today, the warriors traded jones to atlanta. they saw lots of potential when they drafted jones 30th overall in the tucson thousand 16 draft which has never panned out for him here. he started just 22 games over his 3 your warriors career average just under 4 points per game and traded him away. the workers will save about half $1 million under the salary cap so that is important for them. in return, the warriors get power forward omari spellman from the hawks. now spellman probably makes the roster, like jones, drafted 33rd overall by the hawks in the 2018 drop. he is out of villanova where he helped the wildcats win a national championship as a freshman . >> a couple of years ago . >> yesterday's women's world cup final was the most wash soccer message match in the last few years. they out to the men's cup final by mint nearly 3 million views and today, the chance returned home to a hero's welcome. that is former santa clara star, julie ertz. a lot of bay area folks represented. she is first off the plane, showing off the trophy and alex morgan and megan rapinoe right behind her.
6:55 pm
united states women's team became just the second back to back champs ever at the world cup and the first team to win 4 time so you better believe they were in a celebratory mood. >> >> we are the champions, my friends. ♪ >> ♪ and we'll keep on fighting to the end. >> we are the champions ♪ no time for losers because we other champions ♪ of the world. ♪ >> they may have had some adult beverages on board. >> possibly on the flight and why not celebrate. 15-year-old coco gauff's remarkable wimbledon run has come to an end in the round of 16. >> off no match today for former number one, simona halep. in the near court at times, simply overpowered goff with nicely played shots like this. she won the first set 6-3.
6:56 pm
matchpoint now, the family and a partisan crowd rooting for her. a great run nonetheless for coco gauff who became the youngest player ever to meets the rain draw and along the way, beat her childhood idol, venus williams so good for her. and as home run derby debuts, basement matt chapman hit 13 out of the park in cleveland, not bad but not good enough to make it out of the first round. we will have highlights coming up at 10:00 for you as we head to progressive year's all-star festivities. tomorrow's mid-summer classic is right here on fox 2. closer will smith will represent the giants and chapman is joined by reliever we offguard in a good >> we had were all excited to go and that i had to call her and cancel and she's like, i just figured it all out
6:57 pm
but i'm super excited. my wife grew up near there is. canceling plans and making different ones, i mean, if you ever have to do it, this is a good reason for it. >> 27 days after the st. louis blues hosted their first ever stanley cup, they drank margaritas out of it. in case you missed it. this is tyler and his wife, molly bosak. they have the salt around the corners, live the lime and you pour them margaritas and hoist the cup in a different way. it looks good >> that is some punch bowl . >> the stanley cup does it all. it travels around the world and even lifts some margaritas . >> the silver chalice. thank you, jason . >> thank you. >> news continues at 7:00 over on ktvu plus. now san francisco has the power of two.
6:58 pm
>> the fox two weather app is like a friend you can count on. it tells the truth, >> sunny skies will give way to thunderstorms . >> even when it is not what you want to hear . >> download the new ktvu fox 2 weather up. the power to know wherever you go. >>
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wolowitz: so, how does this game work? i just.
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all right. you suck, wolowitz! what's that about? i'm heckling you. it's a beloved part of baseball. sheldon: he's right. and given that you're probably still waiting to be picked for a game that was played in fifth grade, i'm sure you do suck. hi. what's going on? baseball. okay, this is not what i meant when i said go outside and play. he's practicing. for what? the angels wanted an astronaut to throw out the first pitch, so guess who they called? what, you? really?! well, a lot of people who weren't available, but then me! congratulations. i guess that makes you the athlete of the group. well, not just him! may i remind you that you're talking to the seeker, beater, of the third place griffith park quidditch team. i know. watching your boyfriend run around with a broomstick


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