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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  July 16, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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navigation center to serve homeless people. >> the 11:00 news on kuchz fox 2 news starts now. >> like other cities, fremont has a growing need to house the homeless and city leaders have narrowed options for a new shelter to two possible sites. hello, again, everyone i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. those two sites are city-owned land, one in the dakota neighborhood, another behind city hall. azenith smith is in fremont where hundreds of people showed up at tonight's city council meeting. >> reporter: and frank and julie, many of them are still here. 250 people signed up to speak during public comment period. this item was not on the agenda, but many people filling the council chambers and overflow rooms, hoping citys. a boisterous crowd outside fremont city hall, many holding signs not dakota, referring to a proposal to build a navigation
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center for the homeless on city-owned land on dakota road. an online petition with 7,000 signatures. >> we want to do the right thing. we want to do the right thing to help and not, you know, getting neighborhoods against neighborhoods. >> reporter: he and hundreds of neighborhoods packed council chambers and overflow rooms. they want the center located at a parking lot behind city al, away from homes, away from schools. >> have you ever talked to a homeless person? have you ever heard their journey? >> we didn't think it would be that difficult, but it's become a difficult process. >> city officials admit the process has not gone well. the two sites chosen based on criteria near public transportation and food services. the goal to house up to 45 people for half a year and put them in permanent housing. fremont's homeless population has jumped 27% in two years. the vice mayor says many concerns driven by fear. >> both groups are now unhappy. originally it was the dakota
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neighbors, but fou i'm getting petitions from city hall neighbors. so ultimately we're going have to make a decisio somebody is going to be unhappy about. >> reporter: this resident doesn't think the city hall site is good either. >> it's the only site where residents are walking not driving. my personal experience, my wife she goes to walk in the morning, she got heckled not once, not twice, but three times. >> reporter: at the city hall parking lot, a homeless tent. the couple didn't want to be identified but have been unhoused for months. >> think to yourselves what if it were me? wouldn't i want that service available? wouldn't i want some help with some things? >> reporter: and i wanted to show you there have been several fire and police personnel here all night to manage a location in s have two community
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outreach meetings in august. live in fre month, i'm azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. in eastern contra costa county a man is being questioned tonight after a grass fire destroyed a home in the community of nights end. it broke out around 5:30 this evening. it spread from the grass to a home, burning a few acres. there were to injuries. investigators say a man outside the house appears to have sparked the fire while grinding some metal. he as been detained for questioning. now to pacheco where a grass fire that started burning on the shoulder of highway 4 spread to a storage business. the flames destroyed dozens of units and the contents, everything from classic cars to important documents. we get live coverage now from ktvu's amber lee at pacheco mini storage with the latest on the situation there, amber? >> reporter: julie, the manager of this storage business tells me she will start notifying people whose units were damaged
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or destroyed tomorrow morning. the fire caused quite a scare. about 2:45 tuesday afternoon, winds whipped up grass fire that started along highway 4 near interstate 680 in pacheco. it burned quickly, spreading to pacheco mini storage. it also burned the grassy area behind the business where a homeless man had settled. >> that fire was coming so fast, i lost all my hard drives, my laptop, my camping gear. >> reporter: the manager of the storage business tells me she saw the flames while she was in the office and quickly called 911. she says 49 units were destroyed. there are others damaged by smoke and water. she says customers store a variety of valuable belongings, includingasted. i've had people calling seeing if their stuff is lost. i've had one person come in asking where do we go from here and i just had to say i'm sorry. >> i was one of the homeless
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guys. i came in there last. >> reporter: jim tells me he suspects another homeless man in the area started the fire. >> he had a torch. he also had a cigarette he's smoking and he was making a glass pipe out of a perfume, little small perfume bottle. i accused him and then he said it was an accident. >> reporter: fire officials say they have spoken with jim. the cause of the fire is under investigation, but that most likely was caused by human activity. >> whether it was as a result of recklessly discarded smoking materials, a malfunctioning vehicle, or some other human activity here in this area, it's hard to tell. >> reporter: jim escaped with his dog snickers and his bicycle. his tennis shoes burnt after repeated attempts to try to retrieve his belongings while the fire was still burning. >> i lost all my stuff. he could have killed me if i was asleep. >> reporter: it took crews two hours to put out the fire.
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a private security guard will be at the storage facility to keep an eye on things. the manager tells me a handful of people showed up to check on their units. she expects many more tomorrow morning. julie, frank? >> amber lee in pacheco tonight. thanks, am ler. firefighters in contra costa county got the upper hand on a fuel truck fire in concord tonight. it was reported about 7:00 on industrial way and pike court. firefighters say the truck was only carrying about 50 gallons of fuel when it somehow burst into flames. crews say they put out the fire in minutes and no one was hurt. hazmat crews are now checking to see if the fuel got into any nearby storm drains. new at 11:00, mendocino county sheriff's department has identified a body as a fishermen missing for more than a month. kayakers spotted the remains of vincent soto near the dam at lake mendocino yesterday. grieving family members were waiting at the dock when his body was brought to shore. soto went missing on june 11th
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while on a fishing trip with hio also drowned. his body was recovered immediately. but ever since the family had been holding a vigil, camping out at the lake waiting to recover vincent soto's body. a dublin swim instructor arrested for possessing and distributing child pornography. deputies searched homes in danville and dublin and found the pornography on electronic devices. they belong to 1-year-old james happ of dublin. happ was arrested july 3rd and held on $100,000 bail. he has since posted bail and been released from jail. he was a swim instructor at the wave in dublin but has been fired. now to hayward where police are investigating an armed robbery of a man outside his home over the weekend in the middle of the day. jesse gary talked with the victim and has surveillance video of the crime in a story you'll see only on 2. >> there my car. >> reporter: this surveillance
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video shows the crime in progress on a sunny saturday afternoon last week. what's going through your mind when you see a gun pointed at you? >> scared like heck. it scared me. >> reporter: the victim asked we conceal his identity since he's fearful the alleged criminals could return, seeking retribution. cameras mounted to the exterior of his home provide multiple angles of the crime. he and his wife had just returned to their home. after parking two men approached from behind, one holding a gun. >> he told me i have a gun here. it look like a semiautomatic gun, black color. and demanded my watch, my wallet, and then he stomp on my side pocket. and he got my cellphone. >> reporter: the two alleged thieves ran back to a waiting car around the corner and sped off. the victim first thought to give chase then uses his wife's cell to call 911.
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the victim believes he first made contact with the two suspects inside the fast food restaurant because he remembers their clothing. he says he believes the pair watched he and his wife as they ate and then followed them as they left and drove a mile to their home where they approached and committed the crime. hayward police are investigating but did not have an officer available for an oncamera interview with fox 2. the victim says the thieves stole five credit cards and a new california real id drivers license. he believes the suspects from saturday's armed robbery are the same people who've committed other crimes in the neighborhood. >> they would be the same guys who've been casing this neighborhood. because they followed me and i think they know exactly where i live. >> reporter: he says he immigrated from the philippines to the u.s. 40 years ago, never imagining the land of opportunity would become a place are the elderly get robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight. in the college park section of hayward, gary, ktvu fox 2
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news. retired supreme court justice john paul stevens died today at a hospital in florida. he was 99 years old. he had just suffered a stroke. in 1975 president gerald ford appointed stevens to the court. he served for the next 35 years, retiring at the age of 90. he was a registered republican when he was appointed but ended up becoming one of the leading liberal voices on the supreme court on issues including abortion, consumer rights, and the death penalty. he's survived by two daughters and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. in a rare rebuke, the house of representatives voted late today to condemn a tweet by president trump. it said four minority congresswomen should go back to where they came from. the measure passed mostly along party lines with only four republicans and one independent supporting the condemnation. >> every single member of this institution, democratic and republican, should join us in condemning the president's racist tweets. to do anything less would be a
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shocking rejection of our values and a shameful abdication of our oath of office. >> the president later tweeted i don't have a racist bone in my body. one of the four lawmakerers, alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeted back, you're right mr. president, you don't have a racist bone in your body, you have a racist mind in your head and a racist heart in your chest. i felt the entire, like, cafe kind of shake. there's a lot of things here that hang, so this was moving. >> reporter: a couple of earthquakes shook the east bay today. the epicenter, what we're learning about the fault line responsible. then a vote to ban natural gas. the measure before city leaders in berkeley tonight and late word on the outcome. and we are looking at that forecast which includes cooldown towards the end of this week.
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oh motions flared on the last day of testimony in the ghost ship warehouse trial.
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>> i hope that we can have safety in our community and prevent anything like this from happening. >> we need max harris locked up. >> families of some of the fire victims clashed with danielle silva, a supporter of max harris. hector chavez testified that almost two years before the deadly fire he cleared out a rave at the warehouse. the officer testified that harris was among those he confronted, but a freeze frame from the officer's own video appears to show someone else. and harris testified today that he wasn't there. >> it was almost comical. and it was a great opportunity for max to get back up on the stand, show the jury his soft demeanor, let them hear his voice. >> as for codefendant derick almena, prosecutors tried to show he made it up when he said that the landlord's son told him in an email to lie and say no one lived at the warehouse. the da's inspector testified that almena never brought that
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up in interviews. closing arguments are set to begin july 29th. stanford university police are investigating the discovery of a noose on campus as a suspicious circumstance. this picture was sent to us by a student at a summer program. they say the picture was taken late friday night across the street from a dorm called story house. the student told ktvu that they and others felt threatened because they're black. the stanford department of public safety says if more information comes to light, the case could be reclassified as a hate crime. two earthquakes jolted the east bay this afternoon and were strong enough to be felt from stockton to san francisco. a 4.3 quake was reported at 1:11 this afternoon just east of danville. a 3.5 quake hit 13 minutes an earthquake expert today about the fault line responsible. >> reporter: in danville about 15 miles from the epicenter of
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the quakes, amorale es felt the shaking. >> i was wiping the counters and felt the cafe shake. this was moving. it was a little bit scary. . >> reporter: shaking buildings and shaking nerves too. >> i was home alone. no plan. i don't have a safety emergency kit for that. so a little bit startled. >> the house just started shaking and i knew it was an earthquake immediately. >> reporter: people throughout the east bay say the quake had a rolling feel. >> we were seated and all of a sudden it felt like we are on a roller coaster with someone in reporter: the epicenter of the 4.3 magnitude quake east of blackhawk is on the greenville fault. that is same fault that caused a 5.8 earthquake in livermore in the 1980s according to stanford professor bill elsworth. gr the fault, which moves side to side just like the an andreas
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or hayward fault is parallel in strike. it runs maybe ten miles south of interstate 5 # 0. >> reporter: this map on the website shows the green vifl fault. experts say it is unlikely it was connected with the morgan hill or the 7.1 ridgecrest quakes. professor elsworth says the greenville fault is capable of producing a quake as large as the ridgecrest quake, but the likelihood is low. >> this one is moving at a relatively slow pace so it would produce a big earthquake maybe thousands of years between them, as opposed to the san andreas or hayward fault where we're talking about hundreds years. >> reporter: janay council is given a unanimous approval a controversial plan to phase out the use of natural gas in new construction. the ordinance requires new buildings to use electricity as
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the only power source. that means gas, flame stovetops and gas-powered heat won't be available. supporters say it creates greenhouse gases which can have a dangerous health effect, especially for children with asthma. the goal is to have 40% of new buildings in berkeley in compliance by 2030. new data shows puig found nearly 10,000 problems with power equipment during a six-month inspection period. pg&e inspected 700,000 distribution lines, 500,000 transmission lines, and more than 200 substations. they found problems. pg&e says all of the most critical fixes have been completed but consumer advocates say they're not sure about that. >> it's very hard to trust anything that pg&e says. >> pg&e says the company has been quote addressing and repairing conditions that pose
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an immediate safety risk while completing other high priority repairs on an accelerated basis. looking again at temperatures from today. they're very similar to what we had yesterday. and tomorrow's temperatures will be similar to these. so the next 24 hours will be very similar. and then after that the changes come. here are the highs from today. we'll roll those into tomorrow, essentially. along the coast you'll have patchy fog. it's reforming at the coast right now. went away for a little bit this evening but it's fou with the wind backing down a little bit coming back to the areas down south towards moss landing and places like that. with that said, plenty of fog along the coast. it's going to stay mostly thee today. the big change comes as we get into thursday. when you see the fog at the bay bridge at this hour. that fog is going to be on you in the morning as you commute. it's on the san patio bridge certainly. marine layer stretching out.
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that's what happens when lows drop down. this guy here is going to drop right down, weaken the high that sits out, is supposed to sit out here. the pacifica. i've been talking about it all summer because it's basically a quasi stationary, the high almost lives in that position due to the cold water. when these lows come in, they disrupt the flow, the normal flow, and we get milder temperatures, which if you're working at cal fire you're loving it because you're looking at temperatures on thursday, friday, and saturday the bottom comes out. it's not cold, just 90s and low 100s and mid-80s in some places. tomorrow look or the ward to what we had today. this is -- some of the highs forecast. 92 in vacaville, just like today. 90 in pittsburg. brentwood 91. in the five-day forecast you see the big drop off. about 8 degrees on thursday. that low gets closer, clouds come in, temperatures just sort of waft away back to sunday when
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they warm just a little bit. but kind of mild pattern in the next 24 hours. >> bill, thank you. well, extra innings comeback tonight by the giants. see how they extended their winning streak after first blowing a lead the the bottom of the ninth. mark is nex. up first tonight, wedding bells on b.a.r.t. lauren and jeremy decided to ride b.a.r.t. for their wedding. find the full story on our website,, just look to the local news section. the 11:00 news continues right after the break. r the break.
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all right, mark goes we're starting with the a's. because we started with the giants at 10:00. so let's do a little -- >> and you got a little irked. >> that's right. they're equally hot, but you dot to say the a's were expected to be really good. -- out of nowhere in the last few weeks, but yeah, the oakland a's are rolling like they did last year just about this time. in fact, they've now one 9 of their last 11. i love the dress code they've installed at the coliseum. you've got to dress formally to get out there. matt chapman as usual had a lot
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to do with it. a two-run single to take them from a 1-0 deficit into a 2-1 lead and adding more in the fifth. matt chapman goes way gone to left field. that's his 22nd. he had five rbi on the night. and the a's riding daniel magden's seven innings of fine work to victory. and matt olsen with his 20th of the year, seventh time the two matts have gone back to back. like i said, the dress code out there nice in colorado. what do you think of that shirt, frank? that looks good. usually it's a problem if the giants blow a lead, but they pick up where they left off in the tenth. alex dickerson, four more hits for him gets them into a 5-4 lead after will smith blew atim.
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the giant's dugout is alive these days. mike had himself a double, a home run, and this seeing eye signal to center that fetches another eight for the final. giants after their horrendous start, will smith gets the win, and they just start sod poorly, they're only three games under 500. down in san jose tonight a little friendly for the san jose quakes against the team from spain and a newcomer from mexico signing with the quakes 24-year-old midfielder carlos. down 1-nil in the 60th minute it's more reliable. chris in the box. career goal number 152. boom. and it's a 1-1 draw for the quakes. meanwhile, it is time to check this out. you probably don't know about
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the team the kalamazoo growlers, but they are a college summer league team, and one of their assistant coaches is just 6 years old. he's got a little bit of a temper to work on. check this out. >> out comes coach straight. he did not like the last call. he might get tossed. >> oh man, he kicked dirt on the umpire. i don't know. there's a line to be drawn somewhere here. >> he didn't pick up a base. >> there's being precocious and then -- but he was ejected you know, one way or the other. the giants resilience of late. kevin pilar has a whole lot to do with it. you see why they called him superman when he played for toronto. >> he canthis evening. >> all righty, mark, you. see you later, everyone. good night. >> good night.
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