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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  July 24, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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representatives. >> full uninterrupted coverage is underway on ktvu plus, comcast channel 6. we will have a live report in a couple of minutes. >> updates on mornings on 2. i'm pam cook. dave clark, steve paulson. we want to get weather and traffic as well. there is a little bit of fog. it's going to be out rapidly. warm air aloft. sfo fog free. 51 santa rosa. livermore 61 degrees. day baseball, a few high clouds. 64 yesterday. butching up to 70 today. temperatures look warm across the board. inland jumping in to the 90s redwood, oakland, free month,
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san jose. 60s and 70s on the coast. high clouds this around the periphery of the highs, building towards california. that's squashing that fog. what is there, there is some there but going to impact a few. thunderstorm activity up in the mountains. upper 50s to 60s santa clara. cooler by the coast. upper 5s to almost 60 degrees san jose. once the fog gets lifted, a warm up. 60s, 70s and 80s and 90s through the interior. one of the biggest things i want to impart to our viewers is that it's going to be a tough day in san francisco and it is going to be one of those days. bay bridge, trying to get in to san francisco today, give yourself plenty of time. getting out of the city basebal
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attended one. giants and the cubs. everyone is coming to see them. your commute is going to be a tough one in and out of san francisco. oakland, that looks good. traffic is moving well past the colosseum. if you are driving on the east bay, there is slowing in hayward down to union city. all off to a decent start. former special counsel robert mueller making his much anticipated appearance on capitol hill. we heard his opening remarks moments ago and now he is testifying about his investigation in to election interference. doug luzader joins us live from washington dc. the proceedings started 30 minutes ago. what have you heard?
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>> reporter: robert mueller offered his opening remarks and now facing questions from both democrats and republicans as part of what will be a 5-hour appearance today. >> to you think, it's unclear, he is supposed to stick to the exact wording in his report. the you think we are going to get any other details in this public testimony? >> reporter: so far robert mueller reiterated the point he made when he offered public report. he would not deviate from the report as part of testimony to congress. >> what are you hearing in terms of democrats to republicans. republicans saying it this testimony is really not going to change anything. >> reporter: democrats want to
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talk about allegations of obstruction of justice, republicans want to talk about the origins of the mueller probe and whether there was political bias involved in that. >> thank you, doug. we are monitoring the hearing in our newsroom as well. we will bring you live updates throughout the morning. here is a look at the schedule for the hearings in the house of representatives. the judiciary committee going right now. we expect to hear questioning from east bay congressman eric swalwell sitting on the committee. that session will focus on obstruction of justice. at 9:00 both swalwell and jackie spear will question mueller as members oh of on russia's interference in our live coverage of the robert mueller testimony is happening right now uninterrupted
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coverage over on ktvu plus and online, as well as our facebook page. we are going to bring you updates as well as mornings on 2 as well as the day's news weather and traffic and live team coverage of the mueller testimony. allie rasmus and david lavigne in the bay area will bring us updates as well. happening today, a hearing in federal court in san francisco challenging the new trump administration policy that requires migrants who pass through another country on their way to the u.s. have to first apply for asylum in that country. the aclu is among the groups that want a temporary restraining order to block the palsy. the new rule would mean central americans who cross through mexico on their way to the u.s. would first have to apply for asylum in mexicourt hearing beg 9:30 this morning.
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critics of the new asylum policy man to plan to protest at 8:00 a.m. on golden gate avenue. we are following from overnight from north oakland before 4:00 this morning, police ended a stand off with someone inside a home on stanford avenue. it started at 3:00 yesterday afternoon in the home which is just off of interstate 580 and near keller avenue. skadfoafter that stand off started yesterday afternoon. police say they chased two armed men this to the neighborhood, one man was taken in to custody and the other made it in to the home but then surrendered to police this morning. they are not saying what type of crime the men are suspected of but the streets in the neighborhood are now open again. a man is charged with attempted murder for a shooting
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at six flags in can cord. it happened july 13th in the parking lot. the victim told police the other man hit his car with his door 6789 the two of them argued and exchanged words, the man pulled out a gun and shot the victim in the stomach. detectives identified 28 year old donald sims of oak land as the shooter. he had a warrant this a separate assault case. sims was arrested thursday in sacramento and remains in custody. there is now a $10,000 reward for information that could he to a killer. miguel ramierez was killed by a stray bullet while checking his mail bock outside of his home. the bullet came a police released a photo of a dodge durango they say is tied to the killing. investigators identified the driver but need help figuring
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out who was with him at the time of the shooting. the widow of ramierez and his daughters hope the reward will generate new tips. >> i want justice for my dad. july 1st was his birthday in heaven. it's been super hard for everyone, not just me. i hope that we are able to get the people involved. >> neighbors speculate the gun battle may have been gang related but police are not saying if they have any information that would tie the shooting to any gang. a large homeless encampment in the fruitvale district has been cleared out. that homeless camp is on 37th avenue behind the home depo. people who work at the home depo and other nearby businesses say the camp contributed to a lot of crime in that area. city councilman says more businesses would have left if the city had not taken action. >> so what concerns me the
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most, i have 300 people working here that are my neighbors that grew up. i lose 300 jobs and lose 8 hundreds of annual tax money that helps me pay for services. >> a spokesperson says that fruitvale location is losing more money because of theft than any other store. home depo has 2000 stores around the country. san francisco supervisors approved plans to create a homeless oversight commission. if voters give the okay the commission will set the lead for spending on homeless projects. it was a split vote in the election's next march, 7 supporters say they want time to work with mayor london on changing the city charter. the four other supervisors wanted to have this measure on the november ballot but say they are relieved the plan will move forward. uc berkley police issued a safety alert after a mountain
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lion sighting. someone reported seeing the mountain lion in the hills above the campus on the upper fire trail near skyline ridge yesterday morning at 9:00. uc police say there have been several sightings in the hills over the past couple of yearses possibly because there are deer in the hills which is a food souse for the mountain lions. the crisis in puerto rico is growing this morning. we have details on reports now that the governor could resign today. if you have a trip to the dmv, you might want to think twice. this morning, it we will tell you why and when they will re-open.
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these are live pictures from washington dc, robert mueller making his appearance on capitol hill before congressional committees. these are proceedings that began about 5:30. we have uninterrupted coverage on ktvu plus right now of robert mueller's testimony and dipping back and forth for you throughout the day on mornings on 2. happening today, here at
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home, all dmv offices all over the state of california, will be closed this morning so employees can have several hours of new training. cristina rendon is at the san francisco dmv office right now. this training is designed to provide better customer service. >> reporter: good morning to you. better customer service and reducing wait times, also helping prepare for the innux of real id applications. posted on the door saying they will re-open at 1:00 this afternoon. this is all part of what they are calling operation excellence. it might be an inconvenience but they are training more than 5000 employees all this morning all to prepare for this real id deadline. applications are starting to come in. dmv is experiencing
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unprecedented demand for services. people are tripe to meet the deadline of october 2020. the goal is to ultimately improve customer service. >> we are looking to modernize but at the same time do it in a very systemic and sequential way. >> reporter: a report found overall wait times decreased by 58 minutes compared to last august along with the drop in customers waiting more than 2 hours. credit cards will finally be accepted this fall at some occasions. dmv hired 350 employees since the spring and plan to hire 1800 more temporary employees in the next year to help with the demand of processing those real ids. see that sign on the door, 1:00 p.m. today, that's when all dmv offices across the state will open. if you need services, the call
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centers will be open this morning and if you are a aaa member, some aaa services will be available for the dmv. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. a house oversight sub committee is holding hearings on e-cigarettes. advocates along with doctors will testify that hearing continues tomorrow with executives from jewel labs being questioned. lawmakers are concerned about the role july played in addicting young people to nicotine. federal regulators warning a leading marijuana company accused of making unproven health claims about cbd. fda says the claims by the company could lead people to delay treatment for serious conditions like cancer. cbd is a pain relief compound in marijuana. it does not cause a high. curera leaf will work with the fda to resolve issues.
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the warning letter is the first since it started studying how it will regulate cbd. a shellfish safety notification has been lifted that warning applied to sport harvested muscles, clams and scallops. the safety notification went in to effect last month over dangerous levels of pair littic shellfish poisoning or p s&p toxins found. the health department says tests showed the toxins decreased to safe or undetectable levels. authorities say checks are in the mail for north coast crabbers affect bade toxic algae bloom that shutdown the crab season four years ago. they will get $26 million until federal disaster aid. most will go to fishermen to deal with money they lost. they will be paid according to the number of crab traps they were permitted to have. the pacific coast federation of
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fishermen's associatization says checked for mailed yesterday to the crab fishermen. let's get you moving this morning. sal is here. what is happening on the roads? it's getting crowded. today we are going to have a busy day along the region because of a couple of things. wednesdays tend to be busy. carquinez to the macarthur maze -- the giants and cubs will play. take the train or the ferry in and out of san francisco and avoid the inevitable traffic jams on any game day, especially the games like the cubs. this is interstate 880. no problems on the nimitz freeway as we look at the silicon valley commute. it's off to a nice start including downtown san jose. let's bring steve in with
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today's weather. there is a little bit of patchy fog. i don't think lit last too long. here comes the sun. that would make a good song title. beautiful view. banesia, that's nice. it has opinion the best summer weatherwise in quite while. i'm hearing that a lot. guess i shouldn't complain. baseball forecast. it looks warm to me. mostly sunny, i don't think any fog left but a few high clouds. not as many as that graphic is showing. 70s, 80s and 90s on the temperatures. they are above. all above the normal for this time of year. we warm up. look to the west, southwest and southeast, a lot of monsoon
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cloud cover coming around. some could drift across. patchy fog is. there it's not widespread. it is down on the deck again. the high is squashing. thunderstorms over the sierra. plenty up there today. decrease tomorrow. high of 85 degrees. 5s, 60s on your temperatures. there are 40s, not many but a few 40s ratherton 52. hillsborough 55. who else is going to give you annetteerton or hillsborough temperature. i go the extra mile for 52 pacifica. menlo 53. little bit of fog, mostly sunny, warm to hot. the high is backtracking towards arizona. the ends result, we warm up. upper 90s 80s by the water. one day we cool off, one day we warm up. looks cooler tomorrow. another jump up to warm to hot on saturday.
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down a little bit on sunday. preparing for wild fires to keep people safe. up next, the new warning system to help with evacuations. what the u.s. attorney general has to say about technology making it harder to crackdown on crime.
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menlo park based facebook, the company confirmed it will pay a $5 billion penalty to the federal trade commission which is one of the largest penalties in history. the department of justice has been investigating big tech companies and whether they have acted to reduce competition. we expect mark zuckerberg the address the fine today. in a blog post facebook said sit taking steps that quote surpass current u.s. law to protect user's privacy. u.s. attorney general william barr says increased encryption of smart phones and messaging apps is putting americans security at risk. at a conference in new york, he said law enforcement is unable to access digital information to crackdown on crime. you
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toll court in 2016 to try to, a says an iphone that was used by one of the shooters in the san bernardino massacre. barr says criminals are usingen crypted apps to coordinate activities. >> converting the internet and communications platforms in to a law free zone, thus giving criminals the means to operate free of lawful scrutiny will inevidently propel an expansion of criminal activity. he is confident there are ways to allow access to encrypted data. britain's new prime minister will meet with queen elizabeth to accept the top job in government. the queen is delaying her h annual vacation to scotland to meet with boris johnson. he was elected yesterday by an
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overwhelming majority. johnson is a brexit hardliner and has vowed to leave the european union by october 31st with or without an exit agreement. there are reports out of puerto rico that the governor is preparing to resign after days of protests. calls for his resignation were sparked by corruption lack of resources and the chat gate scandal this which nearly 900 pages of financive group chat messages between rosiio and 11 aids were leaked. we are continuing to follow the newest developments as special council robert mueller continues to testify to the house judiciary committee taking you there live this morning. allie rasmus is listening in, in the newsroom and we will bring you the latest
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information in just minutes. we will show you shocking video that shows what can happen when you get too close to a buy bison inside yosemite national park. this is san francisco, high above the city by the bay and the fog rolling in. it is going to get hot. you are watching mornings on 2. show me the crown.
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dave and i here. over there is the robert mueller testimony going on right now on capitol hill. we are keeping a close eye on that testimony. >> we will have full uninterrupted coverage as we speak on ktvu plus, comcast channel 6, we will update you on the story all morning long here on ktvu. good morning, i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. we want to get a look at the weather and our traffic. it's going to be very hot. there are areas of fog but
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not widespread. overall a very warm day inland. to the 90s and almost all the forecasted highs are above average. high pressure, which has been parked, centered over the four corners this entire summer. usually over colorado, new mexico. occasionally drifting to the west. fog is squashed. it's down on the deck. hardly any on shore breeze. day baseball, 12:45. mostly sunny, could be a few high clouds. we have temperatures that will be rather hot for some inland. redwood city, freemont, san jose mid-80s. oakland 77. 60s and 70s on the coast. 52 popular in santa cruz mountains. 50s and 60s campbell. it won't take long. high clouds coming in around
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that circulation of that high. thunderstorms over the sierra. calm down at night. they will fire up if you are going up to ha taho or truckee or reno. fog for the morning and wiped out as the high kicks in. monsoon moisture. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s through the interior. starting with the bridge, steve. that's the biggest traffic issue all day long for the entire region. that would be the bridges getting in and out of san francisco across to ma rip. richmond bridge, east shore freeway, this whole thing, this whole system going to be affected by the baseball game at 12:45. expected to be a sellout. giants are playing the cubs. any daytime game in san francisco affects the commute.
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busy, even in the middle of the day to drive and out later on, think about using the ferries or trains. buss will be stuck this the same traffic. better than driving your own car. 880 northbound, slow, past the colosseum, driving up in to downtown oakland. a crash with a big rig northbound, on the side affecting few people. it's not causing a big traffic jam in that silicon valley which is doing okay. let's go back to the desk. now as we speak, robert mueller is testifying on capitol hill, democrats and republicans in the house judiciary committee are questioning mueller about his investigation this to russian interference in the 2016 elections. >> it's been clear that robert mueller is a reluctant participant in this hearing before the questioning began, h reminded the committee he
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wasn't going to be describing in detail what was in his report. the report is my testimony. you are taking a live look at that picture inside the hearing room. see mueller is in the hot seat taking questions from democrats and republicans in the house judiciary committee. each representative has five minutes to and questions and expected to go through all 41 members of the committee. the testimony will take three hours and it started an hour ago. before the questioning began, mueller gave a brief opening statement and emphasized what his report concluded that the russian government interfered in the 2016 election. >> over the course of my career, i have seen a number of challenges to our democracy. the russian government's effort to interfere in our election, is among the most serious. as i said on may 29th, this
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deserves the attention of every american. >> the second half of mueller's investigation volume 2 of his report focused on the question of obstruction of justice and whether president trump committed the crime trying to stop mueller's investigation. he said his report did not exonerate the president of that crime but not enough evidence to show it >> we found insufficient evidence of the president's culpability. >> the questioning has take an political and partisan tone. he is getting questions from democrats and republicans. doug colins of georgia, the ranking member of the committee, he spent time trying to get mueller to say collusion and conspiracy were the same thing. he is trying to reaffirm what president trump said about
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there being no collusion which is not a legal testimony. mueller said they were not the same thing. as we heard him say, he repeatedly says, answers i will let the report answer that or rely on the report for that answer and sticking to the script and information that was stated already in his 450-page report and not straying from that. no surprises so far. we will monitor the hearing and another update. here is a look at the schedule for the two hearings in the house of representatives. the judiciary committee is going on now. we expect to hear from eric swalwell, focusing on obstruction of justice. at 9:00, swalwell and jackie spear will question him as members of tee. that session will focus on
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russian interference of the election. see it on ktvu plus and and ktvu facebook page. we will bring you the news and weather and traffic here on mornings on 2 that includes live team coverage as you see of the mueller testimony with doug luzader and loren blanchard in washington and allie rasmus here in the bay area. a judge in san francisco will hear from human rights organizations fighting against a strict new rule from the trump administration. it severery restricts people seeking asylum. sara zendehnam joins us now from san francisco with the details. >> reporter: good morning, pam. the goals of the groups at the federal courthouse in san francisco this morning is to get a temporary restraining order to block the controversial policy. the policy requires migrants that pass through another country on their way to the
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u.s., to first apply for asylum in that country. more specificallies central men's who go through mexico on their way to the united states to seek asylum would have to amy in mexico. organizations and other groups filed a lawsuit. proponents argue this policy will turn away tens of thousands of people from countries who are running from violence and economic issues. it also violates the u.s. immigration and nationality act. justice department lawyers argue the policy will help the overwhelming club on the asylum system at the southern border. the a judge heard arguments by groups seeking the same temporary restraining order. that judge hasn't made a ruling yet. here, reports indicate the judge here could decide today whether to issue the restraining order or could take him days to make the decision. protests are planned at the federal courthouse at 8:00 this
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morning and the hearing starts at 9:30 this morning. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. pg&e is hosting a rate meeting in oak land, the utility announced it wants to raise rates as a way to pay for wild fire prevention and safety. the average home would pay $10 more a month with additional increases over the next three years. two meetings are held at the california state building located on clay street in oak land to get opinions on the rate increase, the first is at 1:00 this afternoon. the second at 6:00 tonight. a group of insurance companies claims pg&e owes them $20 billion stemming from wild fire claims. the insurance companies are making a bid to take over the utility. the company filed a motion seeking to end the right to file a reorganization plan. they want to submit a man for compensating wild fire victims and pg&e creditors. butte county has a new wild fire warning system.
6:40 am
that is hard to miss. new sirens are programmed in to every marked sheriff's patrol car. the silences designed to speed up -- the silences are designed to speed up. >> sounding the siren, alerting people to a problem. this does not replace the other mechanisms of notifying people. >> butte county authorities say the blaring sirens will will b heard by more people if there is an emergency. cal fire crews are making progress on the canyon fire. the fire burned 1/10th of a mile. firefighters were able to hold the fire to that area. the fire is 85% contained. if the wind does not pick up today it could be contained in the next couple of days.
6:41 am
the cause of the fire remains under investigation. crews in contra costa started a project aimed at preventing the spread of wild fires, using chain saws and weed trimmers, cutting back brush and trees across lafayette. it's a 14-mile project stretching from lafayette in to the east bay hills. the fire break could help stop a wild fire from spreading. >> the idea is to keep the fire, from getting up, using the lower fuels to ladder up in to the crowns of the trees. >> firefighters are reminding property owners they need to create a defensible space around their homes as well and it should be 100 feet of clear space. time is 6:41, a busy days more coverage of on the peninsula for 177,000 bucks. we will look at how the unnew p
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released by nasa including a black hole. how it was captured, they were able to capture some of these images. first we want to check this with gus for a look at what is coming up in the next hour of mornings on 2 . we like free food. clothing retailer forever 21 is under fire for sending snack bars to some customers. why the kind of bars it sent caused people to get upset and what forever 21 has to say about it now. what if you babe's diaper could subpoenaed you an email? why you won't be able to buy a pack just yet. we'll be right back.
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our time is 6:45. these are live pictures from washington cdc. robert mueller continuing to testify before the house judiciary committee. the hearing started more than an hour ago. mueller will then testify before the house intelligence
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committee at 9:00 a.m. we have uninterrupted coverage on ktvu plus of robert mueller's testimony. more than 200 people that applied for jobs at google will receive a settlement of $11 million. a chas action lawsuit claims google denied equal hiring employment and compensation opportunities to people over the age of 40. google denies they discriminated and says it works to held an inclusive workplace. next year, u.p.s. will deliver packages 7 days a week. it's looking to match fedex which announced it would deliver on sundays. u.p.s. announced more package drop off locations. the company plans to hire additional drivers to drop off packages on the weekends. the giants are going to try to sweep a series against the cubs this afternoon at oracle park. last night the two teams
6:47 am
played. the giants were down early but an alex tickerson solo homer tied it up at 2 in the 4th inning. the cubs tied at 4 in of the 13 pablo turned to be a hero. >> he dug down deep, golfed that first pitch off the left, over the left field wall and gave the giants a 5-4 walk off win. the giants are two games back in the final wild card spot. the home game against the cubs
6:48 am
starts at 12:45. the oak land a's can't road series against division leading houston astros, a's fell behind there, ramone misjudged a ball, that led to an inside the park home run. he keeps running. the a's were down 2-0 in the 9th inning when mat olson crushed a 3-run homer. astros tied the game up to the bottom laugh of the inning and the game went the to extra innings tied at 3. to the 11th inning, ramone redeemed himself right there for that earlier mistake he had a big hit. the ball got stuck this the wall which means it was a ground ruled double and the a's won 4-3. take a look at this, nasa celebrating a major anniversary by sharing beautiful new images from space. what you are looking at here is a picture of a black hole. the photos were taken by the
6:49 am
shawndra x-ray observatory launched 20 years ago this week. seandra designed to see the emissions of x-ray so it sends back unusual images from hot surfaces including stars and galaxy clusters. the telescope view creates depictions that shows how turbulent the stars can be. scientists combine the images with views from other telescopes to get a better idea of how space and light and wind interact. new video from colorado this morning, of a bear trying to steal a dumpster. , pas and wildlife officials released this video showing the bear trying to get in to a dumpster. he can't get in because it's bear proof. the bear drags the dumpster.
6:50 am
officials say he tried to get to the trash for about an hour before giving up. look at a scary moment caught on camera from yellow stone national park. a little girl -- did you see that? the little girl is okay. throne this to air, thoughs by a huge bison. it charged right at her. national park service says the tourist group spooked the bison. it's a 9 year old girl thrown high in to the air. she was treated and released and has cuts and bruises and lucky to be alive. >> that's so scary to see. so glad she is okay. >> one time i was in yellow stone, sal, and i have a little four door car like a typical
6:51 am
sized car. across the street, one of the bison was bigger than my car. i was looking, thinking, gosh b i hope he doesn't give us a nudge. stay in your car. i know. i'm glad that little girl is okay. let's switch over to a topic people will be talking about all day. that would be the less than favorable conditions into and out of san francisco. it's a wednesday, a busy day anyway. any daytime baseball will affect traffic. today it is going to be a popular game. the traffic is slow now. it's going to be slow this afternoon. 880 south, we have slow traffic here which is unusual. there was a crash near haguen burger in the northbound
6:52 am
direction but causing slowdown in the southbound direction as people are slowing to take a look at what is going on. the map, 580 is a clear shot. silicon valley commute has been mostly good. a truck accident northbound 880, montegut, not affecting traffic so much. things are getting busier. let's bring steve in. oracle park, 12:45. giants go for the sweep. sunny, any patchy fog will be chewed up. a few high clouds will be around. 70 degrees. napa from 84 to 88. palo alto from 84 to 88. stanford will be 90. few high clouds coming and the rotation of the high.
6:53 am
highs built in towards arizona. it is firing up. some made it up in to the sierra as well. a few high clouds. patchy fog but it's shallow. in the mountains more thunderstorms around tahoe, reno. along the crest of the sierra. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. a few 40s to the north. there are some. 56 in the city. berkley, lab and above, 64 degrees. warm air aloft. this will be one of the warmer days as the high builds in towards arizona. 60s, 70s, 80s to 90s on the temperatures. the forecast models are under forecasting the inland temperatures. i went on the warm side for many. 76 in santa cruz. cooler pattern thursday in to friday. a jump up on the temperatures saturday. down on sunday. major changes by nissan
6:54 am
after its former chairman was removed coming up in next hour, why that japanese car maker is reportedly slashing thousands of jobs all over the world. first, the new plan to make it free to ride san francisco public transportation before big events at chase center. showing you a live picture. [music] you have to have a beauty shot this the bay area on a wednesday morning. it's the middle of the week. there it is. enjoy. you are watching mornings on 2. ktvu fox 2 news.
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welcome back. happening today, cameras will be rolling for the netflix series 13 reasons why in the north bay. the drama series revolves around the suicide of a teenager. the press democrat reports this week the shows production group will be in sonoma state university in rohnert park but they will shoot several scenes in several spots around the campus. the third season of 13 reasons why is due to be released later
6:58 am
this summer. happening today, san francisco mayor london breed will announce a new transit plan for people visiting the new chase center. if you have a ticket for a chase center of it your fair on muni will be free for the entire day of that event. the goal is to help reduce tr francisco. the chase center's first event is september 6 featuring metallica and the san francisco symphony. we will talk with san francisco mayor london breed about that plan later this morning live right here on ktvu but she will join us for a live interview during our eight a clock our. we will talk about this new initiative as well as pedestrian and bicycle safety in san francisco. that is at eight a clock this morning right here on ktvu. eastbound palo alto has a new program helping low income
6:59 am
home buyers buy and find affordable housing. it is called the below-market rate ownership program. it connects buyers with affordable housing if they earn up to 60% of that area's median income. the program has about 100 properties that could be available if the owners decide to sell below market rate work when some new developers come into the city. a recent listing had more than 100 interested parties and a lottery that cut the list down to 60 people interested in buying a home. >> i'm surprised there weren't 1000 a member of the community, people who live here and work your, and we will see how that plays out. >> palo alto once 20% of the homes and condos and new developments to be affordable housing. right now robert mueller is testifying before congress in one of the most highly anticipated hearings in years. we are live coast-to-coast as a
7:00 am
special counsel is facing off for the first time with lawmakers on capitol hill. a federal judge in san francisco will hear arguments challenging a topic trumpet administration rule that severely restricts applications for asylum. you live in san francisco with details on the policy and the planned protests expected at the federal courthouse. wednesday, july 24. as you can see on your screen we are bringing you live coverage all morning of special counsel robert mueller's public testimony happening now in house of representatives. >> we have full interrupting, uninterrupted coverage as we speak right now on ktvu plus, which is f comor joining us>> good morning. it is good to >> a busy morning. >> it is a busy morning. we will also check weather and traffic. first, steve is over here in his offi


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