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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  July 28, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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sunday sizzled with soaring temperatures, and people are doing whatever they can to beat the heat. and the photos emerge of a bay area men arrested in italy.>> this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6. we begin tonight with developing news from the bay bridge, where traffic was brought to a standstill just east of the toll plaza because of police activity on the eastern span of the westbound lanes. photos posted to social media shows officers with a gun drawn, trying to get a woman out of the westbound lanes at around 4:30 this afternoon. there's also video of the incident. you can see the woman walking
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in the middle of the bridge, reportedly holding a knife, traffic was stopped, and the woman was taken into custody just after 5:00. >> the incident caused a massive backup for traffic going into the city from oakland. this is what it looked like at the bay bridge toll plaza when all lanes were blocked, just about 45 minutes ago. want to show you alive picture now in that same area, from our traffic cameras, it's a little better, but it still jammed up at this hour. traffic is slowly starting to move, at least several lanes are back open. no word yet where that woman came from or why she was on the bridge, we are working to learn more, but again, alive pitcher over the bay bridge toll plaza, it's going to take some time to get weekend weather alert, here's a live look at mount diablo were tripl digits, day two of it heat
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advisory, it expires at 11:00 tonight. now looking at the golden gate bridge, you can see the fog starting to roll in, which means a cooldown is already starting. bill martin here now with a look at the conditions. >> it has certainly golden, but not before extreme heat over the last a few days. when the fog comes back, that's what you want to see, because temperatures are going to plummet, especially in oakland and san jose and fremont where that numbers have been high. and then this cooling will reach the inland valley by tomorrow morning, a much better set up. we have one more live camera shot we can take a peek at. so temperatures 13 degrees cooler in santa safor things to cool and get to a below average
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temperature pattern. so fog right now, in south san francisco, there will be five all around the bay tomorrow morning, and as we go into tuesday, the fog will be all the way inland toward concord, general cooling has begun, red flag warnings, spare the air days, and heat advisories are going to be a thing of the past as we move forward into this week. all the details on the rest of the forecast in a little bit. this is the third and final day of that spare the air alert in the bay area. here's a live look at san francisco, air quality management took the unusual step of declaring a three day alert because of the heat, light winds and vehicle exhaust. >> and santa clara county open 40 centers due to the heat advisory. the central park library became very popular this afternoon. >> we are just getting a breeze w,nd it's so nice. but ea
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said they had trouble finding a library that was open, so we had a couple of people come from out of town to come to the central park library, and it became extremely popular this afternoon when it opened at 1:00. this parking lot was full, he just closed at 5:00, and it was full up until then, because people are coming here that only to cool off, but they also have high-speed internet and also a place to fill up your water bottle. sweet relief from the heat payment when this afternoon in santa clara when the central park library opened. when temperatures heat up, this is the hottest place in town thanks to the air conditioning and wi-fi.>> this one, cupertino and campbell is open, nothing else. and this is a great place to come for a couple of hours.>> downtown san jose had a mild breeze, but this on to found the best way to handle babysitting duties. to make it's awesome, i'm
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watching my nephew, my sister is the one who is telling me that it's warm and, and i said yes i'm taking him to the park. she said no, go to where there's water, he will have so much fun and he won't overheat. he will stay cool, and you guys will have together.>> several southbay locals tell us their homes do not have central air conditioning, so they need to find cooling centers on these brutal hot summer days.>> we have a ceiling fan, so that helps. but we have an old vintage house, so there's no insulation, one pain on the window, and it's really warm in there. >> santa clara county extended hours for the community centers until 9 pm. outdoors, mark workers skilled in cpr and heat related illness treatment were patient under tents as a precaution. free bus riders were also offered. we placed calls into law
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enforcement to find out if there were any medical calls related to heat today, we haven't heard back yet, but right now we are getting that really nice breeze. hopefully everything will cool off pretty soon.>> many people waiting for that countdown. thank you so much. crews are battling a fire in mendocino county for the second straight day. the fire started yesterday, around seven miles west of the town of leggett. 130 acres have burned so far, by late this afternoon official said the fire was 30% contained, no evacuations have been ordered, but campers have been asked to shelter in place. in southern california, firefighters have the upper hand on a wildfire that burned a home in more than 100 ac this afternoon. cal fire said it started near chino hills about 40 miles east of downtown los angeles. flames tearing through heavy brush on slopr firefighters say they have
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stopped forward progress of the fire and they are working on hotspots right now, no one was hurt in the fire. there is new information tonight about two young bay area men jailed in italy on suspicion of killing a rome police officer. >> they say that the two teenagers confessed to fatally stabbing the 35-year-old police officer after a drug deal gone bad. tonight there are questions about the interrogations after a photo published in italian media of them being blindfolded while in police custody. they say the practice is illegal. >> the attorney for the family of the other suspect release the statement today saying i on the judicial police are still underway, to better understand the facts. the young boy's family is very upset about trying to do everything for elders protection. >> both teens regimented in
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2018, and in a statement today that teens principle said that he thought the news was stunning. civilians and members of law enforcement stood out in the rain outside of a rome chapel where a police officers often lies in stay. police killings are rare in italy and the crime has shaken the country, the officer's funeral will be held tomorrow at the same church were whose married a month and a half ago. stomach a section of lucas valley road will likely remain closed for the rest of the day as crews cleanup fuel that spilled from an overturned tanker. grew say about 200 gallons of gasoline were released into the dry creek bed after the tanker crashed around nine this e tanker overturned down a ravine, that driver suffered a cut to his head, cruz said the cleanup involved training the remaining 6000 gallons of fuel
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from the tanker.>> the fuel flashpoint is much more volatile than diesel fuel is. it's the safety of the members in the community that is the largest concern and then the environmental hazards. to make a 30 say the public should be aware that the winds may spread the smell of fuel during that cleanup. 57-year-old patrick leonard was shot and killed following an ongoing argument with his neighbor. police say the 68-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of murder. investigators believe that the two men were arguing outside of their homes before the deadly shooting. detectives say a handgun was recovered at the suspect's home, this is the first homicide in cotati in almost 25 years. in san jose a pedestrian has died after being hit on highway 237. it happened just after 330 this morning, the identity of the person has not been released.
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the highway patrol shut down several lanes as officers investigated the scene. the highway reopened several hours later. director of national intelligence is leaving the trump administration, the president tweeted today that he will be stepping down on august 15. he has reportedly been at odds with the president over russia, north korea and mr. trump's attacks on the intelligence community. the president announced that he is nominating texas commerce minute john read? is his radcliffe as his replacement. yesterday's twitter attack on cummings and his district from to the scathing editorial from the baltimore sun with this headline, it reads "better to have a few rents than be one." the editorial goes on to point out baltimore strong point while denouncing the presidents competency. steph curry waiting onthe matter tweeting yesterday "i am not baltimore
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but i know callous people who are pretty mates, family, hard- working employees, all people they represent the best qualities of what it means to be an american, and who want to live there." the president also mentioned in for cisco in a tweet today saying "speaking of feeling badly, has anyone seen what is happening to nancy pelosi's district in san francisco? it is not even recognizable lately, something must be done before it is too late. the dems should stop wasting time on the which hung hoaxes are focusing on the country." coming up, the key vote this weekend by kaiser workers that could authorize a systemwide strike. thousands of people placed at the running shoes today, we will have the winners from this year's san francisco marathon.
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following some breaking news we wanted to get out to you, this is out of gilroy where there are unconfirmed reports of a shooting at or near the gilroy garlic festival. we are working to confirm the details with local law enforcement and find out whether anyone was wounded here. twitter reports state that they saw people running towards the exits within the last 30 minutes. again, reports of a possible shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. we will bring you more information as we get it. kaiser workers will begin voting tomorrow on whether to authorize a massive nationwide strike. voting will go on for more than a month, if authorized, the strike will begin in early october. kaiser workers have been without a contract since last september, earlier this month, kaiser's mental health workers staged a one-day strike over reduction in staff. closing arguments in the
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ghost ship a trailer set to begin tomorrow morning. they suspect the prosecution andays combined. the case will then go to the jury either late this week or meyer likely beginning monday, august 5. the defendants are both on trial for 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. if convicted on all charges, the men could each receive up to 39 years in state prison. stick with ktvu for continuing coverage of the case. henry lee has been in the courtroom each and every day of this trial, in addition to his reports on air you can also find his courtroom blog on a couple from his ball from hillsboro is said to be sentence for taking part in the college bribery scheme. they minute to paying 600 thousand dollars to middlemen to get their daughter into ucla
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and ulc. they also pleaded guilty to laundering money and defraud the irs. amount line was spotted, and officials are warning people to avoid walking or hiking alone at night. he was spotted in the area of club drive, they say anyone encountering amount line should not run, instead make noise, wave your arms and throw rocks at the lien. torment thousands of people laced up their running shoes this morning and made their way around the city for the annual san francisco marathon. >> i didn't even run in any of the races, but there is so much good energy out here, a lot of fun, a lot of smiles, and a lot of excitement, at san francisco's marathon. two hours 25 minutes and 25 seconds. that's how long it took for gregory to cross the finish line and become the men's
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champion of the san francisco marathon.>> the support out here is awesit's fun to run through the crowds and see a bunch of people cheering for me.>> while nina is the champion of the women's division, her time, two hours 47 minutes and one second. right behind billington, 2017 and 2018 winter jorge, who held his four-year-old son's hand as he finished the 22.6 mile course. >> it's about utilizing running to inspire others. >> we ask little walking what he thought of the race. the >> really long and warm. >> the sunshine was definitely strong during the event. the female winner of the one half
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marathon said this run was good preparation for a full marathon that she's running in the fall. stemming i just really wanted to feel good and feel in control. i think i did that. >> and in oakland the lake merritt monster play structure reopened today, a lot of children excited about this. the green of free-form structure has been fenced off since 2015 because it was unsafe and needed to be upgraded. while the piece was designed by sculptor and jewelry maker robert winston and dedicated back in 1952. today there was a celebration for the unveiling of that structure, there was a concert and a shadow to the breakfast club which spearheaded the upgrades. talk about a perfect way to beat the heat, the oakland a's hosted there annual float today. more than 700 gallons of ro beer and vanilla ice cream report and scooped to the delight of fans. the manager along with players
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served floats to fans. ktvu's pam cook also joined in a celebrities coopers. >> it's really a community event, we invite a lot of celebrities and personalities to and come join us. >> all of the proceeds go to the oakland a's community fund which supports students and education and youth sports. >> i was there, and myarhad a e and serving it to folks, it was a great time. >> and on a hot day, pretty good. >> that's my favorite thing on a hot day. rosemary was there today too, so lots of crew. >> definitely warmer today than you would like to see, the
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marine layer is deepening out, more fog, and that's going to cool things off. let's go back to the temperatures, 96 in napa, 85 in fairfield, 82 in hayward, 102 in antioch. the heat advisory was living in the inland bay valleys, to the east. that heat advisory will be dropped in the next few hours because of this flow. you've got a set up for a trough,the low is bringing the fog really kind of what we need. again, we were getting some high fire danger and we had air quality issues. the small issue in that, heat advisories or warnings, that's the most dangerous weather element of all. heat kills more people than anything. so the heat advisories are a
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big not see one tomorrow. the fog is already pulling things out, 650,000 people live in this area, and not many have air conditioning. they are getting a break tonight as the fog sits over san francisco. and by late tonight, even the inland bay valleys will notice significant cooling. right now temperatures are running behind where they were leslie, 13 degrees cooler in santa rosa. it can be fog or seabreeze, either way you look at it, it's moving in, and this is what is going to change everything. the low is what changes everything, but the fog is the mechanism that does the cooling most rapidly. here's the low that i illucool forecast for monday, i'm kind of stoked about that.
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sitting in traffic when it's 100 degrees, is rough, so tomorrow look for temperatures generally in the hotspots, upper 80s. you might find a low 90, and you will see fog, it will be significantly cooler, tuesday it hovers about the same, and then we kind of don't have another major heat up, we will get a little bit of a respite. so a cooler week ahead. all right bill, thank you. coming up, the a's with another late game nailbiter. >> and the giants look to get the series win as they take on the padres. sports is coming up next.
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some troubling findings in a new study that says more than 25% of food delivery drivers having customers food before delivering it. they found 20% of delivery drivers confessed to nibbling on meals on the way to customers homes or office. more than gain just by smelling food.>> changes things. all right let's take a look at
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the giants and the padres. >> best thing you can ask for, that's meaningful baseball. there was once a thought that the starter madison bumgarner would be the last, but that looks unlikely now. behind bumgarner, the giants took a 2-1 lead, but one swing of hunter renfroe's of back, he went deep for the 29th time this year, san diego in front for ministry. the giants tied the game with the fourth, and then mike yastrzemski puts the giants back in front. in shumsky yastrzemski had a day, and he also got it down in the outfield, it was the most impressive, and then franmil
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reyes, with some drama in the ninth, the giants hang on 7-6, make it 2 out of 3 over san diego. the a's need to keep winning to keep their playoff status where it is. this was a good day at the coliseum with ricky henderson as part of the fun. it was another day of late inning drama, the rangers have already tied the game, and with the bases loaded, that didn't deter the a's, and the night they rallied against the rangers, the rangers then intentionally load the bases, and that didn't work out so well, because he couldn't find the strike zone a guess chris davis, but the walkoff walk gets the job done, 6-5, the a's remained the american league's
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number two wildcard team with a half-game over boston, playing right now. we continue to follow unconfirmed reports of a shooting in gilroy on the grounds of the garlic festival. >> nothing official from law enforcement, but video posted to social media shows people running, there are reports of multiple victims, we are working to learn more, and we have a crew on the way. all of this reportedly happening in gilroy, we will bring you the very latest on this breaking news situation coming up tonight on the 10:00 news. thanks for joining us.
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