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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  July 29, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. it's a busy full morning. that includes our weather. it's noticeably cooler. steve has the details. it will be cooler compared to the weekend. eric, a tropical storm is expected to go south of the islands. it might reach hurricane strength later at 72 miles per hour. for using cooler after a hot weekend for many inlands. temperatures in to the upper 90s to the low 100s. today they drop and they will continue that in to tuesday and level off there. 80s and 90s from yesterday to 100s. concord 101 to 84 degrees. the ridge of high pressure -- that's what happened over the weekend. that allowed most locations to go above average. the on shore to the delta
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there. 29, gusting 37, gusts napa, concord, 50ss 60s, down 10 jose yesterday, livermore is minus 9. the low clouds are back in the picture. a cooldown. 60s, 70s, upper 80s to a few low 90s. big rig accident. it's slow traffic this morning, steve, not the typical slowing. you expect it but this morning, two right lanes taken away on the way to the although month pass. westbound 580 near grantline road. it happened after 12:30 this morning. 580, the lanes, 1 through 3 are open. one of the right lanes remains closed. they have opened one more lane. that's belter news at one point the two right lanes were closed.
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traffic is very slow on 205 and 580. one of the truck to be complica this won't open until 8:00 in the morning. this is a huge impact for people coming in from the central valley. people do come in to the bay area. the rest of the commute looks fine driving through the area and the east bay to the bay bridge. traffic is moderately heavy. back to the desk. gilroy garlic festival, three people are dead, 12 others hurt after a gunman started shooting as that festival was wrapping up yesterday. allie rasmus is at gilroy high school right now and there is an active scene this morning as the police investigation continues. >> reporter: gilroy police are getting help from law enforcement agencies from across two coclara
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and monterey. the shoot erin involved was shot and killed within minutes of the shooting happening. several witnesses told police they saw a second person involved. that's the part of the investigation that continued during the overnight hours and continues at this hour. video is posted on social media and sew a chaotic and terrifying scene as people pled the sound of gunfire. the third day was winding down. three people were shot and killed. 15 others injured. some were treated at the scene and others rubbed rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. the gunman was shot and killed. police to want have any information on the gunman's motive or the type of weapon that was used but they believe the gunman got in to the festival ground by using a tool to cut through a metal fence this the back of the northside of the park.
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the main festival entrance metal detectors and tight security. witnesses reported a second person was some how involved with the gunman. >> we belief they saw witness statements that there was a second visible involved individual involved in some way. we have teams regarding leads. we are hopeful with the witnesses and statements that will help us. >> reporter: gilroy police are asking for anyone who may have seep that second suspect or witnessed the shooting to come forward. police do not have a description of that second person. fill roy police have a number for witnesses to call, 408-846- 0583. we will have tathat number on our ticker throughout mornings on 2. police will provide another update on the status of their investigation at 10:00 this ma news conference.
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allie rasmus, ktvu. some people at the festival thought they were hearing fireworks but realized it was gunfire. a woman still can't believe what happened. >> it's so scary. especially here in gilroy. it's here. >> she said her in stinks took over and she started running away from the sounds. in addition to our coverage here on ktvu, we will also have updates throughout the day on find the latest information on the shooting we are posting the latest on our facebook and twitter pages. closing arguments start later this morning in oak land's ghost ship warehouse fire trial. analysts say the arguments by the prosecution and the defense may take three to four days. after that, the case goes to the jury, late this week or nets derrick almenna and max harris are charged with 36 counts of involuntary
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manslaughter. if convicted, they could each get up to 39 years in prison. make sure you stay here with us at ktvu for continuing coverage. our crime reporter henry lee is in the courtroom and has been there everyday. you can find his courtroom blog at a couple from hillsborough is set to be sentenced wednesday for taking part in the college admissions bribely scheme. isaacson were the first parents to plead guilty. the couple admitted to paying $600,000 to a middleman to get their daughters in to ucla and usc. bruce isakson pled guilty to conspiracy to launder money and defrbehind bars in italy this morning on suspicion of killing an italian poli the cer.
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>> reporter: the go young men, both graduates from mill valley, well known at the school according to former classmates. >> it's been going around like wild fire. it's shocking. >> reporter: others from the class of 2018, said it was a shock hearing about their arrest in italy on charges of killing an italian police officer. sunday night the coffin of police officer mario ray ga was escorted from a chapel in rome, draped in the italian flag. the two we tfake drugs teens theft to police. when officers responded, you're
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punched an officer and elder stabbed raga 8 times. he returned to work days before after his honeymoon. lines of people paid respects and applauded as the hearse prepared to leave. sunday there was concern about a photo leaked to the press showing one of the teens blind folded. authorities say that was illegal. both confessed to having a role in the death. an torn for elder said sunday, i can only say the investigations are underway to better understand the facts, the young boy's family is upset about what happened. the american consulate is trying to do the best for elder's protection. fellow graduates say the teens were well known. >> gabe had a ton of friends at school. neither were necessarily disliked. i remember a lot of people liked them and were friends with them. >> reporter: a friend scene him a few weeks before, asking about working at a local store.
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>> every time i talked to him, he wasn't ever mean to me. he was never cruel to me in anyway. he was nice the me. >> reporter: the classmates say the two teens had in to trouble. >> he was known to be kind of somebody who was always involved with drugs or involved with getting in trouble. he definitely had a couple of scuffs. >> reporter: italian investigators say they tracked the boys back to a hotel room and found inside, a long knife hid inn the ceiling and clothing which they believe was used during the attack. charges are pending. after the break, you will hear from witnesses to the shooting to gilroy garlic festival as people ran for their lives to escape that gunman. the reason the woman inline
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karen wilson was a vendor at the gilroy fest. >> we heard the, i thought it was fireworks. they kept shooting. we ran in to the trailer. >> police say they don't have a motive for the shooting but have identified the person who opened fire. they are not releasing information about him at this point. he was shot and killed by police. they continued to search for a possible second suspect and we will have continuing coverage of the story throughout the morning. happening today, immigration added have kates this daily city will protest outside of city hall against the arrest of undocumented imgrant that was handed over to ice. this mays jose escobar lopez was turned over after a traffic
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stop. california's sanctuary law bans the police from cooperating with ice unless the person is suspected of a serious crime. daily city officials are investigating. also happening today, keizer employees will start voting on whether to authorize a nationwide strike. the vote willing go on for more than a month. if it is authorized, a strike would begin in early october. the employees is have been without a contract for a year since talks brokendown last summer. keizer's mental health care workers staged a one-day strike protesting what they called reductions in staff. . the chairman of the house judiciary committee congressman jerry nadler says the president richly deserves to be impeached. >> what mueller showed, possible violations, all the things that might cause us to recommend articles of impeachment. there are arables of impeachment recommended to the committee. we are
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determining whether we should report those to the house. >> much of the democratic caucus remains skeptical. >> it's becoming a joke. people see that and nadler and shiff are starting to look like laurel and hardy. >> advocates asked a judge to unseal grand jury information related to robert mueller's investigation. days after pore rico's governor announced he would resign , the woman who is legally thisline to be his successor doesn't want the job. justice secretary ronda caciques wants the governor to appoint a sec tear of state before he steps down on friday. the next official inline years
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old enough to be governor since the minimum age is 35clear who over in puerto rico. china says it supports how long congress' leader and police in their handling of month of protests in how long congress. china blamed western countries for helping to fuel the violence. yesterday police were seen firing tear gas at protestors who tried to throw the tear gas back at the police. protesters are angry about an extradition bill allowing people in hong kong to be sent to stand trial in main land china, where they believe their legal rights would be in jeopardy. we have more information on the balcony collapse. among those jude are two local stanford. it happened saturday morning. 400 people were in that nightclub, when the second floor collapsed. two people were killed. 16 others were hurt including
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four americans. the athletes are seoul to compete in the world swimming championships. hooper needed stitches to his left hand. ben hallic was the top polo player lost year. the floor gave way because it couldn't handle the number of people inside. let's go to sal. there was a big rig crash this morning on 580. you are covering that and everything else. >> we are going the start with a crash on 580, grantline road exit approaching thealtamonte pass. they managed to open the traffic a little more. the damage is done. they won't be able to get ks ha a broken axle. the other spilled diesel fuel all over the place. this is going to be a tough commute all morning long for
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people coming in from the central valley. if you expect someone, they might be late and perhaps in a bad mood. 9-mile stretch taking 2 hours to drive. 2 hours to drive 9 miles. i wouldn't do it. take an ace trying or do something else. gilroy to san jose looks okay. if you are driving in to the silicon valley, it looks okay. no problems on 880 in oak land. it is getting crowded at the bay bridge. now today's weather. let's bring n in. >> sunday was hot for many. we had a group in the 90s. fairfield, ikea 103.
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82 santa rosa. oak land down below 2 r livermore from the 102 today to 84 today. san jose is five below the average of 83 degrees. the high, decided to build towards california. that sent temperatures up rapidly. saturday we had fog, it was cool in the morning. by the afternoon, it was back in to the 90s to near 100 for some. there is more of an on shore wind now. travis 26. on shore breeze for many. southeast breeze santa mountain southeast. that translates in to cooler temperatures. water temperatures went down a little bit. 52 ray. san francisco, buoy, 56. 57 half-moon bay.
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54 mill valley. 53 santa rosa. 50s for many. temperatures are down 10 compared to 24 hours ago fairfield also san jose, livermore, minus 6. santa rosa minus 5. 5s in the santa clara valley. upper 5s santa clara, saratoga and cupertino. as the high moves towards new mexico and colorado, that allows the cap to lift a little bit and a system swinging in, we will keep fog in the forecast today and tuesday in to wednesday, a bigger fog bank. burns to the coast. trend is cooler, 60s, 70s, 80s. 90 brentwood. down 10- 15 degrees from the weekend warm to hot temperatures. back in to a cooler pattern. doesn't look like much change. warmer on the weekend.
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the coming up, baltimore fi and race will most likely play a role on the campaign trail. another shake up at the white house, the director of national intelligence is resigning, the person who may step this to take his place.
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coats will step down august
5:24 am
15th, he argued with the and at intelligence community. the president announced he is nominated texas congressman john radcliffe to replace coats. radcliffe has been an outspoken defender of the president. the debates will be divided across two nights tomorrow and wednesday. on the first night, the line up includes senators bernie sanders and elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg. second night harris and jed biden will face each other. senators corey booker, gillibrand and tulsi gabbard. the subject of race is expected to come up during the democratic presidential debates this week. doug luzader joins us with more on that. >> reporter: good morning.
5:25 am
both sides are going the be del often times divisive issue, race. the presidential motorcade arrived back at the white house yesterday after what appeared to be a golf outing with a twitter feud in play between president and elijah cummings. the president called the baltimore district a dangerous and filthy place. >> the president is right to do that, it has zero to do with race. some democrats were quick toway in, as they gear up for the massive 2-night debate in detroit, they are facing their own race issues. front runner joe biden may come out swinging. his support among black voters
5:26 am
could carry him across the finish line but he will be on stage between kamala harris and corey booker who attackedd him on school desegregation and busing something that caught him off guard in the last debate. >> he will come out better prepared i would expect. democrats focus on michigan this week, president trump has a campaign stop in ohio. back to you guys. we continue to follow the latest information on the deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. this morning, we are hearing from people at the park about how they escaped. >> it was unreal. it's like what you see, when you see this happen in other places you think that can never happen to us. coming up in depth coverage about the shooting that broke out as the world famous festival was wrapping up.
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good morning, we still have a lot of slow traffic out there already on a monday morning including parts of the east bay marin county, traffic looks okay heading down south. it will cooler. how much cooler? we will show you coming up.
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i have to quickly mention, i worked yesterday. our viewers are amazing on twitter. lisa, someone requested cake, the band, not to eat cake, the band cake, the distance, because of the san francisco marathon. i said, i don't know if they where still together. they are still together and playing at the shoreline september 13th. we love cake. >> we lovedo like cake, the band. we have a cooler forecast, significantly cooler for some asures start to a pretty rapid drop here. let me load my computer first. i was busy looking something up. the on shore wind kicked in big time. when we will see temperatures take the drop, because yesterday was hot for many.
5:31 am
90s 100s, fairfield, 82 santa rosa. san francisco is where they should be. oak land below average, livermore way down to 84, 78 san jose. normal is 83 this time of year. the highs towards the four corners. it's been in arizona but built in to california over the weekend. it heads to the east. system is coming in from the pacific northwest, that's opening the door to a roaring delta wind, pushes up to 25-35 meals app hour. water temperatures come down a little bit. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. it will be noticeably cooler today. the own shore wind kicks in. the high moves east. it's making a good push today and also in to tomorrow and tomorrow we get a bigger fog bank in to tuesday morning. sal, 5:32, to the big rig
5:32 am
accident? 580, heading out towards the altamonte pass of grantline road, there since 12:30. this truck crash has two big rigs involved. the right lane is taken away. one spilled diesel. this is causing a huge back up. taking you a couple of hours to get through the area. you can quadruple that time according to the computer. at one point it was down to two lanes. from the central valley to livermore, it's going to take a while. if you are getting on the road at livermore, this might help you a little bit. traffic might be lighter today. driving on 80, westbound, through solano county, that traffic is good. 37 is a little slow. interstate 880 is fine in front
5:33 am
of oracle arena. bay bridge, a back up of three people were killed, 12 others injured after a gunman opened fire during the final minutes of at the stages area after gilroy high school. the police are searching for information and another possible suspect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the investigation continues as it has during the overnight hours. gilroy's police chief said late last night this was the kind of nightmare scenario no one wants to see happen in their community. three people shot and killed and 12 others injured at the gilroy garlic festival at the hands of a gunman that got onto the grounds that used a tool to cut through a metal fence on the north end of christmas hill park.
5:34 am
you can hear the fear and sense of alarm by the festival goers that took this video. the videos posted, show a chaotic and fightenning scene. they reported hearing gun shots around 5:40 yesterday evening as the third day was winding down. there were off duty police officers who were attending the festivals as well as gilroy's police that were on duty on the premiseses. the chief says officers were able to find and confront the gunmen within a minute of the shooting happening. the gunman was shot and killed. his identify has not been released. police have not releasing information on a motive or the type of weapon used. the witnesses reported a second person being involved with the gunman. we have some witnesses reporting there may have been a second suspect. we don't know if that suspect
5:35 am
was engaged in any shooting or a support role. >> reporter: that's the part of the investigation that's active at this hour. police are asking for anyone that may have seen the second suspect to come forward or seen or witnessed the shooting to talk to them. they are the trying to gather information. police do not have a description of the second suspect. police have put out a dedicated witness hotline to call. 408-846-0583. they also said people can walk in to into to the police department to report what they heard in person. police have have an update on the investigation and news conference at 10:00 this morning. allie rasmus while the police are focused on the investigation w we are toning thoughts to the victims. >> sara zendehnam is at st.
5:36 am
louise hospital in gilroy. tell us about those that were hurt in the shooting. >> reporter: good morning. much different scene right now than it was here last night. very calm and quiet at this hour. last night we know that six shooting victims were taken from the festival and brought here to the st. louise regional hospital in gilroy. one of those victims did sadly die. two of the people were brought home according to the santa clara hospital spokesperson. five other people were treated for less severe injuries. as of last night the conditions of all those patients range from fair to critical. in total, 12 people were injured and four people including the shooter were killed. as devastating as this is, it could have been so much worse, tens of thousands of people visit the popular killed the gu within a minute of him opening fire. witnesses tells they ran when they heard the gun shots.
5:37 am
some tried to hide and others were panicking about where their were. we spoke to a woman working at the festival. she says two people she knows were shot. >> we were standing in the restroom and walk out, i literally turned and he is standing right there with thinks rifle and getting ready to put the bullets in and starts shooting and starts walking towards the tend where we were working. my boss and her husband were both shot. >> reporter: the fed medical center treated five people injured at the festival. two patients were transported to tan santa clara valley and two others were treated at the medical center. there will with b a news conference at 10:00 a.m. we will r hoping to get more details then. sara zendehnam, ktvu fox 2 news. along with our coverage on ktvu, we have updates for you
5:38 am
on, you can get the latest information on the shooting and posting the latest information on our facebook and twitter pages. here is a look at the other top stories this morning, two teenagers from the bay area are in jail in italy on suspicion of killing an italian police officer. that shooting death sparked outrage in rome where the italian prime minister and mourners lined up to honor that officer. closing arguments again this morning in the case of the ghost ship warehouse trial. if convicted on all charges, the defendants could receive 39 years in prison. today president trump expected to sign a bill to provide billions of dollars in health care compensation for police officers, firefighters and other first responders to the 9/11 attacks. last week the senate gave final approval to that plan it would
5:39 am
replenish the september 11th victim compensation fund by $10.2 billion over next 10 years. a russian group that monitors police arrests says 1400 protesters were detained in a crackdown in moscow over the weekend. most of them were quickly released and 150 people are still in custody. they were protesting the exclusion of opposition candidates from the ballot for this fall's moscow city council elections. cal fire crews are battling a fire near a campground. we are not sure how the fire started. 10 acres burned. it is 30% contained. people in the camp ground have been told to shelter in place, that fire is burning along the only exit road. southern california, a home went up in flames, fire burned through more than 100 acres in
5:40 am
chino hills, 40 miles east of downtown los angeles. the flames tore throcould be scene going up in to the they stopped the flames before it burned other homes and no one was hurt. there was a shooting in brooklyn at a senior citizen event. one man was killed. 12 others hurt. what community leaders and new york's mayor are saying. hearing from witnesses from the shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. what a man told us he saw. the richmond bridge traffic is getting a little busier but looks okay to the toll plaza. cooler, temperatures on the weekend were in the 90s. they will be sliding back. we will show you how far.
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we continue our coverage of the deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. three people were shot and killed, 12 others were hurt. we talked by phone with oneeys in who told us he saw is gunman as he started shooting in to the crowd. . >> i saw, letting them loose. my daughter was screaming. this guy is shooting little kids in front of me. >> the gunman was killed by police. they are searching for a possible second suspect. a police news conference is set for 10:00 this morning, we will bring that to you live on mornings on 2. a shooting a t
5:44 am
a senior citizen event this brooklyn new york as man was killed and several others hurt >> reporter: community members education pressing shock and outrage on sunday following a fatal shooting at a park in brownsville. a neighborhood in east brooklyn. it happened at a community event celebrating senior citizens. >> somebody shot it up. >> reporter: the brownsville old-timers day drawing thousands to the festival. along with 100 police officers on duty. the gunfire erupted saturday night before 11:00 p.m., massive crowds scattered filling the streets with debris and causing a chaotic scene. >> put the guns down. >> according to nypd, 12 people were shot including a 38-year- old man who died after being
5:45 am
shot in the head. victims were rushed to a nearby hospital. >> out of the 12 that were struck, seven were males and five females, ages were from 21 to 55 years old. the giants have the they off before a series against the philadelphia phillies. they wrapped up the weekend series against the padres yesterday. bruce received a standing ovation in san diego, final game, as manager, he took the padres to the world series in 1998. on the field, mike wowed with his bat and his glove. a double in the second gave the giants the lead he stole a home away with that great catch. giants won 7- 6. oak land a's have the day off after splitting a series with the texas rangers.
5:46 am
marcus put the a's up early. a solo homer in the third inning. a's would allow the texas rangers to tie the game in the 6th inning and again in the 8th. in the 9th inning, a's down by one run. olson tied the game at 5:00, two batters later, chris davis won the game right there. a walk off walk. a's won 6-5. they will host the brewers tomorrow night. pretty fun to go be out there. raising money for the community fund. dave and i were out theres my daughter was with me. every fan was wearing gear. everybody was decked out. >> you can see them up there. i hope had a good time.
5:47 am
if you are driving in from tracy, out to the grantline area, a truck accident at 12:30 this morning. it's still there. they have a problem removing the vehicles because of damage and a fuel spill. this is not going to be completely cleared until 8:00 this the mopping. sit one of the busiest commutes we had all year long. if this is your commute or you know someone coming in, it's going to take twice or three times as long as it normally does. think about taking ace train or put the trip off if you can. live mow, pleasanton traffic looks all right. east bay, 880 looks all right. 580 at the bay bridge, a 15-20 minute delay before you make to it the span. hot on many, temperatures in the 100s for a few. if you are well enough inland,
5:48 am
fairfield and ikea, 103. nana96 degrees. san francisco to 66, that's where they should be. santa rosa below. oakland below. livermore gone way below. san jose 7. normal is 83 degrees. the high, built in to california over the weekend, doesn't take long, like saturday, we had fog and cool and by the afternoon warming up. on sunday, it didn't take long at all. fog is filling back. in it's not large and in charge yet but a sign of things come here as the delta wind is alive early. 26, gusting to 35 travis. once that happens this time of year, that's a sign, south, several breeze, santa clara and much of the peninsula.
5:49 am
52 bodega bay the water temperature. the temperature in the city is 57. half-moon bay, 54. mill valley, no rado, 53 santa rosa. upper 50s, low 60s for some. livermore is minus 9. 52347 the city oak land 57. low to mid 50s, kensington 5. the high moves off so does the tropical moisture. southwest flow in the upper atmosphere, takes the thunderstorm activity and pushes it towards the east. 60s, 70s, 80s. we are down 10- 14 degrees compared to yesterday as temperatures will settle in, in to tuesday, they will level off, not much change towards the weekend when inland temperatures will bump up. we are still following today's top story, deadly shooting at the gilroy garlic festival.
5:50 am
bringing you a li gilroy at 6:00. what san francisco is considering to keep from having to depend on e for its power. a 5 year old in chicago is called a hero. how that little boy's quick thinking helped save his family. first, taking you out live, looking out at the bay bridge this morning. that's a beautiful shot. thank you for joining us. you are watching mornings on 2 from ktvu fox 2 news.
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a five-year-old boy in chicago called a hero, his quick thinking helped to save 13 people from a house fire. jaden espinosa was staying at his aunt's house and woke up before 4:00 saturday morning and saw smoke and flames. he woke everybody up in the house especially those who were sleep on the second floor. >> god has a plan. god has a plan. everything will he saved everyone. he hasn't got sent to his up at's house wednesday, he wouldn't have been there to get everybody out of the building. >> that's pretty mature insight from a 5 year old. >> yeah. that's what we get from jaden
5:54 am
all the time. >> i stayed there. >> how did you know to go tell? >> i'm smart and brilliant. >> now you know. seven adults and six kids were if the house when the fire started. everyone got out. the cause of the fire is under investigation. san francisco's glenn park bart station maybe declared an historic landmark. the california state historical resources commission will vote on thursday on whether to nominate the bart station which opened in 1973 to the national register of historic places. architects say the rough et str francisco, that is being considered for nomination as well. a structure is coming pack to oak land's lakeside park. it is known as the lake merit monster created in 1952, it was
5:55 am
featured on a 1968 album cover for sly and the family stone. a few years ago it was fenced off and removed in order to be restored. a former olympian from san francisco won the san francisco marathon. he is 30 year old gregory billington, he ran the race in 2 hours 25 minutes, 24 seconds. race organizers said he was 9 sedes over the all time record for the men's division of the 26.2-mile run. >> there is a lot of memories along the course. >> nina won the women's division along with the marathon, there was a 52.4-mile ultramarathon, a half marathon and a a second straight weekend , the lion king is the
5:56 am
most popular movie out there. the lion king, disney's live action remake brought in another 75.5 million dollars. once a upon a time debut two with $40 million. it gave director quinton tarantino his biggest opening ever. spiderman, far from home and toy story 4, and crawl rounded out the top five. the search goes on in gilroy for a possible second gunman after three people were killed and shots were fired injuring many others during the gilroy garlic festival yesterday. we are in gilroy, live, we have updates in just minutes. good morning. it's crowded especially on the altamonte pass. other places, too. we will let you know about this
5:57 am
east bay commute. much bigger fog bank, the own shore wind kicked in. it will be cool. look at the monday forecasted highs coming up.
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people running after a shooter opened fewer at the gilroy garlic festival. >> people were running, running for any exit to get out of the park. three people were killed, a dozen have been hurt as police are still searching for a possible second gunman. we are live in gilroy, the latest details this morning. good morning, thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning, july 29th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. >> we have our top story this morning in the final minutes of the gilroy garlic festival. a gunman opened fire. >> three people were killed and 12 others were hurt. allie rasmus is at gilroy high school right now.
6:00 am
that's as close as reporters are allowed to the festival crime scene. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. gilroy high isn't far from christmas hill park, where the gilroy garlic festival was going on when this shooting happened. gilroy police confronted the gunman within minutes of the shooting being reported. the gunman was shot and killed. however, several witnesses told police say saw a second person involved with the gunman at the shooting yesterday and that's the part of the investigation that continues during the overnight hours in to this morning. video posted show a frightening and chaotic scene after the gunfire was reported at the festival yesterday.


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