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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 1, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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gilroy pd sent him straight back to >> gilroy strang was tonight's name as hundreds of people came together in solidarity following sunday's mass shooting. >> the 11:00 news starts now.>> we begin with another emotional tribute in gilroy. hundreds of people gathered for tonight's candlelight vigil to reflect and pray and show their support. they said they won't allow sunday's mass shooting to define their tightknit community. our reporter is live now in downtown gilroy. >> the outpouring of support was incredible. this gathering, and opportunity for the community to consult, comfort and heal. and heal is what they are beginning to do as the community hopes to move forward, gilroy strong.
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standing together in morning, gilroy's resilience on full display thursday night as hundreds of people took over the downtown intersection of monterey and fifth street, blanketed with the message, gilroy strong. >> we are saddened, hurt, angry and confused. >> a community still reeling after an attack on the city's cherished and is celebrated gilroy garlic festival known as the soul of the community. to make an individual with hatred in his heart decided to try and steal our innocence. >> the city grieving for the three young people killed, more than a dozen injured, when asked how many people have cried this week, hands shot up, sadness not only felt by the victims families, but everyone. he met when i look at the way my staff dealt with this, i've got to tell you, i'm pretty proud of them. >> and a chance to give a nod to the unsung heroes, the
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police chief receiving a standing ovation, he said if anyone had to deal with the tragedy like this, he would rather it be him. >> the devil came to gilroy, and gilroy pd sent him straight back to people of gilroy, please, look around, look at this crowd. that pastored person did not control us. shame on you for thinking we would not recover, shame on you for underestimating the strength of a small-town family. >> we have to go through the pain, we have to work through it, but at the end we have to come out stronger and we have to show the world what we are
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made of.>> i spoke with organizers tonight and there was a heavy law enforcement presence and they told me officers throughout the county were here to lend their support. the crowd encouraged tonight to remember to be positive, and the good memories of the garlic festival, no doubt they plan to bring it back next year. >> it's nice to see so many people coming together. this afternoon gilroy police provided the names of the three officers who opened fire on the gun man, ending the threat, the chief called them all heroes. they are identified as officer eric cryar, a 23 year veteran, officer eric cryar, a 17 year veteran, and officer robert basuino, a 13 year veteran. >> and for people who left their belongings behind at the chaos, they started picking them up at brecker elementary today. the only items available are from the parkside of the festival grounds. the ranch side is still a crime scene.
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those who left personal belongings in the ranch side area can provide a description of those items in law enforcement will arrange for a pick up at a later date. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage from gilroy, we will bring you new developments as they happen on air and online. developing news from santa rosa where police say a man armed with a knife shot by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. that man is expected to survive. 30 say the suspect attempted to stab up mall security officer, the suspect then ran off, the deputy made contact with him near morgan street, authorities say the man refused commands to stop, so that deputy deployed his taser but it had no effect. the suspect then ran to the deputy's patrol car, got into the driver's estate, the deputy tried to pull him out, and that's when 30 say the suspect pulled a knife on the deputy. the deputy then shot the man, he was taken to the hospital and again, is expected to survive. that deputy was not hurt. the jury and the go ship warehouse case completed its
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first full day of deliberations without reaching a verdict. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has been at the courthouse for the entire trial and he says the questions the jurors are asking suggest they have been taking careful note.>> reporter: thursday came and went, the fate of go ship defendants still up in the air. the jury went to lunch, by days end, still no verdict. >> i have faith in the jury, they seem to have been really attentive and taking notes. and i certainly hope and pray and trust that they won't be swayed by the das, at best i can call them tricks, and just sometimes a deception. >> i think when you are sitting and waiting, and you don't know what people are discussing, but you know that they are discussing your fate, naturally they will be a little more anxious. >> within an hour of starting
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deliberations on wednesday afternoon, the jury sent a note to the judge asking if there is a legal definition for the term authorized agent as it pertains to the building owner and required permits. the judge told the jury that there is no established definition of authorized agent but said that the fire code refers only to agent. prosecutors declined to comment outside court. defense attorneys though say the fact that the jury ask that question bodes well for their clients. >> the client can be considered an authorized agent and the section says that the owner therefore is responsible for permits. >> we interpret this dialogue as a very good sign for mr. harris. we are optimistic that the jury is going in the right direction. >> the jury also asked if leaseholder, property manager and tenant were interchangeable. the jury was told no. attorney say that it's clear that this diverse jury of nine women and three men have been paying close attention.>> i see this jury as analytic, detail
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oriented, and issue oriented, a very good jury. >> the jury will now meet next tuesday. at the courthouse in oakland, henry lee. a new audit finds police officers underreported force of use incidents. the inspector general found out of the 47 cases reviewed, 18 were not in compliance with requirements for use of force. use of force includes things such as pulling a gun and physical contact. in some cases there was nobody camera footage of the incident. the report also concluded that police were much quicker to use force on african-americans and latinos.>> when you have a squad that is out of control, they really do think they are above the law. that's when you have more uses of force, and ultimately more
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misconduct occurs if you are insulated amongst your group. >> reporting issues aside, it's important to note that the audit found no instances where an officer used unreasonable force. the oakland police chief issued this statement "the department is committed to introspection and is willing to accept new comings underreported force." a fire broke out around 3:15 in lafayette, the fire was burning grass in an open space area between homes, it only took firefighters about 30 minutes to get the fire under control. cal fire said just one acre burned, no evacuations were ordered. a small plane made a hard landing this afternoon in nevada. it happened around 4:30 today near airport road shortly after the plane took off. the incident was originally reported as a plane crash but that sheriff's office later described it as a hard landing. two people suffered minor
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injuries. new at 11, a graduation tonight in san jose for a group of teenage girls who spent their summer learning how to code. and the program prepares them for careers that until now were largely dominated by men.>> these girls, high school juniors and seniors, showed off their final project after completing a seven-week immersion program at adobe headquarters in san jose. it's a partnership between the tech company and the nonprofit girls who code.>> even though we are only 17 years old, we want to be experts on life. >> they showed off apps they've developed, the girls say they blurred learned coding, more important, they learned about themselves. >> don't be afraid to learn more about a field you are
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interested in. go where your passion leads. >> and do not fear rejection while exploring your options. >> it has two buttons only, so it's easy to access for the elderly. >> nadia help develop an app, find my elderly, to help assist older folks in getting help quickly in an emergency. >> having guest speakers that are all female, having a mentor who is female, and meeting different people showed me how it is possible that i can go through with this to make a career out of it. >> the san jose native tells me her family came from ethiopia and works as uber drivers and in-home caregivers. she hopes to be the first in her family to go to college and have a career in tech. >> it gives me something to work towards. they are doing all of this hard work for me. >> we would like to present you your laptop that you've been using to keep.
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>> each girl was given a laptop, and the director said she wants the girls to know that computer science can be creative and practical. on this last day of the program, each girl received a certificate of completion. >> these girls tell me that the program has changed the way they will approach their future. they learned that failure and persistence are steps to success. says plans for a new restroom are inappropriate and disrespectful. how the city behind the project is now trying to appease the upset veterans. and an accomplished musician missing the tool of his trade. the search for a beloved trumpet he says was stolen right from under his arm. the weekend it just around the corner, i will have the saturday and sunday forecast
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for you.
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new at 11, a musician from new york is asking for help locating his beloved trumpet. he says it was going out of black at jazz club on july 26. the horn is described as an adams trumpet with an upturned bell. it was inside a black and brown case similar to the one you just saw there. the freelance position plays with well-known artists. veterans in antioch went to crowd the next city council meeting in protest of a bathroom. the city is building a public restroom about 10 feet from the veterans memorial at the foot of l street in antioch. veterans say the location is inappropriate and disrespectful. they say the bathroom will ruin the peaceful atmosphere there. >> it will cost the city for the mistake, but veterans, we don't care. we want our memorial. we don't want to bathroom right
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behind it. >> antioch's mayor says planning for the restroom started back in 2009, before the memorial was ever there. the citysays one option could be to move the memorial to a roundabout some 50 feet away. a new report finds a home construction permits in california are on the decline. the public policy institute of california says permits were down 38% in june compared to a year ago. for all of 2018, only 104,000 permits were issued, when california used to build 184,000 homes every year to keep up with the demand. today, we were in the south bay where san jose has broken ground on two tiny home communities. the idea is to give 80 homeless people these one-room houses while they await permanent housing.
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the rooms only have a bed and a desk but that size will have community showers and restrooms along with social services volunteers from habitat for humanity are helping build the houses.>> giving back a little bit. i've been fortunate that i've had a lot of good things go my way, it feels nice to get back to the community. >> san jose has more than 6000 homeless people. the city says these bridge homes as they call them, should be ready by november. and for more stories about the bay area homeless crisis and homeless project 2019, just go to . two cars known for their powerful engines top the list as the most stolen vehicles. research by the highway lost data institute found that dodge charger is more likely to be stolen than any other vehicle. most models are either cars with big engines or pickup trucks. the two wheel drive bmw three
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series tops the list of the least stolen vehicle with the lowest rate of vehicle theft claims among 2016 and 2018 models. the report says that may be because luxury vehicles are often parked in garages. scientists are warning of an invasive species in lake tahoe, it's a tiny shrimp first introduced in the 1960s. today billions of them are at the bottom of the lake. scientists say that it's their eating habits that make the water less glue. scientists want to harvest and remove the tiny shrimp from the water, they predict this will make tahoe even more clear. okay we cooled off today a little bit, we will warm up tomorrow, so here's yesterday, and then here's tomorrow. they will come back at about the same temperature. the story is a warm-up basically. saturday will be the warmest day of the week with temperatures generally in the mid-90s. these are the highs from today,
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not all that impressive. certainly down from yesterday. 85 in fairfield. you can see a little below average on those inland numbers, tomorrow will come closer to average, and then by the weekend we will be about average for this time of year. it's not a heat wave, it's just a warm-up. which is something we haven't had for the last couple of days. a lot of fog is out there, and it's really stretched out. so way up there, this guy, that low was impacting our high, as it has all summer, and it's giving us some big doses of marine layer and cooling. and cal fire, you are loving this weather pattern, 64 degrees in fairfield, look at the seabreeze, just look at the green. up around marysville, and these areas, we see that right in walnut creek, those warmer shoes are generally in the inland bay valley, but when you
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get a big blowout seabreeze like that, you see temperatures really moisten up and cool off. 4 degrees cooler in concord, more fog at the golden gate bridge, it's just up high. this is the load that has provided us with a few days of calling, certainly today as it got closer. tomorrow it gradually moves off and the high gradually comes in. and have you seen this pattern before, yes you have, all summer long. it will do it again, it cooled off and now we are in the warming phase, and then you know what, monday and tuesday we are back in the cooling phase. fog and low clouds pushing inland tomorrow morning, that's the forecast, and there's the temperature footprint for you. nice-looking day tomorrow, and the weekend looks nice, too. and then here's the five day forecast, with saturday being the warmest day on the weekend. have a nice weekend i will see you back here, when are we coming back julie?>> you will be back on sunday. well, friday is almost here.
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time now for your weekend watch, we are headed into the weekend and here's what's happening around the bay. in san francisco had to the 46th annual street fair in japan town on saturday where you will find many aspects of asian-pacific american life, music, arts and food. in the south bay the santa clara county fair is underway, featuring traditional family fun at the santa clara county fairgrounds, or pop over to the san jose renaissance affair at discovery meadow, where you will find pageantry, full combat jousting, food and drink, craft, music and dance. in the east bay, caddo fest returns on saturday complete with live stunts, unicycle lessons alongside food, drinks and other family fun. concord's jazz festival is saturday where you can enjoy life music for free.
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in the north by the, the 2019 sonoma there is fun for the whole family. or enjoy the 12th annual petaluma music festival at the sonoma fairgrounds. in sports, a's and? our home, giants are away, and that is your weekend watch. >> nfl football is back. the first preseason game, the touchdown celebrations were in midseason form. first, alive look outside over sfo. thank you for joining us today, the 11:00 news continues after the break.
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mark is back with sports, mixed news when it comes to baseball, a's and giants. one winner, one loser. >> they both played their afternoon games, the a's are going to have a scheduled friday night off tomorrow. mlb, the union wanted the players to have a more normal life. have a friday night off every now and then. the a's made sure they would be in a good mood for that friday night off, taking care of
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another playoff contender, the milwaukee brewers. the a's playing a lot of catch- up today. chad pretty much does it all, hits the ball out of the yard, this one is ninth in the third. tied up 1-1. then they have to deal with josh haider, one of the best in the business. they get to it for the second time in the series. adelson did it on tuesday, number 24, they add another on a sack for fly, and that doesn't happen very often. the giants had a great july. they were 19-6, the best ever, san francisco off to a shaky start, brandon's error here allows jake to get to first. first he was called out, replay shows it's safe, and the ending continues. that was bad news for derek rodriguez and the giants as there's an rbi double into the
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corner by fernandez. 2 run score and it was basically on. there are not many catchers hitting lies in the major leagues. kevin pillar gave it his all, fortunately for the giants he was not injured. the giants are headed for colorado for the weekend after taking it on the chin, 10-2 against the phillies. they lose 2 out of 3. as for the hall of fame game, good for all of the hall of famer's going in including tony gonzales. but as far as exhibition football, it was your typical game, and first as coach for denver, is the former 49ers coordinator. to brian hill, at tied
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touchdown, 7-7. one minute and 33 left, the quarterback with the win, basically a cup drill right there. and denver winds up winning 14 minutes 10. exhibition football, a little time to check this out. i love this. this is a lead up to the little league series, louisiana and arkansas. when was the last time you saw little leaguers pull off a triple play as the kid is caught off guard. these games and then minneapolis. more of what you what it want your kid to do. if that's a bronze medal, what did the gold-medal guy do?>> that's incredible. >> that's it for tonight. >> thank you, and thank you for
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