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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 8, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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the suspect at this time is being interrogated by police. we are told he's been uncooperative throughout the
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night. he is not a student but he is from san jose. had it been another month, there would have been a lot more students here.>> are police saying anything at all about what plans he had?>> we don't know much about him other than his from this area. the gun was seen inside a backpack, they did not reveal what he planned to do with
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>> the san jose police chief said after the mass shootings, he had to do something. >> we have our men and women engaging so more lives can be saved.>> the guardians will be at nine schools around the city. >> family and friends said goodbye today to a man that was killed at the gilroy garlic festival. court documents released today
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-- newly released 911 calls show some of the shock and terror from that night.>> do you know what the person looks like?>> no. i don't know where my son is. there are new developments in the attack in el paso that left 22 people dead.
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the mother of the gun men reportedly called police weeks earlier. she said she was concerned about whether he should have the weapon. >> floods across the country were lowered to show respect
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after the recent shootings. a few days later they go back to normal, but not here.>> as the mayor we see it firsthand. >> i'm not putting it up until i see some action >> that goes for almost a dozen flags on city property. phillips says he's tired of
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watching congress floundering around as he puts it.>> i don't think it's presumptuous to say get on it folks.>> the mayor is hearing a lot of support for his decision.>> i think he did a great job. i almost wrote him a letter this morning.>> it's something, right? >> cities don't control gun laws, but phillips notes that they deal with the aftermath, and mayors feel like parents, responsible for safety. is not anti-gun. >> i have five shotguns. >> but notes, he is limited to three shells. >> if i want to go out in el paso and hunt people -- >> if
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other cities to follow, he welcomes it, and the conversation it brings. >> i feel good about it and comfortable about it. there will be some criticism, okay. it just feels like the right thing to do.>> he will take his shot at the next month the city council meeting asking his colleagues if you want to keep the flex lowered or go back to normal. by then, he hopes congress will have acted. >> deborah, thank you. a reminder coming up at 10:30, we will have an in-depth look at gun laws, mental health and what lawmakers are doing to prevent more our special report, guns in america, coming up at 10:30. a now for a shakeup in the field of democratic presidential candidates. shows joe biden in the lead.>> the poll
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has opal also helped that their candidate. >> well, the headlines here, warren taking a lead over sanders in iowa for the progressive vote, and one candidate who many people did not know has won a spot in the top tier for the next debate. >> diehard democrats campaigning for elizabeth warren were thrilled to hear she moved up in the latest iowa polls after last week's debate. >> when i thought how so how eloquent she was, now i feel like the poll shows that i'm not the only one who saw that in her. >> the iowa poll still shows former vice president joe biden leaving the field, but warren surged, swapping places with bernie sanders. indiana mayor pete buttigieg was close behind. each poll holds a lot at stake. candidates must now get 2% or
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more support in for approved pulse in order to take the stage at the next debate in september. this poll was a big win for an entrepreneur, pushing him across at the a fine line to the september debate. his campaign was thrilled by the news.>> andrew is starting in 20th place, and now he is up to sixth place in many of these early state and palpable, it's meas july's debasing candidates need 130,000 individual donors from 20 states. yang joins only eight other candidates before they qualify. joe biden, corey booker, pete buttigieg,, herres, amy klobuchar, dior, bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. among those closing in, hawaii's congresswoman who talked to ktvu by phone on the
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campaign trail on thursday. >> we have flown past the 130,000 donor requirements and now really looking forward to making that qualification with the polling. >> her and the other candidates are walking a fine line to distinguish themselves in a crowded chronic field. >> within the democratic party you have the progressive versus the moderates and all of these different labels that are the way of apart. actually coming together as a country.>> another person to watch, california billionaire activist tom sawyer, he got 3% in this iowa poll, more than kirsten gillibrand and beddoe o'rourke. reporting live, ktvu, fox 2 news. coming up, security is said to be tighter than ever for this year's line concert, the
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extra measures police are taking for the big festival. temperatures in the low 80s in the hot spots, what will the weekend be like? first, there was a wildfire that forced evacuations this afternoon near clearlake. where the firefight stands tonight.
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an evacuation order remains in place for a vegetation fire in lake county. the gulf fire and kelsey bill broke out at 1:00 this afternoon and burned 19 acres. cal fire says the fire is still threatening some 40 homes and other structures, and at last checked it was only 3% contained. more than 300 firefighters are now on the lines working to put the fire out. here's a map of the gulf fire, it's burning off of gulf drive off soto bay road on the southwest shore of clearlake. a man who had been hospitalized since the campfire in paradise last november has now died of his injuries. the butte county sheriff's department says the 72-year-old title monday from complications from third-degree burns. he'd been under care at uc davis , and last week he was transferred to a rehab facility in sacramento, and that is where he died. the campfire is the deadliest wildfire in california history, the death toll now stands at
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86. the ghost ship trial jury is home said to come back together on monday morning. they have now deliberated for five days without reaching a verdict. we wanted to know if that means everything. a retired judge says there is no way to tell how a jury is leaning. >> you can get guilty verdicts, and in two hours you can get not guilty verdicts. you can have a jury that wants to hash over every detail and will take two or three days or two weeks.>> goodman says it's very likely the jury is simply taking it's time to revenue all the evidence in what is considered a high-stakes case. a in san francisco the outside lands using festival kicks off tomorrow, and safety is top of mind with thousands of people into golden gate park for three days of music.
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tonight, we find out about the security plans and also how this event is making history with the sanctioned sale of marijuana.>> reporter: inside golden gate park the stage has been set for the biggest music festival, outside land. concert organizers and city officials on hand to say in light of recent events in gilroy, texas and ohio, they are adding a second security fence around the perimeter. working out evacuation plans and other security measures, the details of which they are keeping quiet. >> the san francisco lease department is used to doing large-scale events. this is no different than any other. in light of what is on everybody's mind, we want everybody to know, you will see a lot of police officers.>> last-minute work is still underway, preparing for a suspected 210,000 concertgoers over the weekend. organizers say it's about more than just the music.>> as you know, not just the music, but the comedy, and this year we
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are introducing grasslands to the festival. >> for the first time outside land goers will be able to buy and use cannabis on-site. the mayor saying it's a test run. >> this is the first time we are trying something like this out. and i want to be clear. if it works well, we might do this for other festivals. if it doesn't, then we will have second thoughts about issuing permits like this in the future. >> outside land goers can also expect tight restrictions on what they can and cannot bring inside the park. they will lay out guidelines on bags that will be let in. think small and see-through. >> small backs, fanny packs and purses will be allowed. >> the transportation agency is already warning concertgoers that parking will be scarce. they advise these exams to use public transportation. >> we are offering a variety of transportation officers.
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>> it's set to get underway friday afternoon, some of the big names blink 182, and childish gambino. the weather looks pretty good for this event this weekend. it's not going to be hot, but there will be low-pressure, you can see behind me, the fog, and this system takes the fog and vaporizes it, we've got a little bit of fog on the coast, but not a lot. you can see the higher clouds overhead. and the weekend looks good, it will be mild to cool, and that's what we are experiencing today, yesterday, and tomorrow and the next day are these below average temperatures. great for fire danger suppression. and make some really good air quality, but definitely unusual
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for this time of year. there's that low, it will keep the color pattern going right through the bay area for the weekend. so you will not be looking at red flag warnings, you will be looking at mild weather, very similar to what we had today. here are some of the numbers, 82 and antioch, i expected those numbers to be a solid 10 degrees warmer. so a mild pattern, nice along the coast and in the golden gate park and downtown san francisco. mid to upper 60s. with the five day forecast that shapes u this. it warms up on monday, but not in time really for the weekend. look at a saturday, the hotspot is 79 degrees. so, that said, get used to the mild weather, pack a jacket and just be ready for a little less than what you might expect in terms of temperature heat.
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coming up, the airline safety legislation that a pilot is now backing. and a special report, guns in america, mass shooting, california's background checks and whether research shows a link between mental illness and gun violence. you will want to stick around for this fascinating report, coming up.
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ktvu is taking a deep dive into the topic on everyone's mind. >> a special report tonight at 10:30 on fox 2. a lawmaker is teaming up
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with the pilot known as the hero of the hudson. the push is for a new airline safety measures. they are promoting the safe landing act, it comes in response to a close call at sfo two years ago. you might remember an air flight from toronto came within 14 feet of hitting one of four planes packed with passengers still on the ground. an investigation later revealed the flight crew mistook a taxiway for a runway.>> we can no longer define safety solely as the absence of accidents. we must do more than that. we must work harder than that.>> we've got a good system but that means we shouldn't doesn't mean we shouldn't constantly be vigilant to make it better. >> they a system to warn traffic
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controllers one a plane is not aligned with the correct runway. it will also change the way pilots are informed of developing safety issues. immigration officials in mississippi say ice has released about 300 of the 680 workers who were detained during a sting operation yesterday at five chicken processing plants. the rates have been yesterday in small towns outside of jackson, where the workforce is largely made up of latino immigrants. authorities say about 600 agents surrounded the perimeters of the plants to keep workers from fleeing. the local community is now rallying around children who are facing an uncertain future. like one little girl whose father was arrested. >> my dad didn't do nothing, he's not a criminal. >> ice said they try to ensure the children are not left to fend for themselves and that
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the 300 people released today were released for the military and factors while they wait for a deportation hearing. now for a check, on stocks. investors seem to set aside concerns about the trade war with china. the dow was up 371 points, the nasdaq rose 176 points as investors snapped. uber fell more than 6% after hours, the company announced its largest quarterly loss ever, $5.2 billion. uber says it paid nearly $4 billion in compensation and expenses during the quarter linked to its ipo in may. coming up new at 11, a frightening burglary that happen while people were home.>> it seemed like he was watching them for a while. >> one family's ordeal and of the video they hope will lead to an arrest.
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up first at 10:30, our ktvu special report, guns in america, no politicians or advocates, just facts.>> close captioning for the 10:00 news brought to you by mancini sleep world.
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guns in america , a semi
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automatic rifle like this, the bullet travels three times the speed of a handgun, a series of mass shootings, reignited a decades-old debate about the right to bear arms. >> it was thought originally that involved only the militia. >> no politicians, gunowners and those affected by gun violence are calling for different solutions. but what are the facts? >> tonight, look at the statistics of shootings. >> more than 80% of the time, the shooters declare their intention in advance. >> the laws put in place to prevent tragedy. >> first off you have to have california drivers license, then you have to have a firearm safety. >> this is guns in america, a ktvu special report. >> thank you for joining us for this special report, tonight we will spend the next 30 minutes talking about guns in our
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communities. we are not here to debate gun ownership, we are here that guns, specifically military style weapons have on our society. yes, we are here in the bay area, and yes by most accounts the majority of people here support stricter gun laws. but we also know that some of you watching right now are responsible gunowners and you are also looking for solutions. tonight we are not talking with politicians or advocates, tonight we will be looking at research and data to give you a better understanding of the issues at hand. we want to begin with what is considered to be a mess shooting, and the statistics that are often shared in news reports per >> what qualifies for a mastering depends on who you ask. there is no standard definition of the term. the most often cited source and the media is volunteers help track data from news reports, is considered the mass shooting when four or more people are shot, even if no one dies. so using that data, there has been 297 mass shootings in the
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u.s. so far this year. that's the number you've been hearing a lot the past week. but if you use the fbi definition of a mass murder, which is when four or more people are killed, that same data shows 26 incidents so far this year. that's a much smaller number than 297, but still, 26 mass murders is too many. in those shootings, 147 people were killed, and 85 others were injured. >> a lot of different guns were used in those shootings, but it's the military style semiautomatic rifle that often grabs the headlines because it can do so much damage in so little time. tonight we take a closer look at the most popular model, the ar 15. it's a gun that you can califor strictest gun laws anywhere in the country. >> works pretty good, works pretty good. >> the ar 15 semiautomatic
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rifle, lightweight and customizable, the nra says it's the most popular rifle in the united states with more than 50 million in circulation. although most mass shootings actually involve handguns, they are 15 has gained notoriety because it was using some of the deadliest mass murders in america. this showed shooting at sandy hook elementary, the san bernardino attack, the las vegas massacre and the stoneman douglas high school shooting. ar 15 is a semiautomatic rifle, meaning it automatically reloads bullets, but only fires once with each trigger pull. fully automatic weapons are machine guns of fire continuously when the trigger is held down. they have been strictly regulated since no new machine guns can be made for civilians. but ar 15's can be modified with so-called bumper stocks to make them automatic>> this is your bump fire stock, for those of you who have not seen it.
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it slides back and forth like this. you will put your finger through the trigger, and put it here, and then you push forward. and so the recall action of the gun should cause it to simulate full auto fire. so that's what we will try to do, it's my first time, i will see how easy it is. fairly easy. >> some stocks were banned by the federal government in 2017 after the las vegas massacre, the gunmen use them to turn 12 rifles and machine guns. even without automatic capabilities, the ar 15 is so deadly because it shoots small high velocity rounds the cause serious damage, shattering inside victims bodies and leaving gaping wounds. >> a semiautomatic rifle like this, the bullet travels three times the speed of a handgun. when it enters the body, it does something called cavity, creates a large path, to give
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you an idea, if it goes through a bone, the bone polarizes, whereas a handgun would lodge in the bone. if it goes through the liver returns it to jelly, the path itself sends a ripple effect and that will damage blood vessels. that's why you need multiple operations to stabilize a patient's. exit wound, we are talking about the size of an orange. >> most ar 15's are sold with 30 round magazines which takes about three seconds to unload. you can also easily find a magazine that holds more than three times that. the ar 15 is also affordable. we found them as cheap as $250 online, but they were commonly sell for about $1000. you can legally own and ar 15 in california but ce swapped out quickly, and it can only hold 10 bullets. the rifle also can have a pistol grip that the shooter can wrapped her hand around. ironically, these new rules bring new life into gun sales.
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ld conversion kits to rifle owners who wanted to keep their weapons, and is still follow the law. the gun men in dayton ohio also modified his gun to make it more powerful. and even though police killed him in 30 seconds, it was still too late. >> we want to take a moment now to show you what 30 seconds feels like. for the people in dayton, he probably felt like an eternity. erni
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those were pictures of the nine people who were killed in dayton, another 14 were wounded. damage all done in 30 seconds by a gun that was bought and modified legally.>> so we all know the guns are out there, but just how easy are they to purchase here in california? we sent our reporter to a gun store to go through the process of buying a gun.>> reporter: california has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. and while most gun owners are buying their firearms legally, we found a surprisingly high number of people slip through the cracks. while some californians buy guns at pawnshops and gun shows, most of them, about 80%, by firearms that don and sporting good stores, stores like gun, fishing and other stuff in dublin. so i've never bought a gun before, i don't have a criminal record, what's the process of buying a gun? be my first off, yo acalifornia license, then you have to have a firearm safety guard card.
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>> it's a car toget after passing a 30 question test. questions like which way should you point your gun, or is it important to teach children that guns are not toys? the test is administered at the store, the results go straight to the state.>> i got one person who failed and he got mad. >> you can start picking after you pass. >> will gun would you like?>> so what's next? i like this gun. >> you pass the test we go down here. first question is have you ever been convicted of a felony? >> no. >> are you currently subject any restraining orders? >> no. >> the seller sends your basic information to the department of justice where the state processes the full background check hurried so after all those checks are past, i have all my documents, the soonest i
10:39 pm
can go home the shotgun would be in 10 days, because california has a mandatory 10 day waiting period. states like nevada and arizona do not. while they allow their local residents to purchase assault style rifles if they are 18 and older, in california you have to be at least 21 to buy any firearm. the garlic festival shooting highlighted california's problem with gun buyers heading to surrounding states with laxer gun laws. police say the 19-year-old shooter had an apartment in nevada and purchased his ak style rifle there before returning to gilroy. >> his age alone he wouldn't be able to buy at your store. >> no. >> there is no accurate count g out traced in 2017, less than 10% of them came from arizona or nevada. by far, most of the ns agents traced were purchased in california. a doctor with uc davis says california gun buyer still find
10:40 pm
loopholes. >> about one in five purchases, around 17% actually, did not undergo a background check when they purchased their most recent firearm. >> this is particularly true when a family member gives away a firearm or it's illegally sold.>> if you have the cash, you can just make it a go.>> summer falling through the cracks. >> there are roughly 20 million guns across the state, california's favorite firearm, the handgun with a rifle coming in second. >> bottom line here, when you are in a store, from start to finish, how long does it take to buy a gun? >> let's see you pass the test, and you know exactly what kind of anyone, can then there is st waiting period.>> exactly, you need to wait 10 days before you can actually bring the firearm home.
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>> candace, thank you so much. >> so what does it take to buy a gun in another country? we will take canada for example here. to buy a handgun there it up as a mandatory safety course that includes 10 hours of classroom instruction. you also have to pass a written and hands-on practical exam, and only then can you apply for a license. you also need to get your spouse to sign off on the application and provide two character references. step number three, pass the background check, and beside your criminal history, authorities also look at your mental health and whether you have a history of domestic violence. then there is a mand28 day waiting period. if you are approved, you can buy a gun and register it with authorities, and you will automatically go through daily background checks. >> there is also an entire world of so-called ghost guns that are impossible to track. they are made with unfinished parts which can be bought and sold legally. the part of the gun that makes it a gun is this part that is called the receiver.
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it's where you usually find the serial number and manufacturer's name. but unfinished receivers which don't have the necessary holes drilled into them are not technically considered firearms. people can buy them legally without background checks or any sales record. it's estimated there are thousands of ghost guns in the u.s., but the exact number is unknown. >> so is that easy access to guns or a mental health crisis or something else entirely? coming up, we look at the growing debate of what is really to blame for mass shootings and what researchers have discovered.>> we really need to stop blaming gun violence on mental illness.>> plus, the right to keep and bear arms, but for who? we go over the second amendment with an expert in constitutional law.
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special report, the debate of the second amendment is always a heated topic area >> and google searches for the second amendment tend to spike after mass shootings. just take a look at st three years. in june 2016 there was a spike on the day of the nightclub shooting in orlando. two months later, another spike when then candidate donald
10:46 pm
trump told gun supporters that they may want to do something about hillary clinton. >> the following year people were once again searching for the second amendment after the las vegas massacre. the next spike was in february 2018 after the school shooting in parkland florida. it's likely that shootings this past weekend have people once again searching for information about the second amendment. >> so what does the second moment say exactly, and why are people divided over its meaning? in full, on the bill of rights it reads "a well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." as ktvu's alex savage tells us, the debate comes from how you choose to interpret those words. >> reporter: even constitutional law experts agree, the second amendment is not cut and dry. >> is a very complicated situation, a lot of it depends on what you think ought to be right. >> uc berkeley professor of law
10:47 pm
says the debate over what the founding fathers meant comes down to who the amendment applies to.>> it was thought originally that it involved only the militia. but it's historic meaning up to the present time is a governor authorize military operation. >> but many argue the right to keep and bear arms applies to everyone. not just the military or law enforcement. so in 2008 the supreme court took up a case out of washington dc, and in a split 5:4 vote, ruled that the second amendment does protect an individual's right to possess a firearm. >> it seemed to say that you have the right to bear arms, only in to protect your property and your family. >> but the ruling was limited. it did not address having a gun
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outside of the home or what kind of gun you can own.>> that's unclear. and that's why this sort of thing will have to be decided pretty soon. whether you need one of those guns. >> also unclear is whether accessories like gun magazines are also protected under the second amendment. just this year a federal judge strapped and the california law banning high-capacity magazines thing the ban violated the second amendment. the ruling is now being challenged by the state. >> the national rifle association is one group that absolutely believes that the second amendment, just this week an array posted this tweet saying "we use a firearms everyday to protect ourselves, our families, and communities. and no one will take that away from us." the an array may be standing by the second amendment, but the constitution can and has been changed in the past. the 13th amendment abolished
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slavery. the 21st amendment abolished prohibition. but there is also the 23rd amendment that gave people living in washington dc the right to vote for president. that was a 1961. then in 1971, the 26th amendment change the voting age to 18. in total there have been 27 amendments to the u.s. constitution and there will likely be more in the future. most often, new amendment is ratified after approval by two thirds of the house and the senate, and the support of at least 38 states per >> right now lawmakers in dc can't even agree on background checks, let alone a new constitutional amendment. the closest congress is getting to taking action is the possible passage of the so- called red flag bill. it would encourage states to adopt laws that will allow authorities to take guns away from people believed it to be a danger to themselves or others. california and 16 other states and dc have similar laws. the federal proposal would enforce states to enact laws but will hold back grant money
10:50 pm
if they didn't take action. in some of the most significant legislation was passed decades ago, the brady bill passed in 1993, it requires background checks and a five day waiting period when you buy a gun from a licensed dealer. but it doesn't cover weapons purchased at gun shows or between individual sellers. in 1994, the crime bill included a provision that bans a certain types of semi automatic weapons. president bill clinton signed the legislation in a larger ceremony on the white house lawn. but the assault weapon ban had a sunset clause and expired in 2004. since then, lawmakers haven't been able to take action. in 2015 a belleville that would have required background checks at gun shows and online. a year later the murphy amendment unexpended background checks also fell. even the proposal to stop people on terrorist watch lists from obtaining guns couldn't get through. right now there are two bills in front of lawmakers that would expand background checks,
10:51 pm
hr eight and hr 11 through 12 have passed the house but the senate has not taken any action. >> many republican lawmakers are turning to mental illness as the problem, not guns. so we looked at a variety of national polls and we found that the majority of americans tend to agree. for example, in a poll by the washington post taken just last year, 77% of people said they think more effective mental health treatment would have invented the school shooting in parkland florida. another poll included people of all political affiliations. but statistically, people who are mentally ill are actually more of a danger to themselves than to others. >> we have been digging through the research and we are enjoying now with the facts.>> every time there is a mass shooting we often believe that that person must be mentally ill, especially if they are willing to kill so many innocent people. but bear with me, we drill down
10:52 pm
to just the facts about those diagnosed with a mental illness. believe it or not, research shows that there is almost no link between mental illness and gun violence. instead, relationships with your partner, your boss, or a traumatic event can be much more likely of a trigger. it's a narrative playing out in public. >> deadly shootings in ohio and texas. >> the media, and politics. >> mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun. >> with the perception that mental illness is the cause of mass shootings is flawed. the 2019 university of texas study that started nearly a decade ago shows mental health symptoms are rarely lead to gun violence. >> things like depression, anxiety, adhd, they have absolutely zero connection to violence. so when we start making the sweeping generalizations that mental illness is related to mass shootings, we are doing a disfavor to a large percentage
10:53 pm
of americans who are mentally ill. >> jeff temple to the research and said only 4% of violent crime in the u.s. is committed by those suffering from a mental illness. he says they are much more likely to hurt themselves. in fact statistics show two thirds of all gun related deaths are suicides. >> in reality it's access to guns, it is across the board, it's access to guns. if we look at mental health and other countries, it's the same way, the same care, but they don't have any gun violence, because they don't have guns. >> california is one of 17 states with a red flag law. police and family members can ask a judge to prevent a person from having or getting a gun. if the judge agrees that the person is a threat to themselves or others, the order is issued and the guns will quickly bcs. it could last for up to a year. >> more than0%rvene and prevent
10:54 pm
event from happening in the first place.>> a gun a doctor has been studying violence for nearly 4 decades at uc davis. he agrees that mental illness is not a major cause, he points to being male, facing rejection or recent trauma as common denominators. >> it goes up if there is alcohol abuse or drug abuse, or a prior history of violence. those are the factors in the general population, not just among people with mental illness. >> several studies show interpersonal relationships could be directly linked to gun violence, like an employee who is angry at their boss. a mahis cheating wife or a teen who complains about girls not liking him. like this college student from santa barbara. >> i've been forced to endure an existence of loneliness, rejection and unfulfilled desires. >> he went on a shooting rampage and stabbing spree in
10:55 pm
2014, killing six and wounding 13. family members on the warning signs but couldn't legally do anything. it prompted california's red flag law in 2016. the most recent data shows over three years since then, or than 400 gun violence restraining orders were issued and warning signs were seen. but health professionals argue, more needs to happen. >> for the first time, everybody in the country is starting to see this as a problem that affects them personally. and if it's my problem, i'm going to be willing to be part of the solution. i think in the coming years, we are going to see some real change, the kind we've been hoping for for decades. >> there has been some progress in california. now anyone convicted of domestic violence, meaning a misdemeanor, is banned from owning a gun, but there is still more work to do. convicted drunk drivers can still buy firearms here, it's controversial but researchers say taking away guns from
10:56 pm
anyone with a dui would actually reduce gun violence. >> so they are saying just because you show violent behavior doesn't mean you are mentally ill. >> that is what researchers are saying, they are also saying if you stigmatize mental illness, it will make people who actually have some symptoms of a mental illness, they will be afraid to go and get help. >> interesting. thank you. a >> this type of research is fairly new, back in 1996, legislation force that centers for disease control to stop funding research on gun violence. last year a bill signed by president trump allow the cdc to research gun violence as long as the money isn't used to still iswould spend $20 million to fund research grants in many states including california.>> so what's next?
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we here at ktvu will continue to report on developments involving gun laws, we will also put all of the information we've gathered here tonight on our website , just go to the guns in america story on your main page, you will find links to studies that we referenced tonight as well as other resources and media reports. >> there is also a section showing the different laws that have been passed over the years, and finally, we put links up to show you how to find your federal lawmakers on the site and how to contact them. you voted them into office, they work for you. so tell them how you feel. up next, a frightening ordeal for the family in the south bay. they show video of an intruder inside their home, stealing items while they were there. here's your buick sir.
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of the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> of families stunning discovery, the daring burglar caught on, rummaging through their house while they were still home.>> i was scared, really scary, very scary. and i thought


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