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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 8, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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of the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> of families stunning discovery, the daring burglar caught on, rummaging through their house while they were still home.>> i was scared, really scary, very scary. and i thought to myself, i was
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so lucky. >> the husband was outside doing yard work, his wife was in the shower, all while the burglar was in the next room stealing her jewelry. hello again everyone. a frightening ordeal for san jose couple, this burglary happened yesterday morning at a home on east san fernando street. our reporter spoke with a homeowner and his family this evening.>> reporter: this happened in a neighborhood in san jose, and yes, burglaries do happen, but nothing quite like this. the family is grateful that cameras capture the culprit and they are now able to warn others.>> i did not hear anything, i did not see anything.>> he was outside of his home cleaning the peaches from his neighbor's driveway and he had no idea probably just entered his home on east
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san fernando street. until he realized that a burglar had been inside. >> i was scared. really scary. really scary, and i thought to myself, i was a lucky man. a >> he checked the footage from several cameras installed in the home and there the thief was creeping in the living room, then heading into the hallway, and believed to have entered back bedrooms pretty comes and goes in and out of the house three times, total of eight minutes inside the house. stealing a sweater, lunchbox, hat and jewelry. >> he comes in and is rummaging through things, ends up stealing the jewelry box and the whole time she is>> to jewe of his mother-in-law, snatched perry >> she had just come back from the philippines, a lot of it was things you got as a kid from her mother. just sentimental value. >> they believe the intruder
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gained access to an open sliding glass door, first jumping into people's backyards. >> he just hopped these two fences and came in that way. >> the family alerted neighbors next door who shared more video of the suspected thief walking down the street minutes prior. they suspect he's homeless and appeared intoxicated. the thief described to be roughly 6 feet tall, balding with a beard, tattoos on his right forearm and a tattoo band on his left forearm. neighbors not surprise, saying they are tightening their vigilance. >> you have to have everything locked it down. blur getting so desperate and so bold. >> the family worries he may have been watching the home for some time, and are grateful knowing it could have been worse. >> he could've had a weapon, he could've harmed them, he could have ran into my father-in-law and reacted any possible way.>> the family is hoping the video proof will lead to an identity, in the alarm system.
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>> we've also been following developing news in san jose tonight, where a man spotted with a gun was taken into custody in san jose state. the campus was placed on lockdown just after six tonight while officers looked for the man. they say they found him hiding in the ventilation system in the building that houses the university's athletic facility. all of the started with when someone familiar with the suspect reported seeing him with a handgun, the gun was reportedly inside a backpack. police say that when officers spotted the suspect he had inside the spartan complex. students received a text message advising them to shelter in place. >> a perimeter was put in place almost immediately, and the whole place was put into lockdown. and everybody was in a place where they can be safe. as soon as we found out that there were people within the building, we got them out.>>
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the suspect eventually came out of his hiding place and surrendered. officers found a discarded handgun across campus on san carlos history, they said the suspect is not a student. an evacuation order remains in place tonight as some 300 firefighters battle of vegetation fire in lake county. the fire broke out around 1:00 this afternoon and kelsey ville, southwest of clearlake. the fire has burned 19 acre so far, the cal fire says it is still threatening some 40 homes and other structures. atlas checked the go fire was only 30% contained. the jury in the go ship warehouse trial is home for the weekend with deliberation set to begin monday morning. the nine women and three men decided that fate of the defendants have now deliberated for five days without reaching a verdict. the two men are charged with 36 counts each of involuntary manslaughter, or the deaths of the 36 people who died in december 2016 when the ghost ship warehouse caught fire in
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oakland. new details tonight about the gilroy garlic festival shooting. court documents released today so the gunmen had a clan mess, a wilderness survival guide, a passport and bottle rockets in his car. authorities are still trying to determine a motive but they say the gunmen showed an interest in violent ideologies and are treating the case as domestic terrorism. he killed three people when exchanged gunfire with police before he shot and killed himself. a funeral was held in upstate new york with one of the three young people killed, the pallbearers more jerseys of the beloved pittsburgh steelers. the grieving mother carried a pitcher of her son with irby's father by her side.
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next week's cover of time magazine is the work of a bay area artist. he created a collage that names the locations of the 253 mass shootings said to have taken place in the united states so far this year. new at 11, amberly with the story of the man behind the cover. >> the artist grew up in san jose, he tells me gun violence is something that touches him. he wants his work to inspire people to think about the many lives gun violence has affected.>> it's kind of like a jigsaw puzzle where you are just putting pieces together and see how they fit. >> it started with the word enough, john built the names of all the cities in the united states that have experienced a mass shooting this year. the standard where former people were killed, not including the shooter. 253 cities in total.>> you realize that cuts across blue states and red states. >> the recent mass shootings are featured more prominently, as are the larger incidents such as south bend and virginia
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city. >> there are moments where something really hits me. >> the artist says it gave him pause when he came upon san jose where he grew up another bay area cities. >> you run into places where you you know or have been, and you think about how many people it has affected. it gets difficult sometimes.>> the first time he was on the cover of time magazine was last fall when he used faces to create a portrait of a woman who accused brett kavanaugh of sexual assault. he says his work reflects his interest in politics and his concerns for gun violence. >> i think with this cover does is it sort of brings into focus how many places are actually involved. >> he said the names of cities filled up the page easily and there are still four months left of 2019. he says the outrage is fleeting while the division over gun
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control is lasting. he hopes the cover will help unite people. >> it's not like this anywhere else in the world. hopefully they see that, and they can at least come together on something we can agree on and how to make this country a little bit safer. >> he showed us other examples of his work on gun violence, including drawings after the parkland shooting. he tells me he speaks through his artwork, and if he stays silent he becomes part of the problem. flags across the country were lowered after the mass shootings to show respect and the symbol of morning. a few days later, they typically go back to normal but this time, that is not happening in san rafael. the mayor is vowing to keep city flags at half staff until congress acts on gun reform.>> as mayor, you see it firsthand. >> gary phillips became san rafael's mayor the same year as
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the theater massacre in aurora colorado. 12 people killed, 58 wounded. also in 2012, the sandy hook shooting, 20 first-graders and six adults murdered. then, and every time since, phillips has ordered flags lower, but has felt frustrated. >> you lower the flags, then a couple of days later you put them back up and everything is cool. >> this time, watching new tragedies in el paso and they in, it dawned on him. >> is a no, we are not going to do that. we will lower the flag is prescribed, and i'm not putting it up until i see some action. >> that goes for almost a dozen flags on city property. phillips says he's tired of watching congress floundering around, as he puts it. >> it would be presumptuous of me to specify what needs to be done, i'm not going to do that. but i don't think it's presumptuous to say get on it, folks.>> the mayor is hearing a lot of support for his decision.>> proud to be a san
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rafael light. i think you did a great job.>> it small, but it's something, right? >> cities don't control gutless, but phillips knows that they deal with the aftermath. and mayors, he said, feel like parents, responsible for safety. is not anti-gun. >> i have maybe five shotguns. >> but he is limited to three shells. >> if i want to go out in el paso and on people, i can have 100 targets. >> phillips didn't launch his protest to start a trend, but if other cities follow, he welcomes it, and the conversation it brings. in san rafael, ktvu, fox 2 news. humming up, for mountain lions caught on camera.
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and first, assign of the times and oracle arena. the signage is coming down now that the warriors have left town. and another mild day as we head into the weekend. what will it be like? it will not be that hot i will let you know what to expect for friday, saturday and sunday. here's your buick sir. actually, that's my buick. your buick doesn't have a roof rack!
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new video tonight to show, from oakland where workers have begun to take down the oracle sign at the arena. sky fox flew over the area this afternoon and you can see the large red letters removed from the north side of the arena. piled on the ground next to a crane. man, it's starting to feel real. the arena was home to the warriors since the 1960s, but they are now off to san francisco. police in palo alto have arrested a man for peering into homes with young girls inside. police started investigating the 43-year-old last month after reports of a
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around. poli police is a he lives in fremont bulived in the apartment complex. he was arrested yesterday. in berkeley a man and woman have been arrested in connection with the string of catalytic converters best. the police arrested the pair on suspicion of grand theft, conspiracy and possession of burglary tools, including a saw that can be used to remove catalytic converters. police in berkeley said more than 30 vehicles had been damage in a series of thefts since late july. recycle is the value that catalytic converters, and the suspects are being held at santa rita jail. drivers travel more miles in san francisco than any other city in the united states according to a new study initiated by uber and lyft. researchers looked at data from september of last year and found all
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rideshare companies. the only city that came close to that was boston at 8%. the study said that's because a lot of people don't own cars in the city. avril melt lines were captured on camera roaming around one of the higher peaks in the bay area. the video we have shows for mountain lions in the santa cruz mountains. it doesn't appear that the mountain lions had any contact with humans at the mountaintop which is 2400 feet above sea level. it was a mild day out there in san jose and parts of the east bay and north bay, where temperatures today generally 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. and yesterday's temperatures had cold and degrees prior from from the day prior. this guy in the winter, that's snow and rain in the winter. for this time of the year it's just a robust onshore flow. it lifts that marine layer ears
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drops temperatures. and that's where we are, and that's where we are going to stay pretty much through the weekend. the weekend will warm up a little bit, especially towards a sunday, but it is not going to be a hot one. there's a little bit of patchy coastal fog, so specifically if you are going out to the concert other, i think they will be fog free, most of the time. you see no fog in the city on the live camera. and there is the low, it's going to stay there, and continue this cooler pattern. this pattern has repeating itself is since mid spring. it happens typically in the summer, it unusual to see it, what strikes me as unusual is that it's here week after
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week. the warm-up will happen on monday, not the weekend. 80 in santa rosa, these are the forecast highs for tomorrow, wonderful temperatures. comfortable, perfect, but not what you would expect. and in the coastal areas, it may be a little warmer because you will be dealing with the fog. it 60s to upper 60s on the coast, and then saturday bottoms out, sunday begins to warm, monday and tuesday, that's when the high building and temperatures go up a little bit. so there's the plan, hope you have a nice weekend planned out. we are about 40 minutes tch. from friday. >> we are heading into the weekend and here's what's happening. in the south bay, then as a jazz number will show up with more than 100 performances on 12 stages in downtown san jose. on the peninsula get a feel for the islands of the 21st annual
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aloha festival with music, dance, food, vendors and culture from all over the pacific, including hawaii and tahiti. saturday and sunday at san mateo in the event center. in san francisco, celebrate the parade and festival in sever cisco where you can experience the best of filipino art, dance, music and food. the parade is saturday, starts at civic center, the festival is all we can long. in the east bay, the rosie valley festival returns on saturday. the free event includes live music, food, costume contest, dancing and more. or had to come for for the jazz festival where you will find games for kids, performances, exhibits, demos and food, happening at the valley high school. celebrate the laurel street fair in oakland compute complete with the food, graphs,
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and a bazaar. it also includes a kids carnival and petting zoo. in sports, a's and quakes are away, giants are home, and that is your weekend watch. he the giants desperately needed a win against the phillies today, bumgarner delivered, highlights coming up next in sports. first, a live look outside from our emeryville camera. compare comcast business to your current provider.
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the giant said not so fast tonight, >> put the buzz kill on hold right now. after they got swept by the gnats, just no energy in the park. all it takes is one little visit to the mound by madison bumgarner. in the house today, automatically takes things much cooler. mike yastrzemski, two runs in the third, almost had one there. goes for a two run double, and then he get some leather to the
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face right there. madison bumgarner, gave up only one hit, no rents, he had a no- hitter into the sixth inning, crawford helping him out, and that man yastrzemski, again. his 11th of the year, is one of the rbi leaders. 5-0 final, and all of a sudden the giants got it. sometimes, your best ability is availability, and that has not been the case for the 49ers number one pick. he missed most of the season with a hamstring deal. and he had a significant high ankle strain and will not be available for any of the four preseason games. however, coach cal shelly in
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shanahan on his injury. >> i think the guy stayed on the field throughout college. i think he had 13 games in his sophomore year. and now we have a guy come in, and somewhat landed on his leg, and that doesn't make me say someone is injury prone. had one serious injury in college, and he tore his acl in high school like 60% of the players out there. >> we will go with that for the meantime, how about kyler murray, the number one draft pick who was available today, making his nfl debut with the arizona cardinals. and he winds up playing an entire series, why not? against san diego. the la charges, he played one serious, he had six and seven passings, 47 yards.
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do not risk the. meantime the raiders, interesting day at training camp, for the second day in a row they take on the rams of la. and it out there. hard knocks, i'm sure they love the footage they got today. there was some 30 people out there to shoot the rams visit to town with sean mcvay and our reporter said that goss kind of lit up the raiders defense. a little extracurricular activity came with the raiders offense on the field, and the defense of the rams, a little training camp skirmish that we've seen from time to time. they assess the damage from the raiders point of view. >> they won, we lost, you know
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tempers are flaring, so the coach will get on your case a little more. we are going to go out there and try to get a little extra. >> we had one scuffle that was uncalled for, but i thought for the most part that our players played hard and we got a lot of work done.>> a lot of work to do. meantime, we've got some time so when i checked this out. without question this was the number one play. fenway park, boston, angels, calhoun, look at the play. he's got no sleeves to protect his arms, that's call calhoun. check this out, this is dominic lewis, gymnastics coach, and he is doing his thing.>> that's all everyone, good night. >> warnings with ktvu means more power to you.
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>> more power to you, mornings on 2.
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