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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  August 9, 2019 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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a fire breaking out the oakland. why firefighters say the situation there could have been much worse. a call for help for a san francisco man that works a at human rights advocate in the philippines. on theovernment to help him ng after a serious attack. good afternoon, i'm allie rasmus. we begin with developing news of a 3 alarm fire in jingle town, flames broke out, a warehouse on 23rd avenue and east 11th street. elissa harrington is live to explain what we know about what happened. do firefighters know how and where in the building this fire started? >> reporter: firefighters are n gaiting the cause. a woman i talked to who got here, believes she began it began in the back of the
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building. this is a very large building and takes up the entire block. you can see the damage , the roof collapsed. they are getting ready to tow a couple of vehicles away from the scene. flames tore through an oakland warehouse destroying 10 businesses. it is a commercial facility, artist collective co-op. 37 individual spaces for different kind of artist work, wood working or metal crafting, bronzing. >> reporter: the fire started around 6:20 a.m., and quickly engulfed part of the building which takes up the entire block of east 23rd near southbound 880. black smoke could be seen for miles. residents were told to shelter in place. moxie studio space is in the old building. >> it is scary. it's very scary and emotional.
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>> reporter: cassandra saw the smoke while dropping after her husband at the bart station. she said she thought about the ghost ship fire that killed 36 people. >> it's really sad. this is not the first warehouse that went down. it's emotional to keep seeing this keep happening. >> reporter: officials say in this case, nobody was hurt and as far as they know, nobody was living here. >> we are told it was strictly a business working during business hours. there is a not a live-work studio. nobody was on site when the fire started. >> reporter: nearly 6 hours later, firefighters continue to spray water on the building. you can see there are two main sections of this billing, one gutted by this fire and the other remains standing. the american red cross is on scene to help out some of those people who had their art here.
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elissa harrington, ktvu fox2 news. deliberations in the oakland goes ship fire trial is set to resume on monday. the nine women and three men determining the fate of almena and harris deliberated for five days without reaching a verdict. we wanted to know if that meant anything so we asked a retired judge, he says there no way to tell how a jury is leaning. >> you can get guilty verdicts in two hours, you can get not guilty verdicts in two hours. you can have a jury that wants to hash over every detail and take 2 or 3 days or two weeks. >> it's likely the jury is simply taking time to review the evidence in what is considered a high stakes case. henry lee has been in courtroom since day one. read his blog on agreement has been reached between the state and the marin
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school district over violations of segregation laws. attorney general and school district officials announced a settlement. the attorney general's office determined the district violated the state constitution and anti discrimination laws because bayside martin luther king jr. was a racially segregated schools. the district will establish two year college scholarships and create a program to offer college and career guidance. several activists groups are calling on the state tonight to provide help for a man from san francisco who is facing political persecution in the philippine. a go fund me raised $13,000 for brandon lee, he is from san francisco and worked for indigenous people in the philippines for several years and shot at his home in the pill means philippines on
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tuesday. a rally was held outside of city hall. >> on tuesday, august 6th, he picked up his daughter from school, went home and had dinner with her. went outside to feed the dogs and that's when he was shot four times in the back and in the spine by unknown assailants. >> the attack comes as international monitoring groups accuse the philippine president of eroding human rights. supporters from congress and u.s. embassy to offer protections and investigate that shooting. to dayton, ohio, authorities released 911 calls revealing some of the horrific moments after gunfire runted last weekend. >> did you see what the person looked like? >> no. there were shots. everybody laid down. >> we have help on the way.
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>> nine people were killed in less than a minute and a downtown entertainment area sunday morning. the gunman was shut and killed by police before many of the 911 calls were placed. there are new developments in the attack in el paso that left 22 people dead. the mother of suspected gunman says she called police weeks earlier to ask for information about the gun he purchased. her lawyer says she contacted the allen police department where the family lives near dallas because she was conditioned about whether or son was mature enough to have the weapon. a police department spokesperson says they are not aware of the call. in the last hour an el paso detective says the suspect confessed that he was this deliberately targeting mexicans. leaders want mitch mc connell to call the senate back from the august recess to vote on gun legislation after the mass shootings. he says he think as thorough study of the issue can happen when lawmakers return this
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september. in a tweet, president trump says quote serious discussions are taking place between house and senate leadership on meaningful background checks. h said he has been in contact with the nra. >> we are going to come up with something that's going to be really very good beyond anything that has been done so far. >> president trump heads out on a 10- day vacation this new jersey and with lawmakers gone, no action on new gun legislation is expected before next month. there is to longer a shelter in place order at san jose state university after the airs of a man suspected of bringing a gun onto the campus, the campus was locked down after 6:00 as police searched for the man found and captured while hiding in the haven'tlation sis tell. the search started after someone familiar with the suspect saw him in the area with a gun inside a backpack. police spotted him and the man rap and hid in the spartan complex. police alerted student by text message instructing them to
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shelter in place. a perimeter was put in place almost immediately and the whole place was put on lockdown and everybody was in a place where they could be safe. as soon as we found out that there were people within the building, we got them out. >> police say the suspect was hiding in a 70slation system on the third floor of the university building when he came down and was apprehended. the suspect is not a student at san jose state. an investigation continues. a south bay lawmaker announced new state funding that is aimed at reducing car break-ins in the bay area. the police departments will each receive 750,000 dollars in state funding. the money will be used to replicate successful public awareness campaigns that happened in other cities. the chief says the five cities joined chew at a conference this morning.
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>> we see individuals losing photos of loved ones that aren't replaceableel we see people in the high-tech industry that have projects they are working on for their employers, losing items on their computers that are being stolen that are not replaceel. we are taking steps to resolve that. >> the department will use the money to pay for officers overtime as well assigns and equipment. berkley, two people are under arrest in connection with a string of cad littic converter thefts. crist and nav rett on suspicion of grand theft conspiracy and possession of burglary tools including a saw that can be used to remove cad littic converters. 30 vehicles were damaged since july. catalytic converters are valuable because of the type of metal they contain. we are hearing for the
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first time from a man detained in daily city and held by immigration agents for three months. why he says his arrest violated the sanctuary law and what he wants to see changed. tens of thousand of people are headed to golden gate parking for the outside lands festival. organizers explain how they plan to keep it running smoothly and safely. as we look outside, over san jose, partly cloudy skies around the bay area, warmer as we get in to the afternoon. temperatures running cool for the start of your weekend, each the possible of a few scattered showers, details are coming up. one call 811 before you dig.ings you can do is to make sure you calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely. it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices.
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right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. candidates are in iowa to meet with voters during the iowa state fair. presidential candidates descend on iowa and state fair because the iowa caucuses are the first in the nominating contests. five of the candidates are taking the stage at what is called the political soap box at the fair. another 9 candidates will appear tomorrow including kamala harris. farmers say they follow national politics closely because what happens in washington dc can have an impact on their livelihood like the current trade war with china. >> we have to rely on trade. we raise soybeans. we have done damage to the
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soybean trade that we won't get back. >> a poll shows joe biden as the front runner among the democratic candidatesmented elizabeth warren moved up. first responders and employees as a wal-mart in missouri are credited with stopping an attack. a armed man walked this to the store threatening shoppers. >> reporter: a scare thursday at a wal-mart in springfield, missouri, a man taken this to custody wearing body armor and armed with a rifle. >> his intent was not to cause peace or comfort anybody that was in the business here. he is lucky he was alive. >> reporter: wal-mart staff pulled the fire alarm to get everyone out safely. no shots were fired but the incident had shoppers shaken up. >> everybody was scared. they were concerned and had no
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idea what was going on. >> there was the brief moment of i saw what was around his neck and realized he could grab that at any minute. >> there was an off duty fireman that stopped this and had a weapon on him. . >> that former firefighter, holing this armed man at gunpoint until police arrived. >> i asked him if he was the male inside. he said yes and i drew my weapon and told him to put his hands in the air. even though i'm no longer -- >> reporter: that scare happening days after the deadly attacks in dayton, ohio and here in texas. jeff paul, ktvu fox2 news. there is now a report that bayer has proposed to pay up to $8 billion to settle more than 18,000 u.s. lawsuits related to the weed killer round up. according to bloomberg, lawyers for bayer are seeking a
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settlement to resolve current and future cases. its part of the $63 billion takeover of monsanto, bayer lost all three of the first three trials held in california where juries found monsanto should have warned of the cancer risk from round up. plaintiffs were awarded damages from $25 million to $86 million. more than 3000 students in the south bay have new backpacks and school supplies for r the upcoming school year. it's part of sacred heart community services pack a back education campaign, helping families manage the high cost of living in silicon valley. kids and families showed up a the community service center for distribution day. the group is collecting new backpacks and supplies. the items include black or gray backpacks, usb drives and child safe scissors. donations can be dropped off on south first street in san jose. the outside lands and music arts festival starts today and
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runs for three days. 210,000 people are expected to attend. they will see more police and tighter security in the wake of mass shootings, organizers added an extra security fence. >> we want the public to know that we stand prepared with a security plan to address what we know are fears that some of the people who plan to attend this concert might have. >> people attending outside lands can bring in clear backpacks, small bags fanny packs and purses and for t city will allow the sale of cannabis. organizers encourage festival goers to take muny or ride shares. bart will not single track any lines this weekend to prepare for more riders. bart will deploy longer trains during non commute times for today and tomorrow.
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people going to outside lands are going to have moderate weather sound like. >> it will be a little cool tomorrow and warmer on sunday. all in all, not too bad. what we expect to see this time of year, a live look, across the bay as we take a peek towards alcatraz. partly cloudy for today. we have a system bringing us unseasonably cool to milder with especially for our inland communities around the bay, that sunshine out there is making it feel quite nice. many of us are warmer right now than we were 24 hours ago. you have low clouds moving across the bay. a beautiful shot of the golden gate. we will continue with the partly cloudy skies at the coastline a mix of high clouds over the rest of the bay area. santa rosa 74. san francisco in the low 60s. that reading not updating a the moment. oak land 71. livemore 7. san jose already 76. a look at the 24-hour temperature change.
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we are warmer the navado by 7 degrees. san carlos by 7. concord 6, hayward 5. you are feeling that change. as we get in to the afternoon, the clouds will part. partly cloudy and mostly clear. this is a 3-hour time lapse. we cleared out nicely from elier this morning. coastline getting a lot of sunshine at this hour. santa rosa, north bay, partly sunny, partly cloudy day and if we get in to the inner east bay towards the central valley, cloud cover there. it's mid and high level clouds not the low cloud cover that will make it gray outside. the on shore breeze is 21 miles per hour, concord, sustained wind at 12. oak land reporting 9. the system providing was the unseasonably mild temperatures for today. it's helping to mix up the atmosphere a bit. we are getting a little bit of a good clearing over areas of the coastline. in to the evening hours, it will be back, though, see by
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sunset, mostly cloudy skies along the coast and inside the bay. tomorrow morning the system will bring us the possibility of drizzle through the honing hours and as we get in to the afternoon, northern california with scattered shower activity. the north bay could see scattered showers as well. afternoon highs for today, 77 expected for san rafael. 82 santa rosa. mid-80s antioch. 72 oak land. 66 downtown san francisco. south bay, 79 for san jose. tonight partly cloudy, southwest breeze 15 miles per hour or so. in to your extended forecast, temperatures bottom out tomorrow. leaving in the possibility of a few sprinkles. temperatures rebound on sunday. a little bit warmer on monday. new conditions that isis is making a come back if syria. why the pentagon says u.s. allied forces are having trouble keeping the group at
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stocks are trading lower today as hopes stem for resolutionen the trade war with china. the dow is down slightly. 26,373. s that dak down almost a full percentage point. s&p 500 is trading this the red. . the british economy is shrinking in 7 years due to unseasonty over the plan
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departure from the european union on october 31st. the economy unexpectedly contracted this the second quarter of the year. the prime minister kit whiched to leaving the eu. government forecasts have said that would push the british economy into recessionch a new pentagon report says isis is resurging in syria. reporter lucas tomlinson repots on how the iraqi military and u.s. backed forces are struggling to contain isis. >> reporter: this march, the white house declared all isis territory recaptured but a report says the terrorist group could be coming back if syria and returning to its insurgent roots in iraq. there are 45,000 isis supporters and family members with minimal security watching over them according to the report. it says the iraqi military lacked the hold forces in areaes are captured from isis
12:25 pm
and u.s. backed fighters this syria quote lacked personnel. 10,000 isis fighters remain detained this syria, many countries are reluctant to take the foreign fighters back. mike pompeo said he has not read the report but the president is not letting his guard down. >> this administration is mindful of the success we had. >> reporter: b1 bombers -- dropping thousands of bombs on isis. the u.s. has only on ducted one strike since april if syria against isis. a different story in iraq, hundreds of air strikes have taken place over that time. britain's new top diplomat warned it's a recurring threat. >> the one thing we learned is terroristel from al-qaeda, you cannot take your high off of
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the ball. >> reporter: the u.s. military cut half forces in syria, hoping the uk step up. now, that doesn't appear to be happening. millions of muslims are gathering in saudi arabia for the pilgrimage to mecca. more than 2 million are this the holiest site for the first day. one tradition is to circle the cubed shaped kaba. the department of home land security is facing renewed complaints over changes to asylum applications, why the rules violate international law. mass shootings reignited debates about are stricting access to guns. how california laws compare to other states and how quickly someone can buy a gun here. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit back to our top story, firefighters are investigating a three alarm fire at a warehouse in oakland's jingle town neighborhood. the fire started at the moxie art incubator and studio space on 23rd avenue. 10 businesses are located this that warehouse. smoke could be seen from miles away.
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firefighters say nobody was hurt and no one was living inside the building. investigators are trying to determine how the fire started. for the first time a man is speaking publicly after being detained for three months by immigration agents after daily city police turned him over to ice after a traffic stop. escobar lopez is telling his story outside of the ice office in san francisco. police pulled him over and turned him over to ice during that traffic stop. his supporters say that violates california's sanctuary law. icer released hem on monday while his case goes through immigration court. new numbers from the department of home land security show a decrease in illegal crossings at the u.s.- mexico boarder last month. how the tonight is facing criticism as it force migrants to wait outside of the u.s. u.s. customs and border protection says the number of republican rehe apprehensions
12:31 pm
dropped. mexico is stepping up to help stem the know of migrants after threatened with tariffs by president trump. want people to know that if they come in to the united states illegally, they are getting out, they are going to be brought out. >> immigrants now face an un certain future with tens of thousands still waiting in mexico for their turn to make claims. immigration advocates claim it's a violation of international law. >> it's not a crime to seek asylum. it's a human right. it's a crime to deny that right. president trump is the illegal. he is committing a crime. >> despite the drop in illegal crossings officials say they are still this crisis mode at the boarder and won't end until congress comes one a more
12:32 pm
permanent solution. >> we aren't going to get our arms around this for the long- term until congress closes the loopholes we have been begging them to do. >> the announcement comes two days after one of the biggest immigration raids in a decade. with hundreds of migrants workers arrested in mississippi. at least 40,000 people are on waiting lists in mexican boarder cities to claim asylum in the u.s. many of them are fleeing from gang violence and poverty in central america. in june mexico agreed to help the trump administration with the policy require asylum seeks to wait in mexico as applications are processed. one of the three young people shot at the gilroy garlic festival has been laid to rest. trevorerby. the paul bayers wore pittsburgh
12:33 pm
steelers jerseys, his favorite team. his mother carried a photo with his father by her side. erby was living in santa cruz and went to the festival with his long time girlfriend. new court documents revealed gilroy shooter showed an interest in violent ideologies, authorities are trying to determine a motive the fbi is treating this case as domestic terrorism. sharks and barracuda are planning to help this honor of first responder. sharks foundation will make a $10,000 donation to the community foundation and hold a heroes appreciation night january 27th when the shacks may the anaheim ducks. barracuda will donate proceeds and free is discounted game tickets for december 14th. the mass shootings at gilroy garlic festival and dayton and el paso renewed conditions about access to give up. california has the strictest
12:34 pm
gun laws in the country. gun purchasers are slipping through the cracks. >> while some californians buy gun at pawnshops and gun shows, most of them. >> them or 80% buy at sporting good stores. >> i never bought a gun before. i don't have a criminal record. what is the process of buying a gun? >> you got to have california driver's license and a card. questions like which way should you point you gun or is it important to teach children guns aren't toys? the test is administered at the store, the results go to the state. >> i had one person fail and he got mad because he failed it. >> reporter: you can start picking. >> i like this gun.
12:35 pm
i pass that test. >> we go down here. first question is, have you ever been convicted of a felony? >> no. >> are you subject of any restraining orders. >> reporter: the seller sends your basic information to the department of justice where the state processs the full background check. if all the checks are passed, i have all my documents, the soonest i could go home with this shotgun would be 10 days. because california has a mandatory 10- day waiting period. states like nevada and arizona to not. they allow their local residents to purchase assault- style rifles if they are 18 and older, in california you have to be 21 to buy any firearm. july bees festival shooting highlighted california's problem with gun buyers heading to surrounding states with laxer gun laws. the 19 year old shooter had an apartment in nevada and purchased his ak-style rifle there before returning to
12:36 pm
gilroy. >> his age alone he wouldn't have been able to buy it at your store? >> no. >> reporter: for an idea, out of the thousands of guns, atf agents traced in 2017, less than 10% of them came from arizona or nevada. by star, most of the guns agents traced for purchased in california. dr. nicole with uc davis says california gun buyers still find loopholes. >> about one in five purchases around 17% did not undergo a background check when they purchased their most recent firearm. >> reporter: this is true when a family member gives away a firearm or it is illegally sold. >> you have the cash, you can just take it and go. >> we do see that folks are falling through cracks. go to for more information and facts we
12:37 pm
compiled on gun violence in america. there is a section showing the different laws that have been passed over the years. those facts and much more on for second time the k of time magazine features the who of a bay area artist. he created a collage naming the location of 253 major shootings that happened in the us this year. amber lee spoke with the man behind the cover. >> it's like a jigsaw puzzle. you are putting pieces together and seeing how they fit. >> reporter: it started with the word, enough. he built the names of the cities in the united states that experienced a mass shooting this year. the standard where four or more people were injured or killed, not including the shooter. 253 cities in total. >> you realize that it cuts across blue and red states. >> reporter: the mass shootings in gilroy, dayton and el paso, are featured more prominently as are the largest incidents
12:38 pm
such as south bend and virginia beach. >> there are moments where something really hits me. >> reporter: artist says it gave him pause when he came across san jose where he grew up. >> where you know that you have been and think about people involved and how many people it has affected. it gets difficulty sometimes. >> reporter: the first time his work graced the cover of time magazine was last fall when he used phrases to create a portrait. the artist says his work reflects his interest in poll sick ticks and conditions about gun violence. think what this cover does is sort of brings in to focus how many places are actually involved. >> reporter: the names of cities filled up the page easily and there is still four months left of 2019. the outrage is fleeting while the division over gun con is
12:39 pm
lasting. he hopes the cover will help unite people. >> it not like this anywhere else in the would. hopefully they see that and can come together on something we can agree on on how to make this country a lynn safer. >> reporter: he showed us other examples including the drawings after the park land shootings and he speaks through his fortunate work and if he stays silent he becomes part of the problem. today marks years since one of the high profile manson family killings happened this beverly hills. a nice summer afternoon shaping up, we have a bit of a cool down coming our way as we fete in to the weekend, perhaps a few scattered showers. details coming up.
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today marks five years since michael brown was shot and killed by a ferguson police officer and brown's father is now calling for the investigation in to his death to be re-opened. his killing drew attention and helped spur the black lives matter movement. unarmed when he was killed by darren wilson the 2014. michael brown senior is urging the st. louis county prosecutor to re-open the investigation taillight just department of justice declined to charge him. today mags 50 years since the killing of sharon tate and others. a look at how public interest this the murders remains high decades later. >> reporter: it's been 50 years since charles manson and the devoted members of the manson family went on a gruesome murder spree in los angeles. leaving the city and country stunned. and establishing manson as a criminal icon.
12:44 pm
in 1969, manson sent his mostly female follow stores carry out his planned rampage over august 8th and 9th they killed 7 people including actress sharon tate, the wife of director roman polanski, she was 8 and a half months pregnant. one of the murderers later saying quote, we wanted to do a crime that would shock the world and five decades later people are still shocked and fascinated by the murders and the cult leader. >> no one heard of these people. charlie manson wound up on the cover of time magazine and live magazine like the picture of satan. >> reporter: manson and members of the family were tried, the cult leader convicted at 37 and spent the rest of his life in prison. >> the manson trial superseded
12:45 pm
everything. if there had been tv at the time, it would have been like the oj trial, national obsession. >> reporter: several of his followers went to jail if involvement in the crime, some remain incarcerated today. in 2017, charles manson died behind bars, he was 83 years old. the white house is meeting with tech companies to talk about online extremism and how to address it. trump administration has not said which companies are participating in the meeting or when it was set to take place. the president is not expected to be there as he is on a 10- day vacation in new jersey. earlier he directed the justice department to develop tools to detect mass shooters before they strike and pushing for tech companies to address what he sees is a conservative bias in tech algorithms. backlash over the ties to president trump. a large protest is planned in
12:46 pm
front of the equinox in west hollywood. here a protest will be held outside of the equinox gym in san francisco district. there have been calls by many opposed to president trump to cancel memberships to the gym in protest. equinox and sole cycle say they are a passive investor. climate change is linked to a rise in mercury levels in certain fish. researchers from harvard university say higher ocean temperatures caused mercury levels to rise in cue tuna and cod and swordfish. overfishing is partly to blame for the increase because it forces fish to change diets and behaviors leading to higher mercury levels. the park service wants a plan for shooting elk at point rays.
12:47 pm
a herd of elk a at the national seashore has grown from 76 in to the hundreds and that larger herd harmed livestock and damaged ranch property. the park service says it could shoot up to 15 elk to reduce the herd every year. environmental groups oppose shooting the animals and say they prefer they end ranching in the area. several mountain lions captured on camera roaming and one of the highest peaks in the bay yeah. this shows the mountain lion in the santa cruz mountains. 2400 feet above sea level. this is after all their home turf. today smoky the bear turns 75 years old. smoky is the face of the longest running public service ad campaign in u.s. history.
12:48 pm
the u.s. forest service says his wild fire prevention campaign has had a dramatic impact since 1944. still today, 9 out of 10 wild fires are caused by humans. >> the most common cause are people that have used fire and have not extension extinguished it properly. >> updated psa campaign features animated emojis of smoky's face. voice by celebrities like betty white, stephen colbert and al roker. a look outside our doors, the cooler cloudy weather we had over the last couple of days certainly good news in terms of wild fire season. let's ton turn things over to rosemary orozco. it feels like fall for our inland communities around the bay, a little bit of blue sky
12:49 pm
and sunshine, it is nice in many spots. a look at those numbers in a moment. the system providing was the mid and high level clouds, beautiful sunsets and sunrises. that's what dropped our temperatures especially for our inland communities. because of the shall be, more of i for today, we are warmer now than weapon 24 hours ago. the cooler pattern for inland communities are going to last through saturday and temperatures are going to rebound come saturday. scattered showers, favoriting the north bay. we could wake up with drizzle as the system moves through. a look at the system on storm tracker 2 right about in here. this is going the move east, through areas of oregon and northern california. you can see that wrap around moisture that's moving through northern california. here in the bay area, we are not seeing anything hit the ground, we are seeing it in the way of all that mid and high level cloud cover. a look at the future cast, getting through your afternoon, partly cloudy, from the coast
12:50 pm
around the bay and inland. in to the evening house, the clouds are back, you can see the bits of blue indicating a little bit of drizzle a possibility tomorrow morning. as we get into to the afternoon, clearing out, partly cloudy at the coast, mostly sunny elsewhere. notice over northern california we got scattered shower activity and calling it a slight chance at sprinkles at home. if you have outdoor plans not worth cancelling. it shouldn't be that big of a deal. the numbers, downtown san francisco reporting 66 degrees, a lot of 70s around the bay. inland areas are hitting 80 degrees brentwood, 75 livermore. 79 concord. into to the afternoon, upper 70s for san rafael. low 80s santa rosa. upper 60s san francisco. east bay low to mid-70s. mid-80s inland and the south bay 79 san jose. 81 morgan hill. out, outside lands for the afternoon and early evening hourses should be nice. we will have the on shore
12:51 pm
breeze but temperatures will range in the mid to upper 60s through most of the afternoon. as we get in to the evening hours, cooling in to the low 60s. the forecast if you are going out to oracle park, the forecast for tahoe, low 70s today, upper 60s tomorrow and warmer on sunday with 74 the afternoon high for you there. here at home, we are going to bottom out on saturday with temperatures mild for inland cities and we bounce back this into the upper 80s as we get this to sunday and monday and tuesday, summer like weather returning to the bay area. new attempts to stop airline passengers from exploiting guidelines about service animals how regulators and air liens are working together to airlines are working together to calm the cabin. s! yep! oh, yeah! seriously, save on fall styles for women, men, boys and girls. at the ross shoe event. on now.
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flat. nasdaq and s&p are down. tech is communication companies had the largest declines this week as traders worry about tariffs and trade tensions with china. the government is telling airlines and passengers how it will enforce rules for animals people want to bring on planes. employees can stop any animal they consider a safety threat from being on a plane. airlines how far cannot ban an entire cat or dog breed such as pit bulls. the government also says it doesn't to stop airlines from asking passengers reasonable questions about a service animal's vaccinations training and behavior. they can require advanced notice if passengers man to bring an emotional support animal on a plane. the weekend is upon us. it's time for today's weekend watch. here is rosemary orozco. we are heading in to the weekend, here is what is happening in the south bay, san jose's jazz summer will fill
12:55 pm
with 100 performances on 12 stages in downtown san jose. on the peninsula, a fill for the islands at the 24th annual aloha festival with music, dance, food, vendors and culture from all over the pacific including hawaii and tahiti. saturday and sunday at san mateo county event center. in san francisco, celebrate the parade and festival this san francisco. experience the best of filipino arts and dance and music and food. parade is saturday. the festival is all weekend long. in the east bay, the rosy rally home front festival returns on saturday. the free event includes live music, food, costume contest, dancing and more. head to concord for the deablo japanese summer festival. games for kids, culture performances, exhibits demos and food happening at the high
12:56 pm
school. celebrate community and tradition at the 20th annual laurel street fair in oakland, food, craft beer and outdoor shopping bizarre stretching over 6 city blocks and a kids carnival and petting zoo. a's and quakes are away, giants are home. i'm rosemary orozco, that's your weekend watch. we are keeping an eye on the fire investigation in oakland after an art collective went up in flames this morning. christian is live outside of lands the festival kicks off today in san francisco. that and more today on the 4. mornings on 2 was on the road in clayton for the zip trip. thank you to everyone that came to play bocce ball and everything the city has to offer. thank you for making ktvu your choice for news, we are always here if you on you can follow us on twitter and facebook.
12:57 pm
we leave you with a gorgeous picture of the fog coming in the golden gate bridge, happy friday, everyone.
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>> chrissy metz opens up about her youth. >> i had a tumultuous childhood. >> her humble hollywood beginnings. to her latest passion project, a real-life back from the dead stories she had to be part of. and, will she reveal any upcoming spoilers on her hit tv show? coming up next. ♪ dr. oz: argue all ready for season 10? >> yeah! >> i love you, dr. oz. [applause]


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