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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 9, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2. thousands of concertgoers getting their groove on a golden gate park. it is opening night of outside nds and for the first time the music festival is allowing marijuana sales. >> alcohol is obnoxious and loud in your face. weed is calm and communal, community.>> city officials say the permit for pot sales is a
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test run of sorts to see how it goes. good evening everyone.>> day one of the three-day festival featured headliners lil wayne and blink 182. we get live coverage tonight from our reporter, it looks like people are leaving golden cape gate park priest to make the been 21 pounds just wrapped up their show. people coming out are telling me it was fantastic. still to come this weekend, childish gambino and paul simon. many people are also coming here for more than just the music. it was a rare sunny san francisco summer day, no sign of fog as people crowded into golden gate park for the first day of the outside lands festival. three days of big-name bands and musicians are expected to draw more than 200,000 people. this man, first timer, brought
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his daughter for her birthday. >> she turned 17 this year and 21 pilots is her favorite group. so we had to come to that. >> you are a good dad. >> i try to be. to make another draw, the food and drinks. festival fair with 85 restaurants representing local food and culture from pulled pork to ramen burgers. >> if there is a good line and a good act, i can sell over 1000, you never know. >> thousand ramen burgers in one day? >> for the beer and wine lovers, eco-friendly stainless cups. they even have the little thing you can hook onto things. >> i came for the grasslands event. >> with the festival breaking ground, allowing the sale of marijuana products with strictly designated consumption areas. >> i am hoping it grows more in
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the farmers market and it's treated as what it is, a plan. >> this farmers market debating a new cannabis culture with education and a range of products from the plant itself to edibles. >> we are still working really hard to lift the stigma in the cannabis industry. and so that really leads to limited access for consumers. >> throughout the festival security was tight and on the minds of many after the mass shootings in gilroy, el paso and dayton. >> it came to my mind for sure, as soon as i got here i noticed there was a heavy presence of security police. so it felt secure. >> just be aware of everyone around you, if you see anything strange call it out. don't be scared to call it
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out.>> there were extra police and park rangers patrolling the area who were called in just as an extra security measure, and outside lands has a special text alert system for emergencies. any neighbors who have concerns about noise or traffic and call their hotline. we checked with some police and we were told there were no major disturbances. there were a few allowed banks that were fireworks from the show. >> and i know there was a stern warning for the city is saying hey this is the first time we will have grasslands, if people do it responsibly then we will consider having marijuana or cannabis sales at other festivals. would you say people abided by those rules or took those recommendations?>> this was the first time there was a sale allowed of marijuana products, we did see people much confining themselves to the designated areas. there were three different spots in an area that was somewhat removed from the main
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will be a lot of scrutiny to see if people were abiding by it, and if this is something they can continue.>> all right, thank you. tomorrow night, it's childish gambino plus flume and the band hosiery. some scary moments today for a father and child who had to be rescued from a cliff and san francisco. this is video posted to citizen, officials say the child fell down a cliff while riding a bicycle. the father went down the cliff to help his child and he also became stuck. by about 6:00 firefighters have rescued the pair and both are expected to be okay. firefighters in the east bay had a busy afterno two this afternoon, the homes on amino loop north of 580,
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alum 80 county firefighters say it burned a total of 248 acres, it took four takers, dozens of ground crews and air support to put the fire out. crew said it was spreading quickly because of the wind this afternoon. at one .2 structures were in danger and people were told to prepare to evacuate though no orders were ever issued. >> this is just another sign of a few things you can do beforehand, have escape routes and have your items at home ready to escape if you need to evacuate.>> firefighters from cal fire, fremont and the livermore pleasanton fire department all responded to this fire. the cause is still being investigated. a vegetation fire in county is now 75% contained. cal fire reduced the acreage burned by the gulf of fire from 33 acres to 20. evacuation orders have been lifted. the fire broke out yesterday afternoon and kelsey bill at
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golf driving sort of a road. at one point a few dozen homes were threatened but none were damaged. crews plan to be on the scene tonight improving containment lines, mopping up and checking for hotspots. firefighters in oakland are investigating the cause for a three alarm fire in a warehouse that served as a community artists space. the warehouse is located on 23rd avenue at east 11th street right off of 880. the fire rekindled memories of the ghost ship fire, but this time no one was inside and no one was hurt.>> reporter: a fired torture in oakland warehouse right off of interstate 880, destroying businesses that were part of an artist a collection. >> we are wothe property management, 37 individual spaces in there for different kinds of artist work. woodworking, metal making or metal crafting, bronzing. >> the fire began around 6:20 am, and firefighters try to
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attack it from the inside but had to pull back because of the intensity of the flames. >> unfortunately the fire grew too quickly and they had to retreat to a defensive posture. >> black smoke can be seen for miles and nearby residents were told to shelter in place. >> watching it grow is scary. it's actually very scary and very emotional. >> sandra odell saw the smoke while dropping off her husband at the food mill park. she immediately thought about the ghost ship fire because it's really sad because this is not the first warehouse that went down. it's very emotional to keep seeing this keep happening. >> unlike the ghost ship, officials say in this case no one was hurt, as far as they know nobody was living here. >> is not a live/work studio, individuals come in and work during the day and they go home at night. no one was in the building when the fire started. >> fire investigators poured over what was left of the building. they said determining the cause
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of the fire could take some time but for now they don't suspect arson.>> it is not suspicious, it seems accidental in nature.>> they are determining the next steps with the fire department. >> very clean, very well maintained, where artists were able to create beautiful artwork. >> a lot of art loft, but thankfully no lives lost in the fire that drew comparison to the ghost ship fire. everyone is counting their blessings. now to the south bay were police have identified the suspected gunman who was arrested last night at san jose state university. 23-year-old joshua castro is facing several charges including being a felon in possession of a firearm. last night students at sdsu were alerted by text message to shelter in place after man was seen running on to the campus reportedly armed with a gun.
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castro was later found hiding in the ventilation system at the spartan complex athletic building. police say he did not have a weapon when he was arrested but officers did find a discarded handgun nearby on the campus. a bay area man held by ice is speaking publicly for the first time after spending three months in a detention center. as paul chambers reports, the man said police arrested him during a traffic stop and turned him over to immigration agents in violation of california's sanctuary laws.>> reporter: after serving three months in an ice detention center, jose armando escobar lopez spoke publicly for the first time. outside ice headquarters in francisco he told us about the night back in may when daly city police arrested him and turned him over to ice. >> i was just driving, and i noticed flashing lights behind me. and i worried that maybe i've
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committed some kind of traffic violation. >> lopez is fight on say and her brother also in the car. she says the three were headed home from church when the officer arrested the 21-year- old. she said they were never told why they were stopped. >> he took his id. >> at the age of 17 lopez says he came here seeking refuge after he was targeted by gangs and witness violence during his childhood. in 2017 lopez was given a deportation order after failing to show up at corporate he said he never received the notice which came back to haunt him. that night police took him into custody.>> five minutes after i was in the jail cell, and ice agent showed up and they began to shackle me right away. to make this a surveillance video from inside daly city police department. it shows that ice agent covering his arms and legs while a daly city officer watch. he said he was afraid he would
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be deported back to el salvador. he was first sent yuba city then tranornice processing center in bakersfield. he and reporter say that shouldn't happen since it violates the sanctuary law that prohibits the police from cooperating with ice unless the person is suspected with a serious crime. he did not even receive a citation during the traffic stop.>> is a civil light civil rights were violated, therefore he was a victim. >> the community held numerous vigils and demonstrations demanding he be released. his fiancie says she had to work two jobs to pay the bills. his lawyer says he's now filing for a u visa that is given to l lopez was falsely imprisoned by the daly city pd and believes they should help her client. >> in order to fully do more, they should sign a certification and help restore
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armando to fullness. >> they are no longer commenting on this case. the city manager's office has yet to give us a statement. she was hit by an accused drunk driver who then took off. at 10:30 today, the two-year- old victim is finally home from the hospital, now her parents are fighting drunk driving. and in weather, lots of sunshine across most of the bay area, but the cows have been moving in clouds. a vigil to help calm the fears in light of the recent mass shooting. families tell us how they are coping. california princeton to the city of cupertino. whhe city is doing tothat's tomorrow on mornings on 2.
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community members in concord came together tonight to support a shaken latino community still on edge following the recent mass shooting spirit organizers of the vigils they they wanted to remember the victims and reassure those left scared or saddened. amberly is in concord tonight and she's been talking to people who attended the vigil.>> reporter: the vigil was held here, it was hosted by several nonprofits that serve immigrant families. organizers say it's time to
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heal from the hurt caused by the recent mass shooting's. as the sun was setting in concord, the name of each victim from the shootings in gilroy, el paso and dayton were read through what organizers describe as respect or a family vigil. >> a lot of families are having nightmares.>> it's definitely hit very close to home. >> maria says she has several relatives that work at the el paso walmart where the mass shooting occurred. >> they are scared, the community has been tells me that the nine-year-old daughter expressed concern about attending this event. >> i was worried that there would be gun shooters here. so i didn't really feel safe. but now seeing all these people
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i feel comfortable with this. >> that is part of what we are showing them, we are not just going to stay home and talk about it quietly and not do anything about it. >> paul ramirez is with united latino voices, and he helped to organize this event. he says the mother contacted him to say she didn't want to let her children go to school. she feared for their safety. ramirez hopes this vigil will help calm fears and serves as an anchor for the community adrift. >> they are seeking somewhere to console themselves, and again, grief is temporary. we keep going, it's a passage, not a place we stay. >> the mayor of concord says he wants to participate to show the latino community that the city supports them. >> i know right now it's very difficult, whatever they are watching on the national stage and feel targeted and under attack. we want to reassure them that concord is different. >> i worry about my neighbors. i think we just need to come
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together and take care of each other.>> [music] we shall overcome, we shall overcome. >> organizers say the vigil is a call to action, they are urging people to register to vote and get out and vote each and every election. live in concord, amberly, ktvu fox 2 news. we are learning more tonight about the mass shooting in el paso, authorities said the accused gunman has admitted he was targeting mexicans in that attack. the 21-year-old surrendered to a motorcycle officer shortly after the shooting at a walmart that killed 22 people. the police report shows that he emerged from a car with his hands in the air and told police that he was the shooter. they say he later waived his rights and agreed to talk with detectives, that's when he revealed that he was in fact targeting mexicans, most of those killed had led names and
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eight of the victims were mexican nationals. president trump said today he would support new laws to strengthen federal background checks for gun purchases, but as fox reports, the president may still run into interference from republicans in congress and the nra. >> in 2016 the national rifle association spent more than $30 million supporting the trump campaign. now it appears that the nra and president trump don't see eye to eye on gun restriction, but today the president expressed confidence that the gun lobby group will come around. >> i think we can do very meaningful background checks. i want to see it happen. >> president trim calling for stricter background checks on gun purchases, despite opposition from the national rifle association. the president of the nra wrote "the proposals being discussed by many would not have prevented the rich horrific tragedies in el paso and dayton, were said they will make billions of law abiding
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americans less safe and less able to defend themselves and their loved ones. still, president trump appearing optimistic that the nra will eventually get on board.>> we see where the nra will be, but we have to have meaningful background checks per >> senate minority leader chuck schumer is urging the president to act now, tweeting if president trump needs the nra sign-up, it would be nearly impossible to accomplish anything meaningful to address gun violence. >> the voters who are with president trump, the supporters who elected him, know him to be a strong advocate of the second amendment. >> and i went gun control is a hot topic among the 2020 presidential contenders.>> if you look at the majority of americans on both side of the isle, they favor background checks. >> mitch mcconnell says lawmakers will debate a number of gun control use on gun right fully represented and respected.
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>> in response the recent shootings, wemployees off hunti videos in the sporting goods department. and while those promotions are going away, walmart still plans to sell the video games and the store will also continue to sell guns as well. after some clouds this morning, lots of sunshine this afternoon for a good portion of the bay area. inland spots have been cooling off, but with the fogs mixing off, it was one of the warmest days, san francisco, 71. 80s out toward santa rosa and antioch. i know it's august, but this looks like a winter -like weather pattern setting appeared a little circulation setting up offshore, even some showers, in fact reports of light rain in ukiah right now,
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and an observer in santa rosa saw some lightning in the distance. these are the lightning strikes being pushed into mendocino county. right now, the clouds and fog are still a factor new portions of the bay, then some high clouds increasing for tonight. current numbers, we have some 60s across the board, fairly mild out there for tonight. and the overnight lows will be emailed as well. we have the clouds in place, mostly cloudy skies, what about those shower chances? we still have a slight chance as we head into your saturday morning, but definitely some clouds out there, the best chance will be openternoon hour becoming partly cloudy, and then the next warming trend will start, especially in linz. a bay area walmart evacuated, we will tell you about the situation still unfolding at a spouse bay location. then school accused of a
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deliberate racial segregation.
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authorities nlp does are investigating a suspicious device found inside a walmart store. special equipment from san jose's leased departments bomb squad has arrived at the scene and officers are now inside the store examining the device. the store is on ranch drive,
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it's been evacuated since about 6:00 and at last checked, that walmart remains close. authorities are asking everyone to avoid the area. an armed man who walked into a missouri walmart yesterday wearing body armor and causing panic has been charged with making a terrorist threat. police say the 20-year-old suspect told them that he was testing his right to bear arms when he walked into the store and began threatening shoppers. quick thinking walmart employees pulled the fire alarm to get people out and a former firefighter then detained the suspect. that man was armed himself, and held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.>> i asked him if the mail was inside and he said yes, and i drew my weapon. even though i'm no longer in public safety, i still feel i can protect people if i need
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to. that was my intention. hopefully my actions prevented something like el paso from happening. >> no shots were fired during all of this and nobody was hurt. the incident comes just five days after 22 people were killed in the walmart attack in el paso. now to san francisco where a police officer shot and unleashed pit bull type dog this afternoon. police say the dog aggressively lunged toward the officer in the stairwell of the civic center station. this is video from the citizen app. part of market street was shut down, bart police say they will conduct a use of force investigation. the dog is survived and was taken to a veterinarian for treatment. the superstar who snubbed the giants in the off- season was at oracle park tonight doing some serious damage. we will see how he silenced the crowd, later on in sports. also ahead, deputy's patrol car roles and bursts into flames, why of bear is being blamed for the crash. after the break, a two-year- old home from the hospital after being struck by a hit-and- run driver. her recovery and how the community has rallied around
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this family.>> the support was overwhelmingly amazing.
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will will you will will
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a sonoma county toddler is back home after almost a month in the hospital. >> the driver who hit the two- year-old was charged with dui, his fifth. in the little girls family
10:31 pm
feels lucky to have her and is now determined to fight drunk driving.>> reporter: this two- year-old is back on the move, chasing her dog and pretending to be one at her home in windsor. having her home, sleeping in her own bed, a dream her parents a. after 23 days in oaklands shoulders hospital, much of the time sedated with a skull fracture and internal injuries including a collapsed lung. >> for pain management she uses this perspective she is still on medication. her parents remembered when she turned the corner. >> that last time they took the tubes out was when we felt like we had our daughter back. >> you would start to see if more and more for personality coming. more and more of me letting her
10:32 pm
touch her hands, wanting to draw.>> they had no way of knowing back in july that she would survive. she broke away from her great- grandmother in a parking lot across from a mall and stepped a few feet into traffic. she was struck by a driver who kept going. during her recovery the family was focused on their daughter, not the man who hit her. he remains in the sonoma county jail, a driver who lost his license after dui conviction six years ago, but went on to rack up three more. >> lease arrested him within hours of the hit-and-run, tracking him and his white van to his apartment nearby. the family is following the court case of the 47-year-old. >> the next time, who knows what he could have done. who he could have hurt. or he co >> i met at him, but i'm mad at the general problem. thinking that people can drive
10:33 pm
and drink. >> the support was overwhelmingly amazing. >> the couple appreciates the outboards, posters, prayers and donations. they are new to the bay area but felt very supported. >> it made it easier for us to deal with everything that is going on. the family is grateful she is still there adventurous little girl. there was a post today for the state department to help a bay area man who's been shot in the philippines and is facing political persecution. brandon lee is from san francisco, his worked as an advocate for indigenous people in the philippines for years, he was shot at his home there on tuesday and is in critical condition. the philippine government declared him an enemy of the state. today several organizations rallied on his behalf in san francisco city hall.>> on tuesday august sixth he picked up his daughter from school, went home, had dinner with her,
10:34 pm
went outside to feed the dogs and that's when he was shot. four times in the back. and in the spine. but brandon knows who they were.>> international monitoring groups have accused the philippine president of attacking his enemies and eroding human rights. lisa supporters want congress and the u.s. embassy to investigate the shooting. a 12-year-old airline passenger says air canada boarding agency forced her to remove her a job as she was getting on the airplane over the last week. the agent told her to remove her headscarf because she wasn't wearing it in her id photo. she did so and was able to board the plane, the airline
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later apologized and said the whole situation should have been handled differently. the dmv voter registration program is reportedly full of problems for the new state audit says the program is confusing by technical difficulties. the issues have led to hundreds of thousands of discrepancies in voter registration. california launched the motor voter program last year, it automatically registers people to vote when they visit the dmv, unless they opt out. ac transit is that to resume transit in san francisco this sunday per the two billion- dollar bus terminal reopened last month and service has slowly been returning. ac transit says it will pick up and drop off packages starting on sunday with buses running a full commute schedule on monday morning. the transit center has been closed for months after cracks were discovered in the steel beams supporting the bus deck. now to a fiery crash in humboldt county that was caused by a falling bear.
10:36 pm
it happened last week when a humboldt county sheriff's deputy was responding to a call. the deputy was drivinonto that the vehicle veered off the road, rolled onto its side and burst into flames. you can see the burnt out shell of the patrol vehicle. the deputy managed to escape without serious injury and the bear ran off. pretty incredible. a bay area school accused of segregation and discrimination, still to come, today's settlement to correct what is being called years of unequal education. and in weather, your weekend is almost here, things wi he took during a police
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president trump warned today that trade talks with china scheduled for next month might not happen.>> they would like to make a deal, i'm not ready to make a deal. right now the talk is scheduled in september. whether or not that's canceled, we will see. >> comments like that have been fueling a lot of uncertainty on wall street and stocks moved lower today, the dow fell 91 points, the nasdaq closed 81 points lower and the s&p dropped 19 points. we are learning more about that massive ice rated mississippi, court documents show six of the seven chicken processing plants rated by ice this week willfully employed people who lacked authorization to work in the u.s. the unsealed documents show some supervisors knew that applicants were using fake papers and social security numbers. nearly 700 people were picked
10:41 pm
up from that food processing plants outside jackson mississippi on wednesday. the court papers also say that some of the workers had already been arrested for immigration violation and were not allowed to work in the u.s. the suspect in a series of deadly stabbing attacks in california has a history with law enforcement. zachary castaneda is accused of killing four people and injuring two others during a stabbing and rubbery rampage on wednesday in orange county. he is a documented gang member with multiple convictions for gun related offenses. the chief of police in garden grove say he should have been in jail.>> based upon his prior arrest record, he is a violent individual who should have never been considered for early release based upon assembly bill 109. >> ab 109 is aimed at reducing the state prison population by transferring people convicted of certain felonies to county jails. many law enforcement officials have spoken out against the bill thing it often results in dangerous criminals being
10:42 pm
prematurely released back into society. a sacramento teenager with dreams of becoming a police officer got some very real experience while on a recent ride along. the 18-year-old had quick thinking and prevented k-9 officer michael bradley from being harmed when a check of a suspicious man stop turned violent last saturday. after placing one of three men in handcuffs, the suspects began to fight the officer. the team knew the rules of a ride along for bid him to leave the car so use the patrol cars radio to call for backup and help was on the way.>> the backup helped officer bradley get everyone into custody and everything was calmed down. >> i never had a ride along so observant and aware the surroundings. >> the officer was uninjured and all three suspects were taken into custody. he is now off to college in missouri but plans to come back after graduation and joined the sacramento police department k- 9 division. coming up
10:43 pm
tonight, how a northbay school district is planning to address accusations of racial segregation. plus a big roadblock for an affordable housing project built by kanye west. and our meteorologist has been fine-tuning your weekend forecast. we will find out if there is a warm-up in the works.
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10:45 pm
here's what's happening this weekend, on saturday the junior nba global championship will feature the best 13 and 14- year-old eskimo players in the world. that begins at nine. then at five, it's the raiders against the la rams, and then join us sunday at 11:30 and we will run it all down. all this weekend on ktvu.
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the california attorney general has reached a settlement with the marin county school accused of segregation. >> they said martin luther king jr. academy in marin county, predominantly black and latino elementary and middle school that has been victimizedce to l it's warped, it's morally bankrupt, and it's corrupt.>> investigation found that past the trustees made deliberate
10:47 pm
decisions that segregated the school and undercut the schools programs. but investigators say at the same time, the same decision- makers were guaranteeing stable funding for willow creek academy, a charter k-8 school in sausalito where more white students from the district to 10. >> the funding resulted in a school that was not only segregated but offering an inferior educational program. they came to the school friday to announce a settlement with the school to end segregation. a settlement caused greeting a plan to make mlk more diverse. it also calls for lahips. a counseling program for students that attended the school within the past six years and an outside monitor. >> today's settlement now enables the district to move forward with full transparency, lifting the perceived veil of secrecy. parents say they are pleased issue has been brought to a
10:48 pm
head. >> right now we have all eyes on this district. and i think it's a great thing. >> but some are saying the school district is being portrayed in an unfair labor >> that is the message everyone is sending out to the world, that we somehow want segregation and we want it to be this way. >> this announcement should be a call to action, to all school districts in the state of california, to follow through on their responsibilities under the law. >> parents and elected officials say discussions are already underway to try to solve the problem by merging the two schools into one. but there's no timetable yet on how long that might take. kanye west plan to build a low income housing community in southern california but he's run into an obstacle. tmc is reporting the wrapper has received a citation for not getting a permit to build the dome structures for the homeless. and department of public works inspector determined the homes
10:49 pm
were permanent and requested west and his team obtain proper approval to build. the domes will rest on 300 acres of land that west owns in calabasas, he has until september 15 to receive the permit or those homes will be torn down. tonight there's an interesting pattern out there, we have had some sunshine, and then tonight we are trekking some showers and thunderstorms primarily to the north of the bay area. heading into the weekend, of course outside lands is the big event into your saturday, and here is the forecast. we are expecting some cloud cover and 12:00, then skies becoming partly cloudy, temperatures back up into the low to mid 60s for tomorrow. as we head into saturday, this looks like fall or winter, you can see that system offshore sending in some clouds and showers. look at the shower activity up toward the north coast.
10:50 pm
as we come in closer, look at this action, just over the past few hours moving into portions of the casino county. in fact ukiah, reporting some light rainfall and showers drifting nor the toward the sonoma county this evening. we will hold onto a slight chance of showers right on through tomorrow evening. we have some low clouds and fog and higher clouds will be around first thing tomorrow morning. with this pattern, temperatures are actually pretty mild. most areas in the 60s at this 10:00 hour. right now it's 68 in concord, mountain view 67, and a san francisco is 62 degrees per he is alive camera looking towards the golden gate bridge. the fog is definitely on the increase until about five or 6:00. rainfall definitely up to the north coast, we just have a slight chance of a shower primarily as we head into your saturday morning.
10:51 pm
that slight chance really favoring the northbay. maybe if used wrinkles close to san francisco but that's just a trainee tiny chance. after that chance of a sprinkle tomorrow morning, temperatures do warm back up into sunday and monday inland. skies becoming partly cloudy into the afternoon hours tomorrow. highs tomorrow, talking about 60s and 70s, and lower 80s. the inland neighborhoods getting a break him all the extreme late. at that break and soon be coming to an end because look what happens by monday, honest locations inland back up into the mid-90s. the beaches in the mid 60s. i will say good news of the, we will get rid of that shower threat as the system moves out to the north tonight into tomorrow. up next tonight in
10:52 pm
sports, antonio brown threatening to end his football career over a helmet. the sports director will have all the details up next. and then on the 11:00 news, and epic epidemic of car break- ins.
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10:55 pm
mark is here tonight talking about some giants baseball and for bryce harper, the guy we were all hoping would become a giant. >> when is the last time you guys heard the ball was flying out of the giants ballpark tonight? that doesn't happen too often. in fact one of the reasons they said bryce harper didn't want to come here in the first place was because it's so big, it's not a hitters park. well, five tonight, yeah, on grateful dead night, and he would be there on grateful dead night, of course the former great player at ucla. it's 1-0 to get the show going. newcomer joey ricard, his first hit as a giant, it leaves the yard, but in the fifth inning,
10:56 pm
here's this guy, bryce harper, did it want to come here because of what? and you haven't seen anything yet, he quieted the fans, and that giants come back with a three run hit. stephen goes waterworld, the giants are happy. they take a 6-5 lead in that inning. and look at harper just get all of that, and that is the longest home run. 458 feet, 96 miles, and lets us many to chicago where the dapper dan, oakland a's of fan was on hand against the white sox. they took business with what el run. matt chapman been slumping lately, not in this one. and in the second, it's stephen
10:57 pm
chad ott is swinging a healthy pender, put the guy in, doesn't matter what position, he can hit. mike fires his ninth street decision victory. he's 11-3, went seven innings, there's another dapper dan and the giants with the big-time victory. all right, it's anthony brown, he's got blisters on his feet and the raiders at this point have egg on their face, as this guy hasn't even shown up basically other than that balloon ride. he's got problems, badly blistered feet apparently caused by cryotherapy. his second issue is the nfl recently changed to a theoretically safer helmet. he does not like it.
10:58 pm
apparently left camp in protest, he wants his old helmet back. bottom line, a.b. is awol. one of his buddies says maybe his reasons are legit. >> these new helmets for wide receivers, you've got to get used to them because they mess with your vision. if he's out there practicing and looks up for the ball like this, there's a bar that messes with your vision. you snap your head around real quick, there's a bar that messes with your vision. he probably practiced with it, and doesn't like it. like everybody in this organization has been fighting for you. been telling everybody that you are this great guy, this great teammate. it's time for you to repay them.>> bottom line, toshow up. let's change the subject, check this out, it's the new york mets, and then ask him a deep
10:59 pm
right-center field, that is a vicious collision, and watch this, he gets the double whammy, hit by the knee, and there is the mark in his neck. he gets his revenge, he gets a walkoff hit. look at this, the umpire throws out the wrong guy here. on the right-hand side it was one of the yankees and he throws out brett gardner instead. who has nothing to say, he says i didn't say anything. brett gardner goes off. to say the least, and it didn't change things. he still gets ejected. all worth checking out, the a's went, giants lives, that's the sporting line of this hour. next at 11.>> we went through a metal detector and they opened our bags and then checked ye, i easy.>> and emphasis on security in the outside lands
11:00 pm
festival where tens of thousands of music fans are bumping to the beat.>> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news starts now. day one of the three-day festival is in the books with performances from little wayne, blink 182, and 21 pilots. >> this is the 12th year of outside lands, but the first time the counters have included those permanent areas where people can purchase pot and smoke it. live coverage tonight, the music ended about an hour ago, how did the park look? >> people have pretty much cleared out, lil wayne was here, can show you his video because of some expletives. this was a very good day, many people


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