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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  August 13, 2019 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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crawling as she was being attacked by a homeless man. the ordeal, as you see here, caught on camera. the latest attack has one san francisco neighborhood calling out the city to do something to protect the neighbors. good evening, everyone. i'm alyana gomez in for night for julie haener . >> i'm frank somerville. the attack happened near where the city wants to build a new homeless navigation center and is sure to make the battle between the neighborhood and the city a whole lot more difficult. k2 views tom vacar talked with the victim today and is in the newsroom with more . >> you know, san francisco has always pushed the limits on what to do for disadvantaged folks. this case will test not only its resolve but the publix patients . >> in the pace of just two minutes saturday night, denise went from returning to the door of her san francisco condo to fighting for her life. terrorize, trapped and threatened by a man who said she demanded her money, keys and phone. she kicked him and it is this security video that shows he grabbed her and she tried to crawl through the doorway . >> this guy was obviously mentally unstable. definitely on drugs. the amount of strength he has was not normal.
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for men that size. he said that everyone is a robot, he is trying to save my life, the lady is a robot, he said, open the door, i will kill that person in front of you so i can gain your trust and he kept saying, come up with me, i'm trying to save your life . >> i was fighting for my life in my own house, trying to get inside one door. this is mental illness. this is drug issues and this is security and the city is irresponsible. they are putting our lives at risk. >> right next door, the residents have recently filed a lawsuit against it, work is well underway on a large so- called tenderloin navigation center for the homeless which includes a significant amount of resources for the mentally else . >> it is getting worse and worse and the city doesn't really do anything. it spent so much money on the same project and nothing gets
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done. it is feces and urine everywhere. >> they did not have a solid plan in place to protect residents. they kept saying these people are safe, harmless, we you have proper resources if you need an on call 9-1-1 . >> miss concern and says it took 30 minutes for the san francisco police to respond after the two men douglas minute and counter. the police it was 22 minutes. 5 minutes later, police found and arrested the assailant, austin james vincent who is still reportedly in custody. we reached out to mayor breed's office, issuing this statement. "allowing people to continue on the streets without resources will only make the challenges we face more severe. reporting live, tom baker, ktvu fox2 news. tom, thank you. temperatures are really on the rise this week with triple digits expected in land in the east bay over the next couple
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of days. hot, calm weather, that means there is another clear the air alert spare the air alert tomorrow. expressive amounts of ozone can cause throat and lung irritation. that is something to keep in mind. alive look at the golden gate bridge, a nice beautiful day out there but it was hot. meteorologist, mark tamayo is tracking the warm-up for us . >> that is the one fraction of the bay area not experiencing heat toward the coast and toward the golden gate bridge but the rest of the region is expecting temperatures that warmed up today but the real heat sets in tomorrow and when we get into thursday. livermore last saturday, only 79 degrees. temperatures have climbed and for tomorrow pens. all the way to up above 100 degrees. we are targeting 105 degrees for tomorrow afternoon so all of the areas in orange or red i should say, orange red had
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excessive heat warnings. the yellow, heat advisory. they both mean it is going to be hot. the main difference is with the excessive heat warning is not as much overnight recovery in terms of cooling overnight. that is why we have the warning in place towards solano county. a heat advisory for the north bay, in land east bay and toward the santa clara valley for san jose, morgan hill and gilbert. outside, here's the live camera look outside san francisco where you can see some of the haze, the spirit earlier spare the air alert today, tomorrow and possibly thursday. there is a fairly good chance it will be extended into the thursday forecast. right now, fairfield is the hotspot at 103. san jose, 87, oakland, 81, san francisco, 73. we have the microclimates in place but the serious heat is kicking in for today to build and for tomorrow and into thursday. we will take a look at numbers and let you know when the cooling arrives with the full forecast coming up in a few minutes. alameda county is warning people about the heat, and setting up cooling centers. we have a list of where the centers are. go to and click on web links. a lot of new information in an officer involved shooting in
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hayward. police say they shot a suspect was armed with what turned out to be a fake gun. crime reporter, henry lee is live at the hayward police department with the latest on the investigation. henry? >> pollyanna, late this afternoon, hayward police confirmed that two officers opened fire on a man after being seen waving and brandishing what turned out to be a fake gun at drivers. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. hayward police opened fire on a suspect on busy mission boulevard near valley vista at about 9 am tuesday morning. two officers shot and wounded the suspect, described as an asian man in his 20s. officers were called to the scene report of a man with a gun . >> he was waving the gun in the air. community members called because they witnessed a male waving a gun in the air. the man is expected to survive. >> reporter: police have again turned up effect . >> it was later determined that it was a replica firearm .
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>> for several hours, hayward police shutdown mission boulevard between tennyson and industrial as investigators diagrammed the scene and look for evidence. eyewitness told ktvu that he was driving south on mission when he saw a man dressed in black and white clothing and armed with a very large handgun. he said the man pretended to fire the weapon at passing motorists. >> what i saw was a gentleman pointing a weapon at a car car in front of me and pretending to shoot including the recoil. he pointed at me. i was 35 feet away and he pretended to do the same thing. i looked write down the barrel of the gun . >> the witness said he call 9-1- 1 and happened to see a hayward police car on mission . >> i called the police and he turned toward the suspect . >> workers at a construction street site describe what happened next . >> i heard 3 shots. i was working on that transformer installing gas and out of nowhere, i heard the shots fired. i saw the guy. i was like, oh, snap .
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>> now officers were hurt during the incident. >> the name of the suspect has not been released and neither have the names of the two officers involved in the shooting. the investigation is being led by hayward police and the alameda county das office. live in hayward police department, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a suspicious device found in a parking lot in san ramon this morning turned out to be a discarded pressure cooker. san ramon police evacuated a number of businesses in a shopping center of crow canyon road after getting the call about the suspicious object at around 8 am. the walnut creek police bomb squad brought a robot in as part of the investigation and police eventually gave the all clear. that was at about 1130 this
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morning . >> in walnut creek, police are asking for help to find 3 women suspected of robbing an apple store in the downtown area. police say the suspects pictured in surveillance pictures walked into the apple store on south main street on sunday and stole 16 iphones. the women drove off in a silver four-door honda civic driven by a man. investigators are asking anyone who can identify the suspects to call the walnut creek police department. it has been two weeks since the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival and today, flags at saint clair county were raised back up to honor victims. flags at all county facilities were lowered to half staff the day after the july 20 shooting and have remained that way. county officials say raising those flags is a symbol of hope and healing for the community. it was also meant to honor those killed. 6-year-old stephen romero, 13- year-old keyla salazar, and 25- year-old trevor irving. -- irby. >> today, we are raising the flags, really a symbol of raising hope and recognizing all the heroism that has bent over that gilroy event and that is what we are doing today . >> in the courtyard, outside the county offices, supervisor,
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mike wasserman raise the american flag and supervisor chavez raised the california flag. today's board of supervisors meeting was also in memory of the shooting victims . >> new information tonight about the mass shooting in dayton, ohio. police now say the gunman's sister was among the first people who shot he shot and killed but investigators are not sure whether he intentionally killed her. 24-year-old connor betts shot 26 people in just over 30 seconds before police officers killed him. nine of those victims ended up dying. police say betz initially went to a bar with his sister and a friend but he left a short time later and went to his car to get his body armor, his gun and his ammunition. there is growing pressure in washington for most lawmakers to pass a long stalled gun control bill. house majority leader, senate hoyer is urging mitch mcconnell to call back the senate for a vote on a bill. it requires universal background checks on all gun sales across the country. the resolution known as hr eight
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passed the house 5 months ago but since then, the bill has stalled in the senate. >> is it the solution to all this violence? it is not. but 95% of americans support it because they believe it is a significant and important step to take in the face of this violence. >> after the mass shootings in el paso and dayton, senator mcconnell said he had no plans of calling senators back to capitol hill early from their summer break but he does say that the senate will debate gun safety once they are back in session next month. bedbug basically just pierces your skin with a straw kind of like a capri son and drink your blood. >> a bedbug infestation at fire
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stations in san francisco. what the department is doing to deal with the problem . >> what we are learning about the three chp officers who were shot during a gun battle in southern california. >> and details about the bart tracker. that will not only impact bart passengers but will also close lanes on a highway in the east bay . >>
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now to riverside california where two officers are still hospitalized following a shootout that killed a third chp officer. 34-year-old andrew moye a -- officer moye died in a gun battle. the two other officers injures are to survive but the as 49-y luther was shot and killed
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during the gun battle. they say he had a criminal record including a conviction for attempted murder. phil sherman is in riverside with more. phil? >> well, it was a day that we buried a los angeles police officer who was gunned down while off duty and when that funeral ended, word broke of east los angeles here in riverside county, another episode of gunfire and as you mentioned, it left 1 officer dead, two hospitalized and the gunman also killed and everyone wondering, why . >> a big heart, a dependable guy working his dream job, that is how slain chp officer andre moyer was remembered by his colleagues today. reads with messages of love and support were brought to the chp's riverside station . >> he was the type of guy that everybody liked. >> that was moye's boss with the highway patrol, still shaken in the aftermath of the
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dramatic gun battle that took moye's life. after what has been described as a routine traffic stop, 530 monday afternoon on a busy riverside street. >> this is, this shows how dangerous the job of a california highway patrol and law enforcement is in general. people talk about routine stops but there are no routine stops. >> officer moye, mortally wounded was able to call from back up to came from all over. the exchange of gunfire lasted as the chp put it, "several minutes . >> he started shooting at the cops and the cops return fire but at the end, the whole time, he was on him, he did not let them get up . >> today we are learning more about the suspected shooter, 49- year-old aaron luther who also died at the scene. presumably, he was shot by law enforcement. he is an ex-con, paroled in 2004 after serving time for attempted murder and burglary. as per reports, he was a member
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of an alarm motorcycle game. investigators are reluctant to say much . >> we run off what we are told, rumor, speculation, social media so we had to follow up with all of that today >> we have learned a search warrant was served on luther's beaumont home, looking for evidence, indication of what led the man, married with kids, out of prison for some 15 years now, and off parole, to pick up a rifle and start shooting . >> the shooter is deceased and the person who was trying to stop him, the officer, was killed in the line of duty so we don't know. >> hopefully we can find something in the suspects background door whatever that could lead us to something but right now, we just don't know. >> luther's father was speaking to reporters in riverside and said he is in shock about this and doesn't understand it, either. some positive news, as for the other two chp officers that
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were wounded, one hit in the leg by shrapnel last night, he was already treated and released. the other was in critical condition last night. however, he is awake, talking this morning, expected to make a recovery but has serious leg wounds and they are not quite sure of his future. reporting live in riverside, i'm phil sherman . >> phil, thank you. >> now to an update on the story we first brought you, an 11-year-old girl badly injured in a house fire in san jose last week has died. her grandmother was also killed in the august 5 fire. the two have been identified by the santa clara county corner as 11-year-old jessica brookbank from san bernardino county and her 83-year-old grandmother, sydney brookbank. the young man also in the home was able to escape with minor injuries. a jury in the ghost ship warehouse trial asked to hear the testimony of derick almena. the jurors are deciding whether
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almena and max harris are responsible for the deaths of 36 people in a fire back into december, 2016. they have been deliberating for 7 days. the request means the court clerk will read the testimony allowed. almena testified over the course of 4 days back in july. the jury also asked to review the testimony of miko bouchard, the other person who founded the ghost ship warehouse and they also want to rehear the testimony of ryan okay. o'keefe worked the door the night of the deadly warehouse fire. >> bart and caltrans have announced major repair projects that will affect bart passengers and drivers on the highway. at a news conference earlier today, the agency has announced that starting this weekend, bart tracks will be closed between orinda and walnut creek. it is the first of 6 scheduled weekend shutdowns so mark your calendars.
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buses will replace train service at the orinda, lafayette and walnut creek stations. maintenance crews will replace 5000 feet of track, that is nearly 50 years old. two eastbound lanes of highway 24 will also be closed because of repair work . >> this is a major track rebuild that is happening on the busiest line in our system. the stretch of bart that runs from contra costa county across the bay into san francisco is the busiest line on bart and we need to take care of this line. it is really important for our system. >> crews will also be replacing half a dozen switches that redirect trains from line to line. officials warn that riders can expect delays of 40 minutes or more during the weekend when the track is being worked on. they say leave early, be prepared, and be patient.
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>> chief meteorologist, bill martin is out tonight. mark tamayo is filling in. what a beautiful day in the bay area today . >> temperatures, have been zooming up and tomorrow is going to be in the uncomfortable range, i think . >> it was a little uncomfortable today. >> >> look at the temperatures behind me. make these of the forecast highs as we compiled a few of the areas that will be topping 100 degrees. this will be the case wednesday and even thursday in the forecast. not even around 100. a few spots could be 105, 106 degrees, that for wednesday, we are starting off off with this. be extra careful out there especially after 11 am or 12 eight 12 pm when temperatures skyrocket into the afternoon hours. satellite is showing you this, the fog is still somewhat of a factor near portions of the coastline earlier. it has cleared out for good portion of the bay area and temperatures, we check in on those, a big rain so the entire area is not heating up at the real intense heat as you would expect, toward the inland east bay, north bay and santa clara county is where we have the heat advisory in place for wednesday and thursday. san jose, currently 87, san francisco checking in at 73. here's the live camera looking towards san francisco.
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a bit of haze in the sky with air quality taking a hit. if you can spare the air by carpooling, riding a bike or anything like that, tomorrow and also into thursday, maybe in evening to friday, we will watch out for that. overnight lows, mostly clear, patchy fog could redevelop near portions of the coastline. temperatures also a warm start. it is a launching pad for triple digit heat and that will happen for tomorrow because this guy, this high pressure is building in, setting up across a good portion of the desert southwest, approaching california. a very hot in land, wednesday and thursday but we do have a microclimate. beaches in the 70s, upper 60s to low 70s and the hotspots, around 100 50 106 degrees. this forecast model is trying to bring in some fog coastline coast side. we could have a few dents patches of fog. if you are driving across the golden gate bridge, you could be driving over the top, a shallow marine layers, mid-50s into the 60s. in the afternoon, temperatures ranging from 70 to 1050106 degrees. take a look at the numbers. wednesday afternoon, more triple digits toward santa rosa, fairfield and vacaville. it will warm up around the bay
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close to 90 in oakland, san jose is under a heat advisory for tomorrow. temperatures in the mid-90s. morgan hill and gilmour topping 100. san francisco downtown, lower 80s and the beaches mainly in the 70s. here's a look ahead at the five- day forecast. this is one of the deals. >> oh, boy . >> you have to be extra careful tomorrow into thursday. take it easy and we stay cooler on friday but 97 still sounds hot to me . >> yeah . >> we will still be cooling off gradually in the weekend so thankfully there is relief headed our way but the next couple of days could be intense. >> take care of your pets and your kids and the elderly . >> yes. >> hong kong riot police say enough is enough and moving on protesters. they will shut down the airport here for the second day in a row. that is my story coming up. coming up here on ktvu news at 6:00, a crash in oakland
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involving a police patrol car. more details ahead. new information about a san francisco police raid on a journalist following leaked information about the death of public defender, jeff adachi.
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for the second day in a row, chickens were stopped in dozens of outgoing flights canceled at hong kong international airport. this as antigovernment protests grow increasingly violent as
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you see in this video. 5 people were arrested, two police officers injured during today's protest. amid the chaos, some flights are still getting out. senior foreign affairs correspondent -- has more on the unrest at the international airport >> it is five days of protests and two days of canceled flights of the world's eighth busiest airport. writers moving in a democracy protesters. trying to contain them. police are making what appeared to be targeted arrests while chaos unfolded . >> we do not tolerate violence from the police force and we think this is injustice to use such force . >> we police attended to clear the criminal and protesters involved in significant clashes. the purchase originally shutdown the airport and were nonviolent. with the impact worsening and pressure growing, police warned the type of crackdown could happen if protesters did not disperse . >> protesters violent attacks can do nothing but damage. we will hold all such attackers
5:27 pm
accountable . >> >> i hope it works out for everyone. i hope it works out peacefully. i hope nobody gets hurt. i hope nobody gets killed . >> meanwhile thousands of travelers are at the airport and is unclear when flights will resume . >> we have university. we need to go home and because they are protesting, we can't go back . >> police and, hong kong say they only entered the terminal to help paramedics get to an injured man confronted by protesters. on wall street, stocks rose after the u.s. senate will hold off on new tariffs set to go into effect about two weeks from now. retailers led the rebound.
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the dow is up 370 two points. the nasdaq up 152 and the s&p up 42. the rally helped wipe out much of the losses over the last two sessions. president trump says he is postponing the tariffs on cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices that are made in china. the 10% import taxes will not take effect until december 15. a few other items were removed from the list of tariffs altogether including baby seats and certain seafood products. china has also said the two sides held discussions on trade overnight and would talk again over the next two weeks . >> bedbugs confirmed at two fire stations and there are inspections going on at a third. >> bedbugs only feed off of one thing, blood. okay, so it doesn't matter how filthy or how clean your environment is . >> coming up next, what san francisco has planned for the bedbug infestation . >> it is really emotional. >> the beginning of the school year is supposed to be filled with hope. still to come tonight, why the new year is hard for some
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parents having to send their kids to a different school than what they expected . >> bragging rights and playoff position on the line here in san francisco. we will hear from the a's on the giants as they get set for around 1 game 1 of the bay bridge series >>
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the san francisco fire department is battling an infestation of bedbugs. 3 fire stations are affected. ktvu's christien kafton went to state action 29 and tells us the bedbugs are not impacting fire services. >> san francisco fire confirms two stations, 13 and 29, have bedbugs and a third station 36, is still being inspected. san francisco fire said the stations are open and working well pest control experts work to eradicate the bedbugs. the fire part department said in in part, we are taking steps to mitigate this and will do what
5:33 pm
we can to remove them from fire hoses and ensure the safety of employees. today the fire department issued a response saying all firefighters and ems personnel respond to calls every day where there are unknown hazards and conditions. we are aware of the matter and have raised concerns with the administration. san francisco goes pest control specialist, nato's shintaro says bedbugs are perfectly designed to suck blood from their hosts. >> it basically pierces your skin with a straw, kind of like a capri son and they drink your blood . >> all it takes a few bedbugs or pregnant female and you have an infestation on your hands. he says there are any number of ways for them to hitch a ride into anyone's home. insted envi a brush against a common household item. >> chairs, you know, curtains, whatever, if you brush up against the bedbug and the bedbug latches onto you, it can
5:34 pm
potentially come into your dwelling place. >> the county health says bedbug infestations are an ongoing problem in san francisco. the city requires landlords to begin extermination within 48 hours of notification of infestation. sitar also says infestation does not reflect the overall cleanliness of the home . >> bedbugs only feed off of one thing, blood, okay, so it doesn't matter how filthy or how clean your environment is. they are only going to be looking for that blood meal. >> reporter: we tried to talk with firefighters at various locations about the bedbug issue and none of them wanted to talk, especially on camera. we do have a tip for you from our vector control specialist who says if you are concerned about traveling and bringing bedbugs to your home, you might want to consider putting your luggage in the bathtub. he says the slick porcelain service makes it difficult for bedbugs to get access to your luggage and hitch a ride to your home. in temperatures cisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. santa clara county is considering a new plan to build permanent affordable housing for people who are homeless. supervisor, cindy chavez says housing would be on 80 acres of county owned land near
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hospitals, clinics and public transportation. the board of supervisors discussed the money-saving proposal today. >> the county's primary interest is in affordable housing and the reason is that for every person who is homeless on the street, we spend between $60,000 and $90,000 a year keeping them healthy with ambulances and jail in hospital and mental health services. >> chavez also says paying for services for person who has housing is far less expensive than services for a person on the street. the new affordable housing would be paid for with funds from measure a which was approved by santa clara county voters 3 years ago . >> the san francisco school board will consider a proposal to prefers preserve the controversial mural at washington high school that has been criticized as racist. the board president says he has a plan to cover the life of washington euros so it is not destroyed. the mural do. george washington's life and
5:36 pm
includes pictures of black slaves, whites let's settlers and native americans. actor, danny glover graduated from washington high and says he thinks, in his opinion, it is important to keep the mural on display . >> i think it is the wrong message. it's the wrong message. let's talk about the reality of this was happening. why are they not taught in their particular school, in their lessons on the history that that which is evident right there, does it make them uncomfortable to talk about that in the history classes? the idea of slavery? >> the school board president's proposal calls for covering the mural with artwork that shows the heroism of people in of color in america and the flight to end racism and discrimination. >> battle lines are drawn tonight here in the bay area. it is game 1 of the bay bridge series, a's versus giants . >> ktvu scott reith is at oracle park in san francisco. these games are important because both teams are on the hunt for a wild-card playoff spot. >> yes, no doubt. important on several levels. i just had a ball ricochet
5:37 pm
right to me so even when you are out of the line of batting practice, you have to mind your -- always have to be heads up. it feels like a big deal and it is not just because of the rivalry which is obviously something that resonates throughout the bay area. but you have two teams both in contention for wild-card spots and also it is late in the season for them to be playing for the first time, here we are in mid-august so a lot of excitement. twice the normal media contingent here earlier. the a's are taking batting practice right now, that was chris davis in the cage, the giants took it and finished up about 15 to 20 minutes ago. both teams, very much in the hunt, the a's two games out, the giants 3 1/2 game games out in the wild card and have more work to do because there are about 5 teams in front of them but these games are hugely meaningful for both clubs and that is not lost inside both
5:38 pm
clubhouses. >> they are right across the bay so we just want to win and keep giants fans happy and when the bridge -- win the bridge trophy . >> it is pretty intense rivalry, both teams playing pretty good. both teams trying to close out the season strong, trying to make the postseason so i imagine it is going to be as close to playoff atmosphere as you can get . >> obviously a fun time when you can play your arrival so the environment here is also met a lot of fun. it should be a great time for fans and for us on the field . >> do you have a opinion on the had? >> not a fan . >> >> come on, pick a side. we have seen a couple of those hats here but for the most part, fans are partisan, either all green and gold or all orange and black. there are black bragging rights on the line for both clubs but the giants, maybe a little pride here as well. they have not won the season series from the cross bay rival since 2015 so they will have a chance to get a leg up in the
5:39 pm
series at home tonight. will play two in san francisco and next weekend, two more in oakland. the bay bridge series trophy is up for grabs. i have a batting practice baseball so maybe whoever wants it most, i might offered back in the studio . >> the weather looks absolutely incredible out there tonight . >> yes, i will tell you what, we brought the oakland coliseum weather across the bay to oracle park. it is just picture-perfect out here. the sun is going down and normally that would mean time to break out the parkas but not tonight. it is still in the 70s, gorgeous and they are going to enjoy that, certainly, watching the game . >> scott reith audit oracle park, thank you . >> it is round two for california versus the trump administration but this time, 22 other states are joining the fight. the reason they all filed a lawsuit today . >> and one of the biggest names in opera accused of sexual harassment. and now, the investigation is infecting the san francisco opera.
5:40 pm
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the warden of the jail were jeffrey epstein die in what officials say is likely a suicide has been removed from duty and reassigned to a regional office during the investigation. the two guards assigned to watch epstein were placed on leave put the 66-year-old was facing sex trafficking charges and had been taken off suicide
5:43 pm
watch but was supposed be checked by guards every 30 minutes. the fbi and justice department are investigating his death. >> the government was responsible for maintaining his security and safety and that is a failure that needs to be completely investigated to see how happened. >> sources have said that epstein was found in his cell with a bed sheet around his neck at the metropolitan correctional center in new york and we are told the jail has recently been plagued with staffing shortages. merrimack opera singer placido domingo is facing allegations of sexual harassment by several women. domingo is the director of the l.a. opera, 9 women say he tried to pressure them into having sex by offering them jobs. as many as 36 people claim to have witnessed inappropriate behavior by domingo. >> the san francisco opera has now canceled his upcoming performances. domingo has denied any wrongdoing, calling the accusations deeply troubling and inaccurate. >> california is among 22 states suing the trump
5:44 pm
administration. the challenges of the repeal of the clean power act and the replacement, the affordable clean energy or ace rule. the clean power plan was created under the obama administration, designed to lower carbon dioxide in emissions. the argument is that a repeal of the plan violates the environmental protection act which is to crackdown on --'s president trump visited a plant outside pittsburgh highlighting the manufacturing in the state of pennsylvania. president trump touted what he calls americans energy dominance and manufacturing revival. he spoke with workers before touring the factory north of pittsburgh. is still being built -- will capitalize on the areas national natural -- gas into plastic . >> one of the single biggest construction projects in the nation and it made it possible and was possible -- making
5:45 pm
affordable, all-american, natural gas. >> environmentalists claim the plan will be the largest air polluter in western pennsylvania. with construction employing thousands of workers, the presidencies the factory as a crucial economic engine. the presidents visit was slated for last week with was propounded during due to mass shootings in ohio and texas . >> is not the way some parents expected to start the new school year . >> i want them to have the opportunities that are available in silicon valley. i want them to have a choice in their future. >> why some parents are having a tough time sending their kids to a different school than they expected. >> and in weather, bit of a warm up today across a good portion of the bay area and the relief set to move in for tomorrow. more details on the heat advisory that goes into effect on the wednesday forecast.
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some south bay parents are upset after the charter school they were planning to send the kids did not open . >> maureen naylor tells us they are pointing the finger at the school district in this ongoing dispute while administrators say the schools leaders have had warning signs for months.
5:49 pm
>> it has been really emotional . >> for the second year in a row, back-to-school time is disappointing for the san jose mothers. >> a lot of frustration and anger . >> the parents had been hoping to send their children to a yet to open charter school and for the second year in a row, it is not happening . >> as a mom i've been working to help create this school and have a place for my children to remain for the next number of years and we had everything set and we had our perfect school and it has been extremely emotional . >> promise academy, dubbed a small free public school in san jose, according to a spokeswoman, was supposed to open monday with 96 students. parents say a week ago the san jose unified school district informed them they would not be able to use classrooms in south san jose as initially planned . >> we had members, staff, funding, we had everything set up for our school. the one thing that stopped the school from opening was san jose unified . >> san jose unified leaders disagree saying the district is being made a scape goat for a poorly managed charter school that committed to late and changed its facilities request
5:50 pm
for fewer classrooms well and rolling initial figures . >> we have raised concerns about the process about uncertain enrollment numbers and whether or not they would be able to execute their agreement and unfortunately, they did not share that information with families. we wish they had. >> as for the parents, they were able to get their children into other san jose charter schools . >> we have been fighting for 2 1/2 years, 2 1/2 to 3 years already to get the school opened and i don't know that there is -- >> promise academy has a filed a second lawsuit against san jose unified and is waiting to see how that plays out. in san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu fox2 news . >> topping the headlines wednesday and thursday, you probably saw the bump in the numbers today.
5:51 pm
sunshine, temperatures in the lower 70s in san francisco. you can see we had mild temperatures pull side, hot numbers in mind and a big temperature range. crissey field only 65 degrees this afternoon. walnut creek in the upper 90s, at least 97 with a few spots approaching 98 and 99 degrees in the walnut creek area. highs from this afternoon, triple digits towards concord, fairfield and antioch. san jose, 91, san francisco, 76 and santa rosa, 97 degrees. the heat will continue to build not only for wednesday but in the fourth thursday forecast. all of the areas in red are excessive heat warnings toward solano county and lake county. the heat advisory for portions of the north bay, east bay and santa clara cut county -- valley.
5:52 pm
it is going to be hot but this is really targeting overnight relief, and it is not going to cool off overnight in some areas and portions of northern california. that is why we have the difference of the heat warning and heat advisory but in general it is going to be a very intense hot today inland over the next couple of days. here's the satellite, fog being pushed to the south, close to monterey bay. lots of sunshine over the bay area this afternoon and temperatures on the warm to hot side, 103 degrees toward fairfield, san jose 87, oakland 80 and san francisco currently 73 degrees. here's the live camera. once again, the spare the air alert in place for tomorrow, possibly into thursday as well as the weather pattern doesn't change too much. not a lot of mixing to clear out the haze. overnight lows, 50s and 60s to start tomorrow morning. the area of high pressure rebuild so this will be the source of heat as we head into the wednesday forecast. that means very hot temperatures, above 100 degrees, 105, 106 degrees for wednesday and thursday. the beaches mainly in the 70s. maybe even some bayside locations warming into the 80 sohae be double as the bay area
5:53 pm
not under oppressive heat but still heating up across the region. mid-50s and mid 60s tomorrow with bright colors indicating hot temperatures. fire danger will be increasing and that will be a concern during the peak of the heat tomorrow afternoon and once again at the thursday. santa rosa, 100, fairfield, 106. right around the bay, inching closer to 90 for oakland, 88, double digits for livermore, walnut creek, concord, antioch and brentwood. gilroy, 103 degrees in san francisco, -- >> 81? >> yes, 81 degrees in downtown san francisco. if you want to drive maybe 3 a 4 miles to the west, there are 70s near the immediate coastline . >> i can't take it when it gets into the 90s. what about you? 90s, 100? >> today was 97. it was hot . >> it is dangerous stuff so be extra careful out there but if you are taking kids the park, look for the shade . >> you are right. sometimes it is so easy to think about just leaving the kid in the car while running in. or i'll just leave my dog in the car while i run in for second in the car heats up like that.
5:54 pm
you cannot do that . >> at an exponential rate so you have to completely not even think about that and definitely be prepared, tomorrow and thursday. it is going to be one of those deals, typically 100 degrees is hot but this is 105 and 106 degrees . >> yes, all right, mark. thank you. coming up, a boot camp for the 49ers training camp. a special day for local members of the military -- it looks like me out there. they got to test their skills on the football field. >> coming up on ktvu news at 6:00, the decision that could impact more than 80,000 kaiser employees across the nation. the strike vote by workers here in california . >> an oakland police cruiser involved in a crash earlier today, details coming up at 6:00. >>
5:55 pm
one call 811 before you dig.ings you can do is to make sure you calling 811 can get your lines marked. it's free, it's easy, we come out and mark your lines. we provide you the information so you will dig safely.
5:56 pm
leave the structure, call 911, keep people away, and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
5:57 pm
as a salute to those in the military, the san francisco 49ers held a football style boot camp for dozens of men and women serving at travis air force base . >> that is so much fun. rob roth tells us those military folks were more than up to the 49ers challenge. >> it may be the san francisco 49ers practice field but those were not the niners using it tuesday afternoon. those are air men and women from travis air force base . >> >> reporter: as part of the salute to the service, the niners along with the nfl men and and the usaa, sponsored a boot camp of sorts. a military style one, 50 men and women from transit travis put their shoes and worked on running, and even pass
5:58 pm
catching . >> i loved it. thank you for the experience. definitely, the 49ers for that . >> these folks from travis seaman good shape but can they measure up to the niners and the three code drill? >> they are super in shape, just bigger than us, they are not normal human beings. they are just amazing . >> a few years double as they thought they could hold their own . >> we had to do a lot of running and calisthenics and push-ups and situps. it was very good. very good . >> you think you could hang with the 49ers? >> yes, i do. >> these boot camps are going on in 6 nfl cities throughout the month of august but it is the first time here as the 49ers. star tight end, george served as honorary host . >> it means the world to me because there is nomilitary members. they do what i do so i can do what i do. >> the bullpen camp serves as appreciation for those on the base by the end military team . >> i'm just really proud that
5:59 pm
we are being recognized and it is meaningful to come out here and have them commemorate this for us . >> you think you could play? >> you know what? there are good athletes out here. they are all running around in tennis shoes so it's a little difficult. >> maybe next time. clara, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. s.t.e.a.m. this is ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 . >> a man with a gun on any space street pretending to fire at passing cars. tonight, he is in the hospital after police officers say they were forced to shoot him. >> out of nowhere we just heard the pop pop pop and i saw a guy, it was bullets and i was like oh, snap . >> we have learned the man pointed the gun at passing cars and was holding a replica gun. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville . >> i'm alyana gomez in for
6:00 pm
julie. witnesses say it was frightening with one man explaining what it was like to have the gun turned on him. henry lee talked with witnesses and is here now with the latest on the investigation. henry? >> frank and eliana, the gun may have been fake but the terror was real pick hayward police confirm two officers opened fire on the suspect after he was seen waving and brandishing what looked like an actual handgun a drivers . >> haywood police opened fire on a suspect on busy mission boulevard near valley vista at about 9 am tuesday morning. two officers shot and wounded the suspect, described only as an asian man in his 20s. officers were called to the scene by citizens reporting a man with a gun . >> he was waving the gun in the air. community members called because we witnessed a male waving a gun in the mid air . >> the man >> reporter: the man is expected to survive. police say the gun turned out to be fake . >> it was later determined to
6:01 pm
be a replica firearm . >> for several hours, haywo


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