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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  August 14, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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association football championship last season. the director of "last chance u." says i'm thrilled to tell stories about the team, about the school and about the city of oakland. and this morning the trump administration is defending its immigration policy. as we get first-hand accounts of what life is like inside processing centers for migrants today. and plus, fluctuating markets after the president's decision to delay tariffs on chinese goods. how this could affect shoppers in the bay area once the holiday shopping season comes around. >> and pushing the boundaries, how one woman managed to implant a tesla car key chip into her arm. we are taking on the heat again. we're starting with a live look at the godden gate bridge. things are nice here now, but my goodness, maybe 20, 25 miles east of this spot you are going to be sweltering again today. i love the east bay. we don't have a.c. and we always say we don't need
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it! there are a couple days every year you say you might want it. >> i took my children down t the local community pool and we spent a good hour or so there from yesterday along with dozens of other people. >> and some sort of splash park, water play will be in a lot of fee's plans today -- people's plans today. we're getting a look at a pretty hot day today. the hottest day of the week? >> today or tomorrow. a good day to run through the sprinkler as well. there may be recording set today. santa rosa wowed be one. it -- would be one. i don't see how they're not going to set one. the record is 94. and in 2013, and they were forecast to be at least 99 today. san francisco would fall four short. 86 is the record. the same for oakland. the forecast high is 86.
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so it will be close. there will be many in the 100's from 100 to 105. fairfield, ukiah. so there is enough here for hot conditions, and that includes pleasanton and palo alto, the 90s. there is san jose, 80 and even santa cruz at 86. the heat advisory is out. some will top out today. maybe a few tonight. all of the forecast highs are well above where they should be for this time of year and that should continue for friday. the bay bridge series, take the sunscreen. it is going to be 80 degrees. no fog. yesterday we had a little bit that is long gone. fairfield is already 83. there are a lot of 70s showing up even along the bay. we're well on our way to a warm day. and for tomorrow, inland is still going to be very warm
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with about 100 to 104. so, yes, today is a hot one and temperatures, we'll see when they cool down in about a half hour. >> thank you. police are investigating an overnight gun fire in contra costa county. this happened about 1:00 this morning at california street. there are bullet holes in cars and homes as well as about two dozen evidence markers out there on the street. there are also reports that two people may have been shot and are now in the hospital. we have a call in to police to confirm that and learn what may have led up to the gun fire. also, fire crews in fairfield contained a two-alarm structure fire this morning. that broke out at 4:00 on kentucky street. that is just a block away from the high school. the officials say no one was injured in that fire. the cause of that fire is still not yet known. the trump administration is defending its new immigration policy. as kris jenkins reports from washington, the administration is facing even more criticism for its reinterpretation of its
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indescription on the statue of --en description on the statue of liberty. >> reporter: the trump administration is not backing down on its heavy immigration policy. the white house announcing a new rule that would see green card applicants rejected for receiving public assistance or failing to meet income standards. in defense of that rule, acting citizenship and immigration services director saying the famous inscription on the statue of liberty is about, quote, people coming from europe. >> if i open my mouth, you know, they'll scream something awful came out no matter what. this is, you know, the theme of the left media has been to ask about this because apparently they don't want to talk about the policy. >> reporter: but immigrationed a -- but immigration advocates say it could discourage immigrants who are eligible from applying. >> this does not make america any greater as well.
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it is simply going to make us poorer, hungrier and sicker. >> reporter: president trump, brushing off those concerns claiming his immigration crackdown is working. citing a recent 4 #% drop in illegal border crossings thanks to new regulations. >> mexico is stepping up to do more enforcement on their southern border, the transportation routes and the hue plan smugglers bringing migrants to the border. we have seen a reduction in flows. >> reporter: the new public charge rule is expected to take effect on october 15th. in waon, grif jenkins, ktvu fox 2 news. and a san francisco judge has released a redacted copy of an affidavit that led to one of several police raids on a freelance journalist. they were issued for his home, phone and office. the police were trying to learn how he obtained a police report that detailed the circumstances surrounding the death of the public defender.
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the affidavit identifies him as a freelance videographer and his er careis producing and selling hot news stories. a judge signed off on a warrant despite a california law that protects journalists from revealing sources to police. they are tightening up the standards for when the police can search someone's home ruling they can only enter with a warrant or in abemergency. until now -- an emergency. they could only enter with a warrant when swift action is needed such as to save a life or to prevent serious damage to property. the justices said that someone's home is the place where privacy expectations are most heightened. there are new developments in the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland as the jury now enters its eighth day of deliberations. just yesterday they asked to review testimony. this ask means the court -- this request means the court
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clerk will read the testimony back. and ryan o'keefe, he actually worked the door the night of the deadly fire in december of 2016. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has been in the courtroom since day one and he is standing by for the jury's verdict. in the meantime, you can read henry's blog on our web site at some parents are upset that the charter school they were planning to send their children to didn't open for a second row in a row. it was supposed to open monday with 96 students enrolled. just a week ago they wouldn't be able to use classrooms at the stein beck school in south san jose as was initially planned. the district leaders say they disagree and say they're being made a scapegoat. >> as a mom, i have been working to help create this school and have a place for my children do remain for the next
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number of years, and we had everything set and we had our perfect school and it has been extremely emotional. >> and we have raised concerns with them throughout this process about uncertain enrollment numbers and whether or not they would be able to execute their agreement and unfortunately they didn't share that information with families. we wish they did. >> promise academy has now filed a second lawsuit against the district. and the san francisco unified school district will work on a plan to cover a controversial mural at george washington high school. >> you are trying to wipe out american history. don't do it. leave that mural alone. it tells the whole truth about mr. washington being complicit in the slave trade. >> a school board voted to preserve the mural but cover it at a contentious board meeting
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yesterday. it depicts george washington as a slave owner. critics say the images are cruel to students of color and a hindrance to learning. >> i am a great, great granddaughter of a slave. i don't need a mural in my school and office to remind me that i'm a slave. >> i don't get it. i don't get why people are not standing up for this, you know. there are black and brown boys dying. >> yesterday's vote was a close one at 4-3. the mural is not expected to be covered this year. well, it is back to class for tens of thousands of students in the south bay. >> it is the first day of school today for the san jose unified school district. >> we're joined live at river glen school where students and parents are ready to kick off the new academic year. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: good morning a very exciting day here in the south bay. there are so many students and parents and teachers just eager to get this school year started. we saw a lot of people taking pictures. the classic first day of school pictures here at river glen
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school in san jose. the first bell of the 20 19-20 20 school year just rang and the students are in their classrooms. now, river glen is the only k.- eight school in the entire district. this year the students can expect a lot of learning in spanish and english and also learn life skills like how to get along with each other and learn from your mistakes. there are 40 other schools in the san jose unified school district and they all have their first days today too. 30,000 students total will head back to the classroom this morning after a couple of months off for summer break. there are, of course, first-day- of-school jitters going object here. they hosted a breakfast for parents of kindergarteners. it is a way to get parents and new students more comfortable with the school before saying their good-byes, but students and parents are not the only ones dealing with nerves today. >> this is my 22nd year in sang unified. i have gone to san jose unified schools my whole life. and i still could not sleep last night. i'm going to crash and burn probably later on today, and
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i'm still -- they are good jitters. they're happy jitters. i can't wait to see the kids come to school, but i have jitters just like the teachers and the students as well. >> reporter: something new this year, san jose unified launched a new program l cayed rise into special education to address a special education teacher shortage. teachers can get a special education credential at sang state for free as long -- at san jose state for free as long as they commit to working in the district for four years. it will definitely help. now back out here live, the students are in their classrooms. the school year is underway. cal fire did tweet some safety advice. if you're dropping your kids off, definitely just be aware for the drivers. kids are going to be walking and biking to school, so just don't be distracted and low down. in san jose this morning, ktvu fox # news. coming up in a moment on mornings on 2. a twist
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involving the case. >> in our next half hour, the sentence he was handed down after being arrested for his involvement in a street brawl in sweden. a roller coaster ride for the markets after president trump delayed plans to announce tariffs in china. how it could affect consumers here in the bay area. ♪ limu emu & doug
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the president's decision to delay sop tariffs on china having a ripple effect here in the united states. >> you have been watching stocks all morning. the dow jones is down by almost 2. 5% losing more than 630 points. the s&p is down. and this is after the opt mitch we saw yesterday on -- optimism we saw yesterday on wall street. >> edward lawrence is at the white house with the latest on how economic experts say your wallet could be impacted by this. >> reporter: markets opening wednesday amid uncertainty. the president's decision to delay some chinese tariffs
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until mid december initially creating a surge tuesday, as stocks climbed more than 400 points in mid afternoon trading. but this morning the market taking a plunge as economic data in europe and raise i can't signaled the possibility of a looping recession worrying some investors. >> i think the market should be really happy about what happened yesterday. you have certainty now about how things are going to unfold. >> reporter: still the tariff delay bringing some economic relief after weeks of trade tensions between the u.s. and china. >> it looks like the trump administration wants to save christmas. >> reporter: products that could benefit from the tariff delay including cell phones, laptops, shoes and clothing. >> no matter what the white house guys say every week, it is american companies and consumers that are paying for those tariffs. >> reporter: in the meantime, tensions escalating between ina and hong kong as anti- beijing protests enter their third month of demonstrations.
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flights into hong kong resuming, but president trump revealing on twit their china is moving military troops to the among congress border. >> the hong kong thing is a very tough situation. very tough. we'll see what happens. but i'm certain it will work out. >> reporter: a spokesperson for china's foreign ministry says house speaker nancy pelosi and mitch mcconnell are responsible for inciting violence and chaos in hong kong. they say the statements to sort the truth and whitewash the violence is a struggle for human rights and freedom. at the white house, edward lawrence, ktvu fox 2. and joining me now in the studio, consumer psychologist. a big day yesterday on the market a rough day as we are seeing now. kind of the tale of two different stories. to tell it, let's start from the beginning putting off the new tariffs on many chinese goods. what does it mean for the retail sector? >> they're excited about it. i think they wish they would be put into effect in january.
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>> december 15th, we are in the peak of shopping season here for the holidays, and so even if the price of merchandise isn't changed a whole lot, what consumers get is a feeling of uncertainty about the future and that will put the cay bash on spending. >> reporter: would it not mean that consumers would get an earlier start, you know, for me it is december, but if i know the bryces are go up -- prices are going to go up, maybe i will start in october, november. >> excellent point. consumers have been starting earlier, and not just because this is a trend that hohnline shopping has -- that online shopping has brought about, but to avoid tariffs. >> best buy and apple had huge days when it came to their stock yesterday, if the new tariffs were to be imposed what would we have seen? >> increased pricing for sure. the thinnings that will be on -- things that will be on tariffs are all christmas items. these are the things that
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people spend a lot of money on for holiday shopping. but -- and so there will be a delay, but i think the uncertainty can't be under estimated. consumers like to feel like they know what they can expect. >> so yesterday we had this positive day and right now we are experiencing a big drop, you know, on the dow jones. it is down more than 2%. you can say the same for the nasdaq and s&p 500. why this fear of a recession? we talk about the yield on the benchmark 10-year treasury neat and something we haven't seen thins 2005 which was a couple of years before the great recession. >> yeah. it is really -- jobs are number one. without a doubt, consumers respond to a feeling of certainty about their own jobs and after that they like predictability. even if it is bad news, they feel more confident than uncertainty and i think what we're getting now is uncertainty. compound that with the fact that so much of our economy is dependent on retail. about 30% of retail sale0s cur during the holiday season.
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so even though there is this boost of confidence that holiday merchandise will be priced in such a way where consumers are going to snap it up anyway. the uncertainty is going to bring down confidence. >> i'm sitting here as a consumer, okay. great news yesterday. >> yeah. >> and then here we are today about this fear of a recession. not even a recession, does the fear of a recession outweigh or weigh more for what we experienced yesterday? >> that is exactly what it is. so even bad news feels good if people know what to expect. so they can adjust around that accordingly not knowing on uncertainty and coming and going of tariffs and economic news, this creates fear in the hearts of consumers which then causes them to pull back on spending which then ripples into, you know, economic disaster. >> you hate to see it, but it is something that we are experiencing at least this morning. >> yes, exactly. >> always a pleasure. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> back to you. coming up in a minute,
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concerns over facial recognition technology. we'll let you know about a new bill that would ban the use of the software in police body cameras. caught on camera. what happened to the man in this video after he attacked a woman at the door of her condo building in san francisco.
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new this morning, the clashes between hong kong police and pro-democracy act visits are moving from the hong kong airport to city streets. there were some confrontations in a residential neighborhood. the democrat industry fors gathered outside of a police station. the police in riot gear fired tear gas at protestors to try to break up the crowd. the situation at the airport in hong kong is much calmer today following this week's clashes. about 40 activists camped out at the arrival area but operations resumed with no major disruptions. the airport remained open all day. authorities say the violence on monday and tuesday grounded
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nearly 1,000 flights. and we're now hearing stories of chaos and panic from people in the bay area who just traveled to hong kong. several flights arrived at san francisco international airport last night. passenger after passenger told us that they had to actually run through the clashes in order to catch their flights. they consider themselves extremely fortunate that they were actually able to make it on board. >> and i pushed past lots of protestors and there was shouting and screaming. i think a fight broke out at some point. >> you're seeing so many different expressions on different people's faces. i saw some people having panic attacks and just breaking down. >> many people we spoke with say they were born in hong kong or still have relatives there and some say it invokes images of the massacre at tee enman square. and many are worried the chinese government will ramp up its military forces. and in the downtown area, calling for an end to gun
9:24 am
violence. it was sponsored by the congresswoman barbara lee who says she will push for reinstating a ban on assault weapons when she gets back to washington. one teenager says she emigrated from guatemala and fears she will be targeted because of her skin color. she said she went to the vigil to find comfort and solutions. >> when i go out sometimes i'm scared because you don't know if something is go dog happen to you, like, -- going to happen to you, like, for example, what happened in wal- mart. >> these are not individual whose have mental health issues. this is a movement of people who are afraid of the ways in which the demographics of our country is changing. >> the congresswoman lee said if no action is taken to prevent gun violence and hate speech, lit lead to a country we won't recognize. happening today, the students and staff in the gilroy unified school district are set to be back in classrooms for their first day of school. many of the older stints often volunteer at the gilroy garlic
9:25 am
festival and some were actually there when the shooting happened. the superintendent said the district has counselors at schools. she hopes getting back into a routine will also help the students. the el polio restaurant said it rey raised more than -- it raised more than $13,000 for the victims. more than 2,000 people came to the fundraiser on monday. the restaurant donated all of its proceeds from lunch and din tore the families. the restaurant is right near the festival grounds and the owners said they just wanted to do something to help out. in san francisco, a homeless man has been arrested for an attack on a woman. the security video shows the assault on saturday night. the suspect has been identified as austin vinson. the woman told us the man appeared to be mentally ill telling her he was trying to save her while also demanding her money, keys and phone. the neighbors are especially concerned because there is a 200-bed navigation center for
9:26 am
the homeless that is currently being built next to the condo complex. >> this is mental illness and drug issues and security and the city is irresponsible. they're putting our lives at risk. they kept saying these people are safe. they're harmless. you have proper resources. >> in a statement the mayor's office said it supported the center adding, quote, allowing people to continue to remain on the street without providing resources will only make the challenges we face more severe. new this morning, fremont police are asking for help in finding a young man who is considered at risk. he disappeared late last night. he has autism and he is non- verbal. his picture is on your screen. he is described as having a heavy build. he was last seen wearing a pair of ear muffs for sound protection. the fremont police say that sky was last seen at the intersection of grimmer boulevard and the parkway around 11:45 last night. if you have seen him or have information about his whereabouts, please call police. all right. coming up here on mornings on
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2. triple digit temperatures in many areas in the bay area. >> and steve paulson says it could hit 102 degrees today. the precautions you need to stay cool and safe. >> the american rapper found guilty of assault in sweden. why he probably won't be complaining, though, about that verdict.
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♪herrrre come this hair is happenin'! they think normal pesticide treatments will stop us! nix ultra!!! ahhhh!!! kill super lice and eggs with nix ultra. more effective than the leading prescription. maybe some parts of the bay area will be nice. we'll fend out later today as we -- we'll find out later today as we give you a live picture on this wednesday morning. it is going to be a hot morningment it is going to be a -- hot morning. it is going to be a hot afternoon and probably evening. >> and even windows open.
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>> right. >> there is no breeze. >> you're not going to get that draft. >> be still that is why i have the fan going in the bedroom and the kitchen. steve paulson, i think i got my $15 out of my fan i bought 50 years ago. >> my rule of thumb is when the cat or dog lie down on the kitchen tile. >> my dog did it just yesterday. >> so it is hot for everybody. yes, it will be 96 for many today. maybe 96 in the shade if you're tout the east, north or south, for sure as the high builds in and it is centered right over us. 0s, 80s and 90s. ukiah, clear lake, vacaville as well, maybe brentwood. it will be close. many in between will be in the 100's. excessive heat warning. a heat advisory, so 95 to 105 settling in today and tomorrow. the a's and giants at 12:45,
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fog is out there, but it is not here. and that is not helping anyone today. look at that. calm across the board. santa rose aye. even fairfield. you don't see that too often this time of year and they're already 83 degrees. we're running anywhere from two to seven degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. livermore is plus six. so is oakland. and fair offed is plus seven compared to yesterday during the 9:00 hour. fog maybe makes an impact tomorrow, but not today. we're severe clear. 70s, 80s, 90s and 100 away from the close. june 10, 11 and 12, and lit go down here in august as well, this stretch coming in. and cool weather is on the way. hang in there, for the weekend. >> thank you, steve. today is one of the hottest days of the year so far as we have been telling you all morning. people across the bay area are looking for bays to stay cool. >> that is right. and one option is to take a
9:32 am
refreshing dip into a pool. >> and we haven't done that just yet, but she is with people who have there at the con courted community pool -- concord community pool. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i wish i could get inside this pool because it is getting hotter every hour that we are out here. the south text d.c. girl in -- texas girl in me wowed say it is nothing, but i have been in the bay area for years and i am spoiled. i am not looking forward to this. this is all part of their morning routine. they come in here every morning for a swim, and they want to get it early before the triple didn't temperatures hit this afternoon. this is a heat advisory issued by the national weather service. they say this is for the north bay, the east bay and santa clara valley. the temperatures are possibly going to be in the 90s today and hear in the concord area and brentwood, we're talking about triple didn't temperatures. i think -- triple digit temperatures. yikes.
9:33 am
that is going to be very, very hot. we spoke to a lot of people this morning coming to the pool for their morning swim and one of the men we spoke with was a schoolteacher, a fifth grade schoolteacher who says he is getting ready for the school year. students return to class tomorrow. >> and i'm sure they're trying to have one last fun day. i mean, beat thing heat or not, they're going to try for that, yes. it is going to be hot, but my classroom is now air conditioned, so it doesn't bother me so much when it is hot. >> reporter: and i'm sure a lot of people are making plans to stay indoors later today, but a lot of kids are going to want to enjoy that last day before they go back to school. if you're going to do any activities, just do your best to stay hydrated, drink plenty of water. wear your sunscreen. don't leave children and pets inside your car. that is extremely dangerous and can have some bad results. so also with this heat wave, we want to mention there is going to be a clear the air alert day today so try your best to take
9:34 am
muni, bart, or possibly car pool with someone to get to wherever you need to go. this heat advisory is going to stay in effect from 11:00 this morning all the way to #k p.m. on thursday -- 8:00 p.m. on thursday night. if you thought yesterday was bad, get ready because today will be even hotter. ktvu fox 2 news. for more on today's top stories, let's check in with dave clark in the news room. thank you. new information about the san francisco police raids on the freelance journalist. a redacted copy of an affidavit back in may was released by a san francisco judge. it led to one of several police raids on the journalist's phone, his home and his office. and the police wanted to find out how he was given a police report about the death of the public defender. and? that affidavit, he is described as a freelance video -- videographer and his career is producing and selling hot news stories. a judge signed the warrant
9:35 am
despite california's law protecting journalists from revealing the sources to police. and well, today is the eighth day of deliberations for the jury in oakland's impose ship warehouse fire trial. yesterday the jury asked to review the testimony of the defendant derek al mehanna and the ghost ship co-founder and also ryan o'keefe who worked the door the night of that deadly fire when 36 people died. now, mehanna and the co- defendant are charged with 36 counts each of involuntary manslaughter. and president trump unexpectedly called off new tariffs on many chinese products, including cell phones, laptops, toys until december after the christmas shopping season begins. the white house is delaying until december 15th a 10% tariff while the pressure is growing from businesses and consumer groups over how the trade war is hurting the economy. and that is a brief look.
9:36 am
it is some of the top stories we're working on. >> thank you, dave. have trump administration is coming under fire for its new immigration policy and its reinterpretation of its inscription on the statue of liberty. the white house announced a new rule that legal immigrants in the united states could be turned down for a green card if they have received public assistance such as food stamps for longer than 12 months in a three-year period. in talking about the new policy with reporters, the acting director of citizenship and immigration services said the inscription on the statue of liberty by welcoming immigrants about people coming from europe and the tired and poor who can stand on their own two feet. >> if i open my mouth, you know, they'll scream something awful came out no matter what. this is, you know, the theme of the left media has been to ask about this poem because apparently they don't want to talk about the policy. >> this does not make america any greater as well. it is simply going to make us
9:37 am
poorer, hungrier and sicker. >> the new public charge rule is scheduled to take effect october 15th. already it is facing legal challenges. now, to the u.s. mexico border where the security has restricted access that is at the heart of the border crises in texas. now it is starting to allow more people, including reporters in to see the conditions for themselves. washington -- "washington post" reporter was allowed inside and she joins us now. thank you for being with us. >> reporter: thank you for having me. >> what did you see? >> well, you know, it was about 1,300 people when we did our tour on monday. and what i saw were essentially two converted warehouses. they were created or leased out in 2014 under the obama administration. and inside these warehouses are essentially these enclosures, these chain link pens, and they're separated into different sections where you have un/companied minors, mothers with children, fathers with children, and then
9:38 am
teenagers all in different spaces. but they're basically inside these holding areas. they have access to snacks like cookies, crackers, chips. they can have apples or milk or juice boxes, and while i was in there, there was a small group of children that were watching television as this was going. but you still -- you know, it is a group of people who are essentially waiting to find out what the next step in their immigration journey will be and so, you know, they come into this place with, you know, the wait of -- weight of their experience and travels through to the southern border. they haven't showered some of them. they're hungry. some of them are medically screened. it is quite an experience to see. >> critics would say that the department had time to clean house, if you will, before allowing reporters inside. do you know if what you saw on your short visit was anything different from what was happening, let's say, three weeks ago?
9:39 am
>> it was different, right? they were at -- their capacity is about 1,500 people and when vice president pence was there about three or four weeks ago, it was pretty over crowded. i think one of my l colleagues feeted out a -- tweeted out a photo of men standing should tore shoulder. keep in mind there is an overflow space at the tent camp which is a few miles away also on the border where the accommodations are a little more comfortable than what they were in these dog kennel type containment areas. >> what is the access to health care like? >> so as immigrants come in, they come in by the bus load as they cross the border, enter and they're medically screened. they take a look to see if they have scabbies, if they need treatment for things like chickenpox, things contagious like that. for the most part they're hungry and tired, right? once medically screened, they head into sort of the larger population containment areas. but if there is anything that
9:40 am
someone brings with them that isn't treatable right there at the receiving area, the holding area, they're sent to the hospital, according to border patrol. >> and the "washington post," thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> of course. american rap artist has been found guilty of assault in sweden. today's verdict comes despite claims from president trump and celebrities that he was innocent. ktvu explain whys the rapper won't serve anymore jail time. >> the district court has convicted all three defendants of an assault in this case. >> reporter: the u.s. rapper found guilty of charges over a street brawl in stock hom. -- stockholm. >> and they have been sentenced. >> reporter: the rapper whose real name is rocky myers, they were taken into custody on july 3, the legal case stemming from a case. the prosecutors accuse the men
9:41 am
of asuiting a 19-year-old man -- assaulting a 19-year-old including kicking and beating the victim with a bottle while he laid on the ground. >> the court finds that it has not been proven that the victim was struck to the back of the head by a whole or a broken bottle by any of the defendants. >> reporter: the 30-year-old rapper and harlem native pleaded not guilty to the charges against him arguing they were simply defending themselves. >> the district court found there is no situation in which the defendants were entitled to use self defense. roar the sweden authorities released the rapper and his two co-defendants on august 2. the court allowed the trio to leave the country shortly after pending the verdict. >> i had a chance to visit them while they were in jail. they showed a lot of grace and dignity. roar the incident grew wide spread support from fans as well as president trump who repeatedly demanded the rapper's release and even going further to raise the issue with the swedish prime minister.
9:42 am
under swedish law, the rapper face as maximum sentence of two years in prison. the judge says he will not serve any jay time. in london, k. -- jail time. in london, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up, an unforgettable moment captured on camera. >> we'll let you know where fishermen were when they got a close look at killer whales swimming right by their boat. plus, pushing the limits when it comes to intee grating technology into -- integrating technology into every day life. how this woman put a tesla car key into her arm, next. it's a brand new morning for breakfast.
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a san francisco lawmaker is raying concerns about facial recognition technology. the assembly man has introduced the bill that would ban the use of facial recognition software in police body cameras. the aclu tested the software by running the pictures of all 120 state legislatures against a mug shot data base and found all 26 matches. >> my picture is right here. there are 26 legislator whose are misidentified when they ran the amazon recognition software through a mug shot data base. >> the police are not using this tool to spy on people. we're using it as a means to recognize criminals. the legislators need to not stop us from keeping our communities safe. >> amazon says the aclu test is flawed and is wrong about the technology. the assemblyman king's bill is now waiting for a vote in the senate which could happen this month. 1 high definition security
9:46 am
-- 18 18 high definition security cameras will go up in the neighborhoods. the camera also be installed along stockton street from washington, to the sacramento street tunnel. the city say this is project was already in the works before three men attacked two people in broad daylight and stole an expensive watch. and do you ever wish you could unlock your car door with the swipe of your hand? one woman is now doing just that. she is an engineer, video game programmer from texas and she figured out a way to implant a chip into her arm under her skin to start her tesla model 3. she chronicled her journey and the steps she had to make this a reality. here to tell us about what she had to do next in this process is a person who helped her do it. this morning we are speaking with the biohacker and founder and ceo, and you worked closely with amy on this project and
9:47 am
there are so many questions about it. let's start with the how you were able to do this. it sounds like a surgical procedure almost. >> well, actually we have been working on auto device called the flex one for some time and it take as smart card chip and makes it into an implantable form factor. this is it here. so you can see it is quite small. it is also very thin. so this is easily installed using a body piercing needle actually. you just use the needle to go under the skin like any body piercing and you slide it right into that piercing. >> and you had to put some bioprotective or a special kind of material around it so it didn't cause a reaction in her? >> yes. this is the biopolymer that we had custom formulated. it is like a plastic and it makes it very flexible and also very safe. >> the question is why. surely this is not just a matter of convenience. were you and amy trying to make a statement about this? this is the first time that you
9:48 am
know someone has been able to do something like this. >> we have been working on implantable devices for some time. it is not really a statement. it is more, in this case, a matter of convenience. unfortunately taking a test la key card apart and making an implant out of it means it is only really usable to open that car door and start that car, but product that we're working on, this thing can actually be used for multiple things. you can put the tesla key card on a bit coin or any other smart card application. so it is more about upgrading the human body to be able to do things and take your digital identity with you wherever you go no matter what device you're using, you can borrow someone's phone and all of your critical identity data and functionality stays with you. >> now, elon musk's company anuanced plans to -- announced plans to implant chips in people's brains and it has been touted to help people with parkinson's and other diseases,
9:49 am
but there are some ethical concerns that people have raised. does this take us a few steps further to a world of people with means who have the ability to implant these ability- enhancing chips and the rest of the population does not do you see this as being a problem? >> what you're referring to is a technology gap and it has always existed, from the first cars that were released to the first smart phones. there has been auto gap between this -- a gap between this release and what we notice is that gap is getting shorter and shorter and shorter as time goes on. so, you know, when cell phones hit the market, it was 20 years and then everybody has anytime their pocket and kids are walking around with them that is well within a hue man life span and we only see that -- human life span and we only see that shortening. in the early adopter also have access, but that last as very short amount of time. maybe five years or less. we're just going to see essentially these new technologies lifting the whole
9:50 am
of society with no gaps in a very short amount of time. >> and thank you again for speaking with us about this. >> sure. >> so interesting. >> that gap. when that first cell phone came out. oh! >> right. >> and then you always have to worry about -- we hear about our technology and our phones and computers getting hacked. if that is part of your body. >> i don't know that i'm in yet. >> if you lose your keys, you don't have to worry about it. >> i have never been early. i am the latest of all late adopters. a southern california fisherman has a big fish tale to tell. >> a killer whale decided to pay him auto visit. his surprise -- a visit. his surprise 10-minute adventure on the high seas. >> and tom brady a 49er? really? a former teammate explains the possibility of the san mateo quarterback fulfilling a childhood dream. >> would you not fault him? california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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tyke a look at this. some fishermen in san diego caught a close encount were a killer whale on camera. the group noticed the orcas swimming near when suddenly one whale separated from the group and jumped out of the water next to the boat. it swam off to rejoin its group after 10 minutes. can you imagine? >> scrimmages in football, there will be a few extra eyes because oakland's college is the focus of this season's netflix show "last chance u."
9:54 am
it is a popular program that goes behind the scenes of community college football teams. the lady college eagles are expecting another big year after winning the california community college athletic association football championship last season. the director of "last chancer u." says he is thrilled to tell the stories of the team, the school and the city of oakland. and in san francisco, the 49ers continue their training camp today in santa clara. >> just yesterday the team held a football-style boot camp for dozens of men and women serving at travis air force base. >> and the service members were more than up to the 49ers' challenge. >> reporter: it may be the san francisco 49ers' practice field, but those weren't the niners using it tuesday afternoon. those are airmen and women from travis air force base. >> fired up! >> yes, we are! >> reporter: as part of their salute to the service, the niners along with the nfl and the usaa sponsored a boot camp of sorts, not a military boot camp, but a football style one.
9:55 am
50 military men and women from travis put themselves in the shoes of the niners and competed against each other in running, jumping, agility and even pass catching. >> it was awesome, yes! i loved it! thank you for the experience. >> reporter: these folks from travis all seem in pretty good shape, but can they measure up to the niners in the three-cone drill, for instance? >> they're super in shape. they're just bigger than us. i mean, they're not normal human beings. they're just amazing. >> reporter: but a few thought they could hold their own with the football players. >> it is comparable. we do a lot of this, rubbing and push-up -- running and push- ups and sit-ups, so very good. >> reporter: so you think you could hang with the 49er ? >> yes, i do. i do. >> reporter: these boot camps are going on in six nfl cities throughout the month of august, but it is the first time here with the 49ers. the niners' star tight end served as honorary host. >> it means the world to me because there is not anyone i
9:56 am
respect more than the military members and the fact they do what they do so i can do what i do. >> reporter: the boot camp served as an appreciation. >> i'm just proud of the fact that we're being recognized and it is really meaning to feel come out here and have them do this whole thing for us. >> do you think you could play? >> you know what? there are some good athletes out here. they're all running around in tennis shoes. that looks difficult. maybe put some cleats on them and see what they ire doing. >> reporter: maybe next time. in levi stadium in santa clara, ktvu fox 2 news. >> a former teammate of tom brady says there is a chance that the future hall of fame quarterback may actually play for the 49ers. chris long say as reported rift between brady and new england patriots' head coach bill belichick could drive brady to opt out of his contract after this upcoming season. brady grew up in san mateo and he dreamed of playing for the
9:57 am
49ers. long in his column speculates that brady could finish his career with the niners while the current quarterback jimmy garoppolo could return to his original team, the patriot. >> is like moving through halfway through your high school. >> the house is not on the market. >> and i never thought montana would play for the chiefs, and he did. >> stay cool out there. have a great afternoon! [ music ]
9:58 am
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