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embarcadero. we will take you to other navigation centers to see if there is crime there, too. they have to start right from the beginning. >> plus, the judge in the ghost ship warehouse fire case dismissed three jurors and told jurors to start deliberations over again. we will tell you why. . good morning. thank you for joining us. it is tuesday, august 20th, i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. steve paulson is off today. the great mark is here. >> happy to join you guys. a break from the heat. >> it feels good outside to me. >> i went south. >> the fog was still persistent. >> it was. >> we had the clear skies and the hot temperatures, that was last week. today and yesterday, we have been cooling off a bit. now we have mostly cloudy skies over a good portion of the bay
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area. drizzle as well to start out the day. checking in on the current numbers. it's relatively mild. mainly in the 50s to the 60s. santa rosa, 57. san jose 62 degrees. livermore reporting mostly cloudy skies and current temperature is 60 degrees. we don't have dense fog but mainly a layer of clouds, layer blanketing a good portion of the bay area. 7:00 temperatures 57, 62 degrees. into the afternoon hours, thinking 60s, 70s and 80s. skies becoming partly sunny into the afternoon hours. temperatures have been behaving over the past couple of days. the same story for today. that could be changing in our five-day forecast with warming headed our way. more on that coming up in a few minutes. let's check in with ali and this morning's first look at traffic. traffic is behaving as well
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during the overnight and early morning hours. pretty quiet for the bay area domestic dispute. let's go to the maps, coming in from tracy, no problems at all. no slowing whatsoever westbound 205, or throughout westbound 580 altamonte into livermore. the rest of the east bay, a sea of green on the maps. 880 oak land, a few car on the road past colosseum, northbound and southbound directions look good. the bay bridge toll plaza, fewer cars. it will take you no time to get onto the span and into the city. back to the desk. the jury in oak land's ghost ship warehouse fire trial was ordered to start deliberating as the judge removed three members of the jury and the first 10 days of deliberations have been thrown out. henry lee tells us the judge suggested that the jurors dismissed may have had inappropriate contact with the media. >> a stunning development with three jurors all women, booted
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from the ghost ship jury replaced by three alternates. this means 10 days of deliberations are down the drain. the new jury must start all over. normally talk of the defense attorneys were ordered by the judge not to speak to reporters. >> reporter: the judge told attorneys no to the talk to reporters after she kicked three women off of the ghost ship jury and replaced them with three alternates and wants to stabilize the jury and avoid further disruptions in this manslaughter trial. the judge suggested one may have had inappropriate contact with a news media in violation of not to discuss the case with anyone other than fellow jurors. ktvu has never approached or communicated with or interacted with any juror. the judge issued a stern wanting to the new jury to keep their discussions and conversations of the case to themselves. many family members of victims seem relieved that there wasn't
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a mistrial but did not want to speak. we tawed to a woman whose friend was among the 36 people who died in the fire. >> we have no idea. >> they are thinking very long and hard on making a decision. >> does this surprise me? no but it does disappoint me. >> reporter: michael car dosa saysist unusual to lose three jurors in one sitting. >> usually it's one at a time, maybe two. that begs the question, what went on here? did they talk to somebody in the news media? did they read something? did they watch something? i assume they started to discuss it in front of other jurors and one or more reported to it the bailiff who reported to it the judge. >> reporter: the fate are in
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the hands of this newly formed jury of seven women and five men the judge said there maybe scheduling conflicts with favorite jurors and the only remaining alternate could be tapped to serve on the jury. the jury will meet monday through thursdays until they reach a verdict with one or beau or neither of the defendants. henry lee, ktvu, ktvu fox2 news. stay with us hear for complete comp of the ghost ship warehouse trial. henry has been in the courthouse since day one and is posting a blog at we have created a timeline you can click through and of course we will be there for the verdict and bring that to you. the pap accused of killing neo will sop at oak land's mc arthur bart station won't face the death penalty if he is convicted. prosecutors in the alameda
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county da's office made the announcement. cow sell charged with murder for killing wilson and attempted murder for the attack on her sister. the hearing was delayed because cowell's mental health was being tested. >> based on the governor's decision, this is something we have to respect as far as no more death penalty. we have to go with life without parole. >> john lee cowell's plea hearing is scheduled for october 11th. the trial is expected to begin in januy. the former lyft drive who charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman who called for a ride pleads not guilty to all charges. tonya kilo colo picked up the woman. the woman claim her trend was
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driven home first and she must have passed out in the backseat of his car. she said instead of driving her to her home, he drove her to his house in tracy and sexually assaulted her there. a preliminary hearing is set for september 19th. the map accused of attacking a woman at her san francisco copdo building is facing new charges in a second case and due back in court today. 25 year old austin vincent faced a judge yesterday in connection with the attack on august 11th, captured by surveillance cameras in the lobby. he toned himself in on new allegations. police say after his arrest and release from custody last week, another woman came forward saying he threatened her with a knife if february. -- in february. >> we monitored mr. vincent. we knew he was in a treatment program. with the gps monitor. we knew his location. we spoke with the public defender and there was an agreement that mr. vincent would turn himself in.
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>> yesterday's hearing was postponed until later this afternoon so the court can begin processing the allegations. missay they are looking at two more incidents possibly in connection with vincent but have not released any other details. the group safe embarcadero for all filed a lawsuit to stop a homeless navigation center from being built near the area where last week's attack happened saying it would attract more crime. the city of san francisco must voluntarily halt the embarcadero homeless shelter until the court's rule on our legal claims to stop it. this is a matter of public safety, not politics. that attack is reigniting debate over building a navigation center next to that building over fear it will attract crime. maureen naylor has more on whether other navigation centers in the city are a magnet for crime. >> reporter: on bryant street if san francisco, you will find one of the city's six so called
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navigation centers, a new model of homeless shelter. >> it's a miracle. this place is really awesome. what other city would do something like that? >> reporter: place where homeless people can get shelter and services food and medical care. >> it's wonderful. we have a roof over our head and get to eat 24/7, come and two as you please and helping you get housing. >> ever since it's been there it's been problems. >> reporter: employees say it's had a negative impact on the area. noticed a difference. crime went up instantly. homeless people jumping over the fence and living in the cars. >> they go on the street. we call the people to come clean it. they break into cars back here. it's been a problem. >> reporter: they tell us one
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homeless person cut a hole in this fence and was living in one of the cars in their shop. san francisco has six navigation centers the city provided us crime statistics for only four of them. according to sfpd, the most serious crime, homicide, rape and robbery, have dropped surrounding teleof the most recently open three of the most recently open centers but went up by increasing in 8 incidents. they didn't provide specifics for the types of crimes crimes and assailants involved. the homeless man attacking a woman, the opposition has grown. >> i would say do what you can. try to keep them out of there. if i lived down there, i would be scared, too. >> reporter: in san francisco, maureen naylor, ktvu fox2 news. a vineyard is called a bad
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neighbor. the reason people living in a senior home are alarmed by the fire danger. planned parenthood refusing federal funding and why doing that gives the organization more freedom and how the city of san francisco is responding. no major problems on your bay area commute, here is a look at the toll plaza, a little bit of slowing in the cash lanes. otherwise it's a clear drive into the city. we will look at the rest of the commute coming up. good morning to, you waking up to lot of cloud cover over a good portion of the bay area. there has been a bit of relief from the heat but that could be changing, we will update the five-day forecast coming up.
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welcome back. video of side shows in contra costa county. chp sending 8 criminal cases to the da in connection with three side shows last week. the helicopter flew over these side shows in martinez in rodeo and skyway. five drivers is and three spectators sited and cars impounded. the district attorney will consider criminal charges. fire investigators still looking for the cause of a huge junk yard fire in santa rosa
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that could be seen for miles. this is what it looked like yesterday afternoon on scenic avenue south of santa rosa on twitter fire officials say several vehicles were on fire forcing a shelter in place order for the surrounding neighborhoods on the southwest side of santa rosa. sky fox was overhead as firefighters were getting things under control around 5:00 p.m. people in a sanoma county community are worried about fire danger and blaming their neighbor. they claim a winery is not properly trimming dry grass. they want the winery to take action. >> reporter: the senior citizens outside of the town of sanoma don't think the neighboring vineyard is neighborly when it comes to clearing dry grasses. >> this year they have done the minimum the law allows, 10 feet. >> reporter: in previous years, this grass all the way to the
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vineyard, was mowed or plowed under. this years they have done the bare minimum, 10- feet wide, nothing up against this wooden fence, nothing over there, the residents are afraid in high winds that catches fire, their homes might catch on fire and destroy their neighborhood. >> we have in the afternoon, on many days, the winds come up at 10:00 to 30 miles an hour which if this were embers or a small fire started, it would fuel it and come into the complex, 313 senior homes. >> it's all seniors. >> they are going to have a tough time getting out. >> reporter: beth's house sits directly along side the grass she wants removed after what she experienced after previous wild fires. >> we had embers ro. the fires that we had elier on on the east side of town. >> reporter: the residents written to the city, county and
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cal fire fire marshals and supervisors and officials. the residents say a letter written to the vineyard's owner winery and treasury wine states, and has gone unanswered. >> they offed to pay for the cheer cutting and refused saying it's too much of a light for the vineyard if someone got hurt. >> my chon sense tells me somebody at the vip yard does not have common sense. >> reporter: a media contactee mailed us that the vip yard is compliant with county and state fire regulations to ensure the property is safe. >> there is a tremendous liable for them. >> reporter: when i asked if the owners would reduce vegetation, the answer was that will monitor and reduce grass and debris as they deem appropriate. let's get you to where you need to go. sal is off today, allie rasmus
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is watching the roads. >> good morning. at this hour it won't take you too how long to get where you knead to go. this are no crashes to tell you about. no major problems, that's good news and a good start for the mopping especially from 101 from the south bay, gilroy, morgan hill, all clear and the rest of the south bay you can see no problems to tell you about. 280 san jose, northbound and southbound, past downtown, things look good, barely any cars on the road. san mateo bridge clear and open. 4:18, let's turn things over to mark tamayo with a look at the weather. it's cool the last couple of days but that's supposed to change. >> you will notice the change by 12:00 or 1:00 this afternoon. it will feel warmer compared to yesterday. it is setting the stage for 90s as we head towards midweek. today, though, temperatures still in the comfortable range, 60s all the way to the 80s. we still have lots of cloud cover this morning with skies
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becoming partly sunny into the afternoon hours. the satellite and showing you this, the system that has been cooling off the bay area, it's been -- trace it out for you, the trough, cooling off those temperatures over the past few days and going to lift out of the region. we are going to warm things up not only today but into wednesday and thursday. now, solid overcast over a good portion of the bay area. mostly cloudy skies santa rosa, san francisco to livermore, towards san jose. temperatures with the cloud cover like a blanket being held and pretty mild, not a cold start this morning. 57 santa rosa. walnut creek 60. a live camera looking towards sfo for your tuesday morning as you can see. mostly cloudy skies. not much in the way of dense fog showing up. the possibility could run into drizzle with, coast side this morning. the forecast, 57 to 62 degrees
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for this morning. into the afternoon hours, skies becoming partly cloudy and could take its time and patchy chowd cover near portions of the coastline. few spots inching closer to 90 degrees towards clear lake 89. richmond 72 degrees. lots of cloud cover this morning, becoming partly sunny probably more sunshine inland towards livermore and pleasanton, oak land 73. down south bay san jose 81. gilroy 84. san francisco, forecasted high in the 60s. five-day forecast, temperatures definitely trending up with 90s making a come back. last week we had the major heat. probably not as hot as last week inland but it will be warm to hot with lots of low to mid- 90s over the next few days. beaches in the 60s. maybe into next week, tuesday into wednesday, there is the -- we will track moisture from the
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south. tropical system, that could impact the bay area. a long ways out. we can't tell you for sure it will be warming up over the next few days. we are getting information now about three potential mass shooting plots that were prevented in three days. coming up what police say led them to the dangerous suspects before it was too late. news new historic standards in california for police use of deadly force.
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welcome back. a study says california's red flag law appears to be reducing the threat of mass shootings. state lawmakers passed the bill three years ago, it seeks to remove guns from people who are seen as a public danger. researchers at uc davis looked at 21 cases where guns were taken or purchase were blocked because of court orders and the study found the individuals did not attempt to obtain guns illegally and not involved this gun related violence. authorities in three different states say they prevented three potential mass shooting plots just since last friday. in each case, police made an arrest after getting a tip. >> reporter: three potential mass shootings, thwarted in three days.
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police moved quickly to arrest wicks in the supermarket parking lot after his ex- girlfriend reported disturbing texts. he wrote he wanted to be known as one of the most prolific mass shooters in history. wicks continued a good 100 kills would be nice. >> he is not to be in any possession of firearms or deadly weapons. >> reporter: this ohio james patrick reardon was arraigned after he threatened to target a jewish community center in youngstown. middletown police say his instagram account was filled with anti sematic and white nationalist content. fbi found semi automatic weapons and body armor and related propaganda. >> this person declared them self as a white nationalist. >> reporter: a reference to a documentary about the 2017 unite the right rally in
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charlottesville, virginia where reardon went on the record. want homeland for white people. >> reporter: in connecticut another suspect. brandon wagshaw was arrested after he showed an arrest in mass shootings on facebook and trying to buy magazines out of state. in the statement on the connecticut case, fbi urged the public to remain alert and report to law enforcement suspicious, ativity. the suspect's text messages or online activity were red flags. a win for activists fighting for police accountability but police unions are not happy. up next, major announcement involving the police officer responsible for the choke hold death of eric garner. the white house is trying to keep the economy going ahead of some recession fears. i'm doug luzader in washington,
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we will have more on what the administration is considering doing including tax cuts. hondon breed investigated for possible campaign violations. up next the alleged questionable donations she received leading up to last year's election. performs you are driving in from north bay, fairfield, vallejo, we will check on that super commute. here is highway 24 lafayette am few car on the road but no problems to tell you about. weather, a break from the heat over the past few days, lots of cloud cover, showing up nicely in this live camera. we will warm things up eventually. we will talk about the numbers coming up.
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thank you for joining us this morning. mark tamayo is joining us as well. we get to see everybody this week. it's becoming a variety pack of weather anchors this week. good to be here. we are happy to be here to fill in for steve's big shoes. temperatures here in the bay area, we have been on the comfortable side. today a little bit warmer, 60s, 70s and 80s. lots of cloud cover this morning, skies becoming partly sunny into the afternoon hours. a gradual process. satellite showing this, the overcast over a good portion of the bay area as we come in closer. we have mostly cloudy skies santa rosa, mountain view, san jose. current numbers, spots in the cool side in the 50s north bay. lots of the bay area on the mild sin


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