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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 23, 2019 6:00am-6:59am PDT

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two dozen people are hurt in a train crash in sacramento. stores and restaurants in san francisco are told they have to accept cash. the new anti discrimination that takes affect today. we made to it the weekend. i'm cristina rendon in for pam cook this morning. >> k. a nice cool morning. steve is off today but rosemary orozco is back. proof this the numbers this morning. down by several degrees. that humid amoved out. temperatures ranging from 56 if santa rosa. 60 san francisco. a look at sfo. low 60s oakland livemore and sap jose starting out 65. here is the graphic we are talking about. the temperature change from 24
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hours ago. 11 degrees cooler in napa. down by 9 santa rosa. five oak land. san jose, livermore down by six. temperatures are expected to come down, going to be a warm day, nrth bay, oak land, concord, northwest breeze at five. on shore breeze fairfield now 13. a view of the afternoon highs. low 60s at the coast. low 90s inland. 77 oakland. 86 north bay of napa. 84 san jose. temperatures won't change much into saturday. we warm up into sunday and beyond, a look at the numbers coming up in a little bit. things are good in some places, slower in others. let's start with the richmond bridge. see traffic here is good. there is not a lot of it here to the toll plaza. when you get to san rafael.
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it's nice and light. bay bridge is lighter than usual. a back up, it's lighter than usual. on fridays we usually get a break. i was wondering what would happen now that most people are back to school. some people don't go to the office on a friday. 880, i would advise avoiding it. a crash 880 up to fruitvale. the traffic is backed up to the colosseum. alternate is westbound 580. i can show you on the map, there is the crash, back up is up through here. 580s, that's a dream come true. use that around the problem with no issues. back to the desk. police in east bay are investigating a crab after one pedestrian was killed and another was sent to the hospital after they were hit by a car. the alameda county sheriff's office says it happened this hayward after 9:30 at the intersection of hathaway and a
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street. deputies say the drive stopped at the scene and now cooperating with authorities. no other details have been released. in sacramento, closely watching a developing story this morning, 27 people are recovering after a light rail train accident. it happened around 9:45 west of the winter street light rail station. first it was reported as a train derailment but the sacramento b have porting it crashed with a maintenance train. a dozen ambulances and 40 firefighters rushed to the scene. >> no one had life threatening injuries and no at deaths. two determined to be moderate. the rest were classified as walking wounded or delayed in treatment. that means were not in a need to rush them to a hospital. >> 13 of the injured were taken to the hospital for treatment and observation. the investigation is just beginning into this crash.
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later this year, the bart board of directors expected to frormly debate a ban on panhandling. debra allen submitted her proposal, though it wasn't on the official agenda. the plan is aimed at anyone who bart trains and bart station platforms. bart has the right to a reasonable ordinance for the benefit of riders. >> i believe that our obligation as an agency to provide safe, clean, quality reliable transit overrides that first amendment, free speech argument. >> the aclu criticized this proposed ban saying it's infringement on the freedom of speech. the board is moving ahead with plans to build a third station in freemont. the ir offing station would be at os good and washington boulevard, in between the existing free month station which opened n will
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be smaller than the others and give priorities to pedestrians and cyclists. it is expected to open in 2026. cashless trend has come to an end in san francisco. businesses must allow cash despite store owners saying this puts safety at risk. elissa harrington is live in the financial district this morning with details on what is going on. >> reporter: when amazon go launched, it was about being cash free and checkout free. you can go in and shop and check out using your phone. stores like this that relay on phones or credit cards only have been forced to reverse course and allow cash. yesterday it became a law in san francisco. brick and mortar stores throughout the city, as well as restaurants, must accept cash. if they to not they can beboard
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the ordinance saying low income people may not have credit cards and refusingthe customers is discriminating against them. businesses however say the no cash rule is about safety of employees and customers a register full of cash can invite crime. cards or payments on customers phone eliminates the need to have cash. philadelphia, the entire state of new jersey have these cashless bans. other major cities including new york are weighing similar proposals. elissa harrington, ktvu fox2 news. today is day two of the dem t ca egg national committee summer meeting in san francisco. party leaders are hoping to get voters engaged with next year's election. is
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among the at haven't. at 10:00 this morning, they will all be given time to address party delegates and hoping for donations and endorsements and the who were not at the event will share their thoughts on video. last night, elizabeth warren shared her vision. >> when i lead the party we will not be a party that nibbles and the edges. our democratic party will be the party of big structural change. >> he resonated with many on the progressive side of the democratic party, beating out benny sanders in some polls. sanders will be at the meetings today. despite the competition, the democratic party says their
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2020 strategy is getting voters energized early. bernie sanders is one of the 13 candidates speaking today is. cotom sacramenproposals for climate change an im grant. immigrants built this country. >> the vermont senator spoke in downtown sacramento last night. yesterday unveiled details of a $16 trillion climate change plan. it builds on the new green deal and require the u.s. to switch to renewable energy by 2050 and says it would create 20 million jobs. >> climate change is not a hoax. it is a threat to the entire planet and we are going to address that threat. >> earlier in the they sanders visited paradise to crew the destruction from last year's
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deadly campfire. the democratic candidates declared chime chimeclimate be u.s. circuit appeals. subpoenas that were issued by committee is seeking financial records from deutsche bank and capital one financial related to the trump trump organization. back in may a federal judge cleared the way for the banks to handover those documents. attorneys for the trumps argued congress doesn't have the power to demand the records. temperatures near redding could reach 105 as firefighters battle a while fire forcing evacuations and road closures. the mountain fire burned 600- acres and 20% contained. 4000 people were initially evacuated but some are allowed to return home, the fires destroyed one house and
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threatening 1100 others. shasta canceled classes at the main campus. following two breaking news stories right now. the new yorker, the first to report that one of the koch brothers died. david and his brother donated to advocacy groups, mainly republicans and billionaire philanthropist. david stepped down from his day- to-day operations because his health was failing. at the time oh his death, he was ranked the 11th richest person in the world, his fortune, $48 billion. david died at the age of 79. breaking right now, china just announced it will raise tariffs on $75 billion worth of u.s. products. that's retaliation for president trump's planned increase on tariffs on
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september 1st. the state media in china reports the tariffs of 10 and 5% will take affect on two batches of goods september 1st and on december 15th and gave no details about which imports would be affected. another attack is recorded on video near a san francisco condominium complex. . from oak land to honolulu made an emergency landing. we are looking at god commutes for the most part on a friday. a little easier than normal. this is highway 24 on the way to the tunnel. it looks good on the way to oak land. outside the door, partly cloudy skies, a cooler start to the day as we get a cooling trend underway. talk about what to expect for your afternoon and how long this trend will last coming up.
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hawaiian airlines says an engine seal failed on a flight from oakland to honolulu and made an emergency landing testimony flight was 20 minutes from landing when passengers said thick smoke filled the cabin. everyone was evacuated and slid down emergency slides that took less than a minute. seven passengers were treated
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for breathing problems. even has been reunited with their belongings. we are getting information about a man in southern californias accused shooting at the marriott hotel where he worked. he threatened to kill co- workers and guests at the long beach marriott. he was arrested tuesday at his home in huntington beach. all of the ammunition and guns he hads he revealed his plot, to a co-worker, and again police finding hundreds of rounds of ammunition at his home. >> he had clear plans, intent, and the means to carry out an act of violence that may have resulted in a mass casualty incident. >> mon theyia worked as a cook and angry because he was about the be fired. the gridlocked traffic on bay area freeways is from year
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sitting in butch tore butcher traffic and that's costing the local economy $2.4 billion a year. researchers say high paying jobs continue to attract workers but with the influx of so many drivers on the road, traffic experts say there is really no easy solution to this problem. >> it's going to require a lot of public infrastructure money. there is talk of bonds on the 2020 ballot and maybe again on the 2022 ballot. >> the bay area ranks second for the worst traffic in the nation. number one is of course los angeles. sal, you are about to zip out to the traffic. you are heading to freemont but watching our roads now. that's right. i will be on the zip trip show at 9:00. i will be at country music bar. one of the things i want to let you know about now, it seems a to the bray bridge bigger back
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up than we do. 880, this ramp not as bad as it normally is or as slow on the approach up to the macarthur maze. there is slow traffic. 880 improved, they cleared the accident near fruitvale. the traffic was backed up to the colosseum. that's improved. this is highway 4. slowing in pittsburgh out to concord. we don't see a lot of slow traffic this the silicon valley commute. up to the west west valley, 280, san jose, this traffic is looking pretty good. good morning to you. tgif to you and all of you as well. we are looking at nice weather coming our way. summer-like weather this the forecast for the next couple of days. not quite as hot and not as humid. a look, from san francisco as we take a view across the bay.
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good morning sunshine, we have partly cloudy skies, the sun on its way up, the sunrise, 10 minutes or so. before 8:00 is when the sun sets these days. the daylight hours are becoming shorter. a view here as storm tracker 2 partly cloudy skies to mostly cloudy along the coast. partly cloudy just inside the bay, mostly clear for the rest of us this morning, temperatures are cooler. on shore breeze is there, weak. 12 mail per hour now. hayward, northeast. calm over the north bay calm over area of san jose as well into the south bay. 59 beckly. 59 downtown san francisco. 62 livermore. has to numbers are town by a few degrees. some areas more than that. you may notice getting outside, it's cooler. peninsula, 54 woodside. 60 over areas of the bedford city, upper 5s foster city.
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the afternoon highs for today. some folks in the 90s yesterday, santa rosa, 88 for the afternoon. 83 expected in kentfield. by the water, comfortable, low 70s. sausalito, tub ron, to the east bay, upper 70s san leandro. not quite as hot as we have been. 84 san jose. 84 cupertino. along the peninsula for today, 85 woodside. 69 in the city of san francisco. that's a pretty day. 64 half-moon bay. temperatures in the 40s this morning, into the afternoon, beautiful low 80s today, tomorrow and into sunday under mostly sunny skies. afternoon highs for us here at home, not going to change as we get into saturday. into sunday, though, you will notice we bump those numbers up into the low 80s for our bayside communities. 90s, mid to upper 90s expected
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sunday into monday for inland cities. looks like wednesday, temperatures will begin to drop. . we all reef those pesky annoying robocalls. coming up the by par san plan in washington to cracktown on those calls. a good samaritan finds a 100 year old ring, why his kind hearted attempts to find the rightful owner almost back fired.
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country music is taking over mornings on 2. [music] george strait. all my exes live in texas. i'm going to the saddle rack. we are doing zip trip, country music today for the traffic theme. hit me up on social media. use the hash tag, ktvu on twitter, facebook or instagram.
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. love that request. i can listen to george stratal day. a somery old heirloom disappeared. this woman, thought she lost the ring forever. >> reporter: adam time job finding things republican on sunday after grocery shopping at albetson's a sparkling object caught his eye. >> it was real and really beautiful. i felt madely sad because someone is going to miss this. >> reporter: he knew he had to get the ring back to its rightful owner and left his business card and posted about it on craigslist, asking if anyone with identify the ring. had three people inquire and
6:25 am
trying to describe a vague description of the ring. they were not the owners. >> reporter: a few days past and he got a call from carla dobs who described the ring to a tee. >> anyways he said, yes, that's absolutely the ring. nobody else could describe it. >> reporter: dobs had been dependant over the ring which must have slipped off of her finger as she was walking out of the albertsons, the ring back on her finger. she says she is grateful honest people. >> it's a testament that there are still wonderful people out there in this community. great story. a los angeles realtor expected to be arraigned today accused of stealing from celebrity
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homes. jason yoseli and his accomplice, ackerman, stole luxury items during open houses between 2016-18. victims included usher and adam lambert and other stars according to bloomberg, apple plans to show off two new versions of the iphone described as pro iphones. the ipad pro will be getting faster processers and better cameras and a new mac book pro welcomes a 16-inch screen will be the largest model available. in a few hours, san francisco, 13 democratic presidential candidates make their pitch to the party on why they should be the nominee. hear their messages. bay area police departments addressing the housing crisis, facing its own officers.
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good morning. thank you for joining us. it's a friday morning. >> that means a good day. >> august 23rd. i'm dave clark. >> i'm cristina rendon in for pam cook this morning. in for steve is rosemary. if you want to go out this morning, grab a cardigan. we are going to heat up into sunday. we are going to the low 90s fo spots today. sfo, a little bit of fog in our view. san francisco checking in about 60 degrees. 56 santa rosa. low 60s oak land, livermore and san jose 65. off to a cooler start this morning. that humid air moved out. it should feel better today. down by 10 degrees napa. down by 5 oak land. down by 6 livermore and san
6:31 am
jose. fairfield reporting on shore breeze 13 miles per hour. oak land and concord, north west at 5. calm conditions napa. we have the low clouds at the coastline and just inside the bay, mostly clear as we get into the afternoon. 69 degrees expected for downtown san francisco. upper 70s east bay shore. low 80s towards freemont. for inland cities a warm day, 92 expected in livermore, north bay 88 santa rosa. temperatures aren't going to change into to the bay area saturday. the heat will be on by sunday. details coming a little bit. time to check on traffic. good morning to you. we have traffic that is going to be busy but not as packed as it normally is. it's a few minutes less than you normally wait. some people might have been stuck on 880 when there was an
6:32 am
earlier crash and getting through. it's getting later in the morning. traffic on 880 northbound is better. we had an earlier crash up near fruitvale cleared and traffic had time to recover. highway 4, slow through pittsburgh, concord, not unusual. 680 looks good. 24 looks good as well. that silicon valley commute is off to a nice start today heading into the west valley. another presidential candidate just dropped out of the race, new this morning, massachusetts congressman seth mollton is ending his campaign for the democratic presidential nomination. he is in season tran now, he is at the dnc summer meeting. he will oh labelly make his announcement today. he will officially announcement today. he is expected to seek a fourth tomorrow in the u.s. house of
6:33 am
representatives. here in the bay area, today is day two of the democratic national committee summer meeting. 13 presidential candidates will be appearing at the meeting. >> bernie sanders is scheduled to speak to people attending the summit today. other candidates will be addressing the crowd including california senator kamala harris. there is a meet the candidates e haven't at the hilton union scare from 10:00 until 3:00. the summit in san francisco is a chance for national party leaders ranking file members and activists to discuss what ideas and policies they want their forty to support. a chance for presidential candidates to earn endorsements and bring in donations. two of them spoke at a fundraising gala at the fairmont hotel last night. corey booker and elizabeth
6:34 am
warren spoke about their vision for the country if they were to become the party's nominee. >> this is a moral moment in america and it's a referendum to the one outbound guy 11 on one guy. >> we have a chance to show what it means for democrats to lead this country. we will not be a party that nibbles around the edges. our democratic party will be the party of big structural change. >> all democratic presidential candidates were invited to the summit. some that won't be there plan to address the crowd by video. the only major candidate not in san francisco this weekend is joe biden. he is in new hampshire right now. allie rasmus, ktvu fox2 news. another attack was caught on camera near the embarcadero in san francisco where a battle
6:35 am
is heating up over the construction of a navigation center. this is the second attack in two weeks. both happened in front of a condominium complex. this is a video of a man running up and hitting the victim in the head and running away. the victim who asked us not to identify him said he was getting out of a ride share car tuesday night when he was attacked. >> i was completely shocked. i didn't know what to think. >> police responded but no one has been arrested. neighbors blame the plan to build a navigation center next door to the building for attracting crime and homeless people into the area. the victim doesn't know if his attacker was homeless. a suspect arrested after an argument at a chocolate shop has been released from jail. this is surveillance video. the owner told the man to leave his store. the video also shows that owner
6:36 am
following the man outside. the homeless man says he put the owner this a choke hold in self defense. the san francisco da's office says charges against have been dropped because it can't disprove the claim of self defense and remains under investigation and the shop owner says he hopes the man doesn't return. san francisco police sergeant accused of pulling a false fire alarm maybe charged with a misdemeanor. this photo was released by the pacifica police deep. she pulled the fire alarm this the lobby of the police department august 7th. the examiner reports the sergeant pulled the alarm because she one allowed into a closed door meeting on the homeless. the san mateo district attorney says charges maybe filed next week. could the annoying robocalls soon be a thing of the past? cracking down on those calls has appeal and a new plan outlined in washington promises to strike back. this morning, doug luzader is live in washington dc with more
6:37 am
on the broad effort to fight the calls. >> reporter: there are not many issues everyone seems to agree on heres this maybe one of them. you ring cringe when you hear this sound. >> robocalls the top complaint with no end in sight. >> there is more the phone companies can do to shield us. >> reporter: a major announce mm from the tones general of every state this the nations joining together with a dozen major phone companies to try to cracktown on robocalls by offering free call blocking and new efforts to trace the calls. congress heard the horror stories of the scams. >> my grandmother died with $69
6:38 am
in her bank account. >> new efforts on going, years ago the do not call registry sought to reduce unwanted telemarketing calls and popular, but didn't work for long. >> paying the fines is the cost of doing business. they built it into the business plan and model. the only way you are going the get their attention, to make the penalties really hurt. >> reporter: the scope of the problem is unimaginable. americans receive 5 billion of these calls a month. 80 man and women were indict bid the justice department for tricking people out of millions of dollars and did it with an email scam. the suspects tricked people in to making wire transfers to bank accounts controlled by the scammers. a dozen people were arrested prom the los angeles areas and suspects are fugitives across the u.s. and abroad mostly
6:39 am
nigeria and charged with conspiracy to commit mail and bank fraud, aggravated identity theft and money laundering. hundreds of uber and lift drives are planning a protest caravan across the state of california tomorrow. the organization is called get workers rising and mobile workers alliance, saying 200 drivers and 75 cars will drive from southern california making a stop at uber's headquarters in san francisco and endi in sacramento. the bill would help independent contractors in the state like uber and lyft drivers make them into employees and also fighting for a driver's union. navado council appointed a new interim city manager. police chief mc gill will take the job after city manager was kicked out this week.
6:40 am
kind lario was criticized for the hiring of two financial consultants after past controversies came to light not caught this background checks. a new partnership aimed at helping people feel safe in san jose. the locations of safe spaces throughout the city. introducing you a really, really big cat. look at your screen. would you believe it weighs 26 pounds? you are about to meet bj.
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breaking news involving overry epstein, a prosecutor in france says that country is opening a preliminary investigation into the rape of children and other charges linked to the epstein case. epstein died of suicide at a knock jail this month while facing charges of sexually trafficking minors. there have been calls for was known to entertain people in france. san jose police launched a new program aimed at fighting hate crimes and harassment. police are teaming up with businesses to give people a safe place to report crimes. they will have safe place
6:44 am
stickers on their windows. starbucks and wells fargo bank have been joined in, employees are going to be trained to help comfort victims and also make 911 calls. >> it's simple. it's an extension of what we already do. ey come in, we let them stay there until help arrives. >> this is not just a police department issue. the fact we are partnering with corporations. this city will not tolerate hate crimes. >> police modeled the program after one started in seattle back in 2015. the police there say more people reported hate police dep plans to expand the program by adding even more businesses. the city of san mateo is trying to help officers get extra rest specifically those that deal with long commutes. the plan is to convert an old fire station into barracks. the city hopes to set up enough
6:45 am
bunk beds for 24 officers. an officer got into a roll over. he fell asleep on his 2.5 hour commute after a long shift. after that incident, doctors had to amputate part of his left leg. >> next thing i remember is waking up and seeing a car in front of me. to prevent hitting the car i turned my wheel sharply over mu times. >> 90% of the officers live outside of the county because they can't afford housing in the average even at an average salary of $110,000 a year. we have travel from the north bay to santa clara county. today we are hitting the road for our final destination of 2019. we are going to freemont. >> sit is an east bay community
6:46 am
that dates back to the 1700s. over the centuries it's evolved from an area rich this agriculture to a hub for tech. see the flag flying there. it's a lace where families from all over raise kids, just ask this teacher. >> this is no kidding, i had 28 children in second grade and 22 different languages were and sh her retirement to stop her from working with kids and the e eclectic food scene in taste the town. >> breakfast, lunch dinner. good bay bacon, good ham, good pancakes. >> join the whole mornings on 2 team today at 9:00 a.m. live from town fair plaza in
6:47 am
freemont. if you are away or on the go, you can watch our zip trip, we will be streaming it live on >> say hi, take pictures, have a good time. sal will be out there. you made me hungry talking about the pancakes. >> ist amazing the way i have been eating that i haven't put on 25 pounds. >> you look great. >> the food is amazing. good morning, everyone. let's go out and look at the bay bridge. it's abouminute delay, getting back to normal. it was lighter than usual earlier. 880 recovered. we had an earlier crash. 580 also good. highway 4, slow pittsburgh to bay point. concord to walnut looks pretty good. if you look at the middle of the bay, hayward to freemont, slow traffic there. here in the south bay, if you
6:48 am
are driving up into san jose from gilroy, campbell, everything looks good over to the west valley. let's bring in rosemary orozco. thank you. good morning to all of you. happy friday. we are going to bring temperatures down into your friday. already cooler start out there this morning. as we get into the back end of your weekend, things rebound once again. a little bit of fog along the coastline, just inside the bay. marine layer is shallow. that humid air we had yesterday s of the area. that's good news. temperatures this morning, to m checking in on the numbers in a moment. see here the winds sfo, reporting on shore breeze at 12. for most light and calm. we have a weak breeze through areas like fairfield as well. 57 degrees this morning in navado. 59 downtown san francisco.
6:49 am
castro valley, 57. 62 degrees livermore. the numbers are a few degrees to several degrees cooler than where we started yesterday. you may notice, let's look at numbers here in the east bay, el cerrito 59. 62 arenda. 60 at black hawk as well as dublin. temperature change for you here, a graphic will show you come pawson from yesterday into today upper 60s san francisco. concord going to drop 6 degrees, 91 the afternoon high. san jose, by 4 degrees to 84. afternoon highs into the north bay, petaluma 85 by the water. 65 stenson beach. beautiful 71 for sausalito. 78 the east bay shore of san leandro. 89 los gatos. 84 santa clara. santa cruz 74.
6:50 am
peninsula, 84 redwood city. 64 ex-pegged for pa can i pacifica. tahoe, 40s in the overnight hours. a chill this the air to start the day. by the afternoon, mostly sunny skies, low 80s today, tomorrow and into sunday under mostly sunny conditions. for us atoms temperatures will remain status quo through saturday. we begin a heating up on sunday. hotter on monday. not much change on tuesday. wednesday and thursday before temperatures cool once again. a huge cat, watch you screen here. th waiting to be adopted in philadelphia. his name is bj, bj weighs 26 pounds. they are overwhelmed by the people that want to adopt him.
6:51 am
he needs a really good check up before they are ready to send him to his forever home. interested? apple revealed new titanium credit card. many people say it comes with a big headache. coming up in next hour, why you can't put it in your wallet or pocket or anywhere near loose change. the police escort can protestors out of a meeting with together until sap jose. a for you. you can get free entry to all the national parks this sunday in honor of national parks founders day. enough said. you are watching mornings on 2 on ktvu fox2 news.
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♪[ music ] this was a huge, huge song back in the day.
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randy travis. i'm going to go to a country music bar for our zip trip. hit me up on social media. just use the hashtag, ktvu on facebook, twitter or instagram. >> ever frch and ever amen, sal. critics of google's plan to build offices in downtown san jose are trying to block it. google owns 60 eakers of there. in october, they'll submit a plan to the committee. but at the unveiling of the plan, protestors booed and chanted loudly. >> that's what it was like. now, inside city hall, google executives showed off their preliminary plans, including mixed-use offices, shops, restaurants, and 15 acres of parks and plaza. also, google says it's committed to creating jobs and building as many as 5,000
6:56 am
housing units. and they promise to invest in an affordable housing fund and donate money for homeless and anti-displaysment grants. >> i make one of the social security. i cannot afford this. >> this is a much bigger issue than this and it is a regional issue. >> police had to move some protestors this process is far from over. the development review takes 12 months. staff will make a recommendation of the process to city council at the end of the year. a warning about a new device. one that could stop you from actually locking your car
6:57 am
doors. police seized that device from a suspect this week. they say it's a jammer. it blocks the signal on the key to be and interrupts the signal to your car. a burglar could be in a nearby car or even across the parking lot, waiting for you to prez your key fob so they can stop you from locking your car. >> they can pick up the frequency we lock it here. >> when somebody is able and capable of unlocking your car, whatever, that's kind of scary. >> detectives are recommending that you get close enough to your car to see or hear the doors lon't keep any valuables inside your car. raiders may think twice before the next time they're asked to play a game in canada. last night, they did beat the green bay packers 22-21. but the dig story involves how they were playing on an
6:58 am
80-yard field. that's home to a canadian football team. the goal posts are in front of the end zone, not the back. and moving the goal posts created two big holes on the field. neither team, by the way, played their starters because of those field issues. 49ers are in kansas city. tomorrow night, they going to play the chiefs. quarterback jimmy garoppolo told reporters, it's up to him to get rid of his rough edges. he's not surrendering. he had a rough game that last game but he vows to fight o. by the way, this is where garoppolo had that bad knee injury. there will be an open-air concert. beyond francisco, a group that puts pianos in unexpected places, is bringing pianos to fort point. two free piano concerts are scheduled at 1:30 and 3:30 in
6:59 am
the afternoon, saturday and sunday. and the pianos will also be open for you to come out to play, all day today and through the weekend. a community in san francisco is outraged, after a second attack was caught on camera in just two weeks. hear from the victim, as neighbors are blaming the city for the attack. and san francisco's cash little ban is now in effect. we're in san francisco this morning. we'll tell you what can happen to stores that don't obey this new law. and it is day 2 on the democratic national committee's meeting in san francisco. what party leaders are doing to get voters engaged with next year's election. from ktvu fox 2 news. this ison 2." >> good morning to you. it is friday august 23rd. happy friday to everyone watching. i'm cristina rendon in for gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm dave clark. it's a little cooler this morning. and rosemary orozco, you're in
7:00 am
for steve. i say much obliged. >> it is cooler. hopefully you're noticing. we have a little more cloud cover out there. a beautiful look there into san francisco, with the low clouds and the fog. along the coast and inside the bay. partly cloudy for the east bay shore. and mostly clear for the rest of us. so we have seen a transition over the last 12 hours or so. and for today, temperatures cooling off some. santa rosa right now, 55 degrees. 60 to start your morning in san francisco. low 60s oakland, livermore and san jose


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