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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 24, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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park rangers closed the gates to a popular park in the south bay after a family of mountain lions was spotted on the hiking trail. terrifying moments at a tournament in atlanta when lightning strikes, sending five spectators to -- good saturday evening everyone. >> i'm andre senior, we begin this evening, southbay comes from a family that prompted notes as a family of mountain lion spotted park renders to close the park this weekend. >> leigh martinez is live in san antonio park in cupertino with more undisputedly.
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>> reporter: unfortunately park officials say they have had to kick people out of the park you have found other ways to get in, and they were apparently trying to hide from park rangers, definitely not a smart thing to do. you have to is park the -- respects the park closure not just for your safety but the safety of the mountain lines as well. remember, this is their home and they do not seem to be afraid. this video confirmed, there is a mountain lion family living in rancho san antonio park. started on the trail are two mountain lions, and another is looking off trail. is but it is a mom and three cubs. the family was first spotted a few weeks ago, however, the occurrences started increaar th formatted mayans were e around including one case where the mountain lion refused to leave the trail even as a hiker tried to make noise to scare it off. >> right now, we assume that
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she is teaching her young how to hunt. >> reporter: dozens of cars have pulled up to the gate on saturday, but not wanting to be a snack, these would be hikers were fine with being turned away. >> i am a little disappointed, because we were looking forward to our outing today, but, i am glad that they are taking precautions, they have people safety in mind, and the safety of the mountain lions. >> i hope that the wildlife becomes more afraid of humans, so that they can stay safe. >> the park says it is working on making mama cat ter cubs to scare here -- stay despise they will coand do some means of hazing them to make it uncomfortable to be around humans, then released him hopefully they will call her, and the cat will move on. >> cyclists say they have seen cyclists frequently close to residential humans. >> i have seen a couple past my
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road where i live. >> residence and open space district say they were 25 other park services to enjoy, including fremont older, and windy hill preserves. >> it is incredible, to see mountain lions that close in the video, it is also pretty disturbing, because you have to remember, someone was on the trail with those mountain lines that close to get the video. now, we are told that this particular park, rancho san antonio is the most popular of all the preserves they have here, and they have 700,000 visitors per year. but of course, now might be the time to check out some of those other parks, once i preferably don't have the big cat, you can check on when it will be back opening to in cupertino, person making a lot of noise. what the park rangers suggest for people at home who may not want know what to do if they
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encounter a mountain lion, what do you suggest? >> reporter: at this point they're just saying stay away from the park. heed their warnings. they don't want anyone in here. this is also the cat safety, that is what they are focusing on, they want to make sure these big cats are not comfortable around humans. because humans have caused problems for the cats in a natural habitat, and we have also seen humans be mean to animals as well so they want to make sure these cats are afraid of humans, though they are mostly focused on trying to capture the mama cat and make her afraid of humans and hopefully she will teach her young to also be afraid of humans, they will track her to see if she has left the area. >> all right, leigh martinez, live in cupertino, thank you. >> also in the southbay, police are getting a deadly hit-and- run that happened overnight in san jose. officers responded to a two vehicle crash on santa teresa boulevard, and ygnacio avenue at about 3:40 a.m. when they arrived, the driver of one of the vehicles had already left the scene. it appears that person driving the 2016 volkswagen fagade was turning onto santa teresa boulevard, that vehicle was t-
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boned by a dodge ram pickup truck. the driver of the truck ran off and has not been identified. the other driver died at the scene, anyone with information should contact san jose police point san jose police are also interested getting a drive-by shooting this morning was left a 17-year-old boy wounded. it happened just before noon today on williamsburg drive, the victim suffered non-life- threatening injuries. so far, police have not released any suspect information or deceptions. incredible new video out of atlanta, where six people, including a 12-year-old child are injured following a lightning strike. it happened at the pta to her championship at east lake golf club this afternoon. in a statement, the pga tour said lightning struck a tree near the 16th tee during weather delay, and debris from that tree hit people on the golf course. some of the victims were taken
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to area hospitals for treatment. we will have more coming up on this story in sports later on. the mountain fire in chester county is reportedly holding at 600 acres, and is a 60 percent contained this evening. that is up from 50 percent last night. the fire started thursday morning near bear mountain and dry creek road. mandatory evacuations and road closures are in effect in that area now, and cal fire says seven homes and seven outbuildings have already been destroyed. the evacuation order has been set up in reading at crosspoint community church. two minor injuries have been reported, the cause of the fire is still under instigation. here is a look at where the mountain fire is burning right now, about 15 miles northeast of reading. that is not far from where last july's car fire destroyed more than 1000 homes, and claimed eight lives. sonoma know how hectic a wi evacuation can be. the tubs fire two years ago has left a lasting mark.
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today for the first time ever, the county ran through an evacuation drill utilizing a new tool to help residents get out quickly and safely. sara zendehnam reports. being prepared is the most important thing you can do in an emergency. sounds like sonoma county was to make sure all the residents here feel comfortable in case there is another major wildfire. the air in sonoma county is clear. there is no smoke, and the fire is not destroying homes. but, the memory from the 2017 n. bay fires linger. >> everybody is very nervous anytime we could smell smoke troop is one of thousands who ran from the raging wildfires evacuating them was chaotic. >> they were panicked because i was panicked, trying to find carriers, taking a resume together and get out and what are we going to do? >> she never wants to feel that panicked again. so, next time, she will be
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prepared, thanks to an evacuation drill in sonoma county. this budget gives the community the opportunity to actually practice what they might be asked to do in a real emergency. >> sonoma county fire and law enforcement officials work together to create this drill focused on the thomas area, it is one of many high risk fire areas in the county with limited roads heavy vegetation and a history of fires. as part of the drill, a unique siren blared from sonoma county sheriff's cars, one you will only hear when you have to evacuate, and phone alerts went out. >> evacuation directions, where to go. >> reporter: residency signed up for the drill at their home, follow the evacuation routes, and ended up at the hannah boy center. the next step is to hold the same event in other parts of the county, but officials say you can start landing now. >> they could get organized to be prepared to evacuate if they need to. >> for those like troop you have been through it before, they are ready for what is to come. >> we know it is going have stu ready to go. >> in sonoma county, ktvu f0x2
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news. we posted a link to cal fires wildfire evacuation preparedness page which lists what you should have in an emergency go bag, what to do if you have given an evacuation order, and what to do if you become trapped near a wildfire. you will find it on our website,, under web links. a teenage driver was killed in a solo vehicle crash last night in the east bay. the accident happened just before james donley boulevard near devorah drive in antioch. police say the driver crashed into a tree and died at the scene. investigators have not yet said what led to that crash. silicon valley preservation kicked off today, a rainbow cross flag was raised at san jose police headquarters yesterday to mark the beginning of pride weekend, a trans and friends rallied was held late this afternoon and festival is getting underway now, the silicon valley lgbt pride parade along market street will start at 10:00 a.m. and go through noon. the parade route starts at east julian street, and ends at east san fernando street.
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the festival at chavez park starts at noon. devastation in modeto heart straight pride event, they were met by members of the lgbt community, and their supporters, who showed up to take part in their own demonstration of inclusiveness and unity. the founder of the national straight pride coalition says he is proud of his supporters for standing up for their right to free speech and his group's fundamental principle. >> masculinity, femininity, the natural family for women and children the babies born and unborn, western civilization, caucasians of all people, all those are basic foundations of civilizations that are under attack. >> the city of modesto denied a permit for the straight pride parade, but, they marched anyway. medics call the straight pride coalition a racist hate group, with a mission to divide and incite violence. hundreds of special olympic athletes, are in east bay for the walnut creek regional softball competition being held at heather farm park.
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40 different teams from tenant northern california counties are competing in this year's tournament. players trained eight weeks to get ready for this big event. thurment showcases skills and accomplishment of the athletes. >> the special olympics is really important because it allows our athletes, to integrate with their community, and also, to build relationships with other athletes, and it helps them build a sense of confidence. special olympics northern california offered 12 courses year round, for many athletes to compete in several different competitions throughout the year. coming up, president trump joins world leaders in france for the annual group of seven -- group of seven summit. the issues and why activists are protesting the summit. unix elevation today in the
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east bay, how doctors and nurses got to see the premature baby they once cared for. now all grown up. and come in weather, a nice start to the weekend out there, still some fog, temperatures warming up nicely in length, get ready for a warm-up, we are talking about a few neighborhoods approaching 100 degrees eventually and we will have more on your forecast coming up. i'm introducing them to crab. crab!? they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside.
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president trump arrived in france today, with other world leaders, for the annual g7 summit. >> the agenda for the high- profile three-day event will likely include issues like global economic downturn and climate change, john roberts has more on the summit of the protests. weather is guests are fantastic. >> reporter: in the wake of escalating tensions in the middle east, the amazon rain forest burning and the global economy trembling, world leaders are coming together for three days of talks. >> everybody is getting along, we are going to come was a lot
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this weekend. >> reporter: president trump and french president emmanuel micron having a private lunch ahead of the summit. mccrone, hosting the summit, says the leaders have many foreign policy issues to discuss however the pressing topic seems to be the global economy in which many of the powers stems from the u.s. china trade war. >> how does the situation evolve? >> on friday, president trump announced an increase in tariffs on chinese goods in response to trade war retaliation, and goes on to say the u.s. economy is still in great shape. >> i think we are doing very well, our economy is doing great, we are having a little spat with china and we will win it. >> reporter: meanwhile, thousands of demonstrators taking to the streets, protesting against economic and climate policies embraced by
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the world's leading industrial nation. >> we are determined to act and tell them that they are not going in a good direction with the climate and with other things. >> the president's official meeting with the g7 summit and bilateral meetings with world leaders begins tomorrow morning, they will have breakfast with the new uk prime minister boris johnson has some problems of his own. johnson is facing a possible hardware exit from the european union, perhaps later on this year. at the g7 summit in france, fox news. the meeting for the international committee wrup in event brought doesn't president of candidates to the city in several major candidates came to the conference including kamala harris and bernie sanders. today, the dnc voted against the resolution that would have allowed the debates to focus solely on climate change. a ceremony was held in
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virginia to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the first ship carrying and slaves africans to colonial america. today's event in hampton, virginia, commemorates what is known as the african landing in virginia, most historians agree as arrival of the first slave ship on august 25, 1619, marks the dawn of slavery in the british colonies, and later in the united states. >> among those first documented africans we brought to north america in 1619, were two individuals, simply known as anthony and isabella. they were married, and in 1624, it is believed they gave birth to the first african child born in english america. they named him william tucker, in honor of a virginia planter. >> this is at an open free park
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there, it is an event to go to come another free ceremony is planned in arlington, virginia, where bells will be run run four times, one for each century since the landing of the first slave ship. today marks five years since the devastating earthquake, the magnitude 6.0 click quake rocked the region in 2014, 2000 homes and businesses were damaged, including the old downtown post office, and a century-old goodman library. while the historic courthouse is being repaired, the post office remains damaged. the developer brought up property for $2 million, and plans to build a hotel there. dozens of families who have been through the neonatal intensive care unit at kaiser permanente gathered for a special reunion today. the guest of honor our of 2014 and 2015 have grown into healthy preschoolers. the event is a chance for families who have moved past their time in the nicu to visit
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and thank doctors and nurses to help them throughout their journey. one woman in attendance, 110 days with her son who weighed just two pounds when he was born at just 27 weeks. >> it's a bittersweet, certainly an emotional day for me, i'm happy to see them again. and, to let them see my son, and see how they have helped him come along, and to be where he is today. if it was not for them, i don't know if my son would have made it. >> that woman's son is now a healthy six-year-old child. in all, 60 children who were once nicu patients attended. glad to see they are all beautiful healthy kids now. >> causes elevation point >> it is. let's bring in meteorologist mark smile, keeping an eye on these increasing temperatures over the weekend. >> we had a bit of a break. >> today was okay. >> tomorrow? >> you will see for yourself. if you're not a fan of the
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heat, don't look at the numbers are close, the forecast, hide from this afternoon not so bad, if you spot hot out toward fairfield, and antioch this afternoon, sentences go cooled off a few degrees from yesterday's reading, 71 today 67, san jose upper 70s. we can forecast on track and tomorrow we will have clear skies and warming temperatures in your sunday forecast. here is the satellite showing it is, low clouds factoring through the coastline, typical summertime weather pattern here in the bay area. the fog from cape mendocino tow santa cruz, still a pretty good onshore wind as well. keeping those temperatures and check for today. current numbers, we still have some warm readings out toward fairfield, 89 sentences go 64, san jose at 76 and up in the north bay, santa rosa at 78, a live camera looking out towards the golden gate bridge, this afternoon. we had talked about the marine layers, it is a shallow marine
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layer, because we can barely see the towers here, the south tower of the golden gate bridge, what that means, dense fog and visibility around the bay but it does not have as much of an inland push, this will not have as much of an impact on the temperatures inland over the next few days. in fact, conquered back up to the 90s for tomorrow afternoon, at least the lower 90s, i'm expecting mid-90s in the forecast for tomorrow. now, we are also watching this, a tropical storm weakening, this will not be a big deal, this will not be a major hurricane, this will not be a hurricane but you will notice heading up to the north, some moisture could be approaching with high clouds tuesday afternoon into wednesday. warmer sunday, it will be hot inland, probably one of the two hottest days this week, monday and into tuesday. now, that moisture will be approaching the bay area, definitely high clouds, could be feeling a bit muggy around here, tuesday and wednesday, as far as a shower chance the forecast keeping chances just
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off shore and up to our north, but it is close enough that we might be tweaking the forecast a little bit as we head towards midweek, keep watching out for that. how is tomorrow definitely warming things backup, into the coastline, and a few spots back up into the mid to upper 90s, walnut creek at 94, brentwood 96 degrees, oakland 79, san jose right around 80 -- 88 and sentences go will go 71 degrees for tomorrow, looking ahead at your five day forecast, bring in a few spots, typing 100 why not. seeing 99, 99 point >> pretty much, that will be the case into monday and tuesday, we will keep an eye on that shower chance, out of the forecast for now but we will see if that might be added by wednesday tuesday night into wednesday point >> thank you so much. the champion is getting set for the little league world series now championship. >> more from today's scary lightning strike at the tour championship in atlanta, scott reed is up next in sports.
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scott reiss is joining us in sports, we will get a positive news in a moment, for something very serious have
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another pj to our champion ship in atlanta today. >> not as serious as it otherwise might have been. a lot on the line in atlanta, we had to turn to the pga championship, brooks was the leader, and the story heading into round three, but mother nature stole the headlines. all looks fine weatherwise early on, we had benign conditions, kept a not so benign on three, the par putt yeah. not so much. starting with back-to-back bogeys, now sits tied for second at 11 under. they didn't get much golf in though because weather delay during the game look at this, serious lightning strike right where spectators were huddled near the 16 whole. another look, that's big-time, six people injured taken to the hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. play suspended for today and they will resume tomorrow at 5:00 a.m., thomas has a one- stroke lead no contacts or endorsements, just a lot of the game. and bragging rights on instagram. the little league world series, u.s. championship, how are you taking on louisiana. shane victorino looking on with his dad mike who just happens to be the mayor of maui. the
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third inning no score, down the line, reiss purcell, nice catch in foul territory. little man, big-play 36th inning, 5-0 louisiana, brazil with the bases loaded, his 15th hit, a little league world series record, to run score, louisiana went 9-5 and will move on to face the winner of curagao and japan, the international final. fifth inning, curagao 3-2, and curly martha with a two-run shot, curagao with a 5-to lead, bottom six, however, martha is your picture, and we will uncork one, oh no, run scores on a wild pitch and the throw, that gets away, then another run score is, it's a 5-4 game, comiin one. same inning, tyrone on third, kubo lines out to end it, that's it, curagao first little
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league world series championship since 2005, 5-4 victory was curagao taking on louisiana. odd pairing. >> as it is. >> some bad errors but would come back. >> absolutely. nothing like little league, thank you so much. thank you so much for making ktvu your source for news. >> we will see you tonight at 10:00. we hope you have a great evening.
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