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and then apologize for taking a piece of it back with her. she sent him a rock back to the great smoky mountains. they say leave footprints and take memories. that is a good rule for all of us. returning to the field. why this reunion was more than just a football game. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back. it is monday and we are starting off the week with a beautiful picture of some changes. the weather will get awfully --
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week of school and berkeley is just going back today. we are here. >> when did you start school? >> we always started after labor day. >> some okay. fall is coming because pumpkin spice latte is coming. a little peace and quiet while waiting for a flight at oakland international airport. to jabber boxes in the terminal to dig. workspaces that look like a phone booth but they have a desk and seat inside. these provide space to make important phone calls. you can meditate and relax. they ran for about $15. that's for 30 minutes. >> i would find a quiet corner for free. >> it depends.
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if you are taking a business call and the company is going to pay and they want you to be productive, it's an expense. >> they put out rocking chairs in logan. they want you to feel more at home. also, you're always looking for a plug. now they have stripped down and you can plug right in. >> all right. this look at the and this news. president trump is on his way back to the white house after wrapping up the g7 summit with a joint news conference. we are traveling with the president and he said that u.s. trade war with china was a major topic at the summit. stocks opening higher. >>reporter: investors
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may soon resume after president trump announced china wants to get back to the table. >> maybe they do and maybe they don't. i think they want to make a deal. i'm not sure they have a choice. that's not a threat. i don't think they have a choice. >> president trump and his french counterpart hold a joint press conference at the summit's conclusion. >> it uncertainty is bad for the world economy. the quicker we have an agreement the quicker uncertainty will dissipate. that issed yesterday and that is the american presidents wish. >> he already announced a major trade deal with japan. they are talking about industrial tariff and digital trade. the president says china called him twice. china says we want come. it
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seems like they are moving toward some kind of, not a deal but some kind of more talks. >> the president said this morning he is looking to host next year's summit at his golf resort in suburban miami. it should be in back to you. in livermore firefighters wrap up the work on an early morning house fire. we have been on the scene throughout the morning and we're live again to update information. >>reporter: yes. good morning. we got an update from the fire crew out here. they say they determine the fire started on the outside of the home and spread to the garage. let me step out of the way. this is the activity, you see all the damage outside the house and the chard fence. the firefighters tell us the fire is what caused a valve to
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fail. that caused the gas leak that ended up happening here early a neighbors heard a noise or popping sound. that woke them up. they came outside and saw this house on fire. the workers came out from the fire department and they say not only was there a fire, there was a gas leak as well. then work crews tried to clamp off the gas leak. they had to dig underground thinking the gas leak was underground. again, they have determined it was from allusive valve because the fire was able to get to it and cause the gas leak. regardless it has been shut off the, the fire is out. >> i heard a pop. it woke me up. that i went out and i heard another pop. then i opened the curtains and i was sure the house was on fire. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. work crews are telling us they
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believe the fire started in the outside of the home and spread to the garage. somebody was inside the garage and came out and reported they saw the fire on the outside of the home and that spread catching that portion of the house on fire. we spoke to some people living inside the home. they say they are k and don't want to speak on camera. fire crews are wrapping up their work. the cause is still under investigation. the fire is what caused the gas leak, not the other way around. back to you. police are investigating a stabbing outside a bar in west oakland. police responded to a bar on martin luther king jr. way near highway 24 and interstate 580 just before 8 pm yesterday. paramedics treated two at the scene. no updates to their conditions this morning. police.
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that east bay. police are investigating a shooting involving an off-duty san francisco police officer. we're live in else arena with more on that. >>reporter: good morning. we spoke with the neighbor who lives in this gated complex. he tells us the off-duty officer lives here as well. he says last night he heard banging on this gate that you are looking at right now then he heard shots fired. the scene is completely clear right now. last night, it was much different. we will take you to video of that and tell you what we know. the police department says an off-duty police officer shot a man in his 40s at about 10 pm yesterday. it happened on mosher lane in front of this apartment complex. the officer was uninjured. the man he shot was taken to the hospital. the police captain says the man
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who was shot did not have a gun but did have cite some type of weapon that he did not specify. campbell didn't say what led to the shooting. the neighbor said he lives in this complex and he said he heard the commotion last night and said the officer was attacked before the shooting. >> he was attacked last night. we have a problem with homeless people in this area and we try to keep people out. there is always something going on on this corner, unfortunately. >> now, we don't know if the officer fired his service weapon, how long he has been rt on administrative leave. answers. the police department is aware of the situation. we reached out to them a couple of times but have not heard back. >> thank you.
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what police say was the first reported as an active shooter incident was a smash and grab robbery. this was just before 8 pm. police arrived at the mall and could not find evidence of gun shots but jewelry crazes had been broken in one store. that noises what led people to panic and report a shooting. no one was seriously hurt. the search for the robbers continue. they are looking for links between the that anna smash and grab at vintage fair mall three miles away. there was also reports there of an active shooter. for men used a sledgehammer to break the glass cases at a jewelry store. the men inside the store are on surveillance camera. no one was hospitalized. police have not arrested anyone in either case. one man remains hospitalized
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after a brawl in a raging waters part. there were about 40 people from two different family groups involved at the water park. it started when one family accuse the other of stealing a beach towel. it quickly elevated into shouts of profanity and then it turned into a big physical fight. >> they back and forth to each other and then they started getting a little physical. the next thing i know i see a chair being broken over some guy. >> i can go to the water park without something crazy happening. it doesn't make me feel good. >> free tickets were given for another day to everyone not involved in the fight. sacramento police are still trying to sort out what led up to the fight to find out what charges should be filed. the hospitalized man is expected to recover. an illegal sideshow over the weekend. the helicopter played a critical role in this bust targeting several drivers.
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police say the chopper was in the air when officers's bonded cars spinning doughnuts near stanford court. >> the airship was overhead the entire time. we located and took enforcement actions. there were several citations and a couple of arrest. >> these have been a problem in oakland. lease and other parts of the bay area say these stunts are becoming more common in their cities even in the suburbs. coming up, a scary sight for beachgoers in spain. >> we will let you know how a bomb was discovered dating back to the spanish civil war. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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it is 9:14. a developing story. the government of brazil is sending tens of thousands of troops to the amazon for the firefight of the wildfires going through the rain forest. >>reporter: chard landscapes show the power of wildfires through the vast region. >> it affects my work and it blocks your nose. it is difficult to sleep because you can't breathe. >>reporter: flames are going through half a dozen south american states. tens of thousands have joined the containment effort. >> if it were one or a few big fires it would be easier to manage resources. when have a lot of spots at the same time, it is more difficult. >reporter: emmanuel has
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called the region the lungs of the planet. he announced that at the g7's summit there is a aid package. >> we will make ,20 million and concrete support. france will do that with military support. >>reporter: there is a long- term program of reforestation of cleared land. the federal agency plans to investigate reports the blazes may have been started by loggers and ranchers trying to clear the land for personal use. critics believe they were emboldened by the country's president who is promised to restore the brazilian economy by using the potential of the rain for's. this is seen more than 40,000 fire so far this year. more than half of them august a
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in new york, back to you. some disturbing news for banana lovers. a deadly fungus has decimated plantations in asia for 30 years and it has made its way to latin america. that is a state of emergency were columbia exports of bananas every year. right now it is contained to six farms. that is too close for comfort for the banana industry. >> we don't know what happens to the banana cultivation. that must keep us alert to prevent the fungus from propagating through other animals. >> crops that were destroyed and this may not be enough to spread the disease.
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a townhall meeting will happen tonight to discuss climate change and the environment. this is the latest in a series of town halls hosted by the congressman. previous topics included immigration and border enforcement. the meeting begins at 6:30. it will be in the multipurpose room at the high school. the doors open at 6 pm. another republican will challenge president trump. joe walsh announced the decision to run yesterday morning. he gained prominence in the tea party movement. he is stunned that so few are challenging president trump. >> he is unfit. completely unfit. it is stunning me that nobody has stepped stepped up because i will tell you what, everybody believes in the republican party that he is unfit. he lies every time he opens his mouth.>> the governor is also
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running for the republican nomination. >> if you like to work out you you might have a different way to do it. some people like treadmills and some people like bicycles. this guy does it differently. he pulled a 200 ton boat using his middle finger. this is a record for the heaviest boat pulled by a finger . i can't believe they have records like that. federation officials say they plan on contacting the guinness book of world records. >> what's more impressive, the fact that you got his name right or that the guy actually pulled that with his finger. right. coming up, the ford motor company gives its predictions for the future of driving. a shorter shelf life for self driving cars. why they think fewer will hit the road. we will sit down with a few members of a dance crew you will see that got a shout out
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from a bay area rapper. at bat is coming up next. at at&t we believe in access.
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it is 9:21. today is back-to-school day in berkeley. thousands began classes today. those students are being told about the big change in 2020 berkeley unified will join schools across the country that begin classes in mid august. oakland unified went back august 12. college students start living in a casino. the circus circus has 1300 students from the university of nevada. that is after two dorms were forced to close after a explosion of gas. people at the school say they're happy with how
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everything turned out. the cause of the explosion is still being backpacks for mr.fab. they held a backpacking giveaway yesterday. they had a block party and steph curry and his wife aisha. mr. fab and his sister say they want to put a smile on the face of local kids. >> we want to make sure you have what you need to be successful in school. that means having all the supplies that you need and it helps children to focus on learning and not have to worry about what they don't have. >> school supplies were donated by a wide range of people from athletes to entertainers. >> that is a modern twist on a filipino dance going viral
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after getting a shout out from a viral rapper. the choreographer was available to come to studio. congratulations. did you have any idea this would go bananas? >> know. we actually -- no. choreographe missing. everybody said wow this is amazing, i've never seen this before, i was shocked. >> it was your cotillion? >> yes. my 18th birthday. how did everyone react to it? >> our family has been doing this for other birthday performances and i used to watch my aunts and uncles do it when i was in the second grade. i kind of wanted to bring it back for my party. i am usually very quiet so they probably weren't expecting
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that. >> you did look very quiet in the video. >> that is great.>> so telus, what does connect fleet meet and where does it come from? >> it's a folk dance. it involves two making a beat b ground and one or more people dancing between them. >> this is precision. you don't want to get hit with a bamboo. how long did it take to put this together? >> we started it may. >>couple of months? >> yes. >> when did you practice? >> every friday and we did it in the driveway. >> okay. is there a little modern feel to this as well? >> yes. there could be. it depends on what the choreographer once. even in the philippines now, there are many productions but it hasn't really blown up until
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now. >> yes. sweeney is in the bay area. she saw it and said this is it up instagram. how did that make you feel? >> well, i was at work. i saw it on my phone and i said oh she actually saw it. i didn't think she would see it. i thought whatever. the phil oak pinot community. >> we saw it and of bunch of people shared it and i was amazed. >> have you gotten reaction from friends? yes. i don't have instagram. i have had people saying that you do you know you are all over instagram right now? many people have enjoyed our dance and seen it. >> we are about to. you are going to put on a performance force in a few minutes, right?
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>> yes. judging from your video i would say you are ready. thank you for coming in. i know you have to change and get ready for your dance. all the best. you are off to stamford and you're going to ucla? >> yes. >> okay. very nice. good luck in your studies. thieves target a car. is shocked they and more coming after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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it is 9:28. this tells the story of san francisco in the summer time. we had fog around the golden gate. it is rolling through.
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we are also seeing bright sunshine behind that fog. go over the archers, let's get to stephen find out how hot the week is going to be. >> looks pretty hot. that bald, when it is right down on the span, high pressure is sending it down on the deck. some folk on the coast but most of it burned off quickly. steve says it is 58 in sierra bill. >> according to my equipment, that is davis instruments. he has over a few dollars for that weather station. impressive. thank you. you can spend a little bit of money or a lot of money. okay. i did a run and walk from back. everybody swore it was lisa
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hundred degrees. it was probably 98 or 99 at least toward clayton because i would go early in the morning if i were going to hike. nice by the coast. warm to hot inland. temperatures are bumping up quickly. forecasted heiser above normal for this time of year. and some of the warmer monday will transform into 90 degrees. palo alto is warm. santa cruz is 88. our tension goes to the remainder of a tropical system. he bulk is offshore. upper 90s to 100 for some. the fog doesn't help unless you're right by the coast.
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a few clouds tonight. tuesday into wednesday is our best opportunity of anything developing. it will be hot inland. if we get thunderstorm activity, early wednesday morning for east bay. we will get cloud cover out of it and holdup. that keeps humidity higher. after tuesday and wednesday cool weather spills in thursday and friday. not today. if you are inland, it's hot, near 100 degrees. temperatures today and tomorrow about the same. mostly cloudy and muggy wednesday then cooler for thursday and friday. the all-important weekend looks to be nice. okay. let's check in with dave in the newsroom. emergency crews at the scene of a house fire. that was on buckskin road. firefighters were called at about 5:30 a.m. neighbors heard a loud popping sounds caused by a gas leak at
9:32 am
the house. , the fire was out a the gas was shut off. everyone inside got out safely. the cause is under investigation. an investigation in el cerrito after an off-duty police officer shot a man there last night. this happened on mozer lane in front of an apartment building. the shooting victim was taken to a hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. the off-duty officer was not injured. police say the man who was shot did not have a gun but he did have some kind of a weapon. police say what was first reported last night as an active shooter in the mall turned out to be athe mall was shoppe. ore where jewelry cases were smashed. they say that is the sound
9:33 am
people heard. they thought it was gunshots. it caused a panic and chaos. no one was seriously injured. so far, no arrests have been made. that is a brief look at some of the top stories we are working on. >> all right. thank you. the trial of harvey weinstein is being postponed to january. he pleaded not guilty in new york city at another arraignment for new grand jury indictment. he had his hands cuffed behind his back. he is accused of sex crimes including . prosecutors can submit testimony if convicted he could face life behind bars. the g7 summit ended with an hour-long news conference in which president trump still questions on topics. we're live this morning to get an update. president trump had a
9:34 am
news conference to wrap up the summit in france. he spoke briefly and then they opened it up to questions. president trump was first asked about iran. france invited them to the senate in the hopes of generating new talks. he would like the u.s. and i rhondaface to face meetings on the topic and president trump indicated he was open to the idea. trade with china and the impact on the broader world economy came up. as to whether china wants to resume talks the president had this to say. >> i'm not sure they have a choice. i don't say that as a threat.
9:35 am
i don't think they have a choice. the united states has never collected $.10 from china and they will be over $100 billion in tariffs. so, i think they want to make a deal. i think they wanted badly.>> one climate change the leaders of the g7 countries pledged $20 million to combat the fires in the rain forest. the u.s. supported that initiative but mr. trump was the only leader who did not attend that meeting to discuss it. when asked about the threat and he said this to say. >> the united states has tremendous wealth. the wealth is under its feet. i'm not going to lose that on dreams and windmills which, frankly they are not working too well. >> they are hosting the g7 summit next year and there was discussion as to whether president trump would host that and the financial gain they would get. russia and rump also says he putin to the g7 summit next year. the president thinksit is better to have russia inside
9:36 am
the room that outside. >> back to you. >> okay. thank you. democracy protesters clashed with police and another weekend of chaos. some police officers pulled out guns after group of protesters chased after them with sticks. kitty logan has more. >>reporter: another weekend of protest in hong kong with clashes escalating. protesters through gas bombs and other objects at police. officers fired one morning shot using live ammunition. that is a defended by the police on monday. >> we have seen an increase in the intensity of the violence of protesters. >>reporter: police are said to
9:37 am
be at blame because of the increased violence. some say it belongs with the chief executive. the violence may get worse unless she is replaced. >> most senior lawmakers say spanning his protesting. >>reporter: the president has been more reserved. the vice primera issued a statement calling for calm. president trump says beijing needs to resolve the crisis. >> it is easier for hong kong to do something. i think that the president will do something with hong kong. i think that messages a good message. >>reporter: police arrested at least 80 protesters over the weekend. the youngest was just 12 years
9:38 am
old. back to you. authorities in spain are investigating a bomb dating back to the spanish civil war that was found 80 feet off the coast of a popular beach. that forced the evacuation of the beach. an off-duty police officer found the device while swimming in water 10 feet deep. >> i thought it was shocking. we work thinking about flesh eating bacteria. i wasn't expecting a bomb that old. >> it is 80 years old. officials are searching the area where the device was found to make sure it is safe. police are searching for thieves who stole a battery from the toyota previous. the man who owned the previous
9:39 am
said she found thieves took a lot more than she first realized. >> first i looked down and the backseat was removed. i thought they had stolen the backseat. and i couldn't open the car. the electrical system was completely shot. the battery weighs 180 pounds. we are completely amazed. >> her car damages worth about $10,000. thieves are stealing these batteries and selling them on the black market. a traffic stop led to the arrest of two men. that started when a man told police he parked his car 10 o'clock on saturday and found out that his catalytic converter was missing.
9:40 am
lease officer stopped two men for driving without a license plate and they spotted the catalytic converter inside the car with drug paraphernalia and arrested two men.>> workers authorized a strike if the county and the union can't work out a new contract. 97% of social workers, clerical workers and workers in jails and hospitals said there could be a strike if needed. these contracts expired in mid joan. >> they are asking for pay increases to keep up with inflection. >> there are two more bargaining sessions for this month. police will reach out to the obg to queue. they are celebrating pride month. there will be a form at 6:30. it is the first in the series of listening sessions designed to increase trust and
9:41 am
communication between police and the community. pride season continues on september 8 in oakland. san francisco held a celebration in june at the silicon valley protests will happen over the weekend. people poured into the shop in downtown san jose. the police department increased its police presence. the department became one of the first to fly the rainbow flag. rpose. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back. i'm phil mickelson.
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the secretary of energy will be in the bay area to talk about artificial intelligence. writ rick perry will meet with experts. they will look at artificial intelligence and how can be used in different applications. hiking area will remain closed. the decision to shut down rancho san antonio county park came after mountain lions were found on the trail.
9:45 am
these cats came close to hikers to scare them off. included one >> many people planning a weekend hike had to make other plans. it is not clear if the hiking trail will reopen. $400,000 to help with two projects. have the money will be used to restore an acre of continuous habitat for the gardener state. >> right now it only has a few small patches of land where you can live. the parks department will manage that. the other half will build a quarter mile trail. it will make it easy for people to get to the park uniformed soldiers are helping civilian pick up trash on the street. city councilman represents the
9:46 am
district. 30 soldiers in uniform will help clean the streets on weekends. having the soldiers out there in uniform will show that the authorities care about the condition of the neighborhood and it would lead neighbors to report illegal dumping. >> all it took was president trump to make some optimistic comments about trade with china and the markets have come up a little bit. almost 200 points from the beginning. the other indexesaralso up. i'm looking at a handful of stocks. a lot more green then read as was the case on friday. jimmy john's restaurant, an old photo resurface showed the founder of posing with an elephant that he shot and killed in africa. this has spread on twitter in the past. in 2015 he told the tribune that he chooses to hunt and everything he has done his legal. he said he doesn't hunt big game in africa anymore. ford motor company predicts
9:47 am
self driving vehicles will have to be replaced every four years and there will be fewer cars on the road as autonomous cars hit the road. they think it will be cheaper and more efficient and used more often. disney and lucasfilm released footage from the highly anticipated third sequel trilogy. >> this video was shown at the expo last week. it was made public thethis morning. carrie fisher will be in using footage from potter theme playhouse built in their backyard for the three grandchildren. >> it has features such as hogwarts castle, the one shop and the railway platform. the
9:48 am
family declined to reveal the price tag to have it built but it is thought to be between $15,000 to $250,000. >> you do that for your grandchild, not your own children. >> enjoy. >> absolutely. tonight is the mtv video music awards. taylor swift and others are leadingcharge for >> angel has fallen was number one dig at the box office this weekend. >> the latest installment in the fallen series grows. last weekend's top weekend, good
9:49 am
boys was $11.8 million. the lion king was number four just shy of $8.2 million and that's it. two sisters are taking on lunch debt one cup at a time. these two made and sold a lot of lemonade. the prophets were not for them. this was to help pay what was owed for school lunches. between donors and their lemonade stands they have raised thousands of . they want to pay off $41,000. >> i always stop and buy something from the lemonade stand. it is the spirit that the children are showing and for a great cause like that. yes. how this game was so much more than just a football game and
9:50 am
how it helped the community move forward. that and more coming up after the break. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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9:52 am
this is the first time since the camp fire that the football field played on their home
9:53 am
field under the friday night lights. the weekend game was more than just getting back to how things work, it was far better than that. >> for high school football game, this appears pretty standard. in reality, this may be the biggest sporting event the paradise high has ever seen. >> they need tothat pi we need scissors. >> this is the athletic director.>> stern says the crowd was around 5000 people, double the typical home game attendance. it wasn't just those who remained after the campfire who came to the game. people who have been displaced all across the country return for the special occasion. >> our community was lost. it is all over the united
9:54 am
states. for one night, we can all be together. we went to high school and now we are roomies. >> these ladies have their homes destroyed in the campfire. they w in trailers that they call the compound. and extended family that includes thousands of others. christie is also a teacher. >> when you're here and on campus or at a football game, you don't feel any different.>> for those who remained after the fire, the football game at paradise high will always feel like home. >> they know this is something they can always lean on. >> in the home of the bobcats. back to you.
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start your chance to win a fox 2 news mug. to enter head over to ktvu mornings on 2 and click on the contest tab. we take entries from now until 1 pm. don't miss your chance to win. these are the mugs we are talking about. would you like to do the honors ? we would love it if you would put yours up here. your coffee will never taste so good. >> before we go, we want to leave you with a performance with our viral video stars. this is maria and olivia and their dancers. happy monday.
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olivia and maria. that is the dentine. they are here in the bay area because they are from here. that has gone viral and now we see why. >> absolutely. have a great afternoon.
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