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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  August 26, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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gunfire. trump sounding optimistic saying china is ready to make a deal . >> the terrorists have been hard on them over sherry fairly short bit of time. the new home for the golden state warriors is ready for tip off. we will show you around the chase center in san francisco. from ktvu is, this is the four . >> an off-duty san francisco police officer confronts a man outside his home in el cerrito. this leads to a fight. authorities say the officer fired on the man, leaving him wounded. welcome everyone to the four. i'm alex savidge . >> i'm heather holmes. the man who was shotwas armed but not with a gun in the officer says he acted in self- defense. crime reporter, henry lee joins us live from el cerrito with what additional information he is learning about the case. henry? >> reporter: heather and alex, i spoke to the officer late this afternoon. he does tell me what happened
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was unfortunate but he did what he had to do to protect himself. an off-duty san francisco police officer opened fire after confronting a man outside his home in el cerrito. the shooting happened near mozer lane on san pablo avenue about 10:00 sunday night. the officers wife called police saying there was a man on the front porch. she said her husband confronted him and the two got into a fight . >> loud banging on the gate right here which makes a lot of noise. yelling for a couple of seconds and then a couple of gunshots . >> the man shot by the officer was taken to the hospital. >> reporter: he is expected to survive. police say the man was armed. now with a firearm? >> another type of weapon. i will not describe it just yet. >> reporter: i have learned the officer involved is a veteran of the police department. he told me he could not discuss what led to the shooting but said it is an unfortunate matter and no one wants to hurt a human being. police officers, we like to reserve human lives. we want to save lives.
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cops definitely don't want to take lives." the officer confirmed he was involved in the deadly shooting while on duty, in 2010, he shot and killed edward lamar smith who was armed with a machete in the excelsior neighborhood what in what police say was a suicide by cop. the officer was awarded a bronze medal of valor for his actions. in a statement in response to the latest shooting, the officer's attorney said "i'm confident one all vaccine when all of the facts are in, the officer -- did what he had to do to protect his life." >> i know he was attacked and that is all i know. >> the neighbor says residents have had to deal with transients in the area . >> we do have homeless people in the area and i'm always trying to kick people out and try to figure out security in general. there is always something going on on this corner. the officer is now on paid administtive leave. the shooting is being investigated by san francisco police and the das office.
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henry, thank you. a long time bay area radio station, kfog is going off the air for good. the station on owner, cumulus media will switch from an alternative rock format to a small simulcast of knbr am broadcasting sports news. the station started in 1964 and was a popular spot on the dial when it was a classic rock station for diehard fans notice of fog heads. the schedule is scheduled to happen in september. a motorcyclist was killed on highway 4 and contra costa county. it happened near loveridge road in pittsburgh. the chp says the motorcyclist rear-ended a toyota and was thrown from his motorcycle, then struck by a big rig. the other drivers stayed at the scene and are cooperating with investigators.
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4 lanes of the highway were closed for about two hours, causing a huge backup during the morning commute. crews are working to determine the cause of a house fire in livermore. firefighters were called with home on buckskin road near bluebell drive about 5:30 this morning. crews say they believe the fire started outside the house and spread to the garage. they say the fire also caused a gas meter to fail, sending natural gas spewing from the pipe like a blowtorch. pg&e was called in to shut off the gas and fortunately, everyone made it out of the home safely. >> i think livermore did a really good job. they responded really quick and look like they put it out fairly quickly and i'm glad everybody was out safely and none of the surrounding houses really caught. >> crews of the fire under control in about an hour but as i mentioned, the cause is under investigation. the annual g-7 summit of world leaders wrapped up today in france. president trump said he believes china is sincere about
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wanting to reach a trade deal despite rising tensions over tariffs. as fox's lauren blanchard explains, the president skip date meeting on climate change following environmental concerns, dreams and windmills. >> over the past several days, leaders from 7 of the world's most advanced economies gathered in france for this year's g-7 summit. one country not represented, china. yet the ongoing trade war with the u.s. still dominated many discussions . >> sorry, it's the way i negotiate . >> president trump defending his handling of the ongoing trade work with china, saying at the conclusion of the g-7 summit in france, he is optimistic a deal could be close . >> the tariffs have hit them very hard. >> the president's french counterpart acknowledging the need for combating what he called harmful trade practices . >> in settling our trade velop trade but also to is to ensure that that trade is part of international trade rules.
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4 president mccrone reeled he's also trying to broker talks between the u.s. and around . >> at a given point in time there will have to be a meeting between the american and iranian presidents . >> president trump saying while he is willing to me, he is not ready to ease sanctions . >> i think iran wants to get the situation straightened out. there inflation is through the roof. >> reporter: the president said overall, the 2 1/2 day summit was successful and unified. though the country has failed to reach an agreement on climate change . >> we are the number one energy producer in the world. soon, it will be by far the number one pick it is tremendous wealth. i'm not going to risk that wealth and lose it on dreams. on windmills. >> as for next year's g-7 summit, it will be hosted here in the u.s. president trump says it could again be that g 8 because russian president vladimir putin will "certainly be invited . >>" lauren blanchard, fox news.
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joining us now to talk about this is very i can green, professor of economics and political science at uc berkeley. i appreciate you coming on today. we heard president trump say today that china, he believes, is ready to make a deal here after this -for-tat over tariffs and the president is confident something can be worked out. how realistic is that? other signs that we may be seeing those trade talks restart? >> i don't think there is any news as a result of the summit. trump has threatened to increase the tariff levels. he has threatened to take action against u.s. companies doing business in china. and the chinese have indicated again that they are prepared to retaliate proportionately. the only good news is that the two sides are prepared to talk but there is nothing beyond that. >> what do you make of his sort of optimistic tone all of a sudden from the president. was this mainly an attempt to
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instill confidence in the markets after last week? >> i do think the president is trying to talk the markets up and to acknowledge that nothing had been accomplished at the summit which i'm afraid, was the reality, would be another depressing note and i think mr. trump is doing everything he can to head that off . >> let's talk if we can about the realistic effects of this ongoing trade dispute. the president said today that, really, china is hurting and one of the claims he made is that already, the u.s. will soon have collected $100 billion in tariffs from china. is that accurate what we heard from the president? >> no, it is not accurate. the tariff receipts mainly come out of the pockets of american consumers and i think that will be increasingly the case going forward. as consumer electronics and other goods bought by american households, manufactured in
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china, become subject to the tariffs as well. both sides, both the u.s. and china are being hurt. the tariff war is doing no one any good. >> is one side being hurt economically more than the other side and is there, at this point, a clear winner in the trade were? >> one could make the argument that china is taking a bigger economic hit because more of its exports of merchandise are subject to our tariffs than vice versa but china also has a greater capacity to absorb the pain. they have a controlled economy. they don't have voters to complain about the impact so they can hold out. >> let me shift gears a little bit and also, during the g-7 summit, president trump said he is open to meeting and sitting
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down with the president of iran. this would be fitime such a meeting would happen in 40 years. how surprised were you to hear those statements from president trump and is a meeting realistic? >> well, i was surprised to hear them. i think everyone was. but this is part of a pattern were trump engages with a foreign leader as in the case of north korea and he thinks his personal charm can overcome deep-seated structural conflicts between two countries. it is clearly better for the two leaders to talk then for them not to talk but i do think we, the united states, could make more progress on the iran problem as part of a coalition of countries which is what we had before trump pulled out of the iran deal. >> we have to leave the conversation there. i really appreciate your insight, very i can green, professor of economics and political science at uc berkeley. thanks for coming on. >> thank you.
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almost a century after women won the right to vote, a rally. construction is almost complete. coming up will take you inside the new home of the golden state warriors. a nice warm-up across the bay area this afternoon. some of us nearing the 100 degree mark. i will have a look at what you can expect for the rest of today and into your bay area tuesday, coming up. ♪
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things are getting really exciting in san francisco. we are now it just about two weeks away from the very first event at the brand-new chase center . >> interviews christien kafton got a tour of the venue today. christian, crews are still working on some of the finishing touches but overall, very impressive to see the arena inside. >> reporter: absolutely. crews are still hard at work. we did get to take a look and we will take a look inside and in a moment but we will show you one of the outside features where they are working on art installations. this is one of those art installations. you can see these giant stainless steel spheres. the hopes are that these will become some of the iconic symbols of the city and possibly even warriors basketball. >> j center opened its doors and showed up his floors. >> reporter: the first view of how the court will look for the 2020 season. warriors president, rick wells said after 7 years of planning and breaking ground two years ago, it is great to finally be
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home . >> it has been a amazing journey. it has not always been easy. a project this size is daunting to say the least but you can see we are on the verge of cutting a ribbon. >> reporter: while the team was ready to show up to court, they want to keep some parts under wraps. the locker room and work a facility open for the media to door but no photos and no video. the warriors front office announced that as of monday, they are in their offices inside chase center. they are keeping all parts of the organization under one roof and that is one of the keys to building team spirit . >> one thing our organization has stressed since i got here was collaboration and to have everyone together, basketball people, businesspeople and players all in one area is going to be great and collaboration is a word we have always hung our hat on. >> reporter: while the floor may look familiar, the scoreboard is all new. fans will be able to watch replays and stats on the
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biggest screen in the nba. 82 by 52 feet. the warriors also showed off food from local restaurants and luxury boxes that will be the envy of the nba. when they sellout and chase center is filled with 18,000 fans, those fans will see it was designed without a bad seat in the house. >> one of the best parts about chase center that we are most proud of is whether you are sitting on the floor of the last row, you have an unbelievable experience. >> reporter: j center was conceived of as a basketball arena but the warriors say will be a world-class place to watch a concert. the giant scoreboard you saw earlier, a bigger one than anywhere in the nba retracts into the ceiling meaning everyone will be able to see metallica when they play the first concert here september 6 and the warriors play the first preseason game against the lakers october 5. live in temperatures go, christien kafton, ktvu fox2 news . >> the scoreboard is something. christian, i know you said the warriors are keeping the locker room and workout facility there at the chase center under wraps for now.
4:17 pm
you were not able to get any pictures inside but you did take it little tour. how did things look? >> reporter: alex, i was going to try to smuggle my iphone and there to get some pictures but that did not seem like a great idea. in fact, they made us surrender our phones but the training facility and locker room looks pretty incredible. it looks pretty impressive. there are actually two full courts down there for the warriors to workout on, a training room, medical facilities and a locker room. the locker room, again, is a circular locker room almost like the knights of the round table. it is small, intimate, each player has their own locker available. it is pretty impressive. again, guys, no pictures . >> looking forward to seeing some pictures very soon. christien kafton, live at the news new chase center. >> it seems like the worst thought about everything. they will be in control of just about everything but the weather. that is true. we are looking at some warm weather outside our doors at this hour despite all of the
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cloud cover. it is a beautiful view. the fog is just coming into the bay. it is kind of spilling over the coastal range. even with the clouds and the onshore breeze out there, temperatures are really hot in land. we are talking about upper 90s to near 100 degrees. livermore at 98 right now. san jose, 87 so not too bad. a very warm day for you there. santa rosa almost 90. 89 degrees for you at this hour. san francisco, 70, 76 in oakland. a beautiful day along the bay and inside the bay but inland we are baking. we are warmer in most areas this afternoon. out by hayward, up by a few degrees, concord, livermore, 3 to 4 degrees warmer than yesterday and we will hold onto the heat at least for one more day. we have subtle changes coming our way for tomorrow. that in a moment. the onshore breeze at fairfield gusting to 18 miles per hour so we are getting a little bit of
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air moving in land but as you saw from the numbers, upper 90s to near 100 degrees. that is not helping much. a look at the cloud cover on the close line. coastline. we have high-level clouds we've been tracking for a couple days. this will play a part in the forecast for tuesday. the remnant of eva continue to move into southern california, reaching the bay area and that will feel more monday around here tuesday possibly into wednesday. tonight and tomorrow morning, 60 degrees for oakland, 58, san francisco, 84 in santa rosa, low 60s concord and livermore, upper 60s in antioch. relatively mild day for the inner east bay. afternoon a near repeat where temperatures will be hot in them, 97, concord, upper 90s antioch, most of the bay, 82 for the afternoon high in hayward, 74 surface go, upper 80s to low 90s expected for the inland cities. temperatures drop off on wednesday and it will have a look at the pulldown and
4:20 pm
extended forecast of your weekend coming up in a little bit. the state supreme court is expanding decades-old rules for telling suspects when they have been arrested by an officer with a bad record. the justices ruled unanimously today that the obligation to make sure suspects get a fair trial outweighs the privacy rights of officers. they rejected a lower court ruling involving the los angeles county sheriff's department. that ruling blocked prosecutor from getting the names of deputies who take in bribes, tamper with evidence, lie or use excessive force. south bay leaders are kicking off a year-long campaign honoring women suffrage while encouraging people to register to vote. santa clara county supervisor, cindy chavez road in a 19th century model t as a way to link the present with the past. she hosted a rally outside the martin luther king jr. library in downtown san jose. the kickoff rally draws attention to the decades long fight to give women the right
4:21 pm
to vote. >> we are on a trajectory of getting more rights at a time when it feels like rights are being taken away. that is the other reason today is so important because we are commemorating what we have already done so we can think about what we need to do. >> women secured the right to vote in california in 1911 but nationwide, women did not have that same constitutional guarantee until the 20th amendment was ratified in the year 1920. wildfires in the amazon catching the attention of world leaders at the g-7 summit. up next here on the four, details on how the growing crisis and how world leaders are not responding . >> be sure to tune in tonight at 8:00 for a special two hour event as the top 8 performers on "so you think you can dance" take the stage. i'm addicted to this show and i love it. that will be followed by the 10:00 and 11:00 news by here on ktvu. ♪
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another weekend of violent protest in hong kong were flashes between pro-democracy
4:24 pm
demonstrators and police appear to be escalating. hong kong police arrested at least 80 protesters over the weekend. the youngest was just 12 years old. protesters through molotov cocktails another object at police who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. officers also fired 1 warning shot using live ammunition. hong kong police defended the tactic. >> we have seen an increase in the intensity and -- of violence used by protesters. >> -- that is why we go to the -- on the streets. >> the protests began over controversial extradition legislation that was later suspended. the movement is now demanding a democratic election and an inquiry into what a calls
4:25 pm
police violence in breaking up the demonstrations . >> the government of brazil is sending tens of thousands of troops to the amazon. there will join a growing firefight against the catastrophic wildfires that are raging through the amazon forest. residents in brazil are calling for those responsible for those fires to be held accountable. >> reporter: world leaders at the g-7 summit agreed to help battle wildfires raging throughout the amazon region. a two pronged $20 million aid package was announced monday that piece up immediate firefighting efforts with more brigades and air planes. while setting the stage for better forest protection and management. >> it is a marvel of biodiversity and a true oxygen factory. that is why taking care of the amazon is, of course, the responsibility of not only the amazon countrs but of the whole world. >> reporter: small and large blazes are ravaging the region mainly in brazil. impacting one of the planets major sources of breathable oxygen. brazilian loggers and ranchers
4:26 pm
are accused of contributing to the fires by clearing some of the land for personal use. concern locals have taken to the streets to blast the country's president saying he has relaxed environmental laws to promote economic expansion in the rainforest. the president has agreed to send in military help following intense criticism on the global stage. farmers directly affected by the fire say they want the problem extinguished . >> a lot of animals died in the fire. the jungle, the forest has burned. it is complicated. i don't even know what to say. >> reporter: d4 station has led to lower amounts of carbon stored in the amazon which means the crucial balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide has been changed leading up to speeding up of the problem. firefighters have flown halfway around the globe to
4:27 pm
help fight fires in the amazon including a supertanker from right here in california. coming up in 5:00, our own tom vacar will have more on this massive plane and its role in fighting the devastating fires. youtube takes a firm stance when it comes to negotiating with influencers on the platform. still to come here at 4:00, we will talk live with our tech expert, ryan eldridge about the online drama. the immigration debate continues on capitol hill last two trump administration immigration policies face renewed scrutiny from democrats. at aetna, we believe in taking care of the whole you.
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that's why we take a total approach to health and wellness, so you can age actively. and we simplify medicare by connecting you to the right coverage, resources and care. so you can keep pursuing the life you love. aetna medicare solutions. a new proposal by the trump
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administration to detain migrant children longer than current rules allow is coming under intense criticism. immigration officials are characterizing it as a way of keeping families together but as fox's christina coleman reports, it will face a number of legal challenges. >> reporter: president trump not backing down following criticism over his latest immigration proposal, to allow indefinite detainment for undocumented families including children who have crossed the border illegally. democrats on capitol hill united in their opposition with some calling the new rule "racist. those quote the white house says it is about keeping families together while they wait for their day in court . >> what the new regulation does is we are going to hold you not indefinitely, just long enough to go through the immigration process which, in past history has shown it is between 40 to 60 days. >> >> reporter: states including
4:31 pm
california are mounting legal challenges to the new rule and some are taking steps to make sure no new child facilities are open. they claim the rule targets the most vulnerable migrants . >> the apprehensive double -- the actions of this ministration is not just morally reprehensible. they are illegal. children don't become subhuman simply because they are migrants. >> reporter: meanwhile, the administration is facing new opposition to have migrants of i-4 asylum in a safe third country with some south and central american governments not willing to take in migrants willing to travel to the u.s. >> we are starting to see other nationalities which are restricted entering through venezuela and colombia and this puts all transit countries and destination countries at risk. >> reporter: if approved by a judge, the new rule was expected to take effect and 60 days. christina coleman, fox news. california is taking the lead on the new multistate lawsuit against the federal government over the new immigration will. governor gavin newsom and attorney general becerra
4:32 pm
outlined that new law this morning. it opposes the trump administration's new rule circumventing the order which covers the treatment of children in immigration custody and only allows them to be detained no more than 20 days. javier becerra says the prolonged attention -- retention role would cause harm to their children, families and communities that accept them when released from federal custody. the trumpet ministration is holding children and families in jail -like conditions for weeks. these are individuals, children, who have not committed any criminal violations. too often, they are being held without sufficient food, health, or even medical care. he is leading a coalition of 18 attorneys general in filing the lawsuit. youtube has made it clear it is not willing to negotiate with the union made up of creators and influencers on the
4:33 pm
platform. according to the verge, the youtube union wants more transparency from the social media site about how it regulates content and determines which channels make money. while youtube says it has taken steps to address those concerns, the company is refusing to negotiate the union's full list of demands. joining us to talk more about this is our tech expert, ryan eldridge with nerds on call. thanks for coming on. what are the big changes the you tubers union is pushing for? >> essentially they just want more transparency. let's say, alex, you post a video on youtube and you do it in the idea that you are going to attract ad revenue, people will watch a, see the ads and you will make some money. the problem is that for some reason, youtube/that video and says the content is inappropriate or doesn't fit within the guidelines, and removes the video or stops the ads from running, they don't really tell you why. you have to kind of figure that out on your own. it seems like the rules are applied differently to -- depending on how much money you make for youtube so just last
4:34 pm
week, washington post had an article about 11 different moderators from youtube that said the rules that apply to most you tubers don't always apply to the upper echelon of youtube creators . >> those with the biggest followings? >> exactly. if you have a big following, the rules might bend a little in your favor whereas the regular youtube person who has a few hundred or a few thousand followers still has to apply those rules to themselves . >> i was reading the union wants monetization for some of the channels, speaking of folks with smaller followings. what would that look like and what are they asking for? >> ultimately they want to be able to post a video and run ads on it regardless of how many viewers or followers they have that way they get an equal share. right now, essentially youtube decides this video is appropriate, this video can make money so we will allow it to run ads on the channel. instead of the moderator or the union having the power to make those decisions . >> so youtube said in a statement that it is addressing
4:35 pm
transparency issues and support issues for creators but do we know exactly what steps the platform has already taken to deal with his concerns? >> unfortunately, no. google is very quiet about specifically their process and what is interesting is i think there may be a bigger problem here, again, going back to the washington post article. they talked about the content that is reviewed by moderators or often independent contractors who review 120 videos a day on average, often skipping the longer ones simply because they try to meet a quota which google denies there is a quota but while doing all that and rating the content that might go up on youtube, when they rate something of a higher popular value, it goes up to the youtube upper echelon and they are often overruled on the content. >> so let's talk a little bit here about the union, the you tubers union and how organized it is and how much influence it may have. first of all, do we know --
4:36 pm
there are apparently 23,000 members to this union based on the group that they are following on facebook. but do we know how many of those members are some of those big names on youtube, the folks with the big-time followings? >> unfortunately, no. we don't know if there are a lot of bigger names in that organization but we do know that the union recently joined forces with one of the largest unions in the world, ig metal in europe and by joining forces with them, they have legal power and know-how to try to bring google to the table which obviously, they have been able to do. there was a clock running on which was a countdown clock to the demanding google and google came to the table . >> we have to wrap up but it would seem they need have some of these big name you tubers on
4:37 pm
board to drive a hard bargain with youtube . >> i agree. without having the big names behind them, 23,000 smaller concept providers are not really going to move the needle at youtube or force them to do anything in particular but having that big union behind them certainly can make the playing field a little more even . >> certainly a big step forward. we have to leave it there. ryan eldridge from nerds on call. always appreciate you coming on. thank you . >> you're welcome. supporting the family of a slain highway patrol officer. coming up next, the fundraiser for the family left behind when a man grabbed a rifle from his truck during a traffic stop. ok everyone!
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that's fashion at a fraction. ♪ shop anytime at and get easy returns in store. nordstrom rack. what will you find? it's an honor to tell you that [ applause ] thank you. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. i love you! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ after an officer was killed at a traffic stop earlier this month, 34-year-old officer andre moye was filling out paperwork and an ex-con grabbed the rifle from his truck and started shooting. after the officers senseless death, lots of anger and now a
4:41 pm
chance to do something and respond in a positive way. i'm joined by tom galan audi, founder of the fallen heroes. it is sobering to think we here we are again honoring a fallen law enforcement officer in california . >> it is sad but we are the conduit to support police and firefighters when they die in the line of duty. that is why we are here. unfortunately, too many die every year but we, together as a community reach out, where there is a line of duty death and provide support and services in whatever way is possible . >> you have a really good partner. california pizza kitchen with restaurant locations all across the state are going to be holding a statewide fundraiser tomorrow to benefit officer moya's widow . >> tomorrow is an all-day fundraiser. california pizza kitchen otherwise known as cpk is going to donate 20% of the entire
4:42 pm
proceeds from tomorrow including take-out, beverages, everything. they will donate 20% and we will take that and combine it with whatever donations in other ways that we receive and once we calculate everything, we will give the moye family 100% of the donations that we race. if you visit our website, we even paid the paypal costs or other charges so when you donate $50 you are actually donating $50 to the family . >> why is this so important for officer moye's widow and why it is important for the chp? >> first of all it gives the community a chance to support police and firefighters and in this case, the chp, when they die. the family goes through a horrific emotion and tragedy as it is and this gives the community, the people to donate back, to give back to a family
4:43 pm
that lost so much. he was protecting our community and they are there 24/7 so we need to step up one dies in the line of duty . >> i loved what he did. california pizza kitchen has stepped up like this before and helped out especially in california . >> that the this is the third time. we have partnered with dems from the ceo down. he and his team firmly support police and firefighters and they found this partnership is our way to give back to those that protect us 24/7 . >> what, i think it is important, for people know is what you had touched on little bit ago which is if you donate $50, the entire $50 is going to go to officer moye's family. there is not any administrative cost or anything like that. tell me why you think that is important for the public to know? >> that is important because people want to know their donation is going where it needs to go and his family
4:44 pm
needs everything they can get and so we have decided as a nonprofit that any extra charges incurred comes out of our budget so rest assured, tell people that the $50 or whatever amount, it is going 100% to the family . >> so all of you craving pizza, tomorrow is your chance to get your fix. head to any california pizza location. we have additional information on our website, there is information on how you can donate , maybe if you can't get out to a california pizza location but you would like to help officer moye's family. all of that information is available on our homepage at tom, thank you very much . >> thank you. a very worthy cause. we want to shift gears to talk about our weather and a very warm day across the bay area. we started off the work week, rosemary? >> a little hotter than we were yesterday and temperatures will hold steady for tuesday in the bay area even adding the
4:45 pm
possibility of a little bit of humidity into the air that can make it el even more uncomfortable. i look across the oakland estuary toward san francisco. what a beautiful shot. you can see way in the background, the marine layer against the coastline pickers another beautiful view. along the coast, partly sunny to mostly cloudy. south of monterey, some cloud cover there and the moisture will continue to stream into the bay area and again provide us with that mug year weather as we get into tuesday and wednesday. sfo reporting and onshore breeze of 22. hayward, 12, livermore, 10. we do have a little bit of an onshore breeze. in any case, it is a hot one. take a look at the numbers, 102 reported in fairfield. upper 90s concord, livermore, brentwood, into the north bay, a warm day here, 84, napa, 89, santa rosa but the heat, closer to areas of the east bay and toward the sacramento valley, those shades of pink indicate 100 degrees plus. 70 in downtown sentences go.
4:46 pm
87, san jose. again, we are tracking the remnants of eva and it is already over southern california providing high surf in that area. the clouds, you can see, already in place as we get into the bay area forecast for tomorrow. similar temperatures but it could feel a little more muggy with the mid-level and high- level clouds moving in. the moisture will be with us tuesday and may linger into wednesday. futurecast for tomorrow morning, clouds along the coastline just-in-time the bay just inside the bay. it is a little hard to pick up but you will see the clouds moving through some of the mid- level and high-level clouds coming from the south. temperatures outside, 56 tomorrow morning i should say, 56 pacifica, 50 degrees oakland, low 60s in concord. it will be mild and antioch at 60 degrees. afternoon, mid-70s for sausalito, 94 novato, low 90s once again in areas over santa rosa. upper 70s to low 70s for the east bay shore, mid to upper 90s for inland that is around danville and walnut creek.
4:47 pm
as you get closer to antioch and brentwood, 100 degrees will be a possibility for you there. the afternoon highs in the south bay, 88, san jose, low 90s, saratoga. nice day in santa cruz with afternoon sunshine and temperatures nearing 80 degrees. for the peninsula, 86, redwood city, 72 in san francisco. there is a look at the extended forecast. temperatures begin to drop off on wednesday and even better on thursday as we get into the business week. upper 80s for inland cities, upper 70s around the bay and slightly warmer expected as we roll into the holiday weekend. for the next couple of days, it will be really hot in land and maybe a bit muggy at times. one of santa clara county's most popular hiking areas remains closed this afternoon. the decision to shut down rancho san antonio county park near cupertino came on friday after a family of mountain lions was spotted roaming the area. park rangers say the 4 big cats
4:48 pm
came dangerously close to hikers in the area including one who tried and failed to scare them off. many people planning a weekend hike had to make other plans. >> i'm a little disappointed because we were looking forward to our outing but i'm glad that they are taking precautions, they have people's safety in mind and the safety of the mountain lions. >> i hope the wildlife becomes more afraid of humans so they can stay safe. >> at last check, the amount lines were still roaming the area and it is not clear when the hiking trails might reopen. a nasa asked her out astronaut who is reportedly looking to become the first woman on the moon is facing another situation that is unprecedented . >> nasa's anne mcclain . >> and astronaut is accused of
4:49 pm
committing a crime in space. last nasa flight engineer anne mcclain is allegedly accused with hacking into her alleged wife's accounts. the claim reportedly submitted to and under oath interview with the offices of the inspector general at nasa. her executions are of accessing her bank account using her password and investigating her spending activity while on board the international space station. over the weekend, i tweet, "there is unequivocally no truth in these claims. we've been going through a personal separation that is unfortunately in the media. i appreciate your pouring of the port and will reserve comment until after the vestigation. i have confidence in the ig process." on june 24, mclean came back to earth landing in russia. her wife, a former air force
4:50 pm
intelligence officer became suspicious during the mission and accused mclean of identity theft . >> she's been using state of texas lawson family court to be terrorize me and try to and manipulate me to signing over some sort of legal possession to my son and i refuse to do so. >> nasa declined to comment on this quarrel and personal crime as it is a personnel matter. mclean who graduated west pointe almost made history on a ssrious note earlier this year when she was pulled from a space lock which would have been the first ever all- female spacewalk. in miami, phil keating, fox news. harvey weinstein and his plea on two new charges . >> still to come, what is next for the embattled hollywood producer as one of his alleged victims agrees to testify. here's one you guys will like.
4:51 pm
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help stop the clock on further irreversible joint damage. talk to your rheumatologist. right here. right now. humira. some college students in nevada are starting of the school year living in a casino. the circus circus hotel and resort is housing nearly 1300 students from the university of nevada reno. the move comes weeks after a natural gas explosion forced two dorms to close. students will live in single and double rooms in a non- gambling hotel tower which many are now calling the wolfpack tower after unr's mascot.
4:54 pm
students say they are happy with the arrangement . >> it is great for the kids, college is supposed to be an experience of this is an experience. it is a circus and we are in circus circus . >> it is classic. >> the contract between the school and casino will be for about 9 months. the explosion in the boiler room led to a much larger gas blast that blew out walls and windows. harvey weinstein pleaded not guilty to a new indictment today in a new york city room in the manhattan d.a. says the case will include testimony from one of weinstein's accusers, sopranos actress, annabella cr who says the producer her in 1993. david lee miller has more in york. how are you doing?
4:55 pm
>> really good . >> harvey weinstein pleads not guilty to two new charges of predatory saw. >> reporter: the hollywood producer appeared in a manhattan courtroom monday, the same date pruts led an indictment which would allow jurors to hear testimony from sopranos actress who claims weinsteinher inside his apartment in manhattan . >> the prosecution feels she is an important witness and i feel she is an important witness . >> i think the case itself is weekend i think they feel like they need this portion to help with what they have. >> reporter: weinstein has pleaded not guilty toa woman in 2014 and a forcible sex act on another person in 2006. prosecutors say they cannot charge weinstein because it happened outside the statute of limitations but they hope her testimony will prove weinstein has a history of being a sexual predator. >> i think it is important for all witnesses who may have relevant information to be
4:56 pm
permitted to testify . >> weinstein has denied accusations but the legal team maintains the producer is innocent. >> a lot of this is predicated on hearsay, emails, personal conversations and a lot of this is going to be exposed in the next several months. >> reporter: a judge pushing the trial from next month of january, 2020 in light of the new charges. weinstein faces a life sentence if convicted. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. ktvu fox2 news at 5:00 is coming up next . the driver of a stolen car slammed into a rideshare vehicle, killing the passenger and injuring two others. tonight at 5:00, why the driver is facing murder charges. it could help ease the housing crisis in the bay area. a way to build homes and apartments in half the time. we take you inside a modular apartment building going up in oakland. this portion of ktvu is sponsored by mike's pizza. pizza the way it ought to be. it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts now. a controversy outside of the home of ed off-duty police officer is with the officer shooting and warning a man. good evening everyone. >> tonight the off-duty san francisco police officers says that he was acti in self- defense. ktvu's henry lee is live in el cerrito. henry? >> reporter: i spoke to the 13
5:00 pm
veteran officer this afternoon. he tells me what happens is he unfortunately did what he had to do. >> reporter: an off-duty san francisco police officer open fired after confronting a man outside of his home in el cerrito. the officer called police say that there was a man. she says that her husband confronted them the two got into a fight. >> he was yelling for a couple of seconds. >> reporter: the man that was shot by the officer is in the hospital and is expected to survive. police say that the man was armed. i have learned that the officer involved is a veteran of the eagles i police station. in a phone interview, he said he could not discuss what led up to the shooting.


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