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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  August 27, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> a brand new day. i'm dave clark. let's talk about your weather. steve is right over here. >> cooler but still pretty warm. it'll be better for you tomorrow. >> i could use a little cooler. i will be honest. >> we will get here. we have top cake clouds coming in late tonight, tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning the best opportunity if anything develops. napa, look to be in the window. down on the deck. it looks to be higher than yesterday. the bases were really low yesterday. all these forecast highs. san francisco, even though they aren't as warm as yesterday. looks like they have put on the air breaks in you will and will start a little
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northward. the fog is a big story. the warmest they have been all summer many that's the low 60's. that's what we are seeing 50's, 60's on the temperatures. peninsula temperatures. 50's and 60's, 67, palo alto. fog will give way to sun and then we will see the clouds start to drift over. if anything develops it'll be early tomorrow morning. sal is here to tell us when things are get be crowded what you probably expect. if you are going to the bay bridge it's not unusually slow. it's backed up as it normally would becoming in to the toll plaza. it's a 15, 20 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge which is not unusual for this time of the morning. you can see traffic moving along okay along 880 if you are driving in oakland and getting past the cole self. this doesn't stay this way
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later but you have a good drive on 880. into san jose with no major issues in downtown san jose. bay area bridges are taking in more money because more people are paying their tolls. sarah joins us now from the bay bridge toll plaza. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. toll cheats have dropped significantly since the law went into effect in january. about 75% drop since that law went into effect. the law said that cars can't have paper dealer plates or placards. if you buy a karnow car right now you get a temporary plate to be tracked down. before january 1st of that year drivers could get through tolls without paying with generic dealer plates and there was no way to find them. we first reported on the loophole in 2013 and found the bay area was losing nearly
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$11 million a year in uncollected tolls. that's about a million dollars a month. that number today is down to $250,000. a spokesperson with the transportation commission said that the change is in part due to police officers. >> the rate of decline in these violations is actually faster than the up take in -- in temporary license plates which suggests that law enforcement played some really positive role in the early months of this year in making contact with those drivers that had the -- the so-called dealer plates. >> reporter: this is a work in progress. dmv is working to improve temporary license plates. changes include a uniform font size, better identifying information that the plates are from california, a clear design to identity the experration date and better adhesive so they don't
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many flap up in the wind. the it's definitely an encouraging start. at the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. happening today a care van of uber and lyft driver also protest san francisco demanding to be classified as employees. the care van left los angeles, its crossing the state. christina is in san francisco now with more details. >> reporter: good morning to you. this has been an ongoing fight for ube are and lyft. they will protest again today. it's something they have done before this is a very first time they will use their cars for the demonstration. the very thing essential for their work. they are have left los angeles yesterday. they are making their way to san francisco today. they are going to be roughly 200 drivers in this motor march. they plan to take over a portion of market street
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outside the headquarters here at noon today. they are demanding that state bill 5 be passed which is a bill that creates a pathway for drivers to form a union and would classify them as employees. it would give them basic worker protection like minimum wage, health insurance and paid sick days. they have been fighting the passing of that bill. after the noon protest we understand the caravan will drive over to oakland and rally at taylor memorandum ram memorial methodist church. they say they wanted to meet with the united farm worker members. they say the motor is homag oh, the famous march to sacramento in 1966. r today's rally here in san francisco, and later this afternoon in oakland the motorcade will continue on, ending in sacramento tomorrow on the steps of the state capitol. that is where they plan to
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rally for the bill and for a union they hope to see that bill pass shortly. we will reach out to them and see if they have any comment. in the past they have said that -- really they don't want to make any comment but have put out an editorials explaining why the need would not go through or why it wouldn't be good to most workers. ultimately saying that a lot of these drivers value their independence and shouldn't be classified as employees. we are live in san francisco this morning. a woman riding in a lyft car was killed, a man was hurt in the crash that involved a suspected drunk driver who police say was driving a stolen car. it happened in the oar night hours early sunday morning. police say that the 32-year-old ran a red light at lawrence expressway and samed in to a lyft car.
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after that police tried to stop perez because they thought the car was stolen. >> the moment he leaves that parking area, he is already significantly further away from ouroffs that they couldn't catch up. it was actually -- only a matter of seconds before the officers said over the radio we are fought going to initiate a pursuit. >> the woman who died was carol major. the other passenger is in critical condition. the ride share driver is expected to be okay. perez is facing charges of murder. also new, the santa clara medical examiner's office has identified the man killed in a hit and run near san jose state university. the 20-year-old was killed thursday near south 4th street. police responded to a report of a body in the road. no suspects have been arrested or identified.
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a go fund me has been started to raise moppy for the funeral. we have an update about the shooting in el sorito involving an off duty san francisco police officer. the officer is claiming self- defense after shooting a homeless man outside his house. it happened at ten sunday night near moser lane. police say the officer shot the 44-year-old after he attacked him with a walk. wayland is in the hospital. the officer has been identified and is on paid leave. we have an update on the victims from the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. two patients are still at santa clara valley medical center. one is in fair condition. the others not releasing any information. valley medical center received seven the patients from the shooting. all were treated for wounds. the power is backon in
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palo alto more than three thousand lost power after a goose flew into lines. the outage affected bayshore, colorado avenue, louis road and greer. the city council in antioch may vote to give themselves a raise when they meet tonight for the first time in more than ten years. that raise they may vote on, they have beenonning $941 a month since 2007. state law lets them increase their pay up to $1,600 per month effective january 1st 2021. the meeting starts at 7:00 tonight it. will be held at the community center open lung tree way. the president is back at the white house this morning after three days of talks at the g7 in france. the leaders of the other richest kelseys pressured the united states to end its trade dispute with china because it's hurting the global economy. the president announced new trade talks are back on
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but said there's no timetable forgetting a new deal complete. china has called for calm negotiations but the press has not backed down from a plan to impose new tariffs starting on sunday. >> sorry. it's the way i negotiate. the way i negotiate. >> even if both sides are willing to meet that is no guarantee they will actually reach a new trade deal and that could continue the problems on the united states and global stock markets. a rip between brazil and the g7 countries. brazil saying no to a 20 million-dollar aid package. >> and a long time san francisco radio station is signing off. the reason that the owners
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pilling the plug on its format. . >> good morning. we have the commute that's still getting a little slower by the moment here including on interstate 80. >> little bigger fog bank. temperatures hot yesterday coming down. there's a blanket of fog but the higher clouds, will they make it we will take a look. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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. puerto rico bracing for another possible hurricane. dorian is getting stronger. they are making last minute preparations, stocking up on food and water before the storm hits. the national hurricane center said that dorian may reach the island by thursday. >> the whole island has been traumatized. have . >> when a storm comes we are -- much worried about what it'll become. >> dorian is now the 4th named storm of the hurricane season which continues through november 30th. brazil is rejecting the $20 million from the g7 countries to fight the fires in the amazon. a government spokesman said that leaders are thankful but that resources would be better used to reforest europe. the president of brazil has been at odds with the president of france about the
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causes and spread of the fire. they said they are being treated like a colony. just mondays ago they said that the president of france must apologize before they will take any aid for the fires. it's not clear how long it'll take the aid to reach south america and help the firefighting efforts but one united states company is already there. a modified boeing 747 was sent to drop fire retardant on the amazon. the jet can continuously drop a retardant for two miles. they are said they are happy to respond to the president's request for help. >> they are have never seen this kind of fire. it's very dry. it's predicted to be dry for the next several months. that compounds things. >> the jet was first based in sacramento. it was used to fly more than 100 missions in california and oregon during the past two years.
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happening today the santa clara county board of supervisors will vote on declaring a climate emergency. it'll demand immediate action to halt, reverse, restore and address the consequences and causes of global warming. that vote is expected at 9:30 this morning at the board chambers in san jose. one person is in the hospital in critical coition. two others are hurt after a plane crash north of reno. the single engine plane crashed in the desert as ittrd to land. officials believe that the plane was coming from the area where the burning manifest val is underway. it's registered to a colorado man, federal officials are investigating. there's a reminder for travelers, using san francisco international airport next month. the busiest runway at sfo will be closed for most of september for a repair and
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repaving project. airport officials say with the sunway out of commission flights leaving leaving after nine could be delayed. united and american said they will let passengers rebook flights during the closure without a flight change fee. that work starts september 7th. did you fix everything on the roads now >> yes i did. >> are you still going >> my computer my be frozen. it is frozen. the i goes in the control room may have to -- we will see what i get. this is highway 24. traffic has been mostly behaving. i would say so. we have some slow traffic. not a lot going on when comes to unexpected accidents. let's talk about interstate 880 in oakland. traffic in both direction is moving at long well with month major issues. if you are driving on the bay bridge approach or the
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san mateo approach it looks okay. traffic is moderate. things starting to get more crowded. this is 280 and traffic looks all right. 618. let's bring in steve with the weather. >> all right. we will get to it here. lot of the traffic cameras have fog this morning. they didn't yesterday. temperatures rocketed up. there's a bigger fog bank this morning and higher clouds later. late tonight into wednesday morning. san francisco, all the forecast highs will continue though they are down will be above average though not as warm as yesterday when temperatures were in thel 0's, 90e to near 100. clear lake, brentwood 99, san marti, 96, san francisco, el granada and bodega bay in the 60's.
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it's put on the brakes and now it'll start lifting northward. some of of that could slip napa county. late county. northward. that is a wednesday morning, wednesday afternoon. this look like more of a northern sacramento valley event and up near the border more than us. it's close enough. wetterly breeze at napa. fairfield, the warmest they have been. point reyes. san francisco at 61, monterey 60, temperatures even though there are a few low 50's. a lot of 50's and 60's, temperatures down a little compared to yesterday at this time. 57 seems popular. sanford, san carlos in there. it's close for others. plenty of low clouds and a few high clouds later today as that moisture starts to turn right instead of left. 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's through the inside as temperatures start to turn.
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tomorrow, as that moisture lifts, that will kind of knock down the ridge a little bit which will let a cooler pattern. there will still be some 90's. maybe a few high based thunderstorm activities which means no rain out of it but we would have to watch out for lightning wednesday morning. fog more in charge thursday for a cooldown. looks nice on friday. warmer for your weekend. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. marijuana in public schools. still ahead, the controversial proposal to allow parents to give medical marijuana to their children on school grounds. >> and a new barbie with a social message.
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. space xs x ship is heading home. has been there since late last month. it'll leave the station just before eight this morning our time it. will bring back tests and equipment. nasa is live streaming it starting at 7:15.
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it's scheduled to splash down just about 2 other miles southwest of san diego short live before 4:30. the british government is requiring all of it's major airports to have 3d bag screening so traveler won't have to put small container of liquids in plastic bags. it's similar to a ct scan at hospitals by providing a clearer picture of a bag's contents. also today first partner will host a panel and workshop for women in college to ensure they receive equal pay with men in the workplace. its part of equal pay ca which is a statewide initiative focused on closing the gend er pay gap. it'll be with a new york times best selling author. it kicks off at seven tonight on the campus of sacramento state university. mattel is honoring two
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icons with barbie dolls. made in the likeness of rosa parks and american astronaut sally ride arrived in stores soon. they come with educational material about each woman and clothing and accessories. e new lls are part of the inspiring women series which works to honor historic role models. it was a star studded night as musicians headed to the east coast for the 2019mtv video music awards. taylor swift kicked off the show in new jersey. two other big winners, little -- featuring billy ray cyrus won song for the -- of the year for their record breaking hit old town
6:26 am
road. taylor swift won moon man statues for video of the year and for her show you need to calm down. >> you voting for this video means that you want a world where we are all treated equally. >> m issy elliot received the michael jackson award. the news caught many by surprise. a one time power house rock music radio station in san francisco is going off the air coming up the shock to long time fog heads. >> and a young boy in southern california celebrating his birthday but instead of a restaurant or at a home why he celebrated at costco. >> first we want to take you up to tahoe along highway 50. the mountains one of the more
6:27 am
popular destinations this labor day weekend. we want to let you know what it looked like. this is unfortunately considered the unofficial end to summer so hopefully you can get out and enjoy. are you watching mornings on 2. here's one you guys will like.
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york stock exchange where it look like as they ring that bell live, a pretty good opening the dow set to open a hundred points. its going to depend on the trade talks between china and the united states with where things go from here. we will have all the business news in the dollars and cents. >> good morning to you. tim for joining us on mornings on two. tuesday morning, august 27th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. thank you for joining us this morning. checking in with steve. you mentioned the -- they usually have the mop soon in arizona. i hear from family. >> nonsoons. >> they are calling. driest ever or second driest for phoenix, tucson and flagstaff. nothing up in the sierra. very quite. >> wow. >> is that a -- maybe a -- a dismal indication for winter >> it means nothing. >> okay. >> at least we hope not. nice to hot. 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's but not
6:31 am
as hot as yesterday. temperatures were -- rather warm to hot. upper 90's yes, near 100 for some. drop the city five. bigger fog bank. san jose down three. santa rosa from 92 to 89. fly in the ointment. its been lifting northward but its been showing signs of drifting back toward us. it won't be until wednesday morning would be the best if anything were to develop. until then we will deal with fog, bigger fog bank. slightly stronger delta breeze. gilroy -- 52 though at felton. 53 in the mountains. upper 50's, low 60's around san jose. coopertino. saratoga -- the fog will give way to sun and then the clouds drift in later. 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's. sal is here.
6:32 am
he will talk about -- your computer fixed >> it is. i can use that to show you some good pictures including the golden gate bridge and southern marin. with he will start there and show you that the commute is looking good. the fog is there in southern marin. it's low here at the north end of the golden gate bridge. it's okay at the ought end and you can see the commute looks good south into san francisco. no major issues on the richmond bridge driving over to marin. as we look at the bay bridge you can see a back up. its moderately heavy. as we start getting closer to the end of the week you will start noticing people will take their last big summer vacation over the labor day holiday. that many has happens quite a bit. you can see traffic. the san mateo bridge looks okay. no problems in the silicone valley with the morning
6:33 am
commute. 6:32. kfog the long time bay area radio station honored by the bay area hall of fame will be going off the area. we are in san francisco to tell us what is happening to kfog. >> reporter: it was just earlier this summer that the hall of fame gave them the title of legendary radio station. it was honored just a few months ago and now in a couple of weeks it'll no longer exist. instead of playing use i can like it has since the 60's it'll start playing sports radio. it'll change its call letters for good to knbrfm. right now on the web page it still has ads and promotions for upcoming concerts. musical act that it used to feature over the years. the station has been around for about 50 years but starting in the 80's the station tag line was
6:34 am
quality rock and roll and it played everything from the beatles and classic rock to alternative rock to modern ind ie rock. musicians often preformed live in its stewed yeses studios. at one point they had hundreds of thousands of bay area fans who registered with the station as fog heads. kfog -- the market manager said it's never easy to say good-bye to a station. we want to thank the staff, listeners and advertisers who made it the be loved station so many of us have had the opportunity to enjoy. even the station's name and call letters pay tribute to san francisco. they didn't explain why they decided to pull the plug but the change will go into effect starting september 6th. live in san francisco. california schools may soon
6:35 am
allow parents to give medical marijuana to their children on school property. the state approved a bill that lets school boards decide whether parents can give the drugs to kid at school. currently teenagers who use medical marijuana have to leave campus to get their medication. the bill would only let the use of marijuana in nonsmoking form and goes to the senate for a final vote and potentially the governor's signature. this week the governor is traveling around the state to highlight the new program that provides two free years of community college. today the governor will visit a community college in sacramento and then go down to southern california. it's thought that 33,000 students will be eligible for that free tuition program. and a community in san jose is divided over a plan to build a newhouseing project to help the homeless. city leaders held a meeting to hear from both sides. the project is to turn a city owned lot on 4th
6:36 am
street into a four story apartment building to lease to homeless people 55 and older. the project is close to an elementary school and the community worry itself will increasecrime. city leaders say that something needs to be done because the homelessness in san jose is growing. >> it's not a shelter. it's not -- it's not a food bank. it's apartments. we need them so desperately. we grew by nearly 2,000 homeless in the city but only -- opened up a couple hundred units of supportive housing. >> i know that it's the right thing to do but to put this facility in the location that they are proposing, i don't think is a wise choice. >> the location was specifically selected since half of san jose's homeless are in downtown in that particular district. the project is in its early stages. it still needs to go between the planning commission but if approved the earliest it could break ground is next year.
6:37 am
new surveillance video and photographs released by police of sunday's smash and grab robbery at the grade mall. take a look. you can see the suspected robber in dark hooded sweatshirts inside a jewelry store and then they escaped in a black sedan there. was chaos as people ran for cover thinking was gun fire. no arrests have been made. and in san francisco, two people arrested in connection with this. a brazen daylight shooting on market street that was caught on camera. the 18-year-old and 21-year-old were arrested in oakland. police say that security and cell phone video showed them firing shots toward a crowd of people a week ago during the busy evening commute. it happened after a fight nearby. time is 6:37. the police officer involved in a crash over the weekend was released from the
6:38 am
hospital. saturday night an unmarked police car was rushing to a burglary car when it jumped the curb and hit a bus shelter, hitting a plainclothes police officer already there on the scene and injuring one of two car burglary suspects. that officer got out of the hospital yesterday. police say that the second suspect who was not hurt was identified as a 30-year-old of san francisco who was booked in to the county jail. is he facing charges including burglary and resisting arrest. the family of a disabled man who was shot and killed by an off duty police officer is speaked out for the first time since it happened in june. kenneth french was shot at a costco on june 14th by police officer salvador sanchez. the family's attorney is demanding police release the video. >> in my opinion p this is one of the most
6:39 am
egregious shootings that i have seen. the reason is you are only supposed to use deadly force in a life threatening situation. essentially when you are about to be killed. a push or a shove or even a punch does not justify the use of deadly force, particularly for a trained lapd officer who should know better. >> after hearing the officer identity himself as a police officer i begged and told him not to shoot. i said we have no guns, and my son is sick. he still shot. i thought people don't do that. >> the officer's lawyer said that his client was facing a life threatening attack by kenneth french.
6:40 am
lori loughlin and her husband have a court appearance today related to the college admissions scandal. they are accused of paying $500,000 to a fake charity to get their daughters accepted into the university of southern california. the hearing expected to focus on possible conflict of interest. the law firm representing them also worked for usc in a previous real estate case. right now, we are talking about an amazing little boy we have shown him before. his drawings became a hit. the gift from a viewer and the reaction of that 6-year-old. >> and big develop ments about the warriors. they will start selling single game pre-season tickets and we will take you inside their billion dollar new home and arena. the big attraction that will be
6:41 am
the biggest ever in the nba. >> looks beautiful. >> now let's check in with gasia. >> good morning. when i join you the new school year certainly is an exciting time. it can also be one of the most dangerous for female college students. what one group for rape survivors is warning about when it comes to these first few months of school and what colleges are being called onto do to help keep students safe. >> also the government released this video showing miles of new border wall being built. where it's going up and how it differs what was there before.
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6:44 am
. welcome back. california is leading 19 states in suing the white house over a new attempt to change the rules on how long migrant children can be detained. it challenges the trump administration's new rule that bypasses a court order that says children can't be detained more than 20 days. state attorney general said that the new detention rule allowing families to be held indefinitely would cause harm to children. >> the trump administration is
6:45 am
holding children and families in jail like conditions for weeks. these are individuals and certain children children who haven't committed any criminal violation. they >> an immigration official described the new rule for detaining children longer than 20 days as a way of keeping families together. a statewide fundraising campaign is underway to raise money for the family of andre moye who was killed in the line of duty. he was killed earlier this month during a traffic stop in riverside. the suspect grabbed a rifle from his truck and started shooting. now a bay area nonprofit group, the fallen heros is teaming up with california pizza kitchen to help the officer's family. today cpk will donate 20% of its sales statewide to a fund for the officer's family. that money will be added to
6:46 am
other donations that are being collected. >> the family is going through a horrible emotions and a tragedy. this gives the community, the people to donate back, to give back to a family that lost so much. >> for more information about today's fundraiser go to our website, a story we told you about, a 6-year-old from oakland who is a -- a skilled artist caught the attention of one of our viewers. that viewer made a wish come true for that little boy. >> great. >> reporter: eric jackson the manager of this sprint store greets aprill little field and her grandson. the 6-year-old from oakland thinks he is going shopping with his grandmother. he had no idea what was in store for him. >> can i get a high five >> yeah. >> you look familiar. do you know me >> reporter: the first grader caught at jackson's
6:47 am
attention when we did a story on him. his drawings showed a skill level beyond his years and. he sold his paintings to save for an a pad and apple pen to improve miss skills. >> i don't get to many kids that want to save for something. most kid when's they get any type of money in their hand they are side track by the next pair of jordans. >> what do you like to do >> you draw sonic >> reporter: jackson said he sees himself in devon a child of the inner city. jackson said he was taught by his family to help others when he can. >> who taught you how to do that >> nobody. >> nobody that's cool. how you can get one of those >> reporter: in exchange for a painting gifted devon with an apple pen and an i-pad. >> here you go. does that work for you >> yeah.
6:48 am
thank you. >> have you to show the world what you got. what did you get an i-pad >> what are you going to do with it >> draw sonic. >> there you go. >> reporter: he gave me a painting too many. >> painting to >> thank you. i'm surprised. thank you so much. >> reporter: his grandmother said she wanted him to learn to give and not only receive. that she is grateful to jackson. >> it's touch. that someone would want to help us or help him and complete stranger. never met him. never heard of him. >> let's not overlook these kids. they are our next generation. >> what's next for him his grandmother said she wants him to pay it forward. he said he would like to teach other children how to draw. in sunnyvale. amber lee. >> a new hero.
6:49 am
have tell you about another a 4-year-old in southern california celebrated his birthday at his favorite place. costco. near los angeles the warehouse shut down the food court so he body invite his family and friends to celebrate his birthday. the party included all things costco from food samples to his own membership card. he was given a hat and badge for his 4th birthday. >> that is stunning. >> he likes costco. i think my dad always liked the hot dogs. >> the hot dogs. you know what i'm talking about. you got to get a hot dog. >> for $150. then, you know, wow, that's only $1.50 so i can get a piece of pizza. that means you can sea means
6:50 am
i can afford a chicken bake. let's go out and take a look at what we have at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up at the toll plaza. very much like costco on a saturday at about 2:00 p.m. it's backed up all the way out. traveling is moving along nicely. san mateo bridge looks like traffic very slow getting out to the high rice and over to the peninsula. looking around here to see if there is anything reported on the bridge. i don't see anything. doesn't mean there isn't anything. maybe there is a stalled vehicle. you can see traffic on 880 is slow but in fremont it's all right. the south bay commute is slow on 85 getting up to highway 17.
6:51 am
6:50. we will get right to it. for those listening but not watching. we have a good fog bank to show you. little more than yesterday. that's for sure. now the bases are still low. looks to be a little more fog influenced today compared to yesterday. slightly cooler and then the tropical clouds that we will focus on for late tonight into wednesday morning. little bigger fog bank today. high clouds later. we will start to show up. still nice to hot but forecast highs will be above average but san francisco. i went 68. i have seen other projects of 73. i think that bigger fog bank will translate into that and more of a breeze. the forecast inland will be warm to hot. clear lake in there at 103, brentwood, san martin. hercules85, san francisco,
6:52 am
bodega bay in the 60's. the higher clouds out there. if they continue it move north it would be a nonevent. there are sign that some of that moisture will drift across us late tonight, tomorrow. mainly sonoma, napa, solano looks to be in the window for maybe tomorrow morning. a the lot of this probably north. west southwest 18. not that strong but stronger than yesterday at this time. lotof 60's. 50's and 60's on the temperature. we are running cooler compared to 24 hours ago. 51 and great and 7 -- still warm air ; nevado, windsor 57, bunch of those. napa and american canyon. almost 70 sacramento but 55 monterey and see the pretty good fog bank. the higher clouds will start to show up later this afternoon, tonight and into
6:53 am
wednesday morning. if we get anything out of it that would be it. 60's, 70's, 80's, upper 90's for a few. probably down to two to three degrees. that will dent the ridge of high pressure and allow more of a cooldown as we head into wednesday and then looks more so on thursday. little rebound on friday and then temperatures warm up but not crazy hot into the weekend. >> all right. a dozen new measles cases here in the united states now health officials say its one of the worst outbreaks in almost 30 years. coming up in the next hour, how many measles cases we have seen so far this year and when the cdc saw a spike. >> and every year about this time it's a popular drink at starbucks. you are getting thirsty right in the drink that goes on sale this morning. >> first. here is a live picture, this is
6:54 am
heavenly mountain resort village. i will say it -- you can drink it in. popular destination for labor day weekend. it's for you. you are watching mornings on 2 on ktvu fox 2 news.
6:55 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 6:56.
6:57 am
starting today, warriors fans can start buying single-game tickets for the preseason of the warriors at the new chase center in san francisco. starting at 9:00 a.m., season ticketholders can start buying them first. the general public can start buying at 4:00 this afternoon. meantime, the warriors are doing this, unveiling their new san francisco arena. and the most noticeable feature of the chase center. the 82-foot by 42-foot scoreboard. the biggest in the nba. some of the top restaurants are preparing food. the seats in the arena, all are designed to make sure all 18,000 seats have a great view of the court. >> one of the best parts about the chase center and one of the things we're most proud of, whether you're sitting on the floor or in the last floor of the building, you have an incredible view. >> the basketball staff. the management. sales departments, all working inside the chase center.
6:58 am
and metallica will perform the first concert there, september 8th. warriors play their first preseason game on october 5th, against the l.a. lakers. soccers' star carli lloyd was offered the first chance to make history becoming the first woman to play in the nfl preseason game. this video showing her kicking a 55-yard field goal, while visiting the philadelphia eagles. however, while she was really interested, the matchup on thursday conflicted with the united states women's national team game against portugal. look at that kick again. still no word on which football team she was interested in playing with. kfc is going meatless. kfc is testing new menu items with plant-based products from the company beyond meat. now, they're going completely
6:59 am
meatless. if the test run is successful, kfc is talking about rolling it out around the country. time is 6:59 this morning. lines at starbucks may be a little longer than normal. because starting today, starbucks is bringing back its popular seasonal drink. the pumpkin-spice latte. it's arriving about a month earlier than usual. starbucks also announced a new pumpkin cream gold brew will be on the menu. starbucks has sold more than 33 million pumpkin spice lattes since they introduced it in '03. cracking down on full speed at bay bridges. we're live with just how much authorities are getting back in toll revenue. day 2 of a massive ubuyer
7:00 am
and lyft protest. hundreds are headed to san francisco. we'll tell you about their demands. and the iconic bay area radio station will soon go dark. we're live with the station's last signoff. and what was once a bay area powerhouse. i will skip the pumpkin spice latte. >> why? >> in favor of an iced coffee. because the afternoons are hot. today is tuesday, august 27th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> you brought fog with you. >> a little more today than yesterday. >> it's like 3:00 in jack london square. >> should go a little inland. we have bigger fog bank, though. the bases are still pretty low. slightly cooler. a little bigger fog bank. higher clouds later. which sh


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