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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 27, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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hundreds turnout in san francisco as house speaker nancy pelosi hosts a town hall meeting that took preventing gun violence. >> we have said we are not taking no for an answer. we are not taking no for an answer. >> gun violence. it is eted to be hot button issue conference returns in
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september. >> tonight speaker pelosi says they need to start by passing the health of my background checks. we are live in in high school where a panel of five women said the nation escalators need to seize the moment. >> reporter: this was mostly a friendly crowd. hundreds of people who were here at the high school and the panel said this is a time for action. they urge people to take a grass roots stand. speaker nancy pelosi led the panel of five women in a passionate and often personal talk about gun violence. >> common sense background checks. gun violence prevention. we have said we are not taking no for an answer. >> [ applause ] >> we are not taking no for an answer. >> reporter: hundreds of people showed up at san francisco's abraham lincoln high school.
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plus he was joined by a teenager who spoke in tears about her friend, a lincoln sophomore who shot and killed last month. >> nobody said i love you one last time to him. it is all because of one bullet that went straight through his heart. we can do so much to stop this. >> reporter: pelosi and congresswoman jackie spear, herself a shooting survivor. >> we already have at law on the books. this just closes loopholes because when the law was originally passed in 1993, the internet wasn't around. gun shows worked commonplace. >> california surgeon general nadine spoke about
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>> moms demand action is now the largest advocacy organization on guns in the country, beating out the national rocephin association. >> [ applause ] >> reporter: the founder says it is time for people to get off the sidelines and demand gun legislation be passed. >> we have been working in state houses and board rooms across the country. we have passed stronger background checks falls in 21 page. we have passed red flag laws in 17 states. >> reporter: within the democratic party, there is some dissent about whether to call for the reinstatement of the assault weapons ban. we asked nancy pelosi for her position? do you see that is something viable? >> i am pushing for, i think the focus has to stay on getting a senate vote on the background check legislation. keep the focus on mitch
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mcconnell. give us a vote. to pay if you don't. >> reporter: mcconnell refused to bring the senate back early to vote on the gun bills. he did say he would consider background checks in red flag laws when the senate reconvenes in september. there is like word tonight that authorities in marin county have arrested a 73-year-old man from petaluma on suspicion of starting this grass fire. marin county firefighters said the our spec arson suspect, henry walker, contacted crews at the scene admitted that he started the fire. the fire burned 16 acres. as of tonight, it is 60%
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contained, but no longer spreading. back in airport shuttle bus was stolen today at sfo by man who ordered the driver and everyone else to get off. alyana gomez tells us it happened as the sky park shuttle was loading and unloading passengers right in front of the international terminal. >> reporter: it was a busy tuesday at sfo's international terminal. just before noon, a stipe park shuttle bus was ugly carjacked. >> a gentleman got on the bus and asked the other passengers in the driver to get all. he said he was going to take the bus and go home. >> reporter: sky park's president of the female driver with two years of experience was confused and went to use the radio, but the man told not to win ordered everyone off the bus. he never brandished a weapon and no one was hurt. >> he went right over us and i think someone stole the bus.
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>> reporter: he even asked the driver how to shut the doors be out. three hours later, the bus was found abandoned in the streets in berkeley and towed away. the suspect was seen walking eastbound on ashby. he is described as a white man in his late 20s, early 30s wearing a black t-shirt and black shorts. >> i am hoping the airport with all their video surveillance will pick something up. >> reporter: sky park says in their 30 years of experience, nothing like this has ever happened. anyone with information is asked to contact the san mateo county sheriff's office. i am alyana gomez, ktvu fox 2 news. the u.s. attorney in san francisco is bringing charges against a former google engineer for allegedly stealing thousands of files pertaining to self driving car technology. back in 2015, anthony levandowski stole or 2000 files filled with trade secrets
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related to google's self driving cars. he then resigned and formed his own company, which was purchased by uber in 2016. uber and google already subtly sourcing with in paying google $250 million. now levandowski is charged with trade secret for allegedly using the files to help in with its own self driving technology. >> all of us, generally speaking, are free to move from job to job, but what we cannot do a step our pockets on the way out the door. >> the evidence in this case is going to show conclusively that anthony did not steal anything. >> levandowski pleaded not guilty . each of the 33 counts carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. that prosecutors in san francisco say they will drop the added charges against a man seen on video attacking a woman outside of her condo.
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25-year-old austin vincent was charged with battery, tinted rod marie, and false abridgment following the attack on august 11. shortly after that, other people came forward, accusing them of pulling a knife on him as they were getting into a rideshare in the city back in february. vincent's public defender said there is proof he was in southern california at the time, so the knife charges will be dropped. the public defender is also going to ask the judge to release vincent jail with an ankle monitor. he still facing charges in the condo attack. new at 10, a small protest tonight at the site of a proposed i was apartment building. it would stand 38 stories. opponents they would bring traffic and noise to their neighborhood but not affordable housing. rubicon point partners wants to develop the project at 1750 broadway, not far from the 19th street bart station. amberley is live with on the opposition. amber?
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>> reporter: if the high rise its final approval, it will be built here along busy broadway. opponents are asking the city council to demand that developer address concerns about safety, affordability, and jobs. it was a small group holding big banners to oppose high rise apartment building. currently, it is a lowrise building, home to east bay transit. critics are feeling the planning commission's approval of the project, a 30 story residential building. opponents say it will house 307 lake street apartments with no affordable units. >> no, we don't need it. it is too big. it is not necessary. >> reporter: jordan is a special education teacher. she and others at tuesday evening's others live next-door in a rent-controlled building.
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they say construction of such a large project raises concerns including noise, instruction damage, and air pollution. >> how are they going to make sure it will be safe? >> reporter: oakland requires developers tude a percentage of affordable units that says they can pay at the in lieu of. they say they will be paying $7 million. union construction workers are joining the course of opposition. they say the developer plans to bring in nonunion crews from out of town. >> you let this developer do it, the next to miller come in, and he going to do it. >> reporter: opponents say they are not against development. they want a responsible project that will benefit oakland residents. one that will offer affordable units, jobs, and safety measures for neighbors.
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>> they are not be accountable on workforce issues and not being accountable on who can afford to live here? people will be forced out. it is changing our community. >> >> reporter: we reach out to rubicon but have not heard back. the oakland city council will likely take up this matter in october. they will up some only allow the project or send it back to the planning commission. julie? sleepless in san rafael, at least for those closest to the smart train. a new overnight testing of a new extension is keeping people up at night. it was a rental dispute turned crime. coming up, why mountain view police are saying five people are now behind bars because of how they handled someone not paying the rent. we will talk about a chance for dry lightning tonight. a red flag warning in the mountains, and a hurricane, or potential on the east coast.
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a live look outside tonight where some topical air is bringing maggie with issues of the california. it is raising the risk of thunderstorms and lightning, especially to our north and the sierra. the threat of dry lightning is bringing fire warning.
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>> overnight in the north bay, there is a chance for thundershowers. they have a red flag warning that stays in effect through tomorrow. a slight chance of a thunderstorm last through tomorrow morning. lake tahoe, through tomorrow afternoon. here is the system we are watching. you can see right here. the thing started as a tropical storm, right? it came from the baja area, baja, california. is it tracked inland, it has he potential in the north bay to fire off a flu thunderstorms. slight chance. probably won't happen. there is a concern for fire. in the mountains, the red flag warning in effect. that will stay in effect through wednesday. they are expecting more lightning. on the east coast, we have what is not a hurricane yet, the latest model runs in. these are just in recently, showing a category 1 hurricane. this is recent. they have it as
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a tropical storm. category 1 hurricane as it moves into florida on sunday. saturday into sunday. right now it is down here near puerto rico. is still a tropical storm. they are getting tons of rain. it appears this will strengthen. it is the labor day weekend. on the east coast, it will be a little bit messy, especially if the category 1 materializes. a lot can happen between now and then. you could lose a lot of juice and power as it moves over the islands. we will track it for you. the latest on tropical storm dorian is it will be forecast to be a category 1 hurricane by sunday. just off the coast of florida. when we come back, we will look at our rather, talk more about the humidity and what yocan expect for the coming weekend. tonight president trump approved a disaster declaration for puerto rico as tropical storm dorian intensifies. puerto ricans are making last- minute preparations, stocking up on food and water before the storm hits. forecasters now say dorian
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could reach puerto rico and the dominican republic as early as tomorrow and done for -6 inches of rain. thousands of people are still living with tarps on roofs nearly 2 years after hurricane maria. officials worry about the potential for flash floods and power outages. >> the good news is this will be a fastest storm. it will be over, and we can access the damage. >> people are also making sure they plenty of gas. puerto rico's new governor has declared a state of emergency and has opened more than 300 storm shelters. public schools will be closed starting tomorrow. now to oakland where a chp jason shooting shut down westbound lanes of interstate 80 several hours today. the busy interest change was closed before noon and didn't reopen until about 4 pm. this all started around 11 am in dublin where a chp officer saw a chevy impala driving
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recklessly. when the chase reached oakland, the appellate driver tried to squeeze between a bus in the center median and got stuck. police say one of the chp officers fired a shot with the appellate driver started to ram the bus in the chp vehicle. the shot did not reach anyone. officers were finally able to arrest the driver. new at 10, some people who live in san rafael so they are losing sleep now that the smart train is doing overnight testing on the newest route. we are in san rafael where the train awards begin blowing just as folks are trying to go to bed. >> reporter: that is right. on test night at my begin about 10 pm, about now, and go all the way until 4 am. warns about every half-hour. neighbors the nearest the track are sounding off about it. >> the trains used to come through here. >> in the quiet of the neighborhood, residents wonder
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when their sleep will be shattered again. >> we live on the hill. the sound rises. >> we hear it. >> reporter: the unmistakable blair of smart trains announce their arrival at stations. for now they are also sounding harms while they test several new crossings, leading to the ferry terminal, where passengers can connect to the city. approval requires test runs. the nearest neighborhood bear the brunt of it. >> we got the notice it said it would be for two or three weeks. i don't understand why they have to do it from 9:30 pm through 3 am. >> i get being up in the middle of the night. >> reporter: san rafael's mayor says passengers are in the trains all day in a not into cars to use for test until late at night. testing is required by federal regulators. to make sure all safety
10:19 pm
mechanisms work. that way the new crossings can be exempt from worn blowing when will service begins. >> if you want quiet zone, we have to go through this exercise to make sure it is right and safe and functional. if you want quiet zones, this is the price we have to pay. >> reporter: still he is open to adjustments. >> i get the reaction of the neighborhood. if there's something more we can do, i am all for it. >> they blow that more literally for three solid hours. >> reporter: comments from residents on social media shows bart no leniency. they are letting them know the noise is not okay. >> they just say they have to do it. they wish that we would be patient, but it is hard to be patient when you have had no sleep. >> it blasts right up your. >> reporter: how annoying is
10:20 pm
it? >> on a scale from 1 through 10? 7. >> reporter: the goal is to have passengers riding by the end of the year. between now and then, there are four stages of testing. fortunately, not all of them will keep people up at night. for now, earplugs seem to be a od option. >> that would drive me insane. denver, i am curious. couldn't they do it on weekends when the traffic load would be lighter? >> reporter: they are doing it on weekends. it started last friday night. it was pretty heavy that night, and folks became very a well this is going to discuss the rest. they took a break saturday and sunday. we are in the first full weight. they don't do it every night. folks are really sure what to expect. >> maybe they can muffle the sound of something. thank you. now we move to the south
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bay. the second harvest of silicon valley teamed up with other charitable groups for a special food giveaway program. volunteers handed out free groceries to residents living at an affordable housing complex on blossom river way in san jose. organizers of tonight's event say the high cost of housing in silicon valley has made it difficult for many people to afford food. uber and lyft drivers tonight, their push for better working conditions. the presidential candidate who showed his appearance to show support. marble show was where the trend 13 it's time for the biggest sale of the year on the
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drivers of rideshare cars rallied in front of uber headquarters. they are pushing for better working conditions. christien kafton tells us it was a noisy demonstration that tied up traffic on market street and also featured a surprise guest. >> reporter: rideshare drivers honked their horns and block traffic in front of uber
10:25 pm
headquarters in san francisco, showing their support for california assembly bill 15, making it tougher to classify workers as independent contractors. one driver drove all the way from los angeles. >> i want to get healthcare, only to get wages we deserve. >> reporter: pete buttigieg showed up to the protest. he then took the microphone to lend his support. >> do we want a better future to support everybody working, whether it is full time in a traditional company or not? will we stand up for that? i think the answer is yes. >> reporter: organizers say those workers providing the services, gig workers, including drivers and delivery people, deserve to be treated like traditional employees. they say they are a growing
10:26 pm
part of the economy. >> uber and lyft happened to be the biggest and have the spotlight shining on them right now. that is why we are here today. we are meeting an example out of them. >> reporter: uber released an example thing the flexibility as part of the reasons they want to work there. we've been working with stakeholders to find a path forward that provides the minimum during guarantee for driver. they did not say the company supports a b 5. >> by plan calls for these protections nationally so you don't have to do with it at the state level. i'm glad there is leadership happening on the ground. >> reporter: drivers say they plan to go to sacramento. and is already past the
10:27 pm
assembly. still ahead tonight, 16 alleged victims of jeffrey epstein will tell their stories in court. >> it is pretty empowering. it is also upsetting to see how many lives you have devastated. >> coming up, the accusations coming out today. a stage home invasion robbery. why police say a landlord went to great lengths to try to get her tenet out. illegal dumping of trash that needs to be cleaned up. we will hear from a oakland city council meeting. he says the city is not doing enough. >> otherwise we are being going downhill. closed captioning is brought to you by mancini sleep world. save up to 65% on a luxurious
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mattress. >> reporter: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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a landlord has been arrested after police say she took extreme measures to try to evict her tenet in mountain view. a total of five south bay residents face charges in a rent dispute that is now a criminal investigation. >> reporter: police say this landlord went to drastic measures to evict a family of five who would not pay the rent on her rental property in
10:31 pm
mountain view. >> i guess for disputes related to rent, wanted to evict the family. so she called a friend who rounded up additional individuals and brought them to the home that evening with the intent of physically removing the family from the home. >> reporter: about 815 monday evening, the landlord and the residents came to the apartment is staged a home invasion. this neighbor heard the commotion while making dinner. >> it was like i'm going to get you. they're trying to break the door down. >> reporter: the tenants who did not want to speak on camera showed us the damage door. the married couple tells ktvu they recently moved from the east coast and say they were inside the home talking to their teenage children about their day at school when the power went out and someone tried to kick in the door. police said the landlord illegally shut off the power, and her associate use a knife to try to breakin the front door. >> there were all these methods
10:32 pm
being done to force those individuals out by fear and ultimately with the knife incident, physical force. >> reporter: the family was able to safely escape out the back door. neighbors say they unit, like many others, was also used as an airbnb rental. >> where i live now, there are several units. they can undersell the hotels or whatever around here. again, it is a common thing. >> reporter: the tenants said the landlord asked if they wanted to go off the rent site for this arrangement. they face a range of charges including burglary, attempted robbery, and conspiracy to commit a prime. >> there are double measures that can be taken. unfortunately, she went to scare tactics. as a result, all of them were arrested. >> reporter: the victims are looking for a new place to live. they hope to move out by the end of the week. the maker of oxycontin,
10:33 pm
purdue pharma, has offered to pay $10 billion up to $12 million to settle lawsuits related to its role in the u.s. opioid crisis. the proposal emerged remediation hearings after more than two dozen lawsuits were combined into one huge case. the lawsuits claim purdue pharma is responsible for perpetuating the opioid crisis. purdue's offer comes when the after a judge in oklahoma found johnson and johnson liable for misleading consumers there about opioids commander the company to pay more than $500 million. 16 women who accused jeffrey epstein of sexual abuse bunch of their anger is on the courtroom in new york city today. the judge gave the women there say despite esping's suicide. they described the financier as a predator who had no remorse. >> today is a day of power. >> reporter: alleged sexual abuse victims of jeffrey
10:34 pm
epstein appeared in a manhattan courtroom for an emotional hearing, telling her stories about the accused six trafficker. >> it is pretty empowering. is also pretty upsetting to see how many lives he is devastating. >> it was a powerful hearing all of the other big. very similar stories. it is still going to be a rough road. >> reporter: prosecutors requesting to have the indictment against the 66-year- old dismissed nearly 2 weeks after he committed suicide by hanging himself in a jail cell. he was being held without bail after having pled not guilty to sex trafficking charges. a judge holding the hearing to give alleged victims a chance to speak. >> it is not into their feelings that they were manipulating and victimized, and that they were child victims. >> reporter: 16 of epstein's alleged victims chose to speak in court, including virginia. >> it is how he lived.
10:35 pm
>> reporter: the case against epstein has not been officially dismissed. the defense asking the court to investigate epstein's death. there questioning the medical examiner's conclusion that either by suicide. prosecutors confirmed in court today that investigations into the possible co-conspirators ongoing and will continue. in new york, bryan llenas. a judge blocked a strict new abortion law until a legal challenges are. the law bans most abortions after a weeks of pregnancy. planned parenthood and the american civil liberties union in missouri argue the law is unconstitutional. stocks were lower on wall street as a recession indicator return. the dow lost 120 points led by bank stocks. the so-called inverted yield
10:36 pm
curve repair. that is where short-term yields rise above long-term yields. is correctly predicted the past recessions. two giant tobacco companies are getting ready to merge once again. morris international and austria incorporated now in talks to reunite more than 10 years after they split. both companies still the marlboro plan. philip morse sells tobacco problems internationally. the merger talk, in response to declining cigarette sales around the world. if you think the lines at your cosco are long, look at these pictures. this is what look like today when the very first cosco opened in china. the stores located in shanghai. signs warn shoppers they might have to wait up to three hours just to park. by this afternoon, cosco was forced to close early due to what they called public safety concerns. the company said the doors were shut to new customers, but those inside were allowed to
10:37 pm
finish shopping. still ahead, more heartbreak in dayton, ohio. a stolen police car leads to a wild rampage that leaves two children dead. we are tracking some of the humidity, the slight chance of a thunderstorm around here in the north bay. temperatures tomorrow will be a little cooler. first, how the white house is responding to criticism from singer taylor swift during mtv's vma awards.
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singer taylor swift criticized the white house and republican lawmakers on national television last night, calling for action on the equality act. later today, the white house responded. during taylor swift's acceptance speech last night at the mtv the mayor worse, she called out the top administration for not responding to competition for the equality act, which would provide protection against discrimination for lgbtq people. the white house has now put out a statement saying they opposed discrimination of any kind but have problems with how the bill was written. the bill passed the house in may but has gone nowhere in the senate. the city of dayton, ohio is dealing with another tragedy just weeks after the mass shooting in that city.
10:41 pm
police say stabbing suspect commandeered a police car last night inspector the city's downtown area before crashing into several vehicles. two children were killed, and at least 11 other people were injured. the suspect survived and is now facing murder charges. investigators say he has a long rap sheet. they believe he was also high on drugs at the time as last night's deadly crash. brazil accepted $12 million in aid to britain today to fight wild fires in the amazon rain forest. a political dispute has flared up that is delaying more financial help. the brazilian president has rejected $22 million in a from the g7. that is because he is in if you with french president emmanuel macron over his alleged insults over brazil's robert tree over the amazon. the brazilian president said he would be open to accepting financial help if emmanuel macron apologizes. new at 10, the san francisco 49ers kicked off the football
10:42 pm
season with their annual fundraising event called players for a purpose. they got a chance to mingle while enjoying a catered dinner and fine wine on the field at the superstar kicker robbie gold was among those who took part. >> to be able here and bring a bunch of companies together and raise money for a unique educational purposes unique. our foundation is an organization that is probably one of the most progressive organizations in the community. >> reporter: the money raised will go to the 49er foundation, a charity organization formed to help educate and empower young people across the bay area. the persistent in oakland. i went to the councilmember tells us the city isn't doing enough to deal with the prlem. chief meteorologist bill martin is back with the complete forecast and the latest on tropical storm dorian.
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an east bay school is mourning the loss of two young students. authorities a 13-year- old can traverse and her brother were killed in a rollover
10:46 pm
accident on interstate 5 near bakersfield on saturday. they were in the fifth and eighth grade at richmond college prep. the school said they were impeccable students who loved learning. richmond college prep is holding a candlelight vigil in their honor tomorrow night at 7 pm at the maritime building on florida avenue. in oakland, city councilman noel gallego gallo is going to get tougher on people who dump traffic. he says he is frustrated and fed up. >> reporter: bruce has owned the shop for more than 30 years. he says between the homeless camps, the blight, and the break-ins, his business is down about 25%. >> very unsafe. >> reporter: two weeks ago, his security cameras caught a man pulling up in a truck and began dumping trash in an alley
10:47 pm
outside the trust. he sent the video to police. 10 days later, the trash is still sitting right where it was dumped. the refrigerator ended up. noel gallo showed us the needles volunteers picked up last weekend. he says he is frustrated and angry at the condition of many of the streets in his district. >> you are losing businesses and customers. honey people to stay in oakland to create jobs and to pay taxes. otherwise, we are going to be going downhill when it comes to maintaining a quality city. >> reporter: gallo says he would like to see recruiters working in officers to volunteer for neighborhood cleanups. mostly he believes the city has been too soft in dealing with homelessness and blight. he is calling on the mayor and police to be more aggressive in making streets cleaner and safer. >> clipping on the sidewalk, the law is clear. it is a pedestrian walkway. you cannot just lay there and go on the bathroom. the
10:48 pm
sidewalk belongs to all of us. >> reporter: the east oakland collective says more police is not the solution. >> job training and workforce development. drug a mental health issues. tackle those and humanity needs first before you look at more police. >> reporter: under mayor libby shaft, they have looks to increase services and move in camas as a temporary measure. the tents and needles and dumping continue. >> if oakland can trace back to 50% to what used to be, it would be a good city. checking in on what is now tropical storm dorian. it has now been forecasted to turn into a hurricane somewhere around friday, which puts it here just off and near the
10:49 pm
bahamas and working his way towards florida by sunday. a category 1 hurricane. that is a big deal considering it is labor day weekend. a lot of folks in this area. that would really put a fly in the ointment. right now it is 60 miles per hour winds. still 14 miles per hour hello a hurricane speed. it is a tropical storm. it could lose a lot of ground in here as it moves over puerto rico in the next 24 hours. the mountains are high. it could be stronger. it could be less. either way, we will know a lot more tomorrow afternoon. is a big story on the east coast. we have a red flag warning up around lake tahoe because he look at the current high temperatures, a red flag warning up there is for dry like being from this system right here. can you see? ivo was a tropical storm down off baja.
10:50 pm
now it is this far north. it does have convicted back to beauty, not much. if it were to drift overland, it could trigger thunderstorms. there is a lot of topical moisture close to us. i think there's a slight chance , dry lightning is a lasting you want in august. we will keep an eye on that. if you have a rumblings in the north bay up around clear lake or lake county, you might be hearing some of that. we will keep an eye on it. steve will be here tomorrow morning. the seabreeze has moved further inland. there is a red flag warning that covers a lot of ground to the day on wednesday. a little more humid out there today is the more sugar closer to us. we saw the humidities double. i thought go from 20% up to 40% in an hour. that is not like you to missy, but for us in the valley, at 87 degrees, it is a lot of humidity. tomorrow the humidity is back.
10:51 pm
the temperatures will be lower, but the humidity will make it feel pretty darned warm, or uncomfortable. tomorrow will be a cooler day overall. at least temperature wise. i think it will feel about the same. in the five day forecast, a little cooler on thursday. the temperatures range will their way back up saturday and sunday. coming up in sports, bike heading money with the giants was not all that fun tonight. on the 11 pm news, blaring horns all night long, growing frustration with noise tonight thanks to smart train testing on a new track. ♪
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♪ new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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in baseball, a's still willing. >> looking pretty good. getting to the month of november. i want to throw some numbers. 19 for the a's last night. they scored in the first two innings of the game, making it 10 straight innings they scored in. that is good. it looks like they might explode again tonight. no. no team has done that in six years. look at the terrible weather in kansas city. the fountain. >> you fool me. >> [ laughter ]
10:55 pm
>> 7 rbis last night. a big one tonight. they get josh begley across. mike myers looking good. 13th win. says brown had little something do with the victory. that is a spectacular backhanded catch in center field. go to the minor leagues, and you will see brown again. he did it with leather. now he will do with his arm. beautiful job. you can't get much better with that. keep in the trip -- a's in the lead. that is barely. mr. defense himself, matt chapman, that is a difficult play, reminding the elderly a bruce robinson right there. 2-1 final. a's looking good.
10:56 pm
however, a mysterious the molarity, the early season for the giants. lots of roster changes. we will start with scooter gennet. johnny looks like one more minor-league. it is coming back from tommy john surgery. to tell marte took him deep. he pulled a hamstring. 8 any, 3-1. gerard dyson can't even make the play. mike all the way from 1st. cubs in with the dive. ronnie is the hero right there waving him home. two on. alex dickerson, a blind shot, turns into a double play.
10:57 pm
bad baserunning bilingual area. that ends a rally. look at the honeymooners. not happy campers. she did not want to go to a baseball game on her honeymoon. giants have called up mauricio dubon. is the only major league player born in honduras. he came to america, his family worried about the violence in the crime rate. he had a family appear in sacramento willing to take him on. he has excelled to say the least. this is what makes it such a great story. he tweets out, 10 years ago, i told my host parents, i'm going to play here one day. guess what? it is happening. he is on the majorly roster. not so great of a story with regard to malcolm smith.
10:58 pm
once a super bowl mvp with seattle, a complete flameout with the san francisco 49ers. he signed a five-year, $26.5 million deal in 2017, one of the first move that john lynch may. he is a guy who actually intercepted the colin kaepernick pass in the championship game against seattle. there you go. he is gone. cut by the 49ers today. meantime, this is full on hilarious. watch this. u.s. open, second night. keep your eyes on the woman on the far left. she pulled out her phone. >> slyly. >> we get the raising of the eyebrows. nobody notices. >> [ laughter ] >> i'm going to get a shot of that. >> who knows what she did with
10:59 pm
that. look at this guy. apparently not afraid of gators in florida. that thing could turn on him in a heartbeat. he apparently did not care. >> he is so focused. >> check that out. and check this out. we mentioned carley boyette last week for team usa, the soccer hero kicking a 55 yard field goal. an undisclosed nfl team has made her an offer to put usually try out as the team's field goal kicker. that would be a little concerned she had to make the tackle. who knows? never say never. >> that would be interesting. that is the sporting live at this hour. that is sleepless in san rafael.
11:00 pm
residents they blowing horns are keeping up late at night. the north bay's smart train has begin overnight test. >> the testing just began. people living in the tracks say the horns are loud, and they can't go to sleep. we are in san rafael where the horns start blowing just as people go to bed. >> reporter: that is right. at about 9:30 pm all the way until 4 am. that is when smart is not running its regular service. it has the trains of personnel to do testing on the new tracks. it is a knows the pain for neighbors. >> the trains used to come through here. >> reporter: in the quiet of the neighborhood,


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