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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 27, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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residents they blowing horns are keeping up late at night. the north bay's smart train has begin overnight test. >> the testing just began. people living in the tracks say the horns are loud, and they can't go to sleep. we are in san rafael where the horns start blowing just as people go to bed. >> reporter: that is right. at about 9:30 pm all the way until 4 am. that is when smart is not running its regular service. it has the trains of personnel to do testing on the new tracks. it is a knows the pain for neighbors. >> the trains used to come through here. >> reporter: in the quiet of the neighborhood, residents
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wonder when their sleep will be shattered again. >> we live on the hill. we hear it. >> reporter: the unmistakable blair of smart trains announce their arrival at stations. for now they are also sounding horns while they test several new crossings, leading to the ferry terminal , where passengers can connect to the city. approval requires test runs. the nearest neighborhood bear the brunt of it. >> i just don't understand why they have to do it from 9:30 pm through 3 am. >> i get being up in the middle of the night. >> reporter: san rafael's mayor says passengers are in the all day, and there are not cars to use for testing until late testing is required by federal at night. regulators to make sure all safety mechanisms work.
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>> if you want quiet zone, we have to go through this exercise to make sure it is quiet and safe and functional.if you want quiet zones, this is the price we have to pay. >> i get the reaction of the neighborhood. if there's something more we can do, i am all for it. >> reporter: comments from residents on social media show no mercy. residents endured two years of construction. now they are letting smart snow the noise is not okay. >> they just say they have to do it. they wish that we would be patient, but it's hard to be patient when you have had no sleep. >> it blasts right up here. on a scale from one to go 10? seven. >> reporter: the overnight
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horns will persist for a few weeks. some residents are talking about legal action. there are four different stages of testing on these new tracks that will last for a few months . the goal is to have passengers service by the end of the year. frank? >> you have to feel for those folks. thank you. a search continues tonight for a man who stole an airport shuttle bus at sfo today. it happened shortly before noon at the airport's international terminal. the sky park shuttle was loading and unloading passengers when a man ordered the driver and everyone else to get off. sky park's president says one passenger at the airport took action after watching the bizarre crime and fold. >> he went right over and said i think somebody just delete bus.. the shuttlebus was found abandoned about three hours later. the suspect was seen walking
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eastbound on ashby. is described as a white man in his late 20s or early 30s wearing a black shirt and black shorts. over in oakland, westbound interstate 580 was closed for several hours at the highway 24 interchange after a police change in a crash. a police try to stop a chevy impala. they got stuck trying to squeeze between a transit bus and the freeway median. one of the chp officers fired a shot after the driver of the impala try to ram the patrol car. no one was hit. the driver was arrested. new tonight, a protest at the site of a proposed high-rise apartment building in the uptown section of oakland. opponents they would being traffic and noise to the neighborhood and not any affordable housing. rubicon point partners want to develop the 38 story project at 1750 broadway. that is not far from the 19th street bart station. amber lee is in oakland.
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amber? >> reporter: tenants who live next door to this proposed high- rise and unique instructor workers have joined forces to oppose the project. they say the developer is not addressing their concerns. it was a small group holding big banners to oppose a high- rise apartment buildings proposed for 1750 broadway in downtown oakland. early, it is a lowrise building, host to east bay transit. critics are now appealing the planning commission's approval of the project, a 38 story building. opponents say it will house 307 luxury apartments with no affordable units. >> we don't need it. this building is too big. it is not necessary. >> reporter: ming is a special education teacher. she lives next door in a rent- controlled building. they say construction of such a
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large project raises concerns including noise, traffic, construction damage, and air pollution. >> it is dangerous. hoare they want to make sure it is going to be safe? >> reporter: oakland requires developers to include a percentage of affordable units that allows them to pay at the in lieu of that will fund affordable units elsewhere. opponents a rubicon the investment company behind the project, will be paying $7 million. unit construction workers are joining the course of opposition. they say the developer plans to bring in nonunion crews from out of town. >> you left this developer do it, the next developer come in, and he going to do it. the nixing you know we are out of work. >> reporter: opponents they are not against development. they said they want a responsible project that will demonstrate -- benefit oakland's. >> they are not be accountable on workforce issues or on --
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you can afford to live here? people are being forced out? it is changing our community. >> reporter: renee chou to rubicon but have not heard back. oakland city council will likely take up the matter in october. it will ultimately decide whether to allow the project to go ahead or send it back to the planning commission to make adjustments. live in oak lawn, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a warning tonight about credit cards can respond at a gas station in san mateo county. chevron employees discovered three of them yesterday at the station on woodside road. it is unknown how long the skimming devices were in those gas pumps. scammers are used to still information out the magnetic slight strict. we learned authorities in marin county have arrested a man in suspicion of starting a grass fire. the spirit fire broke out late
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this afternoon near would acre. it burns 16 acres and is now 60% contained. marin county firefighters said they are spent suspect contacted crew that they seen and admitted he started the fire. he said he suffered minor injuries trying to stop it out. it broke out officer francis lake boulevard. walker was booked into county jail. the san jose mayor unveils a series of measures aimed at making it easier for homeowners to build additional housing on their property. this new project is described to streamline the prospect to build granny flats. homeowners can now select from pre-blue plans that will enable them to get permits what faster. the mayor says using existing properties to help our people is one may that san jose is responding to the growing housing crisis. now to san francisco where hundreds of people gathered tonight for a town hall meeting hosted by house speaker nancy pelosi. it focused on preventing gun
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violence. plus he urged the lawmakers to take action beginning with universal background checks. >> reporter: speaker nancy pelosi that the panel of five women in a passionate and often personal talk about gun violence. >>, since background checks. gun violence prevention. we have said we are not taking no for an answer. >> reporter: hundreds of people showed up at abraham lincoln high school. plus he was joined by a teenager , aj santiago, who spoke in tears about her friend, a lincoln sophomore who shot and killed last month in the mission. >> nobody said i love you one more time to him. it's all because of one bullet that went straight through his heart. >> reporter: pelosi and congresswoman jackie spear, herself a shooting survivor,
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reminded the crowd that the pass had already passed hr 8 that would impose universal background checks on gunners or who are unlicensed. >> we already have that law on the books. it just closes loopholes. when the law was originally passed in 1993, the internet was not allowed. gun shows were not commonplace. >> reporter: shannon, the founder of monster demand action, says it is time for gun legislation. >> we have passed several laws in some states. >> reporter: within the democratic party there is some distance about whether to call for a reinstatement of the assault rifle band. >> i think the focus has to stay on getting a senate to vote on the background check legislation. keep the focus on mitch mcconnell. give us a vote.
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to pay if you don't. >> reporter: after the town hall, pelosi said she is not spoken with mitch mcconnell. mcconnell has indicated he is willing to take up the issue of background checks in red flag laws in the city reconvenes in september. president trump is reportedly aid to lifornia for a pair of fundraisers in the middle of next month. according to politico, the president will visit san francisco and l.a. the president made a rare visit to california back in april where he attended a $15,000 a fight fundraiser in beverly hills. guitars, not guns. the program showing music with children and the big surprise that got a graduation tonight. federal prosecutors detail the charges against a silicon valley engineer. the case involving two tech companies and trade secrets worth tens of millions of dollars.
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we are tracking the forecast which includes a chance of a thundershower tonight in the north bay. the red flag warning in the mountains. temperatures on the decline. from the couldn't be prouders
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drivers in the bay area rallied outside in headquarters. their rally in support of the simile bill 5 which would classify the drivers as employees. it would give them basic protections such as minimum wage, health insurance, and paid sick days. uber released a statement saying the flexibility of getting work as part of the reason that so many people choose to drive for uber. it is already pass in the assembly. it is into a state senate committee. the u.s. attorney in san
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francisco is bringing charges against the former google engineer. is a>> he used of stealing thousands of files pertaining to the company's self driving car technology. we are told those trade secrets or were hundreds of millions of dollars. >> reporter: for years, anthony levandowski made a name and career for technology earning millions from google. now his freedom is on the line. is accused of stealing trade secrets. >> the evidence in this case is going to show conclusively that anthony did not steal anything. >> reporter: tuesday, federal prosecutors detail the allegations that he's told 14,000 files. the 39-year-old have worked as an economist vehicle engineer for google and its subsidiary, but quit in 2015. after quitting four years ago, he formed his own company, which was purchased by uber in 2016. federal are charging him with counts of theft.
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>> all of us, generally speaking, are free to move from job to job. we cannot suffer pockets on the way out the door. >> reporter: the files that levandowski took cause a lawsuit between in and google. more than a year later, he is being charged with theft, neither company is mentioned in the complaint. what the federal government is saying by moving forward is that this was not just a civil wrong. this was also criminal because it was so blatant, and it affects the ability of companies to automate and to be innovative. >> he will be back in fourth september 4 as prosecutors seek to show he is not trying to hide part of his fortune. jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. a northern california man convicted in a stabbing death
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has been exonerated after spending 28 years in prison. the northern california innocence projects as a judge reversed bob's conviction last friday. it comes after newly discovered evidence, including an old confession from the true killer. he was the first of several people tried in the 1991 nurture murder at a campground in trinity county. the innocence project says his conviction was based on the testimony of a 9-year-old boy who have been coached by a therapist and detectives. the development is now in the college admissions scandal involving lori loughlin. a judge in boston said she and her husband can continue using the law firm that represented the university of southern california in an unrelated case. the couple is accused of paying $500,000 to have their two doctors labeled as recruits to the usc crew team, even though neither participated in the sport. the couple has pleaded not guilty. that governor newsom visited a sacramento community college
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today to highlight a new program that provides two years of free tuition for first-time students. the governor visited the college to tell students about the first time program. he had touted such a program when he can paint for governor. >> it's not just a platform, a promotion, a political promise. it is actually happening. it is achievable. of california can do a, every other state in the nation can do it. >> the state budget earmarks $42 million to help out 33 hundred -- new at 11, two dozen children graduated tonight from the guitars not guns programs. >> [ music ] >> guitars not guns is an organization and that staring at risk youth away from gun violence by focusing on music. the guitars are donated.
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with the children assignment, they are told the music because are being loaned to them. in the graduation ceremony, the children were overjoyed when they got to learn they got to keep the guitars. fog at the coast. the humidity in the area. it came up a little bit today. you can try to make it out right in there. it doesn't look like much. the fog is kind of stationary. the system rotates by. it will swing in like this in the next six hours or so. there is a slight chance when it comes onshore of a thundershower dry lightning in the north day. i guess more around lakeport, clear lake. there is a slight chance. in the mountains, the same system has induced a red flag warning that is in effect now through tomorrow. that is in the lake tahoe area, up into mcarthur and mount shasta. 66 in. for right now.
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74, concord. there is a red flag warning. it is in bernie and paradise. the red flag warning will expire tomorrow night. you see the fought on the bay bridge, which is busy as usual. the day tomorrow a little cooler than today. about the same humidity. even though it is a little cooler, community is up, as it was this afternoon. it gets sticky. we are not used to it around here. inland valleys usually run 15- 18% humidity. today some of those areas like livermore got up to 38%, 40%. that is a lot of humidity when you have he like this. tomorrow, 91 in farewell. it will seem toasty. cooler on the numbers. the ambient temperature is down. the community is up a few. that will make it feel a little hotter than it is. that is tomorrow.
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is that wednesday? is tomorrow wednesday? >> yes. tomorrow is wednesday already. >> i knew that. i did know if you do that. as we head for the weekend, temperatures button out a little bit. still ahead, great defense in kansas city. what happens when a golfer meet the gator? first, live pictures from new york's broadway. thanks for joining us on this wednesday night. the 11 pm news continues after the break. ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪
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marcus back with sports. the a's are hot. is a season ended tonight, they would be a wildcard. >> no question about it. 19 runs last night. tonight, only 2 runs, but they played sensational defense against the royals. that was enough. >> you are not going to fool me again. >> it is pouring rain if you were standing under the mountain. the a's get there second run out of marcus simeon.
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7 rbis last night. a white and maki throw. to my zero lead. says brown. you might not be familiar with them, but you may soon be. just up for the minor leagues. he appreciates the help. he will get more from the same guy. says brown who shows he has the leather anthe arm. it doesn't come is better than that on a throw to the plate. the a's hold on. it ties their high watermark for the year. meantime, problems for the giants who might be fading, but help could be on the way. one player back from tommy john surgery. one hits allowed off the bat of
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ketel marte. off the glove of gerard dyson. is in. safely. 3-2. that was it. a double play and the inning. the honeymoons with bond faces. not happy about the way this thing ended up. meantime, second and u.s. open. one of the young sensations in women's tennis makes her presence felt again. she beat venus williams at wimbledon. this is coco gauff, all of 15 years old. she beat a much older woman today, a russian, anastacia, who was all of 18 years old. she had to come back to do it. matchpoint. she is excited.
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maybe not quite as excited as her dad. that is a great site. good for her. women's tennis needs it. time to check this out. this is purely hilarious. watch the woman on your far left as spaniard lucio lopez takes his shirt off. slightly taking her phone out of her purse. she is five. look at her eyebrow raise. you got to love that. in florida, this guy apparently has no fear. a crocodile out on the course. he just fires away. tom jokingly asked for a statue of the new arena, and they gave him, they dedicated a urinal to tom, the former warrior. that will be in the media room. the public will not be seeing
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l descent into jackson hole, wyoming. thank you for flying united. reckon we'll be landin' soon. phil, honey, you promised-- not till we got there. okay. this year, we're going to a dude ranch with the whole family. mm-hmm. the family what if dylan buys his own ticket? we'll be sleeping in separate cabins. what if dylan and i share a horse? mm, i hate landing. we'll get through this. alex: wow! it's so pretty. what are you doing? i want my ears to pop. try putting a little rouge on 'em. nobody gets me. wow. isn't this beautiful, little cowgirl? you hate her sparkly outfit, don't you? no, i told you, it's fine. i just didn't like you wearing a matching one. so we haven't told the family yet, but we've decided to adopt a baby boy.


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