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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 29, 2019 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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attacks in san francisco is due in court. the decisiony or may not again. this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on 2. friday eve, august 29th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve paulson is in his office. >> dorian is somewhere near florida depending on the model. kind of missed puerto rico. category one and expected to reach category 3 over the weekend. i believe this is the gfs track. the european model takes it more towards southern florida, a lot of time to iron out the details. 85miles per hour. and moving northwest at 13 miles per hour. back home for us.
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the cloud cover, a little bit left that fired up on the lee side of the sierra. and low clouds are back and the overnight lows on due to the ve we have a robust on shore breeze. everything is in place for the temperatures on the cooler side with the lows up due to the warm ocean temperatures. maybe some isolated showers up towards the sierra and the oregon border. and the monsoon is making an appearance in arizona. 60s, 70s, and mainly low 80s. i came in with the man who said we just missed the train. >> sometimes the trains are very, very long. >> very long. >> good morning, everyone. we're talking about oakland trains here. let's take a look at the altamont pass. it's off to a nice start. westbound 580 and 205, also
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looking at highway 4. all the far away commutes are doing well. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's light. 4:02. let's go back to decide whether a man accused of viciously attacking a woman at her san francisco condo building should be released from jail. austin vincent has a hearing at 8:45 this morning. he was arrested after he was accused by victims in a february incident of being the man who threatened them with a knife. his public defender says he can prove that vincent at that time was in southern california. if those charges are dropped, he may be released from jail. but he's facing charges for the attack at the san francisco condo building. the hearing is set for the 8:45
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this morning. a teacher at richmond high school will be arraigned, accused of sex crimes with a student who is a minor. he's facing eight felonies, including unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and lewd and lascivious acts with a child. he's been teaching p.e. since 2017. six people in fairfield are in custody after an eight hour police standoff. it started when federal authorities went to a house northwest of interstate 80 and travis boulevard. they were responding to reports that a fugitive homicide suspect was in the home. the u.s. marshal service asked for help from the s.w.a.t. team. police have evacuated the neighborhood. >> we called out the crisis negotiations team to attempt to call people out.
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we did not receive any response. >> the standoff ended mid- afternoon when tear gas was fired into the house. but after everyone was taken out of the home, the homicide suspect was not located. family members and friends remembering the lives of a brother and sister from richmond killed in a weekend car crash. they died on interstate five as their mother was driving the family to southern california to see relatives. debra villalon has the latest on the support the family is getting from the community. >> reporter: the playground at richmond college prep was awash in white. it seemed all 500 students and their families might be here to wrap their arms around one. a family of five a few days ago. and now three. after the loss of jesse contreras and his sister. >> what do you say? trr no words there are no
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words. chp says the mother drifted into the center divide, overcorrected and rolled the honda. the three adults and a middle sibling survived. the two children unbelted were ejected and died. people here consider the parents con sheen shoes and wonder if the kids took off their seat belts to sleep. >> the pain is raw. the desk is a memorial with expressions of grief for a girl who was a class leader and wanted to go to harvard. students learning how fragile life is. >> they just said we'll see you on monday. >> take his notebook out and
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say jesse is working. >> 5th graders save a spot for jesse. it's only the third week of school. >> they're not forgetting him. we're not forgetting him. he's not gone. and i think that's just really special. >> he never gave up. he always kept going. >> children shared the mike and memories of the sibling. as the 12-year-old brother listened. >> i told him if you want to cry, cry. if you want to go home, home. if you want to run out on the playground, do that. and embrace each other. the son of a former bay area police chief is scheduled to appear in court in oakland this morning, accused of murder. tyrone mccallster, charged with
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a deadly shooting last week. the victim was shot and killed during a robbery in the city uptown district. he had been released from jail two months ago for beating a 71- year-old man in antiking away. a 13-year-old has not been identified. two other people, ages 18 and 21 were arrested monday. and they did recover a gun. police identified the suspects from security camera video showing the gunman firing shots towards a crowd during the very busy evening commute. a former contra costa
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county, three years felony probation. the sentence will be served in nebraska. he had previously pled guilty to four counts of sexual activity with a confined, consenting adult. today in san jose, protesters plan to boycott a business where a mural was painted over. it was painted 30 years ago on a building that's now a payless show store. the art work shows prominent history but was defaced this year. the dental surgery center owns the building and decided to cover it up. the artist filed a lawsuit against the owners. and the san jose school district is defending its
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decision to paint over a recently completed mural that honors cesar chavez. a vandal defaced it with graffiti. school administrators say the art work just could not be saved. >> reporter: it was meant as a welcome back gift for lowell elementary school in san jose. a mural of cesar chavez. >> it was a wonderful mural, a gift to the students, the staff, and the community. >> reporter: in june, a local artist painted it adds parts of a neighborhood improvement project. all was well until monday hours before back to school night. a vandal painted graffiti over the mural. >> we have parents showing up at 4 p.m. and we wanted to make sure that the parents felt proud of the school and so we had to cover it up. >> the policy is to remove
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graffiti within 24 to 48 hours. the mural had anti-graffiti coating applied which should have allowed the graffiti to be washed off. >> als have surveillance video of the tagger defacing the mural in nine minutes. and after he was done he took a picture of it with a cell phone. we have an opportunity to help ensure that this does not happen again. working with san jose police to track down the person responsible for the crime and to better protect the 80 plus murals in the district. >> it was a beautiful piece. it depicted a great part of our history. and now it's gone. we hope to be able to replace it and not let the graffiti
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artists win. 4:11 is the time right now. people in the bahamas are bracing for hurricane dorian and florida could be next. the warning as the storm slowly makes its way towards land. it's being called a model for other cities. how other people may allow people lives in rvs to safely park there. as the macarthur maze traffic looks good coming around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza. the cooldown kicked in for everybody. and we'll see what's in store for the long weekend.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. kirsten gillibrand is dropping out of the race after she did not qualify for the debate next month. >> after more than eight incredible months, i'm ending my presidential campaign. i know this isn't the results we wanted. we wanted to win this race. but it's important to know when it's not your time. >> the new york senator plans to endorse another candidate but has not said who that is.
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she was appointed to fill the seat vacated by hillary clinton. ten democrat candidates have qualified for the debate on september 12th in houston so it will be just one night. all of those debating will appear on stage together. that includes joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and kamala harris. possible changes to the rent control laws that may include verifying which rental units are exempt from rental control. and requires a relocation payment. and tying it to the fair market rents. tonight's meeting will be at the free library on oak street at 6:00. the alameda city council is
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expected to vote next week on the proposed changes. a program in east palo alto is being called a discuss. leaders from other bay area cities are studying this to see if they should do it too. as amber lee reports, the goal is to move people into permanent homes. >> this is our he and a little stove. >> she lived in her rv with her 2-year-old nephew and a sister. she couldn't afford the rent of $3,200 at her apartment. >> it has been a little hard to get back in business, get back on my feet. >> reporter: to help her and others, project we hope, a nonprofit, and the city of east palo alto started rv safe parking in may transforming a
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vacant lot into a community of rvs that host mostly families. there are washers, dryers, and showers. >> you begin to establish that level of trust. >> reporter: the founder of we hope says in three months, dozens have transitioned into stable homes. it's the early success of the program that has led others to see the program on this night. this 11-year-old and her family are scheduled to move out in september. >> it feels good. i'm going to have my own room. i'm going to have quiet so i can do my homework. >> reporter: living out of an rv has been difficult and scary when they had to park on the street. >> people were doing drugs and
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there were drunks. >> you have to work one day at a time. >> reporter: the program offers dinner each night and services such as job placement. a city councilmember and leaders from othebay area cities want to replicate the program. in east palo alto, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco's commission is planning to convert a city parking lot into a long-term space for the homeless who live in rvs. it would provide space for no more than 33 rvs. the city's department of homelessness would screen everyone allowed to stay there. there would be security guards, bathrooms, and showers. the board of supervisors may
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debate this and take it up next month. let's go back over to sal. probably checking the longer commutes this mo we are checking the longer commutes, dave and pam, pam and dave. gilroy to san jose looks pretty good. right through the morgan hill area, everything looks very nice. there have been no major issues, and this is a look at 280 in san jose and traffic looks good into the west valley. 880, there's flashing lights and it's not causing a major delay. and at the bay bridge a little bit of a delay. mostly the cash lanes. we'll get right to it here. the lows are very, very warm. the ocean temps have come up. and most are in the low 60s,
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including san francisco. 62 so the city is at 65 degrees. my computer is loading which is why we're waiting. dorian is a category one. and it's over the open water and it's weakened. the central pressure is not that strong if you have a barometer at home it's 29.27. for a hurricane it's not that much. but it's expected to intensify as it moves towards the bahamas. category one, winds 85 miles per hour. moving northwest at 13. it will reach category 3 strength as we head to the weekend. and then the key is what direction will it go. one is near jacksonville. that's the gfs. and also georgia. and the european model takes it to miami. they're splitting the difference. a lot can change between now and then. we have really warm lows and the highs will be below average
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and the lows are way above average. san francisco is 10 degrees above average on the low. warmer weather kicks in. after today we start to warm up. if you're looking ahead to the weekend and monday, a little change. upper 80s and low 0รก89ings inlow 90s inland. 62-degree water temp at the san francisco buoy. thunderstorms fired up northern sacramento valley and the lee side of to sierra. for us, just an on shore breeze. 32 at travis. on shore oakland and concord. and the lows are mainly in the 60s. petaluma is 64. san anselmo, 65. and oakland at 67. and so is sfo. san jose says we're 67 as well. the lows are way above where they should be but the highs will fall below. and mostly sunny skies today.
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60s, 70s, 80s on the temps. and after today, we start a warmup that takes us into the weekend. time is 4:22. state lawmakers debating new restrictions on charter schools. up next, why the lawmakers think there should be more controls on new charter schools. and a new agreement that straightens out a deal for condo owners in the millennium towers. the actions they are taking to fix the sinking building.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is 4:25. people are remembering and mentioning the tragic death of 39-year-old pro racer and host of myth busters, jesse combs. she died trying to break a land speed record. she was driving a jet like car in a desert in oregon. the cause of the crash is not known. people who own condos have reached a tentative settlement with the developer. 200 owners will be compensated but a dollar amount has not am
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plan to shore up the building. california attorney general javier becerra is expected at a meeting on the proposed sale of two medical centers. that sale is subject to the approval of javier becerra. they previously showed opposition to the bill. he's expected to meet with medical employees there at 10:00 this morning. as a warning for anyone visiting a popular beach in tahoe, you may want to stay out of the water because of a possible toxic algae. a dog died shortly after coming in contact with the water. that beach is one of the few
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beaches in tahoe that allows dogs. samples are now being tested for toxins, and the results are expected by the week. researchers are warning the fires burning in climate stability all world. the new promise from leaders in south america about the issue. a boost in funding to get bart trains rolling into downtown san jose. we have traffic off to a nice start on highway 24 heading to the tunnel. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead. well, it is a warm morning. temperatures are warmer at sfo and oakland that at many inland areas. we'll talk about that coming up.
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from ktvu fox 2 news, this
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is mornings on 2. >> it's thursday morning, i've dave clark. >> good morning, i'cook. thank you for joining us this morning. coming up on 4:30. we're tracking dorian but first went to get to the local weather. >> it's cooler on the highs but the lows are warm. >> which means? >> the average will be normal. >> we'll have a hot weekend? >> warmer. a lot of the temps are up, way up. 62 in san francisco buoy. have i told you all the damage control i have to do here. the computer. me and my army of one. because of that, san francisco 65. 63 in berkeley. a balmy 66.
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and tiburon 60. a rot of


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