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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  August 29, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> this is not the first time the son of the former union city chief has been in trouble with the law. hello, everyone. i heather holmes, in tonight for julie . >> i'm frank somerville. today the 19-year-old was in court to face charges. crime reporter, henry lee was there as well. >> tyrone mcallister is the son of former top cop in union city. father and son have been estranged and i did not see any family members in court today. >> tyrone mcallister, the 19- year-old son of a former union city police chief has been charged with special circumstance murder in a deadly shooting in oaklands uptown neighborhood. cameras were not allowed in court as mcallister made a brief appearance. no plea was entered in the capital murder case . >> he is facing either the death penalty or life without the possibility of could patrol parole. oakland police say mcallister filed a single shot during a robbery on the night of
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august 20. the victim died at a hospital. police say mcallister escaped in a honda driven by this man, evans who has also been charged with murder. he says he and mcallister were looking for robbery victims that night. in fact, 5 hours before the shooting, police say the two men followed a 67-year-old jewelry store owner. authorities say mcallister robbed the manic gun point of three bags of groceries. in a phone interview, the jewelry store owner told me he was shocked to learn the suspects father was a police chief. he said "it is unbelievable. the police are make people feel safe and hit his son is doing this. mcallister is the son of retired union city police chief, darrell mcallister who has expressed concerns for the families of victims. last year, mcallister was placed on probation for attacking and trying to rob a 71-year-old man in man to pick at the time, he had been exchanged from his son who " began to lose his way and was
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involved in a bad crowd. ernie castille is mcallister's attorney . >> he is a young kid so there's a lot to look into about his mental health, mindset, background and kind of his sort of life history . >> the attorney says the case will be considered like any other capital murder case . >> based on the nature of this case, i don't anticipate there being any type of special treatment whatsoever, one way or another for my client. even though he is the son of the former police chief, of union city . >> both defendants are being held without bail. they will be back in court on september 17 to enter a plea. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news . two men were wounded in a shooting in oakland at 2:30 on 61st near lowell avenue at the oakland emeryville city line. two men were taken to the hospital and are expected to survive.
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so far, details are sketchy. officers at the scene are still there looking for evidence. respond to a witness at a nearby business who reported seeing two people running after hearing gunshots in the area. not to the south they were sent as a police are looking for a driver who ran from the scene of a deadly accident this afternoon. investigators say a chevy suburban hit a blue chevy truck on story road. there were initial reports that the suburban then hit a pedestrian but now police say the suv actually hit a bicyclist who was running across the street. we are told the bike rider was pinned underneath of suburban and killed. >> here's a look at where the accident happened at story road in south of jackson avenue about 3:45 this afternoon. police described the driver as an adult male and say he abandoned the suv and took off running. a number of people heard the crash at nearby businesses. >> we heard the hit and it was scary and we were afraid and stepped out and looked at that and we saw, you know, the guy under the car, you know.
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>> the driver of the truck was taken to the hospital with injuries that are not life- threatening. the intersection of story road and jackson avenue is expected to be shut down for at least another hour. >> new details now on the gilroy garlic festival shooting just over a month ago. we are learning more about one person who was wanted, an additional person gilroy police say they have just identified, another gunshot victim. a man was grazed by a bullet with the one that required stitches. this brings the number of wounded to 17 in the attack on july 28. 3 people were killed in the shooting. the gunmen shot himself after being wounded by police. police in mountain view have arrested a man who allegedly made his way into a woman's locker room at a 24 hour fitness and try to touch a woman who was in the shower. authorities have identified the suspect as damon quincy jones, a 41-year-old homeless man who is facing sexual assault
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charges following the incident early yesterday morning. the victim told police the intruder stunned her when he opened her shower door and tried to confuse her by changing the pitch of his voice to sound more feminine. police say they arrested the suspect a short time later near the 24 hour fitness on showers drive near california street in mountain view. a homeless man accused of attacking a woman at the door of her san francisco condo building will remain behind bars for now. as christien kafton reports, a new judge has ordered 25-year- old austin james vincent held without bail. cameras were not allowed inside courtroom 10 as judge ross moody heard arguments from attorneys over whether 25-year- old austin vincent should be released. controversy erupted after christine aiken, a judge released him after attack on a san francisco woman trying trying to enter her home. he was booked days later after victims of a february attack said he was the man who
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threatened them with a knife but investigation showed in fact vincent was a in a substance abuse treatment center in southern california when the attack took place. a judge today dismissed the february charges but cited with prosecutors who said vincent could be effort if released . >> we have to do this in the interest of public safety and we feel very strongly that this particular defendant should be detained. >> i'm obviously disappointed by the courts decision today . >> vincent's attorney argued his client had very little on his rap sheet and that he was receiving treatment for mental health issues when freed by judge flenniken. treatment his attorney says he will not get behind bars. >> mr. vincent was receiving the treatment and was having his underlying needs and issues
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addressed. the bottom line is mr. vincent is going to return to our community at some point . >> also in court, neighbors worried about a proposed homeless navigation center set to open near the embarcadero. the neighbors say they are relieved that vincent will remain behind bars but worried about the possibility of an influx of homeless coming to the area to receive services . >> we are concerned because the navigation center invites the mentally ill, drug users and sex abusers, sex offenders and it is going up next door to where the attack occurred . >> as for vincent, he was not pleased with today's ruling, cursing at the prosecutor as he would let out of the courtroom. a judge will decide tomorrow on when the next court date will be. in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox2 news. have your plan and make those preparations right now. and you have to assume that if you are affected by the storm, that you will lose power so make accommodations to be able to whether that. >> the governor of florida is warning residents about hurricane dorian. the storm caused power outages in the virgin islands and puerto rico but no major damage but now it is picking up strength as it moves over open water toward
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the florida coast. it could be a category 4 hurricane with winds over 130 miles per hour. meteorologist, kyla grogan is here with the latest on the path of hurricane dorian . >> it is a very powerful storm and it is sitting over very warm water right now. that means it will gain strength as it moves. currently now it is a category 1, 85 miles per hour sustained winds and sitting about 330 miles east of the bahamas where it will be traveling towards us into the weekend expected to be there saturday and sunday and pushing into the east coast of florida. you can see the latest track as a category 4 hurricane and that is something that can cause extraordinary damages you probably know. take a look at the spaghetti plot and we see the models ours starting to come together and it will roll into the east coast. the question is will it be the central part of the east coast, further south, it did trend a little further south based on the latest advisory. is a little uncertain but we do
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know it will deliver incredible wind and rained rain to florida. it is talking about a category for which is 130 miles per hour of sustained winds. that is where it is right now, heading toward florida and preparations are underway. thankfully we do not have anything like this to deal with on the west coast, her as we ta the weekend. back to you. in fort lauderdale, there were long lines for gas and
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groceries today. florida of worth of food and water. some places reported shortages of bottled water and some gas stations ran out of fuel. so far, no evacuations have been ordered since the path of the storm, as kyla mentioned, is still unclear . >> i have been through it and i don't want to go through this one . >> i'm not scared, it's south florida, we see hurricanes all the time . >> a rolling stones concert in miami on saturday was moved after friday night due to the hurricane. the show will also start earlier than scheduled at 6 pm with no opening act. stay with ktvu and for continuing coverage of hurricane dorian and you can follow us on twitter and facebook as we track the hurricane's progress. coming up, at least 6 buildings on the uc berkeley campus are being called a safety risk in the event of a major earthquake. what he needs to be done, next. a possible death sentence for a woman with a rare genetic disease. why she may no longer be of the get the treatment she has been receiving for years because of a letter from the federal government. hopefully, people will realize the gravity of the situation for this family and other people in similar situations and reversed the policy. plus a funding boost to extend bart to san jose. the $125 million designated for
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the project and what it means for the construction timeline. >> taking a look now at the big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza at this hour. it is all because of a crash involving at least 3 cars on the eastern span of the bridge. one of the cars pulled over and 3 people jumped out and ran on the bridge. now you can see all of the traffic. ktvu news at 6:00 will be right back.
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a new report has found that
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berkeley are at serious risk of damage during a large earthquake. that is according to a new assessment of seismic risk commissioned by the regents. the cal campuses right on top of the hayward fault, making it hiring highly vulnerable during an earthquake picks 2 as tom baker reports, the study found 6 buildings that pose a great an immediate danger . >> uc berkeley's tallman hall deemed two silent -- too seismically unsafe and is being torn down. this week, a initiative after hundreds of structures were reviewed and found more building problems . >> we are an institution dedicated to science a we will play pay careful attention to that and we want to make sure that the extent to which our
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buildings remain safe and what sort of work needs to be done so they remain safe in the context of this new knowledge . >> it named 6 on campus buildings including wellman hall is very poor, also including durrant, evans and stevens hall's as well as donna live edition and moffat undergraduate library, some of its oldest buildings . >> berkeley has already spent in recent years more than $1 billion to retrofit. we walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to seismic safety. we remain committed to doing exactly that going forward . >> the work or replacement must be done within the next 10 years . >> it is alarming to hear there are these buildings on campus but then i have also seen the school doing some reconstruction in some of the buildings so i hope they get to it fast because you never know when an earthquake will come . >> i haven't been in any particularly bad ones but i think that is the nature of the area so of course, i would like things to be retrofitted unsafe but i'm also comfortable with taking, personally . >> in education, there are the three are r's. reading, writing and arithmetic. in seismology, there are 4r's. restrict, retrofit like they
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are doing here, or the last two, what they are doing next- door, raise and replace. >> in many cases, buildings should simply be torn down and replaced. remount renowned earthquake engineer delivers this sobering analysis. >> the campus has not been exposed to a real earthquake effectively since it was built. so actually, in effect, none of the buildings on campus have really been tested by what i would consider to be a serious earthquake. all the earthquakes have been relatively minor including the one and 89 . >> other uc campuses are undergoing similar analyses of their thousands of buildings. this is all through the uc system. tom baker, ktvu fox2 news.
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bartz long-awaited extension through downtown san jose is getting a financial boost. $125 million in federal funds is going toward building miles of new track in the south bay. the extension will connect the bay area station with downtown san jose and santa clara. jesse gary has the details. >> reporter: for a region renowned for groundbreaking first, the latest spot as leader of the pack could make life easier for millions of south bay commuters . >> this is the first region in the country that has qualified will for what is called expedited project delivery . >> mayor sam liccardo announced the extension of bart from downtown san jose getting $125 million in federal funding. the new program targets locations and projects pushing the frontier of mass transit design . >> it is a commended boost to get the project going. it enables us to advance some of the design and engineering. it and enables us to prepare some of the long lead procurement items . >> currently, the bart system and at fremont warm springs
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station. by next december, berryessa is slated to open with $125 million in its coffers, project engineers are able to make conceptual designs actual designs for the 6.5 miles of track including the cutting-edge bore tunnel directly under downtown san jose . >> it really speeds up the delivery and brings the public infrastructure project to the public for them to use much sooner than traditional grant programs . >> project officials say the funding boost will shave 14 months of the project completion timeline. some workers say will save time and money of their commute . >> it will improve my commute, shorten it by at least an hour. it will start double to stop now in the santa clara station and i live in santa clara so it will stop there and i can go
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straight into oakland from there. it will take me an hour instead of 2 1/2 hours . >> miracle look harder mayor locarno says getting this funding puts the region in a better position to seek more federal funds later to complete the $5.5 billion project . >> i getting the first funding, it puts us in front of the line of many other cities attempting to get dollars from the federal government for large transit projects like this one and establishes us as a leader . >> the new fast track engine denying is done but don't look for work until 2020 one utilities need to be relocated for the single bore tunnel that will go right underneath santa clara street. in downtown san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. we started off a little warm, a little cloudy this morning but boy, did it open up to be a gorgeous day out there. these are the highs from today,
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73 in san francisco, a pretty nice one. 76 in oakland. 82 in santa rosa, you can see about 80 degrees in san jose. lots of sunshine out there and currently, still seeing lots of sunshine if you take a live look at storm tracker 2. the radar is clear, clouds stayed away from the coach coast so you have an onshore flow happening with the little breeze out there. currently, sepsis, 59, 56 in santa rosa, warmer in oakland, 61, low 60s and the for more and san jose. we have a little wind out there so in novato, you're probably feeling the breeze, the 22 miles per hour is coming off of the ocean about 18 miles per hour in oakland and fairfield getting a 30 mile per hour breeze. it is going to be breezy tonight at the coast, temperatures above 55 to 60 at the bay, 58 to 64 and inland, in the north bay, low 60s but inland in the east bay, 64 degrees will be your overnight low. we have the sunset coming up at
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about 7:43 tonight. here is the future. we have clouds moving in on the fog in the overnight hours and you can see the clouds coming back in. afternoon, 3:00, beautiful, sunny day as we wind up the week. highs, 69 san francisco, 87, santa rosa, san jose, a little warmer at 83 degrees. we have more on the way and i will have the coming up in your extended forecast. a while fire has now burned 1000 acres. the ranch fire started yesterday afternoon about 15 miles north of susanville. officials with the bureau of land management say the fire was caused by a lightning strike. people living on two remote ranches have been evacuated but no buildings have been destroyed. authorities say the wind and rocky terrain is making it tough for crews to stop the fire and right now, it is only 10% contained. former fbi director, james call me says he is owed an apology, that despite a new report that sunday violated agency policy. coming up next, how president trump is responding. a dog rescue group is asking for the public to help them find 3 puppies that were
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actions both before and after he was fired . >> the justice department's inspector general says, he violated fbi policy when he documented has details and reaction. thursday, the justice department internal watchdog, the inspector general finding
6:25 pm
in and 83 page report that the memos james comey kept were in fact official fbi records and that he set a "dangerous example. the inspector general's report finding "we conclude, is retention, handling and dissemination of certain memos violated department and fbi policies and his fbi employment agreement. this for keeping copies of 4 of his 7 memos in a safe in his home and showing them to his private lawyers. adding "call me's own personal conception of what was necessary was not an appropriate basis for and agree governing the use of fbi records, especially given the other lawful and appropriate
6:26 pm
actions he could have taken to achieve his desired end. the former fbi director and the president have openly feuded four years. the president ter the report was released, perhaps never in the history of our country has someone been more thoroughly disgraced and excoriated then james comey in the just-released inspector general's report. he should be ashamed of himself. the white house press secretary writing in a statement, in "james comey is a proven liar and leaker. eat james comey demanded an apology saying he did not directly linked to the media. he tweeted, "a quick message saying sorry, we lied about you would be nice . >> while the findings were sent to the department of justice, they have not decided that would have decided not to prosecute. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. ktvu fox2 news asus:30 is up next with a new trump administration policy targeting immigrants receiving medical treatment. in a moment we will introduce you to a woman in the east bay
6:27 pm
now facing deportation and she of 4 to start the road trip. the odd play in today's game that help them. mark with highlights coming up later in sports . >> a young girl ehlers to do airlifted to the hospital after being injured by a hit-and-run driver. where investigators found the woman involved in the charges she is now facing. here's one you guys will like.
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now to our top stories. people in florida are getting ready for potentially catastrophic hurricane. hurricane dorian could make landfall on monday as a category four hurricane. that means winds over 130 miles an hour. the governor has declared a state of emergency and is advising people to stock up with the week it was worth of food and water. the in court with them at a church that could carry a death penalty. he was arrested for a deadly shooting in oakland last week.
6:31 pm
a homeless man accused of attacking a woman at her condo in san francisco is going to remain in custody without bail. a new judge brought additional charges against 25-year-old austin vincent for a separate incident that happened back in february after evidence showed he was actually in a substance abuse program in southern california at the time. the prosecutors argued that he still remained behind bars. they say that he remains a threat to public safety, and the judge agreed. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news tonight at 6:30. a 20 warning 24-year-old woman is now facing deportation, and it's all because of a change in the federal government immigration policy. >> ktvu's rob roth says the trump administration is no longer honoring medical exemptions for immigrants getting medical care in the united states. >> reporter: isabel bueso
6:32 pm
received she and her doctor say could very well be a death sentence. it came from the united states citizen and immigration services , a deeper leighton letter. >> i was shaking, and i was pale like chuck. >> reporter: bueso, 24 years old and a native of guatemala has a rare and potentially fatal disease called mps-6. >> my body does not break down sugar. >> reporter: doctors in guatemala had no answers, but things to allowing her to live in the u.s. legally while getting treatment, they moved to concord. every friday for the past 16 years, isabel bueso has come here to ucsf benioff children's hospital in oakland. she receives all these treatments that keeps her alive, and treatments she says could soon be denied.
6:33 pm
that's because the federal government eliminated the medical exception earlier this month. two weeks ago, bueso received a letter from immigration officials. the period of authorized stay has expired. you are not authorized to remain in the united states. her family has 33 days until september 14 to leave. isabel's doctor says without the treatment, she won't survive. >> i'm going to become weak for sure. and i'm just gonna die. and i don't want to. i have so many dreams and goals i still have for my life you >> reporter: bueso's mother said she can't sleep because of the stress. >> i'm just -- >> reporter: i.c.e.
6:34 pm
issued a statement to ktvu saying it reviews each case on its own merits and exercises appropriate discretion after reviewing all the facts involved. bueso's attorney said he's appealing to please congress needs to step in . >> hopefully that people will realize the gravity of the situation for this family and some other people in similar situations and reverse the policy. >> reporter: bueso says her life is here. she graduated with honors from cal state east bay and is an advocate for others with rare illnesses. >> now i feel i have to advocate for my life. it's scary. >> reporter: in oakland, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. a tokyo girl from brent driver while walking to school alone on sunset road.
6:35 pm
police say the driver, a woman in her 50s, sped away from that scene but was quickly found in a nearby parking lot. she was arrested and charged with felony hit and run. she was also driving under the influence. the uc medical davis center in sacramento she's being treated. in the subway, landlord accused of staging a break into scared tenants from the apartment made her first court appearance today. ktvu's ann rubin was in court as well and has new information on the case. >> reporter: shielding her face from the camera, 50-year-old reenu saini made her first appearance in court today. she's accused of paying non- tenants not paying tenants by staging a home invasion. >> i heard somebody kick the the landlord shut off power to the apartment and used a knife to break in the front door.
6:36 pm
the tenants who did not want to speak on campus said there had been two prior incidents. in one the power had also been shut off, and the other a stranger came in from the back and began to rest the. they say they called the police and were directed to a housing dispute mediator that they were working with that person when the staged break-in occurred. >> there were all these methods being done essentially to forces individuals out and ultimately with the knife incident with physical force. >> reporter: from jail, saini phoned into the ktvu newsroom, calling the tenant squatters and say they fail to pay rent. the tenant freely admitted they didn't pay, but that is because saini changed the agreement. >> there are faith several measures that can be taken, and unfortunately she went to scare tactics, and as a result all of them were arrested for their efforts. >> reporter: today, the gel set
6:37 pm
bail. he also issued protective orders in both must stay away from the tenants. the defendant said court date is set for september 22. meanwhile, the tenant say they are desperately trying to find new housing. in palo alto, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. six teenagers in san jose injured in a car wreck. investigators say a 14-year-old was driving. three puppy stolen from a shelter in san francisco . what else police say the thieves took.
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authorities have not identified the man sought by federal agents in fairfield. 40-year-old robert brown of bay point is wanted in the deadly shooting of 36-year-old daniel strader. that's in concord back in july. federal agents believe that brown was at home on shenandoah drive in fairfield yesterday. the search for him led to an eight hour barricade situation there. six people were taken into custody after police deployed teargas into the house, but authorities say brown was not among the people inside the home. chp and santa cruz counties as a 14-year-old boy is responsible for a solo car crash that injured him and five other teenagers from san jose.
6:41 pm
and happened early yesterday morning on portola drive near 41st avenue in capitola. investigators say the 14-year- old driver crashed into a tree during a brief police chase. the chp says all six teenagers in the car suffered serious injuries. >> of 14-year-old should not behind the wheel. they can't even obtain a drivers license. we don't know why they were behind the wheel. >> the chp says the investigation is still in its early stages, but officers do not think that drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. an animal shelter in san now asking for the public's help in finding three puppy stolen. family dog rescue says these broke into the shelter there on chapter road last night it took two purebred huskies and a pitbull as well as electronics. the puppies range from just a few weeks old to four months. shelter officials say they fear that the stock will end up for sale on sites like reckless. the rescue is now offering a reward for the safe return of the animals.
6:42 pm
it's been a beautiful day today, but what is on top of the holiday weekend? i will have your forecast coming up. alex savidge in the newsroom with a look at some of the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news on ktvu plus. one step closer to a full- fledged space force. the ceremony held today to mark the comeback of the u.s. space command after 17 years. and it appears kevin durant is recovering quite nicely from the torn achilles tendon. dmv will tell you about his luxurious european vacation. we'll have those stories and more coming up tonight live at 7:00 over on ktvu plus. >> certainly looks like he's enjoying himself. coming up after the break, celebrity chef gordon ramsay now planning to open a "hells kitchen" restaurant in lake tahoe. and walking in. i cannot sing. >> oh, gosh! it's time for the biggest sale of the year on a
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sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help keep us asleep? yes, it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. it's the last chance to save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 36-months. ends labor day. new details now on the battle for rideshare drivers to form a union. today, uber, lyft, and doordash threatened to introduce a statewide ballot measure if they can't reach a deal on legislation in sacramento. many drivers and labor unions are backing assembly bill five, which would make it more difficult for the rideshare companies to classify workers as independent contractors. the rideshare companies are proposing a compromise, including a base wage of $21 an hour, benefits fund, and
6:46 pm
allowing collective bargaining. the bill faces a key committee vote tomorrow in the state assembly. starting next month, san francisco's iconic cable cars will be out of service for more than a week . muniz is beginning friday,, september 13, all three lanes will be down for 10 days. the closure is to overhaul the high street cable car gearbox, which has a master cable for all of the cable cars leaving and entering the cable car barn. during work, but service will be provided along the cable route. it's always odd when here we have this incredible weather. but in florida, they are concerned about a category four hurricane. >> it is one of those interesting days, as someone who's a family east coast person . sometimes my heart is on the east coast with relative dealing with that. i spent half my childhood in florida. they are briefing four a cat
6:47 pm
fo per hour sustained winds. so it's a pretty sad situation . on the other hand, did you like the weather here today? beautiful out there! i'm telling you, i'm a little convertible, and i put the top down. it was that nice. i was flying in the breeze when i was flying down the road. take a look at this. you can see the sun literally was gleaming a second ago. that is how pretty it is out there. temperatures are nice. 69 in san francisco, 70 here in oakland at ktvu, 75 up in santa rosa, novato about 72, sfo 75, cooler out of half moon bay out by the water, and meant to be 76 same story for you in san jose. this is what nice and clear. you can see some clouds try to make their way in, and they will make it in the overnight hours, but right now we got a little breeze other, and this blue skies are hanging onto as
6:48 pm
we head into our evening. here's the breeze i'm talking about. sfo about 16 miles an hour. gusting in meta-view, 18 miles per hour. you see the winds does not let up. we've got 10 to 20 mile per hour winds out there, and that gus in fairfield now up to 30 miles per hour. these are the overnight lows. and i should be nice. clouds increase as we go through the night. those 59 in san francisco. you can see we've got mid 50s in there. inland spots, vallejo, concord, you're getting those low 60s. tomorrow, we'll start off a little cloudy, little foggy, but that it's going to get very nice as we worked our way up to 66 in the coast. we'll take that up to degrees for the bay, and we will go to 89 inland comes a little bit warmer than it was today. this is the set up right now that we've had, and we've got some low-pressure over here, high-pressure down in the southwest. that's kept us miles today, but it's going to take in that high the weekend on saturday and sunday. that warming trend could see 90s in it, but we're going to
6:49 pm
have that onshore flow keeping a cool of the coast. if you take a look at your five day forecast, there it is. tomorrow another gorgeous day on tap. make you want to sing when i think about nice weather. see how that happens? >> i want to check out your convertible. >> we will go for a ride, frank. it's going to warm up as we head toward the weekend, 92 inland, but that we will cool off a couple degrees as we head into the holiday on monday, and even thursday. we could fit you and heather in my convertible. it is a beetle though, so somebody is going to get in the backseat, in the backseat is small. i'm telling you that now. apple sent a invitations for their annual media event, where it is expected to unveil their latest iphone model. the event will be held on september 10 at the steve jobs theater at apple's headquarters in cupertino. the company is reportedly looking to introduce new iphone models, including the 11 and the 11 r. there's also speculation that apple will unveil new ipad models. new versions of the apple watch, and possibly unveil new information about the up
6:50 pm
celebrity chef gordon ramsay announced he's bringing his award-winning hell's kitchen restaurant to south lake tahoe . it will be located at the historic stage room in harvey's in state line. the new restaurant is set to open by the end of the year. ramsey was clearly excited when he made the announcement this morning on twitter. >> honestly, i cannot wait to bring this incredible concept to the picturesque, stunning lake tahoe, and reportedly i can't wait to see you there. >> it will be the third hell's kitchen. the first opened as caesar's palace in las vegas the persian result there, and the united arab terrorists. our former warrior is returning to the team, but not on the hardboard. the athletics benefit from an odd play in today's game.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
mark is here not talking that the a's early win. >> up, and a good win too because when you play a team like the kansas city royals, who happened to be 41 games under .500, you've got to get
6:54 pm
while the getting is good, and they did, although by the skin of their teeth. early game, 10:30 our time. that kid looked a little tired. must be on the west coast clock. get it going in the fourth inning. he's had trouble on defense, been a little inconsistent, but that is a home run. it a two run. 3-2, a's. seth brown, the new kid in town, cash is another run with an rbi single. 5-2. check this out. corbin joseph in the pop-up. chesler kus berg made the catch . however, he fell into the dugout, and the a's runners were allowed to advance. that was an important one as it turned out, as they needed liam hendriks to get the strike out and it after kansas city had scored a run to close it. bottom line, a's win. they take three out of four in the series. meantime, tonight on
6:55 pm
channel 2 you will see it, raiders against seattle. and this is an important game even though it is just preseason. they have to get down from 90 on the roster 253 by 1:00 on saturday, so jobs could be up for grabs. jon gruden and his brain trust have some tough decisions, one of the guys are pulling for that guy, number 89, out of alameda high school. went to uc davis. very impreza preseason. 11 catches, 99 yards , and a touchdown. jon gruden does a great job of kind of avoiding a very direct question. exactly how many jobs are on the line tonight? >> a big part of that is, you know, the injury status of our team, you know? and who talking to us about roster changes, etc., so there's a lot that goes into that right now.
6:56 pm
>> in other words, he is not saying. translation. raiders and seahawks in just a few minutes right here on fox 2 7:00. final preseason game. thank goodness for that . down through the years, the bay area, everywhere else, professional athletes, they come and go. some forgettable, some you just can't forget, and one of those guys definitely is just a zaza pachulia. what an impression he made as he helped the warriors win it all twice in 2017 and 18. he's retired after 16 seasons in the nba, and he's rejoining the golden state warriors as a consultant both on the business and basketball side. i tell you what. as mild-mannered and friendly as he is off the court, great guy, but you get them on the hardwood, he's all business and elbows. meantime, u.s. open. perhaps a much-needed star on the kobe peta be on hand at the s.ed ousted by the 112 player in the
6:57 pm
world. simona halep is out, and in is taylor townsend, and there you go. after she lost the first set, she's a winner. got a little time so why not? check this out. frank, this is specifically for you. >> wow. >> his name is kayden. his dad posted this. now you played a little hockey. how tough is that to do? >>-play for several years. i can't do that. that is and that i would not even see you try to do it. >> his proud papa posted that online, so that's pretty good. >> remember that future superstar in the nfl. that i wish i could do that. good night, everybody. ♪
6:58 pm
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. the difference between winning and losing is finishing. the raiders keep finishing strong. stacking win after win. ♪ >> one more locks up a perfect preseason. >> we've got one more game to play. we've got some tough decisions to make. it's going to be really tough, i promise you that. >> who's going to ball out in seattle to make >> come on! play with some speed. >> and wear the silver andt


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