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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 29, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PDT

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>> beth: 1:53 to go. raiders with one timeout. seattle has a pair. that's gafford. he'll try and run it again. nothing but blue jerseys around james butler. fourth down. and another timeout. >> matt: the tight end swings and misses. >> rich: yep. >> matt: on the backside. didn't get the seal. >> rich: nice job by rasheed green.
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>> beth: it will be fourth down from just inside the 4. peterman. they'll run butler off the left side. touchdown raiders! >> matt: good call there. >> rich: yep. >> matt: they spread them out, got a light box and they ran butler right up the left side. >> beth: impressive eight-play drive, 55 yards, just over two minutes. and running right off the backside of lester cotton, the
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fir fist pump. and here comes the 2 to tie it. flags flying. movement up front. >> referee: false start, offense number 76. five-yard penalty. >> beth: tyler. >> matt: had a nice block on the touchdown run. >> beth: branden jacksonively. so the two-point try is from the 7. four-man rush. peterman in trouble. and down he goes! sacked by jackson!
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>> matt: they only brought four this time. he just got beat off the top edge. jackson was able to win. >> beth: two-point advantage for the seahawks. 1:43 to go. the raiders do finally get the touchdown, can't get the deuce to tie >> matt: a lot of good things on tape tonight. >> rich: i like the way they ran the ball. i like peterman on that last drive. the receivers did some good things. the defense was a big story tonight. some of these young guys on defense made a little push.
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they were able to get off the field on third down. a couple of explosives on defense that they gave up. but other than that, it was a pretty good performance. >> beth: held them to 202 yards total offense thus far. seattle acting like there might be an onside kick coming. and carlson will boot it deep. so the raiders and the seahawks will close out their preseason tonight. and then it's a week away from the start of the regular season with the bears and packers. and for the raiders, a monday night prime time show down at home with the denver broncos to open things up in division play. >> matt: trust me, that preparation for the first two weeks of the season has already
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gotten underway. they've taken some time during the week. you know that the broncos and chiefs have done the same to preview these first two opponents. you want to get off to a good start in this league, and certainly a lot goes into making sure it happens in week one. >> beth: seahawks will keep it on the ground. across the 30. we've certainly enjoyed our time together this preseason. ri all the folks behind the scenes with us, out in the truck and the entire pr staff making our jobs so much more enjoyable and a whole heck of a lot easier here on the raiders television network. >> matt: it's a privilege to work alongside you guys and
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obviously to be able to call raider preseason games. it's fun to be out at training camp with you guys and watch this team come together. i'm excited to see what's going to take place here over the next 48 hours. any time these are tough decisions, you know that you've done a pretty good job creating competition. as we talked in the open, this is a team that i think is bigger, stronger, i think they're more explosive, i think they've got more team speed. very noticeable when you watch the offense and defense. i think that will translate into better performances. >> matt: i totally agree with you. you can really see the difference on the offensive side with the speed and defensive th >> beth: going to be electric for sure. big night ahead for mike mayock
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andden and his staff and all the folks behind the scenes making those final decisions as the roster will go from 90 down to 53 here in the next 48 hours. 17-15 the final. seattle over oakland. j.t. back to wrap ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the next american chinese original is here. new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. the hottest play of the game brought to you by panda express. walk on. ♪ ♪ >> on the raiders broadcasting network, taking a look at the stats, what a difference in time of possession tonight for the silver and black and the loss 37
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minutes and 30 seconds when it comes to controlling the line of scrimmage and the ball, 328 yards total to 214 for the raiders and 21 first downs in this game. a lot of ball control for the raiders. they got in the end zone near the end of the game. a good night for raider fans, who are still here out in full force for the final preseason game. so long from seattle with the final score for the seahawks 17, the raiders 15. thanks for watching our coverage of preseason football on thenet. good night, everybody. ♪
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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 news. >> a person was killed by an suv, witnesses tell us that the driver ran away on foot or to make >> a san jose. >> we begin tonight with a
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deadly accident on story road in san jose, at the intersection of south jackson. it happened at about 3:45 this afternoon. we have live coverage tonight from our reporter who is been talking to witnesses about the driver who took off.>> reporter: i just talked in with the coroner's office, they have identified the victim but they have not been able to notify the family. if you take a look here, where somebody has come and put flowers and candles. that is where the bicyclist was found. the sound of the crash brought people out of homes and businesses at the corner of story road and south jackson avenue. >> i heard the noise, and then i looked out and i saw a car turnaround. >> she and other workers at a nearby insulin saw the suspects light colored chevy suburban spinning rent, and then stop in the intersection. >> very scary, and we feel
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afraid, we stepped out and we saw the guy under the car. >> police say the man under the suburban had been in the crosswalk with his bicycle. he was pronounced dead. police say the driver of the suburban had been going west on story road, hit the pickup truck in the intersection and then the bicyclist witnesses a day so the driver get out. >> the guy opened the door, with no hair, and he ran. >> lee said she saw the men run away and he never stopped to check on the victim. the other driver in the pickup truck was injured and was taken to the hospital. this is san jose's 31st collision this year. >> i'm so sorry for the neighborhood and the family of the guy who lost his life. >> wanted mu knows owns a restaurant nearby and he says he often sees drivers speeding on story road and says one of his customers was hit by a vehicle last year in the same
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area.>> i saw it already like two or three times, they had people when they cross the street in this intersection. >> there is a camera posted at the corner of story road and south jackson avenue. but it's unclear whether it was recording any video. again, police are looking for that hit-and-run driver. many people here are hoping they find him soon. reporting live from san jose, ktvu fox 2 news. a deadly collision on a train tracks in the san pedro avenue rail crossing, a hit was a person was hit by a train killed just after 7:00 today. the person was trespassing on the tracks, the train was going southbound with 72 passengers on board, caltrans stopped the aiset up bus bridge for the standard passengers.
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mr. mark. many drivers and labor unions are backing assembly bill five which would make it harder for rideshare companies to classify workers as independent contractors. the bill faces a key committee vote tomorrow in the state senate. the rideshare companies are arguing that drivers like the flexibility of being contractors, and the companies have offered a compromise that includes a base wage of $21 an hour, of benefits funds, and allows for collective bargaining and they will make a direct appeal to voters if necessary. new information tonight about a break-in at an animal shelter and services go where three puppies were stolen. it happened around 11:30 last night. the family dog rescue and chester road, it shows in this video that three men are wearing a hooded sweatshirt, with the dogs tucked under their arms for the shelter says
10:17 pm
the thieves made off with two purebred huskies and a pitbull.>> and look like they knew what they were doing, we have footage of them looking in the kennels with the cell phone flashlight, and they didn't want any of the larger, older dogs. they were here for puppies.>> the puppies range from just a few weeks old to four months. shelter officials say they fear the dogs will end up for sale on sites like reckless. the rescue group is offering a reward for their safe return. out of oakland were two men were shot and wounded this afternoon. happened at about 2:30 on 61st street at lowell avenue in north oakland near the emeryville city line. police say two men were taken to the hospital but are expected to survive. details are limited but we did speak to a witness at a nearby witness who heard gunshots and reported seeing two people running from the area.>> they went around the bend and within maybe two minutes, another 5 to 6 shots, and then we took
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ourselves inside our building for cover.>> investigators are still looking for the suspects, anyone with information is asked to call police. in san francisco judge ordered a homeless man accused of attacking a woman at the door of her condo building to remain behind bars without bail. the judge said the suspect poses a threat to the public if he is released. cameras were not allowed inside courtroom 10 is the judge heard arguments from attorneys whether 25-year- old austin vincent should be released. controversy erupted after a judge released vincent following his arrest after the attack of a woman in san franscman who threatened them with a knife. but investigation showed that in fact vincent was in a substance abuse treatment center in southern california when that attack took place. the judge today dismissed the
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february charges but sided with prosecutors who said vincent could be a threat if released. >> we have to do this through the lens of public safety. at this juncture we feel very strongly that in analyzing that risk, this particular defendant should be detained. >> i'm obviously disappointed by the court's decision today. to make intense attorney argued that his client had very little on his rap sheet, and he was receiving treatment for mental health issues when he was read by judge aiken. freedom, treatment he will not get behind bars priest to make he was receiving treatment and having his underlying needs and issues address. the bottom line is that mr. vincent will return to the community at some point. >> also in court, neighbors worried about a proposed homeless navigation center set to open. they said they are relieved that vincent will remain behind bars but worried about a possibility of influx coming to their area to receive services.
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>> am very concerned because the navigation center invites mentally ill drug users and sex abusers, sex offenders, is going up next-door.>> has prevented himself, he was clearly not pleased with today's ruling, cursing at the prosecutor. a judge has to decide tomorrow on when benson's next court date will be. new at 10, the family of a human rights activist san francisco who was shot in the philippines is asking for help from the u.s. government. and they are getting the support of a supervisor in san francisco who traveled to the philippines to assess the situation firsthand. amber lee is in the city tonight and returned less they, supervisor haney met with the family, met with brandon and he said the activist is facing a threat while he is trying to recover from the shooting.>> the people who shot him are still at large, and he is in a hospital where he is incredibly vulnerable to them.
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>> supervisor matt haney has just returned from his trip to the philippines, in support of the san francisco native brandon lee, a human rights activist who was shot four times in front of his home. haney visited brandon in a rural area five hours north of manila. >> we believe that brandon is the first american citizen who has been a victim of a targeted assassination attempts. >> we have been harassed and threatened. >> last year brandon spoke in a video posted on social media about being threatened by the philippine government because of his work defending the rights of farmers and indigenous people.>> haney met with brandon's mother and brother who flew from san francisco to be by his bedside.>> i'm hoping that the u.s. embassy and other u.s. representatives will be able to
10:22 pm
help us in evacuating brandon and bringing him back home to san francisco, and away from the perpetrators. the people who are out there wanting to kill him. >> haney says brandon is a conscious and managed to meld the words thank you. but he needs better care to make a full recovery. brandon's family says they are frustrated, they have asked the usmc to help protect and bring him home to san francisco but so far, no action. >> all we can do is provide mom with a list of lawyers.>> they dolawyer. they need protection. >> when you have one of our people out they are in need, in a dire situation, we have to be there for them. >> haney brought brandon a longtime fan of the workers, teacher, and let him know he has a lot of support in the bay area. haney said he has reached out to speaker nancy pelosi, senators, along with
10:23 pm
congresswoman jackie spear.>> ever, thank you. i a state of emergency in florida with dorian now upgraded to a category two hurricane. the preparations underway tonight. and dorian is gaining strength quickly, i will have details on what the projected path is and how we strongly expected to get what makes landfall. almost 2 years since the fire devastated sonoma county, and now a deadline. by homeowners, many in the middle of rebuilding or being cut off by insurance companies.
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now for the very latest on hurricane dorian, upgraded to a category two storm with 105 miles per hour winds. state of emergency is in effect in florida, and fort lauderdale, there were long lines for gas and groceries. officials are urging people there to stock up on a week's worth of food and water. some places reported shortages of bottled water and some gas stations ran out of fuel. officials say they don't want to order evacuations until they know more about just where this storm will make landfall.
10:26 pm
workers have already begun the golden list for those under special needs list to make sure we have the correct address for evacuation assistance.>> over on the gulf coast in tampa, the air force moved its planes, pilots flew them to kansas where they will wait out the storm.>> airlines and cruise lines are changing plans ahead of the storm. most airlines are allowing passengers traveling into the area to get waivers. cruise ships have also change the routes to avoid the hurricane, and disney world in orlando which just rolled out its new star wars attraction is allowing guests to reschedule their hotel packages. >> our meteorologist is tracking dorian for us. >> it does look like it's aiming for the florida coast first. and it will also cause trouble in the bahamas. the current position of it is 295 miles north east of the
10:27 pm
bahamas, so it's continuing on that path. we've had some intensification, you can see sustained winds around 105 miles per hour, so that is the track that we've been seeing up to now. it's not moving particularly fast, but it is picking up speed. it's expected to go into florida as a cat for hurricane. this is the spaghetti model that shows you there is one strange outlier out there. but everything else is farther south, which is where it was supposed to had originally. it's behaving as predicted, and that is meaning that it's going situation for those in florida. a very different situation in california, we've had a beautiful day, we will talk about our weather in just a few moments. remember that you can get weather information anytime on or with the
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ktvu news app. survivors of the 2017 n. bay fire storm have an anniversary looming, but also a deadline. on october 8, the two-year mark, most insurance but is will cut off living expenses whether there's a new house to live in or not. in santa rosa, people are feeling victimized all over again. >> reporter: we are in fountain grove, where rebuilds are really starting to take hold, but whether fire survivors are most and what their houses are just beginning, october 8 is a big deadline. >> julie ray oliver is looking for someone to tover her lease, not because she wants to leave this apartment. >> our rent money is gone. at 24 months is up. >> because it the additional living expenses from state farm is ending. it paid her $2300 rent so she
10:29 pm
could cover her $2800 mortgage on a house that burned down in the 2017 firestorm. paying both, impossible. so she, her husband and 12-year- old daughter me couch surf with relatives during the rest of their rebuild. spank the rainy season was so long, we just couldn't start. the debris removal was the first hurdle, then the insurance companies, everything about this recovery took longer than expected, from cleanup to claims, then finding crews to build thousands of homes at once. emotionally, it is stopping go, too. >> there is a lot of trauma and grief involved in being able to rebuild. it's not just rebuilding structures, people are rebuilding their lives. >> and losing their safetynet now puts a stopwatch on this process of rebuilding their lives. and i think that's really very
10:30 pm
hurtful. >> it's a disaster, right? you would think insurance companies want to put on a good face priest make some companies have agreed to extend living expenses beyond two years, but not many. and al he is not a gift, homeowners pay for it, as part of their coverage. >> i know someone who could not get to her destroyed property because the local bridge was out for six months, clearly out of her control. >> our square footage is just under 2500 square feet. >> the olivers are excited to finally see activity at their site and hope to move back in next spring to a home about the same as before. >> done everything we can. we have not been dragging our feet at all. to make now losing brent reimbursement puts a hold on their progress priest make it's just like, you want to start
10:31 pm
crying.>> starting this year, a new state law says consumers have three years after a disaster to use up their additional living expenses, but it's not retroactive, so it doesn't he survivors staring at a deadline a month away. reporting live in santa rosa, deborah v alone. still to come, a woman who says getting deported could be a death sentence.>> i cry a lot. i was shaking. to make the change in immigration policy that will deny a conquered woman critical care for a rare disease. into minutes, death at disneyland, how a construction worker was fatally injured. big trucks with big tires roaring through san jose's center, tomorrow +2 takes you down in the dirt ahead of monster jam.
10:32 pm
>> for all the news, weather and traffic to power your day, watch mornings on 2 tomorrow starting at 4 am.
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a construction worker at disneyland was killed today when a heavy nettle plate fell on him. the 38-year-old was in a backstage area outside of the park installing new piping for heating and air-conditioning units. police in anaheim say the workers were lowering a piece
10:35 pm
of equipment into a trench when it hit a steel beam and knocked over a metal plate that fell on him. police amount if you have arrested a man for making his way into the women's locker room at a itness and touching a woman was taking a shower. police have identified the suspect as damon quincy jones, is a 41-year-old homeless man who is facing sexual assault charges. the victim told police that the intruder stunned her when he opened the shower door and tried to confuse her by changing the pitch of his voice to sound more feminine. the 24 hour fitness is located on showers drive near california street. police say they arrested the suspect nearby shortly after the incident was reported. 12-year-old girl is fighting for her life tonight after being seriously injured in a hit-and-run crash in brentwood. police say it happened at about 7:00 this morning while the little girl was walking to school on sunset road. investigators say the driver, a woman in her 50s sped away from the scene but was quickly found in a nearby parking lot and she
10:36 pm
was charged and arrested with felony hit-and-run and driving into the influence. the little girl was airlifted to the uc davis medical center in sacramento where she has been treated for a major head injury. the chp to chris county said a 14-year-old boy is responsible for a solo car crash that injured him and five other teenagers in san jose. it happened early yesterday morning on portola drive in capitola. investigators say the 14-year- old driver crashed into a tree during a brief police chase. the chp says all six teenagers in the car suffered serious injuries. a 14-year-old shouldn't be behind the wheel, they can even obtain a drivers license. we don't know why they were behind the wheel. to make the chp says the investigation is still in its early stages but officers do not think drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. the raiders looking to see just
10:37 pm
who would step up to the backup role as quarterback. however tonight's outing was a little rough. we will have details later in sports. then a new warning about vaping, health officials tally more and more cases of lung illness across the country. up first though, a conquered woman with a rare genetic disease is suddenly facing deportation. why she says that's essentially a death sentence.>> close captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini sleep world, save up to 65% on the new luxurious mattress, visits the sleep from the couldn't be prouders
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a 24-year-old woman who's been receiving life-saving medical treatment in the bay area is suddenly facing deportation. >> it's because the federal government has changed their immigration policy to eliminate medical exemptions. rob roth tells us that this could be a matter of life or death.>> isabel received what she and her doctors they could very well be a death sentence, and it came from the united states citizen immigration services, a deportation letter. >> i cry a lot, i was shaking. i was in shock. >> a native of guatemala has initially rare and potentially fagenetic disease that is affecting her growth, breathing, her heart, spinal cord and much more. >> my body doesn't break down sugar. >> doctors in guatemala had
10:41 pm
answer thanks to a medical exemption that allowed immigrant patients with life- threatening illnesses to live in the u.s. legally while getting treatment, isabel and her family moved to concord. she was seven years old at the time. every friday for the past 16 years isabel has come here to ucsf children's hospital in oakland. she receives all the treatment that keeps her alive, and treatment she says that soon could be denied. that's because the federal government without warning, eliminated the medical exemption earlier this month. about two weeks ago, she received a letter from immigration officials, "your period of authorized a is expired, are not authorized to remain in the united states." her family has 33 days until september 14 to leave, isabel's doctor says without the treatment she will not survive. >> i'm going to become weak, for sure.
10:42 pm
and i'm just going to die. and i don't want to, i have so many dreams and goals for my life please >> her mother says she can't sleep because of the stress. >> they have the power to change it, i'm just, >> they say they review each case under its own merits after reviewing all the facts involved. isabel is attorney says he will appeal this in hopes that congress will step in. >> hopefully people will realize this situation for this family and reversed the policy. >> her life is here, she graduated with honors from cal
10:43 pm
state east bay and is an advocate for others with rare illnesses. >> i am an advocate for others, and now i have to advocate for my own life. it's scary. health officials in wisconsin urge people to stop using vaping products as they warned about serious lung illnesses linked to tea cigarettes. officials in milwaukee say 16 people who vaping were hospitalized for inflamed lungs or pneumonia. most of the illnesses involve the use of thc oriole or wax in a vaping device. thc is the active ingredient in marijuana. nationwide the cdc reports almost 200 illnesses related to vaping, and a spike in the use of e cigarettes among teens.>> we are going to use every regulatory and enforcement power that we have to prevent thisfrom continuing.
10:44 pm
we will stop youth use of e cigarettes and francisco based has denied that they target young people. they say they are working with businesses that sell cigarettes to implement an id verification system that will prevent cashiers from selling vaping products to someone underage. a new study released today includes that there is no such thing as a gaging, but genetics along with environment play critical roles in shaping human sexuality pretty and international team of scientists analyzed dna from nearly half 1 million people and found that there is not one but a handful of genes linked to same-sex sexual behavior. they say there is also a number of social and environmental factors that make it impossible to predict someone to sexuality from genes. the study published today in the journal of science is the largest of its kind. on wall street today, stocks surged in hopes that the u.s. and china will be able to resolve their dispute. the dow is up 326 points, the
10:45 pm
nasdaq was up 116 and the s&p 500 was up 36. china's commerce ministry said it would not be responding to the latest tariffs which would avoid a further escalation of the trade were. apple sent out invitations for their annual media event where they are expected to unveil the latest iphone models. the event is set for september 10 at apple headquarters in cupertino. the company is expected to introduce three new iphone models including the 11. there is also speculation that apple will unveil new ipads, new versions of the apple watch and offer more details about their apple tv subscription service. freestyles legend johnny mosley can add another honor to his very long and impressive resume. the olympic gold medal winner has been nominated for the u.s. olympic and paralympic hall of fame. mosley is one of 15 olympians, nine para olympians and three teams being considered for induction into the class of
10:46 pm
2019. the former olympic skiing star was clearly thrilled when i spoke to him earlier today. >> it's a great honor, the company i mean is intimidating, it's unlikely i would pull it out. all these guys that i admire, and all these people i didn't know about either. so it's incredible. >> now the public is encouraged to cast its vote for the hall of fame classic 2019, voting is open through september 3, and you can go to for a link to that voting website. we have had a lovely day today, we do have a warm-up on the way for your holiday weekend. i will have your five day forecast, coming up.
10:47 pm
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welcome back, we had a beautiful day today, lovely clouds this morning, that gave way to lovely sunshine this afternoon. we had some nice temperatures out there, 73 in san francisco, jose. ce mid-80s taking a live look outside, you can see the bay bridge right
10:50 pm
there, these are the low clouds that are moving in right now at this hour. that is going to be the case as you go throughout the night tonight. kind of confirmed here as we take a look at storm tracker 2. you could see some of that low cloud activity rolling into the bay. we will see that this evening, it is not quite as deep in marina layers as it was last night. current temperatures, 63 degrees in san francisco, same number for santa rosa, 64 in walnut creek and right now that's 60 degrees in mountain view, so pretty mild. we do have a little wind out there, and you can see it heres a little calmer. you can definitely el walk out door. it's happening right now, but got low pressure and high pressure setting up, when you get that circulation going , yo the wind between them and that's why we are seeing a
10:51 pm
little breeze tonight. but low pressure has kept us pretmild, that's why we have those lovely low 80s, however high pressure will move in and that means is we had towards the week and we will see a bit of a warm-up. while meanwhile that onshore flow will keep up with being a little foggy in the mornings. so this is what we are looking out for tonight, partly cloudy skies, areas of fog moving in, temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s as we head across the evening into tomorrow. tomorrow a little warmer inland, you start to see upper 80s in in morgan hill, 69 for san francisco, very seasonable for you tomorrow. and again we should have that a.m. fog, but it should get out of there by the time we hit the afternoon. here come the glorious skies it again for our friday. notice on saturday and sunday, those amateurs will bump up about 3 degrees. so inland you will get into the
10:52 pm
low 90s, but they do pull back just a tiny bit by monday, and then by tuesday we will roll back down to a day like tomorrow. we are on little tiny roller coasters, not the trouble digit heat we were dealing with. nothing extreme. and this time of year you know the heat will not be around for that much longer. coming up next in sports, difficult decisions await the 49ers and their battle for backup quarterback, and now he might have displayed himself. then on the 11:00 news, possible changes to alameda's rent control ordinance, how they can help an 87-year-old holocaust survivor who is facing eviction. >> the fox 2 weather app is like a friend you can count on, it's a great travel companion, knows how to make you smile. and is always up for
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ktvu fox 2 news weather app, the power to know wherever you go.
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so both the raiders and 49ers play today. we will start with the niners, how do you think cj did, he's battling for that backup quarterback. >> he performed real well, but the thing about this final exhibition, saturday at 1:00, the rosters have to be trimmed from 90 to 53, multiply that around the league, 32 teams, and about 1440 people are going to be looking for work as nfl football players come the weekend. interesting to think about. take it to levi's stadium where
10:56 pm
jimmy g has no such thoughts, c.j. beathard, so plenty wilson jr., beth third, beathard, second- quarter, charges, cardell jones, their quarterback, i don't know what you call it, but he manages to get into the end zone with a corkscrew effort. la back in front, but at this point, 20-7, and if you see the replay, beathard, was real good today. he leaves there with the finale to kendrick bourne who is on the bubble is one of the wide receivers to mah, 20-14, but lo angeles, 27-24 winners, one week from sunday they will open in tampa on the road. so, you can't completely call
10:57 pm
them meaningless games when there is at least something at stake, not really that score or team record, but for the raiders, interesting backup for their job as the guy who is going to come in should something happen to derek carr, peterman, in the first quarter in seattle, gino smith, remember him? up top, ,39, perfectly placed, 7-0 seattle, in seattle. cleanup on isle five, and the raiders offense denied inside the red zone, third quarter, 14- 9, seattle. peterman, lookout, again. king with seattle and the forced fumble, 17, and the hawks went up sending the raiders to their first
10:58 pm
preseason. just look at his facial expression. all right, giants, complete regression over the last 10 days or so, what's the deal? they cannot win in their own home ballpark, doesn't matter who comes in, padres tonight, but in the stands they are having some good times. and we saw the debut of mauricio, great play, that's a big league play with also number one for 3. padres bust out five minutes is a relief. derek rodriguez couldn't bear to look at it, giants again, not really hitting at home, but we have one highlight, brandon belt goes waterworld, special lost seven , five ministry of their last nine, however the
10:59 pm
a's, wake up kid, it was a 10:30 game our time, get it done, loses it over the wall in right center, a lead 3-2, come the ninth inning, they are leading only by one run, 8-7. look at this pop-up by corbin joseph. comfort makes the catch but goes into the dugout, umpires rule, both renters get to advance, a very important run, and the a's needed it. they squeak out a 9-8 win over the royals, taking 3 of 4 in the series against kansas city. that is the sport now. coming up next, the guy opened the door, with no hair, and then he ran out. he ran. >> witnesses say a driver ran off on foot after his suv struck and killed a man with a bike on a busy road in east san
11:00 pm
jose. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> that hit-and-run driver never stop to see if the victim needed help. hello again everyone.>> this was the 31st deadly collision in san jose so far this year. that's almost for a month. the deadly collision today happened at about 3:45 along story road at the intersection of south jackson. our reporter talked to a witness who said the driver just took off. >> the sound of the crash brought people out of homes and businesses at the corner of the story road in south jackson avenue. >> i heard the noise, and that i looked i saw two cars turnaround. >> she and other workers at a nearby nail salon so the suspects like colored chevy suburban and the dark chevy silverado truck spinning around, and then stopped in the intersection. >> is very scary, and


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