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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 29, 2019 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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jose. >> the 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. >> that hit-and-run driver never stop to see if the victim needed help. hello again everyone.>> this was the 31st deadly collision in san jose so far this year. that's almost for a month. the deadly collision today happened at about 3:45 along story road at the intersection of south jackson. our reporter talked to a witness who said the driver just took off. >> the sound of the crash brought people out of homes and businesses at the corner of the story road in south jackson avenue. >> i heard the noise, and that i looked i saw two cars turnaround. >> she and other workers at a nearby nail salon so the suspects like colored chevy suburban and the dark chevy silverado truck spinning around, and then stopped in the intersection. >> is very scary, and we feel
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afraid, and we just stepped out to look at that, and we saw the guy under the car. >> san jose police say the men under the suburban had been in the crosswalk with his bicycle, he was pronounced dead. police say the driver of the suburban had been going west on story road, hit the pickup truck in the intersection and then the bicyclist. witnesses say they saw the driver get out. >> the guy opened the door, with no hair, and then he ran.>> lee says she saw the men run away and he never stopped to check on the victim. police say the other driver in the pickup truck was injured and taken to the hospital to be checked. >> i'm so sorry for the neighborhood and the family. >> juan munoz owns a restaurant nearby, he says he often sees driver speeding on story road and says one of his customers was hit by a vehicle last year in the same area. >> i see already like two or three times that they hit
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people when they cross the street at this intersection. >> by evening people came to put flowers and light candles at the spot where the bicyclist was killed. investigators are asking anyone who saw the crash or the suspect to call san jose police. >> now to san francisco where an animal shelter is asking for help in locating three puppies that were stolen. it happened around 11:30 leslie. a family dog rescue released at this surveillance video late tonight, and it shows what appears to be three men wearing hooded sweatshirts with the dogs tucked under their arms. the shelter says that these made off with two purebred huskies and a pit hole.>> they looked like they knew they were doing because we have footage of them looking in the kennels with the cell phone flashlight and they didn't want any of the ere here for puppies
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the puppies range from just a few weeks to four months old. shelter officials say they fear the dogs will end up for sale on craigslist. the rescue group is offering a reward for their safe return. knew at 11, the city of alameda is considering strengthening protections for runners. one change could help prevent a holocaust survivor from being evicted. there was a public hearing tonight with some proposed changes. >> it was back in may that the city passed an ordinance banning so-called no cause of actions, but apparently the restrictions didn't go far enough. so now the city is considering a litany of amendments aimed at getting renters more rights. with its good weather and small town feel, alameda's ting housi led to a situation where people are being pushed out of the area because of the cost.
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that's not fair. there is nowhere to go.>> about 50 people, a mix of leonard's and renters turned out tonight to hear the proposed changes to alameda's rent stabilization ordinance. one renter said he's concerned about being able to afford to stay in alameda. >> it's absolutely a concern, if the rent is not stable, and you are on a fixed income, you will do nothing but deteriorate. >> the crowd her details on proposed amendment's including some of the most prominent which include relocation payments to renters when renters raise more than 10% and the tenant decides to leave. increasing time, a landlord must stay in a unit from one year to three after landlord decides to move into a property. and the provision to extend no cause eviction protections to tenants using section 8 vouchers. that specific change can 87-yea holocaust survivor being evicted from his apartment because the owner once to raise
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the rent to make more money.>> this would be tremendously helpful, not only to my father, but to every other disabled and senior person on the island who relies on section 8 vouchers. >> the presentation was cordial but contentious, as landlords learned of and questioned the reasoning behind additional layers of oversight they may have to contend with. spinning they are becoming extremely onerous and overreaching. there's a difference between trying some stability in the market on the rents, and just overbearing. >> the city council will be voting on these changes on september 3. if passed, some of the items like the section 8 clause will take effect immediately, giving tenants the potential to av an investigation is
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underway of the south a collision tonight on the train tracks in morgan hill. caltrain says a person was struck and killed by a passenger train to san pedro avenue crossing shortly after 7 pm. caltrain says the person was trespassing on the tracks. there were 72 passengers on board the southbound train. caltrain stop the train and set up a bus bridge for the stranded passengers. knew at 11, a teacher from germany has been arrested in east bay. lycie he flew to brentwood to have sex with a 14-year-old girl who he met online. the 31-year-old was arrested on sunday at a hotel where he allegedly engaged in sexual conduct with the team. the two had apparently been talking online for almost a year. he now faces up to 30 years in federal prison. a san francisco police sergeant is facing a misdemeanor charge in san mateo county for allegedly pulling a
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fire alarm during a disagreement. investigators say the 46-year- old sergeant pulled the alarm in the lobby of the pacifica police department on august 7. he lives in pacifica and was not allowed into a closed door meeting on homelessness. we are told the san francisco police department is also conducting an administrative investigation. new tonight, the family of a human rights activist from san francisco who was shot in the philippines is asking for help from the u.s. government. amber lee reports, they are getting the support of a san francisco supervisor who just returned from visiting the activist in the philippines hospital.>> the people who shot him are still at large, and he is in a hospital where he is incredibly vulnerable to them. >> supervisor matt haney has just returned from his trip to the philippines in support of a san francisco native brandon lee, a human rights activist who was shot four times in front of his home. haney visited brandon at the hospital in a rural area five
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hours north of manila. >> we believe that brandon is the first american citizen who was the victim of a targeted assassination attack. >> last year and and spoke in a video posted on social media about being threatened by the libyan government because of his work defending the rights of farmers and indigenous people. haney met with brandon's mother and brother who flew from san francisco to be by his bedside.>> i'm hoping that the u.s. embassy and other u.s. representatives will be able to help us with evacuating brandon and bringing him back home to san francisco.away from his ca make a full recovery. brandon's family says they are frustrated, they have asked the u.s. embassy to help protect
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and bring him home to san francisco, but so far, no action. >> all they can do is just provide mom with a list of lawyers. she doesn't need a lawyer. >> our government, when you have one of our people out there, a need, in a dire situation, you have to be there for them. >> any brought brandon a t- shirt, and let him know that he has a lot of support here in the bay area. haney says he's reached out to speaker nancy pelosi, senators and congresswoman jackie spear, in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. an update on the battle whether rideshare drivers should receive protections stat ballot measure if they can't reach a deal in sacrambill five
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the bill would make it more difficult for the rideshare companies to classify workers as independent contractors. rideshare companies argue that drivers prefer the flexibility of being contractors. the bill faces a committee vote tomorrow in the state senate. president trump canceled the planned weekend trip to europe to keep an eye on hurricane dorian. the storm has grown to a category two with winds of up to 105 miles per hour. it's expected to strengthen to a category four by labor day. in fort lauderdale, there were long lines for gas and groceries, some places reported shortages of bottled water, and some gas stations ran out of fuel. so far no evacuations have been ordered since the path of this storm is still not clear.>> i've n't want to go through this one.>> lots of water, sandwich meat. >> we see hurricanes all the time here in south florida. to make a rolling stones concert near miami was moved up
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to tomorrow night due to the hurricane. the show will also start earlier than scheduled at 6 pm with no opening act. i'm ticket keeping an eye on the hurricane, plus we will talk about bay area weather, we are looking at a warm-up as we head towards the holiday weekend, your forecast is coming up. a blunt assessment of seismic safety in uc berkeley, why some buildings are considered at risk. plus the man accused of attacking a woman outside of her condo, he's back in court, his outburst at the prosecutor.
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a quick update on those stolen puppies we told you about earlier in the newscast. family dog rescue in san francisco tells us that two of them were recovered in hayward just before 11:00. we are told the puppies were located after a craigslist
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poster showing them for sale. hayward police met the seller, the puppies were recovered and two men were arrested emma at the baby pitbull is still outstanding. the homeless man accused of attacking a woman at her san francisco condo was order today, held without bail. the judge who issued that ruling watched this video showing the attack on a woman outside of her condo building earlier this month. the 25-year-old was accused in a separate incident involving a threat with a knife and a group of people. the judge dismissed that case after evidence showed that vincent was in the substance abuse program in huntington beach at the time. however, prosecutors argue that they believe vincent remains a at.>> we feel very strongly that detaining him at this juncture while we figure out what the right outcome is, it is the right approach. >> am obviously disappointed by the court's decision today. jail is not an environment
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where people receive the proper treatment they need. mr. vinson was receiving that treatment and was having his underlying needs and issues addressed.>> vincent was visibly upset by today's decision, he walked out of the court room cursing at the female prosecutor. health officials in wisconsin urge people to stop using vaping products as they warn of serious lung illnesses linked to e cigarettes. officials in milwaukee say 16 people were hospitalized for inflamed lungs or pneumonia. they say most of the illnesses involved the use of thc oil or wax in the vaping pen. thc is the active ingredient in marijuana. nationwide, the cdc reports almost 200 illnesses related to vaping, and a spike in the use of e cigarettes among kids. a cigarette maker juul is introducing a new system to combat sales of e cigarettes to minors.
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the company is offering more than $100 million in incentives to retailers to install a new electronic age verification system. the system would block a juul purchase until the customers drivers license or other government id has been scanned. it will also limit each purchase to a maximum of one vaporizer and for refill packages. so far juul says a 40,000 businesses have agreed to adopt the system. a bay area woman who has been receiving life saving medical treatment is now facing deportation. after the trumpet menstruation eliminated the medical exemption for immigrants. 24 rare and potentially fatal genetic disease that affects her growth, her heart and more. but thanks to the medical exemption, isabel and her family were able to move to concord when she was seven years old to get treatment at ucsf. about two weeks ago her family was notified by immigration officials that her stay has expired. she has to leave by september i
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this treatment, she will not survive.>> i will become weak, for sure, and i'm just going to, die. and i don't want to. to make the federal government eliminated the medical exemption earlier this month without warning. ice issued a statement to ktvu singing reviews at each case in its own merits and exercises appropriate discretion after reviewing all the facts involved. uc berkeley officials are now considering whether to place limits on the use of dozens of buildings on a campus after new seismic study commissioned by the regions found that those buildings are at serious risk of major damage during a large earthquake. specifically the report found six buildings posed the greatest immediate danger. the cal campus is right on top
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of the hayward fault which makes it especially vulnerable to a powerful earthquake. so we had a beautiful day today, we will start withan update on hurricane dorian, because that has captured the attention of many. as you can see, in the last few hours it has strengthened to a category two hurricane, so currently with 105 mile-per- hour sustained winds. this is behaving precisely at's it's been forecast, so it's likely to continue on the path, and it could become a major hurricane and then moving to category four before it makes landfall as a comes into the east coast of florida. obviously that is a very dangerous system, keeping an eye on it, they are doing updates every six hours, this is the latest. the path has stayed consistent, extract a little further south than it was this morning. that is a very different scenario than what we have here in the bay area, we do have a
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little low clouds are starting to move in as you can see here. and as you can confirm as we look at the bay bridge, as you see those low clouds rolling into the bay right now. current temperature right now in san francisco, 63 degrees. a little warmer in san jose where they are at 68, and 64 in walnut creek, 68 in concord. very mild night out there, the wind has come down over the last few hours, but still seeing 12 to 30 miles per hour in san francisco and now pa. that has a lot to do with the fact that we have low pressure here to our northwest, and we have high pressure that is to the south and east of us. when you have that counter clockwise circulation of blood pressure and finals the wind, and because that low pressure is mostly controlled, we had mild temperatures today. it will change as a high- pressure starts to set up shop, that will mean warmer inland
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temperatures as we head into the weekend, a little cooler at the bay where they are looking out for that onshore flow. we will have a very mild night tonight, 50s and 60s, similar to last night. and then tomorrow there will be a high of 69 in san francisco, little warmer as we had inland, upper 80s for concord and fairfield, and as we get to saturday and sunday, we will get even a little warmer, 92 expected for saturday and sunday. time now for the weekend watch labor day edition. >> we are heading into the labor day holiday weekend and here are some happenings around the bay. in the north bay, the 67th annual sausalito art festival returns with complete with an entertainment lineup, food, beverages and exhibits. in the south bay, the third annual morgan hill blues festival takes place over the labor day weekend at morgan hill amphitheater where visitors are welcome to bring
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coolers, food and drinks, all while enjoying music in a picnic style on setting. along the shores of socal, the capital of begonia festival will be family fun all weekend long, in the east bay celebrate pavilion independence day with live music, djs, dancing, kids games, food and drink, happening sunday. or head to the jack london the district for arrow day, the annual celebration will showcase a plethora of culture, talent and a variety of local food and craft. on the peninsula enjoy the 44th annual art and wine festival with more than 200 professional artists and craft makers, food, drinks, kids activities, classically cool cars and live music. in sports, a's are away, giants or home, and that is your weekend watch. coming up next in sports, a difficult decision awaits the 49ers in the battle for backup
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all right, preseason is over, now bring on the real thing. >> think goodness, right? i look forward to that. i mean, i don't even know what
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to make of the last preseason game other than the raiders and 49ers both lost and there are jobs at stake. we will leave it at that. backup quarterback, it's jimmy jesus job to have, and it looks like c.j. beathard made a move on the other guy, nick mullens, ni section here, look at the cutback by jeff wilson, running downhill, and c.j. beathard is right there to help out, running an interference, and that hurt, also let a 75 yard drive, nice path as he rose out to his left, kendrick was a good catch, too. made it 20-14 at this point, it ends up los angeles charges, 27- 24, diners three minutes one in the preseason, and one week from sunday they will open up. for the raiders, i guess you can say a ckat job, neither impressed, glennon
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is sacked by ben, john gruden not happy with his red zone offense to say the least. 14 minutes nine, here in seattle. peterman gets hammered right here by king, and i'll tell you what, i can look at chucky's expression all night. 17-15, raiders first preseason lawsuit, they open a week from monday. i don't know how the giants seem to be reverting back to the scene we saw back in april and may, it's not happening, and particularly in their home yard. although that is humans personified right there. he was having a good time. mauricio, just up from the minor leagues. great play, however derek rodriguez, that night austin
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hedges takes in the distance, 2 run homer, and the giants offense, like usual, not too good. brandon belt provides waterworld, special, five ministry final, padres when it, back in kansas city the story is much better for the oakland a's, they took care of their business early, like 10:30 our time, and they are getting some early offense, three minutes to a's, and ninth inning, the a's were leading by two runs going in, kansas city closes tight, and that run right there made all the difference. the empire says you went into the dugout, that runners are allowed to advance, and that a's wind up with it 9-8 win.>> all right we will take it i guess.
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