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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  August 30, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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xfinity delivers gig speeds to more homes than anyone. from ktvu fox 2 news this is mornings on 2. >> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is a friday. it's august 30th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. >> and we are tracking hurricane dorian and it's
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moving closer to florida. the category two storm is expected to become a powerful and possibly catastrophic category 4 before reaching land on monday. president trump is changing his travel plans because of the storm. he was supposed to be in poland this weekend but instead stay at the white house, keep an eye on the hurricane and send vice president mike pence to poland. >> our highest priority is the safety of the people in the path of the hurricane. >> we are not going to be shy about deploying resources into the area of impact for dorian and we're already beginning to move people, equipment, and supplies into the affected area. >> hurricane dorian is forecasted to make landfall between the florida keys and southern georgia. airlines and cruise ships are making changes because of the storm. most airlines are letting passengers traveling to the
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area get waivers. cruise ships have also changed their routes to avoid the hurricane. and disney world is allowing guests to reschedule hotel packages. >> and the scary part is they don't know exactly when or where. >> looks like monday night. >> monday night? >> monday night. >> that's a long time. >> 72 hours, a lot can happen. category two, looks like it will get to category 4. some of the tracks take it around west palm. it will strengthen sunday and there's a lot of uncertainty with the track. it may go right to the coast and go up the coast on the atlantic side again. so there's too many uncertainties right now. but it's gaining strength and it will continue to move to the florida coast. 105miles per hour. category two moving northwest at 12 and you get to 104 miles per hour. looks to be around fort pierce,
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west palm. somewhere in there. we'll see if the track maintains itself. 50s and 60s on the temps. it's not as warm as yesterday morning. 50s and 60s for many. 62 in the city. and yesterday they were stuck at 65 except for a few thunderstorms on the oregon border. there's not much of a delta breeze and low clouds will get shoed up chewed up sooner. 60s, 70s, 80s, and a few 90s. it's pretty quiet. i don't see a lot going on and i don't expect to see a lot going on for the morning commute. i think it's going to be a quiet one unless something happens. as we start with solano county, it's going to be quiet. we're expecting a quiet morning commute and a very busy evening drive and a very busy friday. any time after noon you'll see people going away for the labor
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day weekend. this weekend has, memorial day and labor day are similar. everybody wants to get it in. if you are lucky enough not to be going anywhere you'll see places like san francisco clear out. add to the fact that, you might be able to find a parking spot although yesterday i didn't as i was driving around. this is a look at westbound bay bridge. you can see traffic is going to be light. 4:34. let's go back to dave and pam. a key committee in the state legislature is expected to vote on a bill to affect ride share drivers by changing their employment status. this bill would make it harder for campaigns like uber and lift lyft to classify.
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they threatened to spend $90 million to pay for 2020 to keep drivers as independent contractors. pete buttigieg is one of pr francisco tuesday. pete buttigieg is, he spoke for this week's epidemic of the issue is. >> i think it's great technology with great potential. but if the only way we're making rides more affordable is by making other people miserable, something is wrong. >> he's hoping to boost support ahead of the presidential debate. he's trailing behind joe biden, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, and kamala harris. and a reminder, catch the issue is right here on ktvu followed by mornings 2 at
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7:00. former california congressman darrell issa has taken a step towards running for a congressional seat. he's formed an exploratory committee which lets him raise campaign money. hunter is facing federal corruption charges and is scheduled to be tried in january for allegedly using campaign money for personal use. darrell issa was elected in 2000. and he decided not to seek reelection last year. friends and family from san francisco, will boost their calls for help. they are getting support from a san francisco supervisor who just returned from visiting the activist in the hospital. >> the people who shot him are still at large and he's in a hospital where he's incredibly vulnerable to them. >> reporter: he's just returned from a trip to the philippines
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in support of brandon lee. a human rights activist shot four times in front of his home. he visited him at the hospital in a rural area five hours north of manila. >> we believe that brandon is the first american citizen who has been a victim of a targeted assassination attempt. >> reporter: last year brandon spoke in a video posted on social media about being threatened by the philippine government because of his work defending the rights of farmers and indigenous people. >> reporter: his brother and mother flew to be by his bedside. >> i'm hoping that the u.s. embassy will be able to help us
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in evacuating brandon. >> reporter: he's conscious and feeds better care to make a full recovery. the family is frustrated. they have asked the u.s. embassy to bring him home to san francisco. but so far, no action. >> all they can do is just provide mom with a list of lawyers. >> yeah, lawyers. she doesn't need a lawyer. >> when you have one of our people in need in a dire situation, we have to be there for them. >> reporter: he brought him a t- shirt and let him know he has a lot of support here in the bay area. he's reached out to nancy pelosi, dianne congresswoman jackie speier. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. police have discovered a new victim in the gilroy attack. a 58-year-old man was grazed by
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a bullet and needed stitches. authorities have been trying to reach him. this brings the number of people wounded to 17. three people were killed by the gunman who then killed himself during a confrontation with police. oakland police are searching for whoever shot and wounded two men during a heated argument. the shooting occurred just before 2:30 yesterday afternoon in north oakland right near the border with emeryville. investigators are looking into the argument and what triggered the shooting. one person who was wounded received a ride from a friend who later flagged down a police officer. witnesses at a nearby business heard the shooting and reported seeing two people running from the area. >> within two minutes another five to six shots and then we took cover inside of the building. we didn't know where it was coming from. >> the second person shot was
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treated by paramedics. a $10,000 reward is being offered in this case. a san francisco police sergeant is expected to be arraigned for falsely pulling a fire alarm. the sergeant was charged yesterday. she pulled the fire alarm in the lobby of the pacifica police department. she's accused of pulling the alarm because she was angry she was not allowed into the closed door meeting. the police department is also conducting the investigation. a long distance swimmer is calling attention to the growing pollution problem in the pacific ocean. what's next for the international crew as they wrap up tour to the garbage patch. if you're driving on the east bay commute we're taking a look at it for you.
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looks like it's going to be a nice friday morning commute. we'll tell you more about what  we expect on the friday before labor day. >> a warm morning yesterday. and a windy afternoon. temps cooled off for most. today it looks warmer inland. we'll take a look at the temps.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a construction worker at tra
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accident. it happened yesterday piping for a air- conditioning. crews were lowering a and a hea plate fell and hit jimenez. he died at the hospital. two fights have broken out at a prison at the california men's colony outside san luis obispo. nonlethal projectiles were used to stop the fighting. inmates are restricted from moving while the investigation is underway. time is 4:45. six teenagers were hurt in santa cruz county in a rollover
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crash and the chp is blaming a 14-year-old boy. the chp tried to pull over the car with the obstructed license plate. and the 14-year-old driver refused to stop and led police on a brief chase. he lost control of the car and crashed into the tree. >> a 14-year-old can't even obtain a driver's license. we don't know why they were behind the wheel. >> all six teenagers in the car suffered serious injuries, including a 15-year-old girl who was not wearing a seat belt. she was ejected from the suv. the investigation is just beginning. police don't believe drugs or alcohol played a roll in the crash. >> a woman in brentwood is facing hit-and-run charges. police say the driver kept going and was found in a nearby
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parking lot. the little girl was airlifted to the hospital to be treated for a head injury. the coast guard says $38 million wort of cocaine was seized in the eastern pacific. the crew on the coast guard cutter robert ward unloaded 2800 pounds of cocaine in los angeles. the coast guard released this video showing one of the busts from last month. three people on a fishing boat were arrested. the crew recovered the rest of the drugs a week ago after suspected smugglers dumped it in the ocean as they were being chased. health officials are stop v the study in milwaukee says 16 people who used vape pens were hospitalized with chemical pneumonia. all of the illnesses involved the use of thc oil or wax which
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is the main in marijuana. an illinois man died from lung problems linked to e-cigarette use. >> we're going to use every regulatory and enforcements power we have to prevent this epidemic from continuing. well stop youth use of these materials. >> san francisco based juul has denied that their as target young people. time is 4:47. a new study is out that says there's no such thing as a gay gene. dna was analyzed from a half million people. the study was published in the journal of science. not one but
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were linked to same sex behavior. and there's social and environmental factors. stocks in asia rallied after china said it's not looking to escalate the trade war. the commerce ministry said the most important thing is to create the necessary conditions for continuing trade talks. he confirmed that a trip to the u.s. is still on the table. apple has sent out invitations for the annual media event where the company is set to unveil the latest iphone model. apple is expected to introduce three new models, including the iphone 11. and there's speculation that new ipads, new versions of the apple watch. and details about the subscription service will be released. and sal is going to get all of them. >> he's a gadget head for sure.
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>> i'm interested because i want the new watch 'cause, you know, i think the new watch. this is just a tip from a tip from a tip guy. >> do you have one already? >> come on, i need a new one. >> i'll take the old one. >> it must be at least 2 years old. come on. let's take a look at the commute. the traffic is going to be a little bit slow. we're looking at gilroy and morgan hill. that traffic is going to be moving along okay. i thought i would see slow traffic. that's my automatic pilot coming on. i'm looking for traffic. and i don't see a lot of it on the altamont pass. usually we have a lot of stop and go. so there's no slow traffic. is it there? where is it? no, it's not there. we're seeing it lighter.
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a lot of people are preparing to go away. and the morning commute will be lighter. and the evening commute will be a lot busier than normal. this is a look at the bay bridge. around 1:00 or noontime you'll see a long line of people trying to get out of san francisco. trust me. make plans, and bring your patience. 4:50. let's bring steve in. duly noted. i was looking at the forecast models and there's no consensus. this may not be until monday. so we have plenty of time. it will strengthen. a lot of uncertainty. and it will make landfall on the atlantic side of florida. category two, finding off very warm water. 84, 85 degrees. warm enough. that will certainly feed into the energy. but again, the track is just uncertain at this time.
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looks like west palm to me. even miami in the mix. and speaking of warm ocean temps, san francisco buoy, 64. monterey, 63. that's by far the warmest of the summer. temperatures are pretty close to average. and san jose right there at 82. the forecast high today. and what's average for this time of year. temperatures sometimes do work out. 50s and 60s on the temps, we're running a little cooler compared to 24 hours ago. woodside says what do you mean, warm? it's in the 50s. and the warm ocean temps keep the overnight temps up. san carlos at 59. and i don't did this
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graphic. there's fresno. for those of you in fresno. a lovely morning and a little warmer. except for near the oregon border, that looks to be it. the sierra nevada quieted down. low cloud deck. truckee is 39. santa barbara at 65. you can see the signature of the ridge beginning to build in. temps are on their way up. mild to warm today. warmer. and we'll get low 90s in the interior over the holiday weekend. upper 80 tots a few low 90s and that trend continues into sunday. time is 4:53. some tough decisions facing nfl teams. some hints from the 49ers coach kyle shanahan on who may play in the season opener.
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welcome back. chef gordon ramsey, the celebrity chef is bringing his award winning hell's kitchen restaurant to tahoe. he said the new restaurant will open by the end of the year.
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>> i cannot wait to bring this incredible concept, that picturesque, stunning lake tahoe. and i can't wait to see you there. >> this will be the third hell's kitchen restaurant. the first one opened in las vegas at caesar's palace. the second opened at the caesar's resort in the united arab emirates. all of the nfl teams have to cut their rosters down from 90 to 53. the 49ers have to make tough decisions after losing their final preseason game to the l.a. chargers. running back jeff wilson is one of the players who might be in trouble. but he helped himself. he made the play of the game, a 41-yard change of direction touchdown run. backup quarterback ran down the field and was blocking for him. he also threw a touchdown pass
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right there. but the chargers won. the final exhibition game with a late score. >> i've been happy with the style that we've played with. we've gotten better in some areas and i expect that to continue. and i think we had a better team out here this preseason than in the past. >> kyle shanahan will keep three quarterbacks. and jalen hurd who scored a couple of touchdowns now has an injured back and will miss the regular season opener against the tampa bay buccaneers. the raiders have to decide the backup quarterback situation. it's between mike glennon and the young guy, nathan peterman. he led the lone touchdown drive in the loss to seattle 17-15.
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none of the raiders starters played. they stayed back at training camp in napa. the raiders open the regular season monday night at the coliseum. and they'll be playing the denver broncos. two of three puppies who were stolen from a shelter in san francisco have been recovered. we'll tell you how social media posts led to the puppies and the suspects. and many people in florida are not taking chances when it comes to hurricane dorian. how authorities are getting ready for the worst possible outcomes. good morning. we do have traffic that's off to a nice start on the morning commute on the friday before labor day. however, i think people are just getting ready to go the other way. we'll explain what we mean by that coming up. temperatures are set to warm up a little bit. how much? we'll take a look and see
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good morning. an update from los gatos where this house fire left at least one person


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