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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  August 30, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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good morning. an update from los gatos where this house fire left at least one person hurt.
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the investigation that still goes on this morning. and staying prepared for hurricane dorian. people in the storm's path read >> from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. friday morning, august 30th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve paulson is here talking about the warm water and the hurricane still on the move. >> it won't be until monday. we have a long way to go. >> it will be category 4. west palm, fort pierce, somewhere in there. this is called the spaghetti plot for obvious reasons. all the forecast models and their projections. the red in the middle is the consensus. this will put it close to cape canaveral. i think it will be a little south of it. the steering currents are around the area of high pressure which is to the north
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of that. that's going to weaken on monday. so therein lies the rub. it may send it up the coast once it begins to move in. it may lift northward through northern florida, georgia, and south carolina. water temps are warm. it has plenty of energy, and recon measured 110-mile-per- hour wind gust. a category two, on the border of three. we're close to being what should be at the end of august. 60s on the temps, and 50s for others, and it looks a little cooler today compared to yesterday. 56 santa cruz and upper 50s, low 60s around santa clara and cupertino. high pressure is building in and not much of a breeze. temperatures are on the way up. and then they go a little above as we head to saturday. 60s, 70s, 80s and a few near
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90. sal is here. i don't think he has his feet on the desk but he's probably thinking about it. >> i need to be here to remind folks that it's going to be a tough commute. around 12:00, 12:30 in richmond. what do you say? 36 i'll meet you there. >> this is exactly what you don't want to go. >> there's a little bit of slow traffic since we last saw it. more people might be going out as you see all the way out to dublin. no major's bay slowdowns, and remember today is a big getaway day. and people will be getting out of the bay area, going away for the holiday. one person was hospitalized during an overnight house fire in los gatos. it started inside a home on overlook road.
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elissa harrington just arrived. what can you tell us >> reporter: you can see the damaged home. and firefighters are trying to determine the cause of this fire. i want to show you video from a little bit earlier. what we know is that the fire started last night just before 11:00. firefighters say there was heavy smoke coming from the front of the structure. flames got in the attic and were seen shooting through a hole in the roof. >> crews got on scene and there was heavy fire coming out the front of the residence. two people evacuated and one person was transported to the hospital with injuries. >> reporter: santa clara county firefighters tried to prevent the spread to nearby vegetation. the cause of the fire remains under investigation and we don't have an update about the victim's condition. reporting live in los gatos. firefighters were also in downtown los gatos putting out
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a fire at an art gallery. you can see firefighters from both santa clara county and campbell fire at the scene. it appears they had to get in the building from the front and the back to put out the fire. we have not heard what caused the fire. san jose police are searching for a hit-and-run driver who killed a bicyclist. it happened yesterday afternoon near story road and south jackson avenue. the driver of a chevy suburban hit a pickup truck and then hit the cyclist who was in the crosswalk with his bike when he was hit. the driver of the chevy suburban got out of the car and ran. >> very scary. and we feel afraid and we step out and look at that. and we saw, you know, the guy under the car. >> there is a camera in that area but we don't know if it was recording at the time of
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the crash. if you have any information, call san jose police. >> call translate service is back in morgan hill, back to normal after someone was hit and killed by a train. it happened just after 7:00 near the san pedro avenue crossing. the unidentified person was trespassing on the tracks. there were 72 passengers on the train at the time. and after the incident a bus bridge was set up for the passengers. an animal shelter in san francisco has now recovered two of three stolen puppies. but they need help to find the third puppy. the dogs were stolen from family dog rescue. surveillance video showed three men wearing hooded sweatshirts with the dogs tucked under their arms. the husky pups were recovered in hayward. a good samaritan saw the
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puppies for sale on instagram for $800 apiece. she teamed up with the police, acted as a buyer, and the puppies were recovered. two men were arrested. >> they looked like they knew what they were doing. we have footage of them looking in the kennels with the cell phone flashlight. and they didn't want the larger, older dogs. they were here for the puppies. >> the shelter officials hope to track down and find the third stolen puppy. it was a gray and white pit bull puppy. they say it's very ill as well. and the rescue group is offering a reward for its safe return. hurricane dorian is gaining strength as it makes its way through the atlantic ocean. it's expected to hit florida monday as a categoryfour. allison rodriguez joining us with the latest on the storm. >> the president has canceled
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an overseas trip to poland. he says the threat is too great for him to be away. those in th for impact. residents have been told to start gathering emergency supplies, water, and canned food. they are flying off shelves in local stores. dorian could strengthen to a category 4 hurricane when it hits florida with winds up to 130 miles per hour. rainfall totals could hit from 5 to 10 inches and some spots could get 15 inches of rain which could prompt life- threatening flooding. governor ron desantis has issued a state of emergency. airlines are working on flight changes for travelers. and officials in washington, d.c. are monitoring the models closely and will be ready for whatever the storm will bring. >> we are not going rian.
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and we're already beginning to move people, equipment, and supplies into the affected area. >> reporter: rainfall may not happen until monday but the strongwinds could as sunday. some say this could be as bad as hurricane andrew which devastated the state in 1992. we're closely watching a wildfire in lassen county. it started wednesday afternoon, 15 miles north of susanville. it's burned 1800 acres and is 10% contained. the flames spread to rocky terrain, making it very difficult to fight. no homes have burned but the fire is endangers two remote ranches and a cabin. the ranches evacuated as a precaution. the fire was started by a lightning strike according to
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the bureau of land management. survivors of the 2017 fires are facing a deadline. on october 8th. most insurance companies will cut off living expenses. without the additional living expenses one family won't be able to pay the rent on the apartment and the mortgage they are still paying on the burned down home. they continue now to plan to couch surf with relatives until the rebuild is complete. >> we had our permit last october but the rainy season was so long we just couldn't start. and we kept waiting. >> the debris removal was the first hurdle. and then the insurance companies. >> supervisor shirley says everything took longer than expected from cleanup to finding crews to build thousands of homes at once.
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a new state law will give three years. a man swimming from hawaii to san francisco, raising awareness about ocean pollution is due to arrive tomorrow morning. he left hawaii june 8th. and he's swimming through the vortex of the great pacific garbage patch. he wanted to cover 300 nautical miles representing the 300 million tons of plastic that we produce every year. he's scheduled to swim under the golden gate bridge at 10:00 tomorrow morning. a call from help from family members and friends of a bay area activist seriously hurt in the philippines. how they want from e u.s. embassy. and proposed protections in the city of alameda. and if you're hitting the
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roads, you should find a nice drive around the bay area. including on highway 24 on the way to the tunnel. a friday forecast and temperatures are set to warm up. how much and what's in store for the weekend as we head into the long holiday weekend. the weather's perfect...
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welcome back to mornings on 2. happening today, the man charged with killing two people
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in separate incidents on skyline boulevard in san mateo county is due in court. he's accused of luring a taxi driver to a remote part of the road and then stabbing him to death. the very next day he killed a tow truck driver. the judge appointed $2 doctors to determine if he's mentally fit to stand trial. a teacher from germany faces charges for assaulting a 13-year-old girl from the east bay. he was arrested on sunday after police say he engaged in sexual conduct with the teenager at a hotel. the two had been talking online for almost a 30 years in prison. e san francisc commission approved a plan to convert a city parking lot into a space for the homeless to live in their rvs.
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that lot is on san jose street near the balboa park bart station. it would provide space for 33 rvs. the city will be screening everyone who goes there. there will be showers for the people who park there. if the board of supervisors approves the plan. that space could be up and running by november. the city of alameda is considering strengthening protections for renters. last night it unveiled some of the proposals to change the rent stabilization ordinance. they include relocation payments to renters when rent is raised more than 10%. and the tenant decides to leave. and increasing the time that a landlord decides to move into
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the property. and no cause eviction. there's obviously a situation where people are being pushed out of the area because of the cost and that's no fair because there's nowhere to go. >> it's absolutely a concern. if the rent is not stable and you're on a fixed income, you can do nothing but deteriorate. >> some landlords think the proposed protections are overreaching. the alameda city council will vote on the changes next tuesday. unions representing thousands of caser workers plan kaiser workers. they are protesting what they call staffing shortages and low wages. this comes ahead of a plan kais kaiser has a long and productive history with organized labor. police departments all over
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the bay area remind you that labor day is one of the most common times of the year for crashes involving drunk drivers. police in menlo park will conduct a check point tomorrow night at an undisclosed location between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m. they'll be looking for signs of alcohol and/or drug impairment. 1รก people were killed 31 people were killed in car crashes over last year's labor day weekend. >> the bart tracks between walnut creek and orinda will be replaced. >> and delays on highway 24. starting tonight at 11 p.m. two eastbound lanes will closed to make room to big in a big crane used for the repair
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work. both lanes are expected to reopen on tuesday. shuttle buses will be available for bart passengers. let's check back in with sal. hopefully, bart has no problems this morning. >> no problems. i was just informed that national college colors day. i'm going to have to change this red tie. >> today? great! i'm in ucla blue then. looks like you're representing sanford and cal. >> some other school. not the one i going to be a lit different. we start with the gilroy commute. and there's not much of a gilroy commute. it looks very good into san jose, continuing into the west valley. l have much of a traditional commute. i think we'll see a lot of slow
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traffic as people try to leave the bay area and get out for the labor day weekend. not everyone but a significant number. this is 880 north and south. and at the bay bridge we don't have a big commute. usually on a regular day we would be full. right now it's light. at 5:20 let's bring steve in. ucla lost last night to the cincinnati bear cats. >> i saw that. i have to tell you i'm not really feeling chip kelly. i don't know if he, we'll see. if i were you, i would be concerned, pam. >> i have high hopes. >> i have high hopes that there'll be higher temperatures today. dorian will not make an impact until monday. it's gaining strength. 110miles per hour. high end careach category 4. the question is
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where will it make landfall. west palm beach, somewhere around there seems to be the consensus. the high on monday will weaken. so what might happen, come right to the coast and go straight up the coast on the atlantic side. not on the gulf side. there's plenty of warm water. 85, 84, 83. this will be over the weekend as it continues to materialize. probably not until monday. 58 bodega bay to a very warm 64 at the san francisco buoy. these are warm for us. 60s, 70s, 80s, to near 90 for a few. and yesterday temperatures in the morning were very warm in the afternoon and cool off for most, except by the coast. today, santa rosa from 81 to 86. and liver procedure on the temp
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sfo a mild 56. 50 in eastern nasa county. 51 in pen grove. kelseyville as well. yesterday there were a lot of 60s. quiet in northern california except near the oregon border. there's just not much of a breeze. it's slightly on shore but nothing compared to yesterday. and the low cloud deck. we have a weak area of low pressure and that enhanced the fog bank. warmer sunday and then just a teeny bit cooler on monday. and mainly 70s, 80s, low 90s around here. and temperatures about average. a little above as we go into the weekend. ride share drivers continue to push for employee protections and benefits. we'll break down the proposal that's before state lawmakers today.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. today, santa clara county fire will conduct a test of its emergency alert system. it will be primarily in areas south and west of highway 85. people will receive a test alert via text, e-mail, or phone call. some people outside the highlighted area may also receive an alert. it's a drill to make sure they can get information to people quickly in the event of a
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wildfire or other emergency. jonny moseley can add another honor to his resume. he's been nominated for the olympic and paralympic hall of fame. he talked about the honor yesterday on the four. >> it's a great honor. the company i'm in is intimidating. i mean, it's unlikely i would pull it out. it's apolo ohno and all these guys i admire. online for the hall of fame class of 2019 through september 3. and we posted a link on our web link section of monster trucks will be in san jose this weekend. three jam packed days. the triple threat series will feature eight of the most
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famous monster jam trucks. >> it's a good family atmosphere and excitement. we have our trucks, they'll do nose wheelies, doughnuts. we have our time racing. speedsters is one of my personal favorites. and we have some really good races and finishes. three and a half million pounds of dirt were hauled into the center yesterday to help transform the ice rink into a dirt truck. and frank mallicoat will take us there for a preview of monster jam, and maybe a test drive. i'm sure we can talk him into that. the british prime minister is facing pushback for his handling of brexit negotiations. the rally planned for the weekend. we do have a nice looking drive to start off the friday before labor day. we're expecting it to be
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lightener the morning and busier in the afternoon. i'm busy right now. i'm coming up with a forecast for the weekend and it looks warmer. we'll show you how much coming right up. on 2.
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>> good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is of course a pam cook day. it's a friday. it's august 30th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us.
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it's a great friday. and we get excited when it's payday friday. >> three this month, seriously. >> i think i've spent almost all of my dollars. >> we'll get to the weather first. it will be warming up and the water temps continue to be really warm. why is that? because we haven't had any northwest wind. in june, upper 40s, low 50s. 64 san francisco buoy, that's darn warm. 60s, 70s, 80s to a few near 90. temperatures near normal to a little above. santa rosa, also san francisco. oakland, livermore, right there with san jose. that's where they should be on the high side. 50s and 60s. much cooler than yesterday. we were in the mid-60s and upper 60s. so it's 50s and 60s, and
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livermore is 56. 60, martinez, pinole, el sobrante and el cerrito. and really quiet in california. everyone down in southern california. except for the low clouds and fog. temperatures are on the way up as the high builds in. 60s, 70s, 80s to a few near 90. sal, is it quiet? >> maybe a little bit. more people will be on the road at 5:30 than 4:30 but it's lighter than usual. solano county, 80 looks very good. there's traffic on 37 as you head west to sonoma and marin county. i think this afternoon will be a different story. 80 will be one of the busier freeways. and on the benicia bridge
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you'll see more traffic. the bay bridge toll plaza is definitely lighter than usual. we don't have a backup and we may not get one. 5:33, back to the desk. a judge will set the next court date for the homeless man who is accused of attacking a woman in san francisco at her condo building. austin vincent was denied bail. he was also accused in an incident in february, threatening people with a knife, but vincent was in southern california at that time and the judge threw out the case. >> we feel strongly that detaining him at this juncture while we figure out what the right outcome of the case is the right approach. and we look at things through the lens of safety. >> jail not an environment where people receive the proper treatment they need.
5:34 am
mr.vincent was receiving that treatment and having his issues addressed. >> the judge agreed with prosecutors who said that vincent could be a threat if released. and as vincent walked out of the courtroom he cursed at the female prosecutor. we are expecting an update on the human rights activist from san francisco who was shot in the philippines. matt hainy has scheduled a news conference. he just returned from the philippines where he visited brandon lee in the hospital. the family has asked the u.s. embassy to help bring him home to san francisco because they believe he's in danger in the philippines. >> when you have one of our people in a dire situation, we have to be there . >> supervisor hains and managed
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the words thank you but he needs better care to make a full recovery. the news conference will be at san francisco city hall. police in hong kong are warning protesters to stay away from a pro-democracy rally planned for tomorrow. police are saying anyone caught inciting violence could get five years in jail. two well known activists were arrested and later granted bail. over the past two months, people have been protesting in the streets of hong kong against a bill that would allow people who live there to be extradited to china.
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a petition demanding that boris johnson reverse his decision has more than 1.5 million signatures. parliament suspended and it's not likely lawmakers would have enough time to pass any laws blocking the no deal brexit before the deadline. a committee is expected to vote on a bill to affect ride share drivers. the bill would make it harder to classify workers as independent contractors. executives at uber, lyft, and door dash have threatened to fund a 2020 ballot initiative to keep drivers as independent contractors. south bend, indiana, mayor pete buttigieg is one of several candidates showing solidarity with ride share drivers. he has proposed expanding
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national union regulations to cover gig economy workers. >> i think it's a great technology with great potential but if the only way we're making rides more affordable and accessible is by making other people miserable. something is wrong. >> mayor buttigieg is hoping to boost support. a recent poll shows him trailing behind bernie sanders, joe ankamala harris. you can catch the issue is followed by mornings on 2 at 7 a.m. darrell issa has taken a step towards running for a
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congressional seat held by duncan hunter. duncan hunter, a san diego congressman is facing corruption charges and a trial in january, accused of using campaign money for personal use. darrell issa was elected in the 2000 and left last year. facebook, google and twitter are summoned to a meeting about digital disinformation. the fec is worried that new forms of russian manipulation will target the 2020 elections. the goal of the meeting will be disruption and confusion from fake news and propaganda during the 2020 campaign. >> >> police have discovered a new victim in the gilroy attack. a 58-year-old man was grazed by a bullet and needed stitches. that brings the number of
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people wounded to 17. three people were killed by the gunman who then killed himself during a confrontation with police. a shooting started just before 2:30 yesterday afternoon at 61st place and lowell near the border with emeryville. investigators are looking into what triggered the shooting. one person was able to get a ride from a friend who later flagged down police officers. witnesses at a nearby business heard the shooting and saw two people running from the area. >> they went around the bend, and within two minutes, another five to six shit was coming from. >> the second person who was shot was treated by paramedics. a $10,000 reward is being offered in this case. right now it's 5:39.
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and community organizers in chinatown have several safety concerns, up next the actions the city is taking to fight crime in the area. mark your calendars. the expectations are building ahead of apple's next major product launch. good morning. traffic is moving along okay on most of the commutes. it's lighter than usual on the richmond bridge getting over to marin county. yesterday morning, mid- to upper 60s. today we'll start to warm the inland temps a bit. we'll show you that on our friday forecast.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. improved safety measures are keeping the community safe in
5:43 am
san francisco's chinatown. a dozen public safety cameras are now operational. cristina rendon joins us with the details. >> reporter: we're talking about high definition cameras now installed on a 2 block stretch of stockton street in chinatown. we believe this is one of on them on one of the light poles. and this is on a 2 block stretch from the tunnel in sacramento up to washington street. these calls for increased security muchs after a number of incidents in chinatown. the most recent was last month. a man was walking in chinatown in the afternoon and three men came up behind him and grabbed him by the arms, assaulted him, and stole his watch. and one of his friends tried to help. he blacked out for several minutes and he was treated. and he called for increased
5:44 am
security measures after the incident. >> they lift me up and throw me on the ground. and at that time i was unconscious. >> reporter: six days after the attack, a man used broom to break the windshields of three cars stopped in traffic on jackson and stockton. and the vandalism is unrelated to the attack on wong. and now with the installation of the 18 high definition cameras, the city is hoping they can help police out. they can look at the foot animal. and they are hoping that it will be a deterrent for criminals. patrols have been stepped up. time is 5:45. and precautions are set up to
5:45 am
protect wildlife in yosemite national park. some areas are designated wildlife protection zones. signs will be posted to let drivers know you are entering a wildlife protection zone and you have to slow down. as of wednesday, 11 bears have been hit and killed by cars. health officials in wisconsin are urging people to stop vaping. they are linked to serious lung illnesses. doctors in milwaukee say 16 people who used vape pens were hospitalized with chemical pneumonia. all of the illnesses involved the use of thc oil or wax the main psycho active component of marijuana. the first vaping death was related last week when an illinois man died from lung problemmed linked to e- cigarette use.
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>> we'll use every power we have to stop this epidemic. >> san francisco based juu lurks has denied that the ads are argue thing young people. the time is 5:46. and a new study says there's no such thing as a gay gene. an international team of scientists analyzed dna from a half million people. the study was published in the journal of science. researchers found not one but a handful of genes linked to same sex behavior. and there's several social and environmental factors that make it impossible to predict someone's sexuality based on genes. stocks in asia rallied
5:47 am
overnight. the commerce ministry spokesman said the most important thing is to create the necessary conditions for trade talks. a trip to the u.s. is still on the table. apple has sent out invitations for the annual media event. the event is september 10th in cupertino. apple is expected to introduce three new iphone models, including the iphone 11. and there's speculation that new ipads, versions of the apple watch. and details about the subscription service will be released. if you have to go out, sal is taking care of the commute. you fixed everything out there. >> just for you, dave. and i changed many i die for national college colors. blue and gold, go, bears. >> westbound 580. we're going to start there. and thank you, you can put the
5:48 am
name on so people know who i am. let's go to the the altamont pass. and you can see traffic is a little bit slow. we did get a little bit of a slowdown before the altamont pass. and once you get into livermore it looks nice all the way to castro valley and hayward. and no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is much lighter than usual. it's 5:48. and there's no backup to the maze. we'll see what happens. but i think today is more of a getaway day than a commute day. twelve minutes before 6:00. we'll get right to dorian. it does not look like it will make an impact until monday. we have a couple of days to get some clarity. uncertainty with the track, it will strengthen. and possible landfall i'd say sunday more so than monday.
5:49 am
if it gets to category 4, that's a major hurricane and the consensus puts it around west palm beach, maybe fort pierce, it's gaining strength, a high end category two or three. and it's working around the high pressure system. this is what is called the spaghetti plot. all the forecast models, their projection on the path. i've seen some take it to miami and some towards cape canaveral. it looks like central florida, maybe around fort pierce. water temps are warm. 85, 84, and 83. this won't be until late sunday. maybe monday night. if the steering currents slow down a little bit. and the high is expected to weaken a little bit. there is a lot of rain in advance of that. you can see i was reading the weather discussion. and there's a lot of shower
5:50 am
activity. that's separate. but they're already getting rain from a separate system. san francisco buoy is a balmy 64. put your toe in there. that's not so bad. usually it's 52 or 53. most locations will be bumping up compared to yesterday. and areas around. cordelia, 86. san ramon, 86. berkeley in the 70s. san rafael at 80. san francisco and capitola in the 70s. we're in the 60s and 50s and there are cooler temps to the north. woodside, 51. los altos, 54. i think that's about it. otherwise, the fog is burning off sooner. truckee at 37. and the old rule of thumb, once
5:51 am
you turn august, things change fast in the mountains. for us, sunshine and warmer temps once the fog burns off, there's not nearly as much. we're warming up to sunday. it will be close. low 90s for some. and around here, 60s, 70s, 80s to a few low 90s, it doesn't take much to warm up. most locations will be near average. they'll go above on the weekend and cooler next week. time is 5:51. new this morning, fire overnight in the south bay and at least e person was hurt. flames and smoke shooting through the roof. we're going to bring you a live report from the scene at 6:00. and tough decisions facing nfl teams before they trim down the rosters, hints from 49ers coach kyle shanahan on who may play in the season opener.
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welcome back. the time is 5:54. and the san francisco giants lost to san diego 5-3 at oracle park. giants pitcher derek rodriguez started great and in the third inning manuel margot hit a two
5:55 am
run homer. by the 4th inning, the padres led 5-0. and this one was hit in the bay and that put the giants on the scoreboard. it just wasn't enough and they lost 5-3. that looks good what they're eating. the giants host the padres tonight at 7:15. it was good news for the oakland a's. they pulled off a win over the kansas city royals. we have contributions from the recent callup from the minors, seth brown drove in two runs and a two run homer. in the 8th inning, the a's were leading 8-5. and the royals tried to start a comeback with 2 rbis. and closed out the ninth inning and the a's won 9-8. the a's start a series with the yankees
5:56 am
in new york at 4:05. time is 5:56. tomorrow all of the nfl teams have to cut down the rosters from 90 players to 53. the 49ers have some tough choices after losing last night's final preseason game 27- 24 to the l.a. chargers. jeff wilson was one of the players on the bubble but he helped himself. the play of the game. a 41-yard change of direction touchdown run. and backup quarterback was done field. he threw a touchdown pass. watch this. but the chargers won the final exhibition game with a late score. >> i've been happy with the style that we've played with. i think we've but i think we ha team this preseason than in the
5:57 am
past. >> head coach shanahan says he's keep jimmy garoppolo and c.j. beck heart. the raiders also have to decide their backup quarterback situation. it's between mike glennon and a young quarterback nathan peterman. peterman led the lone touchdown drive in the loss to seattle 17- 15. none of the played. and many of the players stayed at training camp. the raiders open monday night at the coliseum playing the now and an animal san francisco searching for a puppy
5:58 am
stolen from the center. two other puppies have been found. the shelter credits a good and very observant samaritan. ride shares working together to oppose a labor bill designed to protect drivers, if the ride shares are not happy with the results, they may take their argument straight to the public. we have some slow traffic typical morning elop. commute. we'll explain.
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good morning. los gatos is dealing with two separate overnight fires, we are on the scene of a fire where one person was hurt and flames were shooting through a hole in the roof. the arrest of two suspected dog nappers. one of the three dogs they are accused of stealing is still missing. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for waking up with us on this friday morning.


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