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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 1, 2019 6:00pm-6:29pm PDT

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and oakland international airport, a search is underway right now for a suspect who made his way onto the airport tarmac. massive wave crossing ashore. this evening, to u.s.a states are under mandatory evacuation orders. we begin with developing news out of the oakland international airport where police say a man is evading officers ran the gates at the airport and made his way on the tarmac. >> we are live near the airport. >> reporter: this at around noon when an alameda county sheriff's deputy witnessed someone in a chevy pickup truckthrough a stop
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ty tried to make a traffic stop for that violation and that is when the driver simply took off it turned into a pursuit. the driver of the truck ended up coming down this utility road which leads to the runways. at one point, he ended up crashing through eight a at about 50 mph. after track crashing through the gate he drove about a half- mile into the areas of the runways and get out of the vehicle and ran off. police in this the hb chopper, drones, boats, as well as dogs. a canine picked up the scent to the water but the suspect has yet to be found.'s make we have scoured this area and are unable to locate this individual. we took control of the truck that truck is registered to an individual out of santa cruz county we a follow-up now and ascertain if that is the individual we are looking for. >> authorities say it appears
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the suspect went into the water. they say because of the cold temperature of the bay, hypothermia would typically set in within 20 to 30 militants and survivability after that will be very slim. authorities searched the truck and say they found a half-dozen airsoft replica firearms and some hoods and masks inside but nothing illegal. at this point, they really don't have a motive as to why this person would flee from a sheriff's deputy simply trying to make a traffic stop. as far as travel at the airport today there is very minimal impact. a few flights had to be diverted to the northern field for landing but for the most part operations out here were normal today. at this point, authorities are searching still for the suspect but not as as they were searching earlier this afternoon. i can also tell you since this incident happened here at an international airport county s department tells me the fbi is going to be taking over this
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investigation and likely this is going to be turning into a recovery operation. live from oakland, greg wiggins, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you so much. we are following developing news right now in the south bay where firefighters are working to contain a brush fire near highway 17. the fire started the northbound highway 17 connector ramp to southbound interstate 280 within the last hour. it sent up this white heavy smoke that could be seen for miles. jesse gary captured this video while driving along interstate 280 a sort time ago. san jose fire told us the fire is pretty much out at this hour. we will monitor the situation and have more for you later on tonight on the 10:00 news. to hurricane dorian, the storm making landfall in the bahamas today as a category five hurricane with winds reaching 185 miles per hour. residents are taking shelter in schools and churches as the storm ripped bruisefrom homes
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and downed power lines. we are following the track of the storm right now. >> it is a monster and moving about as quickly as someone who can jog. about 5 miles an hour. this thing is walking across the bahamas. it is hammering them as a category five, most likely this is a historical hurricane. you see things like this out in japan. we don't see a lot of category five in this part of the atlantic. the storm will be historic for a lot of reasons but right now the big concern is the track on this thing. it is a category five it is is because it gets in terms of wind speed. it's like a tornado with a 20 or 30 mile eye wall. it's going to go. look at the path, it's the wors could easily jog inland. for sure people along the board of the to wilmington will vewil
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have water it is the water that causes the problems. this hurricane is historic and it will be about the water. there is the timing. it looks like it could, florida just off the tip of florida monday, monday afternoon or tuesday something like that. the thing is barely moving. it's very strong. we will be back with the latest updates. late today south carolina's governor ordered a mandatory evacuation of the entire coast. evacuations are also underway in some counties in florida. fox news lauren blanchard has more from daytona beach. >> reporter: hurricane dorian make landfall in bahamas the storm packing up to 185 miles an hour winds. it is now tied for the strongest atlantic hurricane to make landfall on record. dorian reaching category five strength at sunday. the highest level. the abaco islands hit with
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devastating winds and rain. the snow moving storm causing catastrophic conditions with the potential for life- threatening storm surge and have it flooding throughout the north western bahamas. have ever seen. dorian is expected to intensify as it has towards the southeast united dates. it's path still uncertain. the national hurricane center addicting the storm could hit coastal areas from florida up to the carolinas. the federal emergency management agency taking no chances. >> we are deploying assets all the way up and down the east coast at this point. >> evacuations underway in palm beach county florida. forecasters say the storm could away from the area before striking land florida state and local leaders are warning people to remain alert. they say they are in constant contact with federal officials. >> if you are in in exhibit evacuation zone and given an order to evacuate please heed that call.
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>> my biggest concern is people thinking that we are off the hook. we are not up. >> florida the carolinas and parts of georgia all declaring states of emergency. forecasters expect the storm to move over the bahamas by monday afternoon and continue toward the us. in.tona beach florida, lauren blanchard, foxnews. >> utility trucks and crews are getting into place for the expected power outage to come after the store had. dozens of trucks are being set up in a staging parking lot in orlando. the death toll from the mass shooting yesterday went up . 22 people including three law- enforcement officers were injured. police do not believe this was an act of terrorism and identif- year-old seth ator of odessa texas. >> if he had not been shot and
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killed the death almost have been higher. we have more from odessa texas. >> reporter: more than 15 crime scenes were leftwake of yesterday's shootings according to the odessa police department. law enforcement telling us they still have no motive, no reason, nothing yet. at a news conference this afternoon, police said well they have the identity of the suspect was killed by police, they would not name him so as not to give him notoriety. odessa police would only say that he is a white male in his 30s. authorities say he shot a texas state trooper as he was being pulled over for not using a turn signal. then he took off 20 miles west to odessa where the shooting continued. the suspect, police say, eventually still a mail truck and ran into cop cars before they killed him. >> i want to give an update on the shooting. he had surgery yesterday and the doctors left optimistic and we will have a recovery report.
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>> the day before this latest shooting, texas governor greg abbott held his first domestic terrorism task force to address this particular kind of violence. he convened the task force after 22 people were killed at a walmart in el paso just last month. >> i am heartbroken by the crying of the people of the state of texas. i am tired of the dying of the people of the state of texas. too many texans are in morning. too many texans have lost their lives. the status quo in texas is unacceptable. >> tonight there is a vigil being held in odessa for this city as well as those in ssa, f the odessa incident came at the end of the month that saw 50 people fatally shot in mass killings nationwide. the new york the
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loss of life in august was most acute in texas, where four of the eight deadliest mass shootings occurred. on august third, 22 people were shot and killed at a walmart store in el paso. the spread of gun violence has lawmakers demanding action on gun control once congress returns next week. police are searching for a suspect tonight in connection with a deadly treat racing accident last night two men died after their jeep ran off into a tree. >> a bmw was spotted raising the jeep prior to the crash left the scene. >> reporter: the victims are both cousins, men in their late 20s, and the impact was so great thee and sent debris all the we talked to family members who say they are not so sure this is a case of road racing. neighbors heard the crash just before 6:30 pm saturday. a 2014 jeep was split into
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after going off snow avenue and crashing sideways into this tree. the driver miguel rodriguez and his cousin were killed. san jose police say a gray bmw was raising the victim. three men got out of the bmw to look at the wreckage and then took off. the victims uncle is not convinced they were racing. >> they could have been racing, they could have been changed, they could have been trying to get away from something. i really have no idea what led them to drive at such a high rate of speed. >> he said the cousins had just finished a visit with the mother and on their way to see rodriguez's mother who lived out the next week. >> that was excessively fast for somebody that is just going to be making a right-hand turn just up the street to visit their mom. >> he said the ants the occupants of the bmw to come forward.'s back at least for the sake of closure. it would be nice if the guys that left the sce explain what happened.
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>> the uncle says that nso was to start a new job and the other lisa five-year-old daughter. it's only supposed to be 40 mph. we had calls into police and the mayor's office but we have not heard back for comment today. in san jose, ktvu fox 2 news. the details on the solemn ceremony in poland marking the invasion 80 years ago that launched europe into world war ii. the disturbing discovery and lake tahoe that some environmentalists worry about.
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a lemn ceremony in poland today to mark the 80th anniversary of the german invasion in poland of adolf hitler what started world war ii. poland lost one fifth of their population. the president of journey germany joined the president of poland. germany set the country would never forget the atrocities of the regime. mike pence attended the ceremony today. hundreds of demonstrators returned to the hong kong airport today but unlike a few weeks ago, riot police were at the ready. they met the demonstrators had on and managed to keep the disruptions to a minimum. today's protest came one day after activists list fires and built barricades. it was of protest in hong kong which is now in his 13th week. the new tariffs from the
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trump administration on many products from china went into effect today. the 15% tax is on more than $100 billion worth of items imports including electronics and shoes. originally president trump wanted to impose the import fee on more than half $1 trillion worth of goods but he delayed the increase fees on toys, smart phones, and clothing, until after the holiday shopping season. china is also increasing its tariffs on you as crude oil and other products today. pope francis had to be rescued by firefighters today after getting trapped in an elevator. the pontiff apologized for being late, a few minutes late, for his sunday address at saint peters square this morning. he told the crowd an electrical issue with the elevator caused him to get stuck for about 25 minutes. the pope thanked the vatican firefighters who freed him and asked the out to give them a round of applause. sh friday began his
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new position today as g service officer. the office works to increase service anunities around the st friday was first elected to the nevada city council 4 years ago. he represented district 5 which includes southern nevada. in east baseline hosted an apartment event to celebrate strength and love in the community. we have more on this unique celebration from walnut creek. >> reporter: they decorated their room purple to show support for cancer survivors and raise awareness for many issues facing women today. >> purple is passion, love, and magic. we want to bring magic here today. >> this is the first year calli empowerment event to bring people in the community together. cancer survivors shared inspiring stories and celebrating this ring it took to get here. there was a video launch that
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featured six women who survived abuse and kidnapping. >> with all that is happening in the world, we need people to get together and support each other. this is an awareness event whether it's medical condition or society. we are together to get the community together.'s >> they wanted attendees to also have found. they had eyelash extensions and hairstyling and a photo shoot for family and friends. and will not create, ktvu fox 2 news. a tiny synthetic article known as micro plastic has been located in lake tahoe for the first time. researchers say they were heartbroken by this discovery. they collected water samples at several locations around the lake. micro plastics come from a wide range of projects from water bottles to synthetic clothing. researchers plan to dig deeper into the issue to learn more about the effect it has on the
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environment. a nice day on the bay area and to be out of the water. a lot of people on holiday weekend. >>ekend for most and in about dorian. that story is huge, this hurricane's message massive. the forecast metals all over the place but there is such a margin of error that it could go on shore. it would be devastating. most of florida, the keller line is, it's right it the level. there is a lot going on in this will play out slowly because this thing is barely moving. five or 6 miles an hour. it's 36 hours away from potential landfall. 80 degrees right now in ut cree the high temperatures. are brought it up because the model runs will be new at 10:00 tonight and so we will have a li
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he probably did notice that. the models will be updated. it's huge because it's later labor day weekend and you have millions of people in the path of this hurricane. it's one of the biggest storms i can remember in terms of the potential to really cause havoc on the east coast. if you have travel plans you want to pay attention. the new model runs, that could change. fog and low clouds along the coast tomorrow morning. it's like today, it's there but losing its grip so it breaks up pretty quick. the temperature footprint is this tomorrow. a lot like today but slightly cooler and that is the general trend. temperatures are coming down and went temperatures days.was go down and beyond that into next weekend you will see in the five day forecast, temperatures break off and stay on the mii consider upper 80s i livermore on the mild side,
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quite frankly. there is the marine later it's deepening out and that's why it will be cooler. cal fire loves that forecast. 80 in vallejo, 94 in fairfield, 95 and vacaville, 93 in livermore. there is still heat inland just not as hot today. around the bay will be 82 in fremont 84. kind of a pleasant day, slightly cooler than today. the five day forecast looks like this, you see the temperatures pretty warm tomorrow but not as warm as today and then temperatures just slowly go down. this top-tier represents the hottest spots i can find s we will see you back here tonight at 10:00 with updates on dorian. a third career no-hitter for one of the pictures today. >> another collapse by the athletics late in the game. how the bombers lived up to their name.
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the trump administration has approved a plan to allow you bikes in national parks where regular bikes are allowed and that includes goldengate national recreation area. that also includes yosemite national park and point raised national she store. the report the interior secretary issued the order putting e bikes in the same quarter gory as nonmotorized vehicles.
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that is as long as cyclists continue to peddle in addition to using their motors. critics say it will destroy wildlife habitat and destroy parklands. there will be a public comment period before the changes become actual policy. joe is here with sports. a disappointing day for a's fans because they lost late in the game. >> one bay area baseball team stale in the playoff hunt, one is not. it was a good news bad news scenario for the a's today. shawn minaya was well enough to take his turn in the rotation but for the second game in a row oakland lost to the yankees in a walkoff. he made his first start since shoulder surgery last september he went five shutout innings allowing just one hit. still scoreless in the seventh when the a's loaded the bases for shelter noise, he will always remember this drive into the corner. his first major league hit drives in the two run. they take a 4-3 lead in the ninth but brent carter led off and then pinch hitter mike ford did
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this, back to back homers for the yankees who get back to back walkoff wins. this 15-4, the a's right now i have game out of the american league wildcard with cleveland: down the last spot. the astros established themselves at one of the elite with the church justin verlander as well in that category. he struck out the blue jays. blue jays had yet to get a hit when justin verlander struck out bichette. for landers third career no- hitter, it's the 13th in astros history. the last month of the season will be about little victories for the giants and this week fell out of the wildcard race by losing five of six games. on other honor for bruce bucci. that graphic will be on the wall the rest of the season.
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after the padres got two runs off jeff samardzija in the top of the first they entered in the bottom of the inning. kevin pillar with a drive down the left field line with a runner on and a two run homer. number 20 four pilar. the game was 2-2. there were a couple of runners aboard, the three run shot makes it 7-2. the padres going to win 8-4. am afraid with the giants we have to stick a fork in them at this point. >> joe thank you. coming up tonight on the 10:00 news we continue to follow hurricane dorian's path. we will have a live update from florida. a firsthand look at how oakland police are cracking down on this type of activity, illegal sideshows happening this weekend. we will have thos much more coming up tonight at 10:00. it's changing as we
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on dorian. >> a whole bunch can happen in the next 12 hours or 24 hours on the computer model. it's huge because one veered left a degree or two could mean the difference between real serious disruption. that's what we are looking at. there are millions and millions of people in its path. this is a big deal. in the weather world, this is a big one >> category five, that's definitely something scary especially. thank you for joining us will be back tonight at 10:00.
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all right, we're about to go live.
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