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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  September 2, 2019 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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the national chicken wing eating championship yesterday was held appropriately enough in buffalo, new york. he was done with 226 wings in 12 minutes but was stopped by a rival who put down 281. welcome back. this is a live look at daytona
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beach, florida. it continues to pound the bahamas. they are seeing the devastation and the cars and boats destroyed in the bahamas. and thousands of homes severely damaged. that is from the international federation of red cross. rathallie rasmus is joining us this morning. is this breaking news that we've been bringing you since the early morning hours. 34 people missen and feared dead after an early morning boat fire off the coast of santa barbara. it was a 75-foot dive boat. the captain and four other people were able to escape or rescued. the boat ultimately sank after taking on water. the reports indicate that the
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34 people unaccounted for were asleep below deck when the boat caught fire. it is named conception that left for a three day trip, taking divers to an island. a 3-alarm fire broke out just before 6:00 this morning. this went to 3-alarms that is a signal that additional fire fighting help was called n it was knocked down but it burned about a quarter of the lumberyard. there were no reports of any injuries. hurricane dorian and a check of that with our steve paulson right now. only 2 miles an hour from being a category 5. so it is still a powerhouse. it is only moving west,
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northwest wobbling on the florida coast. you're seeing 25, 26-mile-an- hour winds. everything is pointing to this drifting that way in the next 36 hours. the stirring currents around the high collapsed. that is why it is moving so slowly. there is a system that moved into had the great lakes. it knocked the high down a little bit. it is stuck over the bahamas. the storm surge and rainfall will be off the chart here. but it does look like, as it does start to encounter the gulfstream, the intensity is it is probably going to weaken a little bit and it gets a little colder water. so it looks like it is going along the coast. it has eye wall replacement. that is where the coninfected activity where the outer bands and the windfieldsstronger than an eye wall. some of the windfields are
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expanded. so maybe it gets a little weaker, instead of 100 miles out, is it more like 150. that is something we watch as we see if it finally begins to move. it goes very slowly. freeport and grand bahamas. not moving. some of the outer bands it is getting closer. that will feed off the 85, 86 water temperature. in the next 36 hours, it looks like cape canaveral and cocoa more in line and fort pierce and jacksonville and along the georgia coast and the south carolina and north carolina coast. so maybe some rain up in the northeast as it starts to move north ward and weakens. for us, it will be another warm one. we'll see if there is a cooling trend coming up in about a half hour. back to hurricane dorian as it slowly makes its way to the united states coast. evacuations are ordered in
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florida. we go to cocoa beach with people in the path and how they're preparing for the worst. >> reporter: the strongest storm to every threaten florida's each coast inches closer as it battered the bahamas. it increased west over the the local power company calling the damage devastating. in the u.s., the others are warning people to take this one seriously. >> if it wobbles a little further west, you'll have upon landfall in florida. but even if it just hugs the coast, it is powerful enough that you'll see major storm surge. >> you can rebuild a house. you cannot rebuild a life. if you think there is no chance that you'll be able to get out, get out now. >> reporter: people are trying to get out of dorian's way. south carolina's governor issuing a mandatory evacuation order for 800,000 people. they are working around the
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clock, coordinating trucks and team members to help once dorian hits. we want to get the restaurants back open. and the national hurricane center is monitoring four other disturbances. up to three of them could be tropical cyclones in the next three days. a crew working a crane on the bart tracks near the lafayette station hit some power lines this morning that came down on westbound 24. the lanes are open. but many people living in the area are living without power. >> reporter: that's right. we have some cones in place. people are just kind of taking it easy as they get through the intersection. we don't have an eta when the power will be restored. i spoke with one woman that was without power all morning. she was taking her dog on a
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long walk and told me how she had to change her plans. >> we were supposed to have some people over. but that is probably not going to happen. >> reporter: this happened just before 5:30 this morning. they were doing some scheduled working on the bart tracks here in lafayette. some how the crane took down two power lines right at the intersection of deer hill road. the power lines span not only highway 24 but the bart tracks. there were live wires that shut down all westbound lanes for about an hour while they cleaned up the scene. we have pg&g crews out here trying to determine how they will restore the lines. they span about 250 feet over
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the highway. they this will be a pretty big project. i did speak with bart officials and they this should not interfere with bart surface. there is a bus bridge in place in walnut creek that will bring people to and from lafayette as well. >> we cannot use the crane for now. there it will be an investigation into how this happened. but there are other aspects of the project that we can work on. there is a lot of cable work happening. there is a lot of things going on. a lot of the heavy lifting that we hoped to get accomplished this weekend had already taken place. so we're confident about where we're at in terms of the project. >> reporter: we know about 115 customers with pg&g are still without power. there was a lot of crews on the scene. if you come back to us live, i want to give you an idea about how this happened.
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you can see the large power pole at this intersection behind me. there were two lines in the power pole. you can see the highway there over the bart tracks. it went about 250 feet to the other power pole. that needs to be repaired and that is some of the work that needs to be done today. firefighters investigating the cause of a 2-alarm fire in north san jose. they say that the flames broke out in the backyard of a home near 12th and jackson street. it did cause a second alarm. several buildings were threatened and one witness was concerned that the fire was going to spread. >> i was walking right here. you can see the embers coming down on top of the roof. nobody was hurt. and the area was shut down. but it has been reopened. the cause is not yet known. new information about a late night hit-and-run in san
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jose. at 7:15, a man crashed his car into several parked vehicles near hills daily avenue. the driver took off. but the police caught him a short distance away. he had to be hospitalized. after he's released, be booked for dui and felony hit and run. plus said someone shot a man around 9:30 last night on rio grande drive. the victim walked to christopher court where the police ultimately found him. he later died at the hospital. there were an arguement on rio grande drive between the victim and the shooter. the police have not identified a suspect or found one. actor danny glover is in. >> ing the rally in oakland for the kaiser workers. there it will be a speech at 10:00 and they will then march to crisis kaiser medical
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center. kaiser said it rewards its employees and it has a long history of working unions. several dozen people marched through berkley yesterday against fascism. officers from berkley and uc berkley police department followed the marchers to make sure that fights did not break out. friends and family of a missing man in belmont will continue the search for him today. he walked away from his home one week ago. he was reported missing by his wife that says that he has a history of falls and can become disoriented. coming up next, remembering the victims of the mass
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shooting in texas. how the community and odessa is coming together to remember the people killed after a man opened fire during a traffic stop. some people are lucky enough to have their dream job. others are working on it. we'll talk with the hiring firms and the how to get your dream job.
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a news conference is getting ready in ventura county regarding the deadly boat incident. >> 34 people aboard the vessel are unaccounted for. the coast guard los angeles
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beach and harbor 45 response boat. and an helicopter crew and a coast guard air station san diego mh06 jay hawk crew and a coast guard cutter norwall. the vessel has a portion of the bow sticking out of the water. those are my comments at this time. >> we've been here in the unified command at with the united states coast guard and it will continue to to be a unified effort as we switch to santa barbara county and fire as the incident goes on and with we go into a recovery mode. >> there is no chance of rescue? >> presently the coast guard is full efforts in a response
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posture right now p we're still in the response phase. >> that mean divers in the water looking at the wreckage? >> i don't have any additional information about that. >> what can they be doing at this point? >> they're conducted shoreline searches for any available survivors. >> can you tell us where it was from the shoreline? >> about 20 yards from my last footage. >> no word of anyone that made to shore otherwise? >> i don't have initial information at this time. >> 34 unaccounted folks. >> are there divers in the water? >> i don't have that investigation. >> the vessel has been in full compliance. we're working to deliberately
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with the vessel owner operator who is with us at this time, working on a plan to conduct further assistance for his vessel. >> it is a plats harbor on the north side. the fire, you must have additional information. did it start small? and explosion that was quick and out of nowhere? >> the only may day call that we received was the vessel was engulfed in flames. >> how long was it before the initial call and when the crews arrived? >> i don't have that right now. but i can get you that. >> 34 unaccounted people on board. >> how was the crew able to get off? >> they were on the bridge and jumped off. >> were there only five crew
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members? >> five crew members on board. >> they were all wake. >> they were awake at the time. >> did the crew try to help the other passengers? >> i don't have any additional information regarding that. >> he heard grape escape. >> that is a rescue vessel? >> it is a good samaritan is theperson that offered the services to help. >> did did he see a man wearing a grape escape search. >> that was the coast guard about the presumed people deadly, 34 people unaccounted for. it was a dive boat just near the santa cruz island. five people were rescued, they were crew members.
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they were rescued by a good samaritan. the conception went out at 4:00 and scheduled to come back later at 5:00. something went wrong around 3:15. there was a fire on board. 34 people unaccounted for. as we get more information about this, other law enforcement agencies, we'll bring to to. we have other news to follow. more news on the 9s. we'll talk about someone seriously hurt concerning a wrestling march. how this man is making a comeback after he was paralyzed concerning and incident and what the family is doing to prepare for his return home. meal planning for your little one. we'll let you know about the allergy triggering foods to avoid.
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some doctors at transplant centers have rejected some kidneys and people waiting for a transplant later died.
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it was published in the journal of the american medical association and it reveal the that some patients had been offered between six to 41 donor kidneys. but the doctors rejected the kidneys because of the concerns of the donor organ. but the patient was never told. the study's author said that transplant centers are being overly concerned and should look at the issue. researchers said they were heartbroken about this discovery. they found micro plastics in lake tahoe. it comes from water bottles to synthetic clothing. school is back in full swing and now the real work begins for parents that may be stressed out what to pack in their child's lunch. one in 13 kids has a food
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allergy. 90% of allergic reactions come from eight types of foods. to help parents make better choices, we have a registered dietician. we know that peanut butter with trigger deadly reactions. but what are some of the other foods that could be as problematic? >> eggs and soy beans and wheat. sesame is not one we have the eight foods required by federal law. that is a huge allergin problem. i've heard from parents after we published recipe with sesame in them. >> you look at all of these potential allergins, how do you find something that doesn't have one of these items in it?, something that is easily packagable and put in your
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child's lunch? >> that is definitely challenge. you have to read carefully your label a lot of companies are smart. their designing foods that are specifically marketed for people with allergies. you have to read your labels and make things that are safe for your kids that you know they can eat. >> with nuts, eggs and milk, this would be a lot of protein. what are some good substitutes? >> a lot of times most kids are not going to be allergic to all three of those. if eggs are out, go for nuts. we can get some of the nutrients like meat. that is a good source of
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protein. you can get protein from nuts and that kind of thing. people are cover about coming up with substitutes these days. you have to think it through. >> with all the information that is out there about food allergies. what is the most purposing thing to you that you found in this investigation? >> i think what surprised me most how creative parents can be and you can be coming up with foods. i was looking through a cookbook that was really smart in come can be up dishes that i, someone that doesn't have any food allergies. there are recipe i would make for me and my kid. >> is there one that stands out to you off the top of your head? >> i think there was some muffins. i make a lot of muffins at home. and finding ones that were -- grain free and egg free. that is something that i would
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certainly try. >> thank you. coming up, we continue to monitor hurricane dorian and the effects it is having and the nationwide. >> we'll tell you about some options for travelers that want to stay away from the storm. keeping an eye on that breaking news in southern california. we'll tell you about a boat that was carrying dozens of people that sunk after catching fire. 34 people are unaccounted for.
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a fire broke out on a 75- foot boat called conception and it caught fire. the cap ton and four other crew members that were up top on deck jumped from the boat and rescued from good samaritans that were on another boat in the area. as the the firefighters were battling the fire, it sank off the morning shore santa cruz island in 65 feet of water. they are checking the shoreline for possible survivors. airlines did not reinstate flights they already cancelled. southwest, spirit and jetblue have cancelled some fort
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lauderdale flights. are lines put all airlines and alert. flights could be cancelled. passengers can make flight changes without being charged a fee. let's get over to steve paulson who has been tracking hurricane dorian since this morning. it is still a one-mile-an-hour storm? >> it looks like it will stay off coast. so far, it will be a big hurricane. but if you thought august was warm, it was very warm. records were set for the warmest august ever. san jose had their second warmest. it will be another warm unfor us. there is some fog on the coast. but that is about the only place. it is not making much of an impact. except for san francisco, maybe near 70 for some and a little cooler towards the western part
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maybe to the sunset, everyone else will be above average on the photograph highs. and it has been that way for a while. except for a few days in august. we've had warm to high temperature as way upper 70s for some and 60s in the city. and the water temperatures have cooled off. the san francisco bouyee on friday was 64 and now it is 58. that is a huge difference. so we came way down. there is no breeze yet. but there will be. when fairfield is only 6, that will not do it. the monsoons are up in the central sierra. and central las vegas could see some high clouds. it is approaching from the northwest and approaches wednesday and the colder ocean temperatures, we're set to go
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to a little cooling trend, but not today. it looks like the temperatures will head down tuesday, wednesday and thursday as well. 60s and 90s on the temperature it's. we may bump it up a little bit on friday. this looks like alley loves and this will be a cooler one, maybe significantly cooler. we've come together to focus on supporting and comforting each other. >> the police are trying to understand why a man took off and hijacked a truck and then starting shooting at people. >> reporter: mourning continues after a man went on a deadly shooting spree over two towns
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in texas over the weekend. he sped away interstate 20 and shooting at cars and people along the way. >> the gold car pulled up and the man was there. and he had a very large gun and it was pointing at me. >> reporter: 7 people are dead and 22 are injured. the guages of the deceased raging from 15 to 57. local government officials applauding the police efforts in ending the rampage. >> the reason the person was stopped was because of a midland police officer and an odessa police officer. they rammed his car, stopped him. when he got out, they shot him dead. >> they would only identify him as a 36-year-old white male. i'm not naming the suspect. >> reporter: the investigation is still active as the officials continue to search
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for answers. >> there are multiple crime scenes being worked. there are no definitive answers as to motive or reasons at this point. >> reporter: saturday's mass shooting sending additional shock waves across texas, just weeks after 22 people were killed when and shooter opened fire in el paso. this weekend's shooting index came at a deadly month for shooting. four of the eight deadliest mass shootings happened in texas. a g name movie star is joining a rally by kaiser workers in oakland today. the union workers are using this labor day to send a message to management. >> reporter: good morning. we got hundreds of people already showing up here to get ready for this really that is set to start in 30 minutes at
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10:00. after that, you mentioned it is none other than danny glover that will be here to speak to though in attendance in less than 30 minutes. leaders are telling me that the nonprofit kaiser has shifted away from assisting patients but making higher ups more wealthy. after this 30 minute rally, we're told that the workers will march to the hospital and at 80 people are expected to block the intersection here. the national union contracted spire at the end of last year. and the national labor relations board as charged kaiser for failing to negotiate in good faith. 80,000 workers across the country will strike in early october. joining me right now is sonia
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smith. she worked in the radiology department in the hospital. what would the changes be for you? >> we want to see kaiser to change their ways and to be more of a worker way partnership that we used to have and build a work force for the future. that is what we want to see with kaiser. >> reporter: so what are you prepared to do that if a contract is not reached? >> we put in for a strike vote. we don't want to. patient care is the forefront. that is why we're here today so make sure that we give every patient that comes into the hospital gets quality patient care. >> you said that you were one of the people to block the
9:37 am
intersection. are you ready for that intersection with the police? >> i'm nervous but i'm ready. what we're standing here to fight for is for you, me and many of our community members on quality patient care. i'm ready to do this. it will mean the benefit for our people that are getting services in the hospital. >> reporter: thank you for your time. a representative from kaiser have released a statement. we want to pull this up for you. it says, we may have occasional disagreements. but we always work on agreements and continue to help the people and the community that we serve. if an agreement cannot reached, 80,000 employees will strike come october. it is set to start in less than 30 minutes. the jury in the ghost
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houseware house trial had resume deliberating in two days. this is in connection with the deadly warehouse fire in 2016. our coverage from court continues tomorrow. henry lee will be there. you can read the latest on the trial on we have an update on a walnut creek teen that was paralyzed during a wrestling match. his father shared some remarkable news about his recovery. they look at how his progress and how the parents are prepare for him to return home from them. >> reporter: he undergoes intense physical therapy five days a week in colorado that
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specializes in spinal cord injuries. he was paralyzeds concerning a wrestling match and unable to breathe on his own and talk. once he was able to talk, he knew that he was ready to fight for his life. he spent a mariott of therapy. he took his first step all on his own. his father was in palm creek when he saw him took his first steps. >> you must have watched it five times in a row, just over and over. >> reporter: dad said it is reason's resilience and the electrical stimulation that is making the difference. they are placed on the surface
9:40 am
of the skin directly over the spinal cord. >> not to sound too confident, but if anyone could put it off... >> reporter: dad showed in the the renovation work to adapt the home for ryan's needs. the perjury is 90% completed. materials or labor have been donated or discounted. >> it mine a lot. >> reporter: ryan has been taking clasat a high school in colorado. but he would like to graduate back home. his life-changing experience taught him there is no guarantees on this road to recovery. >> when the goal post stops move, then you stop making progress. >> reporter: when ryan comes home will depend on when his
9:41 am
recovery. amber lee, ktvu, fox 2 news. if you're struggling to make your dream job reality, listen up. we're telling how to get to your hired handshake. we welcome chris back here. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> ntu. i heard the best time to look for a job is when you have a job? >> definitely. you have a lot more power that way. so definitely -- it goes against what you would naturally think. when you have a job, the best time is to have your feelers out there and be open to new opportunities. >> do you tell your current job
9:42 am
that you're looking? >> no. you want to keep your job. 99% of the time people don't have that relationship with their current employer they can be open like that. just be open. >> keep the feelers out. >> yes. >> let's talk about having an elevator pitch ready. i think a lot of candidates talk about telling themselves in 30 seconds. everyone needs that for the profession they're targeting. >> especially today. you have to brand yourself on linked in and instagram. you should know what your brand is about and know your resume and what you can add value to the next employer, what your value is and how you can add that value. >> this is my fifth television station before i could come home and work in the city thats
9:43 am
raised in. i wrote thank you notes. >> some employers don't expect it. some of my clients are, where is the thank you note from the candidate? i would definitely error on the side of writing one. but make sure that somebody else reads it before you send it. you don't want a misspelled word or bad grammar. >> what is your advice for someone that wants to switch careers completely. say i'm in working in television news but i want to be an engineer. does it have to start with reeducation? >> it is a big part of it. if you want to go from -- you don't nicely need the technical skills set. networking, nobody beats networking. you have linked in and the website, but you can just go in
9:44 am
these. and across the bay area, there are events happening for different industries. people want to work with people they like more so than necessarily the skill set. so if you got hustle, they feel like that is something they cannot teach something but they can teach you the technical skills set. >> right. keep the hook in the water. >> yes. >> thank you for joining us. coming up, the oak lands roots are off and running. the first match was just played. we'll sit down with the pro soccer team's head coach. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance,
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so you only pay for what you need. i wish i could shake your hand. granted. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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a get chills watching the first goal. a fantastic event that the staff put together. >> were you surprised by the
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sellout? >> i was and i wasn't. i think people in oakland, when we have a top division team come out to oakland, we sell out the coliseum. so we knew there was and and site for and and appetite for soccer. >> this is polarizing and it has rich culture and history t and being from there, i had an immense attraction to the city itself and i have deep love for it and that question of why hasn't pro soccer ever been in oakland, we asked that question over and over for three years and listened to people. and it felt right. when you pair good brand games and good community action, i think that is when you start to slowly build culture. >> this is some of the video.
9:49 am
the lines were long when you started telling the jerseys and people were waiting for hours to get their hands on it. you're a day area guy. what was it about this opportunity that sold you. >> you listen the vision that these guys have. they really are visionaries. i think from my standpoint, having been a part of the launch of mls, this is something that really hits home with me. is it local for me. i'm happy to be back and a part of it. i cannot say enough about what these guys have done. >> we got a rich mixture of experienced players, guys that have played in mls and youth
9:50 am
world cups. he played in hundred honduras and jack scores a hat trick. this is a player that i watched as a kid and grown to like and happy to have him with us. >> when they talked about the raiders packing up and the warriors packing up and going san francisco, was this the right time to start a soccer franchise in oakland with all of that going on? >> yes. when we started this contest, we never knew they were leaving. but in lives sometimes perfect time and being first collide, special things happen. i think the people were looking for something to cheer for and
9:51 am
something to root for. >> it is great soccer. and the next oakland roads game is sunday. this is the home field and they are playing a mexican football club. you can check out the ticket prices on and click on web links. congratulations. thank you for coming in. coming up on mornings on the 9:00, a beloved pie shop in the city is closing its doors even why the customers have been packing it for years. coming up short in his latest competition. how joey chestnut did in the chicken wing eating championship.
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fans and fellow actors are praying for kevin hart what was in a terrible car accident. he and the driver suffered major back injuries and taken to the hospital. disney and marvel have been dominating the box office all summer long. but even with the movies shall the overall tickets are down. summer ticket sales are down 2% from last year. for the year, the ticket sales are more than 6%. they believe that higher ticket prices are responsible for most
9:55 am
of the drop. a new survey shows half of all americans want to make sure that their vacations will give them a chance to truly ab away from work. 50% of workers don't want to have access to wi-fi while on vacation. two-thirds people say they asked, they feel pressure to stay connected to their job even if they are off. 24% said they make sure they have cell phone connection. this pie shop will be close even though they are always busy. they said that the prices have grown over the past five years. managers still had trouble finding employees that could afford to live in the city.
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it is mug monday. and now is your chance to win a fox 2 news mug. to enter and see the official contest rules, go to and click on the contest tab right there at the top of the page. so don't miss out on your to win. these are the mugs that we are talking about. this is ktvu plus on the other. take a picture with the mug and send it over to tuesday and we'll put it on air next week. that is a video that i cannot look at. joey chestnut came up a little short in one of the biggest chicken eating contests in the country. >> national chicken wing championship yesterday was held
9:57 am
in buffalo, new york. that is about one wing every three seconds. i don't met with chicken wings, they are not worth the effort. when i see that is correct the first thing that goes to my mind, choking has to be one of the hazards of that. >> i didn't think of that. >> do you eat wings? >> yes, one of my favorites. >> thanks for joining us. see you back here at noon.
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welcome to indianapolis, indiana. welcome to history. welcome to the 65th running of the chevrolet performance nhra u.s. nationals here at lucas oil raceway indianapolis. it is monday. as tradition tells us in the sport of drag racing, it is the day of great consequence in our sport. it is a great of great consequences for the competitors who are trying to establish not only themselves in the history books of being a u.s. nationals winner but also a championship contender, earning their locked-in spots for the nhra's countdown to the championship, which will commence at the next race in reading, pennsylvania. we're running the pro stock motorcycle category right now. we see thhave just transitioned from the


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