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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 3, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and what we can expect inthe coming days. from ktvu fox 2 news. this is mornings on to two. >> thank you for joining us on this thursday morning, september 3rd. i'm pam cook. hurricane dorian manufacturing at a smile's pace. it has come down from 120 to 115. everything says it looks like it is going to stay off the coast of florida al hope though it is about 75 miles or so away. some of the outer bands are making a huge impact. higher surf. strong wind as well. so i mean, imagine, that far away, you are still getting some impact, and it has just parked itself over the bahamas which say bad case. a lot of the outer bands continue to kind of funnel in and they are already impacking parts of the florida coast here. so with some heavy wind and brief heavy rain. maybe some thunderstorm
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activity and the wind haas picked up. also orlando, day to i that beach, cocoa, cape n ca navral in on that. you can get gusts ath 50 miles per hour. sit offshore and close enough that some of the impacts are now being felt. storm surge as well. it does look like the track is going to take you to the north slowly. it should start to accelerate at 24 to 36 hours. the best opportunity for the high to get close enough would be south carolina or north carolina. that is a couple of days away, you guys. >> thank you, steve. as steve is just talking ant those outer bands already causing some severe weather. hurricane dorian cons to cause historic destruction. cocoa beach, florida. we can see a significant amount of wind there. >> that's right. good morning to you. we are standing on the beach here and you get a great look
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of the ocean why where you can see the waves are getting bigger and far more powerful. high tide is not for another three hours, but already the waves are coming right up to the tune line and of course dunes are in place on these barrier islands to protect them. so when high tide comes along, we're going to be watching the storm surge which could be anywhere between four and seven feet at its worst. >> yeah, we're ready. >> the slow-moving storm sluggishly making its approach for florida's east coast. hurricane dorian expected to make a traffic gradual track north bringing life-threatening storm surge, damaging winds and heavy rain. parts of florida already seeing an increased wind speed and rough surf. >> definitely higher waves. definitely more water rolling in. >> officials ordering in hundreds of thousands of people in florida, georgia and the carolinas to evacuate coastal areas. folks spending monday
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driverring inland or moving to shelters. >> overnight dorian remains very stationary. the hurricane already unleashing record fury on the bahamas loving catastrophic damage in its wake. streets homes and bids with water. one home slammed. multiple islanders have died with many more hurt in this storm. this video showing several injured people airlifted by coastguard helicopters to a hospital. >> we are in the midst of historic tragedy in parts of northern bahamas. our mission and focus now is such -- search, rescue, and recovery. >> pam all morning we have been talking about evacuation orders and whether or not
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people have been listening. here in florida, there are over 10,500 people staying in more than 100 shelters. >> how far inland they are. we have heard in the bahamas people are moving in the shelters and the storm is so big. here in florida, they shut down some of the school districts because they were anticipating the bad weather this week. so many of those schools that were closed were reopened as shelters and they range from shelters that have are for families. 120 of them across the state of florida. >> thank you so much for that live update. we'll continue to check in with you throughout our coverage here and our team coverage of hurricane dorian. and we are coping a ose eye
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for us. when or where that will move next. sit moving very slowly. in our next half hour, we are also going to check in with doug in washington d.c. fema preparing for, of course, what is left in the aftermath of each storm. >> leave the bahamas alone. back to work. summer is over. labor day is coming and gone. >> we do have a lot of slow traffic out there, frank, and pam, the westbound bay bridge approaches. it is going to be slow which is not unusual. but just getting here on 580 is slow. there was a stalled vehicle along that. that means highway 24 is also slow coming down as you join 80 or out towards 580 or the mcí area chu maize. that whole area is slow. interstate 880 so far is moderately heavy, and then you will see the east bay commute does have a little bit of slow traffic on 680 in dublin. i want to talk about our the
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bay area commute and the south bay. for the most part, traffic is okay. if you are on story road near 101, there is a closure for a deadly accident that happened overnight. it is not affecting the freeway but it is affecting story road as you head toward highway 101. there is 280 in san jose. you can see northbound on the right there, the commute there is looking good. 6:06. let's go back to the desk. the u.s. coastguard is now confirming 25 people are dead with several others still missing after that boat fire off the central that california coast early yesterday morning. ktvu joins us live. she is inside the newsroom and a total of 39 people were scuba diverring when that fire broke out. kristina? >> yeah, that's right. good morning to you, frank. authorities are searching for at least nine people who are still missing and that fire broke out on a 75-foot boat named conception that was being used for a recreational diving trip over the holiday weekend.
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that frantic call came for help around 3:30 monday morning saying there were 39 people onboard. the boat was fully engulfed when rescuers aarrived. authorities believe most of the passengers onboard were likely asleep below deck when that fire started. the boat sank about four hours after that mayday call with officials saying it is now laying inverted on the seabed in roughly 52 feet of water. five crew members survived by jumping into an inflatable tender boat and they were rescued by good samaritans other on a nearby fishing boat. the conception was owned by truth aquatics out of santa barbara pictured on its website. it has been contracted by worldwide diving adventures for a labor day expedition on saturday. and now family and mends of the passengers are rushing to the shore. he got off of the boat. he is one of the survivors.
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we will search throughout the knight and the morning. we will be prepared to move into the worst outcome. >> one of the people reportedly missing is christy sims's dad from santa cruz issued as a guide on the adventures website. hadder brother of houston posted on facebook that christy is his sister and she was leading that diverring tour. authorities we understand this morning in southern california are going to be giving updates on their search effort this is morning. that is going to happen at 10:00. as soon as that information comes to our newsroom, we will bring it to you. ktvu, fox 2 news. also happening today, the hill park in gilroy will reopen to the public more than a month after the deadly shooting at the festival. the park will reopen at 8:00 this morning and at 10:30,
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there will be a brief moment of silence. organizers will honor the three young people killed. the search continues for a man from bellmont missing for a week. families and friends of paul farmer gathered to raise awareness about the search. they held a rally at twin pines park. he has been missing since last monday when he went on a walk and never returned home. >> we have a buddy syst. one p did they see bushes or slopes? if they get out of the car, we'll look. we are trying to do the best that we can to find him. paul farmer was last seen near his home. farmer is 5' 11. he was last seen wearing a red hats, glass glass, blue jeans and black shoes.
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what lead to a worker being suspicious about two passengers that had an emergency alarm was pulled to. men were about to board a flight from newark, new jersey's liberty airport when the airline employee confronted them. airport police with rifles converged on the terminal. passengers were told to evacuate. some passengers raced outside the terminal and out on to the tarmack. it turned out the to be a false aalmost and everyone was allowed back inside the womenning and on to their flight. that did include the two men the worker was concerned about. today the alameda city council is scheduled to vote on whether to strengthen protections for tenants. council will debate whether to revise the city's rent-control ordnance. proposed changes incloud relocation payments if the tenant leaves because rent is increased by more than 10% and increasing the time landlords must live on their property from one to throe years after they move inner and vick tenants. right now, it is 6:10 n.
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just about four hours from now, the warriors officially open their new home. up next, we're going to take you live to the chase center for a preview of this morning's ribbon-cutting ceremony. at 6:30, the latest bart train station to limit the use of paper tickets. stay with us. it has been kind of a chore trying to get to the bay bridge. we had a couple of broken down cars. those are gone. it is very crowded troying to drive to the bridge. dge. pretty good delta wind. bigger fog bank and it looks like temperatures will start to inch downward. there is blaine debt of fog out there. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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comb back. the town hall starts at 5:30 at the ballroom on franklin street in oakland. he suffered a setback and did
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qualify for the debate in houston. kamala harris will return to in were notary public this weekend. they protested accusing of unfair labor practices. senator harris told the crowd she has devoted her life to working families and would continue if she is elected yan cox. five contents of abandoned storage hockers and sells what he finds. when he opened his latest purchase, he found a purple heart medal with a telegram addressed to mrs. bertha brown dedicated way back in 1944. it says her son, robert b. brown had been killed. he tried to contact the locker's former loaner but didn't have any luck. >> i know that if it was my
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family and something like that was out there, they may not know about it. so, that would be something i would want. i definitely don't want to try to process from that or anything. i want to make sure they get back to who he belongs to. >> his father and grandfather both served. making sure the met dahl is returned is especially important to him. well, the warriors will hold their official ribbon- cutting ceremony this morning for the new chase center. >> years ago it went up pretty quick. ktvu is live in san francisco at the new sports and entertainment complex. alley, good morning. >> yes, you're right. it did come up. it broke ground two years ago and now the chase center officially will open today with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. more than a billion dollars in seven years in the making. take a look behind us. it looks very impressive. the 18,000 feet arena. it sits right on the water overlooking the bay. the address here is one within
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warriors way. there is a street. you can see the wall of windows on the side overlooking the water. in the atree crumb inside, they have those led lights lit up. let's show you what it looks like inside. we had a chance to get an early preview of the arena last week. the floor looks familiar. pretty similar to what the iors had. but the scoreboard is all new. it zoo is 82 by 52 feet maki it one of the largest in the league. when it comes to food ask drinks at the fame, the chase center will feature local restaurants and eatery -- eateries. the you giant scoreboard retracts so that when people come to see a concert at this venue. not just baseball games here but other types of events, people have an unother stricter instructed view. the first event here on friday is a concert. it will be metal that and the san francisco symphony perfming.
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the warriors will play their first preseason game here against the l. a. lakers on october 5th. later this morning, it kicks off with that ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10:30. governor garvin newsome and the president and chairman will all be on hand for that event. we will be here as well to cover it. live in san francisco, ktvu fox 2 news. so gorgeous. it was kind of a down home feeling and now it is going to be hoity toity. i think people in san francisco. i think some people there have machine knee. >> there are. i have heard that. >> good point by you. there is other fee be ever few bucks. hey, you know what? let's go out and take a look at
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the commute now if you are driving out for the bay bridge coming to san francisco. it has been a tough commute. we have had a couple of earlier stalled vehicles no. major problems on the bridge but it is heavy traffic getting out toward the toll plaza. there has been some slow traffic already on 880, but this commute still looks pretty good past the oakland coliseum into downtown oakland. if you are looking at 880 south, we had an earlier problem on highway 92. 880 is not too slow. 680 is slowing down through pleasantton and we also do have slow traffic this morning onhighway 4 through baypoint which is typical driving off toward 680 is also slow. the south bay commute. a live look at 2808 and san jose. this traffic is looking very good driving up highway 17 so far. at 6:19, let's bring steve in. >> sal, you have had the pleasure of being in the chase. the scoreboard is bigger than i have ever seen. it may not be the biggest in the world, but it is the biggest i personally have ever
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seen. >> thank you, stir. we'll get to it, here. a bigger fog bank. it looks cooler to me. i think the data we use for our high temperatures is a little too warm. they have really struggled in the last, i would say four to six weeks. that is just my opinion, but some areas they are okay. other areas, they are not even close. 60s to 90s. bigger fog bank. highs near average though. the monsoon was so close. truckee with mainly southern si ra and central. a few high clouds taking aim. but today's forecast, if you are well north or east, it will still be in the low 90s. pleasantton and morganhill the 80s. martinez, emoryville. 73. 60 san francisco, half moon bay at 77. palo alto down two. close tore town not at stanford. concord, though, 96 to 89. they are running nine degrees cooler than 24 hours or so.
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san jose just went down a bit. the weather more so tomorrow. oakland, 63. there are a lot more 50s. now, you are seeing the temperature change in 24 hours ago. minus two napa airport. minus six in concord. fairfield, livermore, san jose. if it feels cooler, it is. one degree cooler than berkeley proper. haven't seen that in a while. the city at 58. that is one of the cooler lows they have seen in a while. the water temperatures have been coming down. san francisco still 60. i expect it to go to 59. awest/southwest 22 bust gusting almost 0 miles an hour. that is double what it was. that is a sure sign this time of year. as long as it holds, i don't think it will collapse. that low is getting too close.
6:22 am
that is going to ramp up the cooling trend. there is a hurricane that is not going to impact or anything else. it is move ago way and will move into colder water and then fall apart. some of that moisture could, maybe in a week or so play into our weather but i don't think so. that has kind of been a rarity here. we haven't seen much of that. usually we do get some in august or september. 60s to upper 80s. low 90s. the next couple of days are starting to look cooler. we'll take that into thursday and then it does look a tiny bit warmer friday but a big- time cooling trend will go into your weekend. >> thank you, steve. 6:22 is the time right now. one of the victims in this past weekend's mass shooting in texas grew up in the bay area. up next, we hear from his sister who says he moved south because he wanted a safe place to raise liz family. plus, we'll show do you colorful loving tribute to two california police officers killed in the line of duty.
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welcome back. police officers were honored if a very colorful way. in sacramento, hundreds of local artists spent the labor day weekend transforming the sidewalk around freemont park into into a colorful checkerboard of chalk art. it was all part of the annual
6:26 am
chalk it up festival. there were two squares that stood out from the i rest. two squares right next to each other to honor davis police officer natalie corona. they died in separate incidents in the line of duty this year. >> for me, it just, you know, it is really that service that these two women gave to the community to their respective communities and departments. and you gave it their all. it is especially to hop knorr them. >> proceeds are put back in the community. the labor day block party was the place to be for hip hop fans. the block party has expanded from one day to an entire weekend. this is the 8th year for the labor day festival. it was founded by oakland's own hyroglyphics. food and more than a dozen acts
6:27 am
on stage. for most of the party goers, it is all about the music. >> i came here last year. it is interesting how the community came together to enjoy oakland. >> keep it coming. we'll be back next year. we also spotted the oakland's as mascot out and about enjoying the music and taking photos with some fans. rescue crews are hoping to find anyone that may have survived that swept through a boat carrying recreational supervisors and one person who was still missing owns a diving company in santa cruise. >> we continue to watch hurricane doian slowly moving to the southeast. millions of people are at risk n. just a moment, we're going to go live to washington d.c. and check in on the response from fema and its emergency plans. we live with at&t
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and we are well past the honeymoon phase. oooh lufa. ocupado tom. at&t, what's this i hear about you advertising a 100% fiber network? only like a fraction of my customers can get that. that's it?!? you have such a glass half-empty attitude. the glass is more than half-empty! you need to relax tom. oww! tom, you need a little tom time. a little tt. stop living with at&t. xfinity delivers gig speeds to more homes than anyone.
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s you 22. is mornings on 2. i am in for dave clark. >> nice to have you here. good morning. aim pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. i know the hurricane is behind you. we also want to know what it is going to be like here in the bay area. >> it will be cooler.
6:31 am
pay attention. temperatures near average to below or above. overall, we going to see a pattern that will be different in september than it was in august which was hot for me. a few high clouds maybe drifting in, and you can see there is a little system to the west. that is going to ramp up that fog bank and push a will the of that monsoon moisture out over the next 24 to 36 hours. 50s for many. 60s for some. now, 49ty grows. how about that? and 51 at bodega bay. that has cooled off bigime. 55. and it is almost down to 53. to be more reluctant to bring back and temperatures starting to come down a little bit leer. 60s, 70s, 80s and a few low
6:32 am
90s. we do have traffic that is moving along pretty well if you are drive ago long bay area commutes. we are looking at the richmond bridge and traffic is getting a little bit low slower approaching the toll plaza here. there have been no major issues. the bay bridge. sit going to be a tough tuesday coming around. you can see how slow it is getting to the bay bridge. 580 had an earlier stall so we had a number of just minor things that have made it just a little bit more tough getting to the bay bridge into san francisco. no problems on interstate 80 from this area of east oakland all the way up to downtown. it looks pretty good. 880 south, however, does have some slow traffic and this morning's commute to the south bay is okay. this is a live look at 2808 and san jose. it looks pretty good. 6:32. let's go back to the desk. we following some breaking news. we are told that there is a fire burning at an apartment on canyon village circle. there is a map right there showing the area. most of the fire has been
6:33 am
dispatched to the scene. this is not far from the diablo plaza shopping center. now, we do have ktvu's alisyn rodriguez heading to the scene there. an apartment fire. when she get there is and getting some more information for us, we will check in with her. authorities in southern california are expected to give under the circumstances some more information about that deadly boat fire over the weekend. scuba diverring boat caught fire around 3:30 yesterday morning. 39 people were aboard the conception. about 60 feet off the coast of santa cruz island which is near santa barbara. the coast guard says five of the crew members were rescued. it also told the associated press that 25 other people are dead. the final count will be determined from their autopsies. a news conference is set for 10:00 this morning.
6:34 am
you authorities did not sound optimistic. >> we will search, but we all should be prepared to move into the worst outcome. >> one of the people is kristy fi in actionerstead stad. a guide. on houston posted on facebook. kristy is says sister and she was leading that diving tour. people in west texas are mourning those killed in this weekend's mass shooting. high school students in other december that so are planning to wear yellow in solid arty with the victim's families. authorities gave information and they say the 36-year-old gunman had been fired from his  job just hours before that shooting spree. >> we're going through that. i know a number of you have been out there. it is a very strange residence. it is very small. i can tell you the conditions
6:35 am
reflect his mental state. >> a total of seven people were killed including a 15-year- old girl, a teacher and a truck driver. the gunman was shot and killed during a shoot-out with police outside a movie theater. now the truck driver who was killed is from the bay area. rudy arbco grew up in san bruno. he moved from the bay area to las vegas and opened several tacoias. he moved to odessa and started a trucking company last october on the anniversary of the las vegas mass shooting because he thought it would be safer for his family in texas. she also said she had a gift of lifting people up with laugh administer. other to make people feel good and make people feel that there was a possibility. he was a very positive fan. and he will be -- >> again, that is his sister. he is survived by five children and six grandchildren.
6:36 am
his family plans to hold a public memorial service here in the bay area on september 14th. let's get back to the very latest on hurricane dorian now. fema says it is ready for whatever the storm system may lever behind here in the u. s. continuing our hurricane coverage. he's live from fema headquarters in washington dc. with that part of the story. doug? fema is trying to stay a step ahead of the storm. not an easy thing to do given the path and creating a number of headaches here in washington. we are getting an early look at what hurricane dorian has left blind in the bahamas. the slow-moving storms. >> we're getting a lot of distressed calls. a person needing rescue. needing to be rescued but we cannot get to them right now. >> but where will dorian head next. that is the critical and cuff
6:37 am
to answer question. >> if the center comes close tore the coast, you can have seven foot. storm surge is the most deadly hazard in a hurricane. that is why we have warnings up in place now along the florida east coast. >> and power trucks prepare to move in after the storm. fema is confident that they are ready to go. >> as you look at the room behind me, about 100al employees around the clock from different agencies working in support of those teams that are already on the ground and out in the field. we have the resources we need. >> but that assurance comes amidst questions from democrats about the trump administration's earlier decision to use fema money to help fund ongoing immigration issues. >> this is not a great optic. it is one that democrats are -- for sure, it is responses of not being as good as they said it could be or would be, then i imagine the democrats would focus on that more. >> fema maintains that the
6:38 am
shifting of funds will not have an impact on their storm response. back to you guys. >> all right, doug, thank you for that. the fringes of hurricane dorian are affecting tourists planning to go to some of orlando's most popular theme parks. walt disney world will close nearly all of its park early this afternoon, but the blizzard beach water park will be shut down all day. universal volcano bay will also be closed for the bay, but other attractions will remain open. orlando, sea world is also closed for the entire day. all the parks say they will reopen with regular hours when it is safe to do so. this morning, several bay area nurses are on standby in florida. the nurses are members of the registered nurse response network or rn rn. they say they volunteer now for the same reasons they became nurses in the first place. >> we do this to help people. it is kind of what the core of nursing is about. and they definitely have a need right now.
6:39 am
>> the nurses also say they are willing to go to the bahamas. the group sent volunteers to puerto rico in the aftermath of hurricane maria and went to florida last year when hurricane michael hit. the search and rescue team is also on alert from south to north carolina. the 36 team members not on active status yet but they say they are ready to go when called. they spent the labor day weekend preparing and packing 45,000 pounds of their guilt equipment. the crew was called to help with hurricane lane and hurricane irma in florida. two years ago. they have been on a number of emergency response areas. our team coverage of hurricane doian continues throughout the morning. steve paulson will keep a close watch on the forecast as well. we will check in with reforters who are live along the florida coast. and the fema headquarters in washington d.c. bart will stop selling
6:40 am
paper tickets in san francisco. passengers can still use the paper tickets. but bart is switching now to the clipper card. this is the third bart station to phase out those paper tickets. the 19th street oakland station made the switch last month. 6:40 is the time right now. heartbreak for an east bay family. a stray bullet took the life of a mother of five. when we return, we have comments, reaction from her family and search for is the the shooter. good news about the condition of comedian kevin hart. his progress after a terrible crash involving had him and his driver over the holiday weekend. right now we want to check in our newsroom with a look at what else is coming up on mornings on 2. >> when i join you in minutes, the surf con fest that put mavericks on the map will be no more. what used to be annual contest that brought the world's best surfers has been suspended in indefinitely. the two reasons organizers say maverick has ended.
6:41 am
also, immigration agents now say they can make safe social media accounts to follow people and watch their posts. why they are turning to social media for information on foreigners seeking visas, green cards, and sidship and how the development is counter to what two of the biggest social media sites allow. we'll be right back. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations.
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welcome back. the homeless man accused of attacking a man is back in court today. at his last hearing, 25-year- old vincent was denied bail. vincent faces multiple charges in connection with the august 11th attack. his defense attorney says vincent was, quote, at a point of crisis that night and needs treatment for men it will health. a mother was hit and killed by a stray bullet. marta and her husband were on east 22nd street walking to her car when she was hit early yesterday morning. she was 44 years old. police say there will been an altercation nearby that had nothing to do with the couple. so far, no arrests have been made. >> we're looking for any witnesses. we're canvassing the neighborhoods. we are looking at any video
6:45 am
surveillance that could help us. >> her killing marked the 48th homicide in oakland so far this year. police say they are doing all they can to stoop the violence. officers say since january they have seized nearly 600 guns used in crimes. we have learned that a body found in the bay near the oakland estuary is that of a man who crashed through a gate at the england airport. officials say it all began sunday morning when an alameda county deputy tried to stop a driver who ran a stop sign at the airport. the driver sped off, crashed through a gate and stopped will you the runway. he got out of the truck and jumped into the water. his name was being held until his family is notified. time now is 6:45. kevin hart is expected to make full recovery after being injured in a serious car crash in mall bow early yesterday morning. sheriff deputies say hart was a passenger in his 1970 plymoth barracuda when the car veered
6:46 am
off in malibu and rolled done annabelle bankment. hart and the driver were rushed to the hospital. late today, hart's wife told reporters that her husband and the two other people in the car are doing fine. actor and activist danny glover gave kaiser workers abest a boost as they held a rally in oakland. >> you continue that fight and the struggle continues. the group marched the kaiser medical center on broadway demanding a new contract. union workers want higher wages and more benefit. kaiser employees say enough to support middle class families here in the bay area. kaiser says it is already doing that. >> kaiser permanente remains committed toproviding top market wages and top market been fits for all of our
6:47 am
employees. >> kaiser perm innocente says it is offer being california wers a pay raise of 3% each year for the year of 22022. 54 kaiser worker and supporters were cited for failing to follow police orders in a demonstration outside a kaiser office downtown. union workers say they want kaiser to stop outsourcing jobs and use income to improve patient care, not executive salaries if there is no agreement, more than 82,000 employees could all go on strike early next month. today is dollars and ever cents. the trade war continues to affect the global market. here in the u.s., the dow dropped 200 points right off the bat. china foiled a come may not with the world trade organization over the trump administration's tariffs. now on under, the u.s. imposed a new round of tab riffs including clothing, toys, and electronics.
6:48 am
in response, you choi that increased tariffs. the next round of trade negotiations are scheduled in washington d.c. you and it looks tense on wall street. facebook users may no longer be able to see the number of likes. textreportings facebooker may hide the like counter so people don't worry. instagram is testerring hiding the like counter in several countries. not here in the u.s. yet. they would still be able to view the number of likes on their own post but no one else will be able to see that number. >> i think i am okay with that. >> i like the idea. i think it has become a lot of pressure.
6:49 am
us you it's become a popularity contest. >> frank, that trivia thing is very popular. >> he does a great job. people ask me about that. i do want to begin with that crash we have been telling you about on story road near highway 101. this is a deadly crash and it has been out here for quite some time. they have the road blocked story road near highway 101. as you can see, the police are doing an investigation and story road is near 101. it is not the best way to go right now. it is not affecting the freeway. it is affecting traffic on some of the other roads approaching story road. give yourself extra time. the bay bridge toll plaza. getting there has been slow.
6:50 am
this is because of earlier problems. once you transition from the maize to the toll plaza, it looks all right. you can see it is going to take time to get there. interstate 880 in oakland still looks all right from the oakland coliseum. it is running a little cooler this morning. honestly, the information i used to forecast high temperatures has really struggled the last couple of weeks. a nice 50 degrees this morning. it peoples good to be a little colder. i would agree with that. lows have been very, very warm. pope valley at 48. american canyon, though, 59. but in between, two observations, napa showing 54. i certainly believe that is 50. because there are some that are in the low 50s. bodega bay is 52. and bigger fog bank today. the delta wind is up early.
6:51 am
it has been gusting to about 30 miles an hour. that is double what it was yesterday. a few high clouds kind of cruising in from a low that is offshore. as that low gets closer, it is going to really set the stage for a pretty good little cool- down. it held on to a few 90s here. but pleasantton. emoryville, 73. and 77. but san francisco and halfmoon bay the 60s. palo alto down two. concord, up 96 to 89. and san jos down 180. but that low swinging in is going to usher in a much stronger delta breeze. also a bigger fog bank. 50s and 60s on the temporarilies. a lot more 50s than we have seen. west at napa. not that strong. but fairfield is gusting at 30 or 31 miles per hour. a lot more to work with with the fog. there is another hurricane for us. it is called juliet. sit not going anywhere near land or anything going out to
6:52 am
sea. some of the moisture and maybe a week's time is felt in here. so far, it has been a no slow on other a lot of that moisture august into september. 60s and 70s and 80s. temperatures look like they are on their waterway down through thursday. a little bump up on friday. a pretty good little low looks like it is going to pay a visit over the weekend. that will turn us cooler again. singer songwriter khalid giving back to his hometown of el paso, texas. when we come back, find out just how much he has raised at his weekend benefit concert for the victims of last month's deadly shooting outside that walmart. a school district is banning the popular harry potter book series. the reason harry is not wanted in their dallasroom. >> before we go a live picture of new york's time square. the hustle and bustle of the big apple. a lot of cats down there. labor day is over and that means it is back to work. back to school. the whole shebang.
6:53 am
we're watching mornings on 2 on a tuesday. fox 2 news. ♪ ♪
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yesterday, a car was
6:56 am
spotted which have been involved in several break-ins in the city. officers tried to pull that car over, he crashed into another car. the people inside the car then jumped out and ran out. police arrested two of them a few blocks away. they were forced to get out of the car, and they are still looking for the man. san jose police are still looking for the three suspects involved in a deadly police race. sag penta bmw were racing at the time when the driver of the jeep lost control and smashed into a tree. the driver and the passenger inside of the jeep were killed. surveillance video showing three men from that bmw actually got out of the car, took a glance at the wreckage, and then got in their car and drove away. trump administration says it will reconsider his decision to force immigrants facing life- threatening health crises things
6:57 am
crises to go back to their home country. this comes after immigration services abruptly eliminated a deferred action program on aust the seventh. it had allowed immigrants to stay here in the u.s. for life- saving medical treatment. immigration officials say cases that were pending on or before august 7th will be re-examined. at the same time, the agency suggested it was winding down consideration of future medical deferral requests. the uss arizona in honolulu has reopened following a 15 month closure for repairs. the pearl harbor historic site reopened on sunday and a large crowd of people lined up to see where world war ii began for the united states. tourist and locals were already in line before sunrise, and then the gates finally opened. struck some visitors say they had never seen the memorial before. others came to just pay respects.>> i just lost my dad was a veteran, and i just
6:58 am
wanted to come and pay some kind of respect in memory of my dad. >> the memorial closed in may of 2018 for repairs after king tides dislodged the concrete block anchoring system. is a chicken sandwich grave turned violent your command pulled a gun at a popeye's chicken after being told they were sold out. the man was in a group of five people who rushed the door of the popeye's chicken restaurant in houston last night. they were demanding chicken sandwiches. a restaurant worker was able to lock them out. before coming to the door, the group was told at the drive- through that the sandwiches were sold out. nobody was hurt, and the group took off empty-handed. a catholic school in nashville, tennessee, has banned harry potter books because a pastor at school says the books contain spells which can conjure up evil spirits. the pastor sent an email to all of the parents saying he has consulted several exorcists in the u.s. and in rome, and it
6:59 am
was recommended that the school remove the books. the pastor also said the books present magic is both good and evil, which, he says, is just not true and a deception. sports, the giants will try to rebound today is your playoff hopes continue to fade. they are all but over. the cardinals jumped on giant starter yesterday for a couple exnd their lead in the ning and third. they nearly scored two more in the seventh, but watch kevin make a diving grab in center field. great catch. he saved a couple of runs. the giants only run came in the eighth on marie seo dupont's first career home run. the giants have lost six out of seven after dropping this one 3- 1, they are back playing the cardinals again tonight. corey kane dorian is now a category three hurricane inching toward the united states. we are live in cocoa beach
7:00 am
florida with when is expected to hit, and thousands eoe being told to evacuate. a gunfire fire on a boat just off the california coast. a stray bullet hits a mother in oakland. what we are learniabout the victim and who fired the bullet. this is mornings on 2. good morning. >> good morning everyone. we are glad to have you on board. a lotta news today. or kane dorian, let's check in for steve to get the very latest. it is beginning to make a very slow, slow move out of the bahamas. it has been there, hard to imagine, 24 hours, and it was stationary for a while. can you imagine a hurricane stationary. it needs


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