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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 17, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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i think he knows he's not going to get support except financially. >> president trump planning a visit. what he is planning to do while he's here. >> this is mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us here on this tuesday morning, september 1st. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulsen knows everything. he's right -- he's right here. >> at least about weather. sit why we are here. some 40s. we noticeably cooler compared to yesterday this time. we get a little break here. this is looking very similar for some light rain. mostly sunny, breezy. nights conditions will be near average to below again. i would expect this to be trend for most of the week and maybe into next week.
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it looks warm friday and towards saturday. coming out of the northwest, just some patchy low clouds around. much drier hair air has moved in. the next system throe is dropping out of the gulf of alaska. you have to like the pattern with temperatures in the 70s and some off and on rain. they are getting stronger here. 40s for some. 50s for many. there arsome low 50s around. we 17 degrees cooler in fairfield. double digits for many. mostly sunny tuesday. in will have colder air for you favoring north and east. so the sierra might get some lower snow levels by tomorrow. 60s and 70s on your temperatures. 5:01. sal is here and going to tell us it is okay so far. >> yeah, you know, especially since yesterday we had such a terrible start. today, we are up by comparison it looks easy. so far so good on the dublin
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interchange. let's start there. westbound 580. we have a little bit of slow traffic where 508 and 205 meet which is typical. some of the roadwork they had at new marina boulevard has been cleared, and this is a look at interstate 880 in front of the coliseum. right now at the bay bridge toll plaza, there is a little bit of a wait. those metering lights should be going on pretty soon. at 5:02, let's go back to the desk. president trump is scheduled to fly in mountainview for his 2020 campaign trail trip. he will make a fund-raising stop in silicon valley, but no other details are being released. now, the rnc's invitation listed ticket prices ranging from $1000 per person to $100,000 per couple. those tickets include a seat at the president's table and a photo. republicans attending the fund- raising luncheon are excited about the first visit to the bay area as president.
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>> we are a minority here so we often only get to see the president on television. we don't get to see him in fern. so that is pretty exciting. >> one of the most influential places in the world. the political energy goes in a different direction here, it is important for the president of the quite to come into the area. >> sources say this will be a very quick trip, and president trump will likely be leaving by early afternoon. he does have a fund-raising dinner scheduled in beverly hills tonight and two more in los angeles and san diego tomorrow. they are expected to pull in as much as 15 misdemeanor million dollars. he was met with large groups with large. today, antitrump are planning to file a balloon. locations for the luncheon fund- raiser have not been announced. activists with the backbone campaign say they will be in
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los altos between 10:00 this morning and 4:00 this afternoon for the antitrump rally. time is 5:04. president trump's former campaign manager is due to testify today. it is the first house hearing to investigate calls for impeaching president trump. he was subpoenaed by the house judiciary committee last month along with rick gearborne, a former deputy chief of staff and policy at the white house. the white house reportedly is saying that both men have immunity from testifying and has told them not to answer any questions about events that allegedly occurred after president trump was elected. kaiser mental health workers will go on strike after months of contract negotiations. they are taking action after the company made a make or break day in talks. now, ktvu joins us now from kaiser's executive offices in oakland. good morning, sarah. >> good morning, pam.
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we did speak to some picketers who say they will be out here at 5:45. we are waiting for them here to show up. this is a one-day strike and it is followed by a rally later on this morning. this is over contract negotiations. workers demand executives return to the bargaining table. today is thdeadline for mental health worrs to accept a contract offered by kaiser. kaiser gave them an ultimatum to accept the offer or lose a 3% retroactive to last october. 92% voted to reject kaiser's offer in june. workers say the offer doesn't go far enough to address the long wait for therapy appointments. the workers have a counteroffer that would hire more full-time positions to reduce the wait times, establish crisis services at every clinic and give clinicians more time for patient care. kaiser mental health clinicians have worked without a contract since october of last year and say they are fighting to give their patients better access to services. in addition to the protest here
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in oakland this morning, conditions at the clinic will hold a one-day strike today. the picket starts at 6:00 this morning, and the rally starts at 10:30 this morning. we did reach out to kaiser to get any information from them and get their side, but we haven't heard back from them yet. ifer now in oakland, ktvu, fox 2 news. >> thank you, sarah. next month, almost 80,000 kaiser workers nationwide are expected to go on strike. on october 4th, the walk-out is scheduled to last seven days and will include california, oregon, and washington. union leaders say kaiser is committing unfair labor practices. picket lines are expected outside kaiser hospitals and medical offices. happening tood in concord, renters in that east bay city are launching the first union in contra costa county. the goal reportedly is to have renters working together to stand up against unfair landlords. they'll be getting support from the union. they say concord city council has refused to even consider
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rent control or protection against some evictions. the group has support from several religious leaders, the california nurse's association, and aren'ters from around the country. also today, the san jose city council is moving towards phasing out the use of natural gas and some new buildings. supporters say moving through all electric buildings speeds up development. and it is more affordable for homeowners. if it is approved, this plan beginning in january would affect single family and low rise residential buildings. bergly passed a similar ordnance earlier this year. if the jan jose city council approves it, san jose would be california's biggest city to make all electric buildings a priority. there are now reports that iran may have been the staging ground for the weekend attacks on a large saudi arabian oil field. the wall street journal is reporting that an intelligence report indicated that iran raided the oil fields with at least a dozen missiles and 20 drones.
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now, an unnamed source told the paper that the u.s. did not provide enough evidence to saudi arabia to provide without a doubt that iran was involved. president trump believers iran is responsible but added u.s. military retaliation is not an option right now. >> there is nobody that has the f 35. they have the best fighter jets, the best rockets, the best missiles and the best equipment. but with all of that being said, we certainly would like to avoid it. >> the saudi government called the attack an unprecedented act of aggression and sabotage, but stopped short of directly pinning blame on iran. iran has denied involvement. we are keeping an eye on wall street once again. it looks like another drop on the opening. all three indexes dropped yesterday in response to that attack on the saudi arabian oil facility. the heavy losses were for companies that were very dependent on fuel including the
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airlines, the cruiselines, and some of the energy companies did move higher. for today, it looks like the dow and the s and p 500 will drop. drivers are fighting for higher prices at the pump. it could be as much as 30 cents a gallon. more price increases are possible depending on how quickly the saudis can restore production. the refineries can only carry one week's worth of reserves. president trump hah had said that the u.s. could pull some crude oil out of the strategic petroleum reserve. analysts say they creates another set of problems. >> they can't release any very quickly. there is administrative process, and there is just physical constraints. for the next few weeks or so, it is not really going to have any effect. >> now, investors also worry about the future. the security of saudi arabian operations as well as other political hotspots. more than one-third of oil comes from the middle east.
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speaking of the middle east, the polls are open in isreal today for electing a prime minister for the second time this year. this do-overelection was called because prime minister's party did not win a majority and could not form a government. the polls indicate this vote may end in another stalemate and there may possibly be a third election. well, back here at home happening today in san francisco, the man charged with attacking a woman outside of her condo complex in san francisco last month is due back in court. vincent austin is facing charges of attempted robbery, false imprisonment and battery. he was arrested after this surveillance video of the attack of the woman was released. he also identified austin as her attacker. it is 5:10. neighbors call it a ticking time bomb. coming up, frustration over part of the gas pipeline that is exposed to the elements.
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and a father now being charged in the death of his son. the boating accident over the weekend near angel island that landed a member of one of the wealthiest families of mexico in a bay area jail. good morning. we do have traffic that is going to be lamping up a little bit. we are off to a decent start for a tuesday. getter-wise, we as well much cooler this morning if you are getting ready to take the dog out for a walk. i might grab a little jacket. the dog has a fur coat on it. is cooler with lots of host. we'll take a look at the highs coming up.
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is line ask
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attorneys bg and e will be back in court. the trees are a fire hazard hand. monitors oversees the probation in a criminal pipeline safety case stemming from a fatal explosion from a pg ande natural gas line pipeline in 2010. victims of the 2017 cubs fire in santa rosa will have a chance to persuade the jury that pg ande is to blame. a superior court judge ruled yesterday that 18 plaintiffs can go to trial. they will argue that pg ande
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power lines started the fire. it was caused by a privately owned electrical system. the trial is expected to begin january 7th. and service at the south hayward bart station is back to normal after a fire there. pg ande says debris mere a power pole couth fire on industrial parkway. the utility shut off pow tore the station because the powerlines were down on the ground. bart ran buses between south haard and union city. when service resumed at about 6:30, bart saw delays. worrying about a part of the natural gas pipeline that is exposed to the elements. the pipeline is at the regional park in late yet. it runs along the buckeye ranch trail. well,now fire officials in contra costa county is getting involved. the 12-inch pipeline is a key part of the infrastructure serving several east bay cities including late yet and walnut
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creek. some residents including one couple who sit on the city's gas safety task force believe that pipeline is badly maintained and is a tick tuberculosissing time bomb. burying a pipeline. e doing something that addresses the safety. >> sit something we want to protect our community and the safety of our families and neighbors. >> our contra costa county fire chief sent a letter to pg ande demanding answers. mcallister wants to know how pg ande will secure that pipeline which has big trees hanging over it. all of its tests verify the pipeline is safe. they will continue to analyze possible threats and keep high school leaders up to date on maintenance activity. it is 5:16.
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what are you keeping an eye on, sal. >> i am looking around to make sure that we don't have any surprises. usually in the early-morning hours when we have people going really fast is when you see unfortunately some more serious crashes. right now, we in good shape the start off. we're going to do the gilroy commute. you know it is going to be there. you know about how long it takes to get through. gilroy into morgan hill you have a little bit of slowing already. that is typical. at this hour, it looks pretty good. this is northbound 280. at the bay bridge, metering lights have been switched on. it is only a five to ten-minute delay at the toll plaza. less if you are using the carpool lanes. more importantly to steve. it is dry out there and that is a big push for the morning commute. >> that is correct. tomorrow morning it might not be. >> thank you, sir. i'll tell you i just sent
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this out on twitter. some keep planning to build a bridge. let's face it. it is september. we are used to that; right? it does not look like that is happening. all the way to the end of the month, the european forecast model and global model keeps dropping in lows and now other models are starting to follow that one. i think our pattern is going to stay very active in the end of september. 06s and 70s on the forecast highs. we should be 70s and 80s. we are below here for just about everybody. i think that is going to be the theme here. maybe friday and saturday will get near normal on the temperatures. a little bit of patchy high clouds. our system kicked out a pretty good thunderstorm activity in northeast california and the sierra. there are some pretty hefty totals. what was interesting there were some heavier totals around castro value. >> morgan hill than there was up towards santa rosa. that is not something we see all the time. another system is on its way. this one has a lot more colder air with it. now, we'll track a little more northeast.
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but i think we'll get closer to it. so is fairfield. we have dropped you big-time here. we are running much cooler than 24 hours ago. fairfield, 17 degrees cooler than compared to yesterday at this time. 30 up in truckee. 56 down in monterey. overall today, tuesday looks nice. but that next system cry mata logically speaking is very high on the cold air and moisture chart. so, this will bring another round of rain. we're on kind of the western edge of it, but i think it is close enough and the forecast models starts to bring some rain. and early tomorrow morning, and then a little bit into marin. not a lot. i think there is enough. you can see tomorrow morning from oakland maybe on the san matteo coast as well. a little bit could be sneaking through. there could be enough to keep us tool cool. if you are working outside before you have any heat. that is for sure. after last week, temperatures
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staying on the cool side. friday and saturday looks normal and another low drops on sunday. 5:20 is the time. a police department in mourning remembering a san jose police officer after her courageous battle with brain cancer. plus, mario is gone. they too young to grasp that concept. friends and teammates coming to terms with the loss of a 16-year-old killed in a car crash on his birthday.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a man was found unconscious inside a car that crashed into the bay. witnesses say the convertible ford mustang plunged into the water after veering off the road. a police officer arrived on the scene first, waded into the y, and held the man's head above water until firefighters could arrive. the man was transported to the hospital, but his condition has not been released. investigators say it is unclear how fast the car was traveling or if drugs or alcohol were involved. grief counselors will be at the high school after the death of a classmate who was killed in a car crash. mario was behind the wheel. he had just furnished 16 but did not have his driver's license. the crowd gathered to mourn yesterday at simmons lane where the crash happened on sunday. police say he sped up to pass another car and lost control. he slammed into a wall and was
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killed instantly. his two passengers also 16-year- old boys were injured. investigators are now looking into how he got the keys to the car. >> that is one of the main factors we looking at right now is who the vehicle belonged to, how they got position of it. was it something they borrowed on their own, or was it given to them? >> the two boys injured in the crash were taken to the hospital but we do not know the extent of their injuries. the san jose police officer is mourning death of a police officer who lost her battle with breast cancer. she was a 17-year veteran of the san jose police force and helped recruit lgbtq officers. officers gathered yesterday in south san jose to pray and honor her life. back in july, doctors found a tumor at the stem of her brain. she died last thursday. dozens of police officers escorted her body from the hospital to a funeral home. this is straight leg raising, very sad. i lost a true, true friend, and
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it has just been very tough. >> she was all about san jose. she loved to wear this uniform. she was proud to put it on every day, and we can see she was a poster child. >> now, officer leaves behind two young children, ages six and 11. the new head of the faa says he ll pery testchanges being made to the boeing 737 max plane. steven dixon is a former 737 pilot and delta airlines executive. he plans to meet with boeing officials and test a boeing 737 max software in a simulator in seattle this week. he also expects boeing to submit its safety analysis of changes to the plane in the next few days. the faa grouped the plane. analysts say preorders for the new iphone are better than expected. apple rolled out its new phones
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last i week. despite the phone's limited new features. preorder data shows delivery times have extended a cross a couple of models. the new phones are expected to be reloosed this friday. well, with friends and the office leaving, netflix is adding to its sit come line-up. starting in 2021, all 1able 0 episodes of sieffeld will be on netflix. the new deal extends five years and replaces the current deal with hulu. you could also watch sienfel actionerd on ktvu running nightly at 12:30. 5:26 is the time. another death blamed on vaping here in california. the governor's latest campaign to fight it. also, house democrats take first step towards recommending the president be impeached. what we can expect to hear on capitol hill later today. and the bay area bridges off to a nice start. the san matteo bridge looks okay getting off to the peninsula. when we come back, we'll check out an accident on highway 4. a little cool this morning.
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we are running noticeably cooler after yesterday's rain. what -- is there any more rain on the way or are we done here for a week or two? we'll take a look. from the couldn't be prouders
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from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. well, good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday morning, september 17th. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us this morning. pretty nice day. >> i think so. >> yesterday was lovely after
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a little bit of rain. >> it wasn't bad. not bad. i guess we are head into that season where we can get a little bit of everything; right. well, usually, aim talking about heat. ed to was a little calmer and also much cooler. are you saying we are getting any more rain. it looks like tomorrow morning there will be some. i don't think it will be as much. there might be more snow in the mountain. wt here. thank you. i appreciate it. currently, 54. barback at 3001. no, he's not at the bar. that is the barometer. that is 001. picked up a .02 yesterday. are we going to have an early fall rainy season? what happens in september and october. if it does happen in october is no indication how the winter will go. however, i am leaning on cooler temperatures at least so far. that is what i am leaning on. so far we are out of the gate. mostly sunny, breezy. nice today. the forecast highs will be below average. a few for san francisco. others by about five or six
5:31 am
degrees. but i think we'll stay this way all the way until about friday or saturday. except for a few clouds around. it will be mostly sunny today. the system has clicked out. some pretty good rain. thunderstorm activity in the mountains and an even deeper system is moving in. this will favor north and east and give the sierra another shot of some snow tomorrow morning and a little bit of rain for us tomorrow. 40s and 50s for your temperatures. look how much cooler we are compared to yesterday at this time. anywhere from five to 17 degrees fairfield than we were 24 hours ago. overall, a nice tuesday. the every chus in the 750s. we'll deal with our next system coming in tomorrow. the pattern is very active. 60s and 70s on the high. >> highway 4 has a crash, steve. we're going to go to it right now. this is westbound highway 4 coming up from antioch to pittsburg if you are trying to get out of the pittsburg area heading out toward concord. you are going to see a crash that they have been clearing on westbound highway 4 coming up on just east of leverage road.
5:32 am
this crash has been there, and we also had an earlier accident on the bailey road onramp, so there are two icons there, and that means this commute is off to kind of a much slower start than usual heading off from antioch to concord. now, if you are on 680 and you don't use highway 4. if you just drive from the bridge to walnut creek, that is still a decent commute for you driving through the area. i do want to mention that traffic is already getting slower as well on 80 westbound. 37 is already getting slow as you drive out toward the 37 west. let's talk about the east shore freeway between the bridge and the mcarthur maze. a 19-minute drive. and the bay bridge lights going on just a little bit early. it is 5:30. we also full here. again, this is nothing out of the ordinary. and today, a much better day today than yesterday. there is no rain on this morning's commute commute.
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5:32. let's go back to the desk. a second person has died related to using e cigarettes. this is coming as the governor leads an aggressive new campaign that says vaping is dangerous. he announced an executive order who will crack down on counterfeit. you have more details. good morning to. you. governor is his father of four. he knows his crisis is not only affecting adults but teenagers and says something must be done. hundreds of people have already gotten sick and seven have died across the country. the latest death in california was reported from the central valley yesterday with the health department there saying the person died of a lung illness associated with vapi in actionerg. the governor will crack down on fake and altered vaping products and increase the warning label. he is launching a $20 million public awareness campaign about
5:34 am
the dangers of awareness. the market. we have seen skyrocket increase in the use of these favorite. and vaping products that you are seeing. not just a high school campuses, but increasingly in middle school campuses. as a father of four. newsome. and therefore, making it harder for teens to buy. the cdc reports that california has seen at least 63 cases of vapi in actionerg illnesses that may be related to vaping adding to the more than 300 confirmed or probable cases nationwide. now, no exact cause of the illnesses or death have been determined. but the american or medical association is urging people to stop using e cigarette products until a cause has been discovered. and recent legislation on
5:35 am
banning e flavored cigarettes fell short. newsome would like to see a bill on his desk that focuses on that next year. all right, thank. you. just in our last hour, i talked with bette galvin about the dangers of vaping. she says the medical symptoms of vapi in actionerb can be severe. >> so the symptoms tend to come on gradually over a riod of week al days or even se we are talking about things like a dry cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, some people are experiencing extreme fatigue. some people fever. some people abdominal pain. >> now, the centers for disease control is investigating more than 300 cases of lung illness associated with the use of e cigarettes in 36 states. here is a look at some of the other top stories we following for you this morning. tens of thousands of united auto workers return to the
5:36 am
picket line this is morning demanding better wages from general motors. gm says it has already offered more than $77 billion in investments in its u.s. plan. a raise and more than 5400 new jobs. >> well, there are reports indicating iran may have been the staging ground for the weekend attacks on oil fields in saudi arabia. president trump thinks iran is responsible but u.s. military retaliation is not an oping right now. that attack is expected to drive up the price of gasoline. analysts predict we could soon pay an extra 30 cents a gallon for gasoline. and president trump will be in the bay area today. details of the trip are scarce, but we do know he will attend the fund-raising luncheon somewhere in the bay area. attendees have been notified of a meeting site but it appears many don't know the exact location for that luncheon. the president is also scheduled to attend a fund-raising dinner in beverly hills tonight and two other fund-raisers tomorrow in los angeles and san diego. second i retear of housing
5:37 am
and urban development ben carson is scheduled to be in san francisco today to learn more about the city's homeless crisis. this comets as a san francisco mayor london breed got a first- hand look at the latest edition to the homeless shelter system. mayor breed toured the newly expanded division circle navigation circle in the mission district. she brought along the mayor of valejo who says he is eager to follow san francisco's lead when it comes to helping the homeless. our time is now 5:37. high drama expected today on capitol hill. democrats are officially launching an impeachment hearing against president trump. doug is joining us live now from washington to tell us what to expect. good morning, doug. >> well, the hearing isn't even underway yet, but there is a battle brewing behind the scenes. what is about to happen today on capitol hill didn't seem to bother president trump who held a massive campaign rally last night in new mexico telling the crowd the democrats don't have a case. >> they found nothing.
5:38 am
no collusion. no obstruction. no nothing. >> and the fighting has already begun. house democrats lead by new york's want to hear from three people today at this impeachment hearing. but the white house is refusing to sign off on two of them. the former white hues aide rick dearborn and porter arguing they are immune from testifying. the one guy who will show up, we think is former trump campaign manager. although the administration says there are some things he can't talk about citing executive branch confidentiality. that will lead to fireworks. accusing him of everything from obstruction of justice to abuse of power even if the public is skeptical. >> if you think back to what was happening with the mix of impeachments. >> the majority of americans
5:39 am
were aginst impeachment. and within a few months of that investigation, taking place, the majority of americans were onboard. >> but unless public sentiment changes, democratic leaders remain guarded, and the president remains confident. and this process may go on for a while. democrats want to decide by the end of the year whether to formally draft articles of impeachment against the president. in washington, doug luzader for ktvu fox 2 news. happening today, the memoir by a man who is being called both a traitor and a whistle blower is being released. edward snowden is the former security contract worker who leaked classified documents about u.s. government surveillance. that book called permanent record goes on sale in 20 countries today. in it, he talks about the government gathering large amount of surveillance information and how he decided to go public with it. he is living in moscow and faces criminal charges if he
5:40 am
ever returns to the u. s. the time is 5:30. still ahead, some pretty angry residents. why plans for a new library mean the own library has to close first. plus the company behind oxycontin is in federal court. the pushback for a multibillion settlement. traffic looks good on the golden gate bridge. and heading south into san francisco. we'll tell you more about that morning commute in the next report. and our weather looks good for a tuesday. temperatures in the 70s are running below average. will that last or are we warming up? we'll take a look.
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our time is 5:42. perdue pharma is heading to
5:43 am
court today after the maker of oxycontin negotiated a possible multibillion dollar settlement. today's hearing in new york will focus on the company's chapter 11 bankruptcy case. now, perdue pharma filed for bankruptcy protection two days ago. it was the first step in a plan that it says would provide 10 to $12 billion to help reimburse state and local governments and also help clean up the damage caused by the opioid crisis. powerful prescription painkillers and illegal opioids have been blamed for the deaths of more than 400,000 people. some people believe the bankruptcy declaration is letting the company's owners off easy. >> i think justice would be them losing their company and losing their money. >> purdue pharma has reached a tentative settlement with two dozen states and lawyers representing about 2000 local governments who have signed on to this deal.
5:44 am
the family which owns purdue pharma will pay at least 3able billion dollars toward thesettlement and give up ownership of the company. people in pleasant hill are upset their library will close for two years. the county is planning to close the existing branch on oak park boulevard while a new library is built across the street. ktvu is at the city council meeting where people ask council members to intervene. since 1961, the pleasant hill library has been open and servicing generations of residents in the community. however, at the end of this school year, the library will shut its doors. as a new library will be built across the street in this vacant lot. >> we pay taxes for library services. the fact that they are closing it and leaving us to scatter doesn't make any sense to us. >> county leaders say the original plan was to build housing behind the new library. but after finding out that the lane is prone to flooding, the county decided to move to propose 34 single family homes to the area where the current library was standing. >> people would not have voted
5:45 am
if they thought this was going to happen. so it was miss representation. >> several residents showed up at the pleasant hill city council meeting asking to support their cause. help keeping the old library open until the new one is complete. since the county owns the land, the only thing the city can do is show their support of keeping the library open through passing a resolution. one-by-one, residents pled their case to the council members. >> it is a huge disservice to the community to have it ripped away from us for the next two years. >> we are not full-time librarians in our schools. we rely on this city to give back to us. >> during the transition, the county plans to offer a temporary library at the pleasant hills senior center. how, some say it doesn't work for them. >> i can go there. some people can go there. we have got a lot of people who either because of age or ability can't driver. >> i would like for them to keep the old library open until
5:46 am
the new one is built, and then i will be happy to bring my friends and family and help them move into the new place. >> now, city council passed a resolution approximate asking the county to leave the library open until the new one is complete. in pleasant hill, paul chambers -- chambers, ktvu, fox 2 news. a father now facing very serious charges for a deadly bay area boating accident over the weekend where his 11-year- old son was killed. it happened sunday night in the raccoon straits between tiberon and angel island. investigators believe wealthy mexican developer javier was driving the boat while intoxicated. and possibly hit a swell that knocked his 11-year-old son, ages 27 -- and his 27-year-old son overboard. once they were pulled back on to the boat, they were taken to the corrinthean yacht club. now, police believe both brothers were hit by the boat as he tried to pull them out of the water. the 11-year-old was killed. the older brother was treated
5:47 am
for cuts on his legs. rio was arrested at his home. he is facing charges of vehicular manslaughter. well, it is a tragedy. i mean, we are all heartsick about this. it is something that is every parent's worst nightmary. the community is shocked. it is a traumatic event not only for individuals, but for the community. >> now, burrillo was released yesterday on bail of $1 million. a man is recovering after being stranded on a sailboat for almost a week without food. east contra costa firefighters were called just before 5:00 yesterday evening to help the coastguard based in rio vista. emergency crews found the man and say he had been stuck out on the delta for days. he was taken to the hospital. still no word on how the man became stranded. time is 5:37. sal, how are things looking on
5:48 am
the roads now? >> well, you know, they are better than yesterday. yesterday at this time we had a world of hurt in one particular region of the bay. today it is very normal. we do have some slow traffic. let's start with the commute. people are coming in from tracy. we'll see some slow traffic here on 580 and 205 this which is typical. yesterday, we had that problem. today, we haven't had much going on there. there has been some slow traffic of course, and that whole region. as we look at the east pay, highway 4 has been slow. we had a couple of crashes here. getting out of anioch to bay point, add an extra 10 to 15 minutes. 680 looks good. 680 and 24 at oakland. some slowing already on 880 south approaching 92. and this is 880 near the coliseum. another the bay ridge, there say back-up. we have a 20-minute delay before you make it on to the span. sit dry and helping the
5:49 am
commute. >> i believe they are putting in a fast track lane on 680 we were just talking ant in concord. >> yes, they are. >> and finally a new ramp for that highway 4. that will help. no kidding. we have kind of a cool morning. 40s and 50s on our temperatures and i think the pattern stays pretty active for most of september. our good friend. good morning. 52 and clear. that would be. but they sent us with rain in the air. >> yeah, there is. i noticed that myself this morning. mostly sunny. breezy. nights. temperatures about the same. a little warmer than yesterday as we bump it up a few degrees. they will still going to run below average. 60s and 70s. livermore at 78. should be 84 degrees. everything coming down out of the northwest after yesterday's rain. it does not look like one and done. we will be okay today, but by tomorrow, there is another system that looks like it is going to do track into northern california. this one tends to favor a little bit more towards the
5:50 am
northern sacramento valley and the sierra. it looks like we'll get a little bit of rain tomorrow morning. very similar to what we had. it will be a little bit more in the north. the system is producing rain in seattle and portland. what summer standing fast up there. 46 at lakeport. santa rosa is 49. so is fairfield. there are a lot of 50s in there, and temperatures are significantly cooler than 24 hours ago. as much as 17 degrees for fairfield and 46. kelseyville. graden, penngrove in the 40s. there are some low 50s. mill valley at 52. so overall, look for a cool morning giving way to mostly sunny skies and tomorrow rng that system has pretty good cold air associated with it. that is going to slide in there. i don't think we'll get a lot but we'll get a little bit of rain tomorrow morning. i would plan on it. moving into areas north of the golden gates by around 9:00 in the morning. a little bit will work its way southward. it will weaken as it moves south. i think there is a little be
5:51 am
there in the mix for tomorrow morning. not today. 60s and 70s. i did go with a couple of soft 80s. that would be brentwood and gilroy. otherwise 70s. tomorrow cooler. breezy on thursday. it looks warmer friday and saturday. another system on tap for sunday and monday. time is 551. businesses still filling up those empty store fronts at the traffic center. coming up in the next hour, the new restaurant coming to the rooftop park. also, this is wild. a man who was almost naked tried to force his way on to a moving schoolbus. we'll show you how this bizarre scene in southern california ended. ♪
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our time is 5:54. police in southern california say this man who was almost naked. he was trying to force his way on to a school bus. that happened last week on interstate five. he was pounding on the window of the school bus as the bus sat in bumper to bumper traffic. now, no kids were on the bus at the time. the school district employee was actually taking this video while at the same time calling 911. which lead to the arrest of that man. court records show he has a previous conviction for an attempted carjacking. time is 554 in oakenland.
5:55 am
the oakland as will continue their series against the kansas city royals. last night, the as took the lead over the royals in the first inning. this hit by matt olsen. robbed of a home run. watch this catch at the ball wall. going, going, going, caught. well, the as took a lead into the 9th inning before the royals came back. they scored two runs off of reliever. and the as lost 6-5. it is a heartbreaker. tonight's game starts at 7:07. the giants meantime are in boston. they are going to play the red sox. well, president trump awarded the presidential medal of freedom to baseball hall of famer. president trump called riverra one of the greatest pitchers of all time. rivera holds the all-time record for saves. he was the first player elected to the baseball hall of fame unanimously.
5:56 am
this summer. time is now 5:56. the nhl's preseason starts in the bay area tonight. the san jose sharks hosting the anaheim ducks. now, the sharks have most of their core players from game six of last season's western conference finals, but they also added two free agents with nhl experience to replace joe and gus. the game starts at 7:30 tonight. to see the newest edition of the sharks. how they look and play. it is 5:56. president trump will be here in the bay area today. we'll tell you what we know about his visit and the protest expected around that visit. plus, the reason a high profile murder case in san matteo county has been delayed yet again. good morning. right now, we do have the traffic watch on the southbay. northbound 280 right here through downtown.
5:57 am
still looking very lightly traveled here coming up to highway 17. we'll give you another look straight ahead. well, a day with a will the of 70s on the forecast highs today. so are we done with the rain? maybe not. we'll talk about that as welcoming up. geico makes it easy to get help when i need it. with licensed agents available 24-7, it's not just easy. it's having-jerome-bettis- on-your-flag-football-team easy. go get 'em, bus! ohhhh! [laughing] c'mon bus, c'mon! hey, wait, wait, wait! hey man, i got your flag! i got your flag, man! i got your flag! it's geico easy. with licensed agents available 24/7. 49 - nothing! woo!
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he's mostly sunny. a little bit of low clouds. tomorrow morning already producing rain. they very active on the north coast. temperatures are noticeably cooler than yesterday at this time. napa airport and fairfield minus 17. 39 degrees. low 50s for many. we'll start to see a few more upper 40s. plenty to the north. mostly sunny today and it will increase the clouds. early-morning rain for tomorrow. 60s and 70s on a lot of these. has highway 4 gotten better. if you


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