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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 17, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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he's mostly sunny. a little bit of low clouds. tomorrow morning already producing rain. they very active on the north coast. temperatures are noticeably cooler than yesterday at this time. napa airport and fairfield minus 17. 39 degrees. low 50s for many. we'll start to see a few more upper 40s. plenty to the north. mostly sunny today and it will increase the clouds. early-morning rain for tomorrow. 60s and 70s on a lot of these. has highway 4 gotten better. if you are a highway four
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rider, you probably should get on the road on the early side. still beginning to fill in a little bit more when you get to the bay bridge. a 15 to 20-minute wait. er we are talking about that east bay commute. i do want to do back to the east bay here. you can see highway 4. it is pretty slow way had a couple of crashes on the way. what it means is slow traffic heading this way. 680 looks all right this say look at southbound. 6:01, let's go back to the desk. president trump is expected to make a fund-raising stop in
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silicon valley today. ktvu is live with what is expected in today's visit. the police department has been notified. the president is set to sit down at the field. there is a fund-raiser for the president. the rnc's invitation ticket prices range from $1000 per person all the way up to 100en thousand dollars per couple which comes with a seat at the president's table and a photo. >> i could have sold $100,000 worth of tickets. hi to say no to many, many people. >> silicon valley especially has been playing more and more of a role in presidential
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campaigns of the last couple of cycles. we have really seen those donations go up. so all the candidates are coming here including the president. and protesters say they will be out today as well. they plan. and somewhere along so that the president sees it. sit expected to be a very quick trip to the bay area for the president. after the luncheon here, mr. trump is scheduled to do a fund- raising video in beverly hills and tomorrow in l. a. and san diego, we have fund-raising events. altogether this california fund- raising trip is expected to bring the president as much as $15 million in campaign funds. live on the peninsula, ktvu, fox 2 news. time is now 6:03. happening today, democrats on the house judiciary are haunching impeachment hearings. the former trump campaign manager is expected to appear
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before the committee to face questions about the special council's report on russian interference and elections. but the white house says there are some things that he can't talk about. and signed an executive branch confidentiality. more democrats are calling for the impeachment of president trump but say so far there is a lot of public skepticism. >> they found nothing. no collusion no. obstruction. no nothing. >> well, if you think back to what was happening with the nixon impeachment, the majority of americans were against impeachment. and within a few months of that investigation taking place, the majority of americans were onboard. >> now, house democrats also want to hear from two former white house aides, but the white house is arguing they are immune from testimony. mental health workers at kaiser hospitals are on the picket lines. they are on strike after months
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of unsuccessful contract talks. ktvu live at kaiser executive offices in oakland where you can see and hear it is a crowded scene behind you, sarah. that's right. this ticketing started about five minutes. you can see we are standing on top here in oakland. at about 10:30. the reason for this strike is contract negotiations. today is a deadline for mental health clinicians to accept a contract offer by kaiser, but the majority refused to do so. psychologists there say social workers and more are out here demanding kaiser executives return to the bargaining table. they say they gave them an ultimatum. either accept the offer today or lose a 3% retroactive to last october. now, we are waiting to hear from kaiser about their stance. workers were offered a contract
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in june. 92% of them rejected it. they said it doesn't go far enough to addresthe long wait for therapy. they want more full-time clinicians to reduce the wait time, to the crisis services at every clinic and to give clinitians more time. now, back out here live like i mentioned we are in front of the regional offices here in oakland. there are about a dozen people officially picketing. you can hear them handing chanting. they plan to be out here for the rest of the day. now, we did reach out to kaiser and we are waiting to hear on a response from them about this one-day strike. ktvu, fox 2 news. a final vote on plans to transform a parking lot near the balboa bart station into a safe parking site for people livering in rvs with spaces for 30 vehicles to park overnight for up to 90 days.
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they will have services like bathrooms, showers and case managers and round the clock security. it is pretty much a formality to unanimously approve the project last week. time is 6:07. today renters in concord are launching -- haunting the first tennis union in contra costa county. the goal is to have renters working together to stand up against unfair listen landlords. they'll be getting support: they say city council has refused to consider rent control or protection against some evictions. the group has support from religious leaders. a new report points to an alarming trend. more pedestrians are being seriously hurt. 55 people were critically injured in crashes last year. that is up from 2017 when 34 people were pad bahly hurt.
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city leaders say there are several possible explanations for the big increase. more people are walking and there are more homeless people liver ago long the streets. there is also a new mode of transportation with e scooters growing in popularity. our time is 0:68. grief counselors will be at san marin high school after the death of a classmate killed in a car crash. mario was driving. he had just turned 16 and he did not have a driver's license. and in simmons lane where the crash occurred sunday. police say he sped up trying to get around another car and then lost control. this car slammed into a wall and - killed instantly. his two passengers, also 16- year-old boys were hurt. the investigators are trying to find out how he got the keys to the call. >> that is one of the main factors we looking at right now is who the vehicle belonged to. how they got position of it.
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something they borrowed or was it given to them. >> the two boys hurt in the crash. they were rushed to the hospital. at this point, we don't know the extend of their injuries. well, there is a plan to reduce the homeless population in california. coming up, the support the governor wants from the trump administration. reducing wildfire risk. the key court hearing today evaluating if pg ande is doing enough to prevent wildfires from breaking out. good morning. we do have a commute that is better than yesterday especially that we have a slow day. we are looking pretty good on northbound 280. well, much cooler this morning. in fact, some areas are run sag degrees cooler. we'll answer that coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. one of the bay area teenagers being held in connection with the killing of an italian police officer back in july will stay behind bars. the lawyers for gabrielle dropped a request with their client to be released from jail. the lawyers say they need more time to study evidence. his friend were accused of fatally stabbing a plain- clothes police officer in roam during a drug deal. and in san matteo county opening statements in the trial of tiffany lee and her former
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boyfriend have been delayed again until next week. the trial was supposed to begin this morning. now, the key witness in the case is now in custody accused of using instagram to contact a defense witness and that violates a judge's order. lee are charged in the 2016 shooting death of the father of lee's two children. time is 6:13. lawyers for pg ande will be back in court today for a scheduled hearing. looking at the claims pg ande did not trim thousands of trees that were near powerlines. according to the monitor told the federal judge in san francisco those trees are a fire hazard. the monitor also says there are record-keeping problems as well. the monitor is overseeing pg ande's probation in a criminal pipeline safety case. that stems from the fatal explosion of a pg ande natural gas pipeline in san bruno dating back in 201610. well, the victims of the 2017 tubs wildfire in santa rosa will have a chance to try to persuade a jury that pg ande
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is to blame. a superior court judge in san francisco ruled yesterday that 18 laughs can go to trial. they will argue that pg ande powerlines started the tubs fire. calfire says it was caused by a privately-owned electrical system near. the trial is expected to begin january 7th. rooftop teen dining is coming to the park alove the transit center in downtown san francisco. according to the chronicle, the restaurant will have dining and lounge space and will combine california cooking with japanese influences. it does does not have a name or an opening day yet, but more details are expected to come out early next year. the transit center has 100,000 square feet of retail space that is 70% leased. we now know when construction crews will break ground on a new project that will provide almost 4000 new homes in the bay area. starting next summer, developers plan to build 2200 units of housing at the site of a former. and nearly 2000 units at a
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former lock factory just across san francisco city line. together, the project will cover 675 acres. it will have mass transit access with the bayshore caltrain station and the muny tealine. our time is 1:56. singer rod stewart says he has been battling prostate cancer for years. but he has good news about it. the 74-year-old told the crowd at a charity event, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in february of 2016. he has doctor told him he is in remission. his early diagnose made all the difference. he is encolonelling almen to get their prostates checked during routine physical exams. 6:15.
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identify are clearing a crash westbound at the bay bridge. they are trying to remove it right now to the parking lot and it is a complicated operation. so it was here. day are trying to get it over there are. you can see traffic is going to be slow. they have the bridge crews with this lane. the carpool lane temporarily stopped as they move it through. and once they do that, things will be a little bit better. it wasn't very major, but it was definitely blocking the lanes. it looks like they are trying to push whatever that is out of the way here. now, let's talk about some of these other commutes. northbound 880. northbound traffic is moving well. and it is on the right. southbound looks good. bridge traffic is fine. we have been talking about highway four. today from anioch to concord does not look good. we have a minor incident there. but nothing like yesterday and in the south bay, we are off to
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a nice start. you can see traffic is better than yesterday. 6:17. let's bring steve. compared to yesterday at this time. and brentwood right at 80. and pleasantton 78. all mid 70s and a little warmer for palo alto. and half moon bay and it is 67. 76 degrees. that is the spirit santa crus. way to go. a little bit of high cloud deck but not much. the system from yesterday is pushed off. noticeably cooler in the sierra as much as 20 to 23 degrees. we are not that much but making a pretty good drop in our temperatures. look at that next system coming up. the gulf of alaska packing colder air.
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vancouver, seattle, portland has been some really good rain in the north coast. crescent city has had an inch and a half of rain. 40s and 50s on your temperatures. 47 at the airport. fairfield is 49. 46 lakeport. we are running anywhere from 4 to 16 or 17 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. napa airport the leader of the pack so far at minus 17. fairfield, minus 16. woodside has dipped to 47 on the peninsula. the park at 51 along with los alto. mid 50s for others. hillsboro is at 53. if it feels cooler, it is. 30 in truckee. 40 in reno. 29 south lake tahoe. the incline is at 29. much colder. i'll tell you that didn't take look. there say bigger slugger reinforcing the cold air on the bay way for tomorrow. mostly sunny and partly cloudy day today. that next system is packing. look at that. that is cold coming in off of
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seattle. there will approximate a little bit for some light rain. a little more north of the golden gate again. i think we are in for another round of some light rain. not as much as yesterday. it will be a little more towards the north tomorrow. our system will keep us cool. so 60s and 70s on the temperatures to a very few in 80. otherwise below average on the temperaturesta. will not change until probably friday. and into saturday looks a little warmer and another low top drops in sunday and monday. 6:19 is the time. one of the most watched tv shows isment cooing to netflix. the show about nothing that will replace friends and the office. plus, construction will soon begin on a new library in pleasant hill. hear why people living nearby are not happy about the plan.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. a pipe burst. and that 15-year-old six-inch castiron pipe broke just after 7:00 last night. 14 customers who live near pleasant hill road and gregory lane lost water. crews spent much of the night working to fix the pipe and get water back to those customers. people in the east bay stay of late yet are worried about a 40-foot section of pg ande
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natural gas pipeline that is exposed to the elements. now, the pipeline is at regional park and runs along the buckeye ranch trail. now a top fire official in contra costa county is getting involved. the pipeline is a key part of the infrastructure that serves several east bay cities including late yet, and walnut creek. but some people including some who stood on the city's gas safety task force believe the pipeline is badly maintained and is a quote ticking time mom bomb. we want to figure out what are the ways that you can mitt gate this whether it is chopping on on the trees, burying the pipeline, covering the pipe and doing something that addresses the safety issues that we see here today. >> it is something that we want to protect our community. we want to protect the safety of our families and neighbors. >> contra costa county fire deputy chief is demanding answers. he wants to know how pg ande will protect the pipe which has large trees hanging over it. pg ande says all of their tests so far confirm that the pipeline is safe and that it
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will keep local leaders up to date on how it is being protected. a father is now facing charges for a deadly boating accident over the weekend where his 11-year-old son was killed. it happened sunday night in the are don straits area between tiberon and angel island. investigators believe a wealthy and prominent mexican developer javier burrillo was driving the boat while intoxicated and possibly hit a swell which sent his 11-year-old son and his 27- year-old son overboard. now, once they were pulled aboard, they were transported to the yacht club there. police believe both brothers were hit by the boat as burrillo tried to pull them from the water. the 11-year-old was kill. the older brother was treated for cuts on his leg. burrillo was arrested at his home sunday night and faces vehicular manslaughter charges. >> well, it is a tragedy. i mean, we are all heartsick about this. it something that is every
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parent's worst nightmary. the community is shocked, and it is a traumatic event not only for individuals, but for the community. >> burrillo was released yesterday afternoon on 1 million dollars bail. the pleasant hi hill city council heard pleas from the community and is now backing a different timeline for replacing the main library. now, the library is the mine library. the city had backed a plan to shut it down at the end of the school year and the new library. that became an issue for people when they realized they could be without services for as long as two years. we rely on this city to give back to us. >> we pay taxes for library service. the fact they are closing it and leaving it to scatter
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doesn't make any sense. >> i would like for them to keep the old library open until the new one is built. i will be happy to bring my friends and family and help them move into the new place. >> the city council wants to leave the library open. now contra costa officials need to sign off on that new timeline. fines for overdue books that have been cleared. all for overdue books have been forgiven. library patrons will still node to pay for damages in san francisco is now one of several library systems in the bay area to eliminate those overdue fines. the governor is taking aim. we're going to explain what he is asking for. >> yesterday's main in the the
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bay area. our own meteorologist will have your complete forecast. look at that. someone was walk ago long in that fresh snow. they got some snow on the ground. you're watching mornings on 2. ♪
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this is mornings on 2. >> there is the opening bell live this morning. the new york stocks exchange. oil and gas prices after the attack on the oil facility. right now looks like a lower opening across the board for the dow. we'll have all your business news coming up in today's dollars and scents. >> good horning. thank you -- -- -- good morning. good morning. i'm pam cook and there is a sign that summer is about to end. we had our first bay area rain of the season. this was the soggy scene in san jose. the first area of rain. we are expecting some sun today. that same cold front drops the first snow. in the water.
6:31 am
now is, the snow. this is the north star near truckee. the snow fell between 7 and 8000-foot. and there is another video tweeted out. look at that dusting. just a reminder. the first day of fall is monday. so, we have -- in thanksgiving. that is always a hope. boarding in thanksgiving. >> that is too far out. >> come on. >> there is more snow on the way for them tomorrow? >> really? >> so it will stick around. >> a beautiful sunrise. incline, 29. and 28. and there are some cold readings and temperatures are running about 20 to 55 degrees colder than 24 hours ago. and mostly sunny.
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breezy, nice today. a few high clouds tonight and patchy low clouds. today's highs not too bad for this time of year. upper 70s and low 80s. 70s around the bay. half moon beach. 60 santa cruz at 76. everything is coming down out of the northwest. we get a break in between systems. the next one already showing itself with rain in the pacific northwest. this one looks like it will track a little more towards the east. i do think we'll get some light rain tomorrow morning. 40s and 50s. we are running anywhere from 8 to 16 degrees. 17 degrees cooler than 24 hours to go. highs in the 70s. tomorrow this system will sweep in keeping us cool. 60s and 70s on the highs today. 6:32. you know there is always one commute that is -- today it is highway 4. >> all night. >> that's all right.
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listen, did i ever tell you about the meteorologists. such a long face. to answer your question, highway 46789 but we also have some slow traffic approaching the richmond bridge. here we go with the richmond bridge. we have an earlier accident here approaching it. you can kind of see it if you look closely. you can see right there. there is a lane blocked. there is a fire truck right there. and so behind it, there is slow traffic right here. oh, what is the problem? that is because people aren't getting through. so if you are going to the richmond bridge, you can see the crashes right there taking away one of the lanes is traffic is backed up beyond canal street. we are also looking at the bay bridge. now, one thing you have noticed it is nice and dry for this morning's commute. steve said tomorrow we might have a wet commute again. plan accordingly. yesterday, did not go well. i am underselling that. this is a look at interstate 880. the traffic there is okay. this is a picture of mount
6:34 am
diablo. this is highway 4. steve and i have been talking about highway 4. it has been slow from antioch to concord. most of it is slow. if this is your commute, you need extra time. 634 imthe tim. let's go back to the desk. president trump is coming here to the bay area today. he is scheduled to fly into moppet field in mountainview this morning as part of a 2020 campaign trail. the president will make a fund- raising stop in silicon valley. no other details that haven't been released yet. the invitation listed ticket prices that range from a thousand dollars per person up to $100,000 per couple. it comes with a seat at the president's table and and also a photo with them. the fund-raising luncheon are excited making its first visit on the bay area as president. >> we are a minority here so we often only get to see the
6:35 am
president on television. that is pretty exciting. >> one of the most influential prices. it is important for the president of the united states to come into the area. >> reportedly, this will be a quick trip. president trump is expected to be leaving by early afternoon. he has a fund-raising dinner scheduled tonight in beverly hills along with two more in los angeles and san diego tomorrow that could bring in as much as $15 million. calling on the president to approve $50,000 more housing vouchers to help addres lifornia's homeless crisis. now, the request came in a letter yesterday signed by the governor and the majors of the 13 largest cities in california including san francisco, oakland, and san jose. that letter asked the president to increase the value of housing vouchers and to create a program to give landlords incentives to work with people
6:36 am
with vouchers. the secretary of housing and urban development ben carson is scheduled to be in san francisco today to learn more about the homeless crisis. this comes as san francisco mayor got a first-hand look at the latest edition to the city's homeless shelter system. the mayor toured the newly expanded division circle navigation center in the mission district. she brought along the mayor who says he is eager to follow san francisco's lead when it comes to helping the homeless. >> my hope is with malice aforethought navigation center that all that will be a coordinated effort and we can bring it together. >> the mayor believes navigation centers are a critical step in getting people off the streets and into permanent housing. store our time is 6:36. the former campaign manager is due to testify. sit first congressional house hearing to investigate calls for impeaching president trump.
6:37 am
the committee last month. and a former deputy chief of staff at policy at the white house. the white house reportedly saying that both men have immunity from testifying and have told them not to answer questions about events that allegedly occurred after president trump was elected. a second person has died in connection with using e cigarettes as newsome unleashes a campaign about the dangers of vapi in actionerg and announced an executive order that will crack down on counterfeit vaping products. ktvu. >> the crisis is affecting not only adults but teenagers. cam hal has seen its second death related to vaping. hundreds of other people have gotten sick. seven have died. the health department saying a person died of a lung illness
6:38 am
associated with vaping. the executive order will crack down on fake products and increase the warning. he is launching a $250 million public awareness campaign about the dangers of vaping nicotine. he wants to keep those products out of kid's hands. tkpw. >> with these vaping tools and technologies, we have seen a significant increase in the use and abuse of vaping products particularly now with these flavored e liquid products. >> measuresome is also exploring ways to change how e cigarettes are taxed in an effort to make the products more expensive and therefore harder for teens to buy. the cdc reports that california has seen at least 63 approximate cases of illnesses that may be related to vapi in actionerg adding to the more than 300 confirmed or probable cases nationwide. we spoke to a health expert this morning. bette galvin from fox's medical team. she says symptoms apeer gradually and can include a dry
6:39 am
cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, nausea, or vomiting. >> we are having people sort of going into respiratory failure where they require mechanical ventilation in a hospital and in an intensive care unit. they are very frightening for some of these people because they are getting quite ill. and we are not exactly sure why. >> the american medical association is urging people to stop using e cigarette products until a cause has been discovered. now, newsome says he doesn't have the authority to enact an outright ban on flavored e cigarettes. that is something he would like to see legislation on next year. live in studio this morning, ktvu, fox 22 news. well, the cdc has activated its emergency operation center to step up its response to the illnesses related to e cigarette use. currently, the cdc has linked almost 400 cases of lung disease to vaping across roughly 36 states including california. the cdc director says his agency is making it a priority
6:40 am
to find out exactly what is causing the hundreds of illnesses and at least seven deaths. our time is 6:40. new this morning, the chp investigating the death of a pedestrian. and how that person got on to westbound highway 92 last night before being hit and killed. it happened in the westbound lanes in hayward around 11:50 p.m. according to the chp, the victim was not working on road construction in that area. happening now, kaiser mental health workers are on the picket lines. >> five, six, seven, eight. right now, there are about 20 picketers outside the kaiser executive offices in oakland. we are out there with them. this morning, they are demanding the company return to contract negotiations. that is after kaiser told the worker that they had until the end of the day to accept the company's last offer when includes a 3% retroactive pay increase or they would lose that back pay. a union spokesman person says
6:41 am
patient care, not money is the central issue for these workers. >> this is not about the wage increases. we would be ratifying this contract today. this is about access to care. patient access to care. >> the union negotiating team says they want kaiser to hire more workers so they can get the treatment they need without having to make weeks or months. and they voted down the proposal. our time is 6:41. the weekend attack on the awe dee arabian oilfields. how soon we may be a spike -- see a spike in gasoline prices as the cost of oil keeps rising this morning. and nearly 50,000 united auto workers remain on strike this morning.
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mornings on 2. and when i join you in just minutes. i think it is just shakesspear. it could also be your ticket to winning tens of thousands of dollars. we're going to talk live. about the new game show. one woman really wanted to hit her soon to be exboyfriend where it hurts his wallet. why they say she went overboard but she won't be prosecuted. and the waitress hit it big until the steam was revealed. -- the scheme was revealed. we'll be right back.
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40-year-old cousette was responding to a warrant. the suspect was later arrested. officer couse texas leaves behind two children and he was recently engaged to be married.
6:46 am
tens of thousands of auto workers are returning to the picket lines. gm says it has offered more than $8 billion at investments at its u.s. plants and more than 500 new jobs. the maker of oxyconin with a possible multibillion dollar settlement. today's hearing in new york will focus on the chapter 11 bankruptcy case. purdue pharma filed for uction two days ago, the first step in a plan that would provide 10 to $12 billion to help reimburse state and local governments and clean up the damage caused in the opioid crisis. powerful prescription painkillers and illegal opioids have been blamed for more than 400,000 deaths in the u. s. some people believe the declaration is letting company owners off easy. >> i think justice would be
6:47 am
them losing their company and losing their money. >> purdue has reached a settlement with state ask leaders representing local governments that have signed off on the deal. the family who owns purdue will pay at least $3 billion and give up its ownership of the company. the nation's worst measles epidemic in almost 30 years may be in its final stages. for the first time in 11 moss, a full week has gone by with no new cases. the epidemic started a year ago and by the spring, at least 70 new cases were reported every wreak. so far this year, there have been more than 1200 cases of this highly contagious but preventable disease mainly in unvaccinated people. if no new cases of measles pop up this month, the cdc may declare the national outbreak is over. general mills is recalling
6:48 am
its gold medal, unbreached all purpose flour because ofe. coli contamination. bags with a better if used by date. e. coli says -- it was discovered during a sampleling during a five-pound bag product. they issued a recall out of an abun dance of caution. there have been no reports of illnesses reported related to this project. if you have any of the recalled flour, you should throw it away or tick it back to the store. analysts say preorders are better than expected. apple rolled -- rolled out its new phones last week and despite the phone's limited use features, preorder data shows delivery times have extended across a number of models. the new phones are expected to be released this friday. well, with friends and the office levering, netflix is adding -- leaving, netflix is adding to the line-upstarting
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6:50 am
rooted against his team in 2010. he interruptings a very good season. he rooted against if giants because his ecgo was in full control. they proved they couldn't do it without him. as you know, the giants went on to beat the rangers in five games. over the next two seasons, he was able to turn his career around and play a big part in the giant's 2012 world series title. >> you were a big supporter. >> you know. >> and the giants, of course. >> and all of that. like sal. sal, u have been busy, and something just happened in san jose. what happened. >> a new crash. northbound 1 0e 1. first northbound 101 just off the road at old open road right before 880. there is a crash blocking several lanes and i'll show you how slow traffic is. when you have two lanes taken away here, this is what 101 lookings like, and it is jampacked now heading up north. when i was watching this camera
6:51 am
earlier, i saw a bunch of emergency vehicles get by. the damage is done. northbound 101 is very slow. now, you might want to think about using 280 instead. the crash on northbound 101 is here. use 280 and use 880 going back this way if that is what you need to do or get into the valley using 280 or 58 which are both in their own right getting more crowded. peninsula traffic looks okay. we'll go to the east bay where the traffic here has been all right. there was a crash on the san matteo bridge westbound 92 just past the toll plaza. it is now on the right. you can see people may be slowing down. highway 4 is also slow still from earlier problems. so it is very slow i are slow to concord. at the bay bridge, we have a normal delay which is 20 or 25 minutes before you make it on to the span. 6:51. under mostly clear skies.
6:52 am
a few high clouds around. and well, i guess my vegetable garden is done for the year. i would think so. 30 degrees. south lake tahoe. heavenly incline in the 20s. 30s. homewood. it is going to get colder as another system comes in. we are running 16 to 17 degrees cooler. fairfield and napa than yesterday. dry air in here. mostly sunny, breezy. nice today. nice. nice. very nice. 60s and 70s on the temperatures. i don't see that happening until maybe friday or saturday. it is september. yes, it is. and as it continues to evolve, it has been very active not for
6:53 am
the mornsoon. this is even colder. it tracks thwarteds northern sacramento valley. i think we'll get a little bit out of this tomorrow morning. and it is already producing more rain in seattle. portland. 45 lakeport. low 50s for some in here. that is for sure. we see the snow levels going. maybe a little bit lower. and a possible of more thunderstorms tomorrow. we'll dell with that tomorrow. today, 60s and 70s on the temperature here. that temperature staying below average. a few near 80 degrees. but tomorrow, clouds. some light rain in the morning. this time, in san jose had more rain than santa rosa. i cannot remember that happening for our first system in september. tomorrow should be more favorable to the north than it will be to the south.
6:54 am
breezy into thursday and a little rebound friday and saturday and looks like another low wants to move in sunday and monday. time is 6:54. a police warning about a new scam targeting a popular mobile payment appment coming up in the next hour, what to look for if you use venmo so you don't get scammed. but first, president trump says he should know soon who was behind the weekend attack on those saudi arabian oil fields. whether or not it warrants a military response. but first -- i can see clearly now the rain is gone. gone.
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new this morning the taliban claims responsibility for a pair of suicide bombings that killed 46 people today. at least 24 people died in a campaign rally by the for the president of afghanistan 31 people were hurt but the president was not hurt hours later an explosion hit near the u.s. embassy in kabul and killed 22 people. the violence comes as afghanistan is facing
6:59 am
presidential elections on september 20th. it is 6:58. there are new reports iran may have been the staging ground for the weekend attacks on a large saudi arabian oil field. the wall street journal is reporting that an intelligence report indicates iran rated the oil field with at least one dozen missiles and 20 drones. however, an unnamed source told the paper that the united states did not give enough evidence to saudi arabia to prove without a doubt that iran was involved. president trump says he believes iran is responsible but added u.s. millet terry retaliation is not an option right now. >> there is nobody that has the f 35. we have the best fighter jets, the best missiles, the best equipment but with all that being said, we would certainly like to avoid it. >> the saudi government called the an attack an unprecedented act of aggression and sabotage but stopped short of directly blaming iran. iran denies involvement. drivers are bracing for higher prices at the gasoline pump. oil industry analysts say the
7:00 am
price could go up as much as $.30 a gallon in the next few weeks. experts say further price hikes are possible depending on how fast the saudis can restore their oil production. they say oil refineries only carry one weeks worth of reserves. president trump has said the united states could take crude oil out of the strategic petroleum reserves. president trump is heading to the bay area today to make his first visit as president. details on what we know about the presidents fundraiser and how protesters are preparing for his arrival. a member of one of mexico's richest families arrested here in the bay area after a boating accident near angel island. we have information on the crash that killed the life of the man's 11-year-old son be kaiser permanente workers are taking to the streets protesting after failed contract negotiations. what they are demanding and how this may impact your next


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