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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  September 17, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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but carson spoke about better cooperation between federal, state and local governments to combat the housing crisis. to make housing and urban development secretary ben carson arrived at that 72 unit hope is that the building which opened its doors in may. hud provided video of the secretary touring the building of meeting with residents, trying to see how the partnership between bridge housing in the city worked, to redevelop the site person saying there needs to be better cooperation between all levels of government. >> the city should not be willing as opposed to just the thing this is what we need. >> when i was introduced to him . >> secretary also responded to
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governor gavin newsom's request for $50,000 or in vouchers. the secretary saying that there are only 65% being used.>> the money goes with being able to work together. federal government is designed to facilitate, not solve all the problems. >> secretary carson's visit was met with protesters who argued over the years of funding has steadily been stripped from housing.>> we know that the federal government has not been cooperating because they haven't been investing in housing, public housing, affordable housing. >> secretary carson did not meet with the mayor to discuss housing, but the mayor released a statement saying what i learned that secretary ben carson was coming to san francisco, i invited him to meet to discuss federal housing. i would also like to discuss the horrific rule changes that
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target our immigrant communities.>> president trump also waiting on the city's housing crisis saying that the people of san francisco and los angeles are fed up with homelessness and he also added that his administration will be doing something about the problem, but he offered no civics. he spoke while he was on board air force one on the way to the bay area for a brief trip that only lasted a few hours. while he was here, his motorcade passed a handful of protesters, including those who flew balloons of a baby trump and a trump chicken. >> reporter: with the heavy law enforcement presence, the present left the driveway of scott mcnally. he spent more than two hours with republican supporters,
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some willing to pay up to $100,000 to meet him. those who couldn't afford the pricey ticket were happy just to see the president's entourage.>> it's exciting. it's always very exciting, too bad my kids are not here to witness it.>> not everyone enjoyed the president to visit, outside the fundraiser president protesters gathered to express their anger. >> it's not a neighborhood that is blindly accepting of trump coming in and doing his thing. not everybody agrees with his policies. >> is neighborhood is about the wilderness and being outside, and those are things trump is opposed to. >> many of the details surrounding the president visit were kept a secret. attendees were not told where the event would take place, only to meet at this parking lot in palo alto where they were settled in. attendees also had to check in their cell phones. this trump within drove from
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union city to see the president. >> obviously this is not trump's most popular region of the country, but for me i see the opportunity in what his politics stand for, and we are living in times where everybody wants everything handed to them. >> neighbor mike smith says it's the first time he seen a republican president in the neighborhood since tt area is traditionally a strong democratic struggle. president obama held a fundraiser on the same street. >> there's a lot of money in the area, certainly in silicon valley. so they need strong donation support. >> for the most part the event was relatively peaceful, organizers called it a success and said about 400 guests were in attendance with $4 million raised.
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>> former president barack obama is scheduled to visit san francisco tomorrow. he is planning to speak at a small event hosted by the san francisco tech company slunk. he will be discussing digital data and how it used in management and decision-making for companies. mr. obama's visit comes one day after president trump made a stop in the bay area. tomorrow the environmental protection agency is at the pull the plug on a rule that allows california to set tougher car emission standards than the rest of the country. heather holmes here now with more.>> reporter: the announcement is expected tomorrow in washington just as president trump will be visiting southern california for a series of fundraisers. it was a growing problem of smog in los angeles decades ago that led to california getting the power to set its own vehicle emission standards. this goes back to 1970, when the federal clean air act was passed. congress granted california a waiver because california had already set its own dangers.
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13 other states that now follow california's tougher rules. the white house argues that only the federal government has the power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, and fuel economy. top telephone you officials are already promising legal action. governor gavin newsom released a statement calling the move a political vendetta. he said while the white house has advocated its responsibility to the rest of the world on cutting emissions and fighting global warming, california has stepped up. and california attorney general said in a statement that california will continue its advanced toward a cleaner future, we are prepared to defend the standards that make that promise a reality. environmental groups say the impact of any change could stretch far beyond california, since transportation is the biggest single source of greenhouse gases here in the u.s.
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>> supervisors into bay area counties became the latest government leaders to formally adopt resolutions declaring a climate emergency. supervisors in both san mateo and sonoma county say today's largely symbolic vote was an effort to highlight an urgent need for action to address the globe it global climate crisis. they drew more than a dozen other government agencies that have made the miller emergency declarations. new and 6, oakland police are trying another strategy in their effort to stop sideshows. they will be closing off key intersections that are known hotspots for those sideshows. this comes after another weekend of activity in the city that in this case resulted in the injury of a police officer.>> reporter: stopping the sishows seem to be a game of cat and mouse, nevertheless officers will be out again closing down intersections that are popular location spots for these sideshows and rerouting traffic. revving up engines, screeching tires, plenty of smoke and a
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lot of bystanders. this is an up close look at one of three sideshows that oakland police state took place on sunday between 6:30 and 9:30 in the evening. the illegal activities drew big crowds. >> we had about 80 to 90 cars that came into the city of oakland and we had several hundred spectators. >> and officer even suffering minor injuries edit sideshow on 55th avenue by a bystander that began throwing objects at law enforcement. >> if you are going to take violent actions toward the police, what would you do toward a community member? >> but it wasn't enough to stop the show, for months, opd has beefed up stopping these sideshows. >> we are still very focused on enforcement for illegal sideshow activity. >> i am at 880 and 42nd avenue,
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which is a popular area for sideshows. they will close off this intersection during times that are popular for sideshow activity. opd is keeping tightlipped about the other two locations they close off as they work to stop risky behavior from those in cars and on the sidelines. bystanders holding cell phones walk in front of drifting cars to give each other a slap on the hand. police insist they will not let up on efforts to crack down on these illegal gatherings, as long as they keep happening around the city. >> the message, don't, for illegal sideshow activity, to oakland.>> again, law enforcement reiterating that they will continue doing what they are doing, which includes issuing citations and resting people that are part of the sideshow activity. dramatic police in yuba city say that driver that led officers on a high-speed chase
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that ended in a shootout is from east bay. he was arrested yesterday, police say it started as a hit- and-run crash in roseville and turned into a high-speed chase that spanned across three counties. eventually officers caught up with the suspect and asked in his minivan. that's when he allegedly tried to ram a motorcycle officer. one officer opened fire and he was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. no officers were hurt. still to come, secretary of state mike pompeo headed to saudi arabia as military tensions increased following this weekend's attack on an oil production facility. but there is some good news about the price of crude oil. also ahead, parents upset over a mixup that left some elementary school children without hot lunch for a time today. and we are looking into a chance of some sprinkles for the morning commute, we will be back with the forecast, when it will get here and how
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long it could last stomach and working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the south day. the requirement for new home construction and why opponents are concerned it could have the opposite effect. and taking a live look right now through walnut creek, the cars on the left are heading northbound on 680, it is slow going in both directions. ktvu news at 6 will be right back. wow. that's pretty sweet. that's cool. where'd the trailer go? or, get a total value of ninety seven sixty on this silverado all star without optional tech package or enhanced invisible view. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes?
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the oakland school district is apologizing after failed to deliver hot lunches to an elementary school. >> henry lee talk to school officials and upset parents. >> reporter: a mixup by the oakland school district meant no hot lunches were delivered to students at kaiser elementary school in the north oakland hills. >> on top of everything else we are going through right now, now they are also failing to deliver lunch periods. this is clearly a mistake we made and we are sorry. >> a spokesman said that showed no food never showed up because keith district staff were not in the office this past friday to schedule the delivery. >> it came down to we are short staffed, and there was a miscommunication. for some reason we weren't able to get that delivered hot lunch to the students up there at kaiser. >> a staff member at the school quickly stepped in. >> she very quickly scrambled to get pizza she already had on hand, she got that ready for the students. >> the district says the
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problem affected only 20 kindergartners, first and second graders who waited 20 minutes for their pizza. parents we spoke to were not impressed respect that's 20 students to many, they are lucky that there was food here for them to reheat. >> they are already pressed for time to eat, play and get back into class. waiting 20 minutes, now they are missing out on other activities they need to do afterwards. >> hot food was delivered on tuesday, the principal, seen here in the green vest, declined to speak on camera but sent a message to parents saying i want to thank tinder, first and second graders for their patients in the situation, they had to sit without food while there peers eight, and unfair outcome over a situation which they had no control. the botched lunch delivery comes just a week after the school board voted to close kaiser next year. >> it's really salt in the wound. spread the pta president said the school survived the oakland
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hills firestorm and another closure threat years ago. >> it really doesn't instill a lot of confidence in the district, while we are already in pain from everything we are experienced, then they don't provide lunch to our children. this is a slap in the face, these children should not be going hungry, especially when they are under the stress of getting closed. >> the principal contacted the head of food services to make sure this never happens again. some kaiser workers held a one-day strike saying they will reject kaiser's latest contract offer.>> five, six, seven, eight, patients shouldn't have to wait for >> the said they rejected the same offer engine, this time kaiser gave them an ultimatum, accept the offer or lose a 3% raise retroactive to last october. workers say they are pushed for improved access and services.
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>> mental health care is a civil right, and it's time to put it on an equal level with physical healthcare. no one would expect to go to their regular doctor, get a serious diagnosis and then be told to wait 6 to 8 weeks to start treatment.>> kaiser says it's contract will keep kaiser therapists the best paid in california. it also says he plans to hire 300 new therapist, spend $15 million for training and $700 million to expand and open new mental health facilities for next month almost 80,000 kaiser workers nationwide are expected to go on strike. the walkout is set to last seven days, and will include california, oregon and washington state. union leaders say kaiser is committing unfair labor practices. picket lines are expected outside kaiser hospitals and medical offices. we are looking at some of the
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temperatures from today, it was a nice day, little warmer than yesterday, because we didn't have the showers and cloud cover. it was mostly sunny, even at the beach. these are the temperatures that were recorded, 80 degrees in antioch, 84 in fairfield. 78 in morgan hill. so not bad. temperatures tomorrow will come down a couple of degrees, and november are very similar. it will bring a slight chance of a sprinkle, trace amounts, maybe more, but the story with this one is, it's similar to the last one, not in terms of rainfall, but in terms of the timing. it will fly through rapidly in the morning commute, and could what the roadways a little bit. doesn't take much to cause problems, i don't anticipate it to be as robust as the last one with 2 to 3/10 of an inch. but it will be in the morning
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commute, and that's always a problem. 77 in fairfield, 65 in san francisco, and a beautiful day out there. this next assistant wants to slide through here late tomorrow , excuse me late tonight, early tomorrow morning. and that's when we can expect a little bit of an impact. temperatures tomorrow will be mild, when we come back we will timing out with the latest commuter model. on wall street stocks moved closer to their all-time highs today, the dow was up 33, nasdaq was up 32 and the s&p was up seven. investors are expecting an interest rate cut from the federal reserve tomorrow. and the price of u.s. crude oil dropped more than 3.50 a gallon to below $60 a barrel today. it rose more than eight dollars yesterday. today's drop came after saudi arabia's energy minister said
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half of the production that was cut by the attack this past weekend has now been restored. stomach u.s. officials tell fox news that they believe iranian cruise missiles and drones were used in an attack on saudi arabia and oil facilities over the weekend. they were fired from inside southwest iran. the secretary of state now headed to saudi arabia for talks. benjaminhall has more from jerusalem.>> reporter: there was a we can attack on saudi arabia, targeting the country's oil. president trump says iran is to blame and claims the u.s. military is locked and loaded. but also suggested a military response would only happen after conferring with the saudi government. that prompts heavy criticism from capitol hill. >> we should be insisting that the president come to congress
6:21 pm
for authorization, not the saudi royal family, and that seems to be his first interest >> but the white house is says that's not the case, the president is consulting with regional allies as well as the u.s. military, with all options on the table. >> we want to have
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a man suspected of killing his baby inside a home in santa rosa on saturday, died last night at the hospital. police found 29-year-old
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patrick o'neill unconscious next is 13-month-old child who was dead. o'neill was taken to a hospital with life-threatening injuries, officers also found signs of recent drug use near the baby's body. police say there were no signs of physical violence, but they believe that o'neill's actions caused his baby's death. the family of a bay area woman who was killed 14 years ago say they are dealing with more agony tied to the tragedy. in 2005, a family member found the body of the 36-year-old and her livermore apartment, after she missed her shift at fremont new me plant, she had been beaten, strangled and sexually assaulted her now family members say they are outraged at her convicted killer is a scheduled to be released from prison in november, that's five years earlier than his original sentence.>> he took the most beautiful so and you are a sick human being, and i think you
6:26 pm
deserve to die in the session you took her from us. >> california prison officials say rainwater is being released early because of some of the charges outside of his manslaughter conviction which of two misdemeanors. he's also given credit for taking college courses in prison. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is up next with the into stop using natural gas in new construction. but summer word it will have the opposite effect. and it was one of those moments that transcend, mark is up later to show us what happened in fenway park this afternoon. plus another bay area store packing up and moving out. why they are relocating to another state.
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here's a look at today's top stories, president trump has arrived in los angeles after a quick fundraising trip to the bay area this afternoon. the president spent about two hours with supporters at the home of scott mcneely in portola valley. some supporters paid as much as $100,000 a ticket to meet him. stomach housing and urban development secretary ben carson was in san francisco to learn more about the city's homeless crisis. secretary carson visited a potrero hill housing development this morning to see how the partnership between bridge housing and the city worked to redevelop the site. carson's visit was met with protesters who argued that over the years, funding has steadily been stripped from housing. oakland police are attempting a new strategy in their efforts to stop sideshows. officers will be shutting down key intersections that are known hotspots for dangerous and illegal driving stents. this all comes after police responded to several unruly sideshows in oakland on sunday night. one police officer suffered a minor injury. you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at
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630. san jose is closer to becoming of the largest s. city to ban the use of natural gas in new home construction. just the past hour, they approve the measure to cut down on harmful missions that damage the environment. >> but as jesse gary tells us, opponents are worried that action could have the opposite effect.>> reporter: tuesday, mayor sam accardo announcing his push to require electric use, not natural gas, new home construction. everything from hot water heaters, to stoves, to lights and appliances would be powered by electricity. >> the kind of concrete action we can take today to confront our climate emergency and send a clear signal to the markets and other cities throughout the country and most importantly our own residents. >> city officials say the action exceeds current state standards and targets single- family homes, and low rise
6:32 pm
multifamily buildings. it will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90% in new buildings, and lead to a healthier environment and populace by midcentury. >> our kids in need is to electrify our buildings as much as possible, and to stop building with gas. >> if it raises the costs, then it can be a detriment. i think we are jumping when we should be walking.>> district 10 councilman and others question the impact the new ordinance will have on construction costs and rent and purchase prices. opponents worry that increasing electric demand by requiring more electric buildings could actually mean more emissions into the environment, not less. supporters counter that in two years san jose's clean energy program could provide all the electricity for the new buildings. >> when we look across the life of the building, it will pan out spell all electric buildings are in fact better, cheaper to operate and use.
6:33 pm
>> again, that ordinance just passed about 30 minutes ago. i still need city staff to review the final draft before a final vote next month. stomach one of synthesis goes hippest clothing startups is moving to austin texas. tom vacar explains . >> reporter: in an email, the company wrote the sun is setting on sf. so it will close its hip union street boutique that features retro shorts and shirts and other hip merchandise. it will also move its 40 or so employees to a rapidly growing tech hub, austin texas.>> though the company would not grant an interview today, we spoke with experts about the why's and wherefore's, carolyn wynette, herself a serial entrepreneur, is director of uc berkeley's super successful public private startup
6:34 pm
incubator and accelerator, sky deck. >> this startup is going to go where their customers are and where the talent is, that they can build the business with. >> since they operate web merchandising, they can headquarter anyplace. and austin fits the bill for their future needs. >> how does this develop as a culture that is finally to startups? because of the research university there that is drawing talent from around the world and has scientists and engineers and people studying business. >> the educational workforce, the cultural life, understanding of the tech world and understanding the young new businesses. >> the other major plus, shorter workmates, more space, and for a younger workforce settled with school debt and the enormous bay area cost of living, home prices they are, that are a small fraction of prices here. >> in the salary base,
6:35 pm
sometimes it will not be enough to qualify for a loan today. you've got a look at communities like austin. >> even though the overwhelming majority of startup financing will remain in the bay area, other places including austin texas offer what startups need as they mature. stomach once they've grown the company to a point where they can transplanted somewhere else, that can work to put >> to be sure, more startups talk to the bay area, then leave. uber rolled out a new safety feature to keep closer tabs on riders, it's called ride a check and it's meant to detect when something goes wrong during a trip. uber will now be notified if there is a sudden slowdown, change of course or if the car is stopped for too long. this is just the latest safety feature to be released by uber, and also lyft, after passengers and drivers have come forward alleging , kidnapping, roping,
6:36 pm
and assault during wright rides. >> early we talked to ryan eldridge about this new feature and how it works. you make if you are completely disabled, they haven't really said what they are going to do, if they will dispatch 911 to you, i don't know. obviously if that were the case there could be some weird trouble if you lose gps signal. >> the rider can also share the trip with a friend or family member, that person will be able to track the rider on a map. stomach coming up, top democrats a day, it's the first official impeachment hearing, today a former campaign manager testified about incidents on the molar report. dozens of the states best restaurants team up to support planned parenthood.>> mornings with ktvu means more power to you.
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the first witness testified today in the house judiciary committee's investigation into possible obstruction of justice by president trump >> democrats wanted to ask campaign manager corey lewandowski, about the molar report, but lewandowski had few details to offer. >> reporter: some members of congress are calling for former drum campaign manager corey lewandowski to be held in contempt, calling his refusal to answer questions a cover-up on part of the white house. >> you are obstructing the work
6:40 pm
of our committee, you are also proving our point to the american people. make a combative lewandowski appearing before the house judiciary for more than 5 1/2 hours , as the white house claims executive privilege over president. ations with the >> i couldn't disclose a private conversation. vicki was the first hearing as part of the presidential impeachment investigation. to make either you were willing to break the law for politics and mr. trump or you are some kind of forrest gump relating to corruption. >> lawmakers trying to get lewandowski to answer questions related to the molar report, and obstruction of justice. >> this is all politics, the truth is is it's a disservice to the american people. >> lewandowski was supposed to be one of three subpoenaed witnesses. the other two, former white house staff secretary rob porter and former drum campaign advisor rick dearborn, never showed. >> we said all along, this is not an impeachment inquiry.>>
6:41 pm
and what did the president think of lewandowski's hearing performance ? well, he thanked his former campaign manager, twitting that his opening statement was "beautiful." in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. checking the forecast for tomorrow morning, we might see a few sprinkles, just like yesterday morning, we will have the details, timing, and what the weekend will look like. alex a salvage in the newsroom with the lookout some of the stories we are working on for the 7:00 news. >> new developments in that massive strike at general motors, we will tell you about the progress being made between the automaker and the united auto workers union. also, disturbing to study about how the health of young children was affected by the massive a fire at the notre dame cathedral in paris. we will have those stories and much more coming up tonight on ktvu plus. after the break, reports of a home break and leave leave
6:42 pm
the deputies to a mountain lion trapped in a bathroom. the unusual story and how officials got that bicat to leave. stomach and taking a live look outside toward the golden gate bridge. ktvu news at 6:30 will be right back.
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6:44 pm
a family living in the sonora area had their frontally front door open when an uninvited guest wandered into the house. the mountain lion found its way into the bathroom and made its self comfortable on the floor.>> it wasn't the roar of
6:45 pm
the tv that interrupted this sunday evening. they say it was a loud slam. >> we were watching television, and then all the sudden, we heard a big bang. >> and of big cat, a mountain lion.>> a terrible experience to have. >> 84-year-old edward and 87- year-old kathy believed the animal was on the hunt for the families cat.>> she hit her head.>> i was just finding out that it was a lion. you know, we thought it was a dog. stomach his tail was pretty close to me. >> hat touch and the noises the couplemade since the mountain lion running towards this bathroom where it locked itself inside. >> it was very cognizant of what was going on. but i knew what to do. >> edward and his wife barricaded themselves in the room and called for help. >> 911 had a hard timing
6:46 pm
understanding what i was talking about.>> deputies found themselves with the trapped wild animal. >> we tried to start the lien from outside the house, or we can try to coax the lien to jump out the window. >> with the family's permission, officers broke the bathroom window, made some noise, and watched as the lien left out. >> no one has seen the mountain lion since sunday but one woman believes she heard it, 30 hours after the initial visit she believes the mountain lion was after her cat hurried they say encountering the line was a memorable experience, one they prefer to keep a memory.>> won't leave the door open anymore. >> oh my goodness, could you imagine walking into your house and finding a mountain lion. i can't. you've had lots of experiences.
6:47 pm
>> they are big and scary. they are not mean or anything. >> they can be mean. >> they've got those big pause.>> think how few attacks there are. they can be mean, but in terms of just overall encounters we have with mountain lions, and how many things happen, it's like white sharks. but they are scary looking. they look like the ultimate apex predator. temperatures today, 80 degrees in santa rosa, 78 in napa, 80 in any accrued highs tomorrow will be a little cooler. tomorrow will be that deal where we get a little bit of shower activity in the morning. so let's going on, i want to quickly point out, down here by galveston, they are getting a ton of rain. if you are heading up towards
6:48 pm
southeast texas, be ready, there is humberto, it's a category two, going away from lynn, we've got a couple of tropical storms, and then we have this up here, which is our opportunity to see some showers tomorrow morning. and it's not as robust as the last one, but it could bring some activity. it's got some rain, and then south, down toward the bay area, in the early morning hours, and of course that will coincide with the morning commute, which is never a good thing. it's not going to be a gully washer, not more than one hundredths of an inch, maybe a 10th of an inch at most in the coastal has, but like we talked about, when you get a little wet on the roads, they are very slick. sunsetting tonight, followed trying to form up in the headlands. you can see those puffs there, it's a typical indication. and then the fog forms their first. sometimes you will see that fog cap over alcatraz,
6:49 pm
same idea, the cool air gets stuck, and it will create a little wave cloud. tomorrow morning, there's the forecast model, then tomorrow at 9 am, that's kind of the morning commute, and then it slides through by 11 am. doesn't look like much, but the last model we ran the day before yesterday didn't look like much either, and we got wet enough to slow the commute. for customer, lots of clouds in the morning and then plenty of sunshine in the afternoon with temperatures like these by late in the day. mid 70/upper 70s, you can find a low 80 if you go east to livermore. and then the five day forecast, a chance of a sprinkle in the morning hours. >> 35 of california's best restaurants and bakeries are teaming up for a first of its kind fundraising event for next monday will be hosting a bake sale with all proceeds going directly to planned parenthood. the event is being organized by san francisco's zuni cafe and guitar chocolate company.
6:50 pm
others taking part include bi- camy. the bake sales being held october 13 from 11 am to 3 pm in rose alley, behind zuni cafe in the city. stomach still to come, take a look at this picture, it was a great moment today at fenway park. if you don't know why, mark will explain coming up right after the break. and here's a look at today's primetime lineup starting at eight, it's the resident followed by first responders live at nine, then join us from the 10:00 and 11:00 news right here on ktvu. they love it. so, you mentioned that that money we set aside. yeah. the kids and i want to build our own crab shack. ♪ ♪ ahhh, you're finally building that outdoor kitchen.
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this is such a cool story, that's carl yastrzemski and his grandson mike yastrzemski who plays for the san francisco giants, and the giants are playing in boston tonight that's where carl yastrzemski played for his career.
6:54 pm
he was one of my favorite players, and i know he's one of yours too. >> absolutely, there was willie mays, and carl yastrzemski for me as a kid, but the coolest thing, left field, that's where mike yastrzemski is playing, right where his grandpa played, and it's just sensational. and you couldn't really scripted. if you don't follow baseball, here's the best analogy i have. in the bay area, there's willie mays, willie mccovey, icons at the top, and then in boston is ted williams and carl yastrzemski, doesn't come better than that, there are no more players popular than that. and here is how it unfurled, mike yastrzemski goes back to his grandpa's old playground, fenway park, boston. and here is how he was introduced as the leadoff guy, in the first inning. >> the left fielder, number 5, mike yastrzemski. >> huge applause for mike yastrzemski from visiting players. that is great in itself, and
6:55 pm
the hollywood script writers got started on this one a little late, because at first he strikes out on a 99 mile an hour fastball. however, second time mike yastrzemski comes to the plate, yeah, you couldn't scripted any better.>> let's see if yastrzemski gets a fastball he can hit. he does, high in the center field, it is out of here! unbelievable! number 20 here at fenway park for mike yastrzemski. >> his 20th home run of the season, in front of grandpa and his whole family there. if you are not even a baseball fan, that's got to give you the chills. that is amazing, the guy played eight years in the minor leagues before the giants gave him a chance. he's been in the organization for four years.
6:56 pm
and right now, we should say, it's a partial 5-5 ball game in the seventh inning at fenway park, what a night for mike yastrzemski, he's quickly become a fan favorite. now there's another guy that's worn a giant uniform in the past, and a lot of times they put out a book and there will be something salacious written inside of it, that helps insight books is, i think barry zito and his new book curveball didn't really intend for this to happen, but as you may remember, he was left off the postseason roster in 2010 and admits in the book that he was actually rooting against the giants while he was on the team. rooted against the team because my ego was full control, and if we lost i could basically get out of here. now, strong reaction to that by long time broadcaster mike krukow on knbr this morning. >> well i do believe it's human nature. if you are eight years old. i just think that's a story he
6:57 pm
was better off keeping to himself. these are your teammates, these are the guys that were diving into walls for you when you were pitching. these are guys that were right there for you. how can you root against them, i don't care how hurt you are, you get out there and root for your team. giants fans don't forget this. and they are not going to forget what he said. >> yeah, it doesn't make barry zito look very big, to actually root against the team. like mike said, that is doing all out for you. meanwhile, why not check this story. 5.7 walk off at the university of miami ball team, they were ahead of 56-0, but they let him play, he scores a touchdown, you want to see an all-time race? he is so incredibly happy. he scores a touchdown, and a walk on, you've got to feel
6:58 pm
good for that guy, that's the sporting life. >> we will see you later, good night.>> the power of 2 belongs to you. the 10 and 11:00 news on ktvu fox 2.
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