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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  September 19, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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delays and cancellations because of those runway repairs. the repair work ends tonight. we'll tell you why it is ahead of schedule. >> i wasn't sure to help the guy or to help the other girl. >> a bay area police officer responding to a call lost control of her patrol car, slammed into someone standing in a median and two other cars. witnesses describe the chaos at the scene. good morning. thank you for joining us. thursday morning. friday eve. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. it is a little warmer for some of us. steve is in his office. >> a little bit. >> it was quite tropical yesterday. >> a little bit. it was. we are looking for clear skies this morning. we'll take a look at melba which is producing torrential amounts of rain. there are some projections of 20 to 30 inches of rain into parts of texas and louisiana. it looks like it is moving a little bit toward the east of
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houston. they had seven inches of rain. a little bit warmer pattern. near average. a little bit below inland. we are trending a little bit on the warmer side as we head into friday and saturday. d producing some shower activity. and 40s and 50s on your temperatures. we are running anywhere from one to 10 or 12 degrees cooler. the santa rosa is in there. overall, it looks like a nice thing. patchy fog. 60s, 70s to a few low 80s. 5 other 01:00. there is one incident. >> yes. one thing that is going on on westbound 580. we checked this picture and the map is ten minutes ago.
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this is westbound 508. there is a crash blocking the far left lane. there is a crash in thew of grant road. you can see the back-up building in westbound 580 all the way back to 205-6789 let's check on the south bay because if you are coming up from gilroy and morgan hill, 101 northbound looks good. overall, the commute hasn't gotten going in the south bay. that is good news. here is highway 24 and late yet getting busier as the morning goes on. traffic is still moving at the limit. it is a nice easy driver. metering lights are not on yet. 5:02. let's go back to the desk. we begin with a developing story near the central coast. at least one person died when a
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tour bus crashed overnight. the singer was not on the bus. seven people were treated for injuries. eastbound lanes are closed. firefighters are on the scene. they had to use a rope to get some of the people off a 100- foot bank. it appears it may have been heading to washing tennessee. the cause is under investigation. we will keep yu updated as soon as we get some more information. new this morning, san francisco mayor london breed is firing back against the epa's plan to interview with california's ability to set its own emission standards. and now president trump says the epa will slap the city with violations related to homelessness. kristina. and and for
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what he call ace tremendous amount of waste the city generates. it seems like needles that may end up on the streets or in suers. this morning, the mayor is defending her city. just last night, she sent out this tweet. here you can see the president is cutting clean air and clean water standards restricting our ability to. we have cut funding for homelessness and affordable housing. the challenges on our street. just yesterday, the epa announced it would revoke skull cool's ability to set own standards. standards that are more strict than those required by the federal government. the trump administration reportedly wants to move towards one set of standards saying that would help consumers save money when they are buying cars, but they are already planning to fight this move in this court. this is the gamechanger.
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you can't get serious about climate change unless you are serious about vehicle emissions. >> during the president's visit in california yesterday, san francisco has tremendous of waste go through storm drains. the epa is going to give notice very soon and blames the establishment for the ride to homelessness. the storm train drains debro is cleaned up at the waste water treatment plant and it doesn't end up in the bay or ocean. as far as homelessness are concerned, the city is continually working to address homelessness and the city is working to find 11,000 shelter beds by next year and are also working to pass a ever hundred million dollars affordable housing bond so they can create some much-needed housing. ktvu, fox 2 news. the wait is almost over for
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travelers passing through sfo. the airport says at 9:00 tonight, it will reopen the runway that was shut down earlier this month for repairs. the live video there you can see. that is it is looking pet the i clear. we understand that runway is reopening a fuel week ahead of schedule. the airport is still cautioning that delays may continue tonight even after the runway reopens because of lingering affects. but by tomorrow morning, operations are scheduled to get back to normal. the runway was shut down september 7th causing thousands of flight cancellations and delays. sfo estimated three weeks for the repair project so that included replacing the lighting and drainage system and repaving the runway. >> we are essentially going into an area that hadn't been touched since the early 1960s. we really didn't know what kind of condition the soil beneath the surface was going to be in.
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airport officials say the soil was more stable than expected allowing workers to finish the $16.2 million repair project in less time than expected. mid september was elect selected to do the repairs to avoid the summer and holiday travel season. sfo is implementing a new gate numbering system beginning october 167th. gates one to 102 are being relabeled in an alpha numeric format. a letter will correspond to the boarding area followed by a number. now, gates will begin with a-1 in the international terminal and end gate f-22 in terminal three. sfo says the change is designed to be more intuitive for travelers. time now 5:07. a man is in the hospital in critical condition after he was hit by an out-of-control police car. the man was crossing el, whyamino real around 9:45 yesterday morning. the officer was responding to a home invasion car when her patrol car spun out of control. the crash was caught on this surveillance video right here
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as the 12-year police veteran's crown victoria hit the man who was standing in the median and then creased into on coming traffic hitting two other cars. >> our police are highly respected to. see something like this is very shocking. >> authorities are investigating whether wet roads played a role. police brought in the chp to investigate to avoid any conflict of interest. secretary of state mike pompeo says the attack on saudi arabian oil facilities was an act of war by iran after pompeo traveled to saudi arabia and met with the crown prince. iran has denied involvement in the attack and rebels in yemin have claimed responsibility. iranian weapons were used in
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the attack. yesterday in southern california, president trump says he is weighing a possible military response. >> there are many options. ere are options that are a en lot less than that. we'll see. we are in a very powerful position. >> reporter: today the french foreign minister expressed doubt over the claims by rebels in yemin they were behind the attack but says france has sent its own experts to investigate what happened. time is 5:09. new corruption allegations have been made against some of the leaders of the united auto workers union and some union members are speaking out. more on the investigation and how the auto worker's strike against general motors is affecting the company. >> the united auto worker's strike against general motors entering its 4th day. as nearly 50,000 union members continue calling for better wages and healthcare. abongoing corruption scandal is raising some questions. >> some top uaw officials may
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have essentially embezzled money. >> the fbi raided the home of united auto worker's president gary jones weeks before the union announced they would be striking against b gm. agents looking for evidence jones may have been involved in bribery and corruption. taking golf clubs and cash from his home. no charges have been filed against the union president. earlier this month, uaw missouri regional director charged with embezzlement. dozens of factories and warehouses across the country are affected by the this strike. it is estimated general motors could lose upwards of $90 million each day. lauren blanchard, fox news. children are ending up in the hospital because of marijuana ed westbounds. coming up, the potential changes for cannibus companies and how it could keep kids safe. the famous washington
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welcome back. it is 5:13. officials in the u.s. intelligence community filed a whistle blower complaint that reportedly involves communication that president trump has had with a foreign leader. the washington post says it has learned the complaint is about
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a promise president trump made to that foreign leader. it is not clear what the progress was or which foreign leader he is speaking to. acting director of national intelligence joseph mcguire refuses to give details of the complaint with lawmakers when that lead to an accusation that the spy chief is improperly are protecting the. antonio brown will be prosecuted in pennsylvania because a statute of limitations has expired in the case. a detectived contacted brown's former brittney taylor after her lawsuit became public last week. since the allegation is more than two years old, there will not be an investigation. taylor is accusing brown of three sexual assaults. brown's lawyer said the two had a cone sensual relationship. the massage therapist who accused actor kevin spacey of sexual assault has died. he filed a lawsuit as john doe caming spacey assaulted him twice during a massage session
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in 2016. there is no word yet on how he died but his attorney says it came as a devastating shock to his family. the lawsuit against spacey could still move forward. more than a dozen people have accused the actor of sexual misconduct. time is 5:15. pay area religious leaders will call on governor new? to sign a bill to pan bah for profit prisons in california. the says thousands of people are up justly jailed because of their skin color or ethnic background. today's rally will include a prayer service right in front of the governor's office with about 500 religious leaders and the families of inmates. they say corporations are making billions of dollars in the prison business. well, health officials say more and more children are getting their happeneds on marijuana edibles in those states where marijuana is legal. officials in massachusetts say calls to poison control centers have almost tripled about small children eating marijuana-
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infused edibles. michigan, maine, california, colorado, and washington also have seen increases. >> there is absolutely an so association between the legalization of cannibus products in mass clue sets, specifically the edibles and the number of pediatric cases that we are seeing in terms of these unintentional excomposures. >> now, health officials say cannibus companies should improve their child proofing as well as reduce the potency of their edible products. the theater will be reopening this woke end for the first time in more than 20 years. the 600-feet theater has under gone a 30 million-dollar renovation. it first opened in 1939 as a place where military families could see films and it hosted shows features bob hope and jack benny. the margaret e. fund paid for its restoration to help return live music, theater, dance, film, and lex chus to the. the theater will officially reopen with a party on saturday and then will be open to the
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public on sunday. >> that's nice. time is 5:17. let's see if everybody is behaving on the roads. allie is in for sal. how is the commute looking? >> it is getting busier. we want to get to the map. in the north bay, you'll see a pretty good drive. slowing building. rise taking a look at highway 6789 that book-up is building going to westbound 205 into tracy. give yourself some extra time as you make your way through the pass. the drive on the east shore freeway to the mcarthur maize.
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this stretch looks good. a pretty good commute so far. now the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can clearly see it is a little bit slow making your way through the toll plaza once again. it does clear up and it should be a pretty easy driver into san francisco so far. 518, and let's turn it over to steve. >> allie, thank you. we do have a mainly clear sky. it might be a little patchy for some fog. upper lows in northeast california producing a little bit of activity for the high country in. also around tahoe, north shore locks to be a really good. really good impressive lightning display. the trend is going up. another system will move in mainly north and east of us but that will pick up the breeze. these systems aren't producing much. they keep the pattern pretty active. nothing is walking in. 70s and 80s. inland temperatures still
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trending slightly below until we kick that otherrer low out. still pretty good activity. quincy and then kind of rotating through you can see just to if east of chico. not done yet, but we are. 40s on the temperatures. 47 at the airport. low 50s for some. castro valley has in there. it is noticeably cooler anywhere from one to 12 degrees. double digits, santa rosa, oakland, fairfield, and livermore. and 51? boulder creek. mainly clear skies when we get that northwest breeze. temperatures tomorrow look to be cooler. highs are bumping up a tiny
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bit. you're not seeing any red. there will be some low 80s. 70s around the bay. low to mid to maybe a few 60s on the coast. overall, nice day and your average temperatures. tomorrow will they will be average to slightly above. we'll carry that into saturday. here comes that next system for a little cool-down sunday and into monday. 5:20 is the time. mark zuckerberg is back in washington d.c. what he is expected to tell lawmakers as they debate regulating the been internet. the canadian prime minister is apologizing for a costume he wore years ago. from the couldn't be prouders
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were canada's prime minister apologizing for wearing brown make-up when he was dressed up as alad din. >> i apologize. it was something that i didn't think was racist at the time. now i recognize it was something racist to do. i am deeply sorry. >> now, the photo was posted in time magazine exactly one week after the prime minister announced his reelection campaign. it was taken at an arabian night-themed gala. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will meet with lawmakers about regulating the
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internet. the senator grilled executives about what they will doing to help prevent future attacks. >> parkland was a moment that did spur us pea start thinking about how we can do this better. >> if we see a link, we are able to share this. >> lawmakers are drafting a bill to create a national commission to you study how social media could be weapon newsed. debt from college student loans is at a new hematoma cording to a newly release red port from the institute for college access and success, about two and three graduates from the class of 2018 graduated deeper in debt than the classes before them. the average bachelor's degree holder owes about 29,000- dollars in student loan debt. that is a record high here in the u. s. it is about a 2% increase from the class of
5:25 am
2017. uc president says she is stepping down from her post at the university next august after seven years on the job. she you found her time at uc gratifying and rewarding. she is most proud of stabilizing tuition, increasing enrollment and improving diversity. she also improved transparency after facing criticism over her office's fee financial management. she said she intends to take a year sabbatical and return to the goldman school of public policy in bergly where she is a tenured professor. she is the topic back in april. if you would like to hear our interest view, you can search in podcast. new poll numbers out today reveal breakout comes for president trump in 2020. up next, what the president is saying about his political opponent as democrats zero in on its top candidates.
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and we'll felt you what is left of tropical storm. it is still causing big problems in texas judging up horrible members of hurricane harvey for in in the affected areas. and in just a few minutes, we'll give you some details on what we are learning about in the south bay. a delay on bart coming from daily center over to east bay. here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on and it is already backed up. well, mostly clear skies here. it looks like a nice day. temperatures near average slightly below. they are trending a little above over the next few days. we'll take a look at that coming up. the juul record. they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using
5:27 am
e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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is ktvu. thank you for waking up with us. covering our news. bermuda dealing with another hit. this is video from last night. heavy winds and rain started to move in. thousands of people are without power as that category three storm dealt 100-mile per hour winds. um jberto is now weakening. it will start heading to the north atlantic and is expected to be downgraded to a tropical storm by tomorrow. >> tropical depression still pounding south eastern texas with a lot of rain. last night, pouring rain hit parts of texas and louisiana.
5:30 am
it formed on tuesday, quickly made landfall near freeport, texas. 6 to 12 inches of rain will be common across that area, now, this fellow was threing to help his girlfriend. the storm has already left cars under water in parts of galveston and houston. as one man tried to help his stranded girlfriend, others were warning drivers just stay off the roads. >> i spent a lot of screaming in my car to get out all the anger before i saw my girlfriend because i know she needs me to smile. >> do not driver fast on flooded streets. not only because of safety but because you are making waves, and it is going into our residents and our businesses. south eastern texas expected to continue to be hit with a lot of rain over the next couple of days. >> itseems ke we are just beginning the season of that. >> got a late start. this is prime time anyway.
5:31 am
so for us pretty quiet. we'll take a quick look here producing some very heavy rain. there are projections of 20 inches of rain. that is a slow move. it is drift ago way from houston. there is some good news there but not far parts of texas and louisiana in south eastern texas and also into louisiana. that could produce 20 or 30 inches of rain. there is some rain activity in northeast california after some big-time boomers yesterday. it 1 a very good school. er should know. i went there. that activity still up in northeast california and up we go with the temperatures. i have maybe upper 80s as we head towards saturday.
5:32 am
the inland temperatures are still every trending below. we are running noticeably cooler. napa airport is minus 12 compared to this time. overall, though, except for some patchy fog, a lot of sunshine today as that system moves up. 60s and 70s. upper 70s. very low 80s. 5:32. allie is here. >> we're going to start with bart because there is a delay. a ten-minute delay if you are taking bart in the pleasantton direction. a ten-minute delay because of an equipment problem. we'll continue to keep an eye on it. this is westbound 580 east of north glenn road. this crash has been cleared. as you can see, the damage has been done so the back-up extending all the way into westbound 205. it is taking a while to get that cleared up. there is a new crash to tell you about southbound 280 just
5:33 am
south of san jose. this commute is filling in. i checked the maps from here. it is solid green on the map. no one getting into any problems. this is the slow-down you will encounter going into east bay. you are looking at a 15 to 20- minute delay to get on to the span. 5:43. let's go back to the disk. here is a look at top stories this morning. at least one person has died after a tour bus crashed overnight right outside of. the people on the bus include crew members for country and gospel music singer josh turner. but turner himself was not on the bus. seven people are being treated for injuries and eastbound lanes of highway 46 are closed. tonight, sfo plans to reopen all runways by 9:00 tonight. a full week ahead of schedule. the airport is cautioning that
5:34 am
delays may continue through today, but operations should return to normal by tomorrow morning. the runway has been shut down since september 7th. so the crews can repave it. thousands are canceled or delayed. >> and union workers, auto workers around the country continuing to be on strike against general motors. more than 50,000 union members want better pay and better healthcare. factories and warehouses around the country are affected and it is estimated that general motors is losing $90 million every day of this strike. time is 5:34. william singer, the mastermind of the scheme behind the college admissions scandal is due to be sentenced today. he pleaded guilty on march 12th to racketeering, money laundering, fraud conspiracies and obstructing justice. 14 parents have pleaded guilty. actress felicity hu actioner if actionerman was sentenced to 14 days in prison for her role in that scandal.
5:35 am
the trump administration plans to deliver a notice of environmental violation to san francisco over its homeless problem. now, we talked to reporters as he was heading home from california last night and he said the waste from the homeless including needles and garbage is going through the storm drains and into the ocean. the president said the notice would come from the epa. now, the epa usually sends such notices to companies, not cities. in 2015, the epa sent a notice to vw and charged the auto maker with rigging their cars to pass emissions test. san francisco mayor says the city has a suer systethat runs effectively and keeps debris from reaching the ocean or the bay. last night, she tweeted, quote, the president is cutting clean air and clean water standards, restricting our ability to regulate car emissions, and denying climate change even exists. he's cut funding r homelessness and affordable housing. in san francisco, we're meeting the challenges on our street. if the president wants to talk about homelessness, we are
5:36 am
committed to working on actual solutions like adding 1000 new shelter beds by next year and working to pass a $600 million affordable housing bond to create more badly-needed housing. again, that is from mayor. time is 5:36. happening today, 12 democratic presidential candidates will take part in a climate change town hall meeting in washington d.c. bernie sanders were among the candidates who will be at that event at georgetown university. but some of the other prominent democratic presidential candidates won't be there and that includes joe biden, kamala harris, elizabeth warren, and beto other brook. i rook will take part in a round table discussion of equity and justice. good morning, alyssa. >> he will be here a littler on this morning in oakland
5:37 am
right by the coliseum. he is expected to join different justice organizations to talk about the war on drugs and the harm that has caused particularly to people of color. o'rourke released a proposal ending the war on drugs as well as a sweeping plan to legalize marijuana. that plan includes granting clemency to those serving sentences for marijuana position. last night, he attended a fund- raiser in marin county and went to san qeu -- quentin making him the first to visit a prison. he repeated a call to stop selling assault weapons. >> i'm sick and tired of people in positions of power being scared and afraid and complies sit in the violence and the bloodshed. >> the congressman is in california for a three-day visit. he's campaigning in the bay area as well as los angeles. reporting live in oakland, alyssa hearington, ktvu, fox 2 news. new poll numbers show the democratic race is becoming a
5:38 am
three-way contest. the current frontrunners all fare well against president trump, but there is some growing pessimism. joining us now and has the numbers from washington this morning. good morning, doug. well, there is still time for some upheaval in this race. but there does appear to be some consolidation at the very top. big crowds for elizabeth warren. the recent poll shows a warren surge, but our new poll still puts bar bernie sanders at second place with warren at a close third. >> virtually every one one of the policies that i talked about which seemed to be radical extreme at that time. i now held by a majority of the american people. >> still former vice president joe biden remains at the top. he's shrinking but a still durable lead. in an interview airing this morning, the president said he is happy to face any of them. >> are you getting ready for elizabeth warren or someone else who is rising at the toll polls and not facing joe biden.
5:39 am
>> whoever it is, my editor. whoever it is, elizabeth warren is doing better than joe right now. joe is having a hard time. we'll see what happens. whoever it is, we'll take them on and do well. >> some of the numbers are troubling for the president. almost 70% of democrats say that they are extremely motivated to vote next year. that is a good number for them. the poll shows all of the top three democrats would beat president trump. but then there is this. a growing number of voters. 36 for the and i is president be did we breaked. and >> what is interesting about that is the the(demonstrating.ecl) cats are energized but still think they will be relocated. if they are students of history, they have a lot of reason to think that. presidents almost always get reelected unless there is a hostage crisis or a recession. >> and that is in reference to former president jimmy carter and george h.w. bush. both of whom were unable to win a second term. back to you guys. all right, doug, thank you.
5:40 am
time is 5:40. still ahead, the 49 everies have responded after a controversial decision by the santa clara stadium authority. what the 49ers are saying about a move to cut the team's control of nonfootball events. and it is time to pop the champagne. giants manager bruce joins an elite group. what he had to say about winning his 2000th game. the bay area commute off to a pretty good start. we have the usual flowing in places like the bay bridge toll plaza and westbound 580. this picture is 280 in san jose. trafficker is moving here at the limit. it looks like a nice day today. temperatures just bumping up a tiny bit. will that continue or will we level it off? we'll take a look. for f the juul record.
5:41 am
they took $12.8 billion from big tobacco. juul marketed mango, mint, and menthol flavors, addicting kids to nicotine. five million kids now using e-cigarettes. the fda said juul ignored the law with misleading health claims. now juul is pushing prop c, to overturn san francisco's e-cigarette protections. say no to juul, no to big tobacco, no to prop c.
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5:43 am
the conflict between the 49ers and the santa clara stadium authority is boiling over. that is after the stadium authority voted to end the management of nonfootball i rents. the 49 nevers claim all of this is political. levi stadium has posted big- named concerts and may you jr. sporting vents but they are not bringing in big buckings for the city of santa clara. >> this is about the numbers. the numbers can't lie. we are getting zero this year and zero next year. >> the santa clara stadium authority voted to take a drastic step. they want to terminate their management degree with the 49ers take ago way their control of any nonnfl operations. >> it is clear the 49er's performance off the field is terrible. we cannot let them to continue
5:44 am
to manage or mismanage our stadium. and the contract of the company called next systems. it appears to show panel $85,000 shortfall. >> this is what they have done for the last five years is wage theft. >> and that deserves the public oversight. this is a public agency. the 49ers are not backing down. they say they will continue to manage the stadium and calling this attempted termination more of a petty political vendetta. >> and general hawk says, quote, we are entirely confident we will prevail in this dispute. she adds the quote by all measures it continues to be one of the most successful venues in sports and entertainment. she says they have generated 22 million-dollars to stadium authority which is 10.6 going directly to the city's general fund. and says that these wage shortfall mentions have already been remediated and paid in full. still the board sent the
5:45 am
termination letter hangout. >> we want to get this stadium under good and honest management. the termination is supposed to be effective november 15th, but will go to close had had-door arbitration. if the stadium authority is successful, we will then begin the public process of finding a new stadium manager. in santa clara, ann reuben, ktvu, fox 2 news. the oakland as are holding on to their lead at the american league wildcard race with just nine games left in the season. line drive. the fans sat through 11 innings of scoreless baseball every day, but sending them home with a win with that walk- off. beat kansas city 1-0. they are off today and hope the rangers -- host the rangers tomorrow night. >> you can cheer now gianting manager is celebrating another
5:46 am
major milestone before he retires at the end of the season. the giants beat the red sox in boston 11-3 yesterday. that gave his 2000th career victory as a manager in the big leagues. the boston fans chanted his name. the red sox manager eluded them from opposing dug-out ott of respect. and we heard from the skipper. we get the support and ownership for an offense. players and coaching staff. you guys do what you do. july and get back in this thing for this to happen. i can't thank you enough. thank you. well, today pitcher madison is starting in the final series finale against the ridsox. the final game as manager sunday, september 29th against
5:47 am
the dodgers. at oracle park. all right. right now, 5:47. pretty exciting following all of that, and as allie said earlier, the commute is not exciting. that is the way we like it. >> yes, it is pretty mild out there this morning. that is good news for drivers especially after the rough week we had monday and wednesday with all the rain. so what a difference some nice weather makes. let's go to the map so we can start with the drive from solano county. a little bit of slowing on westbound 37 making our way. the highway 4 commute is getting slow from pittsburg to baypoint. there are no specific crashes or problems to slow you down. just a lot of people going the same direction. let's take a look at this crash you mexicoederier. westbound 580. it is cleared and so now we see the back-upstarts to recover a little bit. it is still pretty solid though westbound 205 and tracy. here is a look at your drive
5:48 am
from the mcarthur maze. it will take you 20 minutes. this has been a good amount to have time and a good short drive for folks. a little bit of slowing as you make your way up through that emoryville curve over to the bay bridge toll plaza. speaking of which, this is the slowest picture we have to show yu all morning. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights have been on for the past 25 minutes or so, and you are looking at a 15 to 250-minute delay to get on to the span unless you are in the carpool lane. 5:48 and what a difference some nice weather makes for the commute. right, steve? >> yeah, and you know, any rain around here, and is sit usually a problem. not today. we are under clear skies. we are having a nice day. temperatures near average and slightly below. we are moving up a direction. still a little bit of activity in northeast california. a little impulse clipping the sierra. about done for reno. big-time thunderstorms yesterday. they stopped off at canal
5:49 am
street and la salle. i am showing my age there. you remecca fall street. me and mike bryan used to go there all the time. just to study, of course. and back here, we are looking for awarmer weather. upper 70s and 80s. mid 80s possible saturday. it looks to be the warmest day and another low is moving in. this one north and east. that will pick up the breeze again. redwood city. 70s yesterday. mid 70s and upper 70s to near 80. today would be soft 80 for concord. not bumping up too much. just a little bit. the lows are cooler. there is not much of a warm-up. upper 70s and 80s. 70s in berkeley. 60s for most on the coast. it improves to 76 degrees. a pretty good little system for this time of year. we have been fortunate here. no strong offshore events yet. could be one monday or tuesday. not strong, but we'll keep an eye on it. null then, this is one system kicking up with the highs going in. lock at susanville.
5:50 am
still stomach tuft. 40s for some. 50s for others. we are running noticeably cooler. santa rosa and fairfield. minus ten compared to yesterday. if it feels cooler to you, it is. down to 53 in the oakland hills. alameda, 54. a little cool there. 57. but overall, exce for a little patch or two of some fog, we are all set to go for a nice day. that system once it starts to move out, high pressure kicks in. the breeze will pick up a tiny bit. i had white caps yesterday. 6 were 0s and 70s. low to mid 80s tomorrow. 70s to upper 870s and low 80s today. overall, very nice. still technically summer but feels very fall-like. warmer into saturday and a cooler and breezy pattern sunday and early monday. time is 5:50. a full billion dollars for a new high-speed rail here in california. the new plan to build a new railline while the state is trug struggling to complete the
5:51 am
current high-speed rail project. >> and the bold system before congress delivered by a teenage activist. what she wants them to do in media rooms. ♪ from the 5am wakers, to the 6am sleepers.
5:52 am
everyone uses their phone differently and in different places. that's why xfinity mobile created a wireless network that auto connects you to millions of secure wifi hot spots. and the best lte everywhere else. xfinity mobile is a different kind of wireless network designed to save you money. save up to $400 a year on your wireless bill. plus get $250 back when you buy an eligible phone. click, call or visit a store today.
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former president obama met with tech leaders in san francisco talking about how
5:54 am
data analytics could help solve things like the high cost of healthcare and climate change. now, we weren't allowed to record the remarks of the former president, but he said using technology to understand data helped him win the white house in 2008. >> hi thought having friends with president obama here was extraordinarily inspirational to talk about how he tried to solve problems while he was in the white house. how he is trying to get the right data and not listening to the noise. >> president obama made what many believer was a reference to president trump saying a good leader cannot get distracted by data that is not critical to i to decision making at a presidential level. he said, quote, the other thing that is helpful is not watching tv or reading social media. those are two things i would advise asker as president not to do. >> that, of course is the washington monument which will reopen today after being closed
5:55 am
for three years. that 555-foot tall closed to the public so that the old elevator inside and the security system could be replaced. this is the tallest building in washington d.c. they average about 800,000 visitors a year. first lady melania trump will be there for the ceremony today. during our 7:00 hour of mornings on 2, we will bring you a life report from right here at the washington monument. well, a teenage activist is urging congress to take real action in the fight against climate change. 16-year-old greta and three other young environmental activists testified before the house foreign affairs committee but instead of offering prepared remarks, instead she submitted a 2018 climate report. from the you nighted nationings. >> i am submitting in report as my testimony because i don't want you to listen to me.
5:56 am
i want you to listen to the scientist. and i want you to unite behind the science. then i want do you to take real action. >> next week, greta, as you see here. she is meetingment obama. she will address the united nations climate actions summit in new york. well, the state's earth ozone level layer is on track to heal fully. the united nations environmental agency says our planet's protective layer should be completely healed within the next 30 years. since the year 2000, the ozone layer has been recovering at a rate of about 3% every ten years. a hole first discovered back in 1985 before it enacted quickly to fix that problem. by 1987, 196 countries agreed to phase out the production of nearly 1 money substances that are responsible for ozone destruction. and it is now 5:57.
5:57 am
rescue teams still at the scene of a deadly tour bus crash right outside of san luis. what we are finding out about the musical act that had just performed. and i thought it was -- the guy up in the sky. >> one man still in the hospital this morning after being hit by an out-of-control police car in redwood city. what we are learning about the victim and the police officer involved.
5:58 am
5:59 am
. firing back at president trump. the pollution he says the city is creating. >> plus an investigation is underway after a deadly tour bus crash along the central coast. the musical artist that was due to perform here in the bay area next week. what we are finding out about this deadly crash. from ktvu fox 2 news, this is mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us thursday morning, september 19th. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. aim dave clark. some warmer temperatures for some parts of the bay area today. steve paulson has all of our
6:00 am
details. >> a little bit warmer. our lows are much colder. a lot more sunshine. northeast california and the sierra. a lot of conductive activity just to the north and east of us. it was allylit up over the sacramento valley. calming down a little bit. temperatures are on the way up. it will be a push as the lows are so much cooler. the lies are inching up a tiny bit. just about two degrees ifer most. just up a couple. tomorrow looks to be a little bit morning. and you can get pretty close temperatures. and upper 70s and away from the water's edge today. 40 yous and 50s. that pairport is down to 46.


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